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18/1 - Sid-Riddz: Izzat sabko pyaari hoti hai ....

TheBlackJaguar IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 18 January 2010 at 8:52am | IP Logged

So, today's episode turned out to be a fairytale for YuNa and a bad-to-ugly progression for the grand Sid-Riddz world war. After you have seen today's interaction between the warring duo and the precap, the naughty ridiculing 'Khud ko kya samajhti hai' song doesn't really stay with you. What stays with you is Riddz' frigidity , her self-imposed heartlessness and Sid's boiling angst and shock at Riddz'  treatment of him. Shocked

Riddz has been unfair to Sid from day one - most of the time due to no fault of him. Her hatred and her prejudiced attitude has brought out the worst in an otherwise adorable happy-go-lucky guy. And even though i sympathize with what Riddz has suffered , i refuse to support her treatment of Sid. She deserves to be taught a lesson and made to realize that everybody's dignity is as respectable as her's - it hurts the same to everyone when you trample their pride , dignity and self-respect. Ouch

Today, the Sid-Riddz World War started with their fight over Riddz using Sid's phone - more than Shanky's call,  Sid was furious that Riddz touched his phone and more than Sid snatching the phone away , Riddz was furious that Sid had dared to touched Riddz - tu-tu main -main - tum ye - tum woh - cannon balls, cannon balls. And finally TJ brought the fight to an end by pretending to faint and both of them ran to her aid------- Mahayudh mein peace ke kabootar... kucch minutes ke liye...LOL

What followed was a cute song sequence where they both harassed each-other playfully.... but you cannot expect Riddz to melt , right? Angry

Cut to ....

Cops come speeding to the orphanage and Riddz gives a smug expression. Sid is stunned and he realizes that Riddz has called them. And the cops were super - badtameez - they started talking  with Sid with a foul language and maar-dhaad.....and TJ , poor little girl kept begging Riddz to spare Sid... whatever Sid did , it was for TJ's happiness. She doesn't want any more wishes to be fulfilled - she doesn't care if she goes blind - she only wants Riddz to spare Sid. But Riddz did not budge at the little girl's pleas.....her eyes were fixed on Sid...Ouch

Sid was beaten up by the cops --- and badly beaten. Sid's eyes did not leave Riddz's face.... almost as if he was genuinely surprised by Riddz' cold-heart. She was watching him getting beaten up... and doing nothing. Cry

And then, came Shankypanks as cops took away Sid. He was shocked at what was going on . Nobody had any answers but TJ , sobbing tugged at Shankypanks' heart ... let Sid go. Don't let him get arrested - these cops will kill him. But Sid was taken away nevertheless because Shanky was clueless about the whole situation. ......Riddhima looked a little embarrassed but did not move to save Sid or give her Dad any explanations....Angry

Sid was only thinking of TJ as he went away and the little girl collapsed.... it is terrible to see kids cry... even if it is only on-screen. Shankypanks ran to her but Riddz still believed that she was faking it. It was only when Shankypanks said that TJ is sinking that Riddz came to her senses....Angry

Sad. Gotta borrow Suma's lampshades to whack Riddzie. LOL

Tomorrow, Sid is making grand plans to humiliate and embarrass Riddhima by clicking his pictures with her sleeping together. He looked both angry and hurt if you look at the precap- angry enough to kill her. But what he said is correct.... apni izzat sabko pyaari hoti hai.... and Riddz has done little more than attacking his dignity , humiliating him and getting him beaten up. Ouch

I am not saying that what Sid is going to do is right.... but sadly , she has EARNED it. There is a limit upto which a person can take - and for Sid that limit is over. Ouch 

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Lennie IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 18 January 2010 at 8:56am | IP Logged
I agree
Diginity is what is at stake here and pride
And what stays with you is what happened in the last bit after the song
Didnt expect it at all so that was a surprised
Whats great about Sid is he was still his lovely self with Tamz at the end, and still talking to her - no anger at all
Ridz has really pushed him far

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PSharada IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 23 October 2007
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Posted: 18 January 2010 at 9:13am | IP Logged
Hey Poco,

Long time rightLOL. Good to see you still going on the DMG forumStarStar. You know your posts are the most awaited ones and the first ones I try to catch up.

Okay coming to the episode, the whole time I was watching the sequence I was reminded of something which was taught in my school. Talking out the issues helps in solving and understanding the whole situationBig smileBig smileBig smile. Right from the first meeting of Sid and Riddz I didn't see either Sid or Riddz asking the other as to why the whole thing has happened between themConfusedConfused. Riddz never asked Sid as to why he fell on her and Sid too didn't explain to Riddz that he was trying to protect the laughing buddha given by his first love from breakingOuchOuchOuch. I missed quite a few episodes but I don't think either have talked about the issue. And somehow even though I understand the loss of Riddhima I can't understand why she is projected to be so heartless and inhuman. This is so not herThumbs Down. And the surprise was that she didn't even stop the cops from beating the crap out of SidShockedShocked. Maybe the rejection of Armaan has made her so bitter but I think she needs to keep Sid and Armaan separate and view the situationOuchOuch.

Coming to Sid yup he was adorable self when he tried to get Tammana to the orphanage and tried to fulfill her wishes but couldn't he have explained the deal to Riddz earlierOuchOuch. Couldn't he have requested Riddz to be part of the game so that the little girl can be happy. No He was hurt enough and he doesn't require Ms. Universe's help. And now add to the list of people slapping himLOLLOL. First Tammz in the drama playfully, next 3 slaps of Riddz at the airport and now the police inspector slapping him before talkingLOLLOL. Don't know if kind of missed any in between. So the high and mighty Houston import Prince is now all out on  the revenge mode and guess what he is doingAngryAngry. He is clicking pictures of Riddz and him sleeping on his phone. He is probably going to circulate these photos to show how cheap Riddz is that she is sleeping with him. But what is this going to acheiveConfusedConfused. Riddz is going to be even bitter and so the saga continuesAngryAngry. I do hope and have my fingers crossed that Sid comes to know the truth of Riddz and Armaan before he has the chance to use the photos or Riddz highness comes down a step from her high chair to apologize to Sid for her behaviour.

Okay is it me or did the cvs shoot 2 different versions of Khud ko kya song with Riddz and SidConfusedConfused. In the promo the song seems to have been shot in some goddown and in the serial it is shot in the open in orphange and where did the cvs manage to get the grown up boys and girls to dance along with Riddz and SidLOLLOL. Last I thought this was the children's orphanage that Riddz and Sid visited with Tammana Jr. Seems like the creatives are trying out different versions and god save the poor writer and scriptwriter.LOL

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-bhootni- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 January 2010 at 9:19am | IP Logged
Nitzy...I'll gladly donate all my lamps to you for this neak purpose!!

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anitamalik IF-Stunnerz

Saraswatichandra Banner Contest Winner
Joined: 26 February 2008
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Posted: 18 January 2010 at 9:23am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Pocahontas

Tomorrow, Sid is making grand plans to humiliate and embarrass Riddhima by clicking his pictures with her sleeping together. He looked both angry and hurt if you look at the precap- angry enough to kill her. But what he said is correct.... apni izzat sabko pyaari hoti hai.... and Riddz has done little more than attacking his dignity , humiliating him and getting him beaten up. Ouch

I am not saying that what Sid is going to do is right.... but sadly , she has EARNED it. There is a limit upto which a person can take - and for Sid that limit is over. Ouch 

Okay I agree, Riddhima brought this to herself..I dislike the so called "mature" change in her character cause for real, if thats called maturity I dont know what is -_- Riddhima isnt mature anymore and apparently, her character was supposed to be that way now :) CV's need to distinguish what that is and fix it up :)

But honestly, that CHEAP thing Sid does in Precap, OMG I think I literally threw up..I still feel disgusted..Thats how LOW you can go to get revenge...I admit, what Ridz has been doing is wrong, but still, rather than going for TIT FOR TAT EACH AND EVERY TIME--and admit it they both have..Sid tries to refute everything she does..maybe if he stops, it'll end!...He needs to act mature as well! THATS SICK and I guess just being a girl, i can sympathize with Riddhima at that one point

Basically they both need reality checks :) And im not a fan of them both..Just Riddhima..but seriously they need reality checks and need to GROW UP! :)

Im done with this show..I want my riddhima back!

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koolaries4 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 18 January 2010 at 9:23am | IP Logged

Hey Nitty Pretty.. how are u doing?
I liked todays episode esp YuNa!! Embarrassed

Coming to Sidhimma.. i totally agree with you..Big smile

Riddz has always been unfair to Sid from day one.. from the airport to the second arrest.. Its not his fault..and she never even tried to ask him; infact only accused him..Angry

As for today!! It just shows the extent to how Riddz has become.. she has become beyond bitter.. Nothing affects her anymore, Nothing.. And thats sad, but true!! How can you watch a man being beaten (you can still justify that from her  POV, coz she hates him) but what about TJ? That was plain disgusting to see! She was deaf to TJ's pleas! Ok, i agree, Ridzz has gone through alot - but hey, its just a guy !! And you dont judge everyone in the same light, now do you? 

Well, Whatever sid is going to do tomorrow, i support him.. Theres a limit that someone can take shit up to.. And Riddz has by far crossed it today!! And like you said, She "Earned" it - yep!! She earned every bit of it!! Because when her dignity is attacked, then only will she realise the value and importance of it !! Shocked

Any my Sidhimma quote of the day belongs to Sid  telling Riddz:

"Honor is not the exclusive property of any political party."LOLWink

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DMGFan-2b-not2b IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 18 January 2010 at 9:24am | IP Logged

I hven't seen the episode but after reading this, I am glad I didn't! Someone knock some sense into the woman!

Seriously though, really wonder if the Creatives have totally lost it, that is if you can lose what you've already lost countless times! Never thought I would say this for a woman, but Ridhima deserves every bit of crap that comes her way!
Plus I think Ridhima only realises the value of dignity when her dignity is actually attacked. She happily pretended to get raped by Vivek to get back at Armaan but realised the enormity of what she had done only once Armaan scared the crap out of her by surreptiously creeping in at night. So maybe Sid does need to do something drastic to make her realise the folly of her actions!

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Lennie IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 18 January 2010 at 9:26am | IP Logged
I think when someone gives her a dose of reality and see how much Sid is hurt and humilated we might see Ridz repenting

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