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Armaan Riddhima One Shot- Love mein kabhi kabhi

kaninikabasuray IF-Dazzler

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HeartLove Mein Kabhi KabhiHeart

Part 1

 A wonderful green valley in Himachal Pradesh: Armaan, a fair handsome guy is singing in filmy style spreading his arms:

Jaane Dil Mein Kab Se Hai Tu
Jab Se Main Hoon Tab Se Hai Tu
Mujhko Mere Rab Ki Kasam
Yaara Rab Se Pehle Hai Tu
Ha, yaara Rab Se Pehle Hai Tu

Sea Beach, Goa: Riddhima, a cute beautiful girl singing the same song again in filmy style.

Armaan and Riddhima were childhood friends. Armaan was a cute chasmewala obedient studious boy, Riddhima was a sweet girl. They loved roaming in the woods and dreaming about their wonderland (a land with imaginary creatures). Later on Riddhima moved to the city as her father got a better job. Years passed by and both of them realized that they can never forget each other, they love each other.Embarrassed

Part 2

2 years later (I mean 2 years after they were singing the song)

It was Riddhima's first day at Sanjeevani as a intern. At the car parking she stumbled upon a rock, she was about to fall and somebody caught her. It was a fair handsome guy (without specs).

Riddhima: haath choroge ya aise hi pakar ke rahoge?

That guy winked at her saying: khubsurat larkiyoka haath main itni jaldi chhorta nahin.

Riddhima pushed him and entered the hospital. She met other interns and doctor Kirti. Doctor Kirti was angry as one of the new intern Dr. Armaan was not there. Suddenly somebody kicked Riddhima and as she was about to fall again somebody caught her. It's the same guy. Riddhima was totally irritated, how can somebody kick her. The guy was still holding her whispered into her ears "its me, I kicked you, I just wanted to take you in my arms again". He was smiling very mischievously.

Riddhima said: "just leave me". He said "OK" and released her, Riddhima fell on the ground, shocked. ShockedHe said "you asked for it"LOL and then he looked at Doctor Kirti and said "Hi, I am Armaan, I am from Shimla, you are?"LOL

Riddhima's heart beat stopped for a moment. Is he they Armaan she is looking for all her life? is he her childhood pal? EmbarrassedBut this guy is so irritating.Angry

Dr. Kirti was very angry and she started scolding Armaan, other interns were afraid and Armaan thinking "OMG, another school, and principalOuch".


Part 3

Riddhima was going to her ward talking with Rohini (another new intern), suddenly she bumped into somebody. Oh! it was that same guy. He was carrying a bunch of files, he dropped all the files. He was about to shout but just then he saw Riddhima "OoooSilly, I'll have a great day today"Wink and he started picking up the files. Rohini said "Armaan, can I help you?" Armaan: yes babe, you can, and he gave a flirtatious smile to Rohini. Riddhima was very irritated.

Part 4

Two months passed. Now Armaan is Riddhima's friend. Riddhima knows that Armaan is a flirt and not only has he flirted with her, he flirts with other beautiful girls as well. But there was something in this guy which made Riddhima think about him. She always wanted to know whether he is the same guy she loved, asking him about his childhood days. He told her that he was not mischievous as a child; he was a decent, boring boy, but he never mentioned about his childhood friend Riddhima.

Riddhima was confused, Armaan is so different from the little Armaan she knew, but she can never be sure. How can they have the same name and they are from the same place? But it is not necessary that there was only one Armaan in Shimla. She never told him that she spent her childhood in Shimla.

Days passed and Riddhima realized that she is not able to distinguish between the guy in her dreams and the guy she meets everyday. She came to know that he loves fantasy movies; she remembered how they use to dream about their fantasy world in their childhood. But if he is the same guy why is he not able to identify her? No, there is no reason he will identify her. She has not forgotten him, but it is not necessary that he will also remember her.Unhappy


Part 5

All the interns went for a picnic. Armaan took Riddhima to the woods. Riddhima remembered how they used to roam in the woods in their childhood.

They were lost in the jungle. Riddhima was afraid but Armaan kept flirting her, and she can't resist her smile.Smile

In the night they understood that they are not going get out from the forest in the dark so they lit up born fire. Armaan invited Riddhima for a dance and they did a close dance. Riddhima can't remove her eyes from Armaan who was looking at her with his killer eyes. Embarrassed

Just when Armaan was about to kiss her, some of the interns came, all day they were searching them.

Part 6

The Anniversary party of Sanjeevani:

When the DJ started playing songs everyone started dancing. Armaan was taking a drink from the Bar, when Riddhima came to her and invited him for a dance. They danced together very romantically.Embarrassed

When the song ended an intern invited Armaan to dance with her, Armaan excused Riddhima and started dancing with that girl. When the party ended Armaan had danced with almost all the beautiful ladies leaving Riddhima jealous and upset.Unhappy

But after some days Riddhima forgot these as Armaan never stopped flirting her, not even he stopped flirting others. LOLRiddhima was almost sure that he is none other than her "childhood friend Armaan" because she loves this guy. Riddhima decided to tell him her true identity (I mean she is his childhood friend) when he will confess his love to her.

Part 7

14th February, Valentines Day. Armaan called Riddhima to a beautiful garden at 10'O clock. Riddhima was ready to confess her love to him. She will tell her that she loved him throughout her life. When Riddhima reached the specified place, somebody blindfolded her, it was Armaan who took her to a place and asked her to open her eyes.

She saw a beautiful girl standing in front of her. Armaan: This is Priya, my fiance , we just got engaged today". Riddhima was shocked. DisapproveArmaan: tum hi kehti thi na, I should stop flirting with everybody and chose a perfect girl for me? I got her".

Riddhima was totally heart broken; she didn't know what to tell.Broken Heart Just then her mobile started ringing. She excused herself and attended the call.

Riddhima's father: Riddhima bitiya, kya tum aj jaldi ghar a sakti ho? mere dost Rishabh Shimla se Mumbai aya hai apna parivar ke saath. You remember him? he has a son named Armaan, bhul gayi? jiske saath tum bachpan mein bohut khelti thi, wo bhi aya hai. Rishabh chahta hai ke tum uske bete Armaan se shaadi kar lo.

Riddhima was totally shockedShocked, she almost fainted. "Riddhima bitiya, sun rahi ho na meri baat? tum jaldi ghar aogi na?". Riddhima "ha, papa".

Riddhima hung up the phone and saw Armaan chatting with Priya. Armaan: kya hua? koi zaroori call? Riddhima: "ha, mujhe abhi ghar jana parega". Armaan: OK, you go.

Part 8

Riddhima came to the door of her house. She was totally shattered and confused. Broken Heart She rested her head on the door. Suddenly somebody opened the door, Riddhima lost her balance and as she was about to fall somebody caught her.Embarrassed

It was a fair handsome guy (but with specs). He helped her to stand.

The guy "Hi, I am Armaan, you are Riddhima right? I have seen your pics. BTW I am sorry; I think I have opened the door without warning."

Riddhima looked at him. Yes, she can see similarity between her dream boy and this guy. He is not a flirt but cute, decent guy.Smile

Armaan: Actually I was going out to bring some medicines for my father, excuse me. He left and Riddhima kept standing there.

Part 9

"Riddhima a gayi, Riddhima a gayi" there was a chaos in Riddhima's house. Soon she realized that her house was filled with guests. Her parents came. Her father introduced her to his friend Rishabh and his wife Mala. Riddhima touched their feet and they gave her "Ashirvaad".

Her father: where is Armaan? Rishabh: O, I have sent him to bring some of my medicines. O, he is here. And he pointed towards the door.

Riddhima was surprised to see Armaan, the charming intern of Sanjeevani.Shocked

He came and touched the elders' feet and got "Ashirvaad" as well.Smile

Rishabh: Riddhima bitiya, yeh hai mera beta Armaan, tumhe yaad hai bachpan mein tumlog kitne achche dost the?"

Riddhima was still in a shock.Confused Armaan looked at her and gave a naughty smile. Winkwhen everyone was busy chatting Armaan came to Riddhima and said "pehle din hi tumhe dekh ke main pehchan gaya tha, you have the same dreamy eyes, same blunt nose and same boring name"LOL. Riddhima was totally confused, who was Priya and who was that chasmewala Armaan she met?Confused

Armaan: yeh mera bhai Harmaan and meri cousin Priya. Riddhima saw the guy she met at the door and the girl Armaan introduced her as his fiance .

Riddhima: I thought tumhara naam Armaan hai, she told to Harmaan.

Harmaan: maine to bataya tha apko mera naam, humlog jab darwaze par mile the. waise aapko to hamesha bhaiya ka naam hi sunayi dega.LOL

And three of them started laughing leaving Riddhima embarrassed.Embarrassed

Armaan: hey, Harmaan papa ke dawai laya? Harmaan: you were suppose to bring it na? then he handed the medicines to Armaan.

Rishabh: agar tum logo ki chitchat khatam ho gayi ho to kya humlog jan sakte hai ke tumlog ek dusrese shaadi karne ke liye razi ho ya nahi?

Armaan: papa, main kab se intezar kar raha tha ke aap mujhe yeh baat puchhe. main to mar raha hun shaadi karne ke liye, lekin mujhe darr lag raha hai ke Riddhima raazi hogi ya nahi.Embarrassed

Everyone started laughing hearing these funny sentences. Riddhima needed some place to hide herself.LOL

Armaan: tum chup kyun ho Riddhima, mera tension double ho jar aha hai----triple------------quadruple-------is ke baad I can't count-----100 pleLOL

Everyone was totally ROFL-ing.ROFL

Riddhima shook her head telling "yes".

Armaan instantly hugged her shocking everybody.Shocked

Armaan whispered into Riddhima's ears "just wanted to take you in my arms again".Wink

....................................The Beginning...................................

P.S: I have posted this in DMG forum as well as "Pyar Mein Kabhi Kabhi"

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will take time out to read it and comment soon hun....
thank u so muchSmile

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This was soooo cute!!!
Do you have any more pieces of writing Kaninika?
If you do, then can you please send me the links to them.
I would love to read them.

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Comment Later Out Of Town Reserved

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kaninikabasuray IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by Durga A.

This was soooo cute!!!
Do you have any more pieces of writing Kaninika?
If you do, then can you please send me the links to them.
I would love to read them.

Thanks GurleenHug
Actually I have only written BB FFs. If you are interested I will send their links.

I will write more One Shots in future.
kaninikabasuray IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by _angel_

will take time out to read it and comment soon hun....
thank u so muchSmile

will wait for your commentSmile
kaninikabasuray IF-Dazzler

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Thanks Rucha for liking itSmile
kaninikabasuray IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by monikaseth

Comment Later Out Of Town Reserved

will wait for your commentBig smile

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