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Dil Dosti Etc......(#20) invites only NTL 151

FragranceOfLove IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 28 August 2009
Posts: 15190

Posted: 03 January 2010 at 12:14pm | IP Logged

(Credit for the siggy ---LoveSD--)

hey all, ZoaH here!
well, havnt spoken to all my friends for like ages now!
really miss u guyz, so thought of CC, to interact with u guyz!
do join this CC!
have fun!
love ya all!


Dil Dosti etc (#1)
Dil Dosti etc (#2)
Dil Dosti etc (#3)
Dil Dosti etc (#4)
Dil Dosti etc (#5)
Dil Dosti etc (#6)
Dil Dosti etc (#7)
Dil Dosti etc (#8)
Dil Dosti etc (#9)
Dil Dosti etc (#10)
Dil Dosti etc (#11)
Dil Dosti etc (#12)
Dil Dosti etc (#13)
Dil Dosti etc (#14)
Dil Dosti etc (#15)
Dil Dosti etc (16)
Dil Dosti etc (17)
Dil Dosti etc (18)
Dil Dosti etc (19)

ZoaH (Ansh_Arti)

Sanam (Phelinazar)

Rakhi Di (Prithvisanyo1)

Nabeeha (NabeehaFS)

Siya (siya..)

Hinna (Roka)

Muneefah (muneefah)

Fato (cool82d)

Rashmi (anadhanika)

Maha (maha)

Zoe (i love dmg)

Niyaati (Niyaati)

Praty (pratibha1990)

Zoya (zoya_me)

Lucy (lucyribel)

Kiran (kiran madi)

Fats (sweetgalfats)

Ankita (falak01)

Madhvi (madhvi)

Lina (rkmnkp)

Mishu (mishu)

Shona (letsrockshona)

Priya (littledragon)

Lekha (ranbeer_lekha)

Senny (Senny)

Preksha (Preksha07)

Mahi (mahaklovesmayur)

Anshi (A-N-S-H-I-K-A)

Baz (baz786)

Ehasaas (EhSaasS)

Maria (maria_awan)

Nermeen (Casssp)


No Bashing on other members
Do not chat without permission
Do not use foul language
Respect others views!
No bashing against religion, race, community or color!
No violence!
Keep the forum healthy!


love ZoaH

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FragranceOfLove IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 28 August 2009
Posts: 15190

Posted: 03 January 2010 at 12:26pm | IP Logged

[Thanks sanu [pehlinazar] for these siggies......].

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FragranceOfLove IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 28 August 2009
Posts: 15190

Posted: 03 January 2010 at 12:30pm | IP Logged

Name: Nabeeha
Nickname: Bia, Nabzz
little bit about u: female; single; studying business administration; living in Pakistan
things u like: Winter, Rains, Friends, Family
things u dislike: Lie, Assignments lolz

Name: siya
Nickname: sia
little bit about u: m crazy...wat more is there
things u like: reading, listening to music, watching tv, chatting, surfing IF, YT facebook etc etc
things u dislike: really dont like ppl who lies and walt nuts..hate them

Name: Sanam
Nickname:Sanu, Sana, Sadru, sweety, Sunny and so on..
little bit about u:well i live in italy venice, in my last year of HS, love to write its my passion,want to become a lawyer
things u like:i like mayur jodi, all my friendz at IF (love u guys), also love to write FF
things u dislike:i don't like when trust is broken, and also don't like two faced ppl

Name: Lucy ribeiro
Nickname: call me anything
little bit about me: i'm very cool nd very understanding, i dont take things as granted, i'm very particular about myself and my parents. i'm family girl. i'm very naughty and very sweet.
things u like: i like making frnds but who are good (u understand what i mean by good) i'm very particular about those girls who play tricks and the girls who dance around boys. i love litening to music and watching mjht and talking to if frnds.i love drinking juice and bombay foods like pav bhaji, vada pav,pani puri,sav puri etc.
things u dislike: i hate go to college and i hate boys who are flirts and not good i hate smoking,drinking and i hate those people who hurt my parents. and my dads family

Name: Maha
Nickname: urmm yaar i have few given by different poeple like malu because my second name is malik lol den there is mahi/mahu minnie and ye but i wud like a ''proper nickname'' loool u got any for me
little bit about u: I live in london, im 14 years old, doing my gcse's . urmm watelse? lol
things u like: My fav couples are KaSh , MayUr , Srk-Kajol , Shasin . i love chocolate cakess yummy hm watelse shud i say??
things u dislike: dishonesty , stuck up people urmm dno lol

Name:Rakhi Dutta
little bit about u:I'm student , doing a part time job also,
things u like:Rain,Dance,Listening music.Reading story and doing lots of masti.
things u dislike:Sitting silently, Who hurts peoples feelings.

Nickname: Linu
little bit about u: Love love love Mayur ! Am crazzy about them.
things u like: Chatting with friends, dancing, singing, cooking (Even though I cook horrible) Playing. Watching tv, sirfing on net.
things u dislike: Fights, Zoah (Just kidding) I only hate fights

Name: Fathima
Nickname: Fats
little bit about u: I m Very lazy! Luv my Family nd Frndz! Njoyng colg! Luv I-F nd ppl ova here!
things u like: Family! Frndz! My colg! My cell phone! Msgng nd chattnd with my Frndz! MayUr! Mjht! Nd obviously I-F!
things u dislike: Ppl blaming me for no reason! My frndz ignorng me! Ppl findng new frndz nd ignorng others! Etc!!!

Little bit abt me:i m an exclusively extrovert person who simply luves 2 make friends...
Things i like: making new friends, visiting IF, watchn MJHT n glass painting...
Things i dislike: SHEE-NAH!!---actually cnt recollect anything rite nw..

Name: Hinna
Nickname: dnt rly have 1
little bit about u: im 19, 2nd yr uni student doin optom!! im a crazyyy whacky random weird immature person and love talking, eating chicken and laughing!!! n im sooooo ticklish!!!
things u like: CHICKEN!! RoKa, going out with friends, shopping, cinema, bowling, um um um........
things u dislike: umm people who make tuu much noise when they eat!!

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FragranceOfLove IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 28 August 2009
Posts: 15190

Posted: 03 January 2010 at 12:37pm | IP Logged

Name: My real name is Rashmi Goelela 

Nickname: Rash
little bit about u: Uhmm i'm from this country called Suriname and not much people know where this is. I'm like a normal teenager like every one.. but at the same time hyper as my friends but i'm the only one with limits and keep reminding my best friend her limits lolz.. My cousins and best friend see me as a love guru.. they always come to me for advices if there is anything with boys involved in it And the same is with my male friends or fam. member when there is a girl involved. Uh i have been getting anger problems since 2 years back meaning i get angry or upset fast. Sometimes i can really be a little girl who example wants a baloon *girly girl*. Uh i'm the second child at home and the eldest daughter *which realy suckes!*.. I got graudated recently in july and currently my new school year started and this is my first year in college. Oh yeah i'm a lazy girl i sleep a lot....
things u like: I like a lot of thing... i like to make friend *i'm good at it!*.. I like to celebrate all little things for example like when my best friend and mine friendschip turns a year older we celebrate it.. I like that my friends are always there for me. uh i like the rain!.. i like the colour light blue and brown.
things u dislike: A few people who can't stay in their limits.. people with faul words! ... I hate the sun!.. got really burned in the sun lattly!.... Oh yeah the fact that my cousin and i look-a- like!!!! *i hate that big time*

Name:Pratibha singh
little bit about u:well..i m a pharmacist.....
things u like:i like ppl who r loyal...i like painting...reading books...driving car..n spending time wid my dear frenz...
things u dislike:i hate ppl who r backbitters....uf....i hate ppl who curse others....

name:zoya aka sonal
nickname:zoya.....but sometimes sonal.....sonal's my second name
a bit about me: well i'm crazy, yet a bit reserved, serious at the sme time easy going.....honestly very confusing.
things i like:i like to read, watch tv, listen to music, i also like sea
things i dnt like: depends on the situation....something i love usually may be something i hate in a particular situation...

Name: Preethi s
Nickname: Preetzzzz
little bit about u: Well i love MJHT and love Dancing.....
things u like: Dancing, Eating pani puri and timepass with friends
things u dislike: Being far from friends

Name: shona
Nickname: dont hav one...zoah think of one
little bit about u: am 17 yrs old...i love prithviraj chauhan...i love anas and rajat
things u like: cumin on the forum
chatting to ma frendzz and forums frenzzzz...chilling out....messing bout....
things u dislike:i hate goin to school

Name: Zoe
Nickname: Zoe
little bit about u: ummm, im really giggly, friendly and emotional! hhehehe
things u like: Im kinda a serial addict!
my fave jodi is MAYUR and MJHT is my fave serial at the moment!
Love watching movies and reading...
things u dislike: i reallyyy really dislike liars and hypocrites...

Name: preksha
Nickname: preks, preku, preksha
litttle bit about u: i' m almost like nupur....bubbly, sporty, friendly, ect. ect.....ab kya karu main apne muh miya mithu banana nahi chahti i really love my parents and my sis....
things u like:being with frnds, eating chocolates, working on comp. , reading and writting ff's, playing baketball; football and volleyball, skating, etc....

things u dislike:i really hate those u act themselves too be oversmart, too proudy, and all......

name- Mahak
nickname- mahi, janu, manu, angel, bacha, pinky and anyhting that u wanna call me.......
little things abt u- well i am very emotional girl....who is so naughty sometimes...i can very easily forget and forgive but please dont hurt me.....i am too sentimental.....who is crazy abt mayur......well all i want to say is i love talking and making do keep in touch......i love singing and dancing and most over net surfing......i make frds very fast...i can mix up very fast....there is only one thing which people dont like about is my does not comes very comes when someone hurts me too deeply.....well let me tell u that i hurt myself and not the other one...that's why my frds dont like it....they say i should hurt that person and not myself....but i hurt myself plz dont hurt me...i am a complete girly girl....i am the type of girl who will never let u know if i am hurt by anything but will try to make ur smile radiant....i can very easily get attached to anyone emotionally.....and after that i will do anything to make that person happy....i am a happy girl.....who loves to try out thing....
things u like-well i love singing, dancing, playing with teddy bears...writing...well have u read my ffs???..i love dolls....though i am big....i am complete kid....but in the life affairs.....i m too mature.....u can have my advice on any matter.....i love to cook and paint and to write...i know how to make mehendi designs....and aslo many more things...
things u dislike- non veg talks coz i cant understand anything....drinkers.....smokers.....most of all liers.....i myself dont lie and i hate liers...i can catch a lier very easily......

Name: Swati.
Nickname: Roshni n Jiah.
little bit about u: well..m a mad girl...very mood swings r an integral part of mine..
those who know me dey say dat m very sweet n frendly!! n i guess dey r right...coz if i make frndship with anyone or open up 2 anyone,i become fast frnds or confidantes of dem!!! also m a very gud listener..d major weakness of mine is my temper..wen it goes off..den d hell breaks loose!!!
things i like- i luv 2 read novels.i thrive on dem..luv biryani n icecreams..yummy!!n abt nature-good manner n courtesies,crackling humour,caring n loving attitudes,frendliness..etc
things i dislike- oversmartness,snobbish atititude,lies,show-offs,hipocrisy,unnecessary bossing by elders..also foul smells n body odour!!!

name : maria
my name is maria  , i am 19 years old living in uk , i loved mjht alot bc of mayur and sajan and thats is the reason  that makes me attcak with u , this is my second house , i loved to be here , my fav movies are kuch kuch hota hai , my fav actor is salman khan and fav serial is prithvi raj chauhan and MJHT ,u can call maria or any name u like i wonot mind ,i loved my all friends here lina ,zoya,sanam .zoah and many more!!

Name: Anshika
Nickname: Anshi, Anni, Anu, and whatever you wanna call me!
Little bit about you: oh! So I am an 8th grader right now. I live in Ghaziabad near delhi. I am unpredictable and hardly stable! I am sumtimes irritating, sumtimes mast, sumtimes stupid, and sumtimes very unbelievably intelligent! Though I don't like studying but I'm still very good at it!
Things u like: I like watching tv, surfing the net, chatting and gossiping, writing, reading novels, etc! I also like to learn new things!
Things u dislike: Firstly I don't like studying. I also don't like people with attitude, people who remain untidy! People who can't maintain their limits in any field..Aur baaki soch ke bataungi!!

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FragranceOfLove IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 28 August 2009
Posts: 15190

Posted: 03 January 2010 at 12:46pm | IP Logged
again i am the first one to comment!
well if anyone sees this cc........
be sure to tell me hows it?
coz i will be waiting............
tingtingteeding IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 27 May 2009
Posts: 11147

Posted: 04 January 2010 at 7:40am | IP Logged
mahak u here kya???
FragranceOfLove IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 28 August 2009
Posts: 15190

Posted: 04 January 2010 at 7:43am | IP Logged
Originally posted by zoya_me

mahak u here kya???

haan main yahin par hoon........
tingtingteeding IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 27 May 2009
Posts: 11147

Posted: 04 January 2010 at 7:43am | IP Logged
mahak wats wrong??? there is a problem???

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