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Mayur FF ~ Zindagi Baar Sirf Tumara Saath ~ (Page 5)

x.Heena.x Goldie

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Posted: 10 January 2010 at 4:15pm | IP Logged
hey when u updating????  please do soon...i really wana see nupurs reaction to riddhi being bk in mayanks life...

Chandni- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 10 January 2010 at 10:36pm | IP Logged

"Ridhi" Mayank said as he looked at her. She was bowing down and saying thank you when they made eye contact. "Oh no she's seen me" he said as he quickly turned his back towards the stage and faced Nupur. He looked back and saw that she had already left the stage. "Nupur woh lardki kaha gai"

"Kyon sa lardki" Nupur said confused as she looked at his shocked face.

"Woh lardki jo ghana ga raha tha" Mayank said as Nupur gave him a weird look and still eating the paneer Mayank had sweetly order for her.

"Tum teek ho" she said as she put her fork down to check his forehead to make sure he wasnt sick or anything.

"Ha mein teek hoon lekhen woh kaha gai" Mayank said as he was scanning the room for her.

Nupur started laughing, "Mayank woh jo gha raha tha voh ek lardka tha lardki nahi" she couldn't control her laughter. She stopped after a while. Mayank was really confused wither he had seen her or not. Mayank and Nupur had finished their dinner. Mayank paid for the bill and they walked out.

While in the car Mayank was thinking,"Woh ek lardka tha, no way, mein use dehka" he coukd have sworn that it was her singing. Mayank drove into the driveway, "I must have drank Nupur's drink by accident." Mayank saw that Nupur was sleeping, she had had a very long day. Mayank got out of the car and opened the front door. He walked back to the car.

"Nupur wake up" he said softly as he undid her belt.

"Mmmm" Nupur said as she woke up slowly. "Carry me" she said as she stretched her arms out in front of him.

"Kya" he said as he looked at her.

"Carry me" she said as she started to drift back to sleep.

"Teek hain" Mayank said as he put his hand around her waist and the other under her legs and lifted her. He closed the car door behind him and walked towards the door. He walked inside and told Silvia their servant to close and lock the door. He walked up the stairs, towards their room, and steped inside the room placing her on the bed. He took her shoes off and put the blanket over her. He kissed her forehead, "Good Night", he looked at her smile in her sleep she was so cute. He walked to the bathroom and changed. He came out and layed on his side of the bed thinking about what had happened in the early morning with Nupur's dream and what had happened two hours ago.

"Jo meine aj dehkliya kya woh sach tha ya mera vaham" he said as he pulled the blanket over him too. He was scared about what happened with Nupur and him. He turned to his side and faced Nupur's back. He put his hands around her and snuggled with her. She turned around to face him and opened her eyes.

"I Love You" she said as she snuggled with him to.

Mayank bent down and kissed her forehead, "I Love You too" he said as Nuour and him slowly drifted off to sleep.


7:30 a.m.

The next day was Sunday so Mayank didnt have to go to work. Both Nupur and Mayank slept in late. Mayank was laying flat on hus stomach with one of his arms around Nupur. Nupur woke up at the sound of a phone call. Ring-ring ring-ring.

"Hello" Nupur said as she rubbed her eyes.

"Hello Nupur beta mein Shilpa bolo rahi hoon" Shilpa said.

"Namaste maa kaise ho" Nupur said removing Mayank's arms from around her.

"Namaste beta bilkul teek hoon aur tum log kaise hai"

"Bilkul teek hai baas abhi utha" Nupur said getting out of bed.

"Aur Mayank"

"Woh abhi sao raha hai" She said as she walked towards the window.

"Acha teek mein ohone rakthi hoon"

"Teek ma bye" She said as she walked back towards the bed.

"Bye beta" she hung up the phone. Nupur walked to the side of the bed and placed the phone down. She sat on the bed next to Mayank.

"Baby utho" she said as she moved his hair from his face.

"Mmmm" he said as he turned his head the other way trying to go to sleep.

"Utho naa baby" she said as she leaned in and kissed his forehead.

"Sona dai na yaar" Mayank said as he turned around so he was laying on his back.

Mayank's eyes were closed as Nupur leaned in towards his lips. She could feel his breath on her lips, "Mayank wake up" she said as she leaned in closer and closed the gap between them. He wrapped his hands around her waist and kept kissing her, but she tried to pull apart, but failed. Mayank could feel that she was trying to pull away so he grabbed her tighter and rolled her under him so now he was on top of her as they were still kissing. Mayank pulled away and gazed into her beautiful eyes. She gazed back and closed her eyes as he leaned in and kissed her again, he pulled away and started to kiss her chin and move down her throat. He slowly kissed her and she started moan.

"Mayank jaane dijiya" she said as he moved his lips passionately onto her shoulder.

"Teek hai" he said as he got off of her and was about to get off the bed when she grabbed his hand. He turned around and looked at her. She ran her fingers through his hair and slowly brought him closer. They were about to kiss again.

"Mayank mujhe kabhi choro ka maat jao" she said as she leaned in and kissed him. He pulled apart, "Kabhi nahi" he leaned in and kissed her shoulder he intertwined his fingers with her and stretched her arm out. He slowly pulled away getting a breath. He turned her around slowly as her back was facing him now. He untied her salwar kameez slowly and kissed yer bare back. She moaned he kissed her ear and said, "I Love You" as he pulled the blanket over them.



Nupur laid on his bare chest and his arms were around her. She woke up at a beautiful sight. Mayank was looking down at her, "Hi" he said as he saw her smile at him. She leaned him and gave him a small peck on the lips, "Hi". She got up after a while and went to go take her shower, Mayank went back to sleep knowing that once Nupur was done she would wake him up.

"Mayank utho" Nupur said as she came out of the bathroom. She sat infront of her mirror to get ready, she put her churiyas on and ghahna on. She put her bindya on and was about to put sindoor on when she felt his hand stop. She looked at him confused through the mirror. He bent down and laid his head on her shoulder. He took the sindoor and filled her maang and then kissed it and went to take a shower.

Nupur was in the kitchen making breakfast. She saw that she didn't have milk for the chai so she went to go get some. She left a note for Mayank since he always takes so long in the shower 10 min shower but 20 mins is spent doing his hair.

"Driver market chalo" Nupur said as she sat in the car. In just a while she arrived there.

Nupur bought the milk and started walking towards car when she some young lady crossing the street when a big truck was coming towards her. Nupur dropped everything and ran .

"Oye Lardki samna ek gadi araha hai" Nupur yelled as she ran the truck was only a few feet away she kept running.
The lady turned it around to see the truck just inches away when she was pulled right out of it.

"Pagal ho, are you mad, gadi nahi dekha" Nupur shouted as she was breathing hard.

"Sorry mujhe dehka nahi jab mein cross kar raha thi" she said as she started to cry.

"Please roh na maat" Nupur said as she walked closer and gave her a hug. She started sobing.

"Chal mein tumhe ghar drop kardo ga" Nupur said as she pulled apart.

"Im new here, I just came today from the hospital, mujhe kuch yaad nahi hai baas apni pathi ko doond raha hai" She said as she stopped Nupur.

"Tumara pathi ka koi phone hai jise tum use phone kar saktha hai" Nupur said worried about her.

"Ha lekhen uska number yaad nahi hai lekhen mera paas uska photo hai" she said as Nupur kinda had hope for her. Nupur had lived here all her life she knows mostly everyone.

"Photo dikha" Nupur said extending her arm out.

"Ha ek mintue" she said as she looked around in her pursefor the photo. She couldn't find and looked everywhere on the ground she went to pick up and started to cry again.

"Kya hua" Nupur said as she saw her walk back with tears again.

"Mera photo ab nahi raha" she said as she showed Nupur the photo. There were tred marks on it so you couldn't see the face.

"Im so sorry" Nupur said walking her towards the car. They both sat in the car and the driver drove away. Nupur was looking at her looking out the window and crying a little. Nupur called Gunjan to see if she could stay with her because her and Samrat lived in the same city.

"Gunjan ek lardki mille street par use kuch yaad nahi hai, woh uska pathi doond raha hai is shahara mein, kya woh tum logo kai saath ra sakthi hai" Nupur said hoping that Gunjan will agree.

"Ek mintue tumara bhai se baath kar" Gunjan said and then handed the phone to Samrat. "Hello" he said.

"Hi bhaiya" Nupur said knowing her brother agrees to what ever she wants.

"Bolo kya hai" he said grabbing Gunjan before she could leave and pulled her closer. Samrat put Nupur on speaker.

"Ek lardki mille street par use kuch yaad nahi hai, woh uska pathi doond raha hai is shahara mein, kya woh tum logo kai saath ra sakthi hai" Nupur said as she started to smile because she could hear Gunjan in the back saying let go of me.

"Teek hai" Samrat said as he hung up the phone and moved Gunjan's hair from her neck and kissed her. Nupur was so happy that Samrat agreed she was about to tell her wheb she saw that she was asleep.

"Driver bhai ka ghar chal" mean while at Samrat's house they both were really happy not that the lady was coming but that they finally finished the baby's room. They have been working on for a week.

"Dekha Gunjan how do you and the baby like it " he said as he laid his head on her shoulders and put hus arms around her stomach gently.

"Hume bohat acha laga" Gunjan said patting his cheek.

"How do you knkw the baby likes it" Samrat said as he smilled.

"Kyunki woh mujhe kick kar raha hai matlab woh kaha rahi hai kai maa mujhe bahar ana hai mera kamara dekh na hai" Gunjan said as she started to laugh and so did Samrat. He turned her around and gazed into her beautiful eyes and leaned in to kiss her.

Ding Dong "Araa yaar Nupur abhi ana tha" he said. Gunjan started laughing, "Thats not funny" he said " Ab dekh mein kya kar thi hoon" he leaned in.

Gunjan tried to push him back, Samrat stop jao Nupur wait kar raha hai jao" she said as she looked at his face he was mad she just started to laugh. Samrat let go of her and turned around and started walking towards the door and then turned around and ran and gave her a kiss. Gunjan was shocked and then they both started laughing he went to the door and opened it.

"Ithna der kyun kiya bhai" Nupur said laughing.

"Kuch nahi yaar undar aao" He said still laughing as he let them in. Gunjan managed her way towards the living room where they were.

Nupur got up at the sigh of Gunjan and gave her hug. "Kaise ho, bhai tujhe tang toh nahi kar raha hai" Nuour said laughing afterwards.

"Bilkul teek hoon, tumara bhai toh mujhe bohat tang karta hai" Gunjan started to laugh and saw the look on Samrat's face and then stopped but couldn't hold back her laughter and just started again.

They all sat down, "Bhaiya yeh hai" Nupur stopped she didn't even know her name.

"Mein hoon Ridhi" she said. Nupur was shocked to hear that name after so long.

"Hi Ridhi mein hoon Samrat Nupur ka bhai and yeh hai mera patni Gunjan Nupur ka bhabi aur best friend. Samrat said looking at Gunjan and then Nupur.

"Ridhi you are going to stay here, I would love for you to stay with me but i would have to ask my husband" nupur said as she got up to leave.

"Nupur, thank you" Ridhi said as she gave her a small hug.

"Your welcome and anytime you need me give me a call Samrat has my number" Nupur said walking out the door

Nupur arrived home to find Mayank sitting at the table with a worried look he was crying. Nupur ran to him, "Mayank kya hua" she said as she laid a hand on her shoulder.

"Nupur" he said as he turned around and hugged her. "Tum kaha gai thi" he asked worried. Nupur started to laugh because he didnt read the note. "Tum kyun has raha hai, mein kitha na worried thi janthi ho" Mayank said breaking apart from her.

"Mayank mera saath chalo" Nupur took him to the kitchen and pointed towards the fridge. Mayank walked towards the fridge and started to laugh and so did Nupur. She hit his head slightly, "buthu" she said as they walked back to the table.

"Toh milk kaha hai" Mayank said as they sat down.

"Oh shoot" Nupur said hitting her head. "Actually kya hua Mayank, is that I bought the milk but then when i was walking back to the car I saw the girl just walking across the street and a truck was coming towards her. I dropped the milk and ran and pulled her away. She's staying bhai's place kyunki woh kuch bhi yaad nahi kartha sab kuch bulgaya. She came here to find her husband she had a picture but not anymore." Nupur looked really said Mayank took her and pulled her onto his lap.

"Uska naam kya tha" Mayank asked. Nupur was scared to tell afraid it would bring back memorys.

"Woh woh uska naam" Nupur said looking around. "Uska naam hai Ridhi" She said as she looked at his face. Mayank face turned dead. Hearing that name brought all these memorys back. ( when he saved her from the goons and saved her from getting hit by a car he remembered everytime he had saved her). Mayank started to cry, Nupur knew why she hugged him tight holding his head against her chest. "Shhhhh" Nupur said trying to calm him down and rubbed his back.

"Mein use bohat miss kartha hoon, kash woh use dhuniya mein hai" Mayank said as he sobbed. "Bohat pyar kartha hoon ise" Nuour felt really hurt by his words, she knew she wasnt his first love but she was still hurt. She patted his hair down and pulled apart from Mayank she got up and walked upstairs. Mayank was wondering what's wrong but then he remembered what he had said, "Mein use bohat miss kartha hoon, kash woh use dhuniya mein hai, bohat pyar kartha hoon ise".
"Yeh meine kya kaha diya" he said as he got up. He walked outside and saw Nupur sitting next to the pool, she was wearing a skirt and a tank top. Mayank had to get her to smile and then say sorry. He had a plan.
He went upstairs and changed and than came back downstairs and walked outside. Nupur saw him coming from the corner of her eye. She wiped away her tears as he came closer. Mayank knew that she knew he was coming. He walked around her and then jumped in the pool. Nupur got splashed and she screamed, "Mayankkkkkk". Mayank came out of the water to see Nupur soaked.

"Andar aao" Mayank said swimming towards her.

"Nahi mujhe nahi ana hai" Nuour said she was still upset at what Mayank had said. And plus she couldn't swim. "mujhe swimming nahi aata tum jaanthi ho" as she got up seeig Mayank swim closer to her. Nupur started to walk away and Mayank out of the water he combed his hair back with his fingers and started walking towards Nupur. Nupur noticed that and started running, Mayank ran after her. She ran around the pool careful trying not to slip and she ran inside the pool shower and locked the door. Mayank ran up to the door and knocked on it, she wouldn't open the door he walked to the bench and laid down sun bathing. He had his sunglasses on his hair was wet and he was looking hot as ever. He looked up to see the shower door open. Nupur came out wearing a one piece bathing suit. Mayank stood up and his jaw dropped. Nupur walked closer to him, "mu band kar machar undar ayai gee" Nupur said walking past him and laughing. She walked towards the pool and stepped in the shallow area and started to swim she went below. Mayank was shocked to see her swim, she came up from under the water and saw Mayank shocked.

"andar aao na" she said as she kept swimmimg.

Mayank was happy to see a smile on her face, he jumped into the water. He swam up to her ans took a hold of her. "im sorry" he said and Nupur looked down as she started to cry again. He lifted her head up and wiped her tears. "Jo bhi meine kaha voh sach tha lekhen woh mera past tha, lekhen tum mera presenr or future ho, mein sirf tumse pyar kartha hoon aur kisi nahi sirf tum" he said looking into Nupur's eyes. Nupur was still sad she pulled away and swam to the otherside of the pool. Mayank had tears coming down he had hurt her so much today.

Nupur turned around to see Mayank's eyes watery, he was crying. Mayank saw her looking at him he wiped his tears away and swam to the stairs. Nupur saw that he was truly and deeply sorry, she swam up to him and laid a hand on his shoulder, he stopped and turned around. His eyes were red and tears were coming down from the them. She wiped his tears away and cupped hus face in her hands. "Mayank" she said as she looked into eyes.

"Nupur i'm so so" he said, but couldn't finish his sentence because her lips had stopped him. She pulled away from him and smiled. Mayank was still upset, she leaned in and said "I" kiss "Love" kiss "You" and pulled apart. Mayank smiled and kissed her, he pulled away , "I love you". They both walked into the house and went to change.



Nupur was downstairs cooking in the kitchen. Mayank came downstairs and saw Nupur in the kitchen. Mayank sneaked into the kitchen and put his arms around her waist.

"Ahhh" nupur said "Mayank" as she turned around.

"Tum jaanthi ho kai mein ho toh tum chila kyun" Mayank said as he pulled her closer to him.
"meine so cha tha kai ek booth tha" Nupur said turning around to cut the vegetables. Mayank slowly moved her hair from her neck and kissed her. She hits his head "Mayank mujhe kam karna do" she said putting the vegetables in a boiling pot of water. He ignored her and kept kissing her her kissed her shoulder and made his way to her neck she slowly turned around and closed her eyes. He kept kissing her on her neck. He moved her hair from around her shoulder and kept kissing her.

ring-ring ring-ring, "Mayank phone" nupur said softly as he kissed her cheeks.

"baj na do" he said kissing her lips and her chin.

"Mayank phone" she said trying to push him away, but he wouldn't budge. Ring-ring ring-ring "AhHHHHhH" nupur screamed turning around, the vegetables were starting burn. "Mayank ja kar phone lay, yeh tune kai kar diya" Nupur said trying to save the vegetables, Mayank started to laugh as he walked towards the phone.

"Hello" mayank said trying to control his laughter.

"Kya mein Nupur se baath kar saktha hoon" she said. Mayank dropped the phone and his mouth fell open. "Hello" "Hello koi hai"

Thats it for today sorry guys for the late post ive been busy with school i might not be able to post next week and if i do it will be short. Thanks for all the previous comments very sweet of guys. Plz comment again thanks for reading.

Ps: as u guys have must noticed Nupur doesnt know what Mayank's ridhi looks like.

Luv Chandni

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mayurarti IF-Sizzlerz

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Faria. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 11 January 2010 at 1:41am | IP Logged
Hi chandni,
Again an awesome update dear.
it was fantastic and wonderful update.
loved it tooooooooooo much.
Hey loved the romantic mayur.
they r so sweet,
Oh poor mayu- he didnt forget his first love.
and its hurt nups also. but she is such a sweet heart.
loved how nups console mayank
Oh my GOD nupur saved ridhi.
Ab kya hoga?
Its looks really very very interesting dear.
it was an amazing part.
Now i m eagerly waiting to know what happen next.
plz try to update asap.
Take Care

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Angle. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 January 2010 at 2:18am | IP Logged

it's soooooooooooo nice and romanctic

i just loved it

i fell so sad 4 nups

now what will happen?

pls cont soon

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Contradiction01 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 January 2010 at 5:24am | IP Logged
hey....wesome was a fab cont soon...
wid luv
-afsha- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 11 January 2010 at 7:23am | IP Logged


It was awesum update loved it

Nups is really good at heart tabhi toh she got an unknown gal to the house

But i dnt want this gal to break Mayur's relation as Mayu still Loves her

Liked all Mayur moments

Evn Sajan was awesum

Sam really loves Nupa a lot tabhi toh witout any info he kept her at his house jus that Nups said

Mayu still loves her is shock

He says Nups is her present but he still loves Ridhi is somwat odd
tehzeeb25 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 January 2010 at 8:21am | IP Logged
gr8888 prt
update next prt  soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooon plezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
thanx 4 d pm

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