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Mayur FF ~ Zindagi Baar Sirf Tumara Saath ~ (Page 2)

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Great CS
Add me to ur pm list
And pm me wenevr u update

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sanjana yadav



























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hey do pm me when u update
i have sent u a buddy req
nice story..........
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looks very interesting..!
do continue soon
plz PM me when you update..
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loved it plz pm me
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greattt concept...i was always waiting for something like this...something that would show nupur fighting for mayank...i hopw mayank does the sensible thing!!
brilliant idea....please pm me when u update your parts...thanks
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nice cs. pls pm me when u update
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" Surprise " they all shouted coming out from behind the couch and counter as Mayank opened the door to his and Nupur's house.

" Oh my god yeh sab kya hai " Nupur said looking at all the decorations. There were white balloons everywhere and red petals were layed perfectly around the whole room. Red and white were their favorite colors.

" Happy first annviersary" Samrat shouted giving Mayur a big hug.

" Tum sab undaar kaise ayi " Mayank said looking at everything and everybody till he spotteed someone.

" Maa, tune yeh sab kiya na" he said walking up too her and giving her a hug.

" Happy first annversary beta, lekhen meine toh sirf use undar ana diya" Shilpa said breaking apart from her son to go to Nupur.

" Happy Anniversary beta" Shilpa said hugging Nupur.

" Thank you Ma" Nupur said breaking apart. Nupur started walking towards Gunjan. Gunjan could'nt wAlk there because she was 7 1/2 months pregnant.

" i still cant believe mein fai bahno ga" Nupur said as she hugs Gunjan. " Jaanti hoon Nupur kitni baar kaha hai yeh tune" she said laughing as Nupur was standing next her.

" Nupur, Mayank idhra ana please" she said with two boxes wrapped in white and gold with a red bow on top. Mayank and Nupur walked over to Shilpa, everyone was looking at them wondering what was in the boxes.

" yeh tum dono kahliya hai" she said handing them the boxes. " Eeeee gift, mujhe gifts Bohatttt pasand hai" Nupur said with excitment. " We Know Nupur" everyone said laughing. " Uhh yeh meri moment hai tum sab ise barbad kari ho" she said laughing and opening her gift. " Maa yeh karni ki sarorath kya hai " Mayank said looking at Nupur opening the gift like a child. " Open it at least " Shilpa said.

Mayank and Nupur opened the gifts and were surprised. " Maa " Mayank said. Nupur and Mayank headed upstairs to their room.

Everyone was talking and eating. More of there friends started coming, Uday, Dia, Benji and others. Samrat went to go a drink, " Wowwwwwwww" he said. Everyone turned there head to where Samrat was looking. It was Mayank and Nupur they came downstairs. Nupur was wearing a red and white saree with silver embroidary, her hair was curled and draped over her shoulders and she was a diamond necklace with long earrings. Walking downstairs next to her was Mayank, he was white pants with a red shirt ironed to perfection with a white coat on top of that.

" toh yeh auntie tum logo ko diya" samrat said putting hus drink down on the table and walked to Nupur. " ha, maa ne hume yeh hi diya pasand aya" nupur said twirling around so Samrat could see the whole saree. Samrat leaned in to kiss her head " bilkul ek pari ki tarah dekti ho tum" he said and walked back. " Kya meri liya koi complements nahi" Mayank said putting his hands on his waist looking at Samrat. " Tum itni bhi buri nahi legarahi hai" Samrat said laughing. " Bhaiya " Nupur said laughing and then stopped when Mayank gave her a look " Mayank tum toh DDLJ ki Raj ki tarah dekthi ho" she said pinching his nose. Mayank smiled and leaned his cheek in. " besharam sab dekha raha hai " Nupur said blushing and walked to Gunjan.

Nupur , Gunjan and Dia were talking about the news things going on in life.

" May i have a dance" Nupur turned around to see Mayank on his knees with his hand out in front if her. She was about to lay her hand in his but he moved his hands toward Dia. Dia looked shocked, looked at Nupur who turned away. Dia looked back at Mayank, who than winked at her and she layed her hand in his. He got up from his knees and looked at Nupur who gave him a stern look, he turned around and led Dia to the floor. Nupur knew he was onky doing this because she said no to givin him a kiss in the cheek, so she decided to play along. Benji came up to her " May i have a dance with you " he put his hand out in front of her. Nupur looked Mayank who was shocked at Benji's move, Nupur gave him a nasty look and layed her hand in Benji's and they walked to the dance floor

Samrat walked to the stereo and played the music he walked up to Gunjan and winked at her.

Kaise bataayein, kyun tujhko chahe, yaara bataa na paaye.
Baatein dilo ki, dekho jo baaki, aankhein tujhe samjhaye.
Tu jaane na .. tu jaane na .. tu jaane na .. tu jaane na

Mayank Dia and Nupur Benji were dancing hand in hand. Mayank put his hands around Dia's waist which made Nupur frustrated she slowly put her hands around Benji's neck.

Milke bhi, hum na mile, tum se na jaane kyun. meelon ke, hai faasle, tum se na jaane kyun. anjaane, hai silsile, tum se na jaane kyun. sapne hai, palkon tale, tum se na jaane ooo...

Mayank pulled apart from Dia and pulled her closer again. benji did the same thing with Nupur. Benji pulled back again and twirled Nupur letting her go, Mayank did the same thing letting Dia go. Mayank caught Nupur before she fell her eyes were closed he bent down and gave her a small kiss on her neck and brought her back up. Dia and Benji just walked off of the floor watching Mayur dance in the own world where no one else exisited.

Kaise bataayein, kyun tujhko chahe, yaara bataa na paaye.
Baatein dilo ki, dekho jo baaki, aankhein tujhe samjhaye.
Tu jaane tu jaane na .. tu jaane na .. tu jaane naaaa...

Mayank pulled apart from Nupur and pulled her back closer, he placed his hands on her waist as she placed hers around his neck.

Nigahon mein dekho meri, jo hai bas gayaaa..
Woh hai milta tumse hubahuu..
Ooo, jaane teri aankhein thi ya, baatein thi wajaaa..
Hue tum jo dil ki aarzoo...
Tum paas ho ke bhi, tum aas ho ke bhiii, ehsaas ho kee bhi, apne nahi...

Aise hain, humko gile, tumse na jaane kyun.
Meelon ke, hain faasle, tum se na jaane
Tu jaane na .. tu jaane na .. tu jaane na .. tu jaane na

Nupur slowly layed her head against his chest. She could hear his every heart beat that was only beating for her. Her hair was draped over her shoulders, Mayank pulled hair her back gently and he planted several kisses on her bare shoulders. Nupur started to fell weak as he kept touching her, he raised his head back up and gazed into her eyes.

Ooo jaane na jaane na jaane na .. aaa tu jaane na ..
Khayalon mein, lakhon baatein yun tu keh gaya...
Bola kuch na tere samne...
Ooo, huea na be-gaane bhi tum hoke haar kein...
Dekho tum na mere hi bane.
Afsos hota hai, dil bhi yeh rota hai, sapne sanjota hai, pagla hua...

He lowered his head near her ears. He kissed her ear lobe as he said " Happy First Anniversary, I Love You" he brought his head up back and looked at her, she smiled. She got on her tippy toes and went to his ear " Happy First Anniversary, I Love You Too" she brought tippy toes down a litlle and leaned in, she gave him a litlle peck on the cheek. He smiled and hugged her.

Soche ye, hum the mile, tumse na jaane kyun.
Meelon ke, hain faasle, tum se na jaane kyun.
Anjaane, hai silsale, tum se na jaane kyun.

Sapne hain, palkon tale, tum se na jaane kyun.uuu....
Kaise bataayein, kyun tujhko chahe, yaara bataa na paaye.
Baatein dilo ki, dekho jo baaki, aankhein tujhe samjhaye.
Tu jaane naa.. tu jaane na .. tu jaane na .. tu jaane na
Tu jaane na .. tu jaane na .. tu jaane na .. tu jaane na .. tu jaaaane na...

As the song finshed Mayur were still dancing. There heart beats became the song to their love. " ahemmmmm" Samrat said trying to get their attention but it didnt work they were stilling hugging and dancing. " Ahhhhhh mera paat " Nupur came back to their world, she saw Gunjan with her hand to her stomach. " Gunjan tum teek ho" trying to get out of Mayank's grip who was still lost. " Mayank mujhe choro" Nupur saud bringing Mayank back to earth. He loosened his grip and Nupur ran to Gunjan.

"Gunjan tum teek ho" Nupur said worried looking at her and check her forehead. " HaHaHaHaaaaa" Samrat started laughing, " Samrat your wife is in pain and your standing laughing. " I laughing because shes not really in pain " Samrat said laughing still " HaHaHaHaaaaaaa". " KYA?" Nupur said standing up in front of Samrat. " Gunjan just acted so you and Mayank would come back to Earth, you guys were dancing after the music stopped" Samrat said as he stopped laughing looking at Nupur's face turn red.

" KYA yeh ek joke ta" Nupur was red with fury she stomped her way to the window. Samrat saw that she was really hurt by his and Gunjan's actions. Samrat walked up to Nupur, "Nupur I am sorry" he said as he layed his hand on her shoulder. She shrugged it off. Samrat put before his hands on her shoulders and slowly turned her around, he saw that Nupur had tears streaming down. " Nupur were sorry please hume maaf kardo " he said wiping Nupur's tears away. " k kyun m maa maaf k kkardo " Nupur said trying to control hear tears. " tune mera saath bohat galath kiya" Nupur said as she controled her tears. Samrat gave her a huge hug, Nupur had no choice but to hug him back. Samrat squeezing her tight " i am sorry please hume maaf kardo" he said rubbing her back. " teek hai lekhne agali baar toh bilkul bhi nahi karogi" she said breaking apart.

The rest of the party went well everyone ate and enjoyed themselves.

" teek hai Maa bye and drive carefully" Mayank said closing the door as his mom walked out.

"Gunjan, baby aur tumara kayal rakna teek hai" Nupur said hugging Gunjan softly. " Woh toh mein hi karunga " Samrat said hugging Nupur " lekhen mera kayal kaun rakanga". " Mein hoon na tumara behan " Nupur said laughing. " Bye Samrat, bye Gunjan" Mayank said as he closed the door. Mayank turned to go upstairs when he stopped in his tracks.

He saw Nupur trying to clean tye mess their guests had left. He slowly walked up to her and sneaked his hands around her waist, while he layed his head on her shoulder. " what are you doing" Mayank said though he knew exactly what she was doing. She patted his cheek " kam kar raha ho dek nahi sakthi" she said chuckling a little. Mayank grabbed her hands and wrapped them around her waist, stopping her from cleaning. " Kya karahi ho mujhe choro Mayank" she said trying to get out. Mayank let go of her, " itani jaldi chordiya" Nupur said with an upset face. " Kya " Mayank said as he saw Nupur starting to run, he ran after her. She ran through the kitchen and he followed her " You wont be able to catch" Nupur said running out of tye kitchen towards the living room as Mayank turned around and rans towards her " just wait and watch" he said. She ran upstairs as fast as she could without tripping because she was wearing a saree, he followed her up to their room. She opened the door to their and ran inside, she was running until she slipped on something. She grabbed Mayank's shirt because he was right behind her. They both fell on the bed Nupur landed on top of Mayank.

Mayank moved Nupur's hair behind her ear, Nupur started to blush. Nupur tried to get up when Mayank pulled her back and rolled over her, now he was on top of her. He gazed into her eyes and leaned closer, she closed her eyes. He leaned closer and gave her a kiss on her forehead. She opened her eyes and smiled, he smiled back. He leaned in again and kissed her cheek, Nupur closed her eyes slowly as Mayank leaned in and kissed her neck. He moved up to her lips and turned off the lights as he kissed her passionately. The night died away slowly and sweetly.


2:30 A.M.
Nupur was tossing and turning uncontrolably, while Mayank was sleeping peacefully.

" Mayank please mujhe chorka maat jao" she was saying tossing and turning, " please tum sirf meri ho, maat jao iski saath" she was sweating like crazy.

" MAYANKKKKKKKKKKKK" she yelled getting up from her bed. Mayank woke up to see Nupur breathing heavy and scared.

"Nupur kya hua" Mayank said hugging and rubbing her back to calm her down.

" Mayankkk aaaaaa" she was crying, she hugged Mayank back and held on to him tightly. " please m mujhe akala kabhi maat choro" she said sobing and hugging him tight.

" Nupur tum yeh kya bolo rahi ho, mein tume choro kar kahi nahi jaogi" he said wiping her tears and putting her hair behind her ear.

"promise karo" Nupur said as she calmed down a little.

"promise" Mayank said as he leaned in to kiss her forehead, she smiled a little. " teek hai ab so jao" Mayank said helping Nupur lay down.

Nupur snuggled up to Mayank, he could tell she was really scared, he pulled the blanket over them and wrapped his arms around her.

Nupur felt safe in his arms, but was still scared. " Woh lardki kyon thi jo meine apni sapna mein dehka" she thought as she closed her eyes and fell asleep.

Mayank saw that Nupur had fallen asleep, " why was she thinking that i would leave, koi baat toh hai" he leaned in to kiss her head and fell asleep.

Mayank and Nupur fell sleep worried about each, not knowing what is going to happen in the days to come.


Mayank left for work early because he had a meeting to attend. Nupur was still sleeping he kissed her head and left.

While driving to work he was thinking of how to make Nupur's mood better. He stopped at a traffic signal, " Idea mein use dinner par le jaounga" he said smilingand he drove off.

Nupur took her shower, got ready and went downstairs. While eating breakfast she decided to go to the mandir.

" driver mandir le chalo" Nupur said sitton in the car. " Ji mam" the driver said.

She was midway there, "mein Mayank ko phone karta hoon, dektha hoon iska meeting kaise gai".
Ring ring ring please leave you message after the beep. " Mayank laghtga hai tum abhi meeting mein ho, jab puri ho toh mujhe phone karna" Nupur said hanging up.

" Mam mandir agaya" the driver said stopping in front of the mandir.

" teek hai yaha ruko mein darshan karka athi hoon" Nupur said stepping out of the car. Nupur walked to the stall next to the stairs and bought a arti thali. She took her shoes off and walked up the stairs.

Dinggg! Nupur rang the bell in the mandir. " hey maa mera aur Mayank ka rishta jora kai rakhna" Nupur when to take prasad and walk down the stairs to get her shoes.

It was 2:30 P.M. "Mayank ka phone kyun nahi aya abhi tak" she said walking down the stairs. Ring ring ring, Nupur looked at her phone it was Mayank.

" hello Mayank meeting kaise gai" Nupur walking towards the car.

" it went great hume deal mil gayye" Mayank said walking to his car. " accha tum ghar par ho?" Mayank asked hoping she would say no.
" nahi mein mandir mein gahi thi lekhne ab jao raha hoon" Nupur said sitting in the car

" Nupur driver ko phone dai" Mayank said sitting in the car.
Nupur was wondering why he wanted to talk to the driver as she gave him the phone, " yeh lo sir tumse baat karna chatha hai".

" yes sir, ji sir, ok sir" the driver said giving Nupur back the phone

" kya baat thi Mayank" she said as the driver started to drive.

" kuch nahi , ghar par miltha hai bye love you" Mayank said hanging up.

Sitting in the car, she noticed the driver just passed the street to go home.

" you just passed the street to go home what are you doing" yelling at him. The driver just kept driving ignoring everything Nupur said

" ghari ruko" Nupur screamed " GHARI RUKOOOOOO" she screamed and fldriver stopped the car.

Nupur stepped out of the car, she was angry she had no clue where she was and what she was doing there but she was too angry to think about that. She looked at her surroundings she was in a park, she saw a bench and went to go sit there.

she was sitting down on the bench all of sudden she felt some one put a blind fold on her and put their hand over her mouth.

" Ahhhhhhhh" she screamed but nobody could hear her. " mujhe choro she tried to scream but it was no use.

The guy made her sit in the car. She felt the roar of the engine start.

" hey bhagwan mujhe bachao" she thought. The guy had one hand on her mouth and other on the stirring wheel. To Nupur if felt lyk ther were driving for 10 mins, the drive and the door opened. The guy grabbed her and took her out of the car. She had tears coming down her eyes, he took his hand off her mouth "please mujhe choro mein kisi ko nahi baathunga is barahma" all of a sudden she felt his hand sneak around her waist, she still had her blindfold on, " Ahhhhhhhh" she screamed afraid of what was going to happen next. He gripped her stomach because she was wearing a saree.

" Mayank" she said, she could notice his touch anywhere.

He took of the blindfold and turned her around so she was facing him.

" tume kaise paath chala" Mayank said wiping her tears.

" kyunki mein tumse pyaar karath tha" Nupur said turning around to see that they were at the beach.

"karatha tha kyun ab pyaar nahi karatha" he said as he turned her back.

" nai karatha pyaar, jo tum mera saath ki voh achha nahi tha" she said turning back around and started to walk towards the beach.

" Teek hai toh mein kisi aur ka pas jaogi aur voh mujhe pyar karaga" he said as he walked the other walk towards a group of ladies trting to hold back his laughter.

" Kya" Nupur said starting to run after him, Mayank saw her running towards him and he started running.

Nupur got tired after a while " Mayank ruko", Mayank stop to see her tired.

"kya huwa, mujhe miss kar raha hai" Mayank said laughing and walking towards her.

"No im just tired" She said grabbing on to him so she can balance herself.

" uh huh yeh to sirf bahana tha kyunki tum meri baho mein ana chahti thi, hai na" he said holding her hand as she balanced.

   " chalo walk par, ha aur apna mazak band karo" she said as they walked along the beach

They laughed and talked as they walked upon the beach. They sat down to watch the sunset,

Mayank's arms were around Nupur as her head layed against his chest.

"Nupur yaad hey jab hum Excel College mein ti aur meine tum beach par lai aya dance performance kai liya" he said as kissed the side of her head, her moved her hair from her shoulder and kissed her there.

She closed her eyes and smiled, " ha yaad hai lekhne use din yaad hai tune muje ghira diya, bacho ki samna" she said laughing as she patted his cheek.

" hai yaad hai, bohat maza aya use din na" Mayank said standing up and helping Nupur up.
   Nupur and Mayank walked hand in hand.

" Ahhhhhhh" Nupur screamed with excitement.

" Kya huwa hai" Mayank said worried.

" Ahh Mayank gola stand please chal na, mujhe gula kahna hai" Nupur said tugging his arms.

" Teek hai chal " Mayank said laughing

" bhai do dena please " She said alll ready tasting it in her mouth.

" yeh le" the guy gave Nupur and Mayank their gola's and Mayank gave him the money and they walked off.

" emmm yeah toh bohat yummy hai tumara kaise hai" she said eating hers.

" mera toh bohat acha hai " Mayank said eating his.

Nupur and Mayank walked around eating their golas, when Nupur bumped to someone and dropped it.

" Aaaaaahhaaaaaaaa mera gola" Nupur screamed, she saw Mayank laughing, " Tum kyun hasa raha ho" Nupur said.

Mayank just kept laughing and stopped when he saw Nupur come closer to him.

" Nupur tum kya karahi ho sab dekh raha hai" Mayank said backing up as Nupur came closer.

" Mayankkk " Nupur said touching his cheek.

" hhhuu Nupur " Mayank said shocked to see the way she was acting.

" Mayank mujhe " Nupur said puttering her hands on his chest.

" tujhe kya Nupur " Mayank said moving her hands away.

" Mayank mujhe tumara... tumara" Nupur said as she went on her tip toes to reach his ears

" Nupur tujhe mera kya " he said as she kissed his cheek.

" Mayank mujhe tumara...tumara...tumara gola chaiya" she said laughing

" Kya" Mayank said surprised.

" Mujhe tumara gola chaiya" she said leaning in take take a bite of it. Mayank moved it away.

" Mayank please mujhe do na" she said tryign to grab it out of his hand.

" teek hai" Mayank said bringing down to her mouth.

" Sach mein " Nupur said excitied.

" nahi" he said moving it away again, " mein dunga lekhen ek sharat pay"

" kya " she said looking at him and then the gola

" mujhe ek kiss do" he said smiling

" sab ka samna " Nupur said blushing

   " tumhe gula chaiya toh dai na paraga" he said leaning in.

She blushed and leaned in and kissed him, the kiss was passionate and longer than they thought. She pulled away from him " ab mera gola kaha hai" Nupur said sticking her hand out.

" yeh le " he said giving it to her, as she reached in to bite it he did too and the lips met. Nupur pulled away and started to laugh.

" Dinner par chala " Mayank said

" Ha chal" Nupur said eating her gola as they walked to their car.


" Welcome Mr. and Mrs.Sharma " the Manager said as he showed them their table.

Mayank pulled Nupur's chair out, she sat down, and he pushed her in and sat down in his seat.

" what do you want to eat" he asked her.

" what ever you want" she said as she smiled

" waiter" Mayank said to get the waiter's attention.

" Ji Sir kya order karna hai" the waiter asked as he took his pencil and pad.

" Ha ek mater paneer" Mayank said as he was interrupted by Nupur.

" Mayank tum toh paneer se nafatra karta hai" Nupur said confused.

" Ha lehken tumhe pasand hai" Mayank said smiling and continued the order.

" Ladies and Gentlemen how are you guys tonight" the host said.

" Tonight we have a special performance for you guys" he said a people clapped.
Mayur's food had come and they started eatting.

" So ladies and gentlemen please welcome her on to the stage."
Mayank grabbed his water took a drink and was about to put it back when.....

((Tinka Tinka jara jara hai
roshni se jaise bhara) - 2
Har dil main armaan hote to hai - 2
bas koi samjhe jara) - 2

Mayank ( woh awaaz meine kahi suna hai ) he thought as he put his glass down.

(Dil pe ek naya sa nasha cha gaya
kho raha tha jo khwaab vo laut aa gaya) - 2
(Yeh jo ehsaas hai jo karaar hai
kya issi ka hi naam pyaar hai) - 2

Mayank started getting flash backs. ( the first time they met, their first fight, when they realized they loved each other, when he said ' I Love You ' for the first time, when she said ' I Love You ' for the first time)

pootche dil thumke jara
Tinka Tinka jara jara
hai roshni se jaise bhara
Har dil main armaan hote to hai - 2
bas koi samjhe jara
Tinka Tinka Tinka Tinka

( the first time they kissed, when she threw him a birthday party, when she first sang, when she died) he rememeber her voice when she first sang at his 21 birthday party.

{ FlashBack }

Happy Birthday Mayu she said as she kissed him on the cheek.

Tumara liye ek ghana she said as she got on to the stage.

Mayank saw her go onto the stage and smiled.

Tu hi toh jannat meri, Tu hi mera junoon
Tu hi to mannat meri, Tu hi rooh ka sukoon
Tu hi aakhion ki thandak, tu hi dil ki hai dastak
Aur kuch na janu mein, bas itna hi jaanu
Tujh mein rab dikhta hai
Yaara mein kya karu
Tujh mein rab dikhta hai
Yaara mein kya karu
Sajdhe sar jukhta hai
Yaara mein kya karu
Tujh mein rab dikhta hai
Yaara mein kya karu

Ohhhh hoooo ohh….

Kaisi hai yeh doori, kaisi majboori
Meine nazron se tujhe choo liya
Oh ho ho Kabhi teri khusboo
Kabhi teri baatein
Bin mange yeh jahan pa liya
Tu hi dil ki hai raunak,
Tu hi janmo ki daulat
Aur kuch na janoo
Bas itna hi janoo
Tujh mein rab dikhta hai
Yaara mein kya karu

Tujh mein rab dikhta hai
Yaara mein kya karu
Sajdhe sar jukhta hai
Yaara mein kya karuo
Tujh mein rab dikhta hai
Yaara mein kya karuo

Vasdi vasdi vasdi, dil di dil vich vasdi
Nasdi nasdi nasdi, dil ro ve te nasdi
Rab Ne… Bana Di Jodi…..haiiiiii
Vasdi vasdi vasdi, dil di dil vich vasdi
Nasdi nasdi nasdi, dil ro ve te nasdi

Cham cham aaye, mujhe tarsaye
Tera saaya ched ke chumta
Oh ho ho… tu jo muskaye
Tu jo sharmaye
Jaise mera hai khuda jhumta
Tu hi meri hai barkat, tu hi meri ibadat
Aur kuch na janu, bas itna hi janu
Tujh mein rab dikhta hai
Yaara mein kya karu
Tujh mein rab dikhta hai
Yaara mein kya karu
Sajdhe sar jukhta hai
Yaara mein kya karu
Tujh mein rab dikhta hai
Yaara mein kya karu

Vasdi vasdi vasdi, dil di dil vich vasdi
Nasdi nasdi nasdi, dil ro ve te nasdi
Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi.. haiiiiii

{ Present }

" Ridhi " Mayank said

This Part 1 if i shud continue plz let me know thanks reading and commenting

I will be uploading every Sunday or Saturday

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AR FF : Hum Saath Saath Hain "imp.note=63"28/9

2 3 4 5 6 7 ... 62 63

Author: Riddss   Replies: 503   Views: 89853

Riddss 503 89853 28 September 2009 at 8:03am by Riddss
hum saath saath hai ar ff with others also

2 3 4

Author: mithilalovesksg   Replies: 25   Views: 7692

mithilalovesksg 25 7692 08 April 2009 at 7:57am by Riddss
Hum Saath Saath Hain


Author: am_786   Replies: 13   Views: 6282

am_786 13 6282 30 November 2006 at 6:40pm by brainychild92
Hum Hum Saath Saath Hain *KSBKBT*

Author: mizzdesi   Replies: 7   Views: 3351

mizzdesi 7 3351 18 July 2006 at 11:56am by Krishana Tulsi

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