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~:Harshad Chopda FC:~Spring:A New Beginning #pg 96 (Page 2)

Iriss IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 02 August 2005
Posts: 13121

Posted: 20 January 2010 at 6:36am | IP Logged
Welcome Everyone  to the 47 FCHug

So excited with this FC cause its the 47th one and we are only 2 FC's away from 50th  FCBig smileThrough all previous 46 FC'S we have seen Happiness Craziness Sadness our Fightings our Bekhandapans our Phroolliinnnggg sessions and our Cute cute discussions Winkliterally we have seen each emotion n each phase here in all 46 FCsSmileeach FC has its own unique themes n discussions and each FC has its own memories which we all will cherish through our life'sSmile

Special Thanks to Harshad cause of the Love Adimiration n Respect that we have for him which has brought us down at this place its our second home n our second family n wish from the botton of my heart ke the love that we all shower on Harshad keeps on increasing n our family keeps on extending day by day Also Thanks to Daisy (delo) and Yojana(Yoj) who first started the FC n from that day there's no looking back from 1 to 46 we have travelled till here n i wish to keep our journey travelling till eternity....Smile

Now I m presenting to you all the 47th  FC my first attempt in making FC. with this FC we have introduced  Harshad Chronicles. here we will be  updating all current SBS n SBB links and it will be updated on weekly basisSmile n the IF Status of Harshad which is currently on 2 positionSmileAlso we have New Year messages from all your fans SmileFanList which  is increasing day by day Big smileVideo Hub Section: it will be updated with latest  links SmileMagar it would'nt have been possible without my 3 hands Vandu for your formatting n ideas ,Alina for your write ups  ,Anu for hunting down all the links , thanking u all from the  bottom of my heart  Hugalso Awesome Excellent siggies from Liana,Khushi,WaqasBig smile

Also want to thank each n every active member who makes it  a point to be here and keep the FC rockingSmileGod Bless u allBig smileChalo let's Rock this FCBig smile
Each members contribution it would'nt have been possibleSmileMuaaaaahhhhhhhh GuysSmile

Also want to thanks each n every active member who make a point to be here keep FC rockingSmileAnd the Eid-Ka-Chand Group guys will be waiting for you all members Haziri n attendence SmileGod Bless u allBig smileChalo let's Rock this FCBig smile


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-vandy- IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 19 September 2008
Posts: 38350

Posted: 20 January 2010 at 7:37am | IP Logged

hello everybody

congratulations to one and all on the 47th FC of Harshad Chopda
watever we see on the first page of this FC is a team effort put together by all of us.....we are very thankful to all the members who initially started this HCFC...giving us the foundation on which we stand proud today.....its sad that this FC coincided with the news of kis desh ending....and hence this topic...." a new beginning" coz life never stops...it goes on and on...every end marks a new beginning which promises to be better than before......
it was not easy to make this FC...as it's our first attempt...time was less and we were tensed like hell.....we had to put this up in 2 days as the previous fc was at a standstill....we needed our home.....
but nonetheless....this fc is up....maybe we made some mistakes...but i'm happy that watever we did was a team effort with approvals from all active members.....and we promise that it would remain to be so....
and now thanking the person for whom we all are here.....".Harshad Chopda"..its all because of our love and admiration for you that we all are here.....you are the bond which links us to this place.....no day of us is complete without talking about you....thanx for being there for us.....
its been great knowing you....as an actor and as a wonderful human being....
god bless you always......
all i would say to you is
" However heavy the odds against you or however difficult the circumstances, you should never accept defeat but continue working until you achieve what you seek to attain in life."
and now a very special thanx to all the members who make it a point to come here everyday.....all this wouldn't have been possible without the contribution of each one of you....and a very special and warm welcome to our new members......welcome once again!
to end up all i would say is
"It is always best to create your own footprints on this world than try to follow and fill the footprints left by others. There is nothing extraordinary about choosing the path of least resistance; the road is crowded and the outcome is common! Success is never rewarding if you ride the coat tails of another's aspirations. There is no harm in collective thoughts or a shared dream as long as the journey is an individual one and it is in harmony with your spirit. Commit to staying true to whoever you are, whatever you believe, and wherever you dream of being!"




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-Alina- IF-Rockerz

Joined: 14 October 2005
Posts: 6493

Posted: 20 January 2010 at 10:22pm | IP Logged
OMG !!! I just can't believe that we are actually on 47th HCFC !!!!!!
Congrats to Everyone who is/were the part of this Rocking place !!!!!
WOW !! I still can't believe that this is my 22nd FC with you all !!!!
Great Man !!!!Clap

This 47th FC is very very special for us; Me, Vandy di, Priya di and Anu di.....as we never thought that we will make any FC or we can make any FC at eleventh hour !!!! but still we did it !!!ClapClapClap *hi 5*
It was our first time, so there would be some mistakes.....but still we all are happy with that as its our team work and we have done our best.
As it was a team work so I wont be thanking anyoneWinkLOLLOL
but still Vandy di you have played an important role in this, so if it weren't you I don't think we would have completed this FC in one single day !!!! And really when it comes to team work, so I guess everything is possible !!!!! And Priya di for doing the major work !!!!! Thanks is just a small word for it !!!
And what to say about Anu di....she has to search for all the links and siggies at the same time...and seriously all the siggies which she have chosen are just PERFECT !!!!
And yes Kudos to all the siggy-makers: Lian, Waqas bhai and Khushi diClapClapClap

My heartily thanks to Harshad for what he is. He is the only reason we all are still here and the bond between Him and His Fans at FC is unbreakable and its the force which is still holding us at this place !!!!
And Harshad, as its our theme of this FC, A New Beginning, So don't think or lose hope about kis desh...being ending....it might be a new beginning for something which is more bigger than this and is waiting for you !!!! So keep Smiling and ShinningBig smile
God Bless You !!!!

Now I would like to thanks the original four ; Daisy di, Yoj di, Swati di and Vaishu di, if you guys wouldn't have given us this foundation I don't think we would have come this long .It was yours effort that still HCFC is there and then I would like to thank each and every member of this FC, for making it what it is today !!!
And I really hope to see all the oldies soon at 50th FC of Harshad Chopda. I know you all will be thereWink

So Active Members get back to work we have to finish 2 more FCs to reach half century.
So get in action guys !!!
Take Care,
luv Alina


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-Anusha- IF-Rockerz

Joined: 31 March 2008
Posts: 7318

Posted: 20 January 2010 at 10:45pm | IP Logged

Congratulations Hug
One and all for the Rocking 47th FC of Dashing Harshad Chopda
Its Really a Memorable and Wonderful Journey from 36th FC to 46th FC..Wow this is my 11th FC ..Feeling so thrilled to listen that we are just 2 FC's away from the Dashing Golden Jubliee Celebrations of Harshad Chopda FC's.

The 47th FC is special to all our 4 members as we worked so hard to make this FC look Beautiful. I am proud to say that this FC is a team effort of all the 4 Members. We have tried making the FC for the first time and also completed the FC within 2 days. We have tried our level best to make the FC look Beautiful there may be some mistakes but we are still happy with that as it is our Team work. Love all my phrooling Partners Vandy di , Priya , Alina for putting their complete effort. Thanks to Vandy di for coming up with this innovating idea , Alina for the excellent write-ups , Pri for lay out and everything. Love you all Guys .

Accidentally this New FC clashed with the News of Kis Desh going off air. First we have decided the name " A New Beginning " then after that we got this shocking News. For the first time i Felt that we selected a Apt title for the FC. For Harshad , now it will be a New Beginning with New roles and Projects . As an Ardent fan of Kis Desh , Show going off Air is really a Heart Wrenching News. This show made a special PLace in my Heart and About the Sizzling and Lovable Jodi Premeer, They are the Evergreen Couple in Indian Television and a Jodi made  in Heaven. This Jodi will always remain in my Heart Forever and Ever. Even roles of Prem and Heer are unique . HC and AG portrayed their roles so perfectly better to say they gave a Life to Prem and Heer.

We say that " Life Goes on .." . Feeling glad for Harshad , that he is all set up to take New projects. I will be eagerly waiting to see him in New Avatar. After Kis Desh it will be a New Beginning For Harshad with New Hopes and Dreams.  About Harshad , Words always fall short when i want to Put my Feelings on this Wonderful creation by God. Thanks to Harshad as he is the main reason we are still here. You are a Rock Star. You rock in every Role Given to you take it Karan, Ali, Akshat, Prem , Gaurav and many more in coming Future. Your Love and Respect towards your Fans will always make us Feel Proud being your Fan. I hope this New Year brings you loads of Happiness and Hands full of Projects and Wish you all success in your Future. May God Bless you with All Happiness and Prosperity which You deserve.

We are Grateful to Daisy, Yojana, for laying out the Foundation of HCFC. Thanks to all Each and Every Member of FC who traveled with us in this Wonderful Journey. My Hearty Thanks to Khushi, Liana, Waqas , Silpa for their Stunning Siggies. Thanks to Khushi, Nancy and Samia for the Updated Links in Archieve Mansion. Sorry if I missed Anyone's name. Special thanks to all the active Members who make a point to come here and Keep the FC Rocking. A Warm Welcome to all The New MembersHug

Chalo Lets Rock the FC Guys. Still two more to Go for Golden Jubliee Celebrations. Smile

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-.Priya.- IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 01 July 2006
Posts: 15410

Posted: 21 January 2010 at 3:18am | IP Logged

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Iriss IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 02 August 2005
Posts: 13121

Posted: 21 January 2010 at 4:26am | IP Logged
Congratulations guys n Welcome Shelcome everyone to 47 FCHug

HARSHAD-Words always fall short,Harshad i have never cum across a person who has soo many qualities ek sath in short u r AN ALL-ROUNDERDay DreamingAs ur name itself says HARSHAD yani KHUSHI its a very apt n iss naam ko aap saarthak kartey hoWinkwhere u go u spread soo much happiness around u,with each interview of yours may it be the SBS(all)Serial promotion,Nach baliye ke interviews,ur birthday special with every interview i have always seen a new shade of quality.U r such a simple n down to earth person u have cum a long way have achieved soo much success n popularity but still u r the same Harshad i have been knwoing u from Mamta days.The struggle has always accompanied u n is still there but u have always cum out winning like a TRUE STARStarU have always cared for your fans n their feelings n Love for youDay Dreamingbut i disagree with a statement u said on the very recent SBS u said"FANS HAIN TOH AAP HAIN" Its other way actually "AAP HAIN TOH HUM HAIN"Day Dreamingoff late Harshad u have been through a difficult time praying for u n wishing u loads of happy times ,really pray that happiness never ever leaves your  families side,take care n keep smilingBig smileAlso u went through a difficult time cause u were sick so happy to see u back hale n whole and smiling again SmileThank you so much Harshad its cause of u that we all are here n its your BRILLIANT EXCELLENT FABULOUS STUNNING AWESOME WONDERFUL performances that makes the FC movesBig smile

Thanking each n everyone from bottom of my heart 
till date who have brought
HCFC this far......without the contribution of each one of you we would have never been able to get this far....Smile


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Book_Kash IF-Dazzler

Joined: 29 August 2007
Posts: 2916

Posted: 21 January 2010 at 6:33am | IP Logged
first congo for 47th FC
second vandy ki bachi i dint see my name in th elist may i knw the reason why

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-vandy- IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 19 September 2008
Posts: 38350

Posted: 21 January 2010 at 6:40am | IP Logged
Originally posted by xoxpunkxox

first congo for 47th FC
second vandy ki bachi i dint see my name in th elist may i knw the reason why
oops i overlooked..sorry....i'll edit it right now!
oki guys we've tried to make the fanlist up to date..incase we've missed any names...do pm me...we'll add themSmile

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