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2D's: Through Thick and Thin (Page 5)


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Posted: 20 November 2005 at 12:31pm | IP Logged
fab Clap

*Piku* IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 November 2005 at 1:51pm | IP Logged
great work guli Clap Clap Clap
please write soon!
i wonder if dk will accept disha!
please write soon!
*Guli* IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 20 November 2005 at 10:38pm | IP Logged
Part 6

Dk doesn't say anything about the whole honeymoon thing

Few days later

Ved and Rano go on their honeymoon

Sum asked Disha why doesn't she go w/ Dk

Disha doesn't want to lie to Sum so she tells her the truth

And she tells her not to say anything to Dk

Sum is impressed and Disha didn't lie to her

Disha tries to help Dk w/ anything

But Dk says he doesn't need any help

She tries and tries

But he doesn't want it

She is sad

Dk does need the help but he wont ask for it

Disha; Dk…. I am just trying to help

Dk: I don't need any help!!

Disha: But..

Dk: Disha.. no buts!!!!

Disha is like okay whatever!!

Disha cooks dinner and has everything set up

Dk comes home

The three of them eat

There is no connection what so ever

Sum can see that

Everyone finishes eating

Disha cleans up

Sum tells her to leave it

But Disha says its okay and she will do it

Dk goes into his room

He is massaging his leg

Doc says to put some cream on it

(Yes he's in shorts so I don't know for u if it's a good thing or bad)

Disha comes in

She sees

She wants to ask Dk

But she doesn't say anything

This is how their relationship is

No one says anything to the other one

Disha doesn't mind helping but Dk doesn't want it

Next day:

Sum asks Disha to go w/ Dk to work

Disha is like but she will be alone

Sum is telling her not to worry about and go

She tells Dk to take her

Dk is like fine whatever!!

They both arrive

The End!!!!
*Guli* IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 20 November 2005 at 10:38pm | IP Logged
Part 7

Everyone smiles at her and telling her hello Madam!!!

Disha just smiles at them

She goes into Dk's cabin

Its all big and nice

Disha; Wow what a nice cabin!!!

She is getting all excited and what not

Dk has a whole bunch of work

Disha; U need help?

Dk gives that look to her thinking what did I say?

Dk: I am fine!!

Disha is like fine!!

People keep coming into his office and giving him files and what not

Dk is like when I am gonna go home!!

He barely got there and he wants to leave but he cant leave his work behind

Disha; Dk.., I don't want to hear it… anymore come on tell me

Dk is like leave me alone already

Dk gives her something to do

She does it

Disha is having fun!!

She helps him out

Dk stands up

And he hurts his leg

Disha is shocked!!!

She runs to him

Disha: Are you okay?

DK: Yes I am fine!!!

He is paining!

Disha tells him to sit

Dk can see that look in Dishs's face but doesn't say anything

She ends up finishing his work

Dk: Disha stop it!!

Disha; NO!!!! U have to get this done right? I will finish it for you!!!

She does

She steps outside

People are talking about Dk

Disha is shocked!!!!

They are talking about him being such a big man yet… he is still weak

All are laughing

Disha is there

Disha: Are you guys here to work?? Or talk about gossip all day long?

They are shocked!!!!

Disha: Get back to work!!!! Now!!!! Talking about someone like this! Arent you ashmed of yourself!!!! I am married to him.. I don't see him crippled…. If I don't see it then how do you guys see it??? Huh?? Answer me!!!!! You think that he is weak!! Go talk about someone else….. if I hear anyone talking my husband like this again….. then you will be sorry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(GO Disha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

And you know what the shocking part about that was…. Dk heard everything!!!!!!

The End!
*Guli* IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 20 November 2005 at 10:39pm | IP Logged
Part 8

Disha comes back in…..

Disha; Here I finished everything!!!

Dk is like whoa!!!! She finished it that quick!!!

Meanwhile Ved and Rano are enjoying their honeymoon!

They feel bad that Dk and Disha couldn't go on one!!!!


Dk and Disha arrive home

Sum faces lights up everytime she sees Disha

Disha goes and cooks

She is cooking

Sum: Disha??

Disha; Yes mummyji

Sum: What are you doing?

Disha: Cooking!!!

Sum: U just got back..

Disha: Mummyji…. Don't worry! You sit and rest!!!

Sum: I have been doing that all day!!! Let me help you!

Disha; NO.. u go!! Come on!!!

Sum smiles!!

She cooks

Sum goes to Dk's room

Dk is lying on his bed

Sum: Sunny!!!!!

Dk: Yes..

She comes in

Sum: Sunny… we have to talk!!!!

Dk: About??

Sum: U know about what??

Dk: Disha??

Sum: No!!!

Dk; Then!!

Sum: Ur leg!!

Dk: Ma.. how many times… do we have to talk about it??

Sum: Sunny u know you get have the operation done!!!!

Dk: Yeah but I don't want to!!!

Sum: I understood why u didn't want it before…. But now you have Disha…. She will take care of you!!

Dk: I don't want anyone taking care of me!!!!

Sum: Why?

Dk: Becuz!!!

Sum: Becuz why???

Dk: Becuz then I will feel that I am weak!!!!!

Sum: But ur not!!!

Dk: All my life.. I never got any help!!! And plus.. I don't want Disha helping me!!!!

Sum: Why?? Becuz you think that it will be burden for her!!!

Dk: Yes!!!

Sum: But she isn't like that!!!!!

Dk: Ma.. please!!!

Sum: Sunny… please do it!!!!!

Dk: I will think about it!!!!!

The End!!!
*Guli* IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 20 November 2005 at 10:40pm | IP Logged
Part 9

Sum: How many times will you say that to me???

Dk: Ma please!!!!

Sum: No.. I want you to go ahead and do it!!!! Tujhe meri Kasam!!!!

Dk: Ma…

Sum: No I wont listen to anything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Disha is calling Sum and Dk to come and eat!!!!

Dk has no choice….now!!

They come and eat!!!

Sum: Disha… u will take Dk to the doctor tomorrow!!!

Disha: Why did something happen???

Sum: NO but it will!!!

Disha: What?

Dk: Nothing!!! Just a check up!!

Sum; Sunny????

Disha is like whats going on?

Sum tells her!!

Disha is shocked!!!!

Dk is like ma.. u just have to ruin everything!!!!

After dinner

Dk is in his room

He is walking towards the bed

He takes one step down

Disha walks in….

Sees him

Dk is about to take another step….. but he fumbles and is about to fall

Disha yells Dk's name and she runs before he hits the floor

Disha is like thank god!!!!!

Dk and Disha are staring at each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Disha is sad!!!

Dk just looks at her

Disha helps him to the bed

Dk has to bend his leg…(like an exercise doc told him to do)

He is paining!!!

Disha cant stand to see it!!!

Dk just stops!!

Disha comes and sits next to him
Dk: I cant do this anymore!!

Disha: Why not?

Dk looks at her

Disha; Ur suppose to be strong aren't you???

Dk is shocked!!!

Disha: Come on!!!!

She helps him

Dk is paining so bad

Disha isn't looking at him

But her eyes are getting watery!!!

She cant stand Dk's pain!!!

He has to do that for 10 mins everyday!!!!

Disha walks out!!!!

She is crying

Sum walks by

Sum: Disha?? What happened?

Disha; Nothing!!!!

Sum: Please tell me.. did Sunny say something?

Disha; NO!!!

She tells her why she's crying!!!!

Disha; I cant see Dk like this!!!!

The door is open a little bit and Dk can hear!!!!

Disha; Seeing Dk's pain..i just wish God gave me his pain!!!!!

Dk is shocked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The End!!!
*Guli* IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 20 November 2005 at 10:41pm | IP Logged
Part 10

Sum: Don't worry everything will be fine!!!

She wipes her tears

And comes back inside

Dk looks at Disha

Dk goes to sleep

So does Disha

Disha is facing the other way….

Dk isn't sleeping!!!

Next Morning

They are facing each other while sleeping

And they are really really really really close!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sum is praying and has a bell in her hand

Dk wakes up

When he opens his eyes he sees Disha so close to him

He stares at her for a chunk of time!!!

But then she moves a little bit so Dk quickly closes his eyes

Disha sees him

She looks at him

She smiles a little bit

She gets up and gets ready

Dk opens his eyes!!!

Disha gets out of the shower

She wakes Dk up…..

Cuz it's the big day!!


Dk wakes up

He gets up…

He cant find his cane

He looks for it

It fell so its under the bed

He cant see cuz he cant bend

He tries to get up…

Disha; Dk no!!

Dk stops!!!

Disha looks she bends on the floor….

And finds it

She gets it

Gives it to him

Dk; Thank you!!

So Dk gets ready and they head for the hospital

Ved calls up Disha to see how everything is!!!!

Disha tells him about the operation

Ved is shocked!!!

He says they will come back

Disha says no!!!!!

She tells them she is here so don't worry!!

And plus they only have 4 more days!!!

Ved insists but Disha says no!!

Ved is like okay!

They start on his leg….

Disha is sitting there the whole time

She is praying that everything goes well

The operation takes about 10 hours!!!!!!

Disha prays for the whole 10 hours!!!!!!!!!

Doc comes out…..

Doc calls Disha

Disha comes

The End!!!
*Guli* IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 20 November 2005 at 10:41pm | IP Logged
Part 11

Disha; How is he??

Doc: He is fine!!!!!

Disha: Any problems???

Doc: Come with me!!!

Doc: The operation was successful….. and he will walk normally in no time!!!!! But…

Disha; But what….

Doc: He has to take complete bed rest.. for 6 months!!!!!!!! He will not be able to walk on it.. for 6 months then little by little then he can start getting use to it!!!! And you will have to stay with him all day and all night!!

Disha; That's no problem!!!

She goes in and sees Dk

She is smiling

Disha touches his hands!!

Dk opens his eyes slowly

Disha sees

Dk sees Disha

Doc comes in

Disha leaves the room

Doc tells Dk wat he told Disha

Dk is shocked!!!!!!!!!!!

Dk: But I have to work…

Doc: No!!!! Ur wife will be by ur side!!!

They take care of the arrangements in the house

Dk is brought home

He is in bed!!!

Disha takes care of him 24/7
Disha does double duty!!!

She takes food to him!!!!!

And then when he rests… she goes to Kanaka.. and make sure everything is okay!!

She finishes and comes home

Sum: Disha where did you go?

Disha: I went to Kanaka…

Sum: Why?

Disha; Just to make sure everything is okay!!!

Sum: But how much will you do?

Disha; Its okay!!!!

Disha cooks

Sum goes and checks on Dk

Dk is sitting in bed

Sum: U must have done something good that u have a wife like Disha!!!!

Dk: Why?

Sum: She looks after you takes care of you goes to Kanaka for you!!!

Dk: What??

He is shocked!!!!

Sum: yes she just went to see everything is okay!!!

Dk is shocked!!!!!!!!

The End!!!!

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