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BEAUTY SECRETS - Prt 2 All about the Face (pg 3)

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Though I wish I could get straight to the point I had to give an introduction for this topic.

Unlike some people I wasn't really blessed with good genes. I acquired acne prone skin, slow metabolism, big, wide feet (8 and half to 9 don't picture me as big feet) and weird sensitive nails from my Dad's side. I was blessed enough get my mom's perfect straight silky hair, which I by the way totally ruined by torturing them. And thanks to my mom she also passed down her good looking genes to me. Big smile

( I wrote another long paragraph that I just backspaced) The point is few years ago I realized that there were so many things I was doing wrong. And there were sooo many things I could do to make myself more beautiful. I think I am learning more and more things by the day. And since I love I-F and love the people on I-F I thought I should share them with others. (others meaning who are interested of course)

This is what I plan to do in this thread, I will post celeb beauty tips, wonderful exercise tips and new methods, Yoga stuff, Home DIY, Makeup tips, MUST try skincare products, products which you should stay from and why, latest fashion and accessories, Sales and coupons etc.

Of course I will only get to share those if there are people to share them with!
Smile I know I could just make a separate topic every time I want to share something but I prefer keeping everything together.

-- Fatima --

Embarrassed feel free to leave comments as I don't want to share tips with a blank page Smile

Bollywood celebrity secrets PG 1
All about the page PG 3

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Part 1 : Celebrity Secrets

Skin Care

I am particular about cleansing my skin on a daily basis to avoid acne and blemishes. I never use make-up when I'm not shooting. I use Cetaphil face cleanser to remove my make-up, which if left unwashed is the main reason for blackheads. I pamper my skin with a good night cream before I go to bed. I use a hydro-nourishing under eye cream at night. It spreads evenly and restores the moisture balance. Since I have oily skin, I use a fig and fruit pack that does wonders for my skin.

Hair Care

I oil my hair with baby oil as often as I can for smooth and soft hair.
Plus, I shampoo and condition my hair daily.

The sweet looking actress swears by the water therapy. Recently while sharing beauty secrets, Asin revealed that she washes her face with lukewarm water and cold water. She advised to wash the face gently and that one should avoid rubbing it very hard while washing. Also, one's regular diet should include a good amount of fruits and vegetables.

"Make-up is mostly for the eyes. If I've done my eyes, it's enough. I prefer a highlighter on my eyes and use kaajal. I dislike lipstick. I love lip-glosses. On an ordinary day, if I'm going out, I use the Mac Shimmer, a moisturiser with sheen and not a foundation. I like mascara. And for blush, I use YSL Bronser."

I am not much of a make up user and stick to the basics like moisturiser and lip balm. I also do not go for regular facials but I do indulge in clean ups once in a while. Almost as a ritual, every week I like to luxuriate in a relaxing body massage with lukewarm coconut or baby oil. It relaxes and rejuvenates me like nothing else.

Water acts like a miracle to flush away all the toxins from the body and I do not mind drinking gallons of it. It keeps the skin supple. I have also heard that a glass of warm water with honey, taken first thing in the morning, not only cleanses your system but also helps cut excess flab.

Fitness is the key

I think working towards maintaining a healthy body should be a priority for everyone. I try and work out as often as possible; since I am regularly traveling, it becomes difficult to have a daily work out routine but whenever I hit the gym I do cardio and light weights. I have an athletic body, thanks to my years dedicated to badminton but I do concentrate on butt regions.

Golden rules of dieting

A healthy diet is like the first step towards a fit body. I take a balanced diet with carbs and proteins, and am very particular about dietary proportions. I have three main meals in a day, breakfast being the most important of them all. Since south Indian food can be heavy sometimes, I try and balance it by say, having a dosa minus the potato filling; if I am having eggs, I take only the white portion and if I have idlis I substitute coconut chutney with a pudina chutney.

Stay sexy secrets

I am a firm believer in natural mediums for skin care. One should never try to overglob any products as I think the more you fiddle with your skin, the worse it gets. Just resort to the basics of skincare and witness the splendid

There is only so much we can do for our skin. One can't fight genetics but I have been very fortunate to have been blessed with good skin and the only thing I do for my skin is that I work out regularly so I keep flushing out the toxins which keeps my skin clear and translucent. Whenever I finish a run, I spray Forest Essentials' peppermint and cucumber toner on my face as it keeps my pores tight. I tend to use a lot of L'Occitane and Chantecaille products.

"My skin is good because God made it so. I keep it very clean and free of make-up as much as possible. I visit the beautician often and let her take care of my skin. Farida, my beautician, makes this nourishing aroma oil for me, which is excellent. I use this on my face and even before applying make-up. I don't use foundations for the most part. I think the skin should be allowed to breathe naturally. I concentrate on the eyes and leave the skin alone. Sometimes, I use a light lipstick but that's all. Before sleeping, I apply my current favorite night cream, Aveda. When I do my own make-up, I only work on the eyes and use kaajal."

"I think your skin has a lot to do with your eating. I eat a lot of green vegetables and seldom eat out. I also eat my last meal before 8 p.m. and make sure I eat very little. This really helps your complexion. Not too much food or spices and very little oil. I'm a curd person and have it in liberal doses. I use the usual cosmetics."

Water is the secret of Hema Malini's beauty

"The secret of my beauty is water, I drink a lot of water."

 "I also do 'pranayam', yoga, stretching and exercise to stay fit. I also take lots of milk and milk products. In fact, all homemakers like me must dedicate at least one hour to themselves.

"I know all of them would instantly give an excuse that they do not get time. In that case they must get up one hour early and do yoga to avoid problems like joint pains.

"Also, women must set a target for themselves that they would not gain weight beyond a certain point. They must become a vegetarian but fast twice in a week. It helps one know the body better."

"I believe in the 6 to 8 glasses of water for the skin tip. I drink lots of water. Besides, I have a very simple routine. I just use a moisturiser and an eye cream to keep my skin moist. Generally, I keep it very clean. For face wash, I use La Mer. They have a mild washing lotion, which I like. I use their moisturising lotion and an eye cream from Clinique.

To fight dry skin, I drink lots of water, eat curds and lots of green vegetables and salads. I eat less spicy food and opt for more of the boiled and baked variety. When my eyes feel tired, I lie back with slices of potatoes on my eyes to remove the tiredness from them. After I remove my make-up, I use a cleanser to clean my face.

I wash my face with a very mild soap. "I don't apply any creams at night or any other time, but if I feel like using something, I opt for the moisturiser again at night. I find leaving the skin alone is better than doing hundreds of things to it. Allow your skin to breathe freely by keeping it clean. The lesser you meddle with your skin, the less it meddles with you."

 I've never been a beauty junkie. I went straight from school into films. I didn't know about beauty products. I'd rub off my eyeliner and eat my lipstick. Now I've grown to love heels and make-up...

BEAUTY LESSON: Being beautiful first in the mind (you have to want to look good) and then in the body. Mentally, it's an attitude you hold and that translates into right physical actions. Once you're committed to looking good, you automatically eat healthy, exercise and drink plenty of water.

Tie your hair really high in a messy updo, wear skinny jeans and throw on a jacket, high heels and aviator shades. It will make any woman look great!

DIET DIARY: I eat every two hours, sticking to proteins and low-carb food... lots of water... strawberry smoothies.  

DAILY RITUALS: I take off my make-up with Shu Uemura cleansing oil and massage my face with La Prairie night cream.

FITNESS MANTRA: I have stopped going to the gym because I put on muscle easily. I do Pilates with Yasmin Karachiwala.

A moisturiser by Peter Thomas Roth, lip balm and Max Factor mascara to go with my day look, which is tunics and checked shirts. For the night, I tend to dress up more formally so I use a concealer, liquid liner, lip gloss and Giorgio Armani luminous silk cream blush. I set it with powder, either M.A.C NC 41 or Bobbi Brown.

INNER GLOW: I use acai berry supplements to keep my skin healthy. I have wheatgrass powder every day in a drink. I am trying to give myself an antioxidant boost with green tea and am on a macrobiotic raw food diet...

I use hair masks and Kiehl's leave-in conditioner. My hair is exposed to a lot of styling and blow-drying so I also use heat-protect products… I love my hair, but I would chop it off for a role.  

I get my glow from my parents. My father has fabulous skin; it's much better than mine

"Don't use any chemical preparations. Control your eating and drinking habits and your skin will be glowing forever."

When asked about her perfectly toned body, Kareena Kapoor said that the secret is Yoga and strict vegetarianism.

On eye care: "I don't take any special care of my eyes. Except when I'm feeling tired, I use an eye toner, which is rose water. And it really helps because after that, my eyes do feel cool and clear. That's my secret."

"I think I've inherited my flawless skin texture from my parents. I keep it very clean and wash it with lots of cold water and use moisturiser to protect it. To take off my make-up, I use baby oil. I don't do much to my skin. I'm going out, I just use a little blusher and nothing more. I prefer my face to be clean of make-up. If I'm going out in the night and it's a dressy occasion, I use a bit of mascara and liner but not too much. No make-up during daytime. I drink lots of water and juices but not with the intention of keeping my skin looking good."

"I believe that to look good, you must have a healthy skin and for that, the age old recipe of loads of water is what I believe in. First thing I do in the morning even before drinking tea or coffee is to drink warm water with lime and honey. I follow this up with literally a liter of water and then start my day. I don't smoke or drink, so these things are naturally excluded from my diet.

I believe that water flushes out all the toxins we accumulate throughout the day. The kind of lifestyle we lead, eating fast food and also frequently eating out is harmful. So water is the first medicine I use. Then come all the cleansers, moisturisers, skin globs etc. I use these but what I follow strictly is exercise, healthy eating and keeping my skin very clean. Last thing before going to bed, I wash my face with Margo soap. It's a neem soap, mild and very good for the skin. Then I drink a glass of warm water and go to bed. My skin is very oily so I moisturise it with an oil-free moisturiser after washing it lightly."

"In cosmetics I use a lot of moisturisers, mascara and kohl pencil. Other make-up is minimal, I believe that one should highlight the attractive aspects of one's face. I have high cheekbones so I highlight these with a blusher, to achieve a sun-kissed, flushed, healthy look. I use cosmetics by Body Shop or Mac because these shades suit the Indian skin."

"The key to a good body is simple - eat well and exercise. If you are working like a dog and eating like a pig, it won't work. I do get the odd spot. I'm not a conventional beauty, but I work hard on my looks.

DON'T over-accessorise. Wear big earrings but nothing on your neck, just some bangles or an amulet. I would like to do a line of those.
Pick one item of clothing that's striking and keep everything else understated. Many people throw loud items together like a shimmery top, shiny trousers and metallic shoes - big mistake!

Never follow trends or slavishly buy from the designer in favour, but pick what emphasises your body. And always match your belt with your shoes and bag.

Develop your own style. Beyonce has her own distinct look and Victoria Beckham always looks smart and chic. Among the housemates, Danielle had a young, frivolous sense of style and Cleo was always classy.


MY basic rule is "less is more". Wearing a heavy base, caked powder and red rouge just looks scary.

"I have a very sensitive skin, and anything unusual bothers my skin. I can't even use something like besan to wash it. It doesn't agree with me. When I get up, I just wash it with water and a non-moisturising soap. Moisturisers don't gel with me. The less I do to my skin, the better. The only thing I consciously do is to never sleep with make-up on. I use baby oil to take off the make-up and then wash it off with soap and water. If I'm going out in the day, I wear a very light lipstick and mascara. If I were going out in the night, I'd add on a liner and a very light eye shadow. I like Mac."

I keep my skin fresh by getting eight hours of sleep every night and drinking lots of coconut water. My beauty routine consists of an eye make-up remover [Lancome Bi-Facil Non-Oily Instant Eye Cleanser], followed by Cetaphil Gentle Face Cleanser, Sisley Floral Toning Lotion, and Sisley Emulsion Ecologique, a day and night moisturiser. In make-up, its Dr. Kiehl's Lip Balm #1, Clinique Superpowder Double Face Powder and Guerlain Terracotta Refreshing Stick Bronzer. I can't live without my kohl pencil - MAC Power Point Eye Pencil in Stubborn Brown  

As an actress, my skin is exposed for long hours to damage from heavy make-up, lights, pollution and UV rays which have a long-term detrimental effect on skin. My advice is to drink a lot of water, get enough sleep, use sun protection and wear products that enhance your looks but don't cover up your natural beauty.

HOME REMEDY: Use Besan Ka Aata with malai as a scrub to soften and cleanse the skin. And a concoction of neem and honey to drink; it's not as bad as it sounds!

IN-FLIGHT RITUAL: I make sure I take off all my make-up. If I've been shooting outdoors in too much mud and dust, I oil my hair before boarding  

HOME TRUTHS: My mum blends almond oil with aromatic herbs, a secret recipe passed on through generations... Sometimes, we pour beer in it for the last rinse. I use Paul Mitchell's Super Strong Daily Shampoo and smoothe on John Freida Frizz-Ease Serum before a blow-dry.

FITNESS MANTRA: I do Patanjali yoga everyday… I walk up four flights of stairs to my office.
RED CARPET GLAMOUR: I don't really like heavy foundation so I use tinted moisturiser by Laura Mercier, stroke on Lancme mascara, smudged kohl, a dollop of lipgloss and I'm done. SKIN DEEP: I wash my face with Neutrogena Facial Cleanser everyday and I apply Neutrogena moisturiser with SPF-15 every morning. My eyes get puffy if I don't get enough sleep but splashing ice-cold water on my face helps.
DIET DIVA: I mostly eat omelettes... I eat simple: toast and omelette for breakfast, brown rice and fish curry for lunch and a green salad with an omelette for dinner. And I never drink cold water  

When it comes to looks, I swing between minimalist and boho.
CLEAN-UP: Instead of chemical soaps, I use Khadi body wash everyday. If I have a ton of make-up after a shoot, I'll use M.A.C. wipes to take it off...
GOLDEN RULES: I have to get a pedicure at least once a week... I also love getting head massages; they relax me completely. I use ayurvedic oil from Dr Shempi in Mumbai, created especially for me.
DIET FIX: I eat lots of fresh fruit, veggies and salads and drink fresh coconut water everyday. I also like nuts: groundnuts, walnuts and almonds  

Yoga - the natural body workout:

To attain a well-rounded body, it's essential to exercise religiously without any long breaks. By that I don't mean hitting the gym all day long but improving the flexibility of the body naturally. I practice yoga and other simple stretching exercises that are more fruitful than pumping iron in the gym. Very few people are aware of this, but certain yogic aasans are excellent for hair, as they activate blood circulation in that area and keep the tresses strong and luster-rich! The best exercise for great hair is to stand upside-down with the head facing the ground. At least that works like magic for me.

Diet essentials:
I follow a balanced diet that is a right mix of carbohydrates, proteins and vitamins. Eating small portions of meals five to six times a day is also equally vital. Consuming gallops of food at a go can prove detrimental. Also remember, there should be no limit to your water-intake. I make sure I drink lots of water on a daily basis.

Skin secrets:
An easy path to flawless skin is sweating it out. It's very important for the pores of the skin to open up and respire. That's exactly what happens when the body sweats. Our skin also reflects what we eat, therefore, include as much of raw fruits and green vegetables in your diet as possible. Natural fluids like coconut water and plain lukewarm water also work wonders for me.

Avoid direct sun exposure:
Since its peak summer these days, I steer clear off tanning in the sun. Try and avoid direct expose under direct sun as far as possible. Over exposure of direct UV rays are lethal for your skin. Use a high quality sunscreen lotion half and hour before you step out.

Natural oils:
Even a soothing body massage with natural oils, like virgin olive oil can prove very reinvigorating. A gentle oil massage on a regular basis is indispensable for hair as it provides excellent nutrition to the roots. I massage my hair with natural oils twice a week and make sure the oil is rinsed off completely.

Mane magic:
The beauty products you apply are of utmost importance in the long run. So use a good-quality mild shampoo for daily use. Because the weather conditions in Mumbai are so sultry and humid, I shampoo my hair daily. I also make it a point to use a rich conditioner after I am done with shampooing. If you want great hair, try consuming as many raw almonds and walnuts during the course of day as possible. They help increase the tensile strength of hair. Lastly, to avoid bad-hair-days and split-ends, you must go for a monthly trim.

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Awesome Post Fatima Clap
Really Fun learning tips from celebrities
Do keep us updated

-Lush- IF-Sizzlerz

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Fantastic post Fatima
Thnx 4 all those tips
I will definitely try out some, like warm water with lime and honey
Love TJ
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i am surpised that i actually tried some of these lolzz great post
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thanks for the post =]
but I don't need them because I am already too beautiful..oh what will I do with this beauty Embarrassed
LOL kidding =] LOLgod, asin's hair is just great

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