Yeh Pyaar Na Hoga Kam


Yeh Pyaar Na Hoga Kam
Yeh Pyaar Na Hoga Kam

Abeer - Pyar ke Mazze Looting!!! Lolll!!!

Eksie IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 29 January 2010 at 3:46pm | IP Logged
"Aapne hi toh kaha tha inhe mila do .. Humne apni jaan pe khelke .. kar diya .. inhe mila diya" ROFL ROFL He was invisibly patting his own back ROFL Kya achievement hai ... chhat se jump karna! Abeer ke liye toh achievement hi hogi .. thankfully, haddi pasli nahin tooti!! ROFL ROFL
In Leher's room .. Abeer was soooo mazze se watching M-R make up .. like he was taking classes for the future!! Wink LOL Aise kai mauke aayenge lalla .. aapko Leher ko manane ke ROFL The way Leher looks up at him .. and then sees him 'aankhein phaad phaad ke' watching M-R ROFL ROFL
Abeer had such a goofy look on his face ROFL It was the cutest expression .. and moreso, the way he immediately turned around the second Leher caught him looking at M-R ROFL ROFL
And OMG .. I cracked up when he tells Leher to lower her voice .. coz if her voice reaches his friends in the mohalla .. they will speculate why he is there at Leher's house so late in the night .. and will have to give them a party!!! ROFL ROFL That is something ONLY Abeer could have said .. and gotten away with!!! ROFL ROFL
Loved how Leher tells him .. "tum aadhi raat ko, din se bhi zyada badtameez ho jaate ho" ROFL ROFL
Awwww ... poor baby was soooo disappointed when Leher asked him to leave. "Goodnight" Confused LOL And he .. sooo innocently tells her that she came to him when she needed help .. and now that her work is done .. she is bidding him goodbye LOL Awww .. he was sulking!!! LOL LOL 
Abeer's expressions .. when he sees Leher walk towards him in the terrace .. thinking she will slap him again .. was awesssome! ROFL Poor guy .. thought he will get a zor ka jhatka .. zor se!!! ROFL
And OMGGG .. the way Leher holds on to Abeer soo tightly .. fear of her chacha catching them .. written on her face!! And Abeer sorta taking her in .. wowww .. and when she looks up at Abeer .. everything was soooo incredibly romantic!  Day Dreaming Day Dreaming
And the smile .. look on Abeer's face .. was awesssome .. realising that something remotely romantic has happened between them!! Embarrassed  And Leher .. more than relief that they didn't get caught .. she feared her growing feelings for Abeer! It was sooo clear on her face .. Embarrassed 
Leher .. awww .. the way she starts crying that the door is locked! And besharam Abeer .. saying "achcha hai" ROFL .. and then taking back his words .. and saying "aadat achchi hai" LOL LOL 
Loll .. when Leher realises that Abeer is gonna jump in again .. she is concerned he will hurt himself! Awwww Embarrassed And his "bas .. ek aat haddi hi tootegi .. koi baat nahin" LOL like haddi tooting is the most normal thing! I tell you .. isse kehte hain "Aashiq #1" LOL Aashiqui ke test mein .. Pappu pass ho gaya! Sorry .. Lalla pass ho gaya! ROFL ROFL 
Poor Abeer .. got blamed for all the wrong happening in Leher's life! Soon .. she will eat her words and realise .. all the good happening in her life is .. thanks to Abeer Vajpayee! And vice-versa ofcourse Embarrassed Waiting for that day!! Big smile 
About M-R .. well, felt bad for Madhav .. getting blamed for everything Ouch He too .. was so frustrated with the entire scenario .. seemed like he will burst anytime soon. And Rashmi .. was unwilling to look at his POV. But thankfully, it wasn't dragged .. and Madhav handled the situation. Am glad he promised her they will have the rituals her way .. So sweet! Embarrassed 
Precap: loll! M-R fell asleep talking .. leaving poor Leher out in the cold! Ouch But then .. for sure .. Abeer helped her out! He would not leave her like that Embarrassed Our hero .. in his filmy andaaz .. must have come up with a super-plan! Embarrassed 
Any guesses .. what his plan could be? Embarrassed 
The best part of the eps: Click on the pic for a larger view
Can someone please make an avi/siggy out of this scene .. please Embarrassed 

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AnjanaYYZ IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 29 January 2010 at 4:04pm | IP Logged
@Ektaj - it really was a fab epiROFLROFL

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md410 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 29 January 2010 at 4:14pm | IP Logged
Looks like great episode.I can not wait to watch
may be Lalla will ask her to jump his side of the roof and relax in his room. only he can do that. you never knowLOL
like ab aap thand main kud kuda rahi hai to mere room main hi aa jaao.ROFLROFL

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nuttycleo IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 29 January 2010 at 6:17pm | IP Logged
ektaj...luv yur analysis and got an idea abt how the epi went. thnx!! will def watch it now...
what a cutie and hottie Abeer is!! lol @ all the highlights..esp party to friends bit!!! i'm sure Leher is always stunned/impressed by his wits n audacity!

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shalini_s IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 29 January 2010 at 8:35pm | IP Logged
perfectly described :)
soapbubble IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 29 January 2010 at 10:26pm | IP Logged
LOL what a fun epi!
Really Lalla has no tact whatsoever! LOL Madhav and Rashmi are having an intense moment and this fellow is watching them so avidly... sharm karo Lalla, thodi privacy to de dete! For that matter Ms Lehar Mathur was equally interested - bas sharafat aur maryada 10% zyada hai LOLWink.

Chacha had to come and maroon poor Lehar on the terrace. Diving through all those clothese was so funny. and Abeer, tu  toh beta, chance maarne mein maahir hai. ShockedShocked Lehar clutched his arm and in a second he was snuggling and sniffing her hair and everything. Bachchoo! LOLLOL
We can be sure of one thing - this is not YET a mature love story Big smile

Now of course he has become annoyed and Lehar also is finding it very convenient to blame Abeer for everything. Ab chod ke jaayega to kya karogi raat bhar thand mein? I'm sure Abeer's going to offer her the shelter of his room or if she doesn't agree to sleep there, at least give her a blanket and company.

Coming to the rest of the epi, I was a little impatient with Rashmi. Arre Madhav's parents are behaving badly and he has apologised for it, what more can he do? He is not responsible for thieir behviour and he can't go and disown them merely because she is angry with them, right? See the big picture, Rashmi, like Madhav is saying. It's not pleasant to be insulted but you should see what is important - right now getting married with the least fuss is the priority.

Edited by soapbubble - 29 January 2010 at 10:27pm

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Anvi2009 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 29 January 2010 at 10:27pm | IP Logged
Ektaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, brilliant analysis. Its so much fun to see the episode and then right away read your analysis. Its like double maza for me. Tongue

Today's episode, needless to say, was excellent. I loved ittt. Wow, creatives are giving brilliant episodes one after another. I am so glad I started watching this show.

The episode was so romantic. But first thing first, I would like to thank our very own khadoos chacha ji. AbHer were all set to part for the night, but thanks to chacha, now they will spend the whole night together at my all time favorite place.....AbHer terrace. To me it seems like the whole world is working unintentionally in to being AbHer together. As if everything is happening for AbHer relationship to move forward. Just when they parted ways, thanks to Lehar's lecture to Abheer (which i loved it anyways), M-R marriage fiasco brought them face to face again and again and again. For Rashmi's sake, Lehar asked Abheer for help. And now due to the maharaj, chacha's stomach is spoilt, so he needs to take a walk at mid-night. And finally he locked the terrace. Felt sorry for Lehar, but I am so happy for AbHer.

Abheer's expressions while staring at Madhav manaofying Rashmi were so cute. He was so interested in their conversation. Unlike Lehar, he was not feeling awkward at all, ulta full-time maza aa raha tha usko. And when Lehar first looked at Abheer in that scene, from that you could see, she was ready to stare at Abheer lovingly. As if she was missing something in her life, which only Abheer could fulfill. Her that expression was barely for 2 seconds before getting back to her normal expression of scolding Abheer or stopping him from doing something, as usual. LOL

When Abheer was telling Lehar to talk softly as his friends might come to know that he is with her at this time of night, I along with Lehar was curious as to where he is leading to with this conversation. And then when he said, "hume party deni pad jayengi," I bursted out laughing. Abheer was so cute in that scene. ROFL It was hilarious.

Pehle Lehar tells Abheer that she will never ask him for help, and the very next moment, she goes to Abheer to escape from her chacha and help him too. LOL. She pretends like she does not care for him, but in real, she really does. When he said, he would jump from the roof, with such concern she told him that he may hurt himself. She pretends that she wants Abheer to go away from her, but in the last scene, when Abheer actually left, for a split second, it felt, as if she wanted to stop him. Lets see for how long will she able to curb her feelings for Abheer.

Ahhhh and the best scene of the day, Lehar almost in Abheer's arms, holding them tightly. She was so scared and Abheer was totally lost in her. That smelling of hair part..haiii....
Day Dreaming. I dont know what to write about this scene. No words can describe the beauty of this scene. One has to see it to feel it. But how can anyone snap out of such a situation like Lehar did. It might be so difficult for her. Imagine howmuch her heart and her mind might be fighting with each other. Its like her heart wants to be in Abheer's arms forever (though she does not realize it) but her mind knows it is wrong. Gosh its so hard to get out of it and so easy to just remain lost in each other's eyes with such proximity. I can definitely watch this scene a million times. It was such a pleasure to see it.

The reason why I felt the episode was near perfect and not perfect is because of the way it ended. I know that on Monday it will continue from where it ended and Abheer will help her out some how. But I just wished that such a beautiful episode would have a beautiful/happy ending. Ending the episode with AbHer's small nok-jhok somehow did not go well with me. But then again, I know Monday it will be fine. Either Lehar will say sorry (she should, she did hurt Abheer by blaming him and speaking rudely to him...bichara he wanted to help her) or Abheer will come back to give her company. I know Abheer will not remain mad at Lehar for long. If the slap or Lehar telling him to back-off did not make him feel against her, then this toh was nothing. But again, I just hoped that this episode some how had a happy ending. Well, no worries, now I just hope that on Monday, when they part in the morning, they part happily.

I guess the precap for Monday will be the last part/scene on Monday. I want to see the night continue for at least 2/3rds of the episode. And yes, just as Chacha opens the door, I am pretty sure some one will call him and he will come back downstairs. In the mean time, Lehar will go to her room and Madhav will go to the terrace and from there to Abheer's house. Let this whole M-R meeting remain a secret. Yes only Bittan can know of it, thats fine.

I am glad the creatives did not let me down and gave us another beautiful episode. Smile

Edited by Anvi2009 - 29 January 2010 at 10:36pm

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sam. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 29 January 2010 at 11:08pm | IP Logged
Loved reading ur take on the episode EksSmileAnd what a fabulous episode today,loved every minute of it.
     My fave part was when madhav-rashmi are having a convo ,and leher is looking down to give them some privacy but our hero is busy looking at them with a big goofy grin on his face like he is watching a reality showROFLAnd also the part were he says freinds ko party deni padegiROFLOnly abeer can say something like thisROFL 
    And the AbHer scene in the terrace inside the chaddar she clutching his arms in fright ,he smelling her hair BlushingBlushingBlushingHave gone a little nuts after watching this sceneSillySillySilly
Also loved the mini-fights they had at the staircase and then on the terrace.
I am sure abeer will help her out somehow on monday's episode.

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