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Posted: 04 January 2010 at 8:33pm | IP Logged
Monday Episode No 654  4/1/10

UBS is trying to bathe her kid - athu yaaru??? UBS genes illiya???
Ordinary kuliyalukku kuyyO muraiyO nnu katharathu !!! And UBS
can not do any thing properly. Like Roja, Angu gets annoyed at the
way the baby is treated - grabs the baby from UBS and gives him a
bath ( hmmm ,Avanga kulippattara azaghu athukku mele !!! She
stretches her legs, keeps the baby on the leg and gives him a bath !!
That kid is capable of sitting nicely - oru tub le ukkara vaichu kulichu
vida koodathu??)
Pechi and Nandhu also grace the arena - they both
are trying to pacify the crying kid - in the bargain end up scaring him
more !!!! Moron also comes to watch the drama. Pechi says that it will be
nice if moron gets a kid - hearing this, moron nazhuvufies. Angu laments
about "not getting that baghyam " UBS watches the whole thing and
does some "mind talk" - "hmm, oru naalavathu en MIL ipdi kulippatti iruppangalaa?? and this is her own grand kid !!!" ( athu sari, avangalai
nee enga pakkathile vitte??? even to see the child??? She had to ask
COD to bring the child out of the house - just to see and spend 10 mins !!)
UBS goes inside, sings a Naamavali on Danda's "now reformed" family
and asks Loosu to get a child asap. Loosu is upset.

Kalai comes back to Tilaga. He looks very upset - time for some
probing from all - after every body renders their dialog of " why
do u look upset? enna prachanai?" Kali says that whatever happens ,
one should just stay in their own house. The jing bang learns that
Kalai commented on the food and BCSS insulted him. Kalai further
says that even Sezhi must be living amidst insults. Tilaga says that
BCSS is not "that" bad. Athai walks in hearing this and as usual barks
at Tilaga. Calls Kalai to come along with her " we have every right in
that house !!! If BCSS says any thing I will BCS him" Kalai chides athai
for shouting at his wife and daughter. " I made a mistake of coming
there - I should not have listened to you!!" Athai is in tears "ennale nee avamaana pattiyaa??? Will I ever do such a thing to you??? Whatever
you say, all that I want is for you to regain your old memories. Humor me ,ok?' Stares at Tilaga and clan - leaves.

Moron is called by his doctor - the doctor has consulted some
one reg.moron's case - " US doctor...says he can cure you.....selavu
around 40 - 50 lakhs ....success rate is 30 - 40 % " Moron says that
he does not want to go through this rigmarole - " knowing that I have
only 30 - 40 % chance , why spend so much and leave my Loosu penniless?? I might as well save the money and give it to Loosu -
she has to live, after all !!"  The doctor is unhappy but moron is


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rojapoooo IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 04 January 2010 at 8:35pm | IP Logged
Tuesday Episode No 655 5/1/10

This story is circling around the same  axis - Roja is fed up and so
brief updates thaan - habbaaaaaaaaaaa

Viswa meets Suresh - engages him as an envoy - to talk
to Megs and convince her - "after learning that maniac
loves some one else, I feel as if the cobwebs have cleared
from my brain.... can u??"

Kalai asks Tilaga to accompany him - to see the josiyar who
comes with a reference from "Ganesan Tea Hotel" Paatti
endorses the idea. Durga comes to Tilaga household and
paatti is the only available sounding board. Durga says that
she is ready to apologize to UBS for the happiness of her COD-
learns that UBS is now residing under the "enemy's" wing. Frets
 a bit but decides to grace Danda household -much against paatti's

Suresh visits maniac - to update Viswa's new plans. Maniac is angry
"things were going great guns....first this Subha...and now Viswa
repenting..uh huh " Suresh asks maniac to think of a counter plan.
As Suresh is about to leave Megs walks in - Suresh hides - in the
pretext of getting some urgent signatures. Maniac signs and probes -
"did u meet Viswa?" Megs says that she did but Viswa is still harping
on maniac's " paal vellai" corrupt mind. Maniac wants to know if Megs
will accept Viswa " if he asks for forgiveness??" Megs categorically
tells maniac that her love for Viswa has not abated and her heart
believes that Viswa will come back to her - " he need not apologize...
.just that he understands me..... I will be with him.... my love for him is
monumental." both the hiding Suresh and the fuming maniac hear this
loud and clear... Maniac is livid
( sari pp Viswa, un thalai unakku sontham illaiEmbarrassed)


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Posted: 04 January 2010 at 9:21pm | IP Logged
Update for Jan 6, 2009: Update By Eljay

Megala professes her undying love for Viswa, much to Anbu's dismay.  Suresh is listening from the kitchen while Megala says that Viswa just needs to tell her that he understands her and she will take him back.  She says that she has been waiting for him all these years and that is all that she wants.  Then she leaves.  Anbu tells Suresh that he has to find a way to replace Viswa in her mind with his image. Suresh says that they have to prevent Megala and Viswa meeting each other and Anbu says that it is impossible as both of them are living in the same city.  Samy returns from the market and overhears as Suresh tells Anbu that the only way to do so is to arrange a transfer for Megala to some other city. 

Tilaga and Kalai go to the josiyar who reads Kalai's horrorscope and says that this man treated his wife and older daughter very badly to the point that the daughter had to leave the house and live separately for many years, he talks about how this man lived Ohonnu and then fell to ground zero and has now regained his wife and daughter.  He also says that this man's oldest daughter's jadhagam is the one which has saved his life or else he would be dead by now and it is his wife and oldest daughter who will take care of him.  Kalai looks really troubled by all this knowledge of how he used to be in the past.  Then Tilaga wants to know when the oldest daughter will get married as her wedding is getting postponed all the time and when their problems will come to an end, and he says that they need to be alert during the next Sani peyarchi.

Durga comes to Danda's house and asks to see Sakthi.  When Sakthi comes in, followed by Kanmani and Angu, Durga asks Sakthi to return with her.  She says that she is ready to ask mannippu and there is no ego question here.  She says that Diwa is suffering without his wife and son, and she cannot bear to see him suffering any more.  She tells Sakthi that they can all live together now and she will not say anything to her, even though she has been living in this house with the people who tried to kill her son and her grandson.  Sakthi as usual rises to the bait and tells her that when she was sick and struggling to take care of her child, her mother didn't want her and Durga and Diwa also did not want her, and it was Kanmani who took care of her and took her in.  Danda and Angu try to tell her not to get angry and Danda tells Durga to go home and he will take Sakthi there the next day, but Sakthi is totally aroused, and she says "indha amma has only come here to take me because I am staying here.  Had I been in my house or my mother's house, she would not have asked me to go back with her" and by this time, Durga is also angry, says that Sakthi has to address her with respect, not as "indha amma".  Then she says that she is going back, but she wants her grandson and goes to take him from Kanmani, Sakthi stops her from taking "her son" and sends her packing.  What else is new?  Angu and Kanmani and Danda look on helplessly.

Thodarum ...

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rojapoooo IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 04 January 2010 at 9:22pm | IP Logged

Thursday Episode No 657 7/1/10 - Update By Priya

Diwa's house:
Sada starts his advice to Diwa and says do you understand the advice? You have to be with UBS and go on with your life.... Diwa says to sada that you take care of health...sadaku oru thadavai vandha heart attack porathu pola irrukku... keeps advicing diwa saying all wrong is on diwa's side and not sakthi... Sada points out that UBS is very possessive about COD and that's the reason for all this fight.... Sada says that COD should adjust and live with UBS... Sada says go and talk to UBS and be open and direct instead of defending yyour own parents.... Finally COD agrees to go and talk to UBS and verifies about Durga.... Sada says she must have gone to store... COD says he will tell to durga and then go and talk to UBS....

Tilaga's house... Tilaga and Kalai back from josiyar.. Patti verifies about what josiyar said....Kalai updates what josiyar said... Now patti revelas about Durga's arrivals and all the talk between durga and patti yesterday... Since Eljay already updated, I am skipping that...
Tilaga asks patti why she allowed durga to go to loosu's house... and kalai and tilaga says that they couldn't have gone with her otherwise some problem might rise... (iva ponna mattum UBS problem pannama irrupala...)...Tilaga and Kalai says that they will go...
Durga storms in again....Tilaga asks vanga.. what happened... Durga recites why she went to see sakthi...Durga blabbers on what all happened between her and sakthi... Again I am not repeating it as Eljay did an elaborate update...
Durga says rightly that ur daughter doesn't have any idea of running her life with kudumbam and kutty stuff...Durga says all boo's leelaigal as how boo tried to kill diwa and diwa's kid.... Durga finally says that we don't need any uravau with you all.. unga ponnu sagapthame vendam and storms out... patti runs behind... Kalai sits manasu broke agi.. tilaga does her usual hand dance.. and shows a firm face.. as though she got some nyanodhiyam...
Kanmani's house...
Sakthi's phone rings... COD calls... Sakthi after looking at the number takes the call veruppa...
COD asks enge irrukke.. UBS doesn't answer..COD asks vaiyla enna punnakka irrukku... Clap pathil solla.. (Athuku pathila COD should ask vaiyla enna BOMB vachuirrupeye... athai blast panna vendiyathu thane...)
Alright.. UBS starts blaming COD & Durga saying both of you ar eplaying drama.. and repeats the lines as Durga tried to snatch her baby and then make UBS orphan.. and Durga screamed at UBS etc.. all that happened previous episode is repeated in a short form today... and UBS disconnects the line saying both Durga & COD doesn't like if UBS is living some where nimmathi...
Finally COD asks where are you.. and UBS says that she is in Bhupathy's house... (Enakku onnum mattum puriyalia.. why everyone referring only as bhupathy's house.. Sakthi ku Loosu sister thane.. thannaoda sister loosu veetula irrukaratha sonna ennea?)
maniac with cirminal mind... calls his asst someone and asks if there is any vacant for any of their branches other than chennai... that guys looks and tells there is ASST manager post in Goa... Maniac with his irritated smile asks that guy to put a hold on that position and he asks if Maniac is going to send anyone else for that post.. maniac says YES.. and calls megs over phone adn asks her to come to his vasantha maligai office room...
namma herioine kadamai thavirama office room ku pora.... Maniac talks about all megs daily schedule like taking bus... hectic schedule.. etc.. after office then going back to house and where there is no privacy.... etc...
maniac says how will it be if there is no such problem like this but a big house near the mountains and car and 2 workers etc... and says it is for u.. asst manager promotion transfer to Goa..
Tells about it with very high spirits... but megs with as usual castor face...
megs now cries about her own house problem.. and says how can she go all alone...etc.. now maniac becomes liek a consultnat and says megs should go...
megs keeps saying no.. she can't go... Now manic says it is an ORDER... Maniac says will you go...megs says order pottutu povingalanu ketta eppadi... Megs says Yes.. will go...
Maniac says you go now and konja nallula you can come back...

Freeze on that maniac face Dead Dead Dead with his irritating smile Dead Dead Dead ....

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Friday Episode No 658 8/1/10

Well Roja is fed up of UBS and her senseless talk -
so here is a brief account.

Durga comes back home and updates the latest
feud with UBS - says that it is high time COD divorced
UBS - Sada tries to play professor but Durga is
categorical " you support her once more, I am all set
for kambi counting on murder charges" Well, COD
also goes to meet UBS  - words fly and COD slaps UBS.
The whole Danda clan lectures on "decent behaviour
and decorum in public place" (  apdi pOdu !!!! yaaru yethai
pathi lecture adikkarathu !!!  ALL TIME for you COD !!)
Tilaga lands - when COD and UBS are slandering their families.
As usual, she shouts at UBS and leaves.

Viswa - Samy and Subha - Megs' transfer issue - Subha promises
to stop the transfer - how??? Mr.Vikram and Subha only know !!!!


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Before we go ahead with today's update, one important announcement!
Send in your question or post it on the thread below…don't miss this golden opportunityEmbarrassed …Hurry Up!!Embarrassed

Monday 11/1/10 Episode No 659

A brief update from Roja folks - she is doing  zillion things
at the same time !!!

Kalai is mooning outside - what do you think??? Time to repent
for his attagasams - driven by athai.  He apologizes to Tilaga and
Megs. Megs does a " kannal kathakali" and tells appa that if he
just plays appa, that is enough - RKO time - ellathukkum azhugai -
ennamO pOngappa.

Danda household.  Danda says that it is not right to house UBS -
" her in laws do not like" Moron, the new Moronandha talks
about how giving asylum to a relative is no sin - oru mini lecture -
Loosu is overjoyed, Danda pada pada nnu kannathile adichindu
sambiraani kaatti soodam koluthittar !!!
UBS stays put.

Sada feels that it is high time he gave a lecture ( hospital le irunthu
vanthu evvalavu naal aachu???)
Talks about Durga and COD mis-
handling UBS. He wants to play pigeon of peace ( patta kooda theriyaatha?? Enna yya aalu nee?) COD says that other than him no
one knows UBS - "let me run my life... and i want some peace... I
deserve that" Sada tries to intervene but for once COD puts his foot

Athai is with maniac - vera enna??? Kalai.... treatment abroad... panam venum... " I have made all the arrangements" - Maniac promises
finance - athai cries and says that she will return the favors. After she
leaves, Samy asks "enna, panam thara pOriyaa??" Maniac answers in
affirmative. Samy dreads the outcome but maniac says that the first
issue to be handled is Subha. Samy wants the modus operandi but
maniac is secretive "na maata maatten..antha Subha thaan matta


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Posted: 12 January 2010 at 12:36am | IP Logged
Before we go ahead with today's update, one important announcement!
Send in your question or post it on the thread below'don't miss this golden opportunityEmbarrassed 'Hurry Up!!Embarrassed

Tuesday Episode No 660 12/1/10 - Update By Priya

Scene starts with Karuna calling keertana and she comes running without noticing the hammer in the floor.. she gets hurt in her toe and blood starts coming.... Karuna comes in rushing screaming at everyone... saying who kept the hammer in the middle way and karuna's mom says that balu was doing some work and so the hammer landed in the middle of hte way in the floor... karuna screams at balu saying no vivasthai... and right then balu comes down and gets upset seeing karuna holding kirtana's foot in his hand.... kirtana notices balu's hanger and does some more real acting saying it hurts a lot and screaming....balu's face turns Angry Angry comes down and screams at both karuna and kirtana... first at kirtana saying you should behave like a lady and put her eyes down in the floor instead of in the sky.. and asks karuna to come with him and does his dhandavam at karuna... Karuna is upset at the same time feeling for kirtana...

Scene shifts to Subha calling maniac while he was in his site... subha asks maniac to come to megs house and if he doesn't come she will go and suicide with a letter in her hand as it is due to maniac only.. maniac rushes to megs house... both maniac and subha goes in and subha breaks the news about megs transferred to Goa by Maniac... everyone (patti, tilaga, kalai) face is shown closely and at long shot and again close shot... now everyone asks why transferring megs to goa and what will the family do as they all depend on megs... Maniac pallai kadichu thooparan... seeing suba with anger and at the same time not showing the anger to megs family and finally subha says that she needs megs back in chennai for her to take part from beginning to end in suba maniac wedding stuff... maniac says ok for not transferring megs.. once that agenda is done.. subha says she has to go and she leaves the house leaving maniac behind...

scene shifts to COD checking with lawyer about divorce... lawyer asks about the reason but COD doesn't say anything and says that it doesn't go well and about their lovely fight everyday.. Now lawyer gives his advice of not to divorce and COD is in no mood to listen.. finally the lawyer says that he can file for mutual separation and lets see if QBS is opposing it or ok with it... depending on that COD will get his divorce...
Freeze on COD face.

Update for Wednesday, January 13, 2010: - By Eljay

Opening scene:  Kalai is sitting outside the house in a chair and thinking.  Vadivu comes and is shocked to see him sitting outside, asks him why he is sitting there, and have they made him sit there, and he says he was just thinking of the past and all the problems in the family and how he has tried to resolve them but has only been getting insulted each time he tried.  Vadivu says he should not make much of Sezhi's Dad talking to him the other day and all this will soon be resolved and takes him inside, saying she has something to tell him.  When they go inside and sit down, Megala comes and offers a cup of coffee - adheppadi they had a cup of coffee ready to produce the instant she went inside?  Enakku appidi poda theriyalaiye!  Vadivu scolds Megala, Tilaga and Patti saying that all they do is drink coffee, don't they ever think of anything else?  (Yes, but why?  What could be better than drinking coffee all the time, velaikku poga vendam, edho appappo boss veetukku poi naalu papers sign vaanginaal pay check varadhu, naan kooda ippadi oru velai irundhal coffee kudichu happy-a iruppen.)  Vadivu tells Kalai about this doctor who can treat him and can make him alright, she says he is in Hyd'bad right now, but will be coming to Chennai in about ten days.  Kalai says that it will be expensive, but she says that she has already make all the arrangements, after all, Vadivu yaaru? 

Right then, Danda and Angu come into the house.  After all the preliminary greetings, they sit down and say they have come to talk about Sakthi.  Athai wants to know, Sakthikku enna?   Danda says that they want to reunite Sakthi and Diwa, so they have come up with a plan.  They want to do a kaadhu kuthal ceremony for the baby, for which Diwa and his family will have to come and then they can get the couple reunited.  Athai pongi ezhundhufies and asks why they are doing it when Sakthi is at her place?  Megala, her mom,and everyone looks helpless, and then Megala explains that Sakthi is at Danda's house.  Athai wants to know why she wasn't kept informed (like nothing should ever happen without her knowledge!) and blasts Danda and Angu, saying enna engalukku kaadhu kutha paarkareengala?  Enga babykku kaadhu kutha engalukku theriyum, and we all know how you people treated Diwa and poor man, he is a nice guy, so he put up with it.  Kalai finally tells her to stop it and not to insult his sambandhi.  She gets offended that her darling thambi Kalai is getting angry with her and leaves.  Danda and Angu also leave, then Kalai tells Tilaga that it is not proper for Sakthi to be staying with them and tells her to go with him and they can bring Sakthi back home with them.

Anbu goes to some sleazy part of town, and asks someone for ganja.  The man tells him that they don't do such things there, and he says that someone told him they did.  Another man comes, hears him out, tells him that they don't do it, but he offers Rs. 1 lakh, tells him that he wants to plant it on someone and the guy agrees to get the ganja.  He takes the cash, and gets him the ganja and then Anbu leaves. This guy is so disgusting.

Balu is shouting at Keertana, asking for his breakfast.  Keertana and her MIL hurriedly serve Balu and Karuna.  Balu asks if they forgot the salt in the chutney, and Keertana tastes a little of the chutney.  Karuna shouts at her, asking her if she doesn't know enough to taste before bringing the food to the table.  Keertana is upset at his shouting at her, while Balu looks pleased.

Thodarum ...


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Update for Monday, Jan 18, 2010:


Opening scene: Karuna is shouting at Keertana for not adding the right amount of salt.  He says she should have shown padhattam when her FIL said there was no salt, instead she tasted a small amount, was she trying to check and see if he was speaking the truth (idhule thappu onnum illaiye?).  He continues to shout at her and Keerthana is upset and leaves the dining room, looking like she is about to cry.  Her MIL also is upset.

Keerthana is crying at the back of the house.  Karuna says he doesn't feel like eating after all this, and gets up, washes his hands, and leaves the dining table.  Mom looks worried, and Balu actually says to the son, Viduda.  After all this, he comes out, looks around, and stealthily makes his way to the back where Keerthana is crying.  He comes up and says, romba thitteetena?  Then he explains that he did that just to make his father believe that he was the one wearing the pants in the family, and would make it all up to her at night.   Keerthana is pleased, tells him to go to work before his father comes and catches him.  He leaves, reluctantly, and Keerthana tells herself that it won't be long before he changes some more and comes around to her side.

Anbu goes with the bag of ganja to the hotel where Subha is staying with her parents and rings the bell to her room.  Subha is surprised to see him, he pretends to be all lovey-dovey, sprinkling his conversation with Darling this and Darling that, she pretends to be shy with her parents present, her fake mom pretends to be shy when Anbu asks her if his calling Subha darling is okay with her, and the fake dad gives his consent since they are going to get married.  In between all this, Megala comes out of the bathroom, and she gets all shy and embarrassed (can't understand why!) and proceeds to blush while Anbu is professing his love for Subha.  Then she finally opens her mouth and says, Sir!, and Anbu is stunned to see her there.  She explains that she was there before he came, and had gone to the bathroom.  She then says that since he loves Subha so much, the occasional anger and tiffs they have do not mean anything and she now sees how much he cares for her.  Anbu is irritated, and right then, the fake dad says that he is hungry, Subha says that they were all planning to go out for lunch at an ordinary restaurant, now that he is there, they can all eat at a fancy place, and Anbu is forced to go along. 

Just before leaving the room, he leaves his cell phone there, and after coming out, he pretends to suddenly notice its absence and goes back to the room to get it.  He quickly removes the ganja from his bag, and puts it in a bag which is in the closet (here's my guess - the bag belongs to Megala, she will take it with her when she comes back from the hotel, and then when she is found with the ganja, she will be arrested, and Anbu will have to go and get her released, and his plan to trap Subha will backfire).

Athai is sitting by herself and crying over the fact that en thambi Kalai is no longer listening to her but is actually telling her not to shout at his wife and family, and the odukaali was looking happy.  Sezhi sees her crying and asks her what the matter is, and she says that her brother Kalai is not the same any more.  She thinks Tilaga is pleased over all this, and Sezhi tells her that everything will be okay once Kalai receives the treatment and is cured.  She is worried about what will happen if he gets cured and still continues to like his family rather than her, and Sezhi tells her not to worry.  After he leaves, Athai tells herself that she will make sure that Megala is not going to be happy.

Thodarum ....

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