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Monday Jan 4th updates - Archives Copy

The episode was fun-filled though they showed the cremation of Thalai's corpse. I don't remember the exact dialects and hence the updates will be brief..

Vadaimalai does all the rituals and the trio - Vadai, sundu and Rathna together set fire on their mother's lifeless body. BGM one oppari song.. They cry. Far behind, near a tree CM and Amudha cry. Amudha tells that if she knew all this before, she would have stayed in her house itself.. CM taunt her for not listening to anybody.. (Amudha ippavum not too late.. better go to ur house and send CM to her brother..) CM is worried how are they gonna face the probs in their respective in-law's home. How is Amudha gonna face? (CM u know that right.. U r the creative.. Then y r u questioning Amudha..)
Opparilaye mudinjudhu first scene..

Apuram when the gents are about leave the creamtion ground, there coems teh talk about 16th day kaariyam.. It is decided to be done on the Monday after coming Monday.. (So that Meena will be able to enjoy updating the vettu kuthu aruva arumagam sandai..) Here comes problem of some udumbu kattu (sorry if the word is wrong. I don't remeber it exactly) which should be done Vadai by Beach. Vadai ignores teh idea. However chittappa and Thavasi support. Kattadurai ethuvittufies Vadai and Rathnavel also support vadai and ask not to call them.. Vadai tells that either Vairam or KD will do that.. Vairam denies taking up beach's place. KD takes the chance and agrees to do.. They all tell that KD can never be equal to Beach... So many usage of kolakara kudumbam in the middle of the talk... Vairam in between asks KD (Kattadurai) not interfere when periya manushanga are talking. KD bad mouths Thavasi and thavasi in tunr calls KD a vetti and some more insults.. KD loses temper and raises hand over TV.. Kai kalapu nadakudhu.. Adha silar pirika adhula oruthat keezha vizhuntaaru. (Indha sandai and dialogues paathu naanum keezha vizhundhuten.. Puriyala? ROFL..) Ore sandai dhan.. Adha paakaravangalukku comedy dhan... Finally, vadai decides not to inform Beach on this.. (Yoww KD Thavasi melaya kaiya vecha.. iruku di unaku aapu.. Next neeya irundhalum irukalam..) Sabai disperse except Thavasi and one jalra.. Thavasi gives 500 rs for him to take this matter to Beach.. (Idhuku 500 rs a? Nogama nombi kumbidalam mopla iruke.. Jalra adicha yogam yaaruku adikum..) Thavais thinks "patha vechachu ini adhuve pethikkum eriyum"

Idhundhanga indha episode oda last scene..
Vairam criticizing KD that he would shoutedc of anger as he was not able to tolerate his hunger.. KD tells that vairam is insulting him and KD will become singam when someone insults him.
Inside the house CM and other ladies cleaning the floor.. (Cm thinking kuninju vela seiya mudiayalaye.. Enna panradhu...) A lady who reads CM's minds asks kalaivaani abt her husband beating TV. Kalai tells that "adichadhoda vittare" Cm gets shocked (that was the expected thing but I was not bale to find that expression in her face) gets some detail and comes out to KD.. Asks about KD beating TV. KD tells he was insulted. Other srepeat the dialogue TV used to insult KD.. KD tells them not repeat the same which was given out in anger by TV.. CM tells tat is it not fair to beat the guest who came for creamtion that too in creamtion gorund.. (Since only few ppl can watch there and it shhould be done in nadu theru, the literal stage for such actions) KD tries to justify his act. CM asks KD to ask for forgiveness from TV but KD is not ready to. Kalai comes out and asks y should this house marumagan go and ask sorry.. KV also asks CM who is she to tell that? CM the same straight face and the BGM tells that she is stunned on these words..


(No much CM puranam.. Thank God)

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Tuesday Jan 5th update

The episode started with a comedy scenes and turned to sentiment and ended as crime thriller sequence.. The updates will be brief.. Sorry for that..

Scene continues where Kalaivani and Vairam repeat TV"s insulting words (vetiya nakki) towards KD. KD asks them not repeat it again. kalaivaani talks too much that CM doesn't have any rights to order her darling hubby and that CM is murderer's daughter. She is not sent out just coz of vadai malai. They also tell that TV unnecessariyl interefered in their family prob and so he got back.. CM supoorts Tv too much.. (unakku periya aapu kathitu irukku madam.. idhukellam karaname nee andha vadai jodiya piodichadu dhaane.TV mattum ila, inga kooda pala peru unoda jodi thedum padalatha paathu kadupagi riukanga) Azhagamai also gives right and left to CM quoting another DIL of the house palliarai as an example. CM is stunned. In the middle KD encourages his wife to talk the same way. He also supports his machini (Vaadi machinichi en vayasu pathikichu) Kalaivaani also tells that CM is not angry on beating TV mama, but angry that uduma kattu is not by her brother and showing that on her darling hubby. The two daughters move after giving left and right to CM. CM murai itufies to Chittappa (sodahnai mel sodhanai podhum ada saami). He says some consoling words and leaves. Palliarai and Vairam too leave after consoling her that soon Avudai will be proved innocent and her probs will be solved. Vairam shows some vetti veerappu and indirectly tells that no one else can shout any more in the house and only he will raise his voice. Rathnavel who was a jalra to CM all these days stands by the side of KD and nods his heads with a stern face.. They both leave with a stunned CM (to be taken so though the face is straight)

Next vagina kaasukku visuvama velai seiyum andha TV's aalu comes to solai who is about to get into omni. Bell and solai comes to him asking wat happened. He tells the things that happened in muted dialogues. They ask him where is KD. The man tell that they all left for their house. Garden bell leave in car to vettufy KD's hands.. (Adhuku badhila avaru vaaya thecha konjam prob korayum.) Bell rides the omni. They see Tv there and stops. (Hey bell super a car ottura.. kalakura po.. When bell is in the car horn thevaye ilai. avare mani adichu satham potturuvaaru.. Aana adhu fire engine madhiri irukumo??) They talk to TV and tell him that they are gonna take KD's hands. TV acts all goody goody telling not to do that. Avaru andha kudumbam onnu sera ozhaikararama.. Avudai kaga (may be avar jail a irukaradhukaga) evlo adi venna vanguvarama.. (Meena is getting ready to take this chance and make her part of beating effective.. Indha vaarthaya CM solli irundha nan ipo anga irundhirupen..) TV pretends to be so vishvaasy for avudai family.. He turns showing his back to the duo baeku who is beleiving him.. Thavasi talks very nicely giving some expression in his eyes that shows he is acting and that theduo doesn't see him. (One should see this. That was superb.. Hilarious man.. He did it very well). Bell gets chance to  make some sound by spilling dialogue. KD kaiya vettama udradhila nu mudivu pannitnaga.. (Avaru Kaiyenna aada.. Adha vettuna kooda ketka Bluecroo iruku.. Chumma avaru kaiya vetradhaye patiye pesuranga. CM vera solli tharaliya) Some how, TV succeeds in his acting and make them stop for now. (I think i missed soemhting here. But guess nothing would have happened)

Aduthadhu dhan visaranai commissionai jeyikkum oru detective thriller oda starting point..
Kalai and Palli in jail to meet Sundu.. CM also there. Kalai takes this golden oportunity to vepilai adichufy Palli. Palli asks CM if she is there to see her hubby.. CM just denied and says she came to see her dad and leaves as she has some work.. (Nan dhan sonene detective work) Kalai and Palli come out.. Kalai does some "pathiya pathiya kettiya kettiya she is not good not caring" work. Palli sings CM kavasam. Kalai injects some sense in her mind saying CM is selfish. (Kalai solradhu correct dhane.) Palli seems to think. Kalai takes her giving some comment that if she stands there she will also kambi counting. (kalai oru siripu sirichangale paakanum - pavazha chediyil muthukkal pothal kalai sirippu endru peyaragum ).
CM meets her anbulla appa. Asks him wat happened. He repeats the same things again. (This time not in mute. SO en kaadhula ratham vara madiri irundhadhu) CM now concludes that the watch should have fallen when he beat her. CM decide to probe into this matter.


Avlo dhan updates mudinju pochu.. Innum enna pakaringa...


Oh... Detective pathi ennoda comments thedaringala... keezha paarunga...

kaadhula Ratham vadhiduchu. Pinna indha pudhu varushathunakaana mudhal maaperum kandupidipaache "watch adikkum podhu vizhundhadhu". CM has decided to beat Vadai by probing into this matter and finding out the culprit.. Adhenna vadai beat panradhunu kekaringala.. avaru dhane main detective in Visaranai.. Avaru anga adha panraru.. CM inga adhaye try panranga... Sikirama andha serial a beat panna poranga.. Sema masala serial Chellama.. Comedy, tragedy, oppari, sentiment, Crime, song, love, love failure, revenge, detective.. Oru dance and duet paattum irundha super.. Adha CM panna innum super o super...

Next week paapom.. Adhu varai ungalidma irundhu vidai peruvadhu ungal Meena, Meena, Meena..


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Chellamey Updates
06 January 2010.....
Starts with conversation between CM and her father AV. AV tells the flashback which happened between him and TM. He also tells that he had beaten TM and went away. He didnt notice the fallen watch. He cries at CM that he had done two mistakes.
1)He hadn't informed anyone that fight took place btn AV and TM
2)He even didnt inform Vadamali also when he came to ask about his mother.
CM confirms that someone is there behind TM murder mystery. She assures AV that she will kandipuchufy the culprit and release AV soon. (Investigation started. Chllemarasi going to Josiyar)
CM goes to Josiyar and enquires whether he has anyone else when AV and TM were fighting.(Radhika is really pretty in Yellow saree and especially her ear rings) He informs that he hasn't seen anyone. He also tells that he left from the place since he had some urgent work. CM is unhappy about his reply. Josiyar liesurely says that Truth will be locked temporarily only and not permanently. CM tells that he will find the culprit as soon as possible and leaves the place.(Thanks CM. Dont go by Josiyars words. It will years and years to unlock the Truth)
Josiyar says '' Oh god!!!!! Unite these two families!!!!!'''
In Kavitas house...........
Kavita sits in the corner and thinks about the flashback. Her mom comes and tells her to help her in samayal instead of thinking about flashback. A Marriage broker comes to Kavitas house and shows a mapallai photo and tells Kavitas family members to look into this sambandam. He tells that mappillai is widower and has a child. Kavita mother gets furious and gives left and right to the broker. Broker tells that these type of sambandhams will only get for Kavita since everybody knows that she had eloped with Maniarasu.
Kavitas brothers are ok for this sambandham but Kavitas mother is angry and sends the broker.
Then Kavita reveals her ghostly plan. She tells everyone in the family that she will marry Ratnavel and torture CM. Her mother and brothers tries to calm down her. But she doesnt care. Atlast everybody says ok.
In the house of CM.........
Vadamali searches for Veedu key. Kalaivaani informs that Key is with CM and starts veppilaifying Vadamali. Azhagamma also adds fuel to the fire. Both starts telling nonsense about CM and reveals that CM has gone to meet his father in jail without Vadas permission. Vadai is angry about this. At this situation, our CM opens the gate and comes into the house. Vadai barks at CM '' STOP THERE''

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Friday 8/1/10

Omni looking at dad and Vadai shouting "Chellammah" -  intha
jodi "porutham" thaanga mudiyalai da saaammmyyyy
- Vadai
announces to all those who care to listen
( of course that includes
yours truly )
" enga amma vai konna unga appanukku inime
aayusu poora jail kali thaan " - Omni moves her head from left to
(pray, what does that mean??? Roja is at a loss) Beach says
that it is just his father who is kambi counting " I am still outside
( don't give ideas to Vadai - he will talk to Sundu and make sure to
send you to abacus training !!)
and I will proove my father's innocence" Time for Vadai to desert Omni ( uh huh high time man, high time !!!)
Vadai leaves as Omni wants some "time out" - Omni goes to the police inspector and appeals - "you know our family !!! How can u frame my
dad like this??" Goes on with paisa peraatha arguments and the
 inspector is categorical - " we have no doubts about your dad's thiruvilaiyaadal - we KNOW that he is the culprit . Ask your lawyer
to proove otherwise, ok?" Omni knows that she is on a loosing
wicket here !! Beach meets dad in the abacus school - after the
usual "our family, my darling thangachi, I will save you" stuff
Aavudai lays the ground for the next fight
( Yovv, nee jail le irukke,
veliye irukkiravangalai nimmathiya irukka vida maatte??? eppO
paarthalum oru kOmbu seeval, Roja kku enna ipdi oru head
Tells sonny boy that the 16th day ceremony is fast
approaching "nee thaan uruma kattanum - for Vadai - don't give
 that up, ok?" Beach kku no other go, has to agree !!!

Vadai Household - Wood is relaying the news to his athai's photo
 -" unga annanukku no bail, neenga thaan aaviya judge manasile
pugunthu bail refuse pannittinga" Goes to Art and gloats - Well,
Art is busy making payasam - to celebrate the bail refusal. The
jing bang decides that Omni should be the first to drink that
 payasam. Omni appeals to their good sense but Art and Co are
adamant " payasam ippO saapidalai .. annan varache villu paattu
thaan !!" Vairavan as usual supports Omni "yen ipdi ellarum
 ivangalai words aale kolringa??" Art has a ready response " hummm, engalukku adichu kolla theriyalai...athaan " Omni has the same old expression - one which challenges the viewers - "na enna
ninaikkarennu yaaranum kandu pidinga paarkkalaam " -

Roja gives up


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Before we go ahead with todays update, one important annoncement!
Send in your question or post it on the thread below'don't miss this golden opportunityEmbarrassed 'Hurry Up!!Embarrassed

CM Monday 11th Jan Updates - Archives Copy

The episode starts with Kalai insulting CM as kolaikaran petha pulla.. (Ivangala pethadhunala thaan avaruku andha pattam nu kalai ku theriyala).. Variam standing by CM side.. CM tells only bail rejected.. no sentence yet.. I il prove .. Kalai, Azhagu and KD on the opposite side...Kalai is kalachufying CM.. CM loses her temper... Goes near kalai fuming in anger.. Semmaya oru adi kalai falls down unconscious ipadi ellam nadakumnu yaaravadhu edhir paatha adhu thappu.. Our creative is so different.. She challenges Kalai just with her words.. She il prove "My daddy strongest ila innocent nu" and make pull their tongue whihc cursed CM and her dad.. Kalai "oh adutha kolai ningala".. CM moves..
Kalai and azhagu leave inside.. KD comes to diamond(Vairam - George) holding the bowl of payasam thinking when KD comes and takes that thinking "idhu CMku kuduthadhu poison irukumo".. Sabai disperse...

CM meeting vakeel and asking about bringing her dad to the outside world... Law(yer) gives idea to appeal higher(mel murayeedu) for taking the case form police.. Police needs to invetigate with fair.. but they are leaning on one side.. so take the case from them.. CM says no hearing how higher appealing.. Law says no bail given is the one reason enough for appealing.. Case will go to CBCID for more investigation.. and more character may come into the serial as visaruchufying CBCID officer.. Idhu Meena guess.. Law assures to bring out Avudai.. CM leaves..

Next Palli and Sundu come out of jail.. Sundu asking who bail me out of jail? Palli saying my new brother and takes Sundu to Ramakrishnan (RK),, RK standing near car..his goggles were superb... Sundu angry, talks to palli coz of him I jail... Then u jail, now y u beleive him...I no beleive him.. Coz of him only MOM died.. As Sundu mattivitufy Beach so avudai kill Thalai.. RK says no not coz of me.. but coz of ur sis Amudha marrying Bell.. Sundu not convinced, tells if i would have known that he gave bail, i wouldn't have come out.. Goes aside.. Palli takes permission from RK and goes to hubby darling.. Some pogai pottufyies "u made mistake. wrong business, katti kuduthufy beach so no support for us no other go other than to beleive him. he gave 5lakh surity" Pogaila Sundu mayangufies and coems to RK. Tells Rk now he understood.. RK tells i want to revenge only kadarkarayan.. Ur mom unnecessary death.. Sundu fully mayangufies..

@home CM seeing hotel food in table..  Asks kalai y hotel? Kalai tells Palli went out, so hotel food.. CM - wer palli went out? There comes palli and sundu.. CM asks wen he came? Sundu tells when or y? CM tells how? Palli asking to eat.. CM also asking come and eat.. CM serves.. Vadai comes and sits in the dinning table conference.. Sundu angrily looks at CM.. once finished serving, Sundu closes the thala vaazhai ilai and tells no more relationship.. U kolaikaran magal, would have kept poison.. Asks his arumai sister to prepare food for him.. CM questions, haven't u ever had my food or me serving.. Sundu saying past is past.. now kolaikaran daughter.. Everyone leaves.. CM appeals to Vadai... Vadai says he is correct and leaves..Vadai goes and meets Sundu in room.. He tells that he was worried tat he couldn't have Sundu on 16thday kaariyam... now happy.. how he came out?? SUndu tells about RK.. Vadai first gets tensed... Sundu then sindhu padufies about RK and his revenge only on beach.. Vadai convinced.. CM touch hearing(ottu kekaradhu) all this from outside is very sad..

Will continue..


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Thu and Firday Pongal spl programs..
Wish u all a Very Happy Thai pongal and Kannu pongal..

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