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Before we go ahead with todays update, one important annoncement!
Send in your question or post it on the thread below'don't miss this golden opportunityEmbarrassed 'Hurry Up!!Embarrassed

CM Monday 11th Jan Updates

The episode starts with Kalai insulting CM as kolaikaran petha pulla.. (Ivangala pethadhunala thaan avaruku andha pattam nu kalai ku theriyala).. Variam standing by CM side.. CM tells only bail rejected.. no sentence yet.. I il prove .. Kalai, Azhagu and KD on the opposite side...Kalai is kalachufying CM.. CM loses her temper... Goes near kalai fuming in anger.. Semmaya oru adi kalai falls down unconscious ipadi ellam nadakumnu yaaravadhu edhir paatha adhu thappu.. Our creative is so different.. She challenges Kalai just with her words.. She il prove "My daddy strongest ila innocent nu" and make pull their tongue whihc cursed CM and her dad.. Kalai "oh adutha kolai ningala".. CM moves..
Kalai and azhagu leave inside.. KD comes to diamond(Vairam - George) holding the bowl of payasam thinking when KD comes and takes that thinking "idhu CMku kuduthadhu poison irukumo".. Sabai disperse...

CM meeting vakeel and asking about bringing her dad to the outside world... Law(yer) gives idea to appeal higher(mel murayeedu) for taking the case form police.. Police needs to invetigate with fair.. but they are leaning on one side.. so take the case from them.. CM says no hearing how higher appealing.. Law says no bail given is the one reason enough for appealing.. Case will go to CBCID for more investigation.. and more character may come into the serial as visaruchufying CBCID officer.. Idhu Meena guess.. Law assures to bring out Avudai.. CM leaves..

Next Palli and Sundu come out of jail.. Sundu asking who bail me out of jail? Palli saying my new brother and takes Sundu to Ramakrishnan (RK),, RK standing near car..his goggles were superb... Sundu angry, talks to palli coz of him I jail... Then u jail, now y u beleive him...I no beleive him.. Coz of him only MOM died.. As Sundu mattivitufy Beach so avudai kill Thalai.. RK says no not coz of me.. but coz of ur sis Amudha marrying Bell.. Sundu not convinced, tells if i would have known that he gave bail, i wouldn't have come out.. Goes aside.. Palli takes permission from RK and goes to hubby darling.. Some pogai pottufyies "u made mistake. wrong business, katti kuduthufy beach so no support for us no other go other than to beleive him. he gave 5lakh surity" Pogaila Sundu mayangufies and coems to RK. Tells Rk now he understood.. RK tells i want to revenge only kadarkarayan.. Ur mom unnecessary death.. Sundu fully mayangufies..

@home CM seeing hotel food in table..  Asks kalai y hotel? Kalai tells Palli went out, so hotel food.. CM - wer palli went out? There comes palli and sundu.. CM asks wen he came? Sundu tells when or y? CM tells how? Palli asking to eat.. CM also asking come and eat.. CM serves.. Vadai comes and sits in the dinning table conference.. Sundu angrily looks at CM.. once finished serving, Sundu closes the thala vaazhai ilai and tells no more relationship.. U kolaikaran magal, would have kept poison.. Asks his arumai sister to prepare food for him.. CM questions, haven't u ever had my food or me serving.. Sundu saying past is past.. now kolaikaran daughter.. Everyone leaves.. CM appeals to Vadai... Vadai says he is correct and leaves..Vadai goes and meets Sundu in room.. He tells that he was worried tat he couldn't have Sundu on 16thday kaariyam... now happy.. how he came out?? SUndu tells about RK.. Vadai first gets tensed... Sundu then sindhu padufies about RK and his revenge only on beach.. Vadai convinced.. CM touch hearing(ottu kekaradhu) all this from outside is very sad..

Will continue..


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Tuesday Jan 12th updates - Thalai's aavi is hungry

Thavasi gets down from the car which he self- drove infront of CM's house.. He goes straight to the garden where CM is waiting. Thavasi asks about the reason for the call and CM tells she feels hesitated to tell but TV asks her to tell.. CM complains about Sundu, Vadai mama and others and their behaviour.. TV asks Sundu va?, Vadayuma? TV says that he can understand and ask her to be patient..
CM talks about 16th day kariyam and asks Tv to inform her household (beach veedu dhan) not to step into that as it may create unnecessary probs, as everyone is angry on them.. TV is surprised to hear that and asks how come BEach will accept as he was adamant during the kodi thuni porthum day.. CM asks TV touse her name.. (Neenga sollalenale avaru unga pera damage panniruvaaru, ipo neenga solliteengala.. ini avarukku pongal dhan..) CM tells that if they come more probs will be created and requests TV to pakkuvama eduthu sollanum for beach, as beach will convince her.. TV accepts as though he is not satisified.. He takes leave comes near the car and gives the original expression  of 100% satisafaction and again self driver...

Velakku vaipom velakku vaipom.. oh oh oh oh.... Thalai photvukku CM velakku vaipom.. oh oh oh oh.... Vadai thinking "enna koduma saravanan idhu" and asks about Things needed for uduma kattum sadangu the next day to chittappa.. Chittappa (Thaadi daddy) konjam pugazh padufies about Thalai telling everyone wil come and have to prepare b'fast and lunch and dinner.. Here comes CM to mooku nozhacufy and get nicely from the gals.. She tells b'fast hotel, tell about lunch.. Thaadi daddy talks how they need to have everyhting that Thalai likes in padayal.. Kalai solranga, ammavukku Non-veg dhan pidikumnu... Thaadi daddy tells ok adhu padaiakanum and the same menu for pandhi too.. Vadai tells done.. Diamond tells ok me and KD vetti soru.. so we buy things.. KD is eager to prepare teh list.. Thaadi daddy Varavanga all sapatu ramans and will eat fully.. so need more.. Gives the instructions to prepare more vareity as every oen excepts and quantity as below to KD..

Mutton - 50 KG.. (Aadu meyudhe aadu meyudhe adha thooki vandhu samaika poranga nu theriyama aadhu meyudhe)
Chicken - 25 kg (kozhi oru kootile seval oru kozhi seval rendum ipo Vadai veetu kozhambile)
Vanjra Meenu - 20 kg (Not me.. Meenu means fish.. Vanjra meenu pidichu vandha aathula.. adha kozhambu vechu thinga poranga veetula)
Muttai - 150 (Kozhi muutainu kozhi muttainu indal panna koodadhu.. muttaiku mela muttaya kizha vizhundhu odanju poidum govalu)

Vadai tells everyone has to have lunch thripthiya.. so add some 5 kgs extra..
CM first sonna commentku vaangi kattiakala.. CM ivanga thittama thalaye vedichudum.. so again inserts her nose and tells tomo Ammavasai and Krithigai.. So more ppl verdahm.. so buy less.. Kalai opens her sakadai mouth and tells that CM plans to make everyone bad mouth them.. Kalai tells her mother will give everyone more and to give less may ur family vazhakkam.. CM tells she thought that nothing should be wasted.. Waste aana kuppaila kottuvangalam - izhu beauty queen.. (ozhachu sambadhichaadane kaasu aruma theriyum. Kudumbatoda veetla ukkandhu bench thechu kittu irundha epadi theriyum...) CM accepts she mistakenly opened her mouth and leaves the place after oru romantic look towards CM..

Vadai thalela kaiya vachitaaru.. He tells Thaadi daddy that he has headache.. Thaadi daddy asks him to leave and hence Vadai leaves.. (Oru paarvai paathu sendrai.. un pinnal naanum vandhen.. Vadai sensed the meaning in the romantic look by CM and leaves behind her to the room.. Nalla pair)

Thaadi Daddy comes to his matter fo listing..

Mutton - 50 kg
Vanjra meenu - 25 kg
Muttai - 200

+50 kg extra in all
Azhagu and Kalai leave.. Then leaves Vairam...

Here comes the worst scene ever... Evlo kevalaman ponnunga ivanga.. Cha...

Vadai ge to the room and takes the headache balm.. CM asks y he is behaving like this.. She talks about Sundu and the soolamangal sisters.. Vadai gives left and right to CM.. These two sakkadai sisters touch hear this from outside.. (Cha enna  kevalamana mind.. Very cheap behaviour...Husband ozhunga oru gentleman madhiri vandam atleast oru man adhiri behave panni irundha indha kandravi ellam varuma? husbands sari illena ipadi thaan..) CM pours her heart out whereas Vadai tells that they beleive her dad to be killer but she argues for him.. She doesn't have paasam on them.. CM tells that she likes them all more than her own family and just trying to prove her dad innocent.. She has taken care of everyone in the family.. After knowing that Vadai taunts CM for supporting her dad, the saakadai duo leave with a grin... CM asks what needs to do to prove her.. Vadai asks her not to do after his mother is dead and he hasn't sent her out which would have happened in any other family.. He is allowing ehr to stay there just coz she came  trusting him and he cannot see her as his wife... CM face has not a single expressions but gives some dialogue about his words hurt her... konjam tharperumai and says time will answer.. She drops some tears.. She tells that she has two sogams one athai loss and other appa in jail... Vadai asks her not to expect any parithaabam from him ore than this and leaves the arena.. A worried CM looks in the path that Vadai left.. (BGM of title song is played and that was Damn good...)

Varudu paarunga adutha scene.. Sema highlight..

Appadiye oru night effect.. Nile kaigiradhu... (Niram ellam onnum theyala.. seriala paarunga) Avudai house is shown from outside... Then inside.. Andha kaalathula vandha oru bgm sound effect.. Engayo naai kolikudhu.. Apadiye their appears Thaalai's aavi...(Idhu enna pei serial a? Ila kanava? Yaar kanavu? Aavudai in jail? KOsu kasi thangama thookam sari ila.. adhan kanavu) Sethu ponna adhe saree dhan.. avangala suthi oru oli vattam theriyudhu... With a perumoochu the aavi looks both sides.. Kannula oru kovam.. apadiye morachu paakudhu namma ellarayum.. Appadiye anga irundhu disappear and appear before Aavudai's photo.. Konjam crying.. Aavi tells that she shouldn't ahve talked about CM and Aavudai shouldn't have neaten her.. Becoz of her only Aavudai is suffering.. Apadiye andha oonjala cross pannudhu.. (Pesaradhellam ore echo effect.. Oru thrilling BGM for aavi ulagam..) Asks sorry to Aavudai photo.. (Jail a poi sorry kekkalamla?) Slowly opens the door where Amudha and Mani are sleeping in tow separate beds.. Thaalai's aavi feels bad for Amudha's state.. "Indha kodumai ellam pakka koodadhunu dhan aandavan enna sikiramam kootitu poitama" (adhan aavi ya vandhu paakaringale..) She call Amudha.. Amudha wakes up and is shocked/surprised/taken aback/ happy (ennavo theriyala) to see her mom's aavi.. Thalai's aavi sits beside her (inga dhan my biggest doubt.. oonjal a eppadi cross panni vandhadhu indha aavi.. but ipo epadi ukkara mudiyum.. apadiye kattil vazhiya aavi pass aagi keezha vizhundaradha?) and tells that it is hungry.. when Amudha ia about bring food aavi tells no, things are ready in her house and hence she il have there... Asks Amudha to come along with Bell to the kaariyam and leaves.. Amudha crying.. Disturbed Bell notices his wife crying and asks her nto to cry at midnight like a pei and asks her to sleep... Amudha lying and crying and screen freezes on her face...

Indha pei poi Vadai kitta Aavudai kolla panalanu sollalamla.. Amudha kanava idhu?? Ila nijama?? Amudha kitta Thaalai aavi vandhu sonnadhala, will they be allowed for the 16th day kaariyam??

Poruthirundhu paapom.. Kittykrishupdates la therinjidum..

Serial / updates - which ever u like just press the like button.. We don't show partiality b/w updates and episodes. and hurt the creative heads..
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Chellamey Updates...............
Wednesday, 13 Jan 2010.
Episode starts at AVs house. Beach is cool and calm sitting in the hall. Amutha starts crying in her bedroom. Bell comes in the room and tells amutha not to do oppari in his room. Amutha tells TMs peyi story and requests bell to come to her house for UK(uruma kattra) function. Bell tells Amutha to go and attend the function if she has love for her mother. He says he will not come there. Amutha oppari continues with more sound. Bell comes to dining hall and takes the plate to eat something. Valliammai comes to bell and says ''do u think nobody is here is to serve u. we have three women in this house. U should have asked us. Where is ur darling Amutha?''.  Bell replies she is crying in the bedroom. VM learns that she is crying to attend UM function. VM hurrily leaps to Pearl and tells that Amutha is planning to take whole family to take to CMs house. Pearl says that she will not allow anybody from her house to go to that house. VM says Amutha would remind Beach about the function. VM advises Pearl to remind about the function before Amutha tells. Meanwhile, Amutha sees Beach in the hall and she starts oppari in the hall. Beach sees Amutha crying heavily and doesnt care. He is calm and cool.
Pearl and VM arrives at the hall. Amutha goes and requests Pearl in many ways to attend the function. Pearl says '' No way''. But, Amutha cries and falls at Pearls feet. But, Pearls says nobody is ready here to go to that house.
Solamalai enters the house with the things needed for Uruma kattra function. He says to Beach that he had brought everything needed for the function. Lets go. Pearl and VM are shocked to see this. Pearl yells at Beach ''I thought something is wrong when u r sitting calm and cool. So, this is the matter.'' Beach tells pearl ''Amutha fell at ur feet and cried. Doesnt ur heart melted?'' Pearl replies that Nobody should go to their house since they kept AV in jail. Beach tells that it is AV who told to attend the UK function with all the familly members. Pearl replies that if u want u can go. We(Pear and VM) will not come. Beach says if you have concern and respect for ur mamanar, u have to attend the function. So, pearl has no choice. Everybody gets ready to attend the maaverum Vizha. Amutha is happy now.
As everybody is leaving the house to attend the function, Our villain Thavasi enters the house and asks them where they were going. Solamalai replies that they are going to UK function. Thavasi tells ''CM sent me to your house.She told dont attend the function.'' Pearl is happy about this. She tells beach that CM has told like this because something  is happening in CMs house. Thavasi says that she might be afraid of Vadamali. Hence, she requested not to come to the function. Thavasi again tells '' In my view, dont care CMs words, since ur AV sons u have right to go to the function and everything should be done according to the rituals.'' On hearing this, Beach orders everybody to attend the function. Everybody leaves the house. Thavasi remains in AVs house and tells himself '' Let us see what happens. Vadamali Keep rocking (fighting) !!!!!''

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thanks meena.
CM done the mistake of chasing Sundu in the temple to bring him back to the house.
Nandri marantha gnemam irrunthena lobam.
Case will go to CBCID for more investigation.. and more character may come into the serial as visaruchufying CBCID officer.. Idhu Meena guess.. Clap superb.
Rahika has the good intension of giving life to more actors. kalaignargalai vazhavikkum namma Radhika.

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Vadai is very much irritating these days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!AngryAngryAngry

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i very curious to know the "Kolai karan"

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Thanks for the updates Meena..

I was thinking CM will give one palaar for Art.

Bedroom.. U too turned agianst CM.. suthom..

CM you better walk out of this house..

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Thanka da Meneu for the nice updateClap
Me too expected a big slap but she escaped so easilyAngry Its funny how all of them turned into enemy over the night and showing attitude like they have worked hard for the family and giving away money when all of them are sititng at home and are vettis and thandasDeadDead 
Hmm..even the cop seems like a maybe a new cop will be introducedWink

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Originally posted by vicneshwary

i very curious to know the "Kolai karan"
me too...kolaikaran or kolaikari...
cm should stop helping others and start think about herself.... vadai is too much... how come no one used brain? sundu is so selfish... hope will counting kambi forever... 

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Thanks Meena, all turned againts CM ah?

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