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Love and Duty Rajvee and Naina note in page 54

Krishna_Sourav IF-Addictz

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Posted: 10 January 2010 at 4:27am | IP Logged
Hi all I'm here again with my new ff about rajveer and naina.
Hope u all liked it also .

This is story of two lovers who born to meet one day. They just made for each others, the love each other, the care for each other, they respect each other, but destiny played cruel game and they separated from each other.


 A hospital, all are tensed because their favorite teacher rajveer sir seriously injured and now in the operation theater. After some time doctor came and said we r trying our level best but ?.

Alekh jerk him and said but what doctor? What happen to him?

Ali:-Tell us  doctor.

Doctor:-his both leg fractured,  his hands also several injuries in his several body parts and add he is not responding in our treatment.

Huda;-Are aap aachse treatement nehi kar rehe hain unke isliye aiasa kehe rehe hain?Doctor looks helplessly at others.

Yudi:-Doctor, can  he survive?

Alekh:-yudi kaya bol raha hain tu?

Pooja:-Doctor,pls tell us , what's the matter?

Alekh:-pls doctor, tell us?.

Doctor:-his condition  is not well ,it's very bad.

All are shattered into million pieces.Naina's mom telling aab kaya hoga,iye sab mere beti ke wajay se hua hain.

Pooja try console her and said no aunty jee, ismein naina ka kuch galati nehi...

Ali:-sach mein naina ka kuch galati nehi, wah kaya baat hain?.

Yudi:-abhi hum sab iss barein mein baat kyuon kar rehe hain, abhi hume rajveer sir ko bachana hoga.

Huda:-Par kaise/

Nobody know  this,how to save rajveer sir's life?





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Krishna_Sourav IF-Addictz

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Character sketches:- 

  Major Rajveer Singh Shekhawat:-30 yrs old major rajveer Singh Shekhawat,Dashing,handsome person.Very organized.Everyone love him and respect him also.

Lt. Naina singh shekhawat:- 24 yrs old Lt.Naina  Singh Shekhawat,beautiful,innocent and wife of rajveer and sister Late Cap.Navin Singh Aloowahlia.

Late Captain Navin Singh Aloowahalia:-at the age26 he died  but his dead create many confusion and  questions for  many people.

Lt.Amar deep Huda:-25 yrs old Lt.Amardeep Huda,He is good boy but little naughty. His only mantra in life jay jawan aur jay kishan.

Lt.Ali  Khan:-24 yrs.old and very shy, boy but very disciplined and have some strong principal.

Lt.Pooja Ghai:-24 yrs old very naughty, talkative but caring and loved every one.she belives in love marriage.

Capt. Alekh Sharma:-26 yrs old very naught boy.always doing masti, but give respect everyone.he is Cousin Brother of Lt.Naina Singh Shekhawat.

Lt.Yaduvansh Shanai:-25 yrs old too shy and confused  boy.His parents want to see him a successful army man and he try to prove them they r right.But everytime he made different kind mess and his rajveer sir save him from any punishment.

Dr.Shalini Malhotra:-30 yrs old Doctor of the Army. And friend of Navin and rajveer.She is cousin sister of naina and wife of Major Arjun Malhotra who is also frined of rajveer and navin.



Other characters will be introduced later.

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Krishna_Sourav IF-Addictz

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Posted: 10 January 2010 at 4:29am | IP Logged


In the Shekhawat house, a young lady sit in the floor in her bed room and saw her wedding picture, tears falls continuously her eyes continuously. She lovingly saw her husband's pic and said aapne ek baar bhi kaha nehi mujhe , sach kaya hain.  kyuon aur iye meine kaya kar dia, kyuon aapne aisa kia,kyuon……. Ek baar bhi aapne sach nehi bola aur mein uss lerki ko trust karke,meine aapne da duniya khatam kar dia,kyuon?meine aapko uss baat ke liye galat samjha jo baat aapne….suddenly  her phone rang and she picked up and said ha shal, bol….

Shalini:-tu phone kyuon nehi pick kar rehi thi,kitne der se try kar rehi hoon, aur tu hain kaha ?iha raj hain aur tu kaha hain?

Then , that lady told ,mein, mein, oh kaise hain?

Shalini:- oh thik hain, tu aaja iha, oh tujhse milna chatha hain…

That lady:-mujhse par mein ,kyuon, mein nehi ja sakti uha, mein unke saamne kaise jaungi. No, way shal.

Shalini in little loud said ok, don't come here and jitney de un sabko ,jo iye chathe the.kyuon?pehele hum sab ne navin bhaiya ko kho dia aur aab ?

That lady  :-mere wajay se  rajveer sir ka bhi…mein iye kyuon kia?

Shalini:- oh saare baat  hoga,baad mein, pehele tu, agar tu aapne rajveer sir ko thora bhi Pyaar kia hain tu iha chali aaabhi then shalini cut the phone and tunred and find Alekh saw her.

Shalini give him a weak smile and try to move from there.

Alekh:- aapne usse kyuon phone kia madam?


Alekh:-u know very well.

Shalini: - she has right to come here and stay here with her husband.

Huda: - Husband? Usne jo bhi kuch kia uske baad bhi…

Shalini:-jo  baat tum sab nehi jante uss baat ko leke pareshan mat ho…

Huda:-thik hain hum nehi jante oh baat, but u know na, then tell us ,other wise she'll not meet him .

Shalini:- u have no right to stop her .

Alekh:-yes we have , if we wrote a repot against her that she  did it purposefully and her so called friends  but Alekh recived a slapped from shalini and then shalini said no, u can't.

Huda:-marne se hum chup nehi rehenge madam, hum jarur …

Shalini:- sach jaana chahate ho na, toh suno then she told her the truth behind this accident .


After they pass out from the academy all are happy and that day when raj returned alive and every one thought now all the odd, bad things are end. After , naina saw raj again she is very happy and they confessed their love for each other very soon and naina's parents also agree to this marriage.they already forgive raj for naveen's death and but that day every thing gone wrong in our life.

Just one day before marriage , naina go to meet lala jee for last time.and did a big mistake in her life . she didn't know lalajee made a plan and unfortunately naina fall on the trap made by lalajee.Lala jee show some fake documents and that showed rajveer killed naveen intentionally and then made a trap for naina to marry her.

At first naina did believe it and goes from there but that night she received a call from a man and he told her the same things. Still naina didn't trust them but ek ke baad ke documents, and all are against raj and then they bring a girl and she called herself sherry, daughter of lala jee and she told naina same thing and said raj love some one other and he did it intentionally. Then they told her if raj didn't killed naveen that day, may be naveen alive today. Some people try to free naveen and try to prove him innocent but raj didn't want that.Then naina trust them but still her heart says it's not right but after some time her heart loss this battle and her brain said raj is wrong and he has to pay for this.

Then shalini stopped for some time and said again that day naina married to raj but her mind stop working. Her battle starts from that day and then raj also became very bsuy with his new mission and didn't give proper time and those men again come and told again and again those words and then naina completely believe them and try to revenge from raj.

One day, naina directly charged raj and he shocked ,he try to make her understand but didn't day early morning , raj goes jog and when he returned he saw naina saw naveen's picture .raj goes near to naina and try to console her but naina told him some rude things andblamed him for everything and I heard this from the door and shocked to see them like that.

Later I called raj and spoke with him and at first he didn't tell me anything but later he told me and I didn't understand what to do.

One day I visit there and found naina   sat in the sofa and crying. I asked her and she told me she did  very big  mistake that she falls in love a man who killed her brother.I told her stop this, u know everything then why u bring this topic again then naina told me everything.I try make her understand but all fails. Then I try to find out everything and yesterday I met naina and give those documents and told her this is all planned by lalajee.After hear all this naina shocked and try to call raj immediately but when raj picked and said hello and that time one truck come and collide with raj's jeep and then u all know.

After heard this both huda and alkeh shocked and then huda said but, iha pejo call aaya aur ek lerki…

Shalini:- mujhe pata nehi kaun aayi par ha, iyebata sakti hoon naina iss mein trapped hui hain.uska galati sirf iye tha ,ohunlogo pe trust kia, raj ke place pe. Aab tum dono bolo, kaya naina iha na aaye, kaya naina raj se n a mile. Ek naina hi hain jiska Pyaar aur  sath hi raj ko isse bahar nikal sakta hain. kabhi kabhi medicine ke sath sath Pyaar, aur best wishes, aur prayer bahut work karta hain aur raj ko iss time iye chaiye.raj is  time jo halat hain sirf accident ke wajay se nehi,iske sath sath his heart broke and cannot take it , that his naina hate him, didn't love him.

Alekh:-iye sab kaya ho gaya then he saw naina stood there and look at them but when she come towards them ,naina's mom slapped her and told her toleave the hospital.Alekh come and said ma, chaliye aap iha se, and pull  her with him .then huda to naina:- ja mil le aapne pati se…

Naina said very lowly thanks then she runs and enters the cabin of rajveer.She shocked to see him like this, his whole body attached with machine, he looks pale. Again tears fall from her eyes and she goes near to raj and look at him lovingly, she forwards her hand to touch his head but didn't have any courage to touch him.


One nurse saw this and asked aap unse bahut Pyaar karte hain na?

Naina just nod in positive but didn't say anything.

Nurse:- iye lijiye unke saare things, uka wallet ,watch, mobile.kuchfiles tha jo ek lerki aayi thi aur le gayi.

Naina think may be shalini iye pooja, iye neelu.she didn't think about anything futher.

She stand there long time.Shalini came and offer some food but naina refused and shalini go from there.she knw well that naina ko jitna bhi kaho oh kuch nehi sunegi bhi kuch hua naina blamed herself and jab tak naina , raj ko sahi tarah na dekh lete tab tak…

Here doctor came and checked after this they told naina still he is critical condition .if he'll  not respond in their treatment may be they'll loss him. Naina is completely shocked and couldn't know what to do or not to do.



Yudi saw naina in the cabin of raj and asked huda about this?

Huda:-tu aa mein batata hoon sab kuch then he told every thing to yudi, pooja, ali and naina's mother.All are shocked but naina's mother told phir bhi naina ko raj pe trust karna chaiye tha ,nahi kisi aur pe.


After some days raj is recovering well and his now out of danger. Everyday naina come and taking care of with the help or nurse and doctor but not stay there in the morning.

Now, raj more well and start to talk slowly. Everyone happy.

One day , raj asked shal, naina kaha hain?kaise hain?usne mujhe phone  kia tha uss din but…

Shal:- she is ok and then try to change the topic and said raj u r not well , aab chup chap sone ki koshish karo.

Raj :- shal, don't change the topic, I know she hate me and she is right,I killed her brother and ….

Shal:-shhhh, now, try to sleep.

After some time raj dose off to sleep due to medicine. At night, naina came and look raj sleeping there peacefully.Naina carrasses his head lovingly. Raj slighlt turn his head and naina think , may be raj uth gaya so she try to move from there but raj caught her hand and said naina.

Naina didn't turn and closed her eyes and tears falls from her eyes continuously.

Raj:-kaya cadet… ahh sorry lt.naina ah singh ko, aapne  mentor se inte naraj hain  ek  baar bhi usko dekhne nehi aayi, ekbaar bhi usse iye nehi pucha oh kaise hain?itna nafrat naina,kyuon karte ho?

But naina turns and said nehi sir, mein aapne naraj kabhi nehi ho sakti agar mein aapse naraj hoon, toh aapne aapse naraj hongi.

Raj:-then , milne kyuon nehi aayi, naina, mujhe pata nehi mein kab tak zinda….but naina covered his mouth and said no sir,  aap aisa baat na karo…pls,maana meine  aapse bahut bure baat ki, my behaviour also not good but pls sir forgive me,it'smy fault, mein un sab ke…

Raj:- I'll forgive u but one condition.

Naina looks at him and said kaya

Raj:-Don't call me sir,I'm ur  husband and u call me sir, kaise sunne mein lagta hain…

Naina huh ok,I'll not call u sir but kaya keheke bulau

Raj:-Naina ,kaya tum bhool  rehe ho, mere ke naam bhi hain.

Naina:-nehi mein nehi bhoola, iyaad hain,


Naina: - rajveer and then naina blushing terribly.

Raj smiles but asked naina , tum kaya mujhse nafrat karte ho?

Naina:-no sir,mein kaise aapse nafrat kar sakti hoon, means rajveer, mein aapse nafrat nehi karti.chaliye aap so jaiuye, bahut raat ho gayi hain.

Raj smiles and closes his eyes but still hold naina's hand tightly.

Naina look at him and said aap bahut aache ho, par mein nehi mujhe aapke life se jana hoga, humesha ke liye…….

But raj open his eyes and said sochn abhi mat.

Naina completely shocked and asked aap soye nehi…

Raj:- sona hi chahatha par aab nehi sonewala mein,

Naina:-par aapka tabiyat.

Raj:-if u care for me then don't think to leave.U know well that I cannot live without u. in past one time I lost u  but this time….pls naina,I know u hate me,I killed naveen ,I mean ur brother.

Naina:- raj,pls and hugged him and said don't u think about this ,I love u raj,I love u, mein pichle kuch din mein bhi tumse nafrat nehi kar paayi, ha naraj thi kyuon aisa hua but nafrat, no raj, mein tumhe chor ke kahi nehi jaungi,believe me raj.

Raj:-  sach….

Naina look at raj and found him like little kid.She smiles and nodded positively.

Raj smiles like a child and then close his eyes but said phir bolna toh nehi aur sochna bhi nehi mujhe chorke jane ki baat.

Naina just smiles.

Next day morning raj wakeup early and found naina sleep and rest her head on the side of his bed.He smiles and then again close his eyes but this time more peacefully.

After some time naina wake up and found raj sleeping peacefully but still hold her hand strongly.

Naina try to free her hand but fails and found raj looking at her .

Raj:-kaya hua?kaha jane ki soch rehe ho?

Naina:-oh fresh hone ja rahithi.

Raj freed her hand and said ok jao but within 10 mins, u'll be here ,infront of me.ok.

Naina look  at him completely shockingly and then said ok.

Raj close his eyes but suddenly remember naina ka raat usse kuch kehena chathi thi..

Naina came and saw doctor check up raj and they happy to see his recover.

Doctor:-Major, u recover very well.thanks to ur wife. Who is really very good wife.

Raj look at naina and said I know doctor.

Hearing this naina blush.After lunch raj asked naina , tum kaya kehena chathe the kal raat ko?

Naina told him everything .

Raj completely shocked and don't know what to do.

Naina:-raj, kaya hua, but raj didn't give any answer to her.

Naina feared and think that may be he upsate with this and hate her now.

Naina crying and hearing her cry raj look at her and said kaya hua, ro kyuon rehe ho?

Naina:-aap mujhse naraj ho na,meine aape trustnehi kia aur iye sab hua….

Raj:-are mein tumse naraj nehi hoon, mein toh soch raha tha lala jee kitne gir sakte hain , tum bhi na pagal ho ekdam,mein kabhi  bhi tumse naraj nehi ho sakti.

Naina:-jhooth, aap mujhse naraj hoye the,


Naina:-iyaad nehi..wah, aap gussa karte ho, dante ho aur aab iyaad nehi.

Raj try to sit in the bed but feels hard and escape ahh from his mouth.

Naina:-kaya kar rehe ho aap?aapko na sirf mujhe pareshan karne mein accha lagta hain, chup chap soiye iha…

Raj smiles ok, lekin iye dekho aab kaun dant raha hain.

Outside from there room every one happy to see them happy but they didn't know future mein kaya hain sab ka? sab soch rehe hain saare parshani chale gaye par sach mein kaya saare pareshani chale gaye?


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Krishna_Sourav IF-Addictz

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Character sketches:-Page1
Pm list reserve

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-serenity- Goldie

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Hiiii rakhi,

Wow !!!!!!!! New fic on RN Big smile  Big smile.....very nice
Loved  the prologue n the  intro of the characters,raj is major n naina ,alekh,huda yudi n ali,pooja r Lfts,n shalini is also there,wow its nice to know raj n naina r already married
But  what happened to raj ,he is seriously injured n why nainas mother is saying all this happened because of naina
thank u  so much dear for starting a new fic on RN,plz update soon,cant wait for long to read the first part

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rituka7 IF-Dazzler

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damn cool
great one
update soon..........

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sanjana25 Goldie

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Posted: 10 January 2010 at 5:52am | IP Logged
hey it was really good
plz pm me if u can
loved it
so raj and naina are married
contd soon

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Shaina_b IF-Stunnerz

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Interesting prologue!!!!!

The begining is very sad and painful!!!Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry CryYet it is intriguing!!!!!!Smile Smile Smile Smile

Raj is serious and the doctors are trying their best to save him!!!!!!Ouch Ouch Ouch Ouch Ouch

Raj ki yeh haalat kaise huyi??Unhappy Unhappy Unhappy Unhappy

Why is Naina's mom blaming her for Raj's state??Confused Confused Confused Confused

Aur Naina hai kaha when her husband is in this condition??Unhappy Unhappy Unhappy Unhappy

The character sketch is very nice!!!!!Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap

Raj and Naina are already married!!!!!Tongue Tongue Tongue Tongue Smile Smile Smile SmileThats great!!!!!Smile Smile Smile Smile Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap


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