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sreeya852 Goldie

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Quick update

NR's sister asks MM to go home and think about it.

MM and wife talks about the offer. Wife convinces MM to get Thulasi married to NR.

MM talks to paati and Thulasi, he doesn't reveal it's NR. Paati's happy and tells Thulasi that getting married might bring good changes to her life.

NR and co arrive the next day. Thulasi's not changed and paati comes out to look at the varungala maapilai. she's unsettled and asks MM to come inside. MM informs to paati and Thulasi that NR is the mappilai. shock.

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Posted: 11 December 2009 at 12:38pm | IP Logged
Brief Friday update:

-Patti asks her son what he is doing getting thulasi married to Velayudham, and a little fight ensues between them but then Thulasi's Step Mom comes and stops them.  Velayaudham and Co come inside the room too since it was taking long for them to come out.  He stares at her disgustingly and then the parents and V and his Sis talk and then V gives 5 LAKHS to MM.  V and co leaves
-Fight then ensues between the patti and MM 
-Thulasi goes talks to Patti and Patti tellls thulasi to run away and save her life. Thulasi disagrees becasue she doesn't want what MM said to come true
-Thulasi goes sees V and tells him she doesn't want this kalyanam and he gives this angry look and she gets scared


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Archives CopySmile
Eps 6Smile
Scene at Velayutham's  office..
Thulasi return the saree to him . he asked why dont like the saree? ok next time we go together to buy saree..( daughter and 45 years u need a young girl...25 years younger than u?)Thulasi say she dont marry she want to continue her  studies...he asked why dont u tell ur dad?
thulasi say  he wont listen to me..thats why i m here to see you..(some stupid bgm the group of cat and dogs jump on roof...)
office boy came  in and gave juice to tulasi.while  Velayutham, continue doing his work..
thulasi apologize to him...explain to him that her mum run away when she was 2yrs old..since then my dad showed his anger to not in situation to marry now..i dont want get marry now. not only you but anyone else also...pls tell my father that you dont want marry me...(ya in your dream Thulasi...he likes a monkey with flower..we wont reject you)...ur well educate,ur matured..(he looks at her as she say something wrong...his face changed i thinks he got her hiden massage..'u r OLD MAN') i hope u will understnad me...u knows how important education...
vela: you talked to much...drink the juice and leave..
thulasi try to explain...but he dont want listen..asked her to drink the juice and leave. asked her to take the saree and leaves..say i cant wear the saree..
tulasi drink drinks juice and take saree and leave..Thulasi just remember she forget something his room...back to his room...V, called Muthu manickan(Thulasi's dad) asked him to return the money..(some cheap lines...girls should get married and breed some kids...what ? u already have 2 kids and want more kids? ) some unwanted talk..i dont feel to put here...talked about thulasi's mum..(i think if a married woman leave a husband , then its must be his fault...never knows how to rescept or love wife...may be he  try's to sell her also..that's why she run away or he killed her and buried her somewhere..)  muthu explain he doesnt know anything about it..but promise the marriage will happened betwen them..shameless man Velayutham., askes Muthu to call him mappilai at end of conversation...
muthu went home and shouted for Thulasi..once cant find her..he slap his dearest 2nd wife and asked where is Thulasi...
she said dont know..and asked never slap her again beacuse of Thulasi...say if her daughter did wrong then can asked her but she as nothing to do with thulasi..talks bad about her mother...Muthu talks nonsene..say he never cheated anyone..for for 25 years he works hard for this he has to face problem because her...( so now u can sell  your daughter because works hard for 25 years).patti just looking at this idiots from room..
thulasi come back..she saw muthu sitting in drawing  room in anger mood...Chitti scoled thulasi once saw her..pulled  her hair and asked where have she been..patti comes and rescuse her.She told she went to see Velayutham....muthu say thulasi meet him and asked to stop this marriage.Makes him embrassed .patti give right dose...sell your own daughter for 5 lacks...dont u feel shame for that?That's really shame.Chitti try to sell  tales..say Velayutham gave money for mohan as nothing to do with this Velayutham always help people..patti say i knows well him and you..Try to cancel the marriage he will asked back the money..chitti asked patti to keeep she is counting her days..thulasi asked chitti to respect patti..Muthu  takes belt and hit thulasi like mad man..patti try to save her..she also get end patti say i will stop this marriage at any course..even i have to give up my stop this marriage...chitti takes  Muthu inside room...patti apply some medicine to thulasi..patti advice her to run away from his home..she say i wont do it ..any how i have to study.
Muthu in room. chiiti came and give milk to him...asked him to sleep early as no work ..chiiti asked why hit her with  belt  today ? chiiti give poison dose..say Velayutham, gave money only because he likes thulasi..if got any scarded on her face then our plans goes in wind... Who  want marry 45yrs old man. or be 2nd wife..patti was right about money..we must very carefull now...we must take care her..if dont she will run away or suicide...its only a lost for us...chitti talks about her.she also dont like 2nd marriage..but because of family she agreed to marry Muthu (muthu looks at her as  Cat out of the bag...).Chitti asked Muthu to talk to Thulasi tomorrow...say patti will be in temple  as tomorrow is Sakthi . Talks to her tommorrow i will teach you

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15th December 2009
Scene 1
Thulasi is lying on her bed sleeping, and Muthu comes in. Thulasi wakes up and sees him standing at her door. In fear she says "patti...koyilukku poi irrukuranga appa" and he goes up to her and puts on a sweet voice and talks like a good father and says he didn't mean to hit her (chitti definitely succeeded cause i swear i would've even believed he was telling the truth) he continues to be all good while trying to brain wash thulasi into marrying VelayudhamAngryHe tells her bout the house and Mohan's studies, pavithra's life and on top of that says that this is a good life and that he just wants her to be happy.
(Poor thulasi is in joy that her father is even talking to her that she won't be able to see the scheming behind this) Thulasi is crying slowly falling for this act and finally Muthu throws the final trap by saying that he will die with chitti and mohan and pavithra and then she can live happily with her grandma (in the sweetest way possible)  and that was all it tookCry  THULASI ACCEPTED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and then Muthu's face lightened up so fast and then he continues his act by going up to Thulasi and holding her face like a kind father and says thank you. Thulasi says that she is doing this for our family and that she is apart of all the good and bad and nothing will give her more happiness then her father and chitti accepting her as their own.
Scene 2
Muthu leaves the room and on the way out bumps into his mom. She asks him if he hasn't had enough by hitting her by belt and that it would be better if you just kill her.Cry
Scene 3
Patti comes home and thulasi tells her what happened and patti asks her how could she accept and thulasi says that it is the right thing since if she says no then the house will go and the family will be on the streets, and besides i am happy that appa finally talked to me. Smart patti tells her that he must have only did that to get his work done, but thulasi refuses saying it is the best for the family.Cry And that if she does marry Velayudham maybe the family will accept her too. 

StarBest PartStar
Patti tells thulasi that she only prays for her good to god for the past 20 years and that if god's power is really he will send her a rakshagan  (i don't know what that is?) and scene switches to a road and deepak comes on a bike while talking on the phone saying "Naan Tamilarasan pessuren sir..naan thaan vanthuthen ella"  and he says that now that he is here he will take care of everything!!!!!!
(my fave part about this scene was the background music it was just soooo upliftingLOL)
Funny how i just asked when deepak's character was going to show up and now he has LOLLOLLOL

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                              EPISODE 9  DATED 16.12.2009

Screen opens with the grand entry of our hero talking on cell while driving.......naanthan sir Thamizharasan [ so now we know his name ] pesaren....adhan naa vandhuten illa , everything will be fine & taken care of [ O ho nengathan Tulsiya kaapathapora Abathbandhavana Wink].Baaaang   he is stopped by the traffic police for talking while riding without helmet &  asks for his licence & other documents. Lo our has none of them, but has  a lot of energy to argue with the police. Tells the police that he doesn't deserve this treatment as he is a respectable bank officer  [ thats it.. now we know his profession ] & bla  bla bla for not wearing the helmet. Police concludes him to be a nut case & ask him to pay Rs. 500 [vera enna lanjamthan] & leave the site. On hearing this  our mini mahathma calls his uyir kuduppan police thozhan for help. Tamil's friend, a police constable [played by Shyam [Rajesh of kolangal ] arrive at the spot, act as a mediator between Thamizh & chief bribe taker , convinces  Thamizh  to pay since  he is at fault, gets Rs.500 from T , pockets Rs.300  [ smart guy ]& pays just Rs. 200 to the police. [ This scene was light & hilarious  well done Deepak & Shyam ClapThumbs Up  ]

Thamizh reaches the bank. Is met by another friend in urgent need of financial assistance....needs Rs.16000 for an emergency treatment to his mother.Tamizh brings out Rs. 15000 [given by his brother to be deposited in the a/c ] adds another 1000 from his pocket money & hands over to the friend.[ This character is projected as a man with a golden heart.Clap]

Back in Thulasi's house MM rushes in informing Padma that Vel's sister is visiting their house along with sarees & jewels for Thulasi. They want to take her to their house in full bridal attire & take some photos. Both husband & wife are happy as paati is away visiting temple. Vel's sister & BIL arrive with hand full of gifts for everybody... sarees to Padma & her daughter, cash to son Mohan, all faces glow like 1000 watt bulb. Thulasi reluctantly accepts the saree & jewels & goes into her room. MM follows her & another round of brainwashing happens. Thulasi wants to wait till her paati comes back from temple. MM vetoes it saying since paati is an old timer may not agree to going to Bride's house before marriageAngry. Poor Thulasi.. no option.Cry

Scene changes to bank. Thamizh is greeted by all the staff cordially [ seems to be a very popular guy ]....Goes inside...encountered by a customer whose loan application was rejected...promises to look in to the matter & goes to meet the manager's room. After some initial argument regarding loan sanction the conversation moves on to Thamizh's marriage. Thamizh narrates witty anecdotes as to how the proposal brought by his anni is vetoed by his mother & viceversa. His only sister insists on getting married only after his wedding.[His anni role is played by Jamuna of Anandham fame , mother by Sivagami of Kalyanam, & sister...Nileema Rani].Finally manager decides to search the figure born for his sake.[ Once again nice light scenes]

Back in MM's house Bali AAdu Thulasi comes out of the room in full bridal attire Cry BGM.....Nallador Veenai Seidhey Adhai Nalangida Puzhudiyil Erivadhundo.

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Thursday 17th update
This update was done by gudgal

Thoolasi comes out all decked in jwellery and new sari and everyone is TongueTongue . Vels' sis is all shocked to see her look so beautiful. she takes thool along and thool's parents leave in the car. here deeps comes in his motorcycle, and he drives side of their car (very filmi for some reason) and he sees students crossing and stops. The driver hits him from behind and screams is he blind? deeps says ur blind cant u see students crossing?LOLLOL deeps sees damage to his motorcycle and threatens driver to get down. driver is AngryAngry. deeps says ur mistake dont u know its rule to drive with 10mts distance. driver asks what 10 mts? Should I driver with a scale?ROFLROFL They continue arguing and deeps pulls the driver out of the car. thools looks at all this and looks like she has seen deeps but deeps has not noticed her.

here Vel's sis tells her  husband to do something, but he says its drivers mistake and to sit tight. the driver slowly takes the key from motorcycle and hides it, he tells deeps let me just park my car in the side and starts off with the car. deeps starts shouting and then realizes his keys are missing. he runs behind the car. here the driver says let me see how he leaves with his bike and puts the key down. thools realizes his plan and slowly takes the key and throws it out. Thumbs Up deeps catches the key.Clap he is kinda surprised and thools looks out and he sees thools Heart and Smile.

The party reaches home and Vel's sis (from now on Sis)  invites everyone in, she gets aarti and tells I should do everything correctly. She tells Thools this is ur future house, come in. vel has set a studio inside. he sees thools all dressed up and is amazed on how beautiful she looks. he keeps staring at her with bad intentions.AngryAngry Sis says Vel's choice is always good, I meant Saree he selected this one for thools and she looks so good. Thools is very uncomfortable. Sis says let me show u around the house. she tells thools u are very lucky(yeah right) u dont have any mamiyaar tholai. I am only vel's sis and mom. Sis's husband thinks ur tholai is only enough for her.LOLLOL she shows the whole party the whole house. Vel seems very excited for the photo session. they asks thools to pose alone, she seems very uncomfortable and Confused. photographer says repeatedly to her please smile and she is very sad about everything. Vel is still staring at her, his sis tells maybe she is feeling very shy and tells everyone to leave her alone and go to next room, Vel is very reluctant but he agrees. he tells photographer to take nice photos in all places in the house.

After they leave photographer somehow gets her to pose and she manages to smile. He tells her nice photos will come from the terrace, she refuses to go there but he says no no u have to come. So they both go up and as soon as photographer opens the terrace door a fierce looking dog jumps out and photographer screams. the dog begins following thools and thools screams and runs down, everyone is shocked to hear her screaming and then they see the dog. vel shouts at the dog and makes him go away. sis says its only a dog, why did u get scared? chitthi and muthu look at her angrily. Vel calls the servant and asks who opened the terrace door? she says I dont know. vel gets very angry and slaps the servantShockedShocked and says how did u leave thools alone? thools is all scared on seeing this and tells chithi  lets go home.

here patti comes home and finds thools missing, pavithra(pavs) tells her the entire gang has gone to Vel's house. patti is all worried why thools went. Pavs  then shows her all the clothes and jewelery and asks is it nice? patti says all this looks new. pavs is yes they will buy new stuff, why will they give us old things?LOLLOLLOL Patti is no I am saying all these things happening are new, why did they have to take thools with them? Pavs says she is going to be their DIL, so why not take her? patti says thats for fate to decide whose DIL she will become.Thumbs Up But didnt ur father find this wrong? to take a young girl there? Pavs says ohh patti they did not take her like that, they put 45,000 worth of jewelery and clothes. patti is all shocked.

The gang returns home and patti asks her son whats this? u thought no one will ask u? u somehow changed that child's mind? Muthu says she is not a child, its her age to get married. Patti says if she was mature enough why will she listen to u. u guys have decided to push her off to anyplace for ur selfish wishes. why did u take her before marriage and that to dressed like going for santhimuhurtham?ClapClap( my god patti ur too goodThumbs Up) Muthu gets very angry but he controls himself and says u dont know what ur saying. ur granddaughter is getting married at a good place, now dont create problems for her and u. patti says that gal agreed because for years u did not talk to her and went and talked to her other day and she is agreeing only because of ur few words. but she does not know how selfish father u are. muthu controls his anger, chithi says I have told him not to get angry arguing with you, now dont provoke him to a fight. how much can a MAN hear? Patti says MAN??? Ur telling me this? I gave birth and nursed him, its my blood in his veins and ur telling me about him? i am his mother and my right over him comes before urs. I have all the right to prevent him from committing sins, muthu is frustrated. Patti says that innocent girl u are forcing her to marry without her wishes and sacrificing her like an animal, that is maha pavam.(yes patti way to go!!!!!!!!Thumbs Up) what u think just because she has nobody all ur sins will go unnoticed? one day u all will suffer and then u will remember all ur mistakes. the couple leave and patti says go where u want but somebody up there is seeing all this.

Patti goes to thools room and sees her applying medicine to her leg. she asks what happened? the belt scar? but muthu did not hit u in the leg? tell me what happened at Vel's house? Thools says nothing and hides the real issue. but patti does emotional blackmail and says now a days ur not saying anything to me, treating me like stranger, u go to vels office and not tell me, u go to his house and not tell me and now this. thools says I wanted to tell u but dad and chithi forced me to go soon. patti says tell me how u got hurt in ur leg, tell me that first. thools looks all sad and epi ends.

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