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Mayur FF ~ Zindagi Baar Sirf Tumara Saath ~ (Page 8)

FragranceOfLove IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 24 January 2010 at 12:20pm | IP Logged
hey chandni.....

awesome update!

tum bahut hi acha likhti ho.......

loved it to the core!

but update soon again........

i am very curious to know what wud happen next........

do update!


anu123456 Groupbie

Joined: 28 September 2009
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Posted: 26 January 2010 at 2:52am | IP Logged

hey awesome updat...

waitin impatiently... for de nxt part do update soon .. n pls do pm me

C_O_O_L Goldie

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Posted: 27 January 2010 at 11:33am | IP Logged
nice ff...
add pm to ur pm list..
mannnnnn Senior Member

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Posted: 27 January 2010 at 12:47pm | IP Logged
its so romantic touch n mndblowing
hoe u continue like this tht mayur care n love eachother like this
even  after her presence
update soon
me waiting
angelwingz04 Senior Member

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Posted: 27 January 2010 at 3:32pm | IP Logged
Heyy Chandni! =) i just came thru ur FF its really intresting! and i hope this riddhi wont create any kind of mess. and mayank and her were married before? ConfusedUnhappy i m bit sad that nupur wasnt his first love! </3
i hope you will continue soon and plz do add me on ur PM list! =)
Chandni- IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 07 March 2008
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Posted: 27 January 2010 at 5:36pm | IP Logged

I know a lot of you guys are confused about why Ridhi calls him husband you all will find out later on in the story. So please bare with me on this i really appreciate your comments they mean a lot to me and it just makes me want to write more. All you silent readers out there please leave comments. Thanks for reading and enjoy part 4 :) :)


Buzz buzz.

Nupur reached over and turned the alarm. She slowly got up and went to the bathroom and did her brush and then went downstairs did eat her sargi that Shilpa sent her.

"Yeh kya hai, i dont remember putting this here" she lookex at the kitchen counter and walked up to it and took the cover off.

"Fruit?" She said as she remember Shilpa would always send sak and roti why fruit.

The lights all of sudden went off. "Ahhhh...mmmm" Nupur screamed trying to take the hand off her mouth.

"Shh mein hoon" Mayank said taking his hand off her mouth. Nupur looked at him with relieve. Mayank cover her eyes and took her somewhere.

"Where are you taking me " Nupur said as she felt him guiding her somewhere.

She felt a slight breeze, she tell she was outside. Maybe in the gazibo or in the patio. "Where are we Mayank please let me see"

He took his hands off her eyes. "Wowwww!!!" Nupur was surprised to see the gqzibo decorated with lights roses and there in the middle of it was a table with candles and two plates.

"Shall we?" he said taking his hand out and she took it. He took her to the the table and pulled the chair out for her and she sat down. He took his seat also. She took the cover of the plates. There was a plate of fruit and the other had the sak and roti. She looked up at him and she smiled, she started to get teary.

"Thank You" Nupur said as looked at him. Mayank wiped her tears away and held her hand. It kisses it softly and smiled back her.

They ate and talked. Nupur enjoyed yhe time she spent with Mayank and of course the food since she wasnt gonna eat till the chand came out.



"Mayank can you get the door, lagatha hai Samrat aur Gunjan hai" Nupur said shouting from the kitchen. She was cooking lunch for Mayank and Samrat.

"Ha jaathi hoon" he said from the tv room. " man i was watching such a good gAme they had to come now" he said as he walked to the door.
"Hi come on in" Mayank said. Nupur came walking out of the kitchen.

"Hi Gunjan hi bhaiya" she said she hugged them. "Ridhi kaha hai"

Setting down Gunjans bag "umm woh baad main ayeegi" Samrat said.

"oh leken kyun" nupur said as they all walked to the living room.

"because she is not feeling well so she will come tonigt dont worry" Gunjan said sitting next to Nupur.

"teek hai chal khana taiyar hai, samrat mayank chal" Nupur said getting up.

"uhh Nupur mujhe buk nahi hai" Mayank said stopping Nupur.

"kyun subha se kuch nahi khaya" Nupur said putting her hands on her hip and giving them a stern look.

"umm....woh na hum nai...hum nai varath raka" Mayank said looking at Samrat.

"Ohh tum logo nai varath raka hai" Gunjan said looking at Samrat.

"Ha" Samrat scared for what is going to happen. Last year they did the same thing and Nupur/Gunjan were mad.

"Teek hai, close your eyes" Nupur and Gunjan said looking at them and then smiling at each other.

"Kyun" they asked.

"Bas karo"they said and Mayank and Samrat closed their eyes.

They were scared for what was going to happen next. "Samrat it was nice knowing you" Mayank said as he started to sweat "Same here buddy". They grabbed tight onto their chair and loosened up when they felt someonea lips. They opened their eyes to find their wifes kissing them. Gunjan broke apart from Samrat and Nupur from Mayank.

Gunjan and Nupur smiled and started to giggle "Thank you"

Mayank and Samrat looked at each other and started to laugh the girls joined them.


As the day went on Samrat and Mayank were decorating outside and Gunjan and Nupur were decorating inside.

Ring-ring ring-ring Nupur ran to the phone and picked it up.

"Hi Nupur its Ridhi"
"Oh hi kaise ho, Samrat nah kaha ka tumara tabyaat karab ha"
"No i was just tired, i just left their house and while i was going there i saw this familar house."
"ok and what happened"
"Jab mein waha gayi toh dekha kay yeh mera ghar hai" Ridhi said with excitement unable to control.
"Sach, itna kush hoon mein tumara liye" Nupur said putting a big smile on her face.
"Aur guess what, when i went inside i found pictures of me and my husband when we got married, so i will bring it and show you maybe you know him"
"oh my god i am so happy for you, by the way your made it in the newspaper, i hope he saw it"
"same here, ill talk to you when i get their tonight"


"Kaise dekha rahi hoon mein" Nupur said as she twirled around and posed a couple of times in her new red sari with silver and black embroidary.

"Bohat khubsurat aur mein" Gunjan said as she twirled in her sari that was red and white with gold embroidary

"Ek pari kay tarah" Nupur said as she wimked at her.

"Oye miss beauty pagent queens sab logo araha hai jaldi karo" Samrat yelled from downstairs. He was wearing a white sherwani and a red scarf while Mayank was wearing a black sherwani and silver scarf.

"We coming taiyara ho raha hai ek minute" Nupur shouted from upstairs.

Guests started to arrive it was already 8:30. "Hi maa kaise ho" Mayank said as he welcome her and the other guest in.

"Hi beta mein bilkul teek ho aur tum aur Nupur" Shilpa said giving him a hug and then walking towards Samrat. "Hi beta"

"Mein toh teek hoon lekhne Nupur khabar nahi woh toh abhi taiyar ho raha hai" Mayank said laughing. As the party started to get going everybody was waiting for the moon to come out.

"Diya wow you're looking hot" Samrat said giving her a hug.

"Thank you you're not looking bad yourself" she started to giggle "anyways Nupur aur Gunjan kaha hai"

"woh toh abhi bhiiiiiiiiiii" Samrat pointed to the stairs as he said this and couldnt complete his sentence due to this beautiful sight. "M...M..Mayaankkk" he said as he nudged him.

"Kya hai" Mayank said getting annoyed because Samrat disturbed him from hus conversation with his mom.

"Wohh wohh woh dekkk dekho" Samrat said turning Mayanks head towards the stairs.

"Wowwwwwwwwwwww" Mayank and Samrat said at the same time. Nupur and Gunjan were coming down the stairs all the attention was on them. They started to laugh as they saw the face expressions of their husbands. They started to walk towards them. Mayank and Samrat just started to become happy but all of sudden they walked passed them and just started talkingto some random guys. They turned around and winked at them. "Oye Hoye mein maar jawaa" Mayank and Samrat said.


The party was in full motion everyone was enjoying themselves.

"Thank You" Mayank said as he took a cup of winefrom the tray. He was about to drink it when someone stopped him.

"Aj nahi Mayank" Nupur said taking the glass out of his hand and put it on a tray passing by.

"Kyun" Mayank said caressing her cheek.

"Kyunki meine kaha isliye" Nupur said removing his from her cheek as she smiled.

"Teek hai" Mayank said kissing her forehead.

"Sach" Nupur said with excitement.

"Lekhne ek sharat hai" Mayank said smiling.

"Kya" Nupur said wondering what it could be

"Tumhe mujhe ek kiss dekna hoga" he said and started to lean forward. She closed her eyes as the lips were inches apart. She could feel him breathing on her, she started to blush amd turned around and ran away. But before she could run away he caught her dupatta.


Chand chupa badal mein,

Sharmake meri janaa,

He was singing and Nupur became shy as he started to pull her closer with her dupatta.

Chand chupa badal mein,

Sharmake meri janaa,

Seene se lagaja tu,

Mayank pulled Nupur and she hit his chest her wrapped his arms around her as she layed her head against his neck and they swayed.

Balkhake meri janaa,

Ghumsum sa hai,

Gupchup sa hai,

Madhosh hai,

Khamosh hai,

Mayank pulled away from her and then twirled her around.

Ye samaa haa ye samaa,

Kuch aur hai,


O oh oh

Chand chupa badal mein,

Sharmake meri janaa,

Samrat walked towards Gunjan and hugged her from the back. She placed her hand on his cheek and he kissed her hair.

Seene se lagaja tu,

Balkhake meri janaa,

She turned around and kissed him on the cheek.

--Mayank and Samrat--

Nazdekiya badjaane de

As they leaned in to kiss them.

--Nupur and Gunjan--

Are nahi baba nahi abhi nahi nahi,

Moving away and running towards their friends.


Nupur was hiding behind a pillar when she felt Mayank moving her hair.

Ye duriya mith jaane de

He kissed her on her neck.


Are nahi baba nahi abhi nahi nahi,

She sang as she shook her head and stepped back.

Dur se hi tum,

Jee bhar ke dekho


Tum he kho kaise dur se dekhu


Chand ko jaise dekhta chakor hai,

She sang as she walked away from Samrat.


Ghumsum sa hai,

Gupchup sa hai,

He caught her hand before she could any further. He bent down and kissed her stomach. She placed her hand on her hair.

Madhosh hai,

Khamosh hai,

Ye sama ha ye sama,

Kuch aur hai,

--Nupur and Gunjan--

O ohoh

Chand chupa badal mein,

Sharmake jaane janaa,

All the girls walked upto the terrace.

--Samrat and Mayank--

Seene se lagaja tu,

Balkhake meri janaa,

As all the guys walked upto the terrace behind the girls.


Aaja re aaja chanda

Ki jabatak tu na aaye ga

Sajanaa ke chehren ko dekhne

Ye mantersa jayega,


Na na chanda tu nahi aana,

Tu jo aaya to,

Sanam sharma ke kahi chala jayena,

Walking towards Nupur as she made her thali.


Aaja re aaja chanda

Tu lakh duya ye painga,


Na na chanda tu nahi aana,

Varna sanam chalaa jayegaa

Achal mei.n tu chup ja ne de

As Samrat tried to trap Gunjan against the table.


But she escaped

Are nahi baba nahi abhi nahi nahi,

--Song in the background now--

Zulfo mei.n tu kho jaane de

Nupur and Gunjan looked at the moon and then their husbands.

Pyar to naam hai,

Sabar ka hamdum,

They did the arti. Mayank and Samrat just stared at them.

Wohi bhalaa bolo kaise kare hum,

Sawan ki rah jese dekh morr hai,

Ae,rehene bhi do jaane bhi do ab chudo na

Yo modo na

Mayank and gave Nupur water and fed her sweets she bent down and took hus blessings but he stopped her half way.Nupur gave him water and fed.

Ye sama ha ye sama kuch aur hai,


She came running towards Mayank. Mayank had recognized the voice and turned around to see Ridhi

Aaya re aaya chanda,

Nupur turned to see Ridhi running towards Mayank and was shocked

Ab har khwayish puri hogi,

Ridhi ran into Mayanks arms and held on to him tightly

Chandani raat mein har sajani apne,

Mayank couldnt believe his eyes she was in front of his eyes. Thoughts were going through his head like crazy "i thought she died" "her family told me she died how can she be alive" "the news said thay no one survived the bus crash.As her arms were around him. He slowly raised his hands up and embraced her back. Mayank started to cry, he just couldnt believe what was happening.

Sajanaa ko dekhe ki.

"I Love You Mayank" Ridhi said as she had tears coming down

Without thinking about the people around him, "I Love you too Ridhi" he really had no clue what he had just done.

Everyone was shocked at this and couldnt believe there eyes

Nupur stepped back slowly as all their moments together flashed in front of her eyes.she couldnt believe what she just heard from his mouth. When she took care of him cause Ridhi was no more and here Ridhi was looking for her husband. She started to feel dizzy as these thoughts went through her head. " she was looking for her husband, mayank got marriedto me, he was about to get married to her but she died, did they get married before hand? Is this the ridhi that died? How is she alive? Didnt she die? I thought mayank loves me? Didnt mayank forget about her? Does he really love her?". All these questions were going through her head. Her head was hurting her she placed her hands on her head as everything started to become a blur.

Samrat turned around to see Nupur holding her head trying to balance herself. "NUPURRRRRR" he yelled

Mayank heard Samrat yell and broke apart from Ridhi and turned to see Nupur. As everything was thing was turning blurry the last person she saw was Mayank running towards and all she could say was "Mayank" but nothing came out she just mouthed it.

Ok dont kill me for ruining such a romantic moment you knew it had to come some day. I know this wasnt tht long but it made me cry thinking about this. I want to see lots of comments. PLEASE ALL YOU SILENT READERS leave comments it makes me want to write more often if not then i feel like not that many people like it. I hope you enjoyed this part. Thank you for reading and ill try yo update next part soon peace to all. After this i have too say the story is gonna get pretty sad but because of that please dont stop reading i can tell there will be mayur scenes and very sad but it will get happy.

Luv chandni.

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ShwePoo IF-Rockerz

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Very Nice..!!!
..pebo.. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 27 January 2010 at 5:58pm | IP Logged
he very nice part yaar

omg ridhi!!!!!!!!!!

loved mayu in the 1st scene

lovely update

continue sooon

pls pm me

love pebo

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