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Friday,January 1st -2010, No Episode Today!!!

Happy New YEAR to all of you.

Monday Jan 4th Episode 151 (Archive)
Updates by Shreenithi and Pictures by Atina
Stats with Mugs doing brain washing to chitra..saying "dont
have friendship with gayu,she will spoil our family"...There
comes gayu with clapping hands...Mugs looks like  a
baliaaduNervous 2.. and chitra shocked...Gayu says"good,romba nalla
pottu kudukareenga"...chitra tries to kappathufy her hubby
says"vilayattukku solrar"...gayu says"no ,whatever he says
is true,avar ezhudhina letter pathi solliduveno nnu
bayapadaraar"...Mugs Nervous vspace5...says"dont play gayathri,what
letter?"...chitra asks"what letter?"..
mugs ularing"no wife
,dont believe her,she is playing"...gayu again says"why i
should play?,this matter is known to everyone,only chitra
is unaware of it,that's why iam going to tell her"...mugs
shouting...dont say anthing..
Chitra stops her husband and
asks gayu to proceed..gayu pottu udachufy the mugundan's
letter vandavaalam...chitra ShockedShocked mugs
muzhuching...with a terror BGM,
angle angle aa husband and
wife look each other.....something big is going to
happen...appadinnu nenechu baaa vaaya thorandhu partha
....payapulla,kanavu kandu katharau mugundaru.Making A Wish.
.mugs shouting "no,i didnt write that letter"...chitra asks what
happened..mugs samaliching...chitra back to sleep..mugs bed
aa round adichu nadandhu yosikarau..
(yennathukku,kadaisiyila poi andha D1(dubakkor 1-Senthil)
kitta idea ketka poreeru..Then why this build-up,wasting
times of india)..
Mugs kowndadichu sleepingchitra kaatu kathal kathi
ezhupping..thalaivar ezhundakaa maadhiri illai...his mobile
rings..adichupidichu getting up and picking up the
phone..gayu at the other end..wishing "good morning
maaaama"...mugs does sky earth jumping(Credits:Roja
akka).."why r u disturbing me?"...
gayu replies"no otherwork"..(Good answer)...mugs overacting..chitra asks
"who is talking?"...mappu says"friend"...he cuts the phone
after acting like he is talking to a friend...gayu laughing
at the other end...mugs switch off his phone...
Senthil reading naatu nadappu(newspaper)...phone
ringing..senthil ododi vandhu picks up..senthil blah
blah...chitra lokks her husband like a veru ulagathu
jandhu...mugs tells senthil he wants to talk to him...

mugs tells his problem,gayu round katti torturing...and also
anupping his machan to mirattufy gayu..butter cutter
going....chitra investigating her husband ...mugs says
"nothing,office tension"...and also senthil gone for the
same...chitra thinking..(ennatha thinkingDead)
Our vennai vetti sippayi(butter cutter senthil)enters like
a puyal into gayu's house...gayu's sister welcomes
im..calls her amma..mummy ji comes and welcomes...asks "any
problem"...senthil says"ur ponnu is the problem,where is
she?call her"...all confused..sister asks "why tension
senthil stops her saying "concentrate on ur studies
dont intefere in periyavanga matter"....sister says ok,her
mindvoice says"oru nall maattamaya pova nee?"...gayu
comes..senthil starts "why r u playing with my sister's
gayu says"why should i do like that?"...senthil
replies"poramai,my sister is happily living with her husband
na,thats the thing"...senthil continues"since u r torturing
mugs maapu thru kanavu,thru phone etc etc..mappu cant
eat,cant sleep,cant work..all becoz of u"...gayu says "i'll
do like that only,becoz iam affected by him"..
senthil shouts"if u do like this,chitra will leave mugs and go
andshe will also be a vazhavetti like u"...gayu gets
angry..senthil asks sorry,says "u should stop threatening
mugs"..gayu says no and puttu puttu vakking all the molla
maarithanam by senthil and mugs...senthil mirattittu
gayu father comes..asks whats the problem..everyone
foces her to tell..atlast gayu says that "the original
copyright owner for the mottai kaduthasi is mugundar the
great,not my krish"...... all shocked...

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Tuesday, Jan 5th, Episode 152
Update by Shreenithi
Credits to Viluthu.com
(Hi folks for some reason...Viluthu.com didnot have the last part of this episode. I had to watch on SUn Tv to do the missed portion.....I am yet to take those pictures......still in my  DVR...later on I will add.......There is one more website showing the whole episode but as usual their their pictures are not very sharp....and more over their web site name will come in the same frame where the actors' heads appear.....so Please bear with me ...for this dealy- from anita) 
Starts with gayu saying the truth abt the letter,says everybody knows the truth except us,appa shouting...says "that mugs shouold answer me"..gayu trying to stop him..but appa puyal karaiyai kadandhu sendru vittadhu...
Senthil with his usual perumai pechu..says"gayu said that we r koottu kalavaanis,my image spoil aanadhu dhaan micham"..mugs says "ur a sodappal maama"...senthil maamu says he has an idea ...mugs shows his 32 teeth"sollunga maama"...
senthil gives his idea says"somehow we have to create fight b/w gayu and chitra,if ladies begin to fight,they will never stop,then there will be no pechu vaarthai b/w gayu and chitra..so no problem for us...."suddenly a voice inbetween"hereafter no  immadhi for u both"...partha namma gayu va petha punniyavaan...coming towards mugs and senthil...straight away starts his archanai"what kind of jenmams u r?"mugs tries to interfere...
appa stops him saying "iam not AM to forgive u for this..naasamapo with ur family"...senthil interferes"my maapu did all this becoz of the love uu he had on my sister,adhukku u r going onnnnnn talking..shut up man" both giving their tharappu vaadham..mugs opens his mouth "maamu..stoppu,i'll ask sorry to him"...but senthil rombha overaa speaking...mugs tries to stop but loud speaker no stopping...appa warn pannittu poitaaru...mugs "why did u do like this maamu?"..senthil rombha perumaiya "he will go and fihght with paro amma,that fight appadiyae will come to our house,with this we can create misunderstanding b/w chitra and gayu"...mugs standing like chikungunya noyaali....LOLLOL
krish house..gayu's appa comes..paro amma also giving darisanam..appa starts with usual naanga ponna pethavanga dialogues..paro amma says"cool cool sambandi,what's the problem?"...appa pottu odaching the letter matter..all shocked..paro asks "how do u know this?"...appa says "thats not important,why did u forgive him?"....
paro says "he is a ayogyan,mannichalum onnum nadaka poradhillai,unga ponnu sariyillai,adhanaala thallivachuttom"....appa continues "u will forgive him becoz he is ur son,but u will not forgivemy daughter,what nayayam is this?,becoz of mugs my daughter is vazhavetti now,AM sir place la irundhu nyayam sollunga"...paro amma confused...but for only 1 sec..vedalam again on the top of murungai maram..paro amma says "go and ask nyayam from MR and MS.AZ"... appa gone...devi and gowri sad....
krish at his work place..phone ringing...gowri at the other end...tells everything to krish...she also says "mamma gone to AZ appa's house,if they come to know this that will be a big problem,u pls do someting"...krish in a very confused state...
Continued by atina
Next Gowricalls Gayu and tells about her dad's stormy visit to their house and now he is heading to AZ appa's house. She continues," anni...there AZ appa, Visalam amma and Chitra anni are not awrae of this Mugunthan annan's letter matter anni....if they all come to know it may cause a big commotion in the family annni...so please do something and stop your dad anni" Gayu becomes so worried and promises Gowri that she will go to AZ's house.
Meantime TK reacheds Az's house and shouts,"yaaraiyaa ulleh" AZ , Visalam, Ranjani and Chitra come out and here goes TK," ennaiyaa ithu....for you oru nyayam and for others innoru nyayamaa" AZ asks him to come in and talk but TK refuses and tells," ennanga pullaiyeh pethu vechu irukareenga? he only must live happily and all the others should suffer?" Visalam and Ranjani ask about whom he is talking and Chitra also tells him to come inside and talk, TK tells," I am talking about Mugunthan only...who keeps silent but causes so much keduthal to others....he is so selfish who only thinks about himself..." AZ asks him to stop talking like that and requests him to tell what wrong Mugunthan did.
TK asks," oh...you really do not know what Mugunthan did?  it is because of him my daughter is siting at home like this..." At this point Gagyu gets down from an auto and runs to him and asks him to stop talking and go home with her. But AZ asks Gayu to let her dad talk. TK tells that he will not move from there until Mugunthan comes there. At this point an auto stops there and Mugunthan gets down and rushes to TK calling him " maamaa...maama" He goes to TK and pleads him not to tell anything and asks him to go home with Gayatri. TK still wants to spit out the truth. Finally Krish once again begs him," maama...if at all you respect me as your son in law...please come with us maama...everything will be ok....just come with us" Finally TK agrees and goes with them. They all get into the auto and leave.
Here come Senthil and Mugunthan. Senthil as usual goes on blaberring and Mugunthan asks him to keep quiet. They reach the hall and AZ  comes there with Visalam. As soon Senthil notice them he starts changing the topic and tells," ennanga maama...I was telling Mugunthan that we should make our rice mill to get more and more profits....what say maama?" Chitra and Ranjani also join them to watch this koothu. AZ asks," niruthunga...what is the problem between you both and Thanikasam?"

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Wednesday, Jan 6th, Episode 153
Update by Shreenithi
Credits to Viluthu.com
 Wednesday  6th jan Epidsode 153


Starts with AZ asking the reason for thanigachalam's road la ninnu shouting perfomance ...mugs and senthil shocked hearing this..mugs says"no problem appa,why we should have any problem with him?".
.AZ sir repeats the road shouting performance again...visa aunty joins AZ uncle in visaranai..mugs says "iam a good boy mummy,i dont know anything"...ranjani mind voice la talking"ada paavi,onnumaey theriyadha maahdiri nikkiraiyae"...senthil tries to give mental pattam to thanigachalam..ranjani stops her husband's ularal..
AZ uncle gives time till next day morning to tell the truth and also says if they didnt say,he will go and ask thanigachalam himself...mugs and senthil thiru thiru...both dubakoor's goes to their roomswith their pondatti's following...LOL
Mugs' room...Now chithra's turn, starts the investigation,mugs again singing the iam a complan boy song...chitra warns him..(Rombhadhaiiyamdhaan indha mugs kku,thappu pannittu ivlo strongaa poi pesararu..ellam oru vidha kalai)
Ranjani calls krishna in his cell phone and ask him abt the rudra dandavam by thanigachalam..mugs hesitates to tell the truth and says "problem is solved now akka,maama will not come again there"..but ranjani says "i want to know what the exact problem is"..
atlast krish says"akka,becoz of u ularikotting the letter matter that day in our new house,gayu heard that and she inturn said eveything to her dad,and also senthil went to gayu's house and shouted,that is the reason behind maama's daandavam"....And mr.uthaman ie mr.krish says"akka,anga poblem varama parthukonga,becoz mugs bhaiya paavam,he is like a kavari maan,he will feel bad"..conversation over...


Krish arguing with his mom why she behaved like that towards thanigachalam mama..parvathy amma says"he talked too much,that's why i told him to go there"..gowri supports her amma..krish says"mugs anna will defenitely face problem becoz of this"...
paro says"problem vandha varattum,unakku enna?"..krish "u have changed a lot ma"..paro amma says "whatever i did was correct,nee ippadiyae aduthavangala pathi kavala pattukittu iru,record aa niruthittu saapida vaa"...krish in a nondha noodles state..then a smaal pasamalar scene b/w krish and devi...
next day..pozhudhu vidinju pochu...D-Day..Mugunthan tension aa peforming walking practice in the garden...flashback scenes of gayu threatening that she will tell chitra everything in person,thru phone,Thanigachalam's thittugal and finally AZ uncles warning ellam  odudhu mugs sir thalaikuula...after some more catwalk asusual mugs picks up his mobile phone and calls krish...(edhiri ya irundhalum number vaangi vachukuvomla naangallam)...krish rombha anboda "sollunga mugu anna"...mugs tells him to come to gandhi park along with his dear wife gayu,says he want to talk abt how to solve the thanigachalam maama matter.......krish agrees...
gandhi park ..Krish and gayu comes in an auto..mugs waiting there...when entering gayu says "iam not coming,u go and talk with ur brother,i'll wait here itself"..krish "no no darling..naan unnoda dear hubby calling illa..come come"...sathyavaan going..savithri follows...
Mugs starts his story..says"anbu thambi,u know abt me,iam a 58 karat thangam..but why ur arumai pondatti behaving like this? appadi enna naan thappu pannitten,ok,what i did was wrong,for that i have asked mannippu,AM appa and paro amma mannichuttanga,but ur gayu..she is torturing me 24/7"....krish looks at gayu...morachu pathara?theriyala...but gayu with her same "nee enna pesina enakkenna" look...mugs continues"iam unable to eat,sleep,work,andha alavukku ur wife ennai round katti torturing"....
krish towards his wife"gayu ma..what is this ma?this kind of pazhi vaanging is thappu"...mugs says abt the Deadline gn by AZ appa and also chitra ennai sandega padara...mugs continues"i wrote that letter becoz of the love towards chitra,that is worng,i agree,for that iam asking sorry again"Pls forgive me and tell ur wife to stop all this"..mugs begging towards krishna"pls krishna,u r my thambi..u have to save me fom this"...Mr.Uthamar says"OK anna,hereafter gayu will not disturb u"..gayu stunned,gives a badrakali look towards krishna..krish kannalayae" amma thayae mannichuduma,konjam porumaiya iruma" nnu solrar...again to mugs"i will take care of maama,u be careful in ur house,this matter should not be known to anyone,esp to chitra annai,if she comes to know abt this..appuram hogaya dhaan"...
next is the kankolla kaatchi in toady's episode...chitra standind behind a tree and she hears everything abt her husband's mollamari thanams..how she came here?adhallam ketkapdadhumakkalae.....nalaikku solluvanga..chitra shocked..crying...


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Wednesday january 13th Episode-158

Pictures by Atina
Updates by Aishu

Credits to Viluthu.com

Sorry for the delay friends Embarrassed

Gayu tearfully asks Krishnan if he had signed the divorce papers with full heart.  Krishnan is hurt, while the rest look on.  Gayu continues "neenga illama naan vazha maatean.  If the court grants us a divorce.... I'll DIE."  Krishnan is even shocked! 

In the meantime, Paro scolds Gayu "Eei.. ivlo nalaum illatha paasam ippo eppadhi vanthathu?  Avan ethana vaati onnai kenjiyiruppan?  Appo ellam, enga familyai insult pannittu.. ippo vanthu avan illaninna senthiduvean nnu solluriya? Nee sonnathum avan patharathai kozhichu pottitu varuvaanu mattum kanavu kaanathey!  Our family no longer wants to have any dealings with you!  Poo Veliyile!!!"  (Cry
CryCry... Yenn maa yenn?  Onna vala virumbira couplesai vaala vidungamma... Your anger is fair, but there is always a limit.  Even naanga kooda Gayu mele evlo kovapattirupom.... but now ponnu thunnoda mistakes ai onnarthitta ille... so forgive her and accept Tongue...)

Gayu doesn't cool her calm and politely says "Athai.. you can scold me or hit me.  You have all the rights... but to sign the paper and seek divorce in a minute to end a marriage that took place in front of so many it not right Athai."  While Krishnan watches her, Gayu gets a hold of her thali and continues "intha thaaliyai unga pullai thottu katinathu.... till this day, naan ithai en nenjileye sumanthukittu irukean..."  She looks at Krish and adds "naan ithai sumakira varaikkum engalai yaaraalaiyum pirikka mudiyaathu"  (Vare Vaa.. super daa Gayu ClapClapClap.... ) Gayu adds on in a calm manner "So for me... he is my husband.. and I'm his wife.  No one can change that!!!" 

Paro raises her voice and speaks to Krish "Krishna.. ivlo solliyum iva pesaratha paarthiya? Intha aanavam innum adangaleh!  I too know the importance of marriage and thirumaangalyam!  Avale venam engirathukkapurom... ava kaluthile antha thaali irukka koodaathu!  Athai unn kaiaaleye aruthu eri..."  (ShockedShocked.. ayoo Paromma neenga en intha Chandramuki vesom edukireenga Ouch... naan ithai onga kitte irunthi ethirpaarkaleh...).  Just then Raji arrives.. from Krish to Gayu to Ranjini.. all are shocked. 

Paro instructs Krish to go remove the thali from her kaluthu adding "antha thali ava kalithileh irukkara varaikkum athu onn kaluthai suthiyirukara paambhu maathiri... we need not have any more aathaaram of this marriage... poo paa poyi athai pudungi eri.." 

Krish pleads her, but Paro is adamant about her decision.  Krish continues to plead her with his looks, while Gayu and Raji are hurt.  Ranjini takes the moment to scold Krish "Dei Krishna.. nee thaan ammavoda chella pullai aatchee.... avanga sollarathile nallathu kettathu ethinnu yosika theriyaatha padikkatha methai aatchee... poda poo!!  Remove that thaali from your wife's neck AngryAngry.  Poda poo... Yenda kaiezhuthu poteenu kethathukku... 'En ammavukkaga naan uyiree kodupean' nnu soneilleh..ippo onnoda amma un uyirai kekkala...but un pondaati thaaliyai kekkuraanga.. poda pooo... Cry.. Neeyum vaazhama... avalaiyum vaazhavidama.. rendu perum pulingi saagiratha vida.. ore adiya uravai muri daa.." and slaps Krish's shoulder. 

Paro tells Ranjini she doesn't need to hear this akka thambhi gnyayam... and tells Krishna "dei nee ennoda pullaiya irunthaa naa sonnathey sei!!!" 

Krish is lost... silence engulfs the moment!  To everyone's shock... Krish makes a move towards Gayu...very slowly. 

Gayu seems composed, but rest are in tears.  He nears Gayu and tries to get a hold of the thaali.... but can't seem to do it. Ranjini further confuses him by saying "dei antha thaaliyai thooki yeri daa.. and let her die..."  But Paro continues to stare... so Krish composes and take hold of the thaali.. to Gayu's utter shock!.  He shuts his eyes tightly and pulls on the thaali Shocked... (Ouch.. I can't believe this........ thaai paasom Krish kannai kattidithu OuchOuch....).... 

Down goes the thaali... as Krish lets go of it... and he HUGS Gayu...Heart
HeartHeartHeartHeartHeart. ....in front of Paro. 


Hey nakka mukka
 nakka mukka
 nakka mukka
nakka mukka..
adra adra nakka mukka..

Oh podungal.. hey Oh Podunga....

adra adra Nakka mukka

Ehh balle balle.. brrrrrrrrrrrraaaaaaah


Namma Gayu and Krish onnu senthitaanga DoiyaaaaaaaaClap

Paro Amma shocked oo Shock!!! The rest are happy.  The kutty sisters go and hug the couple.  Ranjini tells Paro "paartheengala Amma... manasukulle pothatchi vetcha anbai... ivangalai poyi pirikka paarthiyemaa!"   Paro is stunt and goes to sit by the pillar. 

Ranjini tells the couple (Krish - Gayu) that their porumai has won at last.. that it was worth the wait nnu... and advices Gayu to stay in the house itself and be patient till Paro Amma accepts her. 

Just then Ranjini notices Raji at the doors and informs her that from now on Gayu will live with Krish and kindly requests TK Mama to speak with patience.  Raji happily leaves.

Paro is upset.. and angry... and is on the verge of tears. 

TK impatiently walks back and forth in his living room.  As soon as Raji comes back, he wonders where Gayu is.... Raji says she'll no longer come nnu.  TK is shocked... and wonders where she went.  Raji tells him she has gone to where she belongs and adds "periya puyal adichi onja mathiri irukku... from now on we need not worry about her nnga...."  TK wonders what she means.... Raji finally informs him that Gayu has UNITED with her husband Party.  TK is beyond shocked and as it sinks in.. he is elated.  Raji updates him on what had happened at Krish's house and how she was scared when she heard Paromma talk, but now she is relieved. 

Raji further adds her daughter has won at last with her samathyam... but scolds TK for his behavior earlier.  TK just laughs it off and says "naan viduthalai pathirathai kaiyila eduthathinaala thaan innaiku Gayu SIL oda sernthittaa...it was a shock treatment indeed.  Ippo ennaku rombha santhosam."  Raji agrees and wishes Almighty keeps their family happy from now on.  She tells TK not to visit their daughter as yet till Paroamma calms down.

At night time.. Paromma, Krish and the sisters are sitting in silence.  Gayu, who is working in the kitchen, calls Gowri and Devi over.  She then tells them how she has prepared the supper for the first time ever since she came to their house, and asks them to adjust to it.  Gowri and Devi are delighted to have their SIL with them, hence they add to them having her there is more important nnu.  Soon they decide to eat, but Devi wonders how Gayu will samalichufy Paroamma.  Gayu tells them to go bring the food out. 

Gayu then follows them and asks Krish to wash hand and come eat.  Krish signals her to ask Paromma.  Gayu assures him and goes to Paromma.  Gayu tells her how her anger is justified for she did so much to them.. and doesn't expect her anger to melt yet, but she tells her that she'll dedicate her entire life to sevai seying to Paro and family.... and finally requests her to come eat.  Krish too asks her to come eat, but Paro angrily refuses saying no one need care about her nnu. 

Gayu then asks Gowri to go get Paromma's medication and goes to get milk.  Inside the kitchen, Gaya hands over the milk to Gowri to give Paromma since the latter is a by pass patient...as Gowri goes to give it, Paromma doesn't accept, and soo thattividding.. ShockedShockedShocked....

Hmm.. Parommavukku rombha thaan kovam Tongue... Seekirom kovathai koraikka oru vazhi pannaum... imbhutti kovam aagathu Embarrassed...

Pongalo Pongal!!!  Happy Pongal our dearest Friends!!


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Please use the "LIKE" button and do encourage and appreciate our updaters for their effort and time!Embarrassed Lets have that as our new year resolutionEmbarrassedEmbarrassed


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