Chhoti Bahu - Sawar Ke Rang Rachi


Chhoti Bahu - Sawar Ke Rang Rachi
Chhoti Bahu - Sawar Ke Rang Rachi

True Love.FF.Completed!. Prt 83-86+Epilogue.Pg 137 (Page 134)

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hey sia...isbar kitna aur intezar???...Disapprove
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Thanks dear for showing such love and support for me. I feel really blessed to have such loyal readers like you who stick to my FF even i take such long time to update it. Thanks a ton to all of you Hug Hug Hug Hug Hug Heart Hug Heart Hug Heart 

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Part 81

The room was engulfed in darkness except for the faint moonlight coming through the aperture between the curtains……..and it was pin drop silent as Dev and Radhika lay snuggled to each other underneath the thick quilt, fast asleep.
Suddenly there was a loud beeping sound from the mobile…….and it kept beeping continuously.
Dev's brows frowned in sleep, feeling irked as his sweet sleep was getting disturbed. But the sound didn't seem to cease and he turned his head to the side lazily, mumbling some curse.
He saw his phone ringing and frowned in frustration, wondering who was calling him at this point of the hour. Groaning inaudibly, he leaned to pick the phone.
Radhika sleepily shifted her body and didn't bother to open her eyes.
Picking up the phone, Dev cleared his heavy eyes to check…….and instantly his frown disappeared.
It was not any message but alarm! Set by him……for the obvious reason because he would never get up in the middle of the night like this!
A small smile filled his face. He stopped the alarm and placed the phone back on the table, before turning to his wife. Propping on his one elbow, he leaned down to get a better view of her face. She slept comfortably beside him with her face looking serene and beautiful in the moonlight. His smile transformed in to a beam and his fingers caressed her one cheek lovingly. Her face looked serene and beautiful in the dim moon bleached light. He always loved watching her face quietly after they made love because her face literally glowed with joy – pink flushed cheeks with a slight curve on her lips and eyes closed with contentment. As if she was floating in some delightful trance. More than often, he would stay awake after their passionate love making, just to catch up on this lovely scene……
Leaning closer, he pressed his lips to her's very softly.
Radhika's eyes tightened on feeling his warm, hot lips, and she slowly opened them to be invited by darkness. Battling her eyelids, she tried seeing him and found his face after a small moment.
He smiled and ran his hand across her forehead, fixing her hairs, and edged closer to her ear, to whisper. "Happy Marriage Anniversary…….." and pressed his lips again with her's...but instead of a peck, he took her lips in to his and began kissing her sweetly.
Radhika smiled to herself – every cell inside her seemed to be beaming with joy. Wrapping her bare arms around his naked torso she began returning his kiss with equal passion.
It was a year to their marriage……and what better way to celebrate this moment than to be in each other's arms, enjoying some passionate moments……..and although she did remember their anniversary, but she never thought he could wish her like this in the middle of the night – at the stroke of 12 probabaly. The thought made her lips curve and he bit her lips naughtily and she giggled between the kiss.
Her giggles as if reached his soul and penetrated deep inside him. And as a result the kiss intensified……..and amplified. Her mouth burned with his love.
After some infinite minutes, Dev released her lips and gazed at her silently in the moonlight – her lips were sheening red and swollen, bearing the imprints of his lips. Sometimes he wondered as to why he doesn't ever grow tired watching her beauty, why does it always amaze him that someone could be as beautiful as her even though he had spent so many days with her.
She gazed in to his eyes, breathing heavily as a result of their burning passion, and smiled.
"Happy Anniversary" she mumbled, letting her fingers play across his nape.
He titled his head and pressed a warm kiss on her cheek.
She smiled sluggishly. "Mujhe laga aap subah wish karenge"
Brushing his lips across her cheekbones, he traced a path to her jaw. "Obviously this moment had to be special" He came back to face her and smiled. "Very special and very private"
This brought a grin on her face and she cupped his one cheek. "Hmm……."
"Sabke saamne wish karne main utna maza kahan aayega" he murmured huskily.
Stroking his stubbled cheeks, she smiled and nodded once. "Hmm…."
"Sirf…..hmm? Kya huwa? Surprise acha nahi laga?" he asked softly.
She grinned and began caressing his lips with her fingers. "Bahut acha tha…….something special……" she mumbled.
He didn't say anything; just kept his passion laden gaze fastened on to her's intensely.
Her heart that was swelling with happiness began racing as she looked in to his intense gaze in the dimlight. "I love you" she whispered.
He smiled. "Love you too…….." mumbling, he pressed a small loving kiss on her forehead and then began trailing kisses across her face…………
Next Morning,
Radhika came out of the washroom wearing a beautiful, new brown saree with beautiful design…….and ambled towards the dresser. Halting in front of the mirror, she began drying her hairs with the towel…….when her gaze fell on Dev, lying on the bed with his gaze fastened on to her figure.
Her lips stretched pulled up shyly. He winked and she blushed harder. Turning her attention to the mirror, she began drying her hairs again.
"Kya huwa? Aise kya dekh rahe hain? Aapko uthkar tayar nahi hona hai kya? Aarti ka samay ho jaayega…….chaliye na" she urged and tossed the towel on the chair.
"Erm……tum kuch bhul nahi rahi?" he asked naughtily.
Sitting up, "Abhi to shaadi ko sirf ek saal huwa hai……aur tum abhi se hi bhul gayi!? Kuch saalon baad pata nahi kya kya bhul jaaogi!?" he mumbled.
"Jee?" she asked, shifting her gaze to him. "Main samjhi nahi. Kya bhool gayi main?"
"Erm……Good morning kiss" he reminded sweetly
Her lips curved again. "who to aapko maine de diya……aapko aapka kiss dene ke baad hi to nahane gayi na" she pointed out.
He pushed the sheet and stepped out. "Haan. Lekin aaj to special din hai na……to bonus milna to banta hai na?"
She grinned and shook her head. "Bonus wonus kuch nahi…..chaliye jaldi se tayar ho jaaiye. Hume neeche jaana hai na" she urged, putting her earings.
He halted behind her and wrapped his arms around her slender waist easily. "Hmm. Jaldi kya hai?" he mumbled, and rested his chin on her shoulder.
"Jaldi hai. Aarti ke liye der ho jaayegi" she tapped his cheek and smiled.
Cocking his head, he pressed a quick kiss on her ear. "Happy Anniversary….."
She blushed with a smile and placed her hands above his. "Happy Anniversary…….."
"Waise samay kitna jaldi beet gaya nahi?" he said.
A radiant grin spread across her face. "Haan. Lagta hai jaise kal hi ki to baat hai. Aap mere ghar shagun lekar aaye the……humara who chup chupkar ghat main milna……aur phir….."
He interrupted. "aur phir……mera who special tofha"
She patted his hands a little hard. "Haan haan who bhi…….aur kaise hum shaadi tak intezaar nahi kar paa rahe the" she giggled.
He too beamed. "Haan. Sab yaad hai. Sach much……kal hi ki baat lagti hai"
Turning to face him, she smiled. "Aapka saath jo hai……to jindagi itni aasan lagti hai……. Aapke aur humare parivaar ke saath samay kaisa beet jaata hai…..pata hi nahi chalta"
He nodded and cupped her face in his palms. "Tumhara saath jo mila……sab raaste aasan ho gaye…….kyunki mujhe pata hai… chahe kuch bhi ho jaaye…….meri Radhika humesha mera saath degi"
She beamed. "humesha"
Suddenly he remembered something. "Acha ek minute….." mumbling, he quickly turned and walked to the sidetable.
Her brows puckered slightly wondering what it was. He turned around with a beautiful, long stemmed rose. Instantly a smile appeared on her face.
Coming closer, he gave it to her. "For the most beautiful woman on this earth……."
She smiled sweetly and was about to take it…….when he pulled it behind. She frowned with a smile.
With a crooked smile, he brought the rose closer to his lips and kisses the petal softly…..and then again held in front of her.
Blushing a little, she took the rose with a grin.
"Haaye…….!!" He exclaimed, wrapping his arms around her. "aapki yeh aadayein to humare dil to cheer ke rakh deti hain!"
She giggled at his words and hit the rose lightly on his face. "Aap bhi"
"Are sachi…….Ek saal ho chukka hai……lekin ab bhi jab tumhe muskurate huwe dekhta hoon to bas……..dekhte hi rehne ka man karta hai" he replied, coming closer.
But she brought the rose between their lips, making him halt. "Bas bas……ab subah subah romance mat keejye……."
"Kyun? Tumhe acha nahi lagta? Jhoothi!" he snapped cutely.
She just smiled to herself and he planted a tight loving kiss on her cheeks that left her skin burning. Even now his kisses and touches made her melt like anything in an instance.
"Hmm……bas yeh na aise hi rehna chahiye…..tumhara sharmana" he grinned. "Erm……waise tumhare liye kuch aur bhi hai……."
"Kya?" her eyes brightened up.
Shoving his hand in to the pocket, he fished out a small box and held out in front of her. "Here you go……."
She took it from him and opened the box to find a pair of exquisite diamond earing – small and cute. Her eyes sparkled with joy.
"Liked it?"
Glancing up at him, she grinned. "Bahut acha hai"
"Tumhe kya laga……..ek rose dekar kaam chala dunga? Huh?" he asked boyishly.
"Umm……mere liye to……jitna mehenga yeh diamond earing hai…….utna hi mehenga yeh goolab bhi hai……..kyunki dono tofhe aap mere liye laaye hain……aur jo aap mere liye late hain…….woh apne aap anmol ban jaata hai" she replied sweetly.
He loved that and pressed a small peck on her forehead.
"Acha pehno na ise……" he said.
"Umm……main pehnoon?" she asked, her eyes twinkled.
He grinned and took the box from her. Bringing his hands up, he began unhooking her earings from her ear.
She blushed feeling his fingers behind her sensitive earlobe. Seeing this, he deliberately leaned closer, pretending that the hook wasn't coming out, and nibbled her earlobe.
A small shiver passed through her body and her neck angled slightly in reflex.
"are dekho yeh nikal hi nahi raha hai……." Mumbling against her ear, he again brushed his stubbled chin against her skin.
Her skin was left red under his touches. She perfectly knew his tricks but didn't mind him doing do because she purely enjoyed it.
"Dekha…….tum kitni jyaada pyaari lag rahi ho iss naye earings main" he praised, looking at her reflection in the mirror.
She smiled sweetly.
"Waise Radhika…….tumse kuch poochoon"
"Yeh sirf in diamond earings ka kamaal hai…….mere pyaar ka……yah phir kuch aur hai…… because your face seems to be glowing so radiantly. Kuch naya cream shream lagati ho kya aajkal?" he asked sweetly.
"Umm…..shayad aapke pyaar ka asar hai" she mumbled shyly.
"Haan meri jaan…….woh to humesha hi rehta hai. Par peechle kuch dino se……tumhare chehre ki chamak kuch jyaada hi bad gayi hai……Aur bhi jyaada khoobsurat lagne lagi ho. Kya baat hai?"
"Oho. Kuch bhi nahi hai" she turned to face him. "Who kya hainaa…….aaj aapne mujhe itne pyaare pyaare tofhe diye hain na…….isiliye" she smiled.
Beaming, "Hmm…….shayad" he shrugged.
Suddenly something flickered across her mind and her expressions first turned shocked, and then solemn.
"Hey kya huwa?" he asked in confusion, seeing her changed expression.
She glanced up at him, somberly. "I am sorry"
He scowled in confusion. "Kyun?"
"Main bhi kitni idiot hoon……kaise bhul gayi" she hit her forehead slightly.
"Are par huwa kya?"
"Aaj humari aaniversary hai…….aur aap mere liye tofha laaye hain……lekin main to aapke liye kuch laayi hi nahi" she mumbled somberly and looked down, feeling guilty.
He sighed and smiled. "Bas! Radhika kisne kaha…….tumne mujhe apni pyaari si muskurahat de di…….mere liye itna hi kaafi hai……I don't need anything else……besides I have already got the most precious gift in you……."
She glanced up, penitently. "Nahi. Aaj humari shaadi ki pehli saalgirah hai…….aur use khaas banana ke liye……..yaadgaar banana ke liye……..main aapko kuch dena chahti thi….. gift dekhkar bhi rakha tha…….kal sham ko jaane bhi waali thi……Lekin dekhiye na…….ghar ke kaam main itne ulaaj gayi ke….." she again hit her head, rebuking herself.
"Ofo! Stop this!" he held her wrist. "Kya tum bhi……"
"Mujhe maaf kar deejye na……"
"Radhika!" he said in a stern voice.
She looked down sadly.
Sighing, he cupped her face and nudged it up. "Radhika comeon stop feeling guilty for such a small thing. Mujhe bura vura nahi laga. Aur waise bhi……shayad tumne mujhe gift nahi diya iske peeche kuch acha hoga……" he tried assuring her.
"Iske peeche kya acha ho sakta hai?" she mumbled sadly.
He pondered for a small moment as to how to explain this to her. "Erm…..shayad Kanha chahte ho ke tum mujhe bahut special sa gift do…….and probably that's why he made you forget your gift! Shayad aaj tumhare haathon mujhe bahut jyaada special kuch milne waala ho……who kehte hain… kabhi kabhi bhagwan ki marzi hoti hai……isiliye humare soche huwe kaam nahi bante"
She went silent wondering if this could be the reason.
"Shayad. Umm…..lekin mujhe to aapko tofha dena hai. Acha ek kaam karte hain…….hum naashta karne ke baad na…….mall chalenge…….phir wahan main aapke liye who gift khareed loongi jo maine aapke liye choose kiya hai" she said. "Aur rahi baat special tofhe ki……to who agar Kanha chahenge to aap main de hi doongi"
He smiled. "Acha theek hai"
"Umm……ab jaaiye tayar ho jaaiye……..aur jaldi neeche aaiye" she said and pushed down his arms.
"Hmmm……..ek kiss hi de deti……uss mall waale gift se to kayi jyaada special hota!" he began coming closer.
"Bas bas…….ab jaaiye aur naha leejye!" she said and pushed him.
As Radhika came downstairs, she was greeted by Dadima.
"Happy Anniversary beta………" Dadima smiled wide.
Radhika quickened her steps to reach Dadima and touched her feet to take blessings.
"Jeeti raho…….Sada saubhagyawati raho………" Dadima blessed and cupped Radhika's face. "Thakurjee kare tere chehre ki yeh muskurahat kabhi kam na ho……..bas isi tarah tu khush rahe……..aur humare ghar main raunak bani rahe"
Radhika grinned hearing this. "Bilkul…….aapka aashirwaad jo hai Dadima" she kissed Dadima's hand.
"Chalo…….tumhare Kanha to kabse raah dekh rahe hain…… kab unki bhakt aayegi aur unhe sajayegi…….." Dadima said sweetly, leading her to the puja room.
Following the preparations as everyone came down, Dev and Radhika did the aarti together thanking the lord for every ounce of happiness showered on them. After the aarti, everyone blessed the couple and wished them. Slowly everyone proceeded to the breakfast table…….
In the breakfast table………..
"Vivek!!" Dadima scolded on seeing Vivek pulling the crisp newspaper of the day.
The moment Vivek heard her voice, he left the paper in the seat itself.
"Tujshe kitni baar kaha hai ke naashte ke table pe no newspaper!"
"Sorry Dadima" Vivek apologized sheepishly.
Mrinalini giggled and Vivek frowned at her.
"Waise Ma…….aaj aapne saara naashta khud bana liya? Main aa hi rahi thi" Radhika said.
Vaishali patted her chin sweetly. "Kyun? Mera haath ka acha nahi lagta?"
"Are nahi nahi Ma aap aisa kyun keh rahi hain"
"To? Beta aaj tum dono ke liye itna special din hai…….to aaj bhi tumse kaam karwaungi kya? Aur waise bhi tu akeli iss ghar ki bahu nahi hai………ek aur bahu hai……who bhi iss ghar ke kaam karna ache se jaanti hai……." Vaishali said, mock sternly.
Radhika chuckled and shook her head like a kid. "Jee ma"
"Acha Dev tujhe mera ek kaam karna hoga…….." Dadima said.
"Kya?" Dev asked.
"Who aaj tu Radhika ko lekar bahar chala jaa……..aur sham tak hi aana!"
Dev's face brightened up instantly. 
"Uske pehle ghar main kadam rakha na………to pair tod dungi tera!" Dadima warned.
Hearing this, Dev wondered as to why he was getting such a stern order. So did Radhika.
"Par kyun?" Dev asked sharing a glance with his wife.
"Because we want this girl out of this house today!" Mrinalini replied, biting her toast.
"Haan! Yeh Radhika yahan rahegi to hume shanti se kaam nahi karne degi! Aajaayegi humare peeche peeche…… karne!" Dadima said. "Aur main nahi chahti ke aaj ke din yeh koi bhi kaam kare……..aaj kie party tum dono ke naam hai……aur tumhe sirf enjoy karna hai. Kaam nahi!"
This erased Dev and Radhika's puzzlement and they smiled.
"Maaji bilkul sahi keh rahi hai. Radhika ko to kaam karna bahut pasand hai……..aur who baar baar humari madat karne aati rahegi chahe hum kitna hi mana kyun na karde! Isiliye Dev hum sabke orders hain ke ise tu kahi ghumane le ja!" Vaishali backed.
Dev grinned. "Okay Boss! Aaj yeh banda apni patni ko leke sham ke pehle ghar nahi aayega" he saluted, feeling delighted at the prospect of spending the entire day with his wife.
Radhika glanced at him once. "Umm…….par Ma……..lekin…….."
"Dekha……..dekha…….abhi se hi shuru ho gayi…….Radhika yeh mera order hai. Samjhi!" Dadima said sternly.
Radhika pouted like cute kid.
"Umm……..Babuji…… iska matlab aaj office se chutti na meri?" Dev asked, to confirm.
Mr. Purohit laughed. "Haan beta……."
Dev beamed. "okay…….to Radhika…….chalo jaldi nashta karo………phir jaldi tayar ho jaana" the eagerness in his voice was easily noticeable.
Hearing this impatience, Radhika blushed and elbowed him sneakily. He arched his brows naughtily and she blushed some more.
"ahem ahem!" the family coughed bringing them back.
Startled, Dev and Radhika blushed and began having their food silently. The family burst out laughing at this.
Radhika was pinning the pleats of her blue saree when Dev came to the dressing table.
"Suniye na…….sabse pehle na hum Kanha ke mandir jaayege……phir mall jaayenge" she requested sweetly.
"Mall? Kyun?" he asked brushing his hairs.
"tsk bhul gaye? Who gift lena tha na aapke liye……."
He sighed. "Okay. Mandir……..Mall…….phir……phir kahan jaana hai humari madam ko?" he asked, turning to wrap his arms around her waist.
She smiled. "Kahi bhi jahan aap mujhe le chale….."
He grinned. "Okay…… ek bahut achi si horror film lagi hai paas ke multiplex main……wahan chalen?"
Her smile vanished and she hit his chest playfully. "kya aap bhi!"
"Kyun? Tumhi ne to kahan main jahan le jaaun…….chalogi…….ab chalo" he replied with a straight face.
"Anniversary ke din……..horror film dikhayenge mujhe?" she asked, adjusting the collar of his tee.
He shrugged. "Haan. Actually you get really scared watching those English horror films…….and you come close to me……..hug my arms tightly……….and……." he winked.
"Oh… yeh plan hai aapka?"
"Hmm! Ise kehte hain………Horror main romance"
She tapped his cheek cutely. "Badmash!"
He laughed aloud at that and she too joined him.
"ab tayar ho jaayen?" She pushed his hands down to turn towards the mirror.
But he came closer and circled his arms around her again. "Itni jaldi kya hai…….." he whispered and began nuzzling her ear.
She giggled as his actions tickled her and quickly turned to face him. Seeing this, he began coming closer to her lips but she placed her hand on his lips at the right moment.
"Kya aap bhi………." She mumbled. "Kabhi to apne aap ko sambhaliye" she chided; but was unable to hide her smile for she felt joyous seeing Dev being so impatient to come near her always.
With a sigh, he moved her hand away and winked. "Who to hone se raha"
Her smile grew so did her blush. "Acha ab chaliye na……der ho rahi hai……." She pleaded cutely.
He chuckled with a grin and came closer to press his lips on her forehead warmly.
Meanwhile downstairs, Dadima called Vaishali with an ever-so-very urgent tone. Vaishali came out hurriedly wondering what was making Dadima so excited.
"Kya huwa?"
Dadima quickly handed her the newspaper. "Yeh dekho…….kya aaya hai aaj ke paper main"
Vaishali took hold of the paper, pondering about Dadima's unusual excitement, and dropped her gaze to find what was so important in that paper. Soon her eyes grew wide seeing Radhika's picture in the newspaper with an article written up for her.
"Maaji? Yeh to………." Vaishali's voice trailed off as she began reading the newspiece delightedly.
The article was all praise for Radhika's efforts towards a Cancer NGO.
Some months back, Radhika had agreed to be a part of fund raising events for a NGO in the suburbs of Mumbai, which was in a very poor condition. Back then, her talent had just been discovered by the society through Mrinalini's charity event and many people began approaching her for playback singing, or for making devotional cassetts. But Radhika had politely refused everyone although the family and especially Dev insisted that she take up singing as her career; they didn't want her talent to go wasted. But Radhika stood firm in her decision as she didn't want to sell her talent for money.
It was during this phase when a particular NGO people had come to Radhika very apprehensively with a proposal. The debilitating NGO had fallen short of funds very badly and the patients couldn't be taken care of, even their basic necessities couldn't be met. The NGO was thinking of a fund raising musical event, however, because there was a lack of funds, no big personality was agreeing to be a part of this event……….and without having some known name on board, they couldn't gather money. When Radhika heard about this offer, she didn't think much and decided to help them readily, much to the NGO's joy. She agreed to be a part of this charity event for free and even requested Dev to put some money in this event so that things could be done at a larger scale. Purohit's didn't mind spending for such a good cause………and for Radhika's happiness. They started with some small events. Since Purohit's were involved in this effort, their friends and colleagues began donating money to this NGO. However, soon people from other sections too started pouring money for this event…….and Radhika's musical events began attracting more and more audience.
Vaishali's eyes brimmed with tears of joy as she read the words of appreciation written for Radhika. She remembered Radhika's words when these people had approached her.
"Ma……Kanha ki krupa se humare paas sab kuch hai……Hume dhan aur shohorat ki koi kami nahi……...lekin jin ke paas nahi hai…….agar hum unki madad kar paaye……..agar meri awaaz se main un logon ke kuch kar paaun to is se badhkar mere liye aur kya ho sakta hai? Kehte hain na…….jab hum kisi jaruratmand (needy) ki madat karte hain……to who bhagvan ki seva ke barabar hota hai" Radhika smiled.
"Sach much Maaji……aaj to meri bachi ne mera sar garv se upar kar diya" Vaishali said, looking up.
Dadima bobbed her head in agreement. "Sahi keh rahi ho tum. Radhika ne iss parivaar ka sar garv se uncha kar diya. Mujhe garv hai ke hum Radhika se jude hain"
"Sahi kaha aapne maaji. Who chahti to…….kitne paise kama leti……par usne doosre ke baare main hi socha"
"Are humari Radhika to hai hi laakhon main ek. Usne to kabhi apne baare main socha hi nahi. Humesha doosron ke bare main sochti rehti. Aur ab to who aur 3-4 organizations se jud gayi hai" Dadima said.
Vaishali nodded proudly. Radhika was now a part of some more such organizations, including a old age home, poor children home. Not only did she participate in the functions for them but also visited these organizations every now and then. She would even distribute goodies and food to these people.
"Maaji jab bhi Radhika aashram ya inn NGO's se wapas aati hai……aapne dekha hai ke uske chehre pe kaisi chamak hoti hai" Vaishali said.
"Haan. Bas who bachi khush rahe……..meri to yahi duwa hai Thakurjee se" Dadima added, beaming.
In the meantime in Vrindavan………..
Shastrijee came in calling Devki's name loudly in an urgent tone. 'Devkijee!!! Are kahan hai aap??"
Devki came out running and saw him struggling to remove his footwear as soon as possible. "Kya baat hai aap itni jaldi jaldi….kya huwa?"
"Are baat hi kuch aisi hai!! Yeh dekho……." He held forward the newspaper for her.
Her brows puckered seeing the newspaper because he never brought paper while coming back from the temple after morning aarti. "Jee?akbaar? kyun kya hai isme aisa?" she asked, wondering what was in the newspaper that was making him so excited.
"Are aap dekhiye to sahi……." He urged impatiently.
She took the paper to read and her eyes widened with happiness. "Isme to apni Radhika ki tasveer chapi hai……."
"Haan……Devkijee!! Humari bachi ki tasveer chapi hai……..aur dekhiye kya likha hai. Uski taarifon ke pul bandhe hain! Humari bachi ko bahut naam mila hai shehar main" Shastrijee said in a single breath in an animated voice. He felt very, very proud of his daughter at this moment.
Devki began reading the words carefully and slowly.
"Jaanti hain…….Varmajee ne galli main rok kar……mere haathon main paper diya……..aur kaha ke Radhika ki tasveer aayi hai…….angrezi paper main bhi naam aaya hai apni betiya ka………pure Vrindavan main charche ho rahe hain humari bachi ke. Pure galli main sabne badhaiyan di! Sab apni Radhika ke gun gaa rahe hain!" Shastrijee continued his enthusiastic rant.
Devki looked up grinning ear to ear. "Sach much jee……aaj to humari bachi ne humara sar garv se uncha kar diya……..pehli baar humare parivaar main kisi ki tasveer akbar main chapi hogi…….woh bhi itne ache kaam karke"
"Sahi kaha aapne Devkijee. Meri bachi chahti to apne awaaz ko……apne sangeet ko kayi lakhon ke liye bech sakti……par usne aisa nek (noble) kaam chuna. Sahi keh raha hoon Devkijee aaj mujhe galli se yahan ghar tak aate aate…….to…..main……apni khushi sama hi nahi paaya" Shastrijee said, unable to hide his overflowing excitement.
Devki felt real happy seeing Shastrijee in such a mood. After he came to know Amma's truth, he had never been so joyous before.
His voice softened down. "Devkijee…….kaun kehta hai ke sirf beta apne parivaar ka naam uncha karta hai. Aaj humari bachi ne humara sar garv se upar kiya hai. Humara sar uncha kar diya" Small tears of happiness welled his eyes.
"Sahi kaha jee aapne" Devki couldn't agree more.
Shastrijee gulped his tears and kissed Radhika's picture in the paper.  "jeeti rahe meri bachi"
"Acha suniye…….aapko yaad hai na aaj kya hai…….." Devki asked.
Shastrijee looked up and smiled. "Bilkul kaise bhool sakta hoon. Aajse ek saal pehle apni phool jaisi bachi ko vida kiya tha iss ghar se……."
"Jee. Unhe phone nahi karna?" Devki asked excitedly.
"Are haan haan……main bas muh haath dho ke aata hoon……phir saath main phone karenge unhe……" Shastrijee tapped her cheek, much to Devki's surprise that left her eyes wide, before he turned towards the wash area. Happiness seemed to be flowing infectiously through his veins.
"Aapka lakh lakh dhanywaad……." Devki said, folding her hands in front of the lord.
In Purohit House, Dadima and Vaishali were walking towards the stairs to reach Dev's room.
"Lagta hai Dev ne aajka paper nahi pada……warna ab tak to pure ghar main double celebration hota!" Dadima said cheerfully.
"Haan Maaji. Aaj subah se janab ko apne anniversary ke alawa kuch sujh hi nahi raha hoga" Vaishali chuckled.
Dadima laughed. "Hmm. Who to sabse jyaada excited ho jaata"
"Waise Maaji……ek aur insaan hai jo super duper excite ho jaayega" Vaishali laughed. "Vishaka"
"Are haan…….uska phone nahi aaya ab tak! Ab tak to who udne lagi hogi apne behen ki picture dekh kar" Dadima agreed and then her face went somber. "Waise bhi Vishaka ke vivah ke baad to kabhi uski awaaz bhi nahi suni humne……"
"Haan Maaji……..woh to hai. Who apne gruhasti main vyast ho gayi hogi…….." Vaishali smiled, remembering Vishaka's wedding.
Vishaka's wedding took place around 2 months back. The wedding however happened in a rush. Since Amma's condition was far from improving and was worsening with every passing minute, Shastri's wanted Vishaka's marriage to be postponed for sometime atleast. Chaubey's (Keshav's parents) too agreed on this. They decided to get the couple engaged and so went to an astrologer to get their horoscopes matched and to get a date for the engagement. However according to the astrologer, if the marriage didn't happen within a month then the marriage may not take place for the next 10 years or so. On listening to this, both the parties agreed for a quick marriage because postponing the marriage for 10 years was not an option Shastri's could afford. The marriage preparations was done hurriedly and the wedding took place at a smaller scale because they didn't want too much of pomp while Amma was in such condition.
"Maaji bas Vishaka khush rahe"
"Vaishali…….keshav hai na" Dadima smiled.
"Keshav??" Dev's voice reached them and they looked up to find Dev and Radhika coming down the stairs.
"Are tayar ho gaye tum dono? Hum tumhare hi paas aa rahe the" Dadima said.
"Aap log keshav ke baare main kya keh rahe the?" Dev asked casually.
"Who sab chodo. Tune aaj paper pada kya?"
Dev shrugged. "Nahi. Kyun? Kuch important news hai kya?"
"Are bahut jyaada important news hai! Mujhe na Vivek ko akbaar pad lene dena chahiye tha. Warna Breakfast table pe hi sabko pata chal jaata. Abhi who bhi study main busy ho gaya" Dadima giggled.
"Par Dadima huwa kya?" Radhika asked curiously with a smile.
"Tum dono khud pad lo…….." saying, Vaishali handed the paper to them.
Dev and Radhika looked down at the paper……..and soon a grin came on their faces.
"Dadima! Yeh to Radhika ke baare main hai!" Dev said exuberantly, looking up.
"Haan" Vaishali said with a jubiliant smile.
Wrapping an arm around Radhika, who stood overwhelmed, he kissed her forehead. "Radhika I am very very proud of you…….."
Radhika just smiled humbly, feeling happy that she could make her family and husband feel proud.
"Radhika you've become famous!!" Dev continued in his excited voice and tightened his arm around her.
Vaishali came closer and cupped her cheek. "Thank you beta…….aaj tumhari wajah se humara sar garv se uncha ho gaya" She kissed her forehead lovingly.
Dev grinned joyously. "Dadima this calls for a double celebration!! Aaj sham ki party main……. Double dhamaka hona chahiye……..aakhir meri patni itni famous jo ho gayi hai!"
Dadima hit his arm lightly. "Kya teri patni? Sirf teri patni hai kya? Meri poti famous ho gayi hai" saying, Dadima framed Radhika's lower face sweetly.
"Sirf aapki poti thodi na hai? Pehle meri patni hai" Dev snapped sweetly.
Radhika grinned modestly seeing them.
"Bas bas…….bas keejye aap dono. Sachi beta……aaj to double celebration hona hi chahiye"
"Yeh sab to aapka pyaar…….vishwas aur saath ke bina mumkin nahi hota" Radhika said sweetly. "Aur phir Kanha ka aashirwaad bhi to hai"
"And this calls for some sweet as well!!" Mrinalini's thrilled voice reached them and they turned to find her coming near them with a plate of sweets.
"Bhabhi Sweets!"
"Ofcourse tumhe kya laga aap log mujhe batayenge nahi to mujhe pata nahi chalega? Huh?" she asked in a half angry-hald sad tone.
"Are beta hume bhi abhi abhi pata chala" Dadima reasoned to pacify her. "Tum andar busy thi isiliye tumhe disturb nahi kiya"
Mrinalini smiled. "To theek hai. Waise I got to know this from one of my friends. I couldn't believe her and checked on with my paper…." She came closer to feed Radhika a piece of sweet. "Congrats dear!"
"Thanks bhabhi" Radhika hugged her.
"Bhabhi hum log bhi khade hain…….humare liye sweets?"
"haan haan lo na!" saying, Mrinalini took four pieces of sweet and shoved in to Dev's mouth at once.
"Bhaahb…….b.." he made a face at Mrinalini, unable to utter anything properly.
Mrinalini and others giggled loud at this.
Amidst all this fun and laughter, Radhika slowly glanced down at her phone somberly.
Dev noticed this. "Kya dekh rahi ho?" he asked, wiping the corner of his lips. "Kisike phone ka intezaar hai?"
Radhika jerked her head up. "umm…….woh……." 
Dadima smiled. "Hmm……Apne babuji ke phone ka intezaar kar rahi ho na?"
Radhika couldn't hide and she nodded once. "Hmm"
"Thodi der main aajaayega. Aaj ka din who kabhi nahi bhulenge. Unhone aaj apni gudiya jo humare ghar vida ki thi" Dadima smiled sweetly and tapped her cheek once.
Radhika shook her head with a smile.
"Acha ek kaam karte hain Babuji ka phone aajaye uske baad hi mandir chalte hain okay?" Dev asked.
Instantly Radhika's smile widened. "Theek hai"
"Waise Radhika…….if am not wrong……yeh earrings to tumhare paas pehle nahi the na?"Mrinalini asked, checking out the diamond sparkling earings.
Radhika blushed. "Haan……..woh……" her gaze shifted to the corner, towards Dev.
Mrinalini's eyes grew big with a teasing glint. 'Ooh!!! To Dev ne gift kiya hai? Huh?" she elbowed Radhika, who inturn could only blush some more.
Dev grinned. "Haan maine gift kiya hai. Apni patni ko kuch to dunga na? Waise kaisa hai?" he asked putting an arm around Radhika.
"Hmm. Good choice. Waise Radhika ke upar to koi bhi cheez achi lagegi. Doesn't matter tumhara taste kaisa bhi ho" Mrinalini retorted.
Hearing this, Dev's smile vanished. "Bhabhi aap kisi bhi cheez ka sahi dhang se jawaab nahi de sakti kya?"
"Tumhare saath reh rehkar aise ho gayi hoon Dev ab kya karun" Mrinalini snapped back with a acidic smile.
Vaishali and Dadima share a helpless glance and shake their heads in exasperation.
"Acha isme bhi meri galti! Bhabhi why don't you admit you were born with sarcasm dipped tongue!" he retorted back and then shrugged smugly. "Meri baat to kuch alag hai…don't even compare me yourself..…..I am born charmer!"
"Huh! Born charmer? Please! Don't make me laugh!"
Amidst all this bantering of theirs, Radhika suddenly started feeling sick – kind of nauseous. Her one hand came up to her mouth as she felt the nauseous feel inside her growing intense. 
Mrinalini, who stood just next to Radhika, noticed her uncomfort and pausing the bantering, shifted her gaze to Radhika.
"are you fine?" she asked concernedly
Dev and others too looked at Radhika only to find her standing with her hand clamped on to her mouth.
"Kya huwa Radhika?" Dev came closer.
Radhika couldn't control anymore and she rushed to the nearest bathroom near the corner.
"Radhika!" Dev called behind her and quickly followed her. Dadima, Vaishali and Mrinalini too followed swiftly, feeling worried.
"Radhika?? What happened?" Dev banged against the washroom door. But the next moment, he heard her vomiting and his face crumpled in to a worried frown.
He shared an anxious glance with the ladies in the room.
Some moments passed and Radhika came out, wiping her face with a clean towel.
"Tum theek to ho na?" Dev asked; worry was layering his tone.
She tried smiling but felt slightly tired. "hmm…….."
"Kya hmm! Halat dekho apni……kitni thaki huwi lag rahi ho? Kya huwa? Achanak se aise vomiting?" he asked, stroking her head lovingly.
"beta tumhari tabiyat to theek hai na?" Vaishali came closer and touched her forehead. Dadima too looked on in worry.
Radhika took a deep breath. "Main bilkul theek hoon. Aap fikr na kare. Who shayad kal maine…umm……nandu ke saath bahar thele (stall) ka gol gappa khaya tha. Shayad bahut jyaada ho gaya…….isiliye…….." she said, rubbing her throat.
Mrinalini sighed. "Gol Gappa! Radhika tum bhi na! Nandu ko samjhane ke wajay khud khaane lagi? Huh? Ab dekha na kaise pet kharab ho gaya? Itna jyaada kyun khaya tum dono ne?"
"Bhabhi who gol gappe  bahut ache banata hai" Radhika said sheepishly.
Mrinalini threw her hands up. "Great! Ab bahut jald aapka Nandu bhi aajayega school se!"
"Bhabhi let it be na. Dekhiye iski haalat theek nahi lag rahi. She looks pale. I think we should call up doctor"
Radhika swiftly held his forearm. "Are yeh aap kya keh rahe hain? Jara si to ulti huwi hai usmain doctor ko bulane ki kya jaroorat hai?" she smiled.
He cupped her face. "Jaroorat hai. Look at yourself. You look weak aur agar pet kharab huwa hai to doctor ko to bulana padega na?"
"Aap kuch jyaada hi chinta kar rahe hain. Mujhe doctor ki jaroorat nahi hai. Who ghar main hi koi gharelu nuska bana lungi. Mujhe pata hai" she insisted.
He sighed, annoyed by her stubborness. "Tumhe to sab pata hota hai na!"
"Radhika Dev bilkul sahi keh raha hai. Doctor ko bulane main harz kya hai?" Dadima backed Dev.
"Magar abhi doctor ko bulayenge to mandir jaane main bhi der ho jayegi aur phir abhi mujhe theek lag…….."
Dev interrupted her. "Mandir? Kaun jaa raha hai mandir?"
Radhika looked at him blankly.
"You're not stepping out of this house now! Tum kahi nahi jaa rahi ho until you get get well" Dev ordered sternly.
Hearing this, Radhika sighed. "Dadima samjhaiye na"
"Samjhana to tujhe hai. Who theek hi to keh raha hai" Dadima said. Vaishali backed her.
"Dadima aap bhi. Main……main jara sa paani pee leti hoon phir theek mehsoos karungi. Mera mandir jaane ka bahut man kar raha hai……" she requested to Dev.
Dev exhaled once, feeling irritated at her insistence. "Theek hai main paani lane ke liye kehta hoon"
"Main le loongi na. itni bhi kamzor nahi hoon ke ek glass paani bhi nahi utha sakti" Smiling, she began walking.
Placing his hands on waist, Dev sighed in frustration. "Dekha Dadima. Meri baat hi nahi maanti hai. Aaram to karna hi nahi aata hai inhe!"
Radhika had barely moved a few steps ahead when she suddenly felt dizzy; her feet halted and hand came up to her forehead as everything began spinning. She tried taking a step but wobbled.
Dev's gaze noticed this at once and he rushed to hold her before she fell down. "Radhika!"
Dadima, Mrinalini and vaishali rushed to her as well.
Radhika fell on his arms unconscious making him all the more worry.
"Radhika!!" he tapped her cheeks, feeling worried. But there was no response. He again tapped her cheeks and called her name. But she lay still.
"Radhika aankhen kholo beta" Dadima called but in vain.
"Dadima………Radhika ko kya ho gaya hai!??" Dev wondered aloud in panic. "Radhika!"
Mr. Purohit and Vivek came out hearing their voices……..only to find Radhika lying unconscious in Dev's arms. They rushed towards Radhika.
"Dev tu ise kamre main le jaa……..Vivek jaldi se doctor ko phone karna" Dadima ordered.
Dev swiftly carried Radhika in his arms and began climbing the steps hurriedly.
Everyone stood silently with anxious looks on their faces as the doctor checked Radhika.
The doctor looked up at Dev and then got up.
"Kya baat hai Doctor? Radhika theek to hai na?" Dev asked quickly, unable to control his worry.
Doctor nodded his head once. "Haan Dev. She is fine. Just some weakness" he smiled.
Dev sighed in relief. "Par who behosh kyun ho gayi?"
Doctor's smile grew seeing Dev's anxiety filled face. "Itna ghabrane waali koi baat nahi hai Dev. She is fine. Infact baat to khushi ki hai"
Dev frowned. "Jee?"
Doctor grinned now. "Jee! Radhika is pregnant……"
On hearing this, Dev's frown erased and lips parted instinctively in surprise. "Radhika is pregnant" Doctor's words circled across his mind again. The thought was incredulously sweet.
Purohit Family burst in to smiles hearing this good news. "Maaji……humari Radhika Ma ban ne waali hai" Vaishali said exuberantly.
"Haan!!" Dadima replied cheerfully.
Their voices brought Dev back and blinking once, he turned his gaze to Radhika's figure on the bed. Slowly a smile creeped up his lips and soon a grin formed on his face – he was soon going to become a father……their child was growing inside her!! It was an ineffable feel…… something too overwhelming that didn't sink in easily inside him. They would actually become a kid's parents……!! The thought tingled his heart and his gaze turned loving.
"Congrats Dev!!" Vivek came in to give a hug.
Dev just grinned and hugged him back mechanically; the happiness was too huge for him to easily absorb.
"Doctorsaab aapka bahut bahut dhanywaad jo aapne hume itni pyaari khabar sunayi" Dadima said.
"Dadima……isme mera thanks kyun? Dhanywaad to aapko apni bahu ko karna chahiye jo aapko itni badi khushi dene waali hai" Doctor replied back warmly.
Dev glanced and smiled at him. "Umm……par doctor Radhika ko hosh nahi aaya ab tak?"
Doctor's face turned slightly serious. "Don't worry Radhika ko thodi der main hosh aajayega. Lekin ek baat ka jaroor dhyan rakhiyega……Radhika is a little weak…..isiliye use apna bahut jyaada dhyaan rakhna hoga……warna uski aur uski baby ko bhi khatra ho sakta hai"
A frown came across Dev's face. "Koi darne waali baat to nahi hai na?"
"Nahi. Agar khayal rakhenge then there is nothing to worry" Doctor smiled. "Jahan tak ho sake Radhika se koi kaam na karwayen…….she has to take complete rest. Aur haan aaj use aaram karne den……..aur kal mere clinic main le aana. Kuch tests karne hain"
"Okay Doctor"
"Theek hai ab main chalta hoon. Agar koi problem ho to mujhe call kar leejyega" he said to Mr. Purohit. "Aur haan abhi Radhika ko aaram karne de…….jaise hi inhe hosh aayega……give her something light to eat"
Vivek went along with the doctor and others came in congratulate Dev. He took their blessings, with a grin, that seemed to have fixed on his face permanently.
Dadima suggested they sit downstairs in the hall so that Radhika can get some rest.  Everyone began moving out slowly.
"Dev tu yahi ruk jaa…….jaise hi use hosh aaye hume keh dena" Dadima said and closed the door behind her.
Dev's gaze shifted to Radhika and turned reverent. He came closer and sat beside her, looking at ger lovingly. Stroking her head once, he leaned down to kiss her forehead.
His touch brought back Radhika in to senses. Her forehead creased and eyes slowly began opening.
Noticing this, Dev moved his face slightly to meet her gaze, propping his elbow on the pillow.
She fluttered her eyelids to clear her vision and found Dev in front of her with a loving look in his eyes.
A sparkling beam came on his face and he bent to place a peck on her lips. "Thanks"
Her brows puckered in confusion and she gazed in to his joyously smiling face in puzzlement.
"jee? Kyun?" her voice sounded slightly gruff, feeling weak.
Caressing her head, he smiled sweetly. "Mujhe iss duniya ki sabse badi khushi dene ke liye"
She didn't understand; his words only added to her puzzlement. "Jee? Main samjhi nahi"
He inched closer to her face. "Maine tumse kaha tha na…….shayad Kanha chahte hain ke tum mujhe koi anmol tofha do…….isiliye aaj ke din……unhone tumhe mujhe kuch aur nahi dene diya" he mumbled; their breaths mingled.
She gulped wondering why he was saying so. What priceless gift had she given him?
Framing a side of her cheeks, "Is se acha tofha to mujhe aur koi nahi de sakta. Thanks Radhika" he mumbled lovingly.
Radhika didn't understand anything except for one thing…….that he was very or rather extemely joyous at this moment; his eyes were easily stating his happiness. But why was he thanking her? What had she given him? She tried remembering what had happened. She had felt sick…….had thrown off ……then…….then she'd felt dizzy……then……then……..she didn't remember anything. What had happened to her? Her gaze shifted away from his intense loving eyes and she realized herself to be on the bed. But why.
Her hand came up to touch the side of her forehead, remembering the dizzy feeling she'd felt sometime back. "Umm……kya huwa tha mujhe? Main yahan kaise?" she asked softly.
He shook his head with a smile. "Kuch nahi. Tum behosh ho gayi thi neeche…….to hum yahan upar laye tumhe. Nothing to worry. Tum bilkul theek ho"
She blinked in puzzle – his smile puzzled her. What was making him so happy? What gift was he talking about?
"Kya baat hai…..aap bahut khush lag rahe hain? Aur kaunse tofhe ki baat kar rahe hain? Maine to kuch nahi diya" she mumbled, gazing in to his eyes.
Chuckling once at her innocent tone, he stroked her cheeks. "Diya hai……bahut bada tofha diya hai" he said softly and shifted his hand, resting on her cheeks, to slid it underneath her saree and caressed her tummy once – he felt a gush indescribably joy inside him.
"Kya?" she couldn't understand anything as she felt weak and slightly dizzy. What was he trying to imply – it was surely something very very special for he looked so joyous. But her weakness didn't allow her brain to ponder on it properly and she wanted him to disclose the riddle.
He let his hand remain over her tummy, aching to feel more of that happiness that seemed to be bursting inside him……..wanted to feel his baby inside her.
His other hand propped on the pillow storked her forehead sweetly and he came very close to her, so close that their breaths mixed with the others. "Radhika tum ma ban ne waali ho……you're pregnant"
As she heard his words, her eyes grew slightly big in surprise and astonishment. She was pregnant!
Comprehending the pleasantly surprised feel inside her – as he had gone through the same feel some moments back, he smiled. "Haan Radhika…….humare pyaar ki nishaani tumhare kok main pal rahi hai……."
She blinked mechanically without showing any emotion – it was unable to absorb this happiness at one go…….and dropped her gaze to where his hand rested, over her tummy. She was pregnant. Their baby was growing inside her……..their baby.
"humare pyaar ki nishaani tumhare kok main pal rahi hai……."
His words floated in her head again…..and slowly pulled her lips up in to an overwhelming smile.
Her one hand moved up to touch her tummy. His gaze moved to her tummy as well and he shifted his hand so as to let her feel the sensation. She slowly placed her hand above her tummy……and felt her throat choking suddenly…….while her eyes welled up with small tears. Their baby was growing inside her. With ever so soft movements, she caressed her tummy, to feel their baby. A grin spread across her face and small tears of happiness streamed down her cheeks. The next moment she felt Dev's hand coming atop her's……..and sense of completion filled inside her.
She slowly looked up to meet his loving gaze and smiled in pure delight. "H….Humara bacha"
He beamed and nodded his head once. "Hmm. Humara Baby" mumbling, he brought his hand up to brush away those tears. "humare pyaar ki nishaani……."
But she couldn't contain it; the feeling was too overwhelming and inexplainable. Her smile just grew with every second.
"Bolo huwa na yeh mera sabse special tofha. Is se special aur is se anmol tofha mere liye kuch aur ho hi nahi sakta……." He cupped her cheek sweetly.
She nodded; this was the most special gift they had got from the Lord. How silly was she to not have understood this simple fact. She remembered feeling nauseous and then dizzy before falling unconscious……..and then remembered that she had missed her monthly cycle as well. There were many things pointing towards her pregnancy and yet she couldn't understand.
She giggled at her sillyness. He loved her giggle and came close to kiss her lips softly – it was a soft reverent kiss to thank her for the greatest happiness she gave him and his family…….and to share this biggest happiness with her in every way.
When they parted after a small minute, Radhika slowly shifted her gaze towards the Kanha's idol in her room to thank the Lord for this happiness. Her eyes again brimmed with tears of joy.
Dev didn't say anything, just brushed off her tears. Radhika glanced back at him and giggled softly in joy.
"Kanha ne hume sabse khaas tofha diya hai aaje ke din……..." her gaze shifted to her tummy where her hand still rested. "Unhone apni bhakt ko aaj iss duniya ki sabse badi khushi de di hai"
He couldn't agree more and nodded his head. "Hmm…….sahi kaha tumne"
Looking up at him, she chuckled and grinned in delight.
"Thanks……mujhe papa banane ke liye" he whispered naughtily that made her blush.
Just then, a knocking sound on the door made them turn their gazes towards the door. Dev leaned back straight.
Vaishali slowly opened the door to come inside without making any sounds…….but found Radhika to be conscious. A bright grin came across her face and she quickly came closer to the bed.
Dev got up to let Vaishali sit.
Radhika tried getting up but Vaishali didn't allow. "are nahi nahi beta……aaram karo. Doctor ne tumhe aaram karne ke liye kaha hai na" saying, she cupped her face and placed a warm motherly kiss over her forehead. "Humesha khush reh meri bachi…..."
Radhika smiled sweetly.
"Mujhe phirse Dadi banane waali ho tum!" Vaishali chirped, unable to contain her delight and glanced at Dev.
Dev grinned with a small blush coloring his cheeks.
"Acha. Abhi tumhe jyaada kamzori to nahi lag rahi na? Maine tumhare liye soup banwaya hai…….abhi lane ke liye kehti hoon" Vaishali said, tapping Radhika's cheek once.
Vaishali rushed out to call the househelp asking him to bring the soup…….and also informed other family members that Radhika has gained consciousness.
Dev helped Radhika slant her back against the headrest, pushing a pillow under her back so that she can be comfortable in having the soup.
Soon the room was filled with the family members and their wishes, blessings, laughter, teasings etc. Dev and Radhika couldn't do much than blushing, smiling and accepting everyone's wishes and teasings. But they felt happy, didn't mind the jokes, and rather reveled in it.
Radhika's cellphone began beeping and Mrinalini's leg pulling halted instantly. Mr. Purohit who stood closest to the couch, where the mobile had been kept by Dev, leaned down to pick the phone and instantly a smile came on his face. He switched the phone and placed it to his ears.
"Radhe Radhe Shastrijee" he said cheerfully and glanced at Radhika.
As in instinctively, a quick grin came on Radhika's face on hearing this.
"Radhe Radhe Purohitjee……." Shastrijee smiled. "Kaise hain aap?"
"Jee main to bahu jyaada acha hoon…aur khush bhi….aur sab aapki beti ki wajah se"
Radhika blushed and lowered her gazy coyly.
Shastrijee assumed that Mr. Purohit was being so exuberant about the article in the newspaper. "Maine who Radhika ke baare main akbar main pada…… ko bahut jyaada khushi mili"
"Shastrijee……sirf khushi hi nahi……humari bachi ne to humara sar garv se uncha kar diya" Mr. Purohit replied.
Dev grinned hearing that and tightened his arm around Radhika, who was sitting adjacent to him.
Shastrijee shared a smiling glance with Devki, feeling proud for the fact that Radhika has made her in-laws so proud. "Jee……aapne sahi kaha. Aaj to aap sabke liye……Dev aur Radhika ke liye…….dugni khushi ka avsaar hoga. Un dono ki shaadi ki salgirah…….aur ab yeh akbar main khabar……sach kahoon Purohitjee……mera man to karta hai wahan aake apni bachi ko gale laga loon aur dher saara aashriwaad doon" he said, unable to quell his desire to see his little girl once again.
Mr. Purohit smiled widely. "Shastrijee dugni khushi nahi…….teen guna khushi ki baat hai. Aaj ek hi din main Thakurjee ne humare jholi main itni khushiyan bhar di hai ke hume dar hai ke kaise sambhale ise" saying, he laughed happily.
Shastrijee felt a little confused and shared a puzzled glance with Devki. What was the reason for triple celebration? Was Mr. Purohit being happy just for the article or was there something else as well.
Devki blinked in confusion and nudged her chin up gesturing 'what'
"Main kuch samjha nahi Purohitjee……teen guna khushi ki baat? Kya koi aur bhi achi khabar hai?"
"Shastrijee…….teen guna kya main to kahunga hazaar guna khushi mili hai mujhe aur mere parivaar ko iss samay humari betiya ke wajah se" Mr. Purohit continued in his elated tone.
However, Shastrijee felt all the more confused. "Hume bhi bataiye Purohitjee aisi kya baat hai"
"Shastrijee…….Hum phirse Dada ban ne waale hain…….aur aap Naana……..humari bachi Radhika……..Ma banne waali hai!" Mr. Purohit gushed.
Shastrijee felt his eyes widening in joyousness.  "Kya…..?"
Devki's brows crinkled seeing sudden spurt of happiness in Shastrijee's face and touched his arms gently to ask what was the good news making him so happy?
Shastrijee turned his face to her with a huge smile. "Devkijee humari Radhika Ma ban ne waali hai!" he replied in elation
Devki's lips parted in joy and her hand came up to her mouth. "Sach jee? Humari bachi Ma……" her voice trailed off, unable to utter anything in the sheer joy.
"Haan Devkijee….." reiterating to her, he shifted his attention to the phone.  " Badhai ho aapko Purohitjee……..bahu bahut badhai ho Purohitjee aapko"
Devki grinned and folded her hands to thank the Lord.
"Shastrijee aapko bhi bahut bahut badhai ho……….leejye Radhika aur Dev se baat keejye" saying, Mr. Purohit switched the speaker mode and gave the phone to Radhika.
Taking the phone from him, Radhika smiled at the phone, as Shastrijee's face began floating in front of her eyes. "Babuji……."
Shastrijee felt the same happiness again which he felt everytime on hearing her voice – the same feel of elation that made every inch of his grin widely. Radhika's voice seemed like a perfect remedy to all his worrries…….he would just forget all his tensions and just concentrate on the happiness reflecting in her voice……which reiterated the fact that she was extremely happy in her house.
"Radhika……kaisi hai meri bachi?" he asked lovingly.
This concern and love made Radhika's throat tight and she gulped. "Theek hoon Babuji…..aur aap?"
Shastrijee too felt the lump in his throat and couldn't control the tears from forming in his eyes; he wasn't sad though.
As a father he felt too lonely without his two daughters. He had missed Radhika's presence in the house after she went away to Mumbai. But Vishaka was there to cheer him up with something or the other. She would keep chattering endlessly and her effervescent voice would keep resonating in the house. However, since the day Vishaka too got married, the loneliness had entirely creeped inside their house. Every now and then he would remember how lively the house had been when his lovely daughters resided in them. How they used to play in his house, used to bicker around for trivial things when they were kids, how Radhika would keep pestering Vishaka to oil her hairs, or how Devki would run behind their little daughters to have some more food, how his daughters would usher in with their report cards from the school when they got good marks, how Vishaka's chatter-patter would frustrate them, and Radhika's sweet melodious voice would wrap the entire house in a sweet reverie……how the sound of Vishaka's anklets would echo across the house when she would dance, how his both daughters would laugh and giggle sweetly…….and those sounds would keep reverberate in the entire house day long. But now, both the girls had got married and moved in with their husbands……are settled happily in their own worlds. All that was left for him to cherish were those sweet memories that would keep coming back to him; every small thing had the capacity to trigger some or the other memory related to his daughters. He didn't complain though but did feel sad and yearned to live those moments just once more. Yet, he knew that it was the best for them to live with their husbands because they were happy.
Gulping his lump, he tried keeping his voice normal. "Main bhi bahut acha hoon…….aur ab to tune mujhe duniya ki sabse badi khush khabri di hai…….mujhe Nana banane waali hai. Badhai ho beta…….bahut bahut badhai ho……" he wished her with all his heart; small tears just rolled down his eyes uncontrollably but his voice was cheerful.
Radhika smiled, controlling her tears.
"Beta……Dev kahan hain?" he asked.
"Main yaha hoon Babuji………" Dev came closer.
"Aapko bhi bahut bahut badhai ho beta…….aur pure Purohit parivar ko bhi" he said warmly.
Everyone smiled.
'Dhanywaad Babuji……." Saying, he glanced at Radhika, who seemed to have got emotional after talking to her father and was crying silently. He got a small idea. "Lekin Babuji…….main na thak gaya hoon aapki beti ki wajah se!" he mock complained.
Immediately a small frown came across Shastrijee's face. Radhika's forehead creased in puzzle as well.
"Main kuch samjha nahi beta"
Dev glanced back at Radhika. "Aur nahi to kya babuji…….jab dekho kaam karne ki zid karti rehti hai aapki beti! Main ise videsh ghumane le gaya take iski yeh har samay kaam karne ki bimari chut sake……par nahi India wapas aake wahi sab!"
Radhika made a cute face at him. Shastrijee sighed in relief deciphering Dev's joke and smiled.
"Infact babuji iss halat main bhi madam ko kaam karna hai!" Dev continued to lighten the moment.
"Maine kahan zid ki?" Radhika asked cutely, sniffling once.
Leaning closer, Dev brushed off her tears lovingly. "Kyun thodi der pehle nahi kar rahi thi?"
She felt lost in his loving eyes. "Sorry" she mumbled sweetly.
"Ab sorry kyun keh rahi ho?" he asked, chiding her gently. It seemed like they were lost in their own world again forgetting everyone else around them.
Sniffling again, "to kya karun?" she asked.
"Ahem……ahem!!" the chorus coughing sound brought them back and they realized everyone looking at them; they blushed profusely.
"are bhai…….humare saamne sharam mat karo……par Shastrijee ke saamne to romance ko control karo" Mrinalini quipped and burst in to peals of giggles.
Dadima tapped her hand gently and smiled. Meanwhile, Dev and Radhika shared a quick blushing glance.
Shastrijee smiled at his place. "Erm……..Radhika?"
"Jee Babuji……"
"Dev beta bilkul theek keh rahe hain…….tujhe iss halat main koi kaam nahi karna chahiye" he advised.
Radhika bobbed her head obediently.
"Leejye Shastrijee…..Radhika ne haan kardi hai. Ab ise humari baat maankar yahi aaram karna hoga!" Vivek chirped in.
"Thakurjee ki aseem krupa se aaj hum sabko yeh khushi mili hai……main aaj hi Dev aur Radhika ke naam pe yahan puja karwaunga" Shastrijee said.
"Yeh to aapne bahut acha socha" Dadima agreed quickly.
Devki who had been silently hearing Shastrijee's conversation felt too impatient to control herself from talking to her daughter and tapped Shastrijee's arm.
"Are haan…….ek minute beta apni ma se baat kar" Shastrijee said, handing the phone over to Devki.
"Radhika……." Devki called.
Another sweet smile flashed across Radhika's face. "Ma……kaisi ho aap?"
"Main to bilkul theek hoon…….aur tujhe aur Dev ko bahut bahut badhayian……." Devki said elatedly.
Radhika just smiled sweetly but felt her throat choking again on hearing her mother's voice.
"Apna khayal to rakh rahi ho na Ma?" Radhika couldn't hide the lump in her throat.
Neither could Devki. "Pagli……yeh sawaal to mujhe karna chahiye tujhse" she chuckled. "Mera kya hai…….main to apna ache se dhyaan rakh rahi hoon. Aur ab to…..ab to meri bachi mujhe jaldi naani banane waali hai…….agar koi takleef hogi bhi to gayab ho jaayegi" she gushed excitedly.
Radhika grinned again and sniffled.
Shastrijee smiled at his wife's excitement.
"Acha sun beta…..apna pura dhyaan rakhna…..aur jaise Dev bte ne kaha……jyaada kaam mat karna……." She said and then added after a miniscule pause. "Waise Vaishalijee ke hote huwe mujhe fikr karne ki koi jaroorat nahi……mujhe pura vishwas hai ke who tera pura dhyaan rakhengi…….."
Vaishali smiled and framed a side of Radhika's face. "Devkijee aap fikr na karen……main aapka bharosa toothne nahi doongi…….main apni bachi ko koi takleef nahi hone dungi……. Uska poora dhyaan rakhungi" she said in a motherly tone.  
Devki smiled in delight, relief and nodded her head. "Jee…….Radhika beta khub khush reh aur humesha muskurati rehna…….tabhi tera bacha bhi khush rahega"
Radhika smiled and nodded her head. "Jee Ma"
"Hmm. Suna Ma ne kya kya kaha?" Dev chirped in. "No rona dhona! Samjhi. Main nahi chahta ke humara bacha…..cry baby ban jaaye"
Radhika hit his arm lightly and everyone laughed at this.
Shastrijee asked for the phone again.
"Acha le beta apne Babuji se baat kar……aur sada khush rehna tum dono" Devki blessed them and gave the phone to Shastrijee.
Radhika and Dev smiled at each other.
"Radhika…..beta aaj tere baare main akbar main pada maine……bahut khushi huwi beta yeh jaankar ke tune apne sangeet ko aise nek kaam main lagaya. Apne iss pita ka sar garv se uncha kar diya tune……"
"Aapne bhi pada…..?" she asked.
"Aur nahi to kya? Maine……aur poore Vrindavan main iss baat ki charcha ho rahi hai. Main mandir se wapas aa raha tha to Varmajee ne rok ke yeh paper dikhaya mujhe. Sach much mujhe bahut jyaada prasannata huwi……"
Radhika felt touched seeing her father feeling so proud of her. "Aapko meri wajah se garv mehsoos huwa……mujhe bahut khushi huwi"
"Tu to humesha se mera garv rahi hai meri bachi" Shastrijee replied sweetly.
Radhika smiled at this and Dev too smiled along.
"Waise to tujhse baatein karte rehne ka man kar raha hai…..lekin tujhe aaram bhi karna hoga na……main phir phone karunga" Shastrijee said warmly and blessed her.
Dev hung the call and glanced at Radhika. "Ab khush?"
She just smiled sweetly.
"Hmm……Mamma……ek kaam karo jaldi hi Radhika ke liye khana banana chalu kar do" Mrinalini said.
"Kyun?" Vaishali asked in curiousness.
"Kyunki Radhika bahut jaldi thakne waali hai……"
Everyone looked at her in confusion.
"Hmm……Vishaka is online in my phone!!" saying, she gave the phone to Radhika.
What followed was a string of wishes, laughter, teasings and more fun.
Time started flying. Entire Purohit household started taking utmost care of Radhika and would not even let her step inside the kitchen or lift a bucket. Radhika was left with no option but to sigh and return back to her room, disappointed but she loved how everyone was taking so much care of her. She did feel tired and sick in the morning sometimes and even threw up. But Dev was always up and beside her to give the towel and pat her face dry. That touched her heart very much. She started noticing slight weight gain and her face appeared blotchy in the mornings but Dev would kiss and appreciate her even in such conditions. And however busy Dev may be he took her regularly to the doctor for check ups. He even brought many pregnancy and baby care books for her and asked her to read them to kill the boredom rather than doing any physical work. She had to just nod and agree or else face his wrath; ofcourse she chose the earlier option. He took care of all her cravings and whatever she desired would be given to her. Dadima would take her out for small morning walks and then to temples while Vaishali would ensure she ate at the right time. Mrinalini or Vaishali would always accompany her when she would go on her usual visits to the NGO' and aashrams. She tried cutting down her singing assignments and the NGO's understood her very well. Meanwhile Nandu tried his bit by keeping Radhika happy always with his little tricks and pranks.
Purohits were all very excited for the baby to arrive, especially Dev who was hyper excited……. and in his over enthusiasm started buying toys for the baby.
"yeh sab kya hai?" Radhika asked in shock as she saw the househelp placing one bag after the another, filled with toys.
Dev grinned at her cutely. "Toys. Bachon ko toys ache lagte hain na!"
She blinked at him and picked up one toy – a car, from the bag. "Yeh?" she asked, glancing at him.
He shrugged. "Haan. Kyun kya problem hai……why are you looking at me like this? Can't I shop for my baby?"
That made her smile. "Nahi……bilkul kar sakte hain par…….yeh saare toys to thode bade bache ke liye hain……aur humara bacha to" she paused to keep her hand above tummy. "abhi to 3 mahine bhi nahi huwe……."
He pursed his lips sternly and sighed. "To kya huwa? Kabhi to bada hoga na……aur tab khareed nahi paaye to?"
"kyun nahi khareed paayenge?" she asked.
"Are Radhika shopping karne main burayi kya hai? Aur waise bhi……sirf 6 mahine baaki hain. 6 mahine to bas……yun udd jaayenge" he snapped his fingers. "Phir baad main baby aajayega……lekin koi toys hi nahi honge uske liye" he replied cutely. "Isiliye maine soch liya hai ke abhi se hi shopping shuru kar doonga"
She pursed her lips from smiling. "Oh. Acha socha aapne" saying, she let her gaze adore him reverently. Despite being so busy in his work, he was taking time out and buying all these stuffs.
"Hmm. Maanti ho na acha kiya na?" he asked.
She shook her head, agreeing. "Umm……lekin who itni der ho gayi aapko….thak gaye honge na aap?" mumbling, she came closer to unbutton his shirt. "Hum weekend main bhi to shopping kar sakte hain na?"
He wrapped his hands around her and placed a small kiss on her forehead. "To kya huwa…… tum itni takleef utha rahi ho humare baby ke liye……main itna sa nahi kar sakta?"
She glanced up to meet his loving eyes.
"Aur rahi baat weekend shopping ki… hum weekend ko bhi challenge aur shopping karne ok" he replied.
"Aur shopping?" her eyes widened. There were almost 10-15 bags in their room already and he wanted to shop some more?
"Hmm. Tumhe kya laga main bas itna sa khareedonga apne baby ke liye?" he retorted.
Her lips parted to say something but then she let it be and pursed her lips; a small curve formed in the ends of her lips.
Noticing this, he sighed. "Mazak uda rahi ho mera? Main apne bache ke liye kuch kar raha hoon to mazak uda rahi ho?"
"Are nahi nahi…..aisa kuch nahi hai. Who main soch rahi thi ke itne toys to aap le aaye na…… isiliye" she mumbled back sweetly.
"To kya huwa? Mera bas chale…….to pura room uske toys se bhar doon" he replied warmly and cupped her face.
That made her grin and she titled her head to look at him cutely. "sach"
"To main kahan soungi?"
"meri bahon main" he was quick to answer.
Her cheeks blushed. "Aur aap?"
"Tumhari baahon main" he again answered quickly.
She hit his chest lightly and giggling, they both hugged each other.
With every single passing day, the excitement grew in the Purohit house……….from Dadima to Nandu…….all were awaiting the new member to arrive soon.  Dadima began reciting the Ramayan to Radhika everyday in the morning citing that the baby growing inside would love to hear it; Radhika waited eagerly to listen to it everyday. Meanwhile Vaishali and Mrinalini would sit down with her to discuss the names for the baby. As usual Dev and Mrinalini would never reach a mutual point and they would end up everyday in a silly argument. During the night time, Dev would chat for long – extra long time with the baby before going to sleep.
Kissing her tummy, he caressed it once. "Baby……its ur papa again"
Slanting against the headrest, Radhika smiled at his cuteness and stroked his hairs lovingly as he spoke to their baby.
"To aaj kaisa tha aapka din?" he asked and pressed his ear close to her tummy.
She just shook her head seeing him do this. He did this everyday for some long minutes as if the baby replied to him – probably the baby didn't…..but the baby shall surely hear his voice. This made her smile.
"Hmm. Mera bhi bahut acha tha. Aapko pata jabse aapke aane ki khabar mili hai na…..aapke papa ko bahut success mil raha hai. Aaj bhi who tender pass ho gaya……jiske baare main maine kal kaha tha na……..wahi. Aur sab aapki wajah se. Tum apne papa ke liye bahut jyaada lucky ho" he kissed her tummy once again.
"Acha aapko tender mil gayi? Mujhe to nahi bataya? Sirf apne baby ko bata rahe hain? Not fair" Radhika chirped in, with a mock disappointed tone.
Dev glanced up. "Umm…..woh main bhul gaya. Sorry"
She folded her hands across, pretending to be angry. "bas bas. Aajkal to aapko bas apne baby ki padi hai……meri nahi. Jaaiye aap usi se hi baat keejye" mumbling, she turned her face away.
A quick grin came on his face and he pondered something for a small instant. Resting his ear on her tummy, he acted as if the baby was saying something urgent. "Oh…..acha……okay okay"
Radhika glanced at him from the corner of her eyes in confusion.
Looking up, he came closer to her. She just moved her face away.
"Are Baby ne mujhse kuch kaha. Who to sun lo" he requested.
"Kyun? Aap aur aapka baby……mujhe kahan shaamil karte hain aap? Har din to keh dete hain… don't disturb……yeh aapke aur aapke baby ke beech ki baat hain!" she retorted.
"Oh. To isiliye gussa hain! Baby ne bataya mujhe" his lips quirked in the corners.
Sliding his hand across her jaw, he turned her face to him. "Bilkul……Baby ne kaha ke aap sirf mujhse pyaar karte ho kya? Mummy se nahi? Baby wants me to love you as well……." He added in a whisper and started coming closer to her lips.
She quickly placed her palm in front of his lips. "kya kar rahe hain aap?"
Seeing her blush, he grinned. "Kyun? Baby wants it"
The redness in her cheeks grew and she looked down. "mm….hmm. What will baby think?"
He nudged her face up and gazed in to her eyes intensely. "yahi ke uske papa……uski mummy se bahut bahut jyaada pyaar karte hain" whispering, he brushed his lips over hers.
She glanced down coyly.
"Waise tumhe pata hai……jabse tum pregnant huwi ho…….tumhare chehre pe ek alag si chamak hai……Dadima ne kaha ke ise pregnancy glow kehte hain" he said sweetly.
"Aapne Dadima se poocha?" she asked.
"Haan. Kyun? Kya problem hai usmain?" he shrugged.
She smiled shyly and shook her head. "Nahi. Kuch nahi……"
"Khubsurat to tum pehle se bahut thi…….lekin baby glow ki wajah se aur khoobsurat lagne lagi ho…….aur jaanti ho aise main mere dil ka kya hota hai?" he asked
Her lips curved up in the corner in a smile. "Kya?"
Sighing, he came closer to whisper. "Har baar tumhe dekhta hoon to dil ki dhadkane tez ho jaati hai…….iss dil par thoda bhi reham nahi aata tumhe?"
"Main kya kar sakti hoon?" she asked teasingly.
The look in his eyes transformed in to a passionate one. "Bataun?" he whispered.
She dragged a quick breath and found herself probably inhaling his breaths as well.
He didn't say anything just began kissing her. She felt her body slightly turning and their arms entwined about each other as their lips melded in a passionate fusion.

Time flew by. Dev and Radhika's eagerness too increased proportionally to hold their baby in hands and to love the baby. Radhika would everyday stand in front of the mirror and check her tummy to see if its bulging out……..she even used the measuring tape to confirm. However, much to disappointment, there was no change. She was just 4 1/2 months pregnant……and she knew that changes wont become visible so soon……..yet her eagerness was pushing aside her common sense and everytime she hoped that there should be some miniscule change atleast.
One night, Dev caught her doing this. He had gone to Vivek's room to give some file. While returning back to his room, he opened the door slowly and entered inside…….only to find his wife standing in front of the mirror and measuring her tummy. He frowned wondering why she was doing this. Since he hadn't worn any slippers, his feet didn't make any sound as he approached her gently.
Standing a little away, he tried observing her actions. She was measuring her tummy from the front, side and then pouting disappointedly…….and then would push her tummy slightly out and again measure it……then smile…….and then touch her tummy sweetly.
Her actions made him realize what she was doing and he grinned at himself – the sight was cute and funny!
She didn't seem to notice him, being in her own world.
Tiptoeing, he reached near her and blew some warm air in her ear, while holding her arms.
This made her jump and she turned to find him standing behind with a grin. She heaved a sigh of relief. "Aap na!"
"Why did you get so surprised?" he asked non chalantly.
"Umm……erm……nahi……kuch bhi to nahi" mumbling, she looked down and found the measuring tape still in her hand. Her eyes widened for a small second – she didn't want him to know about her silly experimenting……..and quickly pushed her hand behind.
Dev noticed her hiding the tape from him. "No. You were surprised. Kuch kar rahi thi kya?"
"Aapne kya dekha?"
"Kuch nahi" he shrugged.
She smiled. "To bas kuch nahi kar rahi thi"
Pursing his lips, he sighed and gave a knowing smile. "To kya chupa rahi hain aap mujhse?" he asked, stretching his hand to reach the tape. She tried keeping it away but in vain.
He pulled up the tape and smiled. "What were you doing with this?"
She tried groping for an answer. "umm……erm…..woh…….woh main……haan…..woh Bhabhi ne na mere liye ek dress banaya…….par who waist size main problem tha……to bas main wahi check kar rahi thi" she lied with much reluctance.
"Tum kyun measure kar rahi thi lekin?" he asked, pretending to infuse some skepticism.
"who…..aise hi" she looked down, sheepishly.
Grinning once at her reluctant attempt in lying, he slipped his fingers across her jaw and nudged her face up to gaze in to her eyes lovingly. "To kuch fark aaya hai?"
She blinked. 'Hmm?"
"Tum mujhse kyun chupa rahi ho? Tumhara pati hoon…..tumhare hone waale bache ka pita hoon main……jitna tumhe intezaar hai uska…..mujhe bhi to hai……tum dekh sakti ho ke humara bach bada ho raha hai ya nahi……measure karke dekh sakti ho ke tumhare tummy size main fark aaya hai nahi……..lekin mujhe nahi bata sakti?" he mumbled lovingly.
Her lips parted in surprise – he knew everything! And then her cheeks went red in embarrassment.
Glancing down sheepishly, "erm…..woh mujhe laga aap hasenge" she replied back cutely.
This made him laugh indeed and she looked him somberly.
"Radhika comeon! Main kyun hasunga"
"To abhi kya kar rahe hain?" she asked, feeling hurt.
"Are baba……main isiliye has raha hoon kyunki tumne yeh socha ke main hasunga yeh sab sunkar! Iske liye kyunki tumne mujhse jhooth kehne ki koshish ki. Samjhi! Acha ab bolo na……kuch difference aaya hai kya?" he asked eagerly.
She shook her head. "Mm….hmm. Abhi nahi. Usmain samay hai"
"To phir tum abhi se kyun dekh rahi ho?" he asked, confused.
For this she didn't have any answer – it was just her impatience and nothing else. She did feel some slight changes in her waistline…….but then it seemed because of some pounds she had gained over these months.
However, he understood and embraced her tight. "Mujhse bhi intezaar nahi ho raha hai"
Hearing this, she twined her arms around him and smiled. "Lekin mujhe roz aisa lagta hai jaise……mera matlab hai… I feel like its growing……"
Smiling, "Agli baar na main measure karta hoon okay?" he mumbled.
She slapped his back cutely. "Koi jaroorat nahi hai. Who to aaj pakdi gayi……"
He interrupted. "Oh you mean tum roz dekhti ho……..aur mujhe bataya bhi nahi?" asking, he inched back to face her.
She bit her lips and lowered her gaze, smiling inwardly. "Hmm…..woh maine kaha na…..i feel like its growing every moment……"
"Hmm……dekh raha hoon main. Mujhse baatein chupayi jaa rahi hai" mumbling, he knelt down to her tummy.
"Are yeh kya kar rahe hain?"
He threw a mock stern glare at her and gestured her to keep quiet. Then, pushing her saree pallu beside, he kissed her tummy.
His stubbled cheeks made her skin tingle and she sucked some air inside.
Noticing this, he deliberately rubbed his cheek over her soft tummy skin and pretended to talk to his baby. "Dekha aapne…..aapki mummy mujhse baatein chupa rahi hai. Aapne bhi mujhse nahi kaha kyun?"
She stroked his hairs sweetly.
"Oh……acha acha. Mummy ne aapse kaha tha ke aap mujhe kuch na bataye. Hmm. To phir aapki koi galti nahi hai. Saari galti sirf mummy ki hai" he smiled. "Hai na?"
Her lips parted hearing this conversation.
"Acha. Theek hai. Keh doonga mummy se. Bilkul. Saza to milegi……aur bahut badi saza milegi. Ab se na hum bhi mummy se kuch nahi kahenge. Kuch share nahi karenge okay" saying, he kissed her tummy once……it burned her skin there.
"Sun liya na!" he glanced up and pretended to be angry.
She held her ears. "Acha baba sorry……ab se nahi chupaungi kuch bhi"
He sighed and looked away, pretending to not accept her apology.
"Umm…….maaf nahi karenge?"
Touching her side tummy, "Dekha aapne aapke papa mujhse naaraz ho gaye hain. Unse kahiye na ke mujhse na roothe. Who rooth jaayenge to aapki mummy upset ho jaayegi……aur phir aap bhi andar upset ho jaayenge. Please" she requested.
Puckering his brows once, "Theek hai. Is baar maaf kar diya" he replied and looked up.
She just burst out giggling and he too couldn't stop his laughter……feeling silly to be doing all this childish drama. Standing up, he just hugged and kissed her head.
Around a few days later…….
Dev came in holding a huge covered frame in his hand. Radhika asked him as to what it was. He smiled and quickly unwrapped the frame to reveal a cute, plump baby staring at her lovingly.
Her lips parted in delight seeing the lovely baby.
"Liked it? The baby is cute na?" he said, glancing once at the photo.
She grinned. "Haan. Photo to bahut acha hai. Lekin aap ise laaye kyun hain?"
Placing the frame down, he came closer to her. "Kyunki Dadima ne mujhse kaha ke……jab koi ladki pregnant hoti hai……to uske saamne jiska chehra har samay rehta hai na……uska hone wala baby bilkul waise hi dikhne lagta hai" he replied, cupping her face.
She smiled hearing that theory.
"To bas main le aaya iss photo ko. Poora market chan (search) maara…….aur tab jaake yeh cute baby mila mujha" he glanced at the photo frame. "I want my baby to be this cute"
However, her face turned solemn. "Isiliye aapko office se aane main itni der ho gayi? Kya jaroorat thi aaj jaane ki?"
"Oho Radhika. Tum bhi na! I am not tired. Tum bas yeh kaho ke tumhe yeh photo achi lagi na?"
She grinned and clinged on his arm. "Hmm. Baby to bahut cute hai. Lekin……main nahi chahti ke iski tasveer meri ankhon ke saamne humesha rahe
"Kyun?" he frowned in confusion.
Her lips curved sweetly. "Kyunki main nahi chahti ke mera bacha aise dikhe"
"Par kyun? Itna cute to hai"
"Haan par maine to pehle se hi who photo rakh liya hai…… har samay mere aankhon ke saamne rahega……aur main chahti hoon ke humara bacha bilkul waise hi dikhe" she smumbled lovingly.
Twitching his brows in puzzle, he scanned around the room……but didn't find any baby's picture. He just saw the usual photo's hanging around the walls. "kahan? Yahan to kuch nahi hai?"
Inching back to smile at him once, she pointed towards a wall.
Frowning once in confusion, he turned his gaze…….only to find his own photo hanging across the opposite wall of the bed; the photo usually hung there always. "Yeh to……."
"Main chahti hoon ke humara bacha bilkul aap jaisa ho" she replied softly.
He felt touched and turned to face her.
"Who aapki taraj samajdaar, buddhiman, ache sanskaron wala ho……jitna pyaar aap sabse karte hain…..jitna samman aap sabko dete hain…..main chahti hoon ke humara bacha bhi sabko de……main chahti hoon ke who aapki parchayi ho…….bilkul aap par jaaye" she said sweetly, stroking his cheek.
He grinned and held her arms. "aur meri tarah handsome bhi na?" he added naughtily.
"Haan haan who bhi" she tapped his cheek lovingly.
He laughed and kissed her forehead. "Acha mujhe batao……tumhe ladki chahiye ya ladka? Humne yeh discussion to kabhi ki hi nahi"
"Kyunki ise karne ki jaroorat kabhi mehsoos hi nahi huwi. Bacha to bhagwan ka vardaan hota hai. Ladka ho ya ladki…….us se kya fark padta hai. Bas bacha healthy ho" she replied gently.
He agreed completely. "Bilkul. Nahi par main isiliye poocha kyunki……agar ladki huwi to mujhpar jaayegi to thoda odd nahi lagega?"
She hit his chest lightly. "Kya aap bhi?"
Laughing, "Are sach keh raha hoon" he said and then his gaze turned loving. "Waise tumse ek baat kahoon……meri soch tumse thodi alag hai"
"Main chahta hoon ke humara bacha bilkul tumpar jaaye" he mumbled. "Who tumhari tarah sundar ho……aur sabse pyaara ho"
"mm…..hmm. Aap par jaana chahiye. Aap main who saare gun hain… apne bache main dekhna chahti hoon" she replied.
"No. Who tumahri tarah hoga" he retorted lovingly.
"aap par jaayega"
"Tum par……"
"Aap par"
"Maine kaha na tumpar……."
She shook her head, disagreeing. "Nahi aap par!"
He sighed. "Acha theek hai…..iska ek solution hai"
"Tumhari ek pyaari si tasveer wahan mere photo ke side main laga dete hain. Aur phir agar ladka huwa to meri tarah handsome hoga…….aur ladki huwi to……tumhari jaisi pari hogi" he mumbled lovingly.
That made her blush. "Aap bhi na……"
She just smiled.
Around the mid fifth month, Radhika's tummy had already showed up and she started feeling soft movements inside her – sometimes tiny fidgeting or squirming and some tiny movements. The first time she felt it, she felt thrilled and the happiest……overjoyous! Her baby was showing some soft movements…….and although she was pregnant from so many months……the feel of having actually a living being inside her sunk in! A tiny breathing, moving, living being was residing inside her…...and that was the most beautiful, precious feel in this world. All her sickness, headaches and every other pain seemed so, so very less in front this happiness!
"Baby……this is your papa" Dev said against her tummy. He had been on the cloud nine when she had informed him of their baby's movements.
She smiled seeing him being so impatient to feel the baby. "Ma kehti hai ke jab hum aaram karte hain……to yeh sabse jyaada active hota hai"
"To abhi kya so gaya? Papa aaye hain…….aur aap so gaye?" Dev asked the baby and pressed his cheek softly against her hard part of the tummy to feel the baby.
Just then, he felt a very slight nudge across his cheek and he was stumped! His baby moved…… probably touched him.
He quickly got up and looked at her. "Radhika…… moved!"
She too was too delighted. "Haan……abhi abhi na"
Again there was a soft nudge and Dev beamed ear to ear in joyousness. "Aap mujhe sun sakte ho na! Main hoon……aapka papa……" mumbling, he kissed her tummy.
As he kissed, another tiny movement came up and he felt jubilant – his kid was responding to him! And that was the best feeling in this earth.
Radhika caressed her tummy lovingly as their baby moved again – it was as if the baby was involving himself in their parents' conversation very eagerly.
"Lagta hai use bhi bahar aane ki bahut jaldi hai" she giggled.
"Hmm…..bas thoda sa aur intezaar" Dev said and kissed her tummy once again. Again he received a nudge.
As weeks passed by, the baby's punches and kicks got stronger, regular. Dev couldn't just wait to come back home and feel his baby again. It seemed like it was the most active during the night time when Dev and Radhika would speak to him. They both enjoyed it immensely.

Radhika's tummy began growing and soon the god bharai rasm arrived. Shastri's came down from Vrindavan while Vishaka, Keshav and his parents too came down so did Susheel and his family.
Deepika came in to hug Radhika.
"Tu bhi to jaldi khush khabri sunane waali hai na?" Radhika said to Deepika, who blushed.
"Hmm…….par abhi to aur 7 mahine baaki hai"
Just then, Vishaka came in rushing like a kid. "To be mummy!!" and was about to hug Radhika tightly, but her bulge came in between. She just gave a light embrace to her.
"Kaisi hai Vishaka?" Radhika asked happily.
"Main to theek hoon…..par tu moti ho gayi hai!" Vishaka joked.
Radhika didn't mind and just shook her head.
"To kya huwa? Pregnancy main to sab mote hote hain! Meri patni phir bhi sabse sundar hai……" Dev came to defend her quickly.
"Ofo Jeeju! Main to bas mazak kar rahi thi!" Vishaka replied and tapped Radhika's tummy gently.
"Baby…..main aapki maasi hoon" she said, as they all seated down.
"Radhika……tum na Vishaka se thodi dur hi rehna……warna pata chala iski tarah chatter box ho jaayega……aur agar ladki huwi to phir……" he sighed.
Vishaka's lips parted and she narrowed her eyes. Radhika hit Dev's forearm gently. "Kya aap bhi"
"are nahi nahi Radhika……Dev bilkul sahi keh rahe hain. Pata chala paida hote hi baby baat karne lagega!" Keshav chirped in and Vishaka glared at him cutely.
Dev and Arjun laughed at this.
"Waise I am damn sure Shastrijee…….Vishaka paida hote hi royi nahi hogi…….baatein karne lagi hogi!" Dev joked and guffawed.
"Jeeju! Agar aap isi tarah meri taang keenchte rahenge na to main jaa rahi hoon!" saying Vishaka got up.
However, Radhika held her wrist and made her sit. "Kya tu bhi……..inke mazak ka bura kyun maanti hai? Yeh to aise hi hain" she touched her chin.
"I know. Tu jhelti kaisi hai Jeeju ko?" Vishaka retorted.
"Kyun…….tumhe Keshav jhel sakta hai… Radhika mujhe nahi jhel sakti?" Dev snapped back, leaning to face her.
"Dekh na Radhika!"
"Tu kyun pange leti hai inse?" Radhika asked.
"Main kaha?" Vishaka pouted.
"Tu hi to………..aah" suddenly her face crumpled, as if in pain, and hand flew up to tummy.
Dev who sat beside her quickly leaned closer. "Kya huwa?" he asked worriedly.
"Kya huwa Radhika?" Vishaka asked. Dadima too looked on with worry.
Radhika glanced at Dev and smiled, feeling fine. "Nahi……bas kal ke jaise thoda sa"
Dev grinned in relief.
"Kya huwa beta?" Shastrijee asked.
"Kuch nahi Babuji…..woh humara yeh nanha mehmaan hai na…….bahut active hai….kicks aur punches maarte hi rehta hai apni mummy ko!" saying Dev grinned joyously and stroked Radhika's tummy.
Shastrijee smiled at that.
"Lagta hai who aap sab ke aane se bahut khush hai….." Radhika added in.
"Radhika bahut pareshan to nahi karta?" Vishaka asked.
"Karta to hai……lekin kya karen…….yeh ek din bhi pareshan nahi karta na……to main chinta karne lagti hoon" she replied, smiling.
"Hmm…..lagta hai jeeju pe gaya hai poora!" Vishaka chirped in.
"Ab mera baby hai…….mujhpar hi jaayega na!" Dev retorted back quickly.
"Ab bas bas……." Dadima intervened. "Shuru ho gaye. Mrinalini andar hai to Vishaka ke saath shuru kar diya isne! Kya sochega tera bacha"
"Kya sochega? Abhi se seekh lega ke iski maasi ko kaise handle karna hai!" Dev said, pinching Vishaka's cheek.
"Ow! Jeeju! Keshav aap kuch kyun nahi kehte hain! Maaji……" she complained to her in-laws.
They just laughed off at her cuteness.
Vaishali and Mrinalini came in with snacks and tea. "Chaliye aap sab kuch kha leejye"
Shastrijee politely refused and Dadima didn't urge in.
"Theek hai…..lekin Susheel aapko hotel le jaake nashta karwayega" she insisted.
Shastrijee didn't deny.
"Radhika beta…….le tu thoda sa kha le" Vaishali came closer to feed her something.
"Ma man nahi kar raha" Radhika tried refusing.
"Kyun? Subah naashta bhi theek se nahi kiya tune. Abhi yeh lena hi hoga…..chalo" Vaishali insisted.
"Lekin ma man nahi kar raha hai……..main lunch kar loongi na"
"Radhika. Kabhi kabhi aisa hota hai. Mood nahi karta. Par iska matlab yeh nahi ke hum khana na khayen….samjhi…..yeh lo ab….." saying sternly, she took a spoonful and fed her.
Dev chirped in "Ma……iska man kare to bhuki hi reh jaaye!"
Radhika pursed her lips and frowned at him.
"Main bhuki rehne doongi ise?" Vaishali asked lovingly and fed another spoon to her.
Devki felt touched seeing vaishali taking so much care of her daughter – even if she had the slightest worry for Radhika, it just vanished in to thin air now.

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Part 82:
Soon it was evening and everyone gathered downstairs for the god bharai. Radhika was being readied up by Mrinalini and Vishaka upstairs. As they were done, Dev came in to have a look at his wife.
She smiled shyly as he kept looking at her lovingly in the mirror. "Aise kya dekhe jaa rahe hain"
He wrapped his arms around her and gazed at her – she was dressed in a designer yellow and brown saree, looking beautiful than ever. Her face had that sweet baby glow which made her cheeks to sparkle……..eyes were twinkling with happiness and although she had gained some pounds, it seemed nothing for him.
"Tum itni khoobsurat jo lag rahi ho"
"Jhooth" she mumbled cutely.
"Moti ho gayi hoon……dikh raha hai ache se" she replied softly with a small smile at the ends of her lips.
"Radhika…..tum nahi jaanti tumhe iss roop main jab bhi dekhta hoon to mujhe kitni khushi hoti hai" he said sweetly and turned her to him.
Her lips smiled.
"Kal tak tum meri premika thi…..meri patni thi…..par aaj…..tum mere bache ki ma ho. Main tumse shayad byaan(explain) nahi kar sakta ke…….how do I feel when I see you in such form. Tum mere liye aur bhi sundar lagne lagi ho…….aur pyaari lagti ho…….itna ki man karta hai tumhe bas dekhta hi rahoon……" Mumbling, he kissed her forehead. "Thanks Radhika……mere aur mere parivaar ke liye…….tum itna kuch saha….. aur yeh pyaara sa tofha de rahi ho" saying, he touched her tummy lovingly and again felt a gush of happiness rushing across his veins.
She felt overwhelmed and moved to hug him. "Yeh khushi to meri bhi hai na?" They couldn't hug tightly like earlier because of her bulge… was a gentle, loving embrace.
He kissed her head and felt a small movement in her tummy.
"Hmm……lagta hai……humare baby ko bahut acha lagta hai…….jab main tumhe pyaar karta hoon" he beamed.
She couldn't agree more. "Haan lagta to aisa hi hai……." She said, inching back to drop her gaze down and caressed her tummy.
"aapko pata hai……kabhi kabhi to sapne jaisa lagta hai. Ek jeevan mere andar pal raha hai……. Sansein le raha hai……..hilta hai……mujhse bina awaaz kiye baatein karta hai……mere sawalon ka jawaab deta hai……." She chuckled happily.
"Bilkul. Tum to ise har samay mehsoos kar sakti ho…….par mera kya?" he shrugged, pulling the corners of his lips down in disappointment.
"Kyun…….jab kabhi aap ghar main rehte hain…….har pal to isi se baatein karte hain. Mujhse kam is se bolte hain" she said.
"Haan par… se baat karun…….ya tumse……it's the same thing. Yeh to tumhare andar hi hai na" he tapped her cheek sweetly.
She nodded with a grin. Again she felt a jolting punch inside her tummy.
"Kya huwa? Phirse shararat kiya?" Dev asked, touching her tummy.
She smiled. "Haan. Bardasht nahi hota hai is se… aap ise chodkar mujhse baatein kar rahe hain. Bilkul aap pe hi jaane waala hai humara bacha" she chirped in cutely.
He knelt down and kissed her tummy. "Buri baat……mummy ko jyaada pareshan nahi karte okay"
"Aapne keh diya hai to shayad maan jaayega" she said teasingly.
"Haan. Mera bacha hai…..meri baat jaroor sunega" he smiled. "ab neeche chalen?"
"Hmm" she nodded.
Downstairs looked enchantingly beautiful with beautiful decorations. Many people had come down for this ceremony and the room was bustling with energy. Radhika was taken to the center seat and ladies began coming in to bless her. Shastrijee and Devki felt delighted to see their little daughter stepping in to a new life and couldn't stop blessing her every moment.
"Kahi humari bachi ko kisi ki nazar na lage jee……." Devki mumbled to Shastrijee slowly.
"Jab Kanha ki nazar hai uspar…….to kisi aur ki nazar humari bachi ko chub hi nahi sakegi" Shastrijee said confidently and smiled. "Inn khushiyon par to uska haq humesha se tha……aaj use mil gaya"
Devki nodded agreeing and folded her hands in front of the Lord reverently.
Although Shastrijee wanted Radhika to come along with him to Vrindavan, as the first baby is always delivered in the maternal house, Purohit's didn't agree for that. The doctor had advised Radhika to stay away from any long travels or stress. Shastrijee couldn't argue much on that and agreed. He knew that Purohit's would take utmost care of Radhika and whatever he saw today only re-confirmed the truth again.
The ceremony went off well and guests started leaving after the dinner.
Dev brought Radhika to the room slowly. She felt tired and her one hand was at the back of her waist, as it pained her.  
"Radhika tum baitho……I will get your nightdress" he said, making her sit on the bed.
She sat down with a sigh.
He quickly brought her nightdress, helped her remove the jewellery, opened her hairs and led her to the washroom. After she went in, he walked across to the wadrobe to get some night clothes for himself.
As they both changed, he laid her down on the bed with pillows on her back to support it.
"Bahut thak gayi lagta hai" he mumbled, caressing her forehead.
She shook her head. "Nahi theek hoon……..bas aise hi"
Suddenly she felt another punch in her tummy.
She smiled and nodded. "Bahut shararat kar raha hai subah se…….pata nahi kyun?"
Dev shifted and slowly lifted her top to expose her bulging tummy and planted a small kiss on her soft skin.
"Mummy ko jyaada satao mat…….mummy bahut tired hai na?" he again kissed the baby.
She grinned and stroked his hairs.
Just then he saw a protrusion – probably the baby's head. He again kissed the spot and again saw a small protrusion.
"Dekha meri har baat sun raha hai" he mumbled, glancing at her.
"Haan……papa ki baat to baby sunega hi" she replied.
"Acha…..abhi goodnight…….aapki mummy ko aaram ki bahut jaroorat hai…..okay……hum kal pakka aaraam se bahut saari baatein karenge" he caressed his baby and then came up to her. "Come…….lets sleep. Warna tum aur thak jaogi"
She gingerly slid down the bed and rested her head on the pillows. Switching off the lights, he too rested. However the baby didn't and continued its acrobatics. She smiled touching her tummy and began patting it. The baby responded by again punching her softly once.
A day later Shastri's and Chaubeys left. It was night time and Vaishali sauntered inside their room with two glasses of milk as usual.
"Radhika…….beta yeh lo dhood" she handed one glass to her.
Radhika placed the baby care book down and took the glass.
Vaishali's gaze shifted to Dev, who seemed to be lost in doing some work in his laptop, and called him. "Dev……beta lo dhood……."
He looked up and made a face. "Ma…….aap rakh do…..main pee loonga"
She went on to the other side of the bed and held his ears.
"Ow! Ma!"
"Kyun re……itna bada ho gaya hai…..ek bache ka pita hone waala hai…..ab bhi dhood peene main natak karta hai? Chal pee…….dekh who kaise pee rahi hai ache se……." Vaishali reparimended.
Dev glanced at Radhika, who smiled at him teasingly and drank her milk.
"Ma……wahi to main ek bache ka pita hone waala hoon…….mujhe kyun dhood de rahi ho? Aur aajkal to roz! Pehle to sirf Radhika ko deti thi na…….use hi do" he replied and continued his work.
"Kyunki tujhe bhi jaroorat hai…..kitna kaam karta hai……lekin sehat ka bilkul dhyaan nahi. Abhi Radhika bhi iss halat main nahi ke tere aage peeche ghum sake……le pee"
He sighed and took the glass.
Vaishali smiled. "Tujhe yaad hai Radhika…..bachpan main jab hum tumhare ghar aaye the…… to Dev kaise surprise ho gaya tha…….tujhe ache bache ki tarah dhood peete huwe dekh…… ise to tab bhi dhood se jaise allergy thi"
Radhika giggled.
"Kya has rahi ho!?" Dev snapped at her and gulped the milk in one go. "Leejye……aapki Radhika se pehle khatm kar diya dhood!" however he regretted it now because the milk was hot and his tongue burned, but he didn't show it though.
"are garam tha…….aise kyun peeya tune?"
"If I drink aap logon ko problem……if I don't, even then you all have a problem. Main karun kya? Ma please……mujhe bahut kaam hai"
"Acha acha jaati hoon……" Vaishali smiled and was about to leave when she noticed Radhika's feet. They were swollen badly.
"Are Radhika……beta tere pairon ki swelling to bahut bad gayi hai" Vaishali came closer to examine.
"Haan Ma who bas thoda sa…….."
"Nahi Ma…..kal god bharai ke baad se iske feet main swelling bahut bad gayi……" Dev interjected quickly.
"Ek minute ruko…….main abhi aati hoon" saying, Vaishali walked out of the room.
Some moments passed and she returned back with a small bowl in her hand. Tucking her pallu in the waist, she quickly sat beside Radhika's feet and was about to take them in her lap when Radhika shifted.
"Ma yeh aap kya kar rahi hain?"
"Yeh ek khaas tel hai……vaidjee ne diya tha……iss se pairon ki swelling kam ho jaayegi……. De main laga doon" Vaishali replied.
"Nahi nahi Ma…….aap mere pairon ko haath mat lagaiye……" Radhika requested softly.
"Kyun? To yeh swelling kaise jaayega?"
"main laga loongi……aap yeh mujhe de deejye" she said.
"Hmm kaise jhuk kar? Waise hi tu itni thaki huwi lag rahi hai…….bas kar ab. Main kar deti hoon" Vaishali chided.
Radhika felt hesitant. "Par ma……"
"Sirf bulane ke liye kehti ho na tum mujhe Ma? Agar aaj yahan teri sagi Ma hoti to tu mana kar deti?" vaishali asked quickly.
This left Radhika stumped and she couldn't say anything.
"Bas chup reh aur mujhe apna kaam karne de……" saying, she began massaging her feet.
Dev who'd been a silent spectator smiled seeing this and turned his gaze to Radhika, who had tears brimming in her eyes.
Leaning closer to Radhika, he whispered in her ear. "Main nahi chahta ke humara baby……. leaking tap ki tarah roye"
She frowned hearing that and made a cute face before elbowing him.
He grinned and brushed off her tears sweetly. "No tears"
"Hmm……besharam……Ma baithi hai yahan pe" Vaishali warned.
Dev bit his tongue and moved back to his work, while Radhika blushed to herself.
"Tu jaanti hai radhika……bachpan main jab tujhe pehli baar dekha tha na……main soch rahi thi ke kaash bhagwan mujhe tujh jaisi pyaari bachi dete…….." Vaishali said, as she continued massaging.
Radhika smiled.
"Kyun Ma? Hum dono bhai kam pad gaye the aapke liye?" Dev quipped in.
"Vivek to samajdaar tha……lekin tu……teri sharartein to kabhi kam hi nahi hoti!"
Radhika giggled at that. "Ma……abhi bhi kahan kam huwi hai?"
Dev made a face at her.
"Yeh to tune bilkul sahi kaha" she said and paused. "Lekin acha huwa. Agar bhagwan mujhe tujhe meri beti ke roop main dete to……tu to iss ghar se vida ho jaati……isiliye unhone tumhe mere gahr ki bahu banakar bheja……take tujhe zindagi bhar pyaar kar sakoon"
Hearing that, Radhika's gaze turned loving and she adored Vaishali for long moments silently. She'd never expected to get such a loving and caring mother in law.
Some minutes later, Vaishali finished up with the massaging and went inside to wash her hands.
"acha sun beta……kal main phir tel lagane aaugi" she said while drying her hands. "aur tujhe ache bache ki tarah tel lagana hoga bina natak ke"
Radhika shook her head cutely like an obedient kid.
Vaishali tapped her chin. "Good girl. Acha ab tum so jaao! Dev bas bhi karo beta……"
"Ma. Itne der tak to yahan aap dono ka saas bahu drama chal raha tha……main kaam kab karun?" he retorted.
"To jaa study main jaake kaam kar. Radhika ko sone de"
"Erm…..nahi……who akeli hogi……raat ko koi jaroorat pad gayi to?"
"Main yahan so jaaungi……." Vaishali answered.
"To main?"
"Study main! Tujhe bahut kaam hai na? wahi couch pe so jaa! Chal abhi……." She ordered.
Dev sighed and quickly saved the files before closing his machine. "Khush!"
Vaishali sighed. "Yeh ladka kabhi bada nahi hoga. Main chalti hoon"
As she moved out Dev closed the door behind her, placed his files properly and then came across to Radhika. She rested her head on his chest and he wrapped his arms around her.
"Acha huwa Ma ne aapse aaram karne ko kaha……aap to aaram hi nahi karte aajkal" she said.
"Look who's talking" he retorted.
"Are aapki baat alag hai. Office main bhi kaam…….yahan pe bhi….." she sighed.
"Kya karun…….naya project hai……"
"Hmm……" she exhaled. "Lekin thoda to kam kar sakte hain na?"
"Okay baba…….I will try" he assured
She smiled.
Some moments of silence passed. The baby didn't move today and she somehow wanted it to move……wanted to feel the movements again.
"Radhika……bas ab jyaada din nahi hai" he mumbled, caressing her tummy.
"Hmm……aaj waise jyaada pareshan nahi kiya isne……"
"Bolun pareshan karne ko?" he asked naughtily.
She hit his chest. "Koi jaroorat nahi hai……use aaram karne deejye"
Just then she felt a small kick in her tummy.
"Leejye……aapne kaha nahi……aur shuru kar diya isne"
"Hmm…..shayad mujhse baat karna chah raha hai…." Mumbling, he went down to talk to his baby.
She just smiled and gazed at him lovingly as another round of lengthy conversations began……..
Weeks passed by quickly. Since Radhika's delivery date was approaching, the wait seemed unbearable for the family as well as Dev and Radhika; although the time was passing fast, they felt it to be moving very sluggishly.
It was quiet night. Dev was very tired after his day long meetings and hoped to catch some good sleep. He changed and came out in his shorts, yawning. Reaching near the bed, he sat with a thud and ran his hands across hairs.
Radhika stood near the mirror looking at her bulge lovingly. Her due date was quite near and she would soon have to get admitted to the hospital. A small joyous smile spread across her face.
Dev saw her standing motionlessly. "Radhika…….kya huwa?"
She was so lost in her world that she didn't notice Dev coming out from the washroom……thus his voice caused her to jump. "huh? Kuch nahi……"
"To wahan kyun khadi ho? Yahan aao…….sona nahi hai?" he asked, putting off the bed lamp in his side.
She nodded, combing her hairs gently. "Bas abhi aayi……"
Dev turned to pour himself a glass of water from the side table.
As Radhika kept her comb down and pushed her hairs behind, suddenly she felt a jolt of pain in her lower abdomen; her face crumpled instantly and hands flew to her tummy. It felt like a stabbing spasm that seemed to have passed through her. She took few deep breaths as the pain seemed to have lessened down. Probably just a spasm she assured herself.
But the next moment another intense spasm jolted across the same region……and this time she couldn't help moaning in pain. "aah!!"
Instinctively Dev's head jerked towards her and he found her body slightly bent, as if in pain. "Radhika….." he quickly got up to reach her.
The pain inside her didn't subside rather only intensified; the spams grew intense. "aah!!! Dev!!" she cried in pain, holding the dresser table for support.
Next second, his arms were around her and she leaned on to him automatically. "aaahhh!!!"
His forehead creased in worry and slight fear. "Radhika…….wait…….yahan aao……come" mumbling, he took her slowly towards the bed.
But she found it too difficult to walk; the pain grew inside her. He supported her completely and somehow they reached the bed. She sat down, crying in pain.
"Lay down…….bas main abhi aaya hmm……." Mumbling, he let her rest down and then rushed outside to call the family.
"Ma!! Dadima!!!"
Mrinalini and Dadima who were chatting in the corridor seating area, heard him first and shared a worried glance before jumping to their feet and rushing to him.
"Kya huwa?" asked Dadima to an anxious and panicked Dev.
"Dadima who……." He didn't have to tell anything. Radhika's painful cries made them realize.
Mrinalini and Dadima rushed in to see Radhika. Vaishali and others too came in.
Holding Radhika's hands, "Beta hume lagta hai ise doctor ke paas le jaana hoga…….Shayad …….shayad iske labor pains shuru ho gaye hain" Dadima said. "Mrinalini jaa beta……isska bag pack kar de"
Mrinalini was off to pack Radhika's stuffs already.
"Vivek gaadi nikal…..chal Dev……."
Vivek rushed off to pull the cars out and Dev slowly helped Radhika get on her feet.
Dadima opened the door and Dev let Radhika slide in carefully. He slid beside her and putting an arm around her, pulled her close to his body. Vaishali got from the other side. Vivek began the car. Others came in another car.
"Aaah!!!" Radhika cried in pain again; tears of pain were rolling down her cheeks.
Vaishali held her palm and rubbed it. "Nahi beta……..kuch nahi……thodi der main hum hospital pahunch jaayenge" she assured sweetly. "Beta take deep breaths"
Dev brushed away her hairs from face. "haan Radhika…….take deep breaths" he said, kissing her head.
Radhika leaned on to Dev entirely, clutching his kurta tightly and nodded. However the pain kept on increasing.
Soon they reached the hospital and Radhika was admitted. After some minutes of checking her, the doctor came out.
"Doctor?" Dev came up first to him.
"Don't worry. I think we will need to operate her"
"Operate?" Dev asked wondering if there is any problem.
"Hmm. There is a minor complication. We cannot go ahead with normal delivery" the doctor replied.
"Anything serious?" Dev asked.
Doctor smiled assuringly. "No. It's a very minor complication. You're wife and baby are both going to be fine"
Dev sighed in relief.
"Just sign these papers sir" a sister came to him.
Nodding once, Dev signed the papers. "Sister……main apni patni ko ek baar dekh sakta hoon?"
"Sure. Lekin jyaada time mat leejye. Unhe jaldi hi operation ke liye le jaana hai" sister replied and moved away.
Dev quickly walked inside and saw Radhika still in pain. Leaning down, he caressed her hairs gently. "Radhika……"
She looked at him, frowning in pain; her eyes were still brimming with tears.
He gently brushed them away and smiled; he didn't want her to learn his anxiety. "Doctor ne kaha hai sab theek hai…….chota sa operation karenge…….humara baby…….our baby's gonna come"
That brought a small smile on her face, despite being in so much pain.
Holding her hands tight, "We will hold our baby very soon………." he mumbled.
However Radhika saw the nervousness in his eyes, despite his efforts to hide them. "Hmm….."
Smiling, he came closer and kissed her lips for a small moment. "Main bahar tumhara aur humare bache ka intezaar kar raha hoon……hmm…….I am waiting"
She nodded.
Just then, there was a knock in the door and the sister came in. "Inhe operation ke liye le jaana hai"
"Jee…." Dev moved aside but hesitated for a small second to release her hands. However, he had too; clutching her hand tight once, he released her. Radhika gazed at him for a long moment until the sister stretched her outside the room.
Dev too came outside and saw Radhika being taken inside to the operation theatre. He walked until the door and then saw a small temple on the other side. Taking a deep breath, he ambled towards the temple and folded his hand in front of Kanha.
"Uska dhyaan rakhna Kanha. Main jaanta hoon yeh khushi ka mauka hai……humara bacha aane wala hai…….lekin main uska dard bardasht nahi kar sakta. Use itne dard main kabhi nahi dekha hai…….isiliye man ghabra gaya. Par use aap par poora vishwas hai…….aur mujhe uski bhakti par…….mujhe poora bharosa hai ke aap use kuch nahi honge denge. Aap use aur humare pyaar ki nishaani ko sahi salamat hume de denge……" he said and closed his eyes.
As he turned to move, he saw Dadima standing behind him.
"Dadima aap?"
She smiled and placed her hand over his arm comfortingly. "Ghabra mat. Use kuch nahi hoga. Yeh thoda sa dard to har stree ko sehna hota hai…….par tu jaanta hai…..jab who nanhi si jaan uske haathon main aayega na…..woh saare dard bhul jaayegi"
He took a breath silently. "Kya yeh dard sehna jaroori hai? Who dard se tadap rahi thi…… pata nahi kitna pain ho raha hoga use……Kya main kuch nahi kar sakta?"
"Tu kya karega? Are pagle…..iss dard se to har aurat guzarna chahti hai……har aurat bhagwan se maangti hai ke……use iss dard ka ehsaas zindagi main jaroor ho…….kyunki is dard ko sehne ke baad hi to who…..ek aurat se ma banti hai…….apne zindagi ke agle padav ko chuti hai……. Jab ek aurat iss dard se nahi guzarti……to who dard aur bhi kathin hota hai…….aur dukh deta hai. Yeh dard to bas kuch samay ka hai…….jaise hi Radhika ke haathon main who nanhi jaan aayegi…….dekhna…..woh ek pal main sab dard bhul jaayegi…….agar kuch yaad rahega……to sirf uss nanhi si jaan ki muskurahat" Dadima smiled sweetly.
Dev gulped and smiled as well. "Hmm……."
"Tu chinta kyun karta hai? Radhika ko koi problem nahi hai. Minor operation hi to hai. Tujhe pata hai when Vaishali was pregnant with you……bahut complications huwe the…….aur bahut badi surgery karni padi thi. Mujhe aaj bhi yaad hai…….Vaishali ko kitne der tak dard huwa tha"
He frowned, wondering if his mother had gone through such pain to bring him in this world; it twinged his heart.
"Lekin phir tu aaya……aur uske saare dard kam ho gaye" she smiled. "Vaishali ka chehra jaisa khil sa gaya tha tujhe dekhne ke baad….." some old memories flitted across her mind.
"To kya Radhika bhi iss dard ko bhul jaayegi……?" he asked innocently.
"Bilkul bhul jaayegi…….dekhna thodi der baad khud muskurayegi jab tu yeh sab kahega"
He hugged her, smiling. "Acha aapko bhi itna dard huwa tha?"
"Hmm. Humare samay main to doctor ke paas nahi jaate the. Daima….erm…..woh kya kehte hain…..haan……..midwife…..aati thi aur ghar main hi baby deliver ho jaata. Lekin dekho…… tere saamne haatti khatti khadi hoon na?" she added, inching back to face him.
"Dadima aap to ho hi strongest"
"Iss budape main nazar na laga!" she retorted cutely.
He just grinned.
The needle on the clock moved at a very sluggish pace…..making it a very exhausting and worried wait – especially for Dev.
However the excruciating wait did finally finish when the doctor stepped out of the operation theatre. Everyone stood up quickly and Dev approached the doctor with a slightly worried look in his face – however he tried to assure himself that there was nothing serious, yet he felt very nervous for Radhika.
"How's my wife doctor?"
Doctor smiled and gave a tight nod.  "She is absolutely fine…..and so is your baby" he paused to grin wider. "Congrats……it's a baby boy"
Finally! Dev sighed in relief inwardly and smiled. "Thanks doctor"
Purohits too burst in to wide smiles and Dadima folded her hands to thank the Lord.
Just then a nurse came out holding the baby, wrapped comfortably.
"Here……..he is your baby……" the doctor said.
Dev's gaze shifted to the tiny sheated mass in the nurse's hand…..that was his baby.
Dev sensed his heart skipping a beat on seeing the baby. His baby! He was a father now!
He inched closer to the tiny baby to have a nice look at him. The baby seemed to be sleeping, he assumed because his little eyes were shut behind his eyelids – don't babies cry after birth, he wondered. The baby had soft small pink lips, cute tiny nose and his cheeks were reddish. He looked cute, very cute and small. Although he'd seen small babis before but never ever had he got a chance to see such a new born baby in person, right after birth! Infact he hadn't even seen Nandu until he was 8 months old because he had been busy with studies in U.S and could fly down during Nandu's birth.
Dev's gaze turned adoring, his throat felt slightly thick and a small smile curved his lips up. Slowly bringing his hand up, he touched the baby's covered head softly. Inexplainable joy gushed through every cell of his as he made the first physical contact with his son – His Son!
"Leejye……" the nurse said sweetly.
Glancing up at the nurse, he again looked down at the baby and stretched his palms out to hold him. But then withdrew his hand with a wary look.
"Kya huwa?" he heard Dadima's sound and turned his gaze to find her standing just beside him.

"Erm…….Dadima…….aap uthao na……..main theek se pakad nahi paaya to?" he mumbled softly. He'd never held small baby in his hand before and this made him slightly uncertain; he didn't want his baby to feel any sort of pain.
Dadima smiled and shook her head. "Sister……deejye….."
The nurse gave the baby and Dadima held him gently and carefully. A huge grin filled her face as she held her great-grandson. Leaning down, she placed a gentle kiss on his head. "Main teri par dadi hoon….."
Dev just gazed at his son lovingly, unable to tear his eyes away from the beautiful bundle.
"Maaji…….mujhe bhi deejye na……" Vaishali came closer.
"Nahi Dadima pehle mujhe……" Mrinalini chirped in, requesting for a chance.
"Shhh! Sabko milega……." Dadima smiled and handed over the baby to Vaishali.
At this juncture, the O.T doors opened and Radhika was stretched out. Dev's gaze instinctively shifted to her and he moved closer.
Radhika lay silently with closed eyes, still unconscious. As he inched near, the images of her painful cries floated in front of his eyes. The stretcher paused and he bent slightly to caress her head, while gazing at her adoringly – she had undertaken so much pains to give such a big happiness to them. Leaning down, he pressed a small kiss on her forehead.
As he inched back, Radhika was stretched towards the room. Everyone followed.
Inside the room, the nurse told them that Radhika needed some rest and so did the baby. She placed the baby near Radhika carefully.
"Par Radhika ko hosh kab aayega?" Dev asked.
"Thodi der main aajayega" she replied with a smile. "aap sab log bahar baithiye…….koi ek aadmi bas rukiye yahan pe….."
"Main rukta hoon" Dev promptly said.
Others agreed.
The nurse left asking Dev to call her when Radhika gained consciousness. As others left, it was just Dev, Radhika and their baby inside the room.
It was peaceful – a strange peace was engulfing Dev and he seemed to be almost floating in joy and tranquility. The room wasn't very brightly lit……but wasn't very dim as well; soft lights that didn't hurt the eyes were put on. He approved it because it won't disturb his loved one's sleep. He looked at the baby and then at Radhika as they both slept calmly. Bringing a hand up, he caressed Radhika's head lovingly and then touched the baby's cheek softly; the baby didn't respond just kept breathing. He chuckled and touched his tiny nose very softly. The baby's skin was very smooth, thin and soft……and he couldn't move his gaze away from his tiny baby. Until a few minutes back, he was just a son and husband…… he was actually a father! His son was actually lying in front of him, the same baby he'd been aching to see since 9 months is now in front of him; it was an ineffable joy that probably he could only share with his wife.
Some silent minutes passed and Dev kept gazing at his new born untiringly. Just then he sensed some movement and his gaze flitted up to see Radhika's hands moving, her eyelids crinked.
A smile came across his face seeing her gaining consciousness. He wanted her to know that their son has been born in this earth!
Her brows pulled together for a small second and then eased out as she slowly opened her eyes, flickered her eyelashes to clear her vision and then stared at the ceiling.
"Radhika……." Dev called her lovingly.
She turned her head slightly and found him smiling at her – he seemed to have the happiest smile ever! 'Their baby' the thought flashed across her mind. Blinking once at him, she shifted her gaze to let her hand reach up and touched her tummy…….it didn't feel the same for there was no bulge.
"Kaisa lag raha hai?" he asked softly, stroking her head; she looked tired. A small part of his mind wondered if she would be still feeling any pain.
She gulped, feeling a little thirsty. "hmm….theek hoon" Her body felt sore but her mind was occupied with some other thought which was more important.
He smiled, feeling relieved. While she again touched her tummy and then looked around, searching for her baby.
Comprehending, he leaned closer and pressed a kiss on her side forehead. "Who yahan hai…….." he pointed his gaze to a spot beside her.
She followed his gaze and found a small sheated baby lying close to her in the bed. It was their baby!!
Someone she had been feeling all these months from inside was finally in front of her eyes. After so many months of wait, finally she could see her cute little one. Her heart swelled with overwhelming happiness.
"Humara beta……." He murmured.
Her gaze flickered to him eagerly. It was a baby boy.
"Congrats…'ve become a mommy……." Whispering, he tapped her cheek gently.
She felt her throat going thick and her lips pulled in to a sweet smile. Slowly her gaze shifted back to her baby and she tried touching him with the hand nearest to him.
"Humara beta……" she mumbled, almost inaudibly.
He placed his hand over their baby's chest. "Hmm……humara"
She smiled at him.
"Acha ruko…….main gharwalon ko bulakar laata hoon. Sab bahar ruke hain" saying, he walked across to open the door.
Radhika shifted her attention entirely to her little one that seemed to be resting calmly and her gaze turned affectionate.  
The sister checked Radhika first and then allowed everyone to talk to her. Purohits ushered in joyously and blessed her whole heartedly – their excitement seemed to be touching the roof!
Dev pushed up the head portion of the bed so that Radhika can be in a slanted position to hold the baby. Dadima then gave her the baby and Radhika stretched forward her palms eagerly.
As she held her son, her insides seemed to have blossomed with sheer joy – this feel was something too beautiful and too mystic to be absorbed quickly! This was the moment she had been waiting for 9 months, but had seemed like ages for her! She brought him closer to herself to have a good look……..and felt a bright smile coming on her face automatically as she saw him properly. Her son was sheated in thick, warm towel……and only his face was visible…… reddish cheeks, tiny nose, cute pink lips and closed eye lids. He was the one who resided inside her for 9 months……was her confidante when she was alone……was the one who played his naughty movements inside her womb…….was the one to whom she'd talked for hours together sweetly.
Her throat felt thick with lump as she adored her lovely baby. After so many months of wait, her baby was finally in her arms……finally had the first physical contact with her son…..could touch him and love him as much as she wanted! Leaning, she kissed his forehead ever so lightly.
As she inched back to gaze at his face again, she found Dev's hand coming atop the baby's head to caress. She glanced up, smiling with a layer of tears sheening her eyes. She found the same joy, that she felt inside her, to be reflecting in his eyes as well.
"Maine to suna tha…….bache paida hone ke baad rote hain…..unki Mommy roti hai…..yeh nahi suna tha maine!" he quipped.
Radhika showed a mock frown and smiled. Others just giggled, hearing that.
"Lagta hai iss mamle main mera beta mujh par gaya hai" he grinned wide.
Just then, Radhika saw some movement in the baby's face and she didn't reply back to him, rather her attention shifted to the baby.
The baby's eyebrows crinkled for a small second. Radhika sensed her heart skip a beat; so did Dev. Their son was about to see them……was about to see this world for the first time with his innocent eyes!
As the baby opened his eyes completely, after fluttering his tiny lashes few times………Dev and Radhika looked on eagerly.
"isne aankhein khol li……." Dev mumbled.
And then, the baby's eyeballs – round and innocent, flitted to Radhika and stuck there for a second. Radhika felt her heart distending with elation as she gazed in to her son's lovely eyes. The fact that he was looking at her straight was enough to flutter her heart with joy!
The baby moved his limbs inside the tightly wrapped cloth. Radhika felt it and smiled at her son sweetly.
Dev leaned closer and the baby shifted his gaze to him. This tingled Dev's heart and he grinned. "Main…..aapka papa……jis se aap itne mahino se baat kiya karte the…..hmm"
The baby blinked blankly and shifted his attention back to Radhika; his gaze fixed on to her face again.
"Dadima…….he opened his eyes. He saw me" he grinned.
Dadima came closer to have a look at the baby and smiled. The baby flitted his gaze to her and blinked blankly again.
"Dadima dekho na……kaise dekh raha hai sabko" Dev said softly, never tearing his gaze away from his baby. Radhika smiled lovingly at the baby.
"Dev…….woh sab to theek hai……par tu ise kab apne haathon main lega? Are tu pita hai iska" Dadima said.
Dev hesitated. "Erm…..Dadima…..main theek se pakad nahi paaya to?"
Dadima tapped his head gently. "Aise kaise nahi pakad paayega?" saying, she shifted her attention to Radhika and carefully took the baby in to her arms.
"Ise aise pakadna……cha lab…..le……" Dadima demonstrated.
Dev gave one hesitant nod and slowly stretched his hands forward. Dadima gave the baby in his hands and his senses automatically became cautious; surprisingly he didn't have to make an effort, it seemed his muscles and bones knew that he had to hold his baby with utmost care!
Holding the soft, almost weightless bundle in his hand was the most joyous moment of his life. Finally, he was able to hold his baby!! Smiling, he brought his baby closer and blinked. The baby blinked blankly but didn't look away.
Radhika looked at both of them lovingly. Dev seemed to be the happiness at this second.
Some minutes passed as the family took turns to see the baby. Then, Vaishali suggested that others should leave for home as it was too late in the night – almost morning. Dev wanted to stay and nobody refused him. Others agreed to leave while Vaishali stayed back with Dev and Radhika to help them.
"Ma aap bhi jaiye main hoon na yahan pe" Dev said.
"Dev……agar Radhika ko koi jaroorat huwi to? Main rahungi to madad ho jaayegi na?" she smiled and then suddenly remembered something. "are…..beta main abhi aati hoon. Tumhare babuji se kuch kehna tha….." saying, she ambled out of the room.
Dev shifted his attention to the baby. "Kitna chota hai na…..aur kitna pyaara" he tapped the baby's cheek and the baby promptly looked at Dev.
"Dekho kaisa dekh raha hai mujhe"
Radhika just smiled.
"Yeh aapki mummy hai……ma…….aur main…..papa……" he mumbled sweetly, smiling.
Baby looked blankly and moved his limbs slightly inside his cocoon.
"Aap leejye……pakadiye ise……"
He eagerly stretched forward his hand. "Do…."
Holding the baby, he grinned at him sweetly and pouted his lips as if blowing a kiss.
The baby however burst in to a cry, shocking both of them. Dev almost jumped, however didn't let his hold on the baby loosen…….his brows crinkled wondering why was the baby suddenly crying. Had he held him wrongly? Or was it something else.
Radhika too looked at him in worry.
A nurse who'd just then entered inside asked them to calm down.
"Baby ko bhuk lag rahi hogi……" saying, she swiftly unfastened the upper buttons of Radhika's gown and took the baby from Dev.
"Leejye….." she handed the crying baby to Radhika properly and pushed aside the flap of the gown to let the baby's mouth clasp properly on the nipple.
Dev just looked on.
As the baby's mouth clasped against her skin, Radhika felt a strange sensation inside her – a sort of ruffle inside her heart….…and then the baby started sucking the milk eagerly. She looked down at the baby, trying to grasp the wide range of emotions going inside her. It felt delightful and the same time a little odd as the baby sucked on continuously.
The nurse gave instructions to Dev and left the room. He closed the door behind as Radhika was feeding the baby.
Radhika had never shifted her affectionate gaze from the baby that clinged on to her for milk – as if the baby relied completely on her for everything. She smiled, adoring her baby. It was true; her baby would cling on his parents for everything. They needed to protect him from the harsh world until he was able to deal with things on himself. The baby sucked some more milk fervently. Her smile grew wondering if her baby was very hungry. She pulled him closer and ran a hand through the baby's covered head adoringly. Subconsciously she promised her child that she would give him all the love in this world, that she would protect him in every way until her last breath, that she would fulfill every wish of his and try making him a good person, that she would be there for him whenever he feels weak, that she never let him feel alone or down in his life.
Dev returned back to her and saw her gazing fondly at the baby while the baby was busy sucking milk. Both of them were lost in another world. He found a grin coming to face automatically as this seemed to be such a lovely scene for him; his wife feeding their baby so lovingly – such a simple but beautiful scene was in front of his eyes. Seating beside, he placed his hand over Radhika's hand that was resting atop the baby's head.
Radhika's gaze flew up to meet his and saw him smiling in joy; she could feel the same inside her and her lips curved in to a sweet smile.
Bringing his other hand up, he framed her cheek and mumbled. "Thanks……"
Her smile grew wider.
"Umm…….waise credit mujhe bhi jaata hai huh" he reminded naughtily in his cute-boyish tone.
Her cheeks turned red and she just giggled silently. "aap bhi na" she muttered.
Lowering her gaze to her baby, she saw him glancing up at her once. She wondered if the baby is thinking what his parents were talking about. That made her cheeks blush some more.
"Kitna pyaara hai na?" Dev mumbled softly, leaning closer to the baby.
"Hmm" mumbling, she glanced up to meet his eyes. They both gazed in to each others eyes lovingly and then together dropped their gaze to their baby; they promised to the baby that they would protect and love the child always…….
Time started flying fast. Dev and Radhika were occupied completely with the baby. The days in hospital were a little tiring but Dev made a point to stay as much time with Radhika and his baby. Other members of the family helped Dev and Radhika a lot by training them for various things that needed to be done for the baby!
Some days later Radhika was discharged from the hospital. Vaishali did the aarti before letting Dev, Radhika and their baby inside. The cute little one just kept gazing at the yellow flame in curiosity. As soon as the baby stepped inside the house, the house seemed to have got infested with a strange, bubbling excitement. Everything seemed to have come lively with the arrival of baby; everyone would keep yearning to look, hold and cuddle the baby.
Since Doctor had advised Radhika to take complete rest for some days, Dev didn't let her do any work, not even for the baby and chose to do all the baby chores himself. Vaishali and Dadima helped him a lot in his work. However it did become a little taxing for him. From changing nappies to cleaning him up frequently, to bathing him carefully to make him burp after feeding ……he did everything; only work kept for Radhika was to feed the baby and to sing some lullaby when the baby wasn't stopping his cries.
Dev found it frustrating sometimes because the baby would sometimes wake up in the middle of the night to cry loudly. He would wake up with a jolt and made a grumbling face because he was tired and had just begun his sleep and was awoken abruptly…….but then his face would soften hearing his baby's cries …….and he would jump back to his feet and cuddle his baby; he would try to let Radhika sleep as much as possible because she looked tired.
Radhika noticed this and felt bad for him. She did feel slight pain but not very much; she would keep requesting him to not do all the work and let her do it instead. But he won't listen! Once, he even went on to the extent of giving her……his promise…….that she won't do any work. Other members of the family also lent their help maximum times, because they loved being with the baby. Everyone wanted to be with the baby and this did help Dev a lot. But soon, Radhika started helping him as and when possible.
The baby too began recognizing people. But he felt the most comfortable when being with Radhika or Dev. He did get harrowed when so many people came down to see him at first, even the family members seemed too much for him. However, he got used to it.
One night, Dev was calming the baby when Radhika called him.
"suniye……main keh rahi hoon na……aap yahan aake so jaaiye……"
"Radhika tum kyun uth gayi……don't worry main so jaunga baad main. You sleep"
"Kab? Din main?" she asked a little sarcastically. Dev had been doing this for sometime now. He wouldn't disturb Radhika when the baby would start crying and would himself try to calm the baby. But the baby's wailings would wake her up anyway.
"Comeon Radhika……kaun dekhega ise phir? Din main Ma ya phir Dadi hoti hai…….raat ko to koi nahi rehta" he said, patting the crying baby's back. "ise kya ho gaya hai aaj? Itna kyun ro raha hai?" Dev wondered aloud, because the baby didn't usually get up in the nights now.
"Aapne nappie check kiya?" she asked, getting up.
"Haan. Par tum kyun uth rahi ho?" he asked, pausing.
"Kyunki who mera bhi beta hai. Laaiye deejye mujhe. Main dekhti hoon. Aap kitne thake huwe hain……" she said, stretching her hands for the baby.
"Radhika yaar tum bhi na…….." mumbling, he gave the baby.
Radhika took the baby and cuddled him. "ho…..kya huwa mera raja beta? Kyun ro raha hai?" saying, she took him to the bed and put him there.
The baby kept crying badly.
Radhika patted his stomache slowly. "Kya huwa beta?" she came closer and the baby stretched his hands out to her face.
Dev came and sat beside them. "Kya ho gaya hai ise?" his voice appeared strained with worry.
"pata nahi…….kuch to hai……bahut pareshan kar raha hai…….." she mumbled, kissing her baby's palms. "kya huwa hai beta….." she asked lovingly, to which the baby only cried.
He felt very bad seeing his baby crying so much; the baby's eyes seemed to have turned red.
"Should we call the doctor?" he asked.
She looked up. "iss samay?"
"Ya phir Dadima ko bulaun……..unhe koi na koi nuskha jaroor pata hoga" he suggested.
"Par……raat kafi ho chuki hai" she said.
"Are yaar……par kya karen phir…….ise poori raat rone de?" he asked.
"Nahi……….theek hai……..Dadima ko bulate hain" she agreed.
Dev nodded and turned to get up.
Suddenly he heard a farting sound that made him pause and turn to Radhika. His lips twitched in the corners.
Radhika blushed in embarrassment and shook her head, gesturing that it was not her. Dev frowned in confusion because he didn't fart…….and gestured with his hands that it was not him either.
This made her chuckle and she pointed her gaze to the baby, who seemed to have got relief after some long moments.
Dev grinned and leaned down to his baby. "Isne kiya?"
Baby looked at him with his cute eyes and gave a smile now.
"Acha abhi hasi aa rahi hai hmm?" he patted the baby's cheeks.
Baby just caught hold of his finger.
Dev looked up at Radhika. "So he'd gas problems?!"
Radhika, who'd been adoring the father-son conversation leaned down to the baby. "Hmm. Janab ko gas problem tha……."
"And he farted!!" he guffawed.
Baby looked up in puzzlement as to why was Dev laughing aloud so much. Radhika hit Dev's arms. "usmain kya huwa?"
Controlling himself, he gulped. "kuch nahi"
"Acha abhi chaliye……so jaaye?"
"Haan chalo…….erm……phirse to problem nahi hogi na ise?"
"Jab hoga tab dekha jaayega! Chaliye ab so jaate hain……dekhiye…….ise kitni neend aa rahi hai" she smiled and put the baby near the pillow.
They too lay down and patted the baby lovingly. The baby was soon asleep. Dev and Radhika gazed at each other lovingly in the moonlight.
"Love you" Dev mumbled and brought his hand up to caress her cheek.
"Love you too" Radhika mumbled back, holding his hand.
Soon the naming day came up. Shastri's and Chaubeys came down to see the baby. Shastrijee couldn't contain his excitement while holding his grandson. The baby was strangely at comfort with him and didn't cry, rather gave a cute smile to him. The house was filled quickly with relatives. The baby did wail at first seeing so many people and Radhika was the only one who could soothe him up finally. Then arrived the priest and began the naming ceremony. According to the horoscope the baby was to be named with a name starting with 'D'. Dadima suggested 'Dhruv' and the baby was named so.
Days began passing soon. As Radhika started feeling better, she took up the entire responsibility of the baby and didn't allow Dev to do anything. However he suggested that they share the responsibility and she agreed to it reluctantly. Since Vaishali and Dadima were always there to lend a helping hand, things never became difficult for them.
Baby Dhruv became the centre of attraction for everybody. When he was awake there wasn't a single moment, wherein he would be alone – someone or the other would keep playing with him. From Nandu to Dadima everyone always surrounded him.
Dev resumed going to his office but after coming back, his entire evening would be devoted to playing with his son. Infact dhruv looked forward to playing with his father every evening and even started crying one day when Dev didn't return home at his usual time.
Radhika, who'd been arranging the clothes in a closet jumped out of her skin when baby dhruv started crying suddenly. She quickly rushed to him and took him up in her arms.
"kya huwa dhruv? Kyun ro rahe ho?" she asked cutely and began cuddling him.
However, Dhruv didn't stop.
"na….na….na……nahi rote beta? Kya huwa? Ek minute…… mummy abhi dekhegi……." Smiling to the kid, she placed him down to check his nappy.
But it was clean. She wondered what else could be the reason…….he couldn't be hungry because she'd just now fed him and made him burp. She checked him closely if there was something harassing him. Was it some gas problem? Was he disturbed of something? Hundreds of random thoughts ran across her mind. However, Dhruv's wailing made it impossible for her to think and she just picked him up.
"aaja…..mera beta…..aaja…..aaja……" saying, she cuddled him in her arms and started walking across the room to pacify him. "Aapko khelna hai…..aao…….ab hum khilone se khelenge" mumbling, she took him across the room and showed some toy.
Baby Dhruv was distracted for a moment as he saw the moving toy. But then his wailing increased. Radhika sighed, wondering if she should call Dadima or someone else because she wasn't able to comprehend Baby's mind.
Just then the door opened and she turned back to see Dev coming in.
Dev frowned seeing the baby cry so badly. "Kya huwa ise?"
She got up and ambled towards him. "Dekhiye na…..kabse bas roye hi jaa raha hai. Mujhe kuch samaj main nahi aa raha hai"
Dev neared the kid and grinned. "Kya huwa mera bacha……."
And Dhruv stopped crying.
Dev and Radhika glanced at each other in surprise wondering what miracle had happened.
Radhika's brows creased as something struck her and she glanced up at the clock. Dev was very late today, but he'd informed her and hence she hadn't worried about it…….but Dhruv? Dhruv didn't know about this. The realization made her grin.
"Kya huwa? Tum muskura kyun rahi ho?" Dev asked.
She smiled at him and glanced at Dhruv. "ise dekhiye…….2 minute pehle…….itna ro raha tha…..aur ab dekhiye……muskura raha hai"
"Hmm……main jo aagaya" Dev joked and winked.
"Sahi kaha aapne. Yeh aapko dekh kar hi muskurane laga hai"
Dev didn't understand. Meanwhile Dhruv began leaning forward eagerly to reach Dev's shirt. He was almost about to fall from Radhika's hand.
"Leejye pakadiye ise…….ab yeh mere haathon main nahi rahega!" Radhika said, smiling.
Taking the baby from her, Dev kissed Dhruv. "Kaisa hai mera beta?"
"Yeh aapko bahut miss kar raha tha. Aapne time dekha……aaj aap 2 ghante(hours) der se aaye hain……apne usual time se. Roz to aap shaam ko aake iske saath khelte hain……lekin aaj isne aapko dekha nahi…… bas rone lage janab!" she tapped Dhruv's soft cheeks.
Dhruv gave a small smile and then cuddled closer to Dev.
Dev grinned and patted his son's back sweetly. "oh! To humara beta hume yaad karke ro raha tha"
"Haan" she nodded.
"Chee chee gandi baat! Ladke bhi kabhi rote hain?" he said to baby.
Radhika just shook her head seeing the guys' interaction.
"Dhruv aap do minute ruko……..papa abhi change karke aate hain. Mummy ko pareshan nahi karna" mumbling he kissed Dhruv's head and then turned his attention to Radhika. "Acha tum ise pakado…..main fresh hoke aata hoon……."
Radhika took Dhruv from him.  "jaldi aana! Warna yeh janaab mujhe pareshan karke chod denge!" she kissed dhruv's little hand.
Dev nodded and rushed towards the washroom.
 "Papa ko miss kar rahe the. Mummy nahi chahiye aapko? Hmm" she nuzzled the baby's cheeks to which Dhruv giggled slightly.
Baby Dhruv was so pampered by everyone in the family and he became really naughty and stubborn – almost like his father. He loved when people would be around him, infact he hated it when no one was around and would start wailing. People would come rushing to him and he would smile at them cutely. They started understanding his tricks but didn't mind it rather allowed him to win everytime.  Baby Dhruv recognized everyone in Purohit family and was at ease with all of them. He would love playing with Mr. Purohit's moustaches and Mrinalini's dangling earings. Also he loved when his mother would sing, he would listen very silently without making a single noise.
"Dekha aapki mummy kitne pyaar se gaati hai?" Dev asked once after the aarti.
Baby Dhruv looked at Dev and then at Radhika with a smile.
Radhika came to them with the aarti. Dev first took the aarti for himself with his free hand….. then circled his hand over Radhika's head and then over Dhruv's head.
"Now pappi time…." Saying, he pressed a kiss on Dhruv's cheek.
Baby Dhruv made a moaning noise as Dev's stubble brushed against his soft cheek.
"Are kya huwa? Humara kiss karna acha nahi laga? Hmm?" he mumbled.
Radhika came closer to take the baby. "Aapne aaj shave nahi kiya na……isiliye acha nahi laga ise" she whispered.
Dev touched his cheek and felt his stubble. "are par maine to do din pehle hi shave kiya tha……aur kahan bade hain"
"thoda to hai na…..use to chubega na…….aap use kiss mat keejye" she said, smiling to the baby.
A naughty idea formed in his head and he glanced around. Everyone had left the puja room and were reaching the dinning area. Smiling crookedly, he came near her. "Tumhe kiss karun…….tumhe to koi problem nahi hogi"
Her cheeks blushed red on hearing his blatant words and she glanced up at him. "Kya aap bhi!" she chided.
"Kyun? He has a problem with my stubble……lekin" he paused and came closer to her. "Lekin tumhe to acha lagta hai na" he whispered huskily and placed a warm kiss on her cheek.
She was taken by surprise with his kiss and felt her heart jump up in response. She elbowed him. "Kya aap bhi……Dhruv ke saamne"
"Kya? Who to muskura raha hai dekho" Dev pointed towards the baby. Radhika looked at the baby and indeed he was smiling naughtily – as if saying that he caught a secret moment between his parents.
This made Radhika flush red. "Sharam nahi aati na aapko? Koi dekh lega to……..puja ghar hai ye"
"Kise problem hogi? Kanha ko to nahi hogi. Unhone hi to humare rishte ko sweekar kiya hai……..aur rahi iski baat….." he pointed to Dhruv. "agar hum yeh sab nahi karte to yeh kaise aata iss duniya main?"
Radhika sighed at his words and brought a stern look. "Aap besharam honge main nahi! Aur nahi mera beta! Chaliye ab yaha se!" mumbling, she ambled out of the room; her smile returned and so did her blush.
"Mera? Are who humara beta hai!" Dev said behind her, following.
The fun never seemed to cease with Dhruv being the focal point of everyone. He would make everyone laugh with his innocent smile and touches, erasing their tensions.
One afternoon, Mrinalini was quite tensed about some designs and was really angry.
"Beta shant ho jaa na……" Vaishali said, caressing her shoulder.
"Kaise shant ho jaun Ma? Aap to jaanti hai na ke kitna ambitious project hai mera. Lekin mere assistants ko kitna samjhun. Jab dekho mers kaam bada dete hain!" she sighed.
Radhika, who'd been watching all this came to her and sat on the adjacent sofa. "Bhabhi…….sab theek ho jaayega. Aap na yeh tension lena chod deejye……aur gussa bilkul mat keejye. Kya tension lene se kaam aasan ho jayega?" Radhika said.
"Radhika just shut up okay!" Mrinalini rebuked her. "Things are not so easy! They won't get sorted out easily"
Radhika didn't mind Mrinalini's words because she knew her anger very well.
"lagta hai aaj badi ma ka gussa charam seema pe hai" Radhika mumbled to Dhruv and kissed him.
Mrinalini turned her attention to Dhruv who gave her a cute smile. Instantly Mrinalini's tensions seemed to have disappeared and she smiled at the baby. "aaja aaja mere paas" she said in a cute voice.
Baby Dhruv was more than eager to reach her; he loved her shining and dangling jewellery a lot.
Radhika handed the baby to her, hoping that the baby would ease her tensions.
"Humare Dhruv ne doodhoo peeya?" Mrinalini asked cutely.
Dhruv started playing with her earings and hair.
"uh uh…… beta……kaki ko bahar jaana hai…….jaldi hai…….aaj nahi. Shaam ko aakar aapke saath bahut khelungi……..okie….." she nuzzled Dhruv's cheeks.
Baby Dhruv grinned at her cutely.
"Acha abhi aap mummy ke paas………" her voice froze in middle.
Vaishali and Radhika stared in confusion.
Mrinalini's brows puckered and shifted the baby a little away to look down at her saree…….which was wet and clinging to her tummy now.
Radhika too dropped her gaze curiously and then her eyes went wide in shock! Dhruv wetted her!!!! Mrinalini was already so angry and on top of that Dhruv wetted such costly saree of hers? Gulping, she looked up at Mrinalini to find a blank expression on her face.
Mrinalini stared at Dhruv who have her yet another cute smile and she couldn't resist kissing the child.
"Shushu kiya aapne mujhpar??" she hugged the kid.
Radhika couldn't believe her eyes and looked at Vaishali with relief; Vaishali too had the same expressions.
"Radhika lo…….iski nappie change karwa do…….tab tak main saree change kar leti hoon" saying, she gave the baby to Radhika and went in to change.
As she disappeared from their sight, Radhika gave a sigh of releief. "Aapne to mujhe dara hi diya aaj" she mumbled to Dhruv and took him to change.
When she came out, she saw Mrinalini coming out as well. "Erm……bhabhi……sorry who aapki saree……"
Mrinalini smiled. "Radhika! Dhruv ke wajah se sorry kyun? Please! Mujhe koi bura wura nahi lagta. Remember maine bhi nandu ko paida kiya hai!"
She paused to think and then continued. "Waise you were right…….main tension leke kya karungi…….i shouldn't have spoken rudely to you. Sorry"
"Bhabhi…..aapko kabse mujhse sorry kehna pad gaya hmm?" Radhika asked mock sternly.
Mrinalini grinned. "Waise kuch bhi kaho…….Dhruv ki smile se na har tension dur bhag jaata hai…… know what I got a brilliant idea to sort my problems out!" she said excitedly.
"Haan…….wapas aake batati hoon…….now I gotta leave……." She rushed, tapping Radhika's cheek once.
Radhika just smiled and shook her head.
Around 3 months later……
Dev returned back from office early and went inside his room. However something caught his sight and he stopped in his tracks.
Radhika was standing on the far corner of his right above a stool, stretching on her tiptoes as she groped for something on the uppermost shelf of the wadrobe. Dev let his gaze roam across her figure. She was wearing a lovely blue saree, pallu tucked to her waist tightly exposing her waist and tummy neatly and hairs were pulled up in to a loose bun which exposed her back. The sounds from her anklets were cutting through the silence in the room.
His lips curved naughtily and he turned to close the doors slowly without making any noise. After doing so, he turned to see Dhruv, who seemed to be sleeping calmly.
Dev smiled. "Yahi mauka hai" he mumbled under his breath and tiptoed to reach her.
Unaware of his presence in the room, Radhika continued searching in the wadrobe.
Pausing just behind her, Dev was about to wrap his arms around her in an attempt to shock her. However, he let the idea be because something else flashed across his brain. Smiling slyly, he dropped his gaze to her lovely waist – it seemed to be alluring him, and began nearing it. He began bringing his hands up simultaneously as he planted an open mouthed kiss on the sensitive curve of her waist.
She gasped, feeling shocked as she sensed her waist being nibbled, and instinctively turned around in the stool. However, she tripped on her feet and fell down.
Right in to Dev's arms!
Everything happened so quick that Radhika's heart was almost in her throat, due to shock! She slowly glanced up and found Dev right in front of her eyes. A sigh of relief came out of her throat and she took a few breaths to compose her racing hearts while Dev just smiled at her lovingly.
"Aap bhi na! Mujhe dara hi diya aapne to!" she said, placing her hand over her chest.
"Kyun? Dar kyun gayi?" he whispered, not intending to disturb Dhruv. Actually he didn't want Dhruv to wake up and interrupt their romance.
"Lekin aapne kiya kyun?"
"Shhh…..dheere se bolo…….Dhruv so raha hai…..maine kya kiya?" he whispered.
She took another breath. "Aapne…….aapne……" but her words got stuck wondering how to ask him as to why he nibbled her waist like this!
He knew she won't be able to speak it out. "Bolo na maine kya kiya?"
She pursed her lips for a second while her cheeks blushed. "Wahi………jo aapne kiya!"
Shrugging, he pretended ignorance. "Kya? Khulke batao na!"
She sighed. "Chodiye mujhe. Mujhe bahut kaam hai…….erm……lekin aaj aap itni jaldi kaise?"
"Bas aise hi. Acha huwa na jaldi aagaya. Timing kaafi achi thi meri"
This brought a small shy smile on her face. "Acha mujhe chodiye…….main aapke liye chai leke aati hoon"
He gave out an exasperated sigh. "Mujhe chai nahi…….tum chahiye"
"huh? Jee?"
"aur nahi to kya? Radhika jab se Dhruv aaya hai…….tum to jaise bhul hi gayi ho mujhse pyaar karna" he mumbled, as if complaining.
She smiled, seeing his cute expression. "Kya aap bhi. Chodiye na mujhe……"
"Mazak lag raha hai tumhe…….chalo mere saath"
"Are aap mujhe kahan le jaa rahe hain? Chodiye" she moved her legs.
He paused. "Radhika……agar tum isi tarah apni legs ko hialogi…….to payal ki shor se humara Dhruv uthh jaayega"
She stopped moving her legs and he began walking to the corner window.
"Are lekin aap kyun aise……kya hogaya hai aapko?" she asked, confused.
"Pagal ho gaya hoon main!"
"Jis admi ki itni khoobsurat biwi ho……..lekin who apni patni se pyaar bhi na kar sake……to socho uss aadmi ki kya halat hogi…….pagal hi ho jaayega na!" he replied and stopped in front of the corner window to place her down.
However before she can even think of moving away, he fixed her to the wall.
"Kya kar rahe hain aap………..Dhruv so raha hai wahan pe" she mumbled.
"To? So hi raha haina……use kya pata?" he replied naughtily.
This made her smile. "Kya baat hai…..aaj kaafi romantic mood main lag rahe hain?"
"Tumhe dekhta hoon to waise hi romantic mood main aajata hoon" he winked.
She tried pushing him but to no avail.
"Tum mujhe dur kyun kar rahi ho! Paas kyun nahi aa rahi" he began coming closer.
"Kya aap bhi. Dhruv uth jaayega to" she chided.
"Tabki tab dekhenge" he snapped sweetly.
"Kya hogaya hai aapko. Jara sambhaliye!" she mumbled.
"Kyun sambhaloon? Have you realized something? Dhruv ko aaye huwe 3 mahine se jyaada ho chuke hain…….lekin hum ab tak kareeb nahi aa paaye hai!" he retorted, feeling slightly irritated.
She lowered her gaze, feeling shy. "Par doctor ne mana kiya tha na"
He put a finger underneath her chin and whispered. "Sirf 2 mahine ke liye……..he never asked us to take up celibacy!"
That made her blush. "Umm…..nahi…….."
"To phir. Pata hai tumhe……main tadas raha hoon tumhare paas aane ke liye…….aur tum ho ki! Tumhe to bas jab dekho sirf Dhruv ki chinta rehti hai…….usi se pyaar karti rehti ho……ek pati bhi hai……jo tumhare pyaar ko pane ke liye bhuka hai……shayad tum bhul gayi ho!"
Her lips curved naughtily. "Main kya karun…….aap bhi to har samay sirf apne bte ke saath khelne main busy hote hain. Subah jaane se pehle uske saath khelte hain…….aur shaam ko aane ke baad bhi……mere liye kahan time hota hai aapke paas?" she asked, making a cute complaining face.
"Wahi to kar raha hoon abhi! Jo bhi shikayat hai……abhi dur kar dete hain" he came closer. "abhi aapke paas aakar…….."
Her eyes widened. "Abhi? Abhi nahi"
"Kyun? Raat ko phir hum Dhruv ke saath khel khel ke so jaate hain……nahi…..abhi"
She crinkled her nose, showing fake disgust at his blatant suggestion. "Chee!Dhruv kamre main hi hai!"
"To! Are who to so raha hai…….thodi der to sota rahega na!"
She shook her head, disagreeing for this. "Nahi"
"Radhika main tumhara pati hoon aur pati ki baat maan na patni ka dharma hota hai……now come……."
She struggled badly. "Bas na…….aap bhi. Bte ke saamne! Jara to sharam keejye"
Seeing her so hesitant, he sighed. "Acha theek hai…….ek pyaara sa kiss to mil sakta hai na?" his voice went huskier. "Its been so long that we haven't even had a chance to kiss properly"
She hit his chest hard for this starkness. "Chee!"
"Kya chee!? Comeon ek kiss to…….please" he whispered urgently.
This time she couldn't resist and just smiled shyly. He knew that he has got a signal to proceed ahead and came closer. Wrapping her arms around his neck, he circled his hands across her naked waist and pulled her closer. She gasped slightly and gazed in to his intensely passionate gaze. He winked once impishly and melded his lips with her's. She closed her eyes, letting herself be absorbed in the beautiful feel and began raking his hairs – indeed her body seemed to be aching for him! He too forgot everything else and began kissing her passionately.
They were indeed lost in their paradise and kept kissing each other. His hands kept caressing her naked skin whilst her's kept grabbing his thick hairs, asking for more from him.
Some long minutes later, he released her lips and let his lips trace her cheek, jawbone, temples and ears……all the while placing passionate, hot kisses on her skin. She gulped, feeling heavy eyed – how much she'd missed this feeling inside her! Her knees felt weak and skin burned under his kisses. He kept exploring her skin ravenously and his hands began caressing her exposed back sensuously. She reveled at this, loving every single touch of his and wondered that he was right; they both probably were parched of this beautiful feeling being deprived of this from such a long time! So she didn't hold back herself, rather didn't have any power to hold back herself and let him have his way completely.
Dev's fingers grabbed the soft flesh of her waist and she gasped. He bit her ear and she pulled his face closer to her body, all the time raking through his hairs passionately. Dropping his lips, he began kissing her neck, throat and then the other side. She tilted her head to let him love her completely. They both got completely immersed in passion, forgetting the time and place.
Suddenly something brought them back with a jolt. Dhruv started wailing loudly, making them freeze in their actions and turning their gaze back to their son, who seemed to be desperately beseeching for their attention.
They too desperately needed each other but how can they let their Son's cries let go unheard? A sticky situation but they knew who would win!
Sighing, Dev glanced back at his blushing wife with a disappointed expression. She smiled at little at him.
"Chalen……Dhruv ro raha hai" she mumbled with much difficulty; her body was still reeling under the passion he arose inside her.
He gave another disappointed sigh – did he have another option! "Chalo!" But he vowed to himself that he would soon find out a middle way. He cannot stay away from his wife like this.
Smiling, she moved out of his arms and ambled across to reach Dhruv. Dev too followed her. As they sat beside Dhruv, he suddenly stopped crying and glanced at them.
"are yeh to chup ho gaya. To itna ro kyun raha tha?" Dev wondered aloud.
Radhika couldn't help a smile seeing Dhruv's naughtiness. "Hmm…..woh kya haina…..uske kamre main hote huwe……hum us se baat karne ke wajay…….wahan khade the…….aur yeh iss janab se bardasht nahi huwa……." She pinched Dhruv's chin sweetly.
Dhruv gave his naughty smile.
"Kya! Iss wajah se?" he said, shocked. His son was crying for such a simple reason.
She shrugged. "Aap hi par gaya hai. Ekdum ziddi aur shaitan hai…….shararat karna hai to aap hi se inherit kiya hai isne…..apna kaam nikalne ke liye…..dekhiye kaise rone laga. Who chahta tha ke aap uske paas aaye…….." saying, she grinned and kissed her son.
He gave out an exhale and bent down to his son. "Hmm! Aap nahi chahte ke main aapki mummy se pyaar karun? Mere pyaar ke dushman kyun ban rahe ho?" he framed the baby's chin softly.
She giggled.
"Ab tum kya has rahi ho? Mazak lag raha hai?" he snapped.
"Aap apne bte ke saath baatein keejye…….main chali chai lane" she giggled again.
He didn't like her mocking him and caught her wrist to pull her closer. "Raat ko dekh lunga tumhe!"
"Raat ko?" she whispered, puckering her brows.
"Dekhna kya karta hoon" he winked.
The impishness in his eyes said everything. She blushed profusely. "abhi to chodiye"

"Theek hai…..jao……..aur beta aap……please……please aaj raat ko ache se sona okay" he kissed Dhruv.
Dhruv smiled, as if agreeing to his father.
"Good Boy! Lagta hai aaj yeh papa ka saath dega……Mummy ko dher saara pyaar karna hai raat ko" he whispered.
She hit his back. "Chee! Kya aap bhi. Bache ko yeh sab kehte hain. Jara to sharam keejye….."
"Sharam kar raha hoon…..isiliye to sirf bata raha hoon…….abhi kuch nahi kar raha" he winked.
She sighed and turned towards the door. "Main chai laati hoon…… tak sambhaliye apne nawab sahib ko"
"Okay madam……" saying, he picked up Dhruv. "Bada shaitan hai huh tu! Apne baap ko bhi chakma deta hai? Main bhi tera bhi baap hoon samjha……" mumbling he kissed Dhruv.
Dhruv moved his body, feeling tickled. And Dev repeated his actions, loving his son.
Days and months just flew by and Dhruv started growing with every passing moment. Every small event related to Dhruv – from teething to sitting up, to taking his first step, to him uttering his first word…….was celebrated by the family very excitedly with pictures, gathering of family and cake, sweets etc. Dhruv loved the attention completely.
When Dhruv started walking and running, handling him became even more difficult. He would never sit quietly in a place and never can he rest peacefully without playing some or the other prank with his family. Being quite active, he would keep running to explore new things every now and then. Everyday his clothes would be stained with mud, sauce and what not. Feeding him was a homogonous task for Radhika everyday. Pretty often, he would be at the receiving end of his mother's scolding. But he still would continue his pranks.
"Iske peeche bhagte bhagte maine saara weight loose kar diya jo maine pregnancy ke time dala tha!" she joked once to Dev.
"Acha hai na? Tumhara figure maintain hoga" Dev winked naughtily.
She just hit his chest lightly, blushing.
However, Dhruv's pranks and over activeness did enrage Dev one time and Dhruv got his first scolding from his father. Dev got real angry when Dhruv messed up with his office papers as a prank.
"Dhruv!!!" Dev shouted at him. "Yeh tum mere official papers ke saath kya kar rahe the?" he asked sternly, holding the ink strewn stamp papers in his hand.
Dhruv looked at his father, scared; he'd never scolded him so badly.
Holding Dhruv's little arm hard, Dev demanded an answer. "Maine poocha kya kiya tumne mere papers ke saath? Kitni baar mana kiya ha tumhe ke mere office ke papers ke saath mat khelo…… but do you ever listen to me!!!?" he threw the papers angrily on the floor.
Radhika came in rushing after hearing his voice. "Kya huwa aap chilla kyun rahe hain?"
"Radhika look what he's done! Kal meri important presentation hai and he spilled ink over the stamp papers needed for tomorrow!!" he answered back angrily.
Radhika's eyes went wide seeing the ink-spilled papers.
"S…..soor……soory papa……" Dhruv mumbled in his childish cute voice; tears spilled down his eyes.
"Sorry for what!!? Huh? Sorry kehne se mera kaam aasan ho jaayega??" he shouted at the kid.
"Dev sambhaliye…….chodiye na" Radhika tried pacifying him
"Radhika sambhalna tumhe chahiye tha! Maine kaha tha tumse thodi der pehle ke Dhruv par nazar rakhna……mere kuch important documents rakhe hain kamre main! Tum dhyaan nahi rakh sakti?" he rebuked her and ran a hand through his hairs in frustration. "Tum jaanti ho ke yeh project kitna jaroori hai right!?"
Radhika nodded once. "Hmm……main jaanti hoon"
Sighing, Dev released Dhruv and picked up his papers.
"Kahan jaa rahe hain aap. Main Dhruv ko yahan se lekar jaati hoon. Who aapko pareshan nahi karega…….aap kaam keejye" she said, pulling the crying kid to herself.
"Radhika yeh mujhe yahan aakar tang jaroor karega! Iski shararetein din ba din badti hi jaa rahi hai!" saying, he turned his angry gaze to Dhruv. "I am warning you Dhruv……..agar galti se bhi study room main mat aana! Samjha!"
Dhruv didn't reply just kept sobbing badly. Dev walked out, slamming the door behind him.
Radhika kneeled down to hug the child.
"Mum….my……..i am so…..sorry" he apologized.
Radhika stroked his back lovingly. "Bas…..bas beta……papa ko bahut tension tha na…….tumne unke papers ko haath kyun lagaya? Maine kaha tha na……yahan mat aana"
"Mujhe Papa ke saath khelna tha……" he mumbled amidst sobs and hiccups.
Inching back, she cupped his little face and brushed away his tears. "Chodo……Papa ka gussa kal thanda ho jaayega……hmm……."
However, Dhruv didn't stop crying and neither did he eat properly. Dev didn't come out of his study for the entire night as he worked.
Meanwhile Dhruv kept crying entire night, feeling hurt and scared of his father now. With much difficulty, Radhika finally managed to put him to sleep.
Next morning,
Dev came out of the washroom, wrapped in a towel and saw Radhika calling Dhruv; her voice seemed tensed.
"Dhruv……utho na beta……." She tapped his cheeks gently and shook him.
Puckering his brows in confusion, Dev came closer to them. "Kya huwa?"
Radhika looked up at him in worry. "Dekhiye na…….Dhruv aankhein nahi khol raha…..aur ise bahut fever bhi hai"
Instantly Dev's face was filled with worry and sat down next to Dhruv. "Beta……beta ankhein kholo" he touched Dhruv's forehead and glanced up at Radhika in shock. "Radhika ise to bahut high fever hai"
She nodded. "Haan…….aap jaldi doctor uncle ko phone keejye na"
Dev hurriedly picked his mobile and called up the doctor.
As he kept the phone down, he looked at Radhika. "Lekin ise achanak se itna bhukar aaya kaise?"
Stroking Dhruv's hair lovingly, "Kal raat bahut ro raha tha yeh………bahut mushkil se sulaya maine ise……..aapko itna nahi daantna chahiye tha ise…….bahut dar gaya yeh……." She replied; her voice was thick.
Dev felt guilty and looked at Dhruv.
"Main jara cold sponging kar deti hoon" saying, she got up to leave. "Aap tab tak yahi rahiye"
Glancing down at Dhruv again, he stroked his hairs softly.
"Kal raat bahut ro raha tha yeh………bahut mushkil se sulaya maine ise……..aapko itna nahi daantna chahiye tha ise…….bahut dar gaya yeh……."
Radhika's words pinched him. Was he the reason for his child's state? Probably yes! He shouldn't have got so angry at his own kid. But he couldn't control himself seeing all the work Dhruv had messed up! Leaning down, he planted a kiss on Dhruv's forehead.
"Beta……dekho…….papa hai……aankhein kholo……" he mumbled.
But Dhruv didn't respond.
Soon the doctor arrived and gave an injection to Dhruv.
"Don't worry Dhruv ko thodi der main hosh aajayega" Doctor said assuringly.
After he left, Dev got a call from his office and he ordered his assistant to postpone his meeting.
"I know its important…….but not more than my son! Please try to do something" saying, he hung the phone and returned back to Dhruv.
Dadima and others looked at him sombery.
"Aap Office ke liye nikaliye…..der ho jaayegi aapko" Radhika said softly.
"nahi jab tak Dhruv ko hosh nahi aata main kahi nahi jaunga" he said, caressing the kid's soft hairs.
Radhika just smiled.
"Beta kuch nahi hoga……thodi der main dekhna humara Dhruv poore ghar main daud raha hoga" Dadima inserted to bring some cheerfulness.
Radhika smiled, but Dev didn't.
Some more moments passed and Dhruv started gaining consciousness.
Radhika leaned down to him. "Dhruv? Kaisa lag raha hai beta?"
Dhruv blinked his eyes a few times and looked at Radhika. He felt sore and his head hurt a little. Blinking once again, he shifted his gaze – searching for Dev. He found his father just next to him with a smile on his face.
"I…..I am……S……Soo…..Sorry papa……" Little Dhruv apologized.
Dev bent down to kiss his forehead. "Koi baat nahi……" his voice was gentle, loving.
"Main kabhi…..aapke……papers ko haath nahi lagaunga" Dhruv said in his cute voice.
Hearing this, Dev felt his throat going thick and he picked up the boy to place him in his laps.
"Beta……who papers mere liye bahut important the……isiliye maine aapko daant diya….. hmm……..warna main aapko daanta hoon kabhi? Nahi na?"
Dhruv nodded.
"Lekin yeh kya aap rone kyun lage iske liye?" mumbling, he kissed Dhruv again. "Papa aapko daant bhi nahi sakte?"
Dhruv just blinked once and hugged him tight. Dev felt his eyes moistening, so did Radhika.
"Main kabhi aapko tang nahi karunga………." Dhruv mumbled.
"Kyun? Kyun nahi karoge?" Dev asked, pulling him back. "Mummy to aapko kitna daanti rehti hai choti choti baton ke liye……tab to nahi rote aap……abhi kya ho gaya?"
"Mummy daanti hai to aapke paas aa jaata hoon na…….aur mummy itne jor se nahi daanti" Dhruv mumbled.
Dev felt bad for this.
Mr. Purohit smiled. "Dhruv tujhe pata hai…….jab tere papa chote the…….to kitni shararat karte the…….are mera to kaam karna mushkil ho jaata tha iss ghar main!!" he laughed.
Dev smiled and turned his attention to Dhruv. "Suna tune? Tujhe pata hai maine apne Papa se kitni daant khaayi hai!? Are har din jab tak main daant na kha loon na……..gharwalon ka din poora hi nahi hota hai"
Others laughed. Dhruv also giggled a bit. "Sachi?"
"Haan…….har din ise apne Babuji se daant khani padti thi. Roz shararat jo karta tha!" Vaishali reminisced.
"Itni daant khane ke baad bhi nahi sudharta!" Dadima rebuked gently.
"Abhi bhi kahan sudhra hai Dadima" Mrinalini said. "Infact Dhruv ko shararat karne ka encouragement bhi to yahi deta hai!"
"Aur nahi to kya……..aakhir apne pita se hi to mili hai ise…….shararat karne ki training" Dadima inserted.
"Born naughty!" Mrinalini giggled. "You know it's the gene!"
"Haan bhai…….iska beta iske jaisa hi to hoga na!" Dadima said jokingly.
"Its like getting a taste of his own medicine" Radhika chirped in sweetly.
"Bhabhi…….Dadima please huh! I mean har baar aap yeh kyun kehte hain……ke mera beta hai……iske liye aisa hai. Yeh Radhika ka beta bhi to hai…….to uske jaisa kyun nahi? I mean isme meri kya galti?" he shrugged and looked at Radhika.
"Khudpe beet thi hai to sabko samaj main aata hai" Mr. Purohit sighed and laughed
Dev pursed his lips and looked at Dhruv. "Dekha……kaisa chida rahe hain mujhe. Aur tu ro kyun raha tha kal? Maine tujhse kya kaha tha…….boys don't cry! Tu boy nahi hai kya?" he asked.
"To ro kyun raha tha? Suna tune…….sab kya keh rahe hain? Bachpan main mujhe mere papa itna daante the…….par main kabhi rokar, darkar nahi baith tha…….samjha!"
Dhruv smiled a little. "Hmm……yeh huwi na baat!"
Radhika patted his head. "Dhruv…….jab shararat karna ho na…… hadh main karna chahiye. Agar shararat kisiko nuksan pahunchaye…….to kisiko maza nahi aata…..sabko takleef hoti hai. Jaise tune kal jo kiya…….papa ko us se bahut nuksaan ho sakta tha……aur isiliye tujhpar chilla baithe……..aur agar tere papa aur mummy nahi daantkar sudharenge……to kaun sudharega?" she said lovingly. "Agar hum tujhe sahi aur galat ka farak daantkar seekhate hain…….to tumhara hi bhala hai……samjha"
"Suna mummy ne kya kaha? To mera beta shararat karna kabhi nahi chodega! Are shararat ke bina bhi koi maza hota hai life main?" Dev said.
Dhruv had an excited smile. "Right papa!"
"Good boy!"
Radhika smiled. "Acha abhi aap office ke liye chaliye……kaafi der ho gayi hai aapko"
Dev looked at Dhruv. "Beta abhi to bahut important meeting hai. Shaam ko aakar tere saath khelunga okay!"
"Okay!" Dhruv gave a smile.
"Par tab tak aap aaram karenge. No masti for today okay! Medicines bhi time pe lena hoga" Dev ordered lovingly.
"Medicines bhi?" Dhruv made a disgusted face.
"Haan haan medicines bhi…….tu fikr kyun karta hai……tere mummy ke haathon se to kadve se kadva medicine bhi……..gulab jamun ki tarah lagte hain" he said, shooting a loving glance at Radhika, who was left blushing at the end of the line.
"Dev that only applies to you! Not for others" Mrinalini interjected.
Radhika blushed some more. "Main…..naashta tayar karti hoon aapke liye" saying, she rushed out.
Dev just grinned at her. Dadima took Dhruv and Dev went in to get ready.
Dhruv's naughtiness never reduced and only increased with time and age. So did his stubbornness. He would never settle down in peace until he didn't get what he wanted – be it a chocolate, toy or anything. Most of the times, he did get what he wanted and on other days, he would get a good scold from Radhika or Dev.
As months passed by, Dhruv began going to school; he loved going to school because he got all those stuffs which Nandu had…….waterbottle, schoolbag, pencilbox and other stuffs. Nandu would accompany him to school everyday, so he would be carefree and enjoyed a lot. It didn't take much time for Radhika to get complaints from Dhruv's school because he was so naughty. She would scold him and he would not do any masti for some days…….and then it was back to routine! But howmuchever everyone complained of him in the school, he was equally loved by the teachers for his cuteness and helpfulness. The fact that he always scored very well in his report card didn't let the teachers and parents stay angry on him for long.
Purohit family settled in bliss and happiness and with Dhruv, these joys only manifolded by thousand levels.

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sia_lovely IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 08 September 2011 at 3:00pm | IP Logged

Hello Everyone, 

Really, really Sorry for making you all dear readers wait so long. 

Thanks for bearing my delays and still supporting me so nicely Big smile Hug Thanks a ton to all u guys!!!! Hug  Hug 

Am back with two updates, Hope you like them. Forgive me the typing errors as i have written the part in rush...hope it doesn't reflect so much. The story has moved ahead a lot and soon Amma and Shastrijee's part would come up. Big smile Enjoy reading Big smile

Forgive me, if i have written anything wrong about pregnancy or babies. I conjured up the stories with whatever information i had. Big smile

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laxmis Goldie

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Posted: 08 September 2011 at 7:24pm | IP Logged
Sia, I missed your last update. Now getting back to reading the previous update.
Thanks for the updates. Can't wait to read

Edited by laxmis - 08 September 2011 at 7:24pm

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radhika5 Goldie

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Thanks Sia for the updates--
Have to yet read them--will comment later

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Myra.nelly IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 09 September 2011 at 1:23am | IP Logged
Simply awesome! Loved the way he wished her at midnite and her most precious gift to him,their baby, their reaction to the news was priceless! And the family too was so sweet! Liked very much the caring future dad and radh eagerness, so cute...Wow and the dhruv came up, what a gem,so funny were those scenes...Thank u sia,it was a real pleasure reading this, u are an amazing writter!

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chayya55 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 September 2011 at 7:27am | IP Logged
great updates sia were waiting waiting and finally double bonus  thank you you really have a gift.

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