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hapinezz13 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 January 2010 at 7:09pm | IP Logged

Hey Everyone, I am starting a new FF on my favorite jodi Abhi & Nikki.

It's a journey of their love with tons of ups and downs as has been rote through the serial.

I hope you enjoy it and please drop your suggestions & comments when you stop by.

This is my blog for a collection of Abhi-Nikki stories:


Other FF's:


Love.....Is It?

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hapinezz13 IF-Sizzlerz

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hapinezz13 IF-Sizzlerz

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This section is to thank all the people who have helped me with this FF.



First and foremost, a huge thank you to Michelle & Fati for writing the background story for Abhi-Nikki till the date the FF takes over. Its beautifully written Michi & Fati and a big hug to you both for letting me use it.


IVY thanks for the caps that go along with the story. It is a lot of work to search the right cap and I thank you for doing it.

ANNIE....for making the VM for this FF!! Can't thank u enough for taking the time to do that for me....Hug

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hapinezz13 IF-Sizzlerz

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Having left her internship mid-way at another hospital, Dr. Nikita Malhotra (Nikki) joins Sanjeevani Hospital as an intern. There she meets her close friend from her college days, Dr. Armaan Mallik, who is doing his internship with five other interns: Dr. Riddhima Gupta, Dr. Anjali Gupta (both daughters of Dr. Shashank Gupta, Head of Sanjeevani), Dr. Atul Joshi, Dr. Rahul Garewal and his love interest Dr. Muskaan Chaddah. In the past Nikki was in love with Armaan but never told him about it. Now in Sanjeevani, Nikki finds out that Armaan and Riddhima love each other and that they don't want Anjali and the other interns to know of their relationship (except Rahul since he already knows) till they first tell Dr. Shashank about it. Riddhima and Nikki agree that Nikki should pose as Armaan's girlfriend for the time being to avoid the suspicious eyes of the others. In doing so Nikki begins to fall in love with Armaan again.

Enters Dr. Abhimanyu Modi, the young, suave, senior doctor, sent by the trustees of Sanjeevani to sort out the financial mess at Sanjeevani. He takes over from Dr. Shashank as Head of Sanjeevani and, on orders from the trustees, dismisses Dr. Keerti, the senior doctor incharge of all the interns. This annoys the interns and they hold a protest against him. Not the one to tolerate any nonsense, Dr. Modi removes a few patients whose bills have been pending for a long time making the interns even angrier. They surprise Dr. Modi with a press conference forcing him to take back the patients. Dr. Modi calmly tells the press that he has taken back the patients because the interns have agreed to pay their bills out of their own pocket. This challenge of a sorts by Dr. Modi makes the interns hunt for sources to get the money from, but all in vain; Armaan even attempts a dare devil motorcycle act but gets injured badly. Finally, they decide to hold a charity show, the "Save Sanjeevani Concert," and even manage to rope in the elusive Dr. Modi to participate in it and thereby arrange for the funds.

Whilst performing with Armaan in the concert Nikki realizes she loves him and cries bitterly when she sees him and Riddhima together which is seen by Dr. Modi. Nki later decides to leave Sanjeevani and tells Abhimanyu to discharge her but he refuses to do so. Annoyed, Nikki challenges him that in a few days he'll throw her out of Sanjeevani. Abhimanyu says he'll see to it she stays and completse her internship this time.

Nikki tries every trick possible to harass Abhimanyu but he doesn't budge. She even gets him drunk at a party, sends out SMS clips of him dancing on the road, and accuses him of forcing himself on her. Its during Holi that Abhimanyu overhears Nikki telling Anjali of her prank on Modi. Disgusted Abhimanyu decides to return the favour and gets her high on bhang (an intoxicated speciality drink of Holi). However, a change of heart makes him take care of her instead and drop her home safely. At her home, feeling protected by Abhimanyu, Nikki pours out her feelings of loneliness which melts Abhimanyu.

Thereafter Abhi-Nikki go on a medical camp trip where they share some hilarious, bickering moments. Nikki wants to go to Panchgani to help Armaan since his and Riddhima's engagement is being fixed by their parents and Armaan needs her help. Abhi tries to prevent her going on the pretext of completing her work.

Later though, Abhi surprises Nikki by taking her to Panchgani. When Abhi wants to leave for Mumbai, though, she throws away the key so as to prevent him from leaving. This sets off a chain of events leading  the boys and girls to challeng each other first to a Kabaddi match and then to a game of truth and dare. A few breathtaking moments between the two during the course of the trip change the feelings they have for each other; however, they don't realize it. After the trip Abhi is completely head over heels for Nikki and imagines her everywhere.

During a client meeting, the client, Mr. Patil's lewdness towards her angers Nikki who thinks Abhi had set it up. As they argue over it, Armaan overhears them and as a protective friend fights with Abhi for Nikki. They then challenge each other to a boxing match. Armaan says if he wins then Nikki will not work in the new sanjeevani project with Abhi and if Abhi wins then she will work with him.

However, Nikki doesn't want the fight to happen because she is worried for both. She goes to Abhi and says she is willing to work with him, but he tells her that her best friend has some misunderstandings which needs to be badly cleared. On Nikki's insistence he tells her he'll not fight, but only if Armaan withdraws first. During the boxing match, whenever Abhi is injured, Nikki is in tears. Riddhima notices Nikki and Abhi exchanging emotional glances and suspects something is brewing between them. She tries to tell Armaan about it but then Abhi hits out at Armaan and wins the boxing match.

Nikki takes an injured Abhi home and tends to his wounds. He asks her why she is doing all this for him when her friend fought with him for her. Nikki has no reply. Unable to answer his questions, she asks him what exactly he wants and he says "You". To her startled expression he says he won the right over her and she angrily tells him not over her but only right to work with her and runs off.

Next day Nikki comes to know that Dr. Modi has removed her from the project and taken Riddhima instead. A jealous Nikki confronts Abhi as to why did he did he do this and he tells her at first he used to think from his heart, but now he has decided to think from his head. A misunderstanding between Armaan and Riddhima crop up because Armaan does not want Riddhima to work for Abhi and she takes it as part of her job. Eventually Abhi understands Riddhima's dilemma and lets her off the project. He reaches late for the meeting with the investors and forgets an important file. Therefore he loses the project. Nikki finds the file he had forgotten and rushes to the meeting place to give it to him. However, upset on the turn of events and losing the project, Abhi turns around and blames Nikki for it all saying its because of her, inspite of being a doctor, he is behaving like a kid. Angered by his accusation, Nikki tells him if its because of her he lost the project then she'll get the same project back for him. Abhi smirks and leaves.

She somehow convinces Mr. Patil to give them a chance. Whilst preparing for the presentation Abhi-Nikki become even more closer. They manage to get the project. However, Nikki overhears Abhi talking to his seniors about the project and not mentioning her involvement in it. This upsets her and she argues with Abhi on it.

At Dr. Keerti's pre-wedding ceremony, Abhi-Nikki are cold with each other. However, much to Nikki's surprise, Abhi still announces to everyone about them getting the project and Nikki's contribution in it. Nikki apologises to Abhi for misunderstanding him. She agrees to listen to what he wants to say, however Armaan comes and takes Nikki away spoiling their moment. Abhi then dances with Riddhima who was also upset with Armaan. Feeling jealous, Nikki ticks off Abhi saying all sorts of things which he could not understand. Unable to figure out her sudden mood swings, Abhi leaves the party annoyed. However, Nikki doesn't want him to leave. She apologises and tells him not to leave but Abhi says why should he and for whom? To which Nikki replies for her. He asks her why does she want him to stay and she says she doesn't know why. As they were having an intimate moment, Armaan interrupts them. He tells Abhi that Nikki will not go anywhere with him and even though Nikki did not agree completely with Armaan, she did not say anything. Disappointed Abhi leaves. In the car he keeps waiting for Nikki. After a long wait, he drives off. On the other hand Nikki chides Armaan and asks him to let her handle her own life. She goes in search of Abhi and is upset seeing him drive away.

Next day, inspite of the interns being given a holiday, when Abhi enters his cabin, he is surprised to see Nikki waiting for him. They end up arguing over Nikki's friendship with Armaan and Abhi leaves his cabin in a huff. While Dr. Keerti & Dr. Shubhankar's marriage preparations are going on, riots breaks out in the city. Nikki realizes Abhi is missing from the hospital and goes out in the riot in search of him. She is accosted by few goons, however, Abhi manages to save her. Seeing him bruised Nikki is in tears and they share an emotional moment where they share their fears of losing each other

When they reach Dr. Shubhankar's place, Nikki doesn't feel like getting out of Abhi's car. An emotional turbulence sweeps over her. She realizes that she is in love with Abhi. Armaan's call on Nikki's cell gets them into another heated argument . Finally Abhi manages to tell Nikki that she seems to be taking over him completely. They were about to kiss but Armaan sees them and argues with Abhi once again. However, Dr. Keerti's arrival stops their argument for the moment. Later on Riddhima asks Abhi about his feelings for Nikki and he admits he is in love with her and when she asks about Nikki's feelings, he says he feels she is too but not too sure, so would like to find out from her. Riddhima tells him she'll send Nikki to the poolside and they should talk out their feelings.

At the poolside, Abhi asks Nikki what exactly she feels for him. Does she feel the same as he does. Does she miss like how he misses her. Nikki expresses those feelings but is unable to mouth them in words. Armaan comes once again and thinks Abhi is forcing himself on Nikki and insults him. Abhi looks at Nikki to clear Armaan's doubt. However, the suddenness of the whole situation gets Nikki tongue tied and she keeps mum. Finally Armaan and the other interns insult Abhi and throw him into the pool, while Nikki watches tearfully. Hurt and humiliated, Abhi thanks her for his state and tells her he'll never forget this night ever.

Later at home Abhi is livid at being humiliated and destroys everything of Nikki's he collected as memoirs. He tells himself that this is the second time someone has trampled over his heart and he won't allow anyone come closer to it ever, not even Nikki. Sad at Abhi's humiliation Nikki cries her heart out. Later she goes to apologise to him. As Abhi sees her and hear her talk, he keeps getting reminded of his humiliation and in fit of anger insults her with a kiss. Nikki is shattered.

Back in Sanjeevani, Abhi gets stricter with the interns and even more sterner with Nikki. He burdens her with lots of work and chides her when she is unable to complete it. Nikki takes it as a self-punishment for not speaking up for Abhi. She realizes she is deeply in love with him.

At times, Abhi is vulnerable when he sees Nikki and begins to warm up towards her. He has to keep reminding himself of the decision he has taken. One such moment, when Nikki comes to his cabin to show him the project reports, they bang into each other. Watching her pick the papers that fell from his hand, he begins to soften. He tries to be stern with her but Nikki cuts out his sterness with her sweet replies. She hands over the project papers he wanted. However, as he was rushing out to a meeting, he asks Nikki to come to his place at 8pm so that they could discuss the project. Considering his softness, Nikki thinks perhaps he wanted to sort things out between them. She lands up at his place a little before the scheduled time. She apologises for the pool humiliation but Abhi is still unable to forget the incident. When Nikki touches his hand, he insults her saying that perhaps by trying to charm him she is thinking of getting her internship complete, lots of ppl do that with their seniors but he is not going to fall for it, because he doesn't think she is of his standard. He then tells her to Get Out.

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hapinezz13 IF-Sizzlerz

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She had gone to apologize and he had insulted her. Nikki clamps her hands on her ears, trying to shut his accusatory voice which was ringing in her ears but it refused to go away.

"Dr. Nikita don't try to seduce me"

"What did you think; you'll come all dressed up and seduce me?"

"Girls like you are dime a dozen, they use their charms to trap their seniors"

"You are not my standard"

He was cruel with his words. She understood he was still angry about her not speaking in front of Armaan and the rest of the gang but she had gone to apologize. When he had called her home, she had thought his anger had subsided to a degree that he was willing to talk. Was she ever wrong? The moment she had said sorry and touched his hand, he had erupted. All the bitterness had come out and each word had hurt her like a splinter.

Nikki wiped her incessantly flowing tears and got up from the chair, where she had curled herself in a fetal position since the time she had reached home. She got herself some water, needing its coolness to counter her hot body.

Love.....It hurt. It always had hurt her. Why did she want what she knew always ended up breaking her heart? When would she ever learn? Should she simply accept the fact that she was unlovable?

The tears which she had stopped with an effort burst forth. "Why Me? God why me?" she slipped on the kitchen floor crying her heart out. She wanted to curl up and die. She had never realized that LOVE could impart so much pain.

"I said sorry Abhi......why you couldn't forgive me" she tearfully questioned her tormentor, who her heart refused to stop loving.

"Please me....I don't know what to do" she sobbed hugging herself, rocking back and forth.

Her tears having dried up, Nikki got up from the kitchen floor and went back to her room, massaging her head which had a splitting headache. She needed sleep; sleep which she knew would elude her again tonight. Tiredness racked her body and she lay down on the bed exhausted and numb with pain. She did not have the energy to change her clothes; she did not have any energy left. All the fight had drained out of her.

She understood that she needed to be strong, needed all her strength and needed to face Abhi. As soon as the name rang in her mind, she curled herself in a fetal position again and shut her eyes tightly, not wanting to remember him. Unwilling, her mind started remembering the good days she had spent with him. Those days when his eyes followed her every move, reflected concern and love for her. She touched her hand to her face, remembering his touch. The way he had cupped her face after the riot incident, first harshly and then gently, telling her with his eyes and his voice that she made him crazy. He could see her everywhere. She understood now what he meant. She could not only see him but feel him everywhere. His touch, his kiss, his smell...would she ever be rid of it? Did she want to be rid of it?

"No....I want you Abhi.....I love you....I love you so much....please come back to me" she whispered softly and finally her exhausted body fell into sleep, where at least she could go back in his arms.


"Abhi I am sorry" kept repeating in Abhimanyu's mind. Sorry was supposed to make it alright....wasn't it? Then why did it make him seethe with anger? She had meant to apologize, he knew it, understood it but as soon as the words had come out of her mouth, he had seen red. He had barraged her with insults. It pained him to think that he had bent so low. He was not particularly proud of the words he had said to her.

Her apology had reminded him of his insult and the fact that she had participated in that by not speaking up for him. He closed his eyes to forget the humiliation. He was trying hard to get over it but in reality, it wasn't Armaan's or the others words which hurt.  What hurt was her betrayal.

He had started maintaining a distance, was as professional with her as he knew to be, but she had to come and hold his hand and remind him of everything he was trying hard to forget, which by the way was bordering on impossible.

Why had she started the topic? He got up from the table, whose contents he had flung on the floor in anger and walked towards his room. He had reached a decision. He did not want her in his life.

"Liar" his heart laughed at him.

"I will live without you Nikki.....I don't love you anymore" He said aloud to believe it. Walking into his room, he clenched his hands in anger. He cursed the day he had fallen in love with her.

"I don't need you.....I hate you" were the last words which he uttered before sleep overtook his tired body and broken spirit.

The next day at Sanjeevani was filled with meetings for Abhimanyu and he was glad for the distraction. He threw himself in work to forget the pain which kept surfacing whenever he heard her name, her voice or even a mention of her. Instead of calling her to help him with the project, he chose to do all the work himself. He did not need any more tension in his life.

Nikki's day was filled with cases and she chose to avoid Abhimanyu too. Not only him, she chose to avoid the whole gang and continued with her work. During her break she went to the far corner of the basketball court and sat their wondering how to mend her and Abhi's broken heart. It wasn't going to be easy but she wanted him, she wanted his love. She missed the warmth he brought to her life. She missed his loving glances, his smile, his arms around her. She missed him too much.

Heart break had made her realize how madly in love she was with him. How could she make it alright? She had been thinking about it since yesterday but no solution came to mind.

Sighing, she got up to resume her duties. She would think of something. Walking back, she walked into the locker room and straight into Riddhima.

"Hi Nikki" her friend greeted her with a warm smile and Nikki returned the smile as a reflex action but it did not reach her eyes.

"How did the meeting go?" Riddhima asked excited, reminding Nikki of yesterday evening. Pain clouded her eyes and tears sprang to her eyes.

"Nikki" Riddhima took her friend by the shoulders and seated her on the bench. "He is still mad?" she asked assuming that Dr. Modi had not forgiven Nikki.

Nikki nodded her head to the question, not trusting herself to speak, tears flowing freely.

"Oh" Riddhima said, for lack of a better word."What did.....I mean did he not" Riddhima asked unsure.

"I apologized Riddhima" Nikki replied wiping her tears. Getting up Nikki went to her locker to retrieve her lab coat and Riddhima looked at her waiting for an answer.

"Nikki" Riddhima called her when she saw her leaving without explaining. Nikki stopped and looked back. "There is nothing to tell Riddhima....he refused to forgive me and I have no idea what to do about it" she tells her friend and walks out of the locker room, lecturing herself not to cry so easily over him.

Walking unseeing she bangs into Armaan. "Nikki" he lifts her face tenderly and gazes into expressionless eyes.

"Sorry" she moves out of his arms and starts to walk away. Armaan holds her hand to stop her and she stops unwillingly.

"Nikki about Modi ....I" he starts and she turns to him, her eyes serious.

"I don't need your help stay away" she tugs her arm free and sees shock spring into his eyes. "Please" she adds to soften the blow and walks to resume her duties.

Armaan looks at her retreating back and resolves to talk to her in a better mood. He enters the locker room to see Riddhima lost in thought. He sits beside her and asks, "What is wrong with Nikki?"

"Dr. Modi didn't accept her apology" Riddhima blurts out unthinking.

"Why is she apologizing to him?" he asks confused.

"Oh Armaan" Riddhima registers his presence and curses herself for having blurt out Nikki's problem.

"Why is she apologizing?" he asks again.

"You talk to her about it Armaan" Riddhima says and leaves to resume her duties, leaving a gaping Armaan. "I don't understand these women" he massages his head and leaves for a cup of coffee which he direly needed.

Two days pass without Abhimanyu and Nikita coming in contact and Nikki avoiding all her friends successfully. On the third day, Nikki resolves to talk to Abhimanyu and finding a way to sort the problem between them.

 "Enough is enough....I need to talk to him.....that Sadu is never going to take the first step....he'll stew in his anger and make both our lives miserable" she talks to herself and her mind races to find a plausible excuse to meet her Sadu.

"Nikki.....we need to talk" Armaan's voice cuts into her thoughts and she rolls her eyes.

"Not now Armaan" she pushes past him and walks towards Abhimanyu's cabin. Armaan follows Nikki, not ready to listen to her. She stops outside his cabin and takes a deep breath and Armaan pulls her away. "Nikki look why are you apologizing to him? He should be the one who should apologize" he states in an agitated whisper.

"Stay out of it Armaan" she warns him and advances but he pulls her back. "Look are being stupid" he says his voice rising.

"Armaan I know what I am doing" she tells him but he starts arguing with her. Hearing voices outside his cabin, Abhimanyu comes out to investigate and sees Armaan and Nikki arguing.

Feeling his gaze boring in her back Nikki turns and looks into very angry dark eyes. She stops arguing immediately and Armaan looks around to see his friend staring into Abhimanyu's eyes and notices his shuttered expression. Armaan moves closer to Nikki and notices Abhimanyu's eyes flicker with anger.

"I need to talk to you Dr. Modi" Nikki breaks the heavy silence and he nods towards her. She frees her arm from Armaan's grip and walks into his cabin. He takes his seat and looks at her not attempting to make her comfortable.

"Abhi" she starts and notices his eyes narrow but he does not interrupt. "How long can we go on like this? Let's just sort things out please" she tells him being practical.

"Not interested Dr. Nikita....there is nothing to sort" he replies shortly but his eyes don't leave her face.

"Abhi ....I will talk to Armaan and even he will apologize" at the mention of that name, Abhimanyu's temper starts to rise.

"Dr. Nikita.....the conversation is can leave "he points to the door, getting up from his chair.

"I am not finished" Nikki replies back, her temper rising at his stubbornness.

"I am" he retorts and comes around his desk, eyes glacial.

"Good then.....listen to me" she says "I want to sort our relationship" he takes her arm and starts walking towards his door. She tugs it free of his grip and stops. "I know you are am need to stop this Abhi" she says angry at his action.

He looks at her with narrowed eyes and replies, "I want nothing to do with you Dr. Nikita....there can never be anything between just get out now."

"I don't agree .....I think you are just being stupid and egotistic.....why can't you forgive" he lifts his hand to stop her and goes close to her.

"You for me are as good as you understand" he says in an extremely soft voice and Nikki gasps. "W....What?" she asks refusing to believe what she had just heard.

"You heard get lost" he says savagely and Nikki's resolve breaks, his hurtful words making her heart bleed.

"You will regret this" she throws at him in a teary voice and walks out of his cabin wiping her tears.

"Nikki" Armaan who had been waiting outside for her, calls her. She stops and looks at him and he rages, "I had told you not to apologize......why did you do it.....are you crazy?"

"Armaan please" she warns but he doesn't heed her. "Why do you have to run after him? Don't you respect yourself?" Hearing this Nikki's patience gives away. "Shut Up" she tells him, her anger bursting forth. "You both are both have spoiled my life....ego maniacs......don't tell me about both are not worth the love I have for you" she rages and runs out angrily.


Back from his business trip, Abhimanyu enters Sanjeevani two days later from his last conversation with Nikki. The last two days had been hell. He had missed her sorely and felt guilty of shunning her attempt to reconcile. He couldn't live without her no matter what he wanted to believe. "I need to talk to her" he reminds himself, checking his messages.

"Need to talk to you urgently" he goes through Dr. Shashank's sms and slaps a hand on his forehead.

"Oh man.....I forgot to call him" he remembers and heads straight to Dr. Shashank's office. He finds him poring over some files, his head furrowed. He knocks and enters and the other doctor greets him solemnly.

"I am sorry Dr. Gupta I wasn't able to call you flight got delayed and came in very late" Abhimanyu apologizes.

"It's Ok Dr. Modi....please have a seat.....we have a very critical situation in our hands" Dr. Shashank comes to the point.

"Sure tell me" Abhimanyu says and the other man clears his throat.

"Dr. Modi......Dr.Nikita met with an accident day two days ago and she is in a coma" he delivers and Abhimanyu's jaw drops in shock and his heart starts to hammer wildly. Never had he thought that his world would come crashing down in two days.


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i want to read more of this ff
do pm me...

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Originally posted by basket_101

i want to read more of this ff
do pm me...

I sure will Hinal!!

Just writing it and will be putting up the first part in sometime!!

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Shocked omg honey i was thinking abt something very similar last week ,no that i was gona write or sumthing but everything written overe here was just like i visualised
and this line ShockedCry,Seriously anyone would break down
You for me are as good as dead….do you understand" he says in an extremely soft voice and Nikki gasps. "W…What?" she asks refusing to believe what she had just heard.

"You heard me….now get lost" he says savagely and Nikki's resolve breaks, his hurtful words making her heart bleed.

and now she is in coma oh god and he wanted to talk to her

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