Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil


Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil
Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil

FF-Aa Bhi Jaa Ch:5, Pg-44, Dec-6

luv_kdmhmd IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 January 2010 at 6:56am | IP Logged

Hello everybody, for members who don't know me, my name is Sia and I with my close friend Kavya (premeer4rever), are presenting you with a new FF named "Aa Bhi Jaa". We both decided to share our ideas for this piece of work. I hope you all like our combined efforts. Here is the Prologue of the ff. hope you like it:




"Prem I hate you". Prem heard a woman's voice in his phone


"Why am I not surprised? But I still love you sweetheart", said Prem while chuckling.


"I am not kidding this time Prem, I am very serious. You were supposed to come home by 3 and we were supposed to go shopping to buy your clothes for the upcoming event in your hotel. And it is already 3:30 and you are no way around our house", said the woman.


"How do you I am not around our house?" said Prem grinning while walking towards his car.


"Bcos I am standing on gate waiting for you for last half an hour and no way am I seeing your car. And now I seriously hate you", replied the woman.


"Sweetheart I had meeting, I tried to come''", said Prem


"Why am I not surprised", said the women not letting Prem finish the sentence. Prem could imagine her smirking now.


"Ok sweetheart give me 10 mins and coming over to take you for shopping", said Prem while sitting in his car.


"Ten mins!", said the woman.


"Ok seven, not less than that and ya I love you too", said Prem smiling and cancelled the call.


True to his word he reached within 7 mins at the front gate of his house. She was standing there waiting for him wearing sky blue color saree. He loved seeing her in a saree, this attire clung to her curves perfectly. She was the most beautiful women in the world for him, mother of his child. He smiled thinking how lucky he was to have her as his life partner.  He loved her so much, and everyday he thanked god for his loving family. He opened the door of the car to let her in. he gave his best smile to her to melt her anger, but she was not even looking towards him.


"I kept my promise I am here in less than 7 mins, do you have any idea how many traffic lights had to break bcos of that", said Prem wishing that she would look at him


"And you think I should be happy bcos of this", said the woman frowning with her hands crossed on her chest, turning to show Prem her annoyance


Oh god she is breathtaking when she is angry, thought Prem looking at her and said in a whisper loud enough to be heard by her "but all mine"


"What! What did you say?", said the woman all shocked.


"Nothing. Meri kya mazal ki main kuch kahon", said Prem pouting trying her calm her anger.


"Stop playing your games Prem. Instead start the car and move towards the mall. Stop giving me those looks", said the women irritatingly.


"Why is it working", said Prem smirking


She turned to look outside through her window and said "it is not for you to know. We have to come back in an hour as Chahat would be back by 6 from her friend's place."




"Prem tum theek se khade rahoge", said the woman anger evident in her voice.


"Oh you want to check me out, no problem babes", said prem smirking. He tried a new suit pair and had asked his wife how he looked.


"It is nice", said the woman thoughtfully after few moments passed


"I knew it, you would like me everything", said Prem.


She moved towards him seductively, and he felt his breath had knocked out of him. She came very close to him with their noses touching, the smirk on his face vanished when he thought what she was about to do. It looked like she was going to kiss him but rather he felt her hot breath on his ear when she said "I like you best in nothing"


She looked in front of him and it looked she was so serious but after seeing his bewildered look, she couldn't control herself and started laughing hard.


"You should look at yourself Prem in mirror. It looks you somebody had snatched your lollypop from you", said the woman laughing.


It took very ounce of Prem's willpower to not to kiss her until she is breathless but somehow he controlled his urge and said in a strained voice "you know I hate it when you tease me like that, when I cant do anything about it"


"I know this and that's why I love to tease you" said the woman winking


Prem sighed and said "if only this was our bedroom and not a mall with people around."


"Do you really think I would have taken chances in there? Awww, don't look at me like this Prem, sure we can do something about it tonight", said the woman coming close to him and playing with his shirt button.


Prem's eyes lighten up with her statement and said "promise?"


She nodded and smiled beautifully. For Prem it was the best moment in the world, the woman in front of him was his angel and he loved her from core of his heart. She has been his in every sense of the word, never giving him a moment to complain, given him the best gift that a man could ever ask for, their daughter. His heart became full of love when he thought how she made his life beautiful.


Prem kissed her forehead and went to change while she was checked some shirts for him. They soon selected few shirts and after paying the bill, came out of the mall.


"Chalo atlast ho gayi tumhari shopping", said Prem


"Excuse me, meri shopping? Isme kaunsa saman mere liye. Tumhe kya lagta ki main tumhari shirts pehanogi?", said the woman


"Well you would like to see me in them and bought everything of your choice", said Prem grinning


She rolled her eyes in reply and then he whispered in her ear "even if you try some shirt, I wont mind. Infact I feel it will look more good on you"


She slapped him playfully on his arm which he rubbed feigning his hurt. she smiled and then took his arm and said "enough of it Prem, now be serious"


"Anything for you sweetheart", said Prem and kissed her cheek and she blushed. Prem loved her for this, even though they had been married for so long now but still she reacts same way to his touch, as they have been married just a day before. He found her looking towards an ice-cream stall and he knew what she was going to say next


"Anything huh? So how about some ice-cream", said the woman winking


"Anything except that", said Prem


"This is not fair Prem, you know naa how much I love them and cant resist them" said the woman.


"I knew it. you love ice-cream more than me", said Prem grinning


"Achcha tumhe pata chal gaya, mene kitna chupane ki koshish ki. Now stop being ridiculous Prem and go and get it for me", said the woman frowning.


"I know now from where Chahat got this habit of eating ice-cream so much. Come on it is so cold and season of winter and still you want to eat ice-cream", Prem tried to reason.


The woman said nothing and glared hard at him. And then she started moving towards the spot where they have parked their car after saying "fine."


Prem knew that it is far from fine for her. he knew her too well. he only wanted to tease her, and ultimately he would have got her the ice-cream as he could never deny anything to her. he moved towards the stall and ordered one butterscotch ice-cream for her. his wife had realized now that he hadn't followed her and she turned to look for him. she found him at the stall, and felt happy. She knew Prem would never say or do anything that would hurt her. she loved from all her heart for the loving and caring husband and father he was. he saw her and gestured her to wait.


She was still looking towards him while he took the ice-cream cone from the seller across the road, and didn't see a car coming towards with full speed. But Prem did and horror struck on his face, when he saw that car was not slowing its speed and was coming straight towards her. he felt numb as though all energy was drained out of him. she saw him reacting like this but still didn't know the reason behind it so she gestured him to ask what is happening. And then to move towards him across the road she looked sideways and then saw the car rushing towards her. at that moment she knew it was the end.


By seeing her like this, Prem threw the ice- cream aside and ran towards with all the force he could muster, while saying loudly "Moveee". He wanted to save her, save love of his life, save the mother of his daughter, without whom everything would be lost. But he couldn't reach on the time and he found her in pool of blood, of her own blood. She was breathing with difficultly, with her chest moving up and down frantically.


He bends down and pulls her on to his lap holding her face.


"you cant leave me, plz hold your breadth. Nothing would happen to you. Plz somebody call an ambulance", said Prem


"Prem...listen to me I don't have...much time...left", said the woman trying to breathe, trying to touch him on the cheek.


"Tumhe kuch nahi hoga, tum mujhe chod ke nahi jaa sakti", said Prem with tears pouring down his eyes.


 "Prem I love you and always have...Humari Chahat ka khayal rakna...usse kabhi kisi cheez ki kami...mat mehsoos hone dena...I love you two so much" saying these lines she slowly closes her eyes and took her last breadth in his arms, shattering his world forever.


"Nooo" said prem crying hard with the lifeless body of his wife in his arms.




In a dark room, a person sitting in the armchair, holding on a photo frame tightly across his chest. His eyes are closed but his cheeks are damp from tears. A small figure creeps into the room slowly and gets on to his lap hugging him tightly. He slowly opens his eyes and sees his bundle of joy lying on the top of him. He kisses her on her forehead saying "Happy Birthday Chahat beta".


Chahat slowly opens her eyes and kisses him on cheek. "Papa ki princess ko uski 7th birthday pe kya gift milne wala hai????" says Chahat, pouting cutely which brings a wide smile on Prem's face. her smile, the only bright spot in his life now, the thing for which he lives now.


"Gift toh hai par Papa abhi nahin de sakte", said Prem smiling a bit now.


"Kyun papa?", asked Chahat innocently.


"Beta gift toh party mein milta hia, aur party toh sham ko hai", said Prem smiling completely at her innocence.


"Par papa agar princess ko abhi gift chahiye toh", said Chahat not giving up.


"Hmmm aur gar papa yeh kahen toh surprise gift hai, isliye aapko thoda sa..sirf thoda sa wait karna padega, toh kya papa ki beti manegi?", said Prem


Chahat grinned and said "of course manogi papa. Aapki princess apne papa ki sab baat manegi, aur pata hia kyun?"


"Kyun?", said Prem knowing fully well what her answer will be


"Bcos aapki princess aapse bahut pyaar karti hia", said chahat hugging prem tightly


"I love too beta. I promise you will love this surprise. You wanted this from so long", said Prem hugging her back.


"Really papa?', said Chahat cutely.


"Yes beta, chaliye ab jaake apna homework kijiye, main thodi der mein aapke room mein aata hoon, phir main princess ko tayaar karunga aaj ki party ke liye", said Prem


"Ok papa, tab tak main apni dress bhi select karke rakti hoon. Love you papa" said Chahat while running to come back soon.


"Love you too beta", said Prem while looking at retreating form of chahat.


Prem smiles to her actions and then looks at the photo saying "Humari Chahat aaj saath saal ki hogayi hai...maine bahut koshish ki tumhari aakhri wish poori karne ki...Ish ek saal meine usse har khwaish poori karne ki koshish ki hai sivaye ek ke"said Prem


Then he looked longily at the photo and said "she still misses you. She misses you a lot Shreya. We both do. We both need you. Come back to us, come back to your family. We miss you Shreya." A tear again rolled down his cheek.



The End


So how was it? We really hope you all liked it. Any criticism is welcomed as it will only help us to improve. Any suggestions whatsoever let us know. Plz press 'like' button. we will be maintaining a new pm list for this one... so people who want their name to be added, do let us know about it...

do lets us know what you felt about it. we are waiting eagerly for your replies.


Take care,

Kavya and Sia


P.S. And for those who want to kill me for not updating my other ffs, plz bear with me. I am trying to update them too. now that I have given you all another story to read, atleast lower the guns that are pointed at me. but seriously I am trying hard to update them soon. I will try and update asap.

Prologue: Pg-1
Chapter 1: Pg-8
Chapter 2: Pg-13
Chapter 3: Pg-24 
Chapter 4: Pg-36
Chapter 5: Pg-44


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Kavya.... IF-Rockerz

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PM List

























sweet scorpio

Here is the official VM for this FF

a big thanks to Neha for making this amazing VM


Chapter1- pg8

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nspn.92soapsickCaptain_Pariheer.maan786luvharshitiIqbal Neha1alicia212luv_kdmhmd-SnowKid-...Pwincess...XSilentPrayersXNoor_PremHeer

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XSilentPrayersX IF-Sizzlerz

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Awesome Start  Sia and Kavya.....Clap  Loved the Starting...........Tongue
The cute Relation that prem and that WOMAN shared i liked it.....LOL

I felt bad When she died cause i thought it was Heer but thankfully
she wasnt Heer. LOL I am supposed to be sad caused Shreya died but i
am happy cause Heer will be there Day Dreaming

Thank God shreya died her self warna mai zarror Mardalti ussi...LOL So thank You
for saving me doing this CRIME..LOL

I am 100% sure that you dont want to die naturally but from my HANDS Angry  Pehle prem
ki shaadi us sanjana si karwaye BS......OA mai jagra kar wadiya aur yaha chahat premeer
ki bajaye shreya aur prem ki betee hai...Shocked  Yeh baat mujh se  Hazam nahii horahi hai ..Shocked

update soon..........

With lots of love for my Nanad Kavya Wink  and lots of Gussa for Sia....
(i know kavya yeh sare  kharab Ideas Sia he ki hongi ) Wink


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kkmouli IF-Dazzler

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kavya u dint even tel me dat u startd a new ff...
i hate u..
n wht was dat????????
is she heer???
plzz update soon..
n kavya i'm gonna kill u..

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Kavya.... IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by kkmouli

kavya u dint even tel me dat u startd a new ff...
i hate u..
n wht was dat????????
is she heer???
plzz update soon..
n kavya i'm gonna kill u..

chillax... i'm jus helping sia...
oh really..i never knew that Wacko
teek se pad...i'm sure...poora nahin pada hoga...

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god knows y everyone has reserved kavyaLOL
nobody is actually writing any comment
bhagawan jaane end mein kya comment milengeLOLLOL

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