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HC FC: Sweet Memories : Check Pg 50, 73, 74, 135

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The world would be an empty place, if it had not been for colour and our lives, would be dark, had it not been for colours. Seasons come and Seasons go, and each brings with it colour and  vigor through it's different shades, which gives meaning and adds a different dimension to life.

As the sunlight enters the falling drops of rains, through the clouds, the sunlight breaks up into its true colors, following which there is a wide spectrum of colours which fall over the horizons, colours which only brighten the lives and show us of all the beauty and good things that life has to bestow upon us.

We hope that with Kis Desh Ending, this is just a beginning of many good things yet to come to the Man's reach.

"Somewhere over the rainbow, skies are blue, and the dreams that you dare to dream really do come true", was definitely well said by Lyman Frank Baum. Words that are apt and true for Harshad.

This FC is only an attempt to bring forth those shades (highs and lows of the character) that went on to give various dimensions to Harshad's acting calibre which gave us many reasons to smile and cheer, applause, rave and rant. Anyways, to cut a long story short, here, we make an attempt on what the colors of the rainbow signify for Harshad's Acting depth and dimension which made us fall in love with the character, by matching the signifance of VIBGYOR along with his acting dimensions.



Violet is a combination of the colors red and blue. This is the highest and the subtlest specialization of light. This is because it is at the opposite end of the red color. This color is viewed as the completion as well as the beginning of the energy vibration. Different shades of violet have varied meanings. A deep purple symbolizes high spiritual attainment and a pale shade symbolizes love for humanity. The shade violet brings about a stabilizing factor to the frenzied shades of red.

 This colour signifies mystery and in terms of Harshad's acting prowess...a mystery that comes from the ability to make his eyes speak, while enacting a scene. This ability of his captivated and tugged our hearts and made us yearn for more.

 Be it in the scene on 1st may 2008 when Prem  sees Heer, where he sees her all dressed up with the o re piya song in the background, he was complimenting heer with his eye and the compliment was so obvious that heer looked away shyly, understanding each and every unspoken word of his eyes.

 Or then the flower scene on 8th may 2008 where not a single word was spoken by Prem. Just his eyes when Heer meets him in the lobby.....and he looks at her as if he is confessing his love, Heer being demure understanding it and lowering her eyelids in shyness.It was intensity and passion which created magic. The list is endless and can go on an on... Each eye conversation was better than the previous one and by the time Premeer moved into chawl, Harshad was a pro at emoting with his eyes. We on the other hand hand we were so enthralled by this magic that we started putting words in those silent talks....so even though Prem didn't say a single word to Heer when they entered the chawl, we understood what he wanted to say...(and we had a brilliant dialogue all set up in our minds seeing him make heer all demure and blush with just the emotions in his eyes!)


The color indigo means infinity. It also symbolizes wisdom and self-mastery. The indigo color is known to be the bridge between the finite and the infinite.

In terms of his acting calibre, this means an ability to shine in his work through dedication.

A classic example in this case, would be the drunk scene on 26th august 2009. The way he said "main...main nahi raha.....tum ...tum na rahi" left us speechless and had some of us struggling to put words into that scene while analyzing it! In this scene, he was suppose to be drunk and the subtlety with which he enacted the scene was noteworthy. There was no overacting, no physical movements. One look in his eyes and u knew he was drunk! This effect was marvelous..his voice slurred and the voice modulation of harshad was an icing on the cake!

HC was totally different here, he did full justice to the scene and character. Prem never drank and to make the scene go hand in hand with what the character of Prem was all about, Harshad it seemed actually went out of the way to enact the scene with utmost precision and perfection. If we notice the scene properly, the ease with which he performed the scene naturally, came out to the fore.


Blue is known as the color of divinity. This is the color of the open skies and the oceans. Using the color blue in our daily lives is said to bring about a peace and understanding. This color also helps to soothe and relax. Blue symbolizes heaven and signifies purity

In terms of acting calibre and persona, this colour is significant of his dignified and stoic silence. Harshad, has always been in the middle of some controversary or the other, faced with brickbats, but for him this colour is reflected of dignified approach - be it the dignified silence he has maintained through out or this his approach - who can forget the SBS, where he refused to touch Additi and say All is Well (through which one can't help but respect him).

The color green is formed with the merging of yellow and blue. Therefore, this is located in the center of the spectrum. The color green, symbolizes harmony, balance, growth and good health.

This colour is reflective of Harshad's growth as an actor.

" I had got the role of karan in mamta only coz I resembled the male lead in that show and not because of my acting capabilities" this is what Harshad had very humbly confessed sometime back.

His character was a negative one and starting one's career with a negative role was a big thing in it self but harshad took this risk, him being a neophyte was clearly visible in his few scenes that we got to see and not many liked him there.

The role of Karan in Mamta and the sets of Mamta served as a make-shift acting school for Harshad, where he learned the very nuances of the profession.

In the first shot that he gives as Karan, he misleads the audience, who would describe his performance or skills as anything but rudimentary. In that first shot, he is able to portray a false sweetness and an underlying ulterior motive all at once, with uncanny ease and perfection. From there, he goes on to assay the character very convincingly so that the audience is forced to dislike him, but can still relate to him and understand where the character motives arise from.

Not only does he portray outrageous anger and conniving brilliantly, he shifts from anger to frustration to an outward facade of sweetness within a matter of seconds, leaving the viewer baffled. As Karan in Mamta, Harshad was able to prove his natural talent.



After learning the nuances of acting on the sets of Mamta, he went on to assay the role of Ali in Left Right Left.Ali was a different characterisation altogether wherein, he was shy, obedient, innocent, caring, strong ethics, humanitarian all combined in one.

The character sketch of Ali was such that the audience was forced to admire him. The essence of this character, however had to be captured with utmost perfection, if it was to work and Harshad did exactly that.

Harshad was brilliant in this show wherein he did full justice to his character. Be it being shy infront of pooja, caring towards his friends, obedient towards his teachers or emoting his strong ethics when it came to expressing his feeling to pooj, he was brilliant in all.

"Actually, a few months ago, I read on India-forums that a few people wrote that I should play a character that is very romantic, and I was on the look out for such a role, and then Akshat came up, and I too found the character interesting, so I took it up. So it's all thanks to my fans, who actually thought that I had a romantic side in me that would look good on screen."

Akshat was totally different from what Ali was and it won't be wrong to say that he was totally opposite. Akshat was a very happy go lucky, fun-loving, suave, who was full of life and we saw him a totally different avatar. He was loved by all and his fans welcomed the romantic side of him on screen. His portray of Akshat proved the aforementioned - that he could assay any kind of role masterfully.

Akshat was, in short, charming and thus captured the audience's hearts. Even though, the character was not developed fully into the story line by then, Harshad was still able to make a mark in the show. This was a direct testament to the acting ability and the amount of screen presence he commanded. Though, his stint was short-lived, he left a lasting impact. 



Next came prem " the hurricane"...yes calling him hurricane here is just apt.....

Prem was a character with many variations. We saw Harshad grow as an actor further from here. Prem was shy and obedient just like Ali but when with Heer, he romanced her with a lot of passion. In most cases, be it the naughtiness or then anger, expressions were something which was conveyed through his eyes. Harshad's dialogue delivery improved tremendously with each passing day of time as Prem and the voice modulations which he used only enhanced the scenes further.


The color yellow is vibrant in itself being close to the color of the sun. This is known to be full of energy. Yellow also means something bright and happy.This colour signifies warmth.

 This colour is significant of his never say die attitude and spirit, a spirit of living. Harshad's off screen appearance have also excuded warmth and happiness, and only had us cracking up on the floor seeing the masti and the full of life spirit and attitude.

 All his appearances in SBS's and SBB let us into an insight of his persona which gave us an opportunity to see what he actually was as a person. We came to know him better with each of his appearances and no matter whatever be the reason, which attracted us to be his fans - whether it was ali, akshat or prem ultimately it was Harshad as a person...a man with a golden heart who made us all adore him...love him and idolise him.

The recent Holi special on SBS was where we saw him in full on Masti mode off screen with additti and karan wherein he didn't leave an opportunity to pull his co stars legs. Another thing which striked us was his nature wherein he has never hidden anything from his fans and this time too he was generous enough to let us all know that he doesn't play Holi.

It's not just with his co actors that we can see his comfort level off screen but we saw a glimpse of how fond he was of children.

His first SBS on 9th july 2009 with his on screen daughter Chahat was a treat to watch wherein their chemistry clicked at once and even before the episode was aired, both the father-dotty duo had a fan following. What caught our eyes was the way Harshad played with the child off screen (they both actually had plans to play in puddles taking full advantage of the rainy season!) and introduced her to us.

In the 3 idiots segment on 12th jan, we got to see his love for animals. The way, he said,  "gudgudee ho rahi hai" when they licked his feet and his reaction thereafter. Any normal human being would've refrained from touching street dogs but he did and did it with love.


The color, orange is a combination of red and yellow. This is not as fiery as red and but symbolizes a lot of energy and wisdom as well. Although dynamic, the color orange is more thoughtful and controlled. This color can increase the creativity of the person and bring about equilibrium in life.

Dancing like acting is a form of emoting and expression. Through his dance performances, Harshad excudes alot of energy and vibrance in this form of art and his performance on "prem ki nayya" at ITA proves this. Despite not being well, he did not falter even once in his performance. His energy level and expressions matched his moves on the dance floor.

Prem ki nayya was raam ke bharose...and ours is harshad ke bharose!


This is the color of energy and enthusiasm. This is also the color with the longest wavelength. Red symbolizes passion, energy, vibrancy and success.

 In terms of Harshad's acting, this signifies passion. A passion and will to excel and this was very significant in the scene where he speaks his heart out to a sleeping Heer and promises to make new memories with her. There was nothing other than O re piya as a BG score to support him. He had a monologue. What's a must watch here is that till date Harshad as Prem had been an actor par excellence, emoting and showing his angry side through the eyes. This is the first time the character of prem actually spoke to heer as her lover and it was a tough job because he didn't have the support of his co actor's expressions or heavy sets or loud music. All that he had were monologues and his expressions.

 Right from the moment Prem enters the room, the love which he had in his eyes would melt anybody's heart. The way he caressed heer's face showering all his love in that just one touch was a heavenly feeling and his voice, the way he said the whole thing was a treat to watch! In that one scene,he had no doubt excelled all that he had done till date! With harshad on screen one must always be prepared to eat one's words's any time for he just surpasses his own performances with each passing day.

A noteworthy example in this case, would be the scene on 27th march, '09 when Heer forces him to confess that he was indeed Prem not Gaurav! From the moment, Heer locked the door and touched him, the way he moved away was worth watching as it was reflected of the respect Prem had for Heer. In came the  brilliant dialogue deliveries plus performances one after the other! right from " tum yeh doodh kyu de rahi ho mujhe" which made you laugh in such intense scene till " jaao yahaan se...dimaag kharaab mat karo mera" which made u feel his anger. Harshad was brilliant in his changing expressions with the changing dialogues. .

 The reaction and the expressions thereafter are also applause worthy as Prem actually comes to know about Heer knowing the truth - the guilt...the pain...everything was brilliantly portrayed.

 His will to excel is reflective from what he himself once said ' It takes a lot of effort for me to dance and only I know, how much effort I have to put.

 His brilliance and radiance is also reflected in the conviction with which he says, the dialogues. Who can forget the aap meri ma ho dialogue or then bol diya, jo bolna tha..ho gayee tumharee bakwas khatam.

 This list could've gone on and on...but as one says...the best is yet to come from him!



Talking of colours ....can White be left far behind. How can we forget Prem in White, which made us drool (hides her herself behind a chunni for using this terminology), had us craving for more.

Different colours are formed from the base - white. The base here being sincerity and innocence, and commitment towards his profession.

Be it in the Kis Desh Article, wherein he spoke up, perhaps for the first time on the good ol kis desh days or then in his scenes. Harshad's sincerity, commitment and his approach to work is un-comparable amongst his counterparts.

 In this article he confessed what he missed in Kis Desh, a thing which all of us felt too and were wondering for quite some time what is the reaction of the cast to these changes. It was a welcome gesture by all his fans  for he had the guts to stand up for what he believed in and openly say what's wrong. It takes great courage and conviction of character to do that.

 All fans were not liking the way things and relationships within characters were shaping up in the show and all fans were relieved that at least somebody was thinking the way we all were!


 We don't think any other actor would've shown his displeasure with his own show but we remember what he had once said "I'll definitely speak up when things will be tampered with" and we as his fans are happy and proud of him that he kept his word!


 Talking of his commitment and sincerity towards his profession, Harshad has always gone out of the way to be just to the character he plays on screen. We remember that there was an article in which said that he had an arguement with the director during the shoot when the director asked him to dance at a sangeet ceremony with heer....

As mentioned in the article, The scene was such that Heer had blamed him for filing a custody case for chahat few hrs back and Prem was very very heart broken. When the director asked him to shoot for a dance sequence, he simply refused to do so, as it would have been against the situation and character at that time.

 At that time, there was a dearth of Premeer scenes on screen and any miniscule sequence would've been welcomed by all but instead of marring the essence of the character he decided to stand firm in his belief, a stand welcomed by all of us here.

His sincerity and dedication also traces back to as far as his Ali days, wherein, there was a sequence in which he was supposed to have egg with milk. Harshad, being the professional that he is, went ahead with the scene despite initial reservations (with him being a vegetarian). If this doesn't speak of commitment, then what does?

Over the past few years, Harshad has worked hard, honed his skills, tried to perfect the art and won the adoration of millions. His contribution to Indian Television has been immense and this FC is just our way of showing our gratitude and appreciation - to the man, who showed us what it takes to be an artiste who leads by example.


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As Contributed by Soaps and Athisda, write ups from earlier FC's (Sorry Payal, had to make your presence felt here!!)for the posts; Khushi and the rest of the siggy makers for the siggy's

As rightly said by Thomas Reid, Acting is not being emotional, but being able to express emotion.
A quote that is apt for Harshad, for his ability to express emotion in different ways - be it as Ali or then as Prem

Most of us started to watch Ali after we had watched, admired and adored Harshad for his brilliant work as Prem - only after KDMHMD was about to end.

We don't know if it was an advantage or a disadvantage to watch Ali right after having watched Prem Juneja. The advantage that we already knew how brilliant an actor Harshad is but that was also the disadvantage, as we were going into the LRL mode with this huge image Harshad had created as an actor in my mind as Prem.

Ali and Prem were as different as chalk and cheese. It would be wrong in our part to say, that we didn't like his acting as Ali.  Both characters were different and he played them differently too. As Ali, he looked, talked, felt, behaved like Ali, again making you watch the character not the actor playing the character. Ali from what we understood was this innocent, obedient boy who aimed to become an army officer, who later on got caught when it came to choosing between his friends and his sense of duty towards his parents, he did not want to let them down.

In KDMHMD, Harshad was the lead, focus of attention, where as in LRL he was one of the 6 cadets, still he managed to make his place, even though he got less screen time compared to others I think.

Ali on the outset was not a very attractive character...we mean who would like a guy with oily hair, wearing simple clothes, looking dumb, talking about principles and I think he even put surma in his eyes  :D (didn't he?)  So making people fall in love with such a character was surely a job well done by Harshad.

What made Ali so lovable and charming was his honesty ...an honesty that came from within, an honesty that audience took to from the onset. This audience admiration for Ali increased as we found ourselves respecting him, for upholding his principles no matter what the situation he faced, for yearning to reach his goal in an upright manner through, sheer hard work, never once giving in to peer pressure or influence.

Through his portrayal of Ali, was able to make the audience laugh and cry with him, an art only a few can achieve till date. Besides simply capturing the essence of the character, he was not only able to perfect the character's difficult dialect, but also grew and changed along with the character over the span of the show, all the while keeping and retaining the backbone and essence of the character in place.


One remarkable thing about Harshad as an actor is the ease with which he emotes different expressions and how smoothly and flawlessly he changes from one expression to another. It is something we noticed both in LRL and KDHMD, he has this amazing ability in portraying multiple emotions in one scene to perfection.

 Some of the scene we loved in LRL were Ali's scene with alekh in the beginning, the scene where he killed Rohit, the ballroom scene with Pooja where he is all scared of what she might do, camping scenes, the scene with injured major etc. Here we attempt to write on the highs and lows of the character, that made this character so endearing and touched our hearts like never before.

HIGH's of ALI.

Opening Scenes:

His opening dialogue "Hum ali hien, Kanpur sey" was said so innocently that it gave away the character Ali was going to shape up to be. His scene with alekh where he wakes up because the fan was turned off, he was brilliant in that whole scene. One of the best things about Harshad is that he brings these little touched into his acting, which make the character look real, the way he wakes up feeling hot made it look so natural. Later on change in his expressions from being cheerful when he said "humey tou laga sirf Kanpur mey hi bijli jaati hey" to being taken aback when Alekh told him off saying he turned off the fan, to that of shock and slight fear when he came to know Alekh has been in jail for murder, was superbly done. In continuity of that scene when he goes to Yudi's room and tell Huda "hum paanch behnoun mey aik bhai hien" and later that "aap sey tou hamarey wo jail sey chootey huwey achey hien" ' "bethey hien bottle khol kar" his delivery and expressions were so apt in the whole scene.

Cricket match episode:

Again a brilliantly done scene especially where Huda and Alekh are trying to convince him to go to the stadium and watch the cricket match, The change in expressions was again brilliantly done. And later on when he is on TV and asked if the match would be telecast on TV, was beautifully done.  Once they return his whole act that started from telling Alekh that the run out decision was wrong, to trying to convince Alekh that into listening to him about his "asools" was again wonderfully done.

Ballroom scene:

Where they are dancing and Ali suddenly realizes that everyone is gone and only he and pooja are left, the expressions were again superbly done. And then when pooja corners him, the trembling lips and dialogue delivery was perfectly done by Harshad.

Torch light on curtain scene:

The way he is turning and tossing in the bed and then wakes up with a startle seeing Pooja say "I love you" in his dream, the look on his face when he notices the torch light on the curtain, his apt expressions when the torch light hits his face, the change in his voice from that of fully awake to that of talking in sleep, when alekh asks him who is it, to his reaction when alekh asks him who he is waving to was just ROFL and the way he said in the end "ya Allah humey maaf kar deY" was just ROFL

Major Panday scenes:

The scene where Major Panday questions Ali's loyalty to the country and later Ali telling Pooja about it was again superbly done. The anger and frustration that Ali felt was perfectly portrayed once again by Harshad.

Later his expressions were so apt where he tells Pooja that it is against his "asools" to hide the truth and he will go and tell the brigadier that he is the one who forgot to convey the message regarding the required medicines.

Rohit's murder:

His dialogue delivery after he kills Rohit and expressions were absolutely amazing, once again he made it all look too real. The look of fear, disbelief was wonderfully done couple with spot on dialogue delivery.

Feeling towards Pooja:
One of the high's of the character would also be the time when he actually started having feelings for pooja but he knew that pooja was in love with some other guy. The way ali kept in control of his emotions here was very very nice, something seen very rarely in a new comer. He respected her a lot and he knew one mistake on his side and his frendship will be lost! no wonder he was called "usool bhai"
Ragging Scene :

Seniors ragging first year cadets. Seniors sing "Choli ke peeche kyon hai'." . Ali feels disgusted and comments, "Dekhiye har cheez ki hadth hoti hai, ragging ka matlab yeh nahi hota hai'" Seniors are ignoring him but Ali is trying to stop all.

We value HC's performance in this scene as one of the High Point because he looked the character Ali in this scene. He. didn't look like he was playing a role. He stood up for his batch mates/friends who were being ragged by senior students. Although this type of scene often seen in movies/dramas, enacted by various actors, we've never seen one that looked real and NOT a scripted one. We think HC made the audience yearn to have a friend like him if they were to be in a similar situation.
One thing that was noticeable in LRL was how he grew as an actor from the initial episodes to the later ones, it showed his commitment to improve and do even better.

We guess, the conviction with which Harshad played Ali, is reflective of the fact that we can't find any low points in the character! atleast not in the parts that we saw.

(I have mentioned LRL before Kis Desh as it fell in chronological order!)

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(As contributed by Soaps, Purvi, Athisda, Vandy, Anusha, some write ups from earlier FC's (sorry Payal, had to make your presence felt in this one!); Khushi and the rest of the siggy makers for the siggy's) 

As rightly said by Lee Stratesberg, "Work for the actor lies essentially in two areas: the ability to consistently create reality and the ability to express that reality."
 Something again, which is true for Harshad. We guess, it was this "the ability to express reality" in making Prem Juneja so real  with so much ease that he enabled us to fall in love with the character instantly.

Prem was a perfect character sketch, that has been portrayed not only with utmost finesse and uncanny flawnessness, but a deep level of honesty - a honesty and sincerity that comes from within. One that only Harshad could achieve, because he undoubtedly shares so many of Prem's qualities, therefore so much of Prem seemed to have come naturally from within. It was hard not to adore, or not to fall in love with Harshad's portrayal of Prem.

One aspect of Prem's character was that he was soft spoken, subtle and harboured a quiet dignity. With a role like that, it is easy to exaggerate the character or over-do it. The key however was to assay the role with delicate sophistication, with Harshad accomplished with utmost finesse and uncanny flawlessness.

With Harshad Chopra being such a versatile & talented actor,writing the highs and lows of his role, the one which we watched and admired for almost two years, turned out to be such a daunting task. Each & every performance of his were not only uncomparable but also outshone the previous one and had a certain stamp of brilliance and style in them. To pick & choose from those was definitely a helluva job.

To be honest there are merely 4-5 scenes in these two years, where we felt he was not at his best as an actor, in the rest of 'em all, he has been brilliant. But of course there are few extra ordinary performances that hold a special place, as they were more challenging and required unusual effort.


 Hence, here we are making an attempt to dwell /shed light/analyze on those few outstanding performances, wherein HC was at his Best as Prem and Scenes where the character of Prem was at an all time Low! (thanks to our creatives, writers, editors etc etc etc!!) 

Highs Of Harshad As Prem Juneja:

Prem's Entry Scene:

 Just before his entry in the show Lalit & Gayatri Juneja 'Parent of Prem had already shown us the brief gist of what "Prem" charater would be, a loving, obedient & respectful son. He was  "the apple of their Eye" & his Entry was practically justified: Before going to play the match taking Blessing from his parent picture from his wardrobe, Showed how much respect & luv he held for them.

Foot Ball Match :

Prem is injured by the opponent team while playing India/Canada Soccer game. Prem falls down and calls for Preet aloud. Preet who was shown lazing around somewhere on a cliff hears his brother call and he arrives on the playground. When Preet sees blood oozing from Prem's upper arm, he wipes it with his wrist,  This is the first scene where they established the love and bond between these brothers to the audience. Both HC & SR were extremely wonderful emoting this bond. To convince this bond to the audience at one go  says for itself, A job well done well done to!! (Gayatri mentions during this scene or something prior to their entry that Prem & Preet are blood brother's, if one calls the other will answer the call.in a typical Hindi language Khoon khoon ko pukarta hai) & that is exactly what we got to see. The back ground music played also conveyed to the audience that they are being presented the modern day Ram & Lakshman on screen. There were no dialogues in this scene, and what was remarkable in this scene, was the way, the emotions were expressed by Harshad (and Sushant too).

KDMHMD 12 March 2008 Part 2

For most of us, our favourite scenes are always the ones with Prem & Preet. Fraternal relationship between them is something we've never seen either in movies/dramas. They really looked like modern day Ram or Lakshman in everyway!


This was one of the highlights of Harshad in terms of acting which moved one step further. Harshad's portrayal as Prem has never been felt like acting, it was always like watching the character and never watching an actor play a character.

This was another one of our favorite Prem scenes, Aap Meri Maa Ho.. Agar Bhagwan bhi ake kahe ap meri ma nahi ho to bhi main nahi manuga' The Potrayal of Prem being hurt by his mother though being his step mother never once felt she was his step mother & when one accused of their realtion & she was unable to say anything in return angered & hurt prem to the core.. The tears, anger & pain in his Eyes when he turns around to face his calling mother just blew us away. Harshad was extra ordinary in showing the pain, the frustration and sorrow of Prem in this scene.


7th May, unconscious Heer:

Passion : the highlight of this scene..The eyes, the touch .. just said it all, need we say more? :D


27th May, Confession scene:
One of the best scenes from the point of view of dialogue delivery, voice modulation from high pitch to low pitch in split seconds'.  in terms of acting one couldn't help but feel the intensity of Prem's love. Harshad was extremely remarkable yet once again.


This remains one of our favorite scenes of both Prem as a character and Harshad as an actor. The anger, the frustration, the helplessness, the love, the disappointment, all these different emotions required in the scene was so brilliantly portrayed. And of course the voice variations made it all the more impressive.

18th June, THE PREM:

Bas Chachi Bas : The moment those words were out he sent shivers down our spine with his anger, didn't he? No other actor than our very Own Harshad could have done a better job period!!!

Heer Prem ka Pratik Hai aur Prem, Prem  sab se zayada Heer main Samaya Hai

Sigh'. What a dreamy Character Prem was right'Day Dreaming.. Harshad made him so real.. Harshad portrayed Prem and his denial mode that by sacrificing his luv would turn things fine eventually but seeing his love being defamed in front of his eye triggered the super anger emotions of Prem .. Standing up for his Love & Declaring his luv, in public, Prem/Heer are one.. vowing to keep her safe and the abv lines said by him with mixed emotions gave a new lime light to Prem's character all together once again.. The emotion of his love overwhelming, "dreamy Muh" Harshad surpasses his acting skill once more 'simply Fantabulous

He sent shivers down your spine with his anger, didn't he? We don't think any actor could have done a better job period!!!


Ajmer scenes:

Harshad was simply superb throughout the Ajmer track but we particularly loved his acting in Heer's dream death scene and lake scene after rescuing Heer (that was a lake right?)
Heer's dream death scene because knowing that it's just a dream scene and giving such perfect emotions was a job well done, lake scene after rescues because we loved the dialogue delivery and of course the voice.ClapClap

July 29th 2008:

Harshads Another, brilliant masterpiece of performance was on july 29th where he completely mesmerized us by his Sheer Perfection performance. The scene where he is strumming his Mandolin in anger, Wanting to be alone seeing his mother & then finding meanings through his mother words to move on and find new ways to keep moving on & to stop dwelling on way bygones have had happen. & here she was trying to comfort him while she herself was shown being hurt & in pain seeing her son in so much of pain and then finally the breakdown of Prem on his Mother lap.. was so truly unbelievable..Harshad was simply spectcular and to the "T" Star


Vows to Heer: Main Prem Juneja Aaj In hawao ko Sakshi

Oh that voice, oh that voice, oh that voice :D and we will repeat our question, how can anyone look at anyone with so much love, just how? Especially at a payal :D We demand an answer!!! "stubborn muh"


 Before Delhi blast:

We think Harshad was brilliant in those last few episodes before Prem's supposed death. Starting from alvida scene to the dream about Heer scene, his phone conversation with Heer scene when that dream became reality was superbly done.



Blast scenes:

We particularly loved the scene where he gains conscious after the blast, the whole act was magnificently done, particularly the part where Prem looks around with fear holding the saree bags close to his chest.


Prem coming to say good bye to Gyatri:

After his death (which later turned out to be supposed death) when he came to say final Good Bye to his mother, was for us a superb piece of acting. We know it is not a scene people talk about much but the dead look he created on his face was so amazing that you could feel its' Prem's aatma and not Prem himself.

Harshad as Gaurav:


When we saw it back then, most of us hated Gaurav, simply because he was not Prem :D ' but today, we feel Harshad did a brilliant job in keeping us confused. He made us feel how different Gaurav was from Prem. The way he walked, talked, his expressions had no trace of Prem in it, except when he was required to show traces of Prem. We think it was amazing how different Harshad made Gaurav look; despite the fact he was the same actor who had played Prem.


We loved his acting in 28th January scene where Heer confronted Gaurav and later when the family is trying to remind him that he is Prem, we felt he did a great job as an actor. Afterwards when Heer came to know he is Gaurav and not Prem, he was brilliant in all his scenes with Heer. Particularly the dard ka ehsas scene, morning walk at night scene, cigarette carton scene on terrace, tying thread scene; only to mention a few! His eyes used to be so full of mischief, yet the love he held for Heer was still visible.


Rishab/Gaurav scene:

Most of us have never seen anyone mention or talk about the Gaurav-Rishab scene from an acting point of view, the scene where it is revealed that he is not Prem but Gaurav. For us, it was an extra ordinarily brilliant piece of acting. The scene had nothing attractive in it except two apparent villains talking to each other about a plan to destroy someone. But without raising his voice even once or making weird faces, which usually actors do to portray negativity, Harshad made Gaurav look so perfectly negative with so much ease and still managed to send shivers down the spine. Some of us watched that scenes as many as 17 times the next day on you tube and could not help but admire that incredible piece of acting.

This was undoubtedly one of the finest emoting styles in the history of Balaji Telefilms, A Performance that only catapulted Harshad to unprecendeted heights  of success. A Performance, which had a balanced mix of good and grey..A Performance where expressions were flawless.

It was Harshad dominating the frame, ever since his meeting with Rishabh Rampal. The 360 turn around, brilliantly portrayed, leaving us speechless. We always thought HC could never get Prem wrong. He wasn't getting Prem wrong at all.

He was getting Gaurav act like Prem ABSOLUTELY RIGHT! From the moment, his encounter with RR began...he was just incredible. Harshad didn't miss a beat. From his body language and entonation to his brilliant facial expression - everything was the perfect blend of the good guy, bad guy but not really the bad guy - just a regular guy with maybe a small flaw...whatever the case, his character has shades of grey, which was incredible.

His portray of indifference towards RR; his not having anything against the Juneja personally, but needing to go through with this as Gaurav, just for money; his final rebuttal against RR - that he will not hear anything the Juneja's, and that he doesn't associate himself with the likes of RR...the entire thing, from the word GO was simply incomparable. We have never seen anything like that in Indian Television before.

For most of us, it remains one of Harshad's best as an actor!


13th Feb 2009:Day Dreaming

Another stellar performace by Harshad that captivated out heart once again by merely his silence followed by his eyes, hands & touch' right after their marriagein Gayatri room  was breathtaking.. it was romance at its peak to another level. Harshad seems to have mastered portraying luv through eyes. How ? Simply how once can emote so much of luv through their eyes' *sigh*  Day DreamingDay Dreaming


The confession and pre-confession:

When Heer finds out he is Prem and not Gaurav and kind of tries to seduce Prem into confessing, Harshad gave brilliant expressions in those episode. We still remember the look on his face when heer said she will change in front of him or that she will have a kid or gave him milk at night. And then came the confession, even though most of us felt they did not give enough time to show Prem's suffering during the time he was living as Gaurav, Harshad made it up for it with his yet again brilliant portrayal of emotions.

The way Prem & Heer sat near the window or on the Bed or leaning on the terrace was like any normal couple would.. That how brilliant he is..  

29th april 2009

The scene where he is confronted by lalit juneja for being unjust to heer because he asked her to leave, brilliant portrayal of emotions by harshad here - the way his voice flickered with his emotions was brilliant. Hc has always been a pro as long as his dialogue delivery is concerned and here he proves it yet again that he is a master in such scenes!


1st may, Prem's scene with preet

Another scene that can not unnoticed. Harshad showcased his brilliance with his dialogue delivery and his expression through the eyes which reflected the pain he was going through 
6th may, Kasauli log house scene

Here, when the song lambi judaai started playing at the dhaba, heer couldn't hold back her tears and the irony was that Prem who had promised to himself to keep every drop of her tear close to his heart didn't have the strength to wipe it. The reason being as simple as he was responsible for them Each and every eye emotion of Harshad was out of this world, he didn't speak but one look at him and your heart cried for prem. Continuation of the same scene when Heer tells him that they are married too, the half smile, Harshad's expressions there.....were brilliant!

Shiv Mandir 27th May 2009:

We felt his dialogue delivery was terrific in that scene.

Restaurant scene on 25th june 2009 where prem ultimately confronts heer
HC was brilliant in this scene - be it through the body language or then the dialogue delivery. Right from 18th june onwards we all knew that Prem's anger was intense. It was deep intensity at it's best that we saw on screen on this particular day was out of the world. Voice modulations along with emotions were perfect here! 
Train station scene (Heer leaves Prem):

Brilliant portrayal of helplessness, guilt and sorrow, all rolled into one! Call us cruel or whatever but that was the scene where itself, we were mad at Heer for leaving Prem, well don't blame us, blame Harshad, he made Prem's pain and sorrow look so much more real than that of Heer. Humaree kiya ghalti!


Post Leap:

Harshad was brilliant post leap, the way he portrayed Prem's pain without any words and gave out what exactly Prem had gone through in the 6 years without any dialogues in his introductory scene was impressive. He was brilliant in all scenes post leap particularly with Heer; he made you feel Prem's pain and played all the different emotions with so much ease and perfection.

Prem - Chahat Scene:

...right from the moment he came to drop chahat to school...not once did he leave her hands...as if trying to seal that moment forever in his life!he was not sure whether he would be there to pick her up in the afternoon....but not once did he make his daughter aware of the sadness in his heart......he didn't dare to look in her eyes, lest his daughter see his tears and question him... this was was another brilliant performance of his.

Ash track :

The way Harshad portrayed the emotions of disbelief after being physically assaulted by ash was superb. For once we had to actually have to sit back and think about this. We really want to thank him from the bottom of our heart for showing us the other side of the coin! The way he portrayed the trauma of Prem after a sexual harassment was brilliant, the way tears were welling up in Prem's eyes...as if he just couldn't believe that he had gone through such a thing! He actually made us think for the first time that yes...even men go thru the same feelings as women! Maybe more traumatic for them..as nobody believes them how much innocent they are!


Most of us felt Harshad was at his brilliant best throughout November 2009 during the Ash track. The best scene of course was the mirror scene, where without saying a word he showed all of Prem's pain with his expressions and eyes. Another absolutely brilliant piece of acting for which no amount of praise can be enough!


Another scene where he was brilliant was when it was finally revealed that Prem never slept with Ash, the look of relief, the joy of being free of guilt finally was perfectly played.


Preet's death scene:

Only one word brilliant!


These were some of the few scenes which we covered but yet again there are so many other scene like the Drunk Prem in 2008 and Drunk Prem post leap scenes, his romantic scenes with Heer Esp from from 18th Jun 2008 to July 17th, Cigar scene, Anda scene, Soap suds scene, Khadda, Rasta Roko, Heer propsong prem & finally Prem Proposing Heer, his scenes with Gayatri, lighter scene, train station scene no 1, shiv mandir no 1, and so many others that we have not even mentioned but were equally at par of excellence..

Lows of Prem/Kis Desh

There were lows in the character of Prem but the blame, here, is more on the creative's than Harshad if the character of Prem ever saw a low point.


As Prem there were hardly 4-5 scenes where we felt he was not at his best (But mind you even when he is not at his best he can surpass many other actors' best performance any day) Particularly the last 2-3 weeks of the show, in a couple of scenes we felt something amiss. But we don't want to write about that here because his work as Prem was so brilliant overall that it would be unfair.


The biggest low in the character of Prem was when Prem was shown to be unlike Prem, where the image of Prem was tarnished. An example here would be in the cases of the entire Nihaal - Veera - Prem - Heer track or then Prem - Heer misunderstanding track. Two tracks, which were against the character of Prem, and by showing these two tracks, well Kis Desh only hit an all time low!

As for the scenes where Prem acted like a bunny with fleas, we are even sure if that was Harshad's fault or the directors or the script writers, whoever it was we would have preferred, it if Harshad was a little less hyper and a little less loud in those: D


Prem's reaction on hearing he is going to Become Father again ie on Feb 5th Part 3. Something was missing in Harshad in that scene. The scene was Very short and not upto the mark as we expected.  


Bloppers are really the low points in the show.  


CLOSE UP CAMERA SHOTS -Babuji is back from the hospital in his bedroom. Gayatri leaves to get juice and Kulraj goes with her while Prem & Heer are sitting in the bed with Babuji. Heer explains Babuji about the medicines he was supposed to take, 'CLOSE UP SHOT while Gayatri leaves and there is also a LONG SHOT in which Prem's face is clearly shown laughing, while Heer's back is shown. The scene was a serious one as Prem is repenting his mistake about the misunderstanding he had earlier with Heer. This is a combination of a team error(Director, Camera person, Editor, actor's unawareness) as opposed to one actor; nevertheless a serious scene was made to look funny because of the end result of editing blooper.


As we have already said he was amazing throughout as Prem, we chose to write about those which were unusual but even then we don't think we have been able to do justice to this amazing actor.

To conclude it, we just want to wish Harshad all the very best in future, we hope he will continue to accept every role as a challenge, will keep working hard and will keep striving for even better performance and as result we will get to see great acting.

Dear Harshad,

Always have the  determination of a Mirror
which never loses its ability to reflect
in spite of it being broken into pieces!
Keep shining & Good luck to Success
(which is just round the corner)


You made Prem what he is today, with strong characterization, vivid appearance, and an iconic figure. I hope in the future, you have many other opportunities to showcase the amazing talent you have. 

All the best of luck with making all your dreams that you can possibly have in life true and hope you always get to have fun, no matter what you do. Please stop being lazy and stop saying i am so slowROFL

God Bless you dude LOL - jyoti


Harshad, you have been absolutely an amzing actor. I could not imagine anyone playing the role of Prem except you. A really gifted and talented actor you are. One of the best we currently have in the TV industry. Embarrassed I fascinating and amazing human being also. I am sure acting will take you heights in your career, with the capability and passion that you have for it, it is a must it will take you places! Embarrassed Hope to see you back on TV soon, good luck. God bless! And hope you have a great year ahead!...Big smile - additi

As You Travel Through Life'.

As you travel through life there are always those times
When decisions just have to be made,
When the choices are hard, and solutions seem scarce,
And the rain seems to soak your parade.

There are some situations where all you can do
Is simply let go and move on,
Gather your courage and choose a direction
That carries you toward a new dawn.

So pack up your troubles and take a step forward -
The process of change can be tough,
But think about all the excitement ahead

There might be adventures you never imagined
Just waiting around the next bend,
And wishes and dreams just about to come true
In ways you can't yet comprehend!

Perhaps you'll find friendships that spring from new things
As you challenge your status quo,
And learn there are so many options in life,

Perhaps you'll go places you never expected
And see things that you've never seen,
Or travel to fabulous, faraway worlds
And wonderful spots in between!

Perhaps you'll find warmth and affection and caring
And somebody special who's there
To help you stay cantered and listen with interest
To stories and feelings you share.

Perhaps you'll find comfort in knowing your friends
Are supportive of all that you do,
And believe that whatever decisions you make,
They'll be the right choices for you.

So keep putting one foot in front of the other,
And taking your life day by day...
There's a brighter tomorrow that's just down the road -
Don't look back! You're not going that way!

- farah
**** Harshad Chopda*****

Let me start with this....
A Perfect Crystal,Shinning In The Light.
Everyone Sees It,Everyone Wants It.Its You
But Yet, Not Everyone Can Have It.
It Shines In The Light,Beautiful And Breathingtaking.
It Rules Over Everyone,Making Everyone Jealous Of It's Beauty.Its You
Shinning In The Light,

I Stand In The Shadows,As Many Others Do,
To Look At It's Beauty,And To Stare Too.such a crystal you are ...
So ,
I wish you luck,I wish you smiles,
And no cries;
I wish you joy,Higher than the sky;
I wish you pride,Always on your side;
I wish you success,Which brings you happiness;
I wish you love,As pretty as a dove;
I wish you affection,And protection;
I wish you care,Which is bare;I wish you everything,
You may forget me But I won't ever do the same;
BUT I'll still wish everything for you So here we go this is your new beginning
You will grow ,You will learn to look out
It's going to be real,It's going to be true
You won't settle down for less then you deserve,No one is going to break you down
And if you fail you just have to try again
Because after all life will always be life ....
Best of Luck Harshad for years ahead.....
***Svetalana singh *****


They say "Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity" I am sure you are prepared and hopeful that bigger and better opportunities would surely knock soon and you will grab them with both hands, you will work even harder and we will get to witness something even better than Prem in terms of acting. All the best Harshad, may you be successful in whatever you choose to do in life. God Bless you.  - Nadia


Dear Harshad
Prem was a job very well done, wish you all the best Harshad for your future endeavors,hope better and bigger thing await you



I am borrowing two Irish blessings quotes by unknown people that I like:

"May you always have work for your hands to do.
May your pockets hold always a coin or two.
May the sun shine bright on your windowpane.
May the rainbow be certain to follow each rain.
May the hand of a friend always be near you.
And may God fill your heart with gladness to cheer you."

May you never forget what is worth remembering, nor ever remember what is best forgotten"
- Athisda
Dear Harshad ,

I want to thank you Whole heartedly for portraying an Adorable and Lovely Role Called Prem. Prem will surely remain in our hearts forever You are the Best actor in Indian Television.I never saw such an actor like you who put his complete effort on a character to make it real. Your acting Skills are Just amazing, when you are onscreen as Prem , our eyes will just concentrate on you , Your dedication and Hard working towards your role and show touched so many hearts ..Now your Fan following spread all over the World. I saw you first time in Amber Dhara and I loved your Character in Amber Dhara and next as Prem ..Your acting skills improved a lot from the beginning of LRL to the Running Kis Desh..You are such a Talented actor..Keep it Up harshad .

What to say about World's Most Popular Jodi "The Premeer" .". "Heer Prem ka Prateek hain aur Heer sabse Zyada Prem mein Sama hain " ..Only this single sentence tells everything about Our Lovable and Sizzling Jodi Premeer. Their Eternal and Immense love for each other made us fall in Love with Premeer Forever and ever..No jodi can take place of Premeer Jodi. You with Additi gave a Life to Prem and Heer .. My life is  really Very sad and Gloomy without my Fav show and Characters and without watching you onscreen. This show and roles will ever remain in my heart till my last breath.

Harshad ,we loved you , Love and will always Love you ..You have made a special place in our hearts..You are a rock star ..You have made each and every Character which you played look so real. Now we will be eagerly waiting to watch you in rocking avatars,.All the Very Best for Your Future ..Hope All your Dreams come True and you get a Hand Full of Projects and make New Fans ..God Bless You Harshad ..All The Very Best for your Future

Good Luck for Your Future,
May Success come Your Way,
May Your Day Be Full of Fun,
May You Impress Everyone,

May You get No Stress,
May You be Blessed with Happiness,
May God give Your Grace,
May You Keep a Smiling Face,
May Your All  Wishes come True,
May You Enjoy whatever You Do,
And At Last I would say,
May You Have a Beautiful And Bright Future Ahead!

All The Best Harshad !



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This autograph was signed by Harshad for all his fans when a fan (who doesnt wish her name to be divulged for personal reasons) visited him.

This message goes out to all the FC memebers who are disheartened with the news of their Prem going away
The Message Dated :- 27.09.2008
''Please give my message to all my fans'
Say them that everything happens for a reason..
There might be something nice hidden in this too..You never know'
And You guys are my strength and support'
I can't see u guys crying like this and I can't see you shattered'
This is a phase and it will go away'
I can't thank you guys enough for all the love and support that you guys have showered on me since the past few days'
Its overwhelming'
Had it not been for you guys'I would not have been here'.
You are the ones who help me to carry on, and please do not be disheartened as you are the ones who have to stand by me''
And together we will come out of it''
Hello friends...Harshad has send this message for all of us as a token of love and appreciation and has said that each and every message here means a lot to him..
He was too overwhelmed and thus wants to thank everyone...

I am what I am, but the person you guys like is not who

 I actually am.

I am a simple guy like any other guy walking down the

road or like any one you see around.

There is nothing special , different or extraordinary

about me.
What makes me special, what makes me different ,what
makes me what I am, is your thinking.

You think I am cute I become cute , you think I am hot I

become hot ,irrespective of whether I am or not.

So its not what I actually am which makes me , its what

you guys think I am which makes me.

If today I am somebody that is because I have people

like you behind me , who think the way you think , who
believe in me the way you guys believe..

Thank you for the belief..Thank you for making me what

I am
I know I can't thank enough but still trying..

All of you have always been very kind and sweet to me,

hope I am always this lucky.

Thanking all of you for giving me reasons to smile,

Take good care,

God bless,



Heylloo Gurls and Only Gurls..EmbarrassedLOL

I have a Very Special message by Harsh...the Man himself for all U FC members..Embarrassed

Now without boring u all more will proceed to the truth now..LOL

"I Still remember the days when I used to think I have no fans and now the 17th FC has started..

I went through ups and downs and was off air also..

They say Out of sight is Out of Mind...

But U guys kept me alive and didn't let me die..

I don't know what  exactly to say and what the connection is but you guys have always been kind to me..

Just want to say thank you very much.."

Just wanna let him know we'll be there for him always..

In good times and bad times (hoping he doesnt have bad times ever in his life)..

We'll always lovee you and support u whenever u need us or even if u don't need us..LOLLOL



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March 22 - March 29

Celebrity Ranking on IF :  3

Please post comments etc on Harshad's Celebrity Profile Page

What is Celebrity Ranking and How can we fans contribute?
How the ranking points are computed:
Celebrity Ranking in my understanding is basically like a dashboard which is released by the Admins of IF on the popularity of a Star on the number of hits a celebrity gets in his celebrity page. This is a weighted relative ranking system.
These are the common terms, you will find in the celebrity ranking released:
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Buzzes: No of TB Article on the celebrity/Articles which have mentioned the celebrity's name/comments on the TB Articles
Comments : No of Comments on the Celebrity's profile page/on the pictures in the profile
Fans: No of Fans on the celebrity profile page.
Now, Here is what you can do to increase the ranking of HC:
Step1 : On logging on to IF, visit his page at :
Step 2: post a comment....no need to write long paras and love stories...just a simple"hi" does wonders.....note down the time....repeat the comment after 3 hrs!
note: you can comment again on the profile after 24 hrs only....so if ur first comment was at 10 am in the morning and you commented any time after 3 hrs.....you can comment only after 10 am next morning......
Step 3: visit all his pics/ articles atleast once a day and comment there!

as we can see that TB articles matter a lot in keeping the ranking intact....so the moment we get a TB article on him....start commenting....just rem...you can comment on articles every 1/2 hr.......so keep commenting...and incase IF doesn't accept ur comment.....make sure its a diff comment...or ur comment was last...so just request any other member to comment so that u can proceed...i'm sure people will do it whole heartedly.......
Ensure :
the moment u see an article do not forget to rate it....its imp.........
keep checking articles....maybe there are not on hc...but he might be tagged in them....recent egs
CINTAA article: it never mentioned hc in its headlines but he was tagged in the article...so commenting on this article will increase hc's ranking
HC's  article on his fitness fundas: he mentioned KSG...so wat happened was that we had to share all comments with ksg....that means if hc got 200 comments...the same no. of comments was added in ksg's a/c too just coz he was tagged........
Other Important Things to Note :
comments on articles count once the buzz week is over ... on pictures they certainly do but the problem is HC's ranking will not improve till all his fans make it a habbit to post 2 comments a day at any cost ... and also it is the "unique views" that count ... how many people view his profile or pictures or videos from different IP addresses that counts ... even if we refresh a million times (which i used to LOL) it will only count as 1 view and not more Ouch

Its only 8-9 people regularly commenting on his profile page ... we have already exhausted our three options of commenting on his pictures so we nned participation from members who don't comment now ... because the more the merrier ... a handful of us can only do so much
How else can we increase his ranking:
1) Keep Commenting on his profile page/pictures
2) Any interview, appearance etc - please share on FB and give the link of his celebrity page on IF
SBS Appearance
None this week
Articles this week : 1
TB: Harshad Chopda likely contender in BT New Soap on Star.

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Performance Links:
2 0 10
Star CINTAA Superstars Ka Jalwa


Harshad Chopda, Additi Gupta and Sushant Rajput to perform.

video:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hx1wAZ70QZA

For 2009 & 2008 Videos : Please refer to page 74 of this FC:
SBS Links


Harshad & Additi on SBS 19th March 2010 (Tom & Jerry segment)


Harshad, Aditi & Dhriti on SBS - 22nd March 2010 (Tom & Jerry Segment 2)




On the Sets of Kis Desh (last day of shoot) - SBS 1st Feb 2010


Harshad on SBS 11th Feb 2010 ('Single ready to mingle' Segment)


Harshad, Aditi & Karan at SBS office - SBS 26th Feb 2010


Harshad, Aditi & Karan as Guest Editors; at SBS Office - SBS 27th Feb 2010


Harshad, Aditi & Karan play Holi at SBS Office - SBS 27th Feb 2010


--january 2010--

Harshad, Aditi & Karan on SBS - 7th Jan 2010


Harshad, Karan & Aditi on SBS - 12th Jan 2010


Harshad Chopda & Aditi Gupta on SBS - Jan 13th 2010 (Lohri Special)


Harshad & Aditi on SBS - 20th Jan 2010


Harshad & Aditi on SBS 27th Jan 2010 (Filmy Dialogue Segment)


 For 2009 & 2008 Videos, please refer to page 74 of this FC:
SBB Links
No Videos in 2010
 For 2009 & 2008 Videos, please refer to page 74 of this FC:


Video Mixes(VM) On Harshad Chopda

Behti hawaa saa tha woh

Bahut pyar karte hain tumko sanam

Prem With His Loneliness - New Instrumental VM

Aise Na Mujhe Tum Dekho

Yaar Mangiyasi

Yeh Tumhari Meri Baatein

Harshad Chopra Pump It Up Mix


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http://www.india-forums.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=353517&T PN=1
( Link of FC # 1)

(Link of FC # 2)

(Link of FC # 3)

(Akki, We miss you : Link of FC # 4)

(The News Letter : Link of FC # 5)

(Caption Contest Results : Link of FC # 6)

(A new beginning : Link of FC # 7)


(Harsh is Back : Link of FC # 8)


(Jab We Met : Link of FC # 9)

(Rock On : Link of FC # 10)

(Is Pal Ko Jee Le : Link of FC # 12)


(Rise To Stardom : Link Of FC # 16)

(Master of our Hearts : Link of FC # 17)



(Monsoon Hungama : Link of FC # 19)


(A walk down Memory Lane : Link of FC # 20)

(Rains and Awards Season : Link of FC # 21)


(Live it up : Link of FC # 22)


(Expressions : Link of FC # 23)


(In Appreciation : Link of FC # 24)

(Silver Jubilee Bash : Link of FC # 25)

(Smiles Galore-1 : Link of FC # 26)

(Smiles Galore-2 : Link of FC # 27)

(Simplicity and Humility : Link of FC # 28)

(Hands to die for : Link of FC # 29)


(It's in your eyes : Link of FC # 30)

(Cuteness Personifed : Link of FC # 31)

(You are a Winner : Link of FC # 32)

(Journey of Prem - 1 : Link of FC # 33)

(An ode to Prem's love Journey : Link of FC # 34)

(Prem- The journey continues : Link of FC # 35)

(Thanking You : Link of FC # 36)

(Prem - The Journey Continues : Link of FC #37)

http:// www.india-forums.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=1107147

(Tara Zameen Par: Link of FC # 38)

http:// www.india-forums.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=1125118

(Telly Screen's Badshah : Link of FC # 39)


(Curtain Raiser : FC # 40)


(Fan Interactive Special: FC # 41)

(True Colors: FC # 42)

(Prem's Avatar as Papa: FC # 43)

(Prem's Avatar as Papa: FC # 44)


(Winter Wonderland: FC # 45)




(A New Beginning : FC#47)

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Links of all videos of LRL, Amber Dhara (Featuring Harshad) Articles on him, links of the various comments on his characters and video remixes..

Vocal Interview: Harshad aka Cadet Ali on I-F Radio


Download Link

(Right-Click and 'Save Target/Link As')
animated gifs

Miscellaneous Articles post Desh Ending
Harshad Chopda hates IPL
Actors we want to see in Jhalak's new season

Harshad Chopra turns cook?



Harshad Chopra reviving his old contacts

Stars on a break!
Telly actors and their passions
Top 10 Actors who Ruled Telly world in 2009
We would love to see them together
No Invitation to Harshad Chopda
animated gifs
Star Parivaar Awards 2009

Harshad and Additi in Chandigarh for SPA



animated gifs

Talaash - E Baliye 
Nach Baliye ' Harshad In, Aditya /out

Harshad in Nach Baliye, Mumbai Mirror

Harshad in Nach Baliye

 Talash Ae Baliye

Harshad in Calcutta for Talash E Baliye

Harshad in Nach Baliye, 2nd Nov, TB

News of Harsh being in NB...MM

Kis Desh Main Hai Mera Dil

A wishlist from telly stars for 2010


Harshad misses the 'Old N Golden' days of Kis Desh'

Harshad Chopra down with Dengue.


Harshad Chopra is down with Dengue


Chahat to reunite Prem & Heer
Time for reunion in Kis Desh
Shocking Twist in Kis Desh
Sneha is the illegitimate child of Prem
Misconception between Heer and Prem
Will celebs walk off to Lal Baugh
Eternal love story of Heer and Prem

Harshad Returns to Kis Desh

Harshad re-enters Kis desh,TC,8th Dec 2008

Prem returns to save Heer, Indya.Com
Harshad back in kis desh?26 nov,TB
HC return

Harshad joins Kis Desh
Harshad returns to Balaji with Kis Desh
Harshad Chopra goes by the Script
Prem and Heer New Look after Leap

Khaas Pal of the Week
Prem Heer in chandigarh
Harshad-Additi in Chandigarh
Television's most romantic jodis
Prem to die in Kis Desh


Harshad upsets his fans
Harshad talks about his exit from Kis Desh..Indya.com
On Prems  death
 Harshad talks on his exit from Kis Desh
Harshad Chopra aka Prem of Kis Desh Main Hai Meraa Dil, is busy preparing for a tough stunt which will mark the end of ...(Telly Buzz)
 Harsh to do a dare devil stunt, 30th Sep, TB 

TB article, Prem leaving Kis Desh, 24th Sep

Harshad Chopda, the new chocolate boy of Kis Desh Main Hai Mera Dil
Harshad as Prem in ''Kis Desh Main Hai Meraa Dil''..Mumbai Mirror..12th March 2008

http://www.india-forums.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=841791&T PN=121
Harshad as Prem on TB..12TH March
Harshad the male lead in kis desh 
 Harshad on Kis Desh Main....13th March

http://www.india-forums.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=841791&T PN=130

 Harshad bags iconic role in Kis Desh
Tribune India..Harshad in Chandigarh..15th March
http://www.india-forums.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=888239&T PN=10

 Hindustan Times..Harsh in Chandigarh

Article on Harshad on bagging Kis Desh Main Hai Meraa Dail

http://entertainment.oneindia.in/television/top-stories/news /2008/harshad-chopra-kis-desh-mein-130308.html


animated gifs

Kaise Yeh Mohabhat Hai
Harshad in new show Kaise Mohabbat Hai

Harshad in Kaise Yeh Mohabbat Hai

Harshad to play the lead in Star Plus Serial
Reports of Harsh in a new show...TB..10th October, 08


animated gifs

Kahani Hamari Mahabharat Ki
HC in race for arjun character in MB

HC playing arjun

Harshad's exit from MB...Mumbai Mirror, Post 2

Harshad to play Arjun  


Harshad Chopda out, Sid Makker in..


animated gifs

Ambar Dhara
 Article on Harshad about quitting AD..From Radio Sargam

Mumbai Mirror Article
 Amber Dhara

animated gifs

Left Right Left
Article on IF where cadets speak out..

 Tony's article on cadets..IF

Harsh leaving LRL..MM

http://www.india-forums.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=822628&T PN=112

 Mid Day Article, Tony Vents Out
animated gifs
Other Articles
HC Biography

I am still waiting for a compliment from ekta ma'am

Harshad's article in GR8 magazine...November

 Harshad's article in Showtime...November

HC college life

Harshad's college life in Pune, Sep 16, 08

Dogged by controversaries

 TB article on Harshad...18th June..2008


Innocence Unlimited
Dainik Jagran Interview - I Believe in Hard Work

Article on Harshad

Old article from filmwalaexp.com

About  Kis Des - HC mentioned 

 Showtime article..Harshad's name
India-Forums Interview

 New chocolate boy-Harshad Chopda
 Paanchvi Paas

India-Forum interview

http://www.india-forums.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=754888&T PN=18
Where have all the telestars vanished

New article on Harshad after LRL...19th Jan 2008
 Love for Gadgets

In Conversation with Harshad Chopda



animated gifs
Grasim Mr India
 Grasim Mr India 2006

animated gifs

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