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Kuch Sunaiye Tho -Vote for the best poem

OodlesDoodles IF-Veteran Member

Joined: 14 September 2004
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Posted: 17 November 2005 at 12:14pm | IP Logged
Hi Friends,

The response for this contest was overwhelming and a huge round of applause to all those members that have participated. The poetries were awesome and now we know we have a lot of members who could give Javed Aktar a run for his money. We got a lot of great poems and have narrowed it down so that it makes it easier for the members to vote for them.

Please choose the top 3 poems  that we have arranged by theme but it does not mean you can only vote for one poem under each theme. So come on all let the voting begin as the clock has started ticking towards the end date of Dec 18th

Pyaar Ka Ehsaas

1)Pyaar Ka Ehsaas

Pyar Ka Rang Meetha Hota Hai, Pyaar Ka Ehsaas Usse Bhi Meethi
Woh Dhoop Main Nikhalna, Woh Baarish Main Ghoomna
Woh Pyaari Pyaari Baatein, Woh Chote Chote Takraar
Woh Hasi, Woh Sharmana, Woh Ghabrana, Woh Pyaar Main Tadapna
Woh Khushi Aur Pyaar Ka Ehsaas, Piya Se Juda Huwa Vishwaas
Piya Se Milke Jo Khilta Hai Chehra, Milte Hai Nazar Se Nazar
Tab Baatein To Hoti Hai, Aankhon Ke Ishaare Se
Rukh Jaaye Woh Pal, Theharajaaye Woh Sama
Woh Milke Chalna, Woh Chalke Rukhna
Ye Sab Milke Kehlaaye Ek Prem Kahaani
Jisme Judi Dono Premiyon Ke Pyaar Ka Ehsaas.

2)Pyar ka ehsaas (The feeling of love)

Love is beautiful.
The feelings, the emotions,
the wonderful way of looking at life.
It is another reason to live
and another reason to wait for tomorrow.
Love is everything,
and it is impossible to imagine life without it.

3)Pyaar ka Ehsaas

Aaj ki subah ki baath hi kuch aur thi....
aaj suraj shayad pachim se nikla ho...
aur phir chaand bhi aaj din mein aasmaan mein chaya hai...
Aaj ki din ki baath hi kuch aur hai...

Buzurgon se nazaren churakar, woh nighahon ka ishara...
Buzurgon ki nazron se bachke, woh haathon ka sparsh...
Bachon ki kilkaliyon se door, woh hoton ki chuban...
Aur phir Haathon mein chudiyon ki kilkariyan....Hai.. Aaj ki subah ki baath hi kuch aur thi...

Aaj main bani aurat se maa...
Aaj meri goodh mein aaya ek nanha phool...
Jo humari duniya mein khushiyaan le aaya...
Aur laya woh pyaar ka woh suhana ehsaas...

                                    Bewaafaa Pyar

4)Bewaafaa Pyar

Aisa pyar kya hai,
Jis mein sachayi hi nahi?
Jhoot se zindagi chalti ho,
To woh zindagi kuch bhi nahi.
Jab pyar saath chod ta hai,
To maut bhi lagti hai bohot haseen.
Uss ne hume to ji te ji mar diya.
Par uske liye abhi tak hai,
Humari ye zindagi.


Why does it always seem to happen to me?

everytime i find happiness it slips away.

you were supposed to  be mine, but u were sent away.

Now i realise that i really  shouldnt have had u.

i wish dat i wud've known wat went wid our relationship.

den i wud've diagreed to let ma heart take over  and to have let u leave with it.

 u said dat u wud stay and u  didnt.

so wat im supposed to except i dont want u but i do  

 why must play wid ma emotions as though ther are somethings that can be tampered wid.

if i wud've known den u could not have walked away wid ma love.

i gave u things i can neva take back.

u know it seems like u dont care. i wish u cud feel like i  do.

i was the greatest u cud eva get but dat doesnt change a thing you r still.......


6 ) Itna bata de muje zindgi,

jo apne hote hai, kiyo ho jate hai paraye,

jo apne hote hai, kiyo ho jate hai begane,

humko bhi phir yaad hai ajj, ki humko bhi ik shakash mila tha,

jo apna apna sa tha,

ab bhakat gujra hai, bhakat ka ehsaas hua hai

ab phir ye malum hua hai,

ke jisko humne chaha bhi hume

shood chala hai

ab phir ye malum nahi hai ki

usne humko shood diya

 ja phir hume usko shood diya hai

ab phir ye malum hua hai ki jindgi

ne hume apni raho pe mood diya hai,


Tanhayi hai pyar mein
Barbadi hai pyar mein
Aasoo hai pyar mein
Bebasi hai pyar mein
Ghum hai pyar mein
Haar hai pyar mein
Hume sab pata hai
Magar kya kare ..
Hum bhi hai pyar mein. ........!


Aaj Dur Se Koi Salam Kar Gaya

Apni Yaddon Ka Gulam Kar Gaya,

Jin Ki Sohrat K Liye Mangte The Dua,

Wohi Aaj hame Badnam Kar Gaya,

Apni ZinDgi Ko Girvi Rakh Khirda Tha Jise,

Aaj Wohi Hume Nilam Kar Gaya.....!


Confused is my mind
Abused is my heart
Respect is what I wanted
Neglect is what I got

The distance between us
Has grown so far
I'm like a love-sick puppy
Chasing his master's car

You said that you loved me
But, indeed, you lied
And though the outside lives,
Inside, I have died

I wanted to fall in Love
And not get hurt
I wanted to make it last
And break this Curse
I didn't want to feel depressed
Ever again
I just wanted to hold you close
Until the end

10)              Bewafa Pyar

Chaaro dishayon mein phael gayee the roshni,

Chaand laga tha hasne, barish ki boonde ho gayee thi meethe

Neele aakash mein urte panchion ki boli ban gaye thi sangeet.

Chupaane lage the hum khudko duniya se,

Sharmaane lage the hum tum se aur khud se,

darne lage the hum mammi-pappa se.

Parne mein nahi lagta tha dil, exams aa rahe the nazdeek,

rone lage the hum tumhe yaad kar ke,

koi jaadu sa kar diya tha tumne humpe.

11)         Bewaafa Pyaar

Ussi ne diyein hain muhje kadam kadam per fareb

Baat kerta tha wafa ki

Khwaishein bednaam ho gayein

Zindagi ilzaam ho ker reh gayi

                                Pyar ki khamoshi


12) Pyar ki khamoshi

Chup the hum,
uss dukh bhari shaam mein.
Zindagi mein kuch nahi kaha,
aur us din bhi khamosh rhe gaye.
Aap ko jate dekha,
Kissi aur ki hota dekha.
Hum andar se toot toot ke bikhar gaye.
Par chup rahe,
aap ki woh muskurahat ke liye.

13)         Pyaar ki Khamoshi

Poem Title: Rose

The rose has just died
But even in death
It's colours are bright
It still inspires, ignites
Memories in the heart
Of a wonderful past
Spent with you
A love long gone
Of words not spoken
And dreams not yet woken

                 Sindoor – Suhaag ki Nishaani

14)  chutki bar sindoor

Aaine ke pass baithi, saj rahi dulhan
piya ki yaad mein khoyi, jhach rahi dulhan
man mein bas yahi khayal,
maang bharne ki ghadi aa gayi

Haathon mein kangan, kaanon mein baali,
maang mein tikka aur pairon mein payal,
Par zevar tho tab jhache,
jab sajegi maang mein woh chutki bhar sindoor.

Chutki bhar sindoor, Hai woh thodi si
par hai isme samayi duniya bhar ki kushi
Dibbi mein samayi hui kehlathi hai sindoor...
Maang mein sajayi hui kehlathi hai Suhagan ki nishaani..

15)  Sindoor-In the soapy world.

Among the India Forum's soapy pages

You will find soaps in various stages.

The most important thing they seem to say,

"Sindoor will bring you marital bliss any day"

             In "Sindoor" you can only get your honey

             If you snatch the Sindoor and call the wife a phony

             And in "KYPH" if you want to marry the chick

             You can replace the Sindoor with a red lipstick

In "Tumhari Disha" if you want the hottie DK as your man

You can take the saath pheras by running as fast as you can

And by snatching the Sindoor from his hands

You can get your man as you had planned.

                Pyaar mein Intezaar

16) Pyaar mein Intezaar

Akele chal rahe hain rahoon mein, Pyaar ki talaash mein
Har waqt, har mod pe, talaashthe hain pyaar ko
Ankhen taras gayi hai aapke liye
Kaan lagaye baithe hain aapke aahat ke liye...
Zehen mein yeh eshsaas hai ki aap aas paas hi ho...
Man yahi intezaar mein yehi ketha hai..
Ki aap kab aaye
Aur zindigi ke in khatin rahon mein
Humare kadmon ko ek saathi mil jaaye...
Kuch tho der humare kadmon ka saath dijiye....
kadam dagmaga rahe hain...
Aayiye aur hume thaam lijiye...
Zindagi ki raah main aapki hi talaash hai...

17)Pyaar mein intezaar

Poem Title: Crumbling in

The fear of never hearing you say
The words I want to hear
Is slowly creeping in
Like a weed upon a wall
Penetrating further everyday
Slowly eating away
At everything I built upon
The walls are crumbling in
My heart can no longer stand
The pain is too strong
The walls are crumbling in
My heart dies within

18)Pyaar main  intazaar

Title:Who says we are apart?

At the end of a long day,as on my bed, I lay;

I think,"Where are you?";My endless pining starts anew.

The painful knot, in my stomach, I feel;

As from your countless memories, I reel.

Why,in this angst, do I see a light?

Like thousands of stars shining bright!

Suddenly, I feel your arm around my waist;

I knew this brooding was not a waste.

For, your warm breath, I feel on my face;

Enough to make my heart race.

Who says we are apart?

My beloved, we are together till death does its part!

19)  Pyaar mein Intezaar

tumse huithi pehli molakat
jindegi jaise tham gaya
tumse huithi kuch bat
dil to tumme chur ho gaya

tumhare wo kale ankhe
sapno me aati hai barbar
machal tahe dil
hogi kia pher tumse didar

tum nehi mile jindegi me
woh pal to rahega yad
kia pata yehi hoga mulakat
saw sal bad

20)Aisa Kartey
           Kiu Ho?

mujh se sharmate ho tou saamne atay q ho...

tum kabhi mere tarha kar bhi lo ikraar-e-wafa,

pyar karte ho tou phir pyar chupate q ho...

ashq aankho mei mere dekh k rote q ho,

dil bhar aata hai to phir dil ko dukhate q ho...

in se vaabasta hai jab mera muqadar phir tum,

mere shano se ye zulf hatatay q ho...

roz mar mar k mujhe jeenay ko kehte q ho,

milne aatay ho to phir laut k jatay q ho...

apne haatho se u chehre ko chupate q ho,

mujh se sharmate ho tou saamne atay q ho...



21) sapne


Even though we are far today

There are memories still

The dreams might be unfulfilled

They are dreams still

Some words might be unsaid

They're in the heart still

Even if there are no tears

There is pain still

Even if I don't see u today

I think of you still

Waiting for the night to pass

There is no daylight still

22) Sapne

Mujhko ye haqeeqat se door le jatay hain
Kabhi to ye sapne jeene ka maksad ban jatay hain
Par jab is kaanch pe lagti hai kabhi thokar
Bikharta hai sab kuch mera hoti hoon main dar badar
Aur jis pal is sheeshe main surat aati hai sanam ki
Us pal na intiha hoti hai khushi k
Ek raat to hogi aisi jo ban jayegi haqeeqat
Us raat ke intizar mein main baithi hoon abhi tak


23) Zindagi ki peheli...

I'm not supposed to want you;
I'm not supposed to care,
and yet I spend my time dreaming
of all that we could share.

I'm not supposed to think about you
or wonder where you've been,
but no matter how I fight it,
thoughts of you sneak in.

I'm not supposed to ponder
where you are each night,
but you creep into my vision
when the stars shine bright.

I'm not supposed to yearn so,
always wishing you were here,
but I hunger for your kisses,
and I long to draw you near.

I'm not supposed to imagine
where you are and what you do.
I know I shouldn't cater
to a single thought of you.

I'm not supposed to need you.
I know these things. I do.
And yet I can't help myself,
because I fell in love with you


Zindagi Ki Paheli (A Poem)

Zindagi Kya Hai? Khud Se Pooch Leti Hoon,

Shayar Ki Nazar Se, Ek Haseen Ghazal Hai;

Musafir Ke Khadmoon Se, Door Bohat Manzil Hai,

Ashiq Ke Khwaboon Ka Toota Mahal Hai,

To Kabhi… 

Waqt Ka Behta Hua Paani Hai,

Aas Mei Guzarti Huyi Jawani Hai,

Khamoosh Khalam Se Likhi Kahani Hai,

To Kabhi…

Mehndi Se Rachi Hatheli Hai,

Saath Chalti Saheli Hai,

Zindagi Ek Paheli Hai.







 jab bhi tanhai ne unko sataya hoga,
tab tab unko mera khayal aaya hoga
gum ye nahi hai ki woh bhool gayae humko
gum yeh hai ki ro ro ke bhulaya hoga!!

humne socha ke tumhare chane wale sirf hum hein
likin tumhare jahane walon ka kafila nikla
jub humne shikait ki khuda se
to woh khuda bhi tumhara nikla

phulon se kya dosti karte ho,
wo toh kuch pal baad murjha jate hain,
dosti karo toh kaanto se,
jo chubne ke baad bhi yaad aate hain.


Zindgi mein to tumhari aa na sake, ab khwaabon mein chale aate hain
Tum laakh nazrein pher lo sanam, hum phir bhi chale aate hain

Kahne ko to tum bhul chuki thi, phir bhi anjaane mein pukarti ho
Tum kabhi bhuli nahin thi, sirf jaankar anjaane mein pukarti ho

Mann to mann hai, mann ko kya kahena
Hum aayenge sapno mein, sapno ko kya kahena

Azeez bewafa nahin, tum paas aao ya na aao,
Wo mar ke bhi mara nahin, uski yaadon ko gale se lagao......!!

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aqsa hameed Senior Member
aqsa hameed
aqsa hameed

Joined: 10 August 2005
Posts: 574

Posted: 17 November 2005 at 12:37pm | IP Logged
poem 2.....4......N......24 R DE BEST Tongue Clap Smile
HeavenlyBliss. IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 20 January 2005
Posts: 47421

Posted: 17 November 2005 at 12:57pm | IP Logged
poems 2,4 and 9!!!! Clap
x_Roxy_x IF-Dazzler

Joined: 12 July 2005
Posts: 4909

Posted: 17 November 2005 at 1:05pm | IP Logged
2 4 9 awesome jb pplz also gd jb 2the other contestans Clap
ashley1 Senior Member

Joined: 08 August 2005
Posts: 438

Posted: 17 November 2005 at 1:19pm | IP Logged
# 10 Rocks.
Why don't I see my 2 poems here? Cry
meghavi IF-Veteran Member

Joined: 21 November 2004
Posts: 8270

Posted: 17 November 2005 at 2:34pm | IP Logged
All the poems were gr8!!! Clap Clap Clap

My first choice - 12 Big smile
2nd choice - 17 Smile
3rd choice - 15 Smile
ddddd IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 28 May 2005
Posts: 16414

Posted: 17 November 2005 at 2:50pm | IP Logged
awsun poems every1!!

but myt vote goes to

2, 9 and 4!! Embarrassed

Edited by ddddd - 17 November 2005 at 2:50pm
hetal IF-Rockerz

Joined: 08 December 2004
Posts: 6031

Posted: 17 November 2005 at 3:50pm | IP Logged
i liked # 12 and # 4 but i vote for # 12.....

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