Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin - Daily Update


Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin - Daily Update
Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin - Daily Update

Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin 01/02/05 Update

Daisy Senior Member

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Posted: 01 February 2005 at 10:54am | IP Logged
A powerful episode again.


Armaan pours himself a drink. He remembers Jassi's conversation with Nandu when she was telling him to come pick her up and that she has lots and lots of time for him. He keeps drinking and his eyes are burning with fury.
Raj enters. Seeing Armaan drinking, he raises an eyebrow.
He asks how the budget is going. Armaan snaps that how can he know it, Ms Jasmeet Walia is doing it, but he is going to very much wait till it is done. Raj shouts at him to stop this drama. He asks him if there were a fight again...Armaan looks at him irritated, Raj corrects himself that he means a fight between him and Mallika. Armaan says that no, but Jassi is again going out with Nandan Verma. Here, they are going mad thinking of the board meeting and she is chirping away deciding where to go with Nandan Verma, he adds bitterly. Raj asks him if he intends to follow them again. Armaan says helplessly that he can't, as his parents are here and they expect him to be with them for dinner. Raj says that even Mallika can serve dal, roti, chicken and curry to his parents, why should he be there? Tongue Armaan says that if he won't be with them, his mom will be left alone with Mallika and Pari . "Oh oh that is fire + mirchi" says Raj. He tells Armaan not to worry, he is friend and he'll ask Jassi about the balance sheets.
Armaan continues to drink.


Maddy is scolding the models and begging them to walk "hirno ki chal" (walk like deer). He looks mad and frustrated. He looks at a model and says that her dress is very loose..the collection is to be launched soon, at this rate how will he complete it? He yells for Ruby mom who comes running. He screams at her to get pink thread to mend the loose dress. Ruby mom looks very overworked and flustered. As she rushes to get the thread, Maddy yells at her to get the measuring tape as well, he then asks her to shoo.
As Ruby is rushing, she feels dizzy and pain in her head, Maddy runs to her and she collapses in his arms. Everybody come running to her. They start a commotion, Maddy is wailing that he's sorry he made her work like a dog, somebody says get water, Bindiya says call the ambulance, doctor... there is total confusion everywhere with Maddy scolding the gang to hurry up. Ouch


Raj enters. Jassi looks at him acidly. He says hi to her and asks her how she is. She replies curtly that she is busy. He looks hopefully at her table and asks her if the balance sheets are ready. She looks at him and asks him bitterly if he means the true or fake ones. Raj is taken aback. Shocked She says that the true ones will be ready by tonight and she will adjust the figures tomorrow. Raj says that tomorrow will be too late...the board meeting is the day after and they need time to study the balance sheets. Jassi coldly tells him that if he continues to disturb her like this, maybe she can never finish them. Raj stammers that he won't and that she is doing a real good job. He leaves.


Armaan is still Mr. Devdas, drinking. Dead Raj tells him that Jassi is acting really strange. He says that she was looking at him through those gigantic glasses in such a way, that even the strongest person would feel shaky.
Armaan looks all the more desperate and says that he cannot bear it any more. Raj tells him to calm down, relax and not leave her till she finishes the budget.
Raj leaves and Armaan opens the drawer for a fresh bottle (wow! aur piyo Armaanji..)

Armaan hears Jassi telling the watchman over the phone to ask Nandu to wait for her and that she is just coming.
His mercury rises and Mr. Volcano storms into Jassi's cabin. Angry Angry


Armaan asks Jassi if the balance sheets are ready. She gets up to leave & says that she'll finish them tomorrow. Armaan says sarcastically that why not, they have lots & lots of time. He shouts that NO, she can't go and that she must finish them today. She tells him calmly that Nandu is down to pick her up. He says that Nandu can wait. He is getting angrier by the moment. She tells him again that she can't wait now and that she has to go. Armaan asks her acidly if she is now more interested in going out with that man than her work. She tells him that she fails to understand what he is saying and that he is misunderstanding her. Armaan tells her that he is tired of this cat-mouse game. He goes close to her, his nose almost touching hers, and says forcefully that he is going to wait here and they both will not leave till the balance sheets are done. Jassi repeats that she'll do them tomorrow and that she is going. He raises his voice louder and tells her that alls he wants to do is drive him crazy and torment him. Jassi asks him to calm down as someone may hear. He says that he doesn't care if anyone hears......she has created this situation and she is driving him sick. He is getting very very furious and he roughly grabs her by the shoulders. She looks a little scared. He tells her that this is the man he is...she has made him like this and he is standing right in front of her. He grabs her closer and yells that this is the Armaan that can do anything to her...shout at her, do anything to her..He pulls her towards him and she tries to pull herself away from his grasp. She is in his embrace and from above his shoulder, she looks at the door......Nandini is standing there looking shocked. Jassi just looks on helplessly, trying to free herself, Armaan has his back to the door and can't see Nandini.

Nandini closes the door. She comes out, shakes her head and looks at the letter board "Armaan Suri" outside his cabin......as if she now knows who it is, and leaves. Jassi pulls herself away and tells him that there was someone at the door who had seen them. He looks shocked too and asks her who it was. She says she does not know and leaves hurriedly.


Jassi is running looking very frightened ands she bumps into Veeru. She asks him if he has seen Nandini. He says that he doesn't know and that they are all in a hurry, as Ruby mom is feeling sick suddenly. Jassi looks worried.


Armaan enters his cabin looking shattered. Mallika, Ila and Pari enter. Mallika notices the liquor. Ila asks him if he is coming home with them. He says that he has some work and that he'll follow a little later. Ila asks Pari if she will be joining them. Pari smiles shyly and says that she can't as she has an appointment. Ila asks her if it is with her boyfriend. Dead Pari smiles all the more and asks how she guessed. Ila smiles and congratulates her and says that she hopes he is her dream-man. Armaan adds sarcastically that he hopes too that it is her dream-man who will come on a horse and take her with him...far way from Gulmohur. Tongue Ila looks at him disapprovingly and he apologizes. Ila says she'll go ahead and leaves.
Mallika asks Armaan if he's drinking. He stammers that he was taking a little drink due to the work pressure. Mallika comments that she has never seen him drink at work. She asks him to definitely make it for dinner early and he says he will.
Mallika leaves. Armaan sighs with relief & says to himself that at least none of these people saw him with Jassi.


Ruby is sitting down. Maddy is fussing over her with the gang too at their side. Maddy says that Ruby should now go straight home. Ruby says that how can she leave everything on him and go, esp. with the collection coming up. Maddy tells everyone that he is taking Ruby to his home and take full care of her. (WAH!! Clap ). Ruby says that she has her own house to go to. She tells Maddy that she has the girls (gang) to take care of her and that he need not worry. Maddy looks at the gang disapprovingly as if they are a flock of geese. Jassi offers to take her home in her Mercedez. Nandini looks at her and Jassi looks most uncomfortable. Nandini says that she too thinks that Ruby needs to be sent home. The gang scatters and Jassi runs after Nandini.

She stops her and says that she knows that she has seen everything. Nandini tells her that she has not seen anything. Jassi says that she knows that Nandini is Mallika's friend and hence she.....Nandini cuts her short again & repeats that she has not seen anything. She tells Jassi that there are many things, which can be seen clearly, but still we turn a blind eye to them...she says that Jassi's problem is very serious & that she should not turn a blind eye to it. Jassi tearfully asks her if she now knows why she wanted to go away form GM. Nandini says that if problems could be solved by running away from them, then there would be no problems in this world. She says that she does not know what is happening exactly, but she knows for sure that she definitely would not have liked to be in Jassi's place. Jassi says that if she herself had known the situation, she would not have been in her own shoes now. Nandini holds her and asks her if she would like to talk and if it would make her feel better. Jassi says that she needs to leave as her friend is waiting for her downstairs. Nandini smiles and asks her if it is a friend or boyfriend. Jassi says "Boyfriend and mine??" and shakes her head. She leaves.


Raj is telling Armaan to chill, go home, have chicken with his parents and leave this for some time. He tells him that he needs to take it cool with Jassi or there will be a great tragedy. He chides him if he knows how crazy he's acting, what if his mother, Mallika or Pari had seen him. Armaan says that he knows they haven't and that all he cares at this moment is about the balance sheets. Raj tells him to stop lying, at least to him. He says that he knows very well that Armaan is least bothered if the balance sheets are done or not, that makes no difference to him, what is eating him is Jassi's intimacy with Nandu. Armaan shouts back that the only thing he is worried about is Jassi doing the balance sheets and that's it. Raj turns around and says that there....he's lying again. He reminds Armaan that at the board meeting, everyone will look at the balance sheets as well as at them through microscopes.......he asks Armaan to just leave Jassi and Nandu alone for some time and think only about the board meeting.

(It was a good scene, esp. when Raj tells him twice to quit lying)


A man comes to Aryan saying that he has found out the details about Kohinoor. He says that it is a one-man company with no partners and starts reciting the details. Aryan snaps at him that he only wants to know the owner's name. The man says that he'll be surprised to know that the owner is a girl........Ms. Jasmeet Walia. Aryan stands up in shock, looking very surprised.


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loveneha_r Goldie

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Posted: 01 February 2005 at 10:58am | IP Logged
thanks for the great update!
flora Senior Member

Joined: 18 June 2004
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Posted: 01 February 2005 at 11:12am | IP Logged
Thanks for the wonderful update Daisy....... Clap
jprasad IF-Rockerz

Joined: 27 October 2004
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Posted: 01 February 2005 at 11:23am | IP Logged
Hi Daisy -

Thanks for your wonderful update. I very much appreciate the
time that you take out to provide the update.

You are quite descriptive, "...His mercury rises and Mr. Volcano
storms into Jassi's cabin..."   LOL

Once Again, Thanks!

Edited by anjali308 - 01 February 2005 at 11:37am
Rumi Goldie

Joined: 01 January 2005
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Posted: 01 February 2005 at 11:35am | IP Logged


    thanks for ur amazing update!!! today armaan looked really like a volcano! when he was embressing jassi he was looking so mad and wild that i also got scared!Dead!In gen discussion section one has written that she suspects that apurva is really in love with mona!!!! really he was looking so real!!! omg, i have never seen such a sincere acting of wild and passionate love! and he was looking killer in black suit!!!Embarrassed!

sowmyaa IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 01 February 2005 at 11:38am | IP Logged
Thanks Daisy for the great update as always.
rouble Senior Member

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Posted: 01 February 2005 at 11:43am | IP Logged
thanks for the great update daisy!
mahn786ch Senior Member

Maheen,you will live on in our hearts
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Posted: 01 February 2005 at 12:03pm | IP Logged
Thanks for update Daisy!!!!!!! Appreciate that.

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