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1/1- Sid-Riddz-Tammz: Chaanta laga , haaye laga!

TheBlackJaguar IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 01 January 2010 at 8:54am | IP Logged
Hi babies,

So , how did the first day of your new year go? Party hangovers?Wink.... Look at me, have been working since morning even though today was supposed to be a holiday.LOL.... bure karmon la fruit since i always upset people.

Okay, back to the topic....

First , everybody go and hug my Sid baby, today. Hug.....What a day for him!  First, Tammz sliced his heart into a million pieces and then, he had to take an unwanted ride with Riddzie on the luggage trolly and the bonus included a FARAATEDAAR- DHAMAAKEDAAR chaanta aka slap from Riddzie. .... yeah, yeah , the chaanta is in the precap but so what ... you cannot take away a chaanta's glory just because it will be delivered to Sid on Monday. LOL

It was heartbreaking to see our jiggly-poo Sid ( by the way , looking uber-cool in a blue UB shirt , where are you Trinzzie?Wink)....stand at the airport and wait to catch a glimpse of his Tammz who is flying off to a new world with Aniket ( a man  i really respect ). The uncertainty , anxiety and hurting loss of  Tammz tugging at his heart .....And then, he secretly looked at her being seen off by Baba Dude and Aayi ....a smiling Aniket standing alongside. It broke Sid's Santa Claus heart and he looked away .... fighting back tears. He may not understand love but something still pulled the veins of his heart ....He wanted to see her one last time and he did . Perhaps that was enough for him but no , they had to part on a good note. And they did.

Aniket made Tammz speak to Sid one last time and he chose to step back this time. There was such serenity on Tammz' face as she lovingly spoke to Sid. Like a good friend, she told him to look after himself  - be the sweetheart that he has always been - she is flying away into a new future.....and as a goodbye token, she lovingly gifted him a Laughing Buddha .... wishing him and giving him all the luck in the world......Sid just kept on looking at her ... tears swimming in his eyes... he so wanted to hold on to the fast slipping thread of hope that Tammz loves him .. looking for a small hint ... but there was nothing. There was just a friend with a happy face and extreme fondness for him.... and then, she went away... walking towards the immigration.... waving him good bye.. and pinning a large carnation on to Sid's hurt heart in the hopes that he will walk into a lovely sunset someday....Embarrassed
Tammz looked happy and content for a change. After their talk on the engagement day, a lot of discomfort and awkwardness seems to have melted away between them. For once, Tammz knows exactly what she is doing in her life. And Sid will thank her someday for the enlightening face of life that this beautiful woman showed him. She was confident and at ease enough to tell him with a chuckle that she had accidentally dropped her engagement ring when he thought she had come back to tell him that she loves him......Poignant but brilliant job by actors and writers. Clap
Love you Tammz.... always.

So, walked away Tammz and walked in Riddzie- as calm and as placid as ever - like a breath of fresh air like she has always been. I realized today how much i have missed her in DMG. Don't you ever go back again , you lovely woman in red!Embarrassed...... It was symbolic... Sid meeting Riddzie at the airport as I had said yesterday... it means something - pointing towards the possibilities of the future.

As Tammz  disappeared into immigration , out walked Riddhima.....Sid and her crossing paths ....opening another chapter or at least the beginning of it.Wink

i don't know what the future is. Armaan may or may not come back ( depending on the agreement between him and the production house, dates , terms and conditions etc. - ).... but today , where we stand , we see Sid and Riddhima starting off on a totally wrong and torrid note. A very grim and absolutely no nonsense Tammz is going to slap Sid even before they know each-other's names for no fault of his - so, ppz, be it Sid and Riddzie or Yuvi-Naina.... Sanjivani is going to be on fireworks for quite a few weeks.

I am definitely looking forward to Sid and Riddzie's chaanta laga encounter and Yuvi-Naina's chaanta kab lagega meeting next week. LOL
Everybody wants a fairytale, I know... but the definition of a fairytale is really not what we think it to be. And sooner or later , life explains you that. Big smile

Lastly, I want to make a few things VERY VERY CLEAR. Pairing or no pairing , Siddhant and Riddhima are very very few years apart as far age is concerned and i don't understand what is the age issue. Creatives are trying something new , they have the guts to  carry it out and I salute those guts for such different writing for a change. Now, kill me. i don't care, really.LOL

P.S- As usual, I sincerely and genuinely request that if you have anything against the current track , Sid- Riddz-Tammz possibilities and you are very kicked about abusing and accusing creatives and making those angry and disgusted icons , then, please stay out of my posts. I do not appreciate blind and biased opinions - I am not here to support or bear the brunt of Armaan-Riddhima, Sid-Tammz and Yuvi-Naina Morchaas and Andolans. For me, DMG is a good story and love for couples is only secondary. If you have issues with my posts , PM me . Don't abuse me in public as it is so not happening. Wink

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Eloquent IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 01 January 2010 at 9:12am | IP Logged
As usual, your warnings crack me up everytime ROFL

I AM gonna carry out a YuNa morcha. Ab bol. Kya karegi??? Bure karmon ka phal ab bhugat rahi hai naa...new years pe kaam!!!

And here are those disgusted EMOTicons (u forgot to put in the emot part) you are so fond of: Pinch

Well coming back to topic, I felt the slap was way too much over reaction from riddhima. Maybe I will be slap-happy too if I am forced to take a trolley ride with some stranger but Sid did not even once look lecherous. He looked very shareef. LOLLOLLOL Poor sid.

Siddhima seems interesting although it is going to break a lot of people's hearts and sanity. Wonder how would a cougar relation work in DMG but it seems as though cougars are the taste of the season with serials showcasing them. And DMG appears to have just caught on.

As for the creatives, I never expected them to be so daring as to show riddhima with someone else! LOLLOLLOL

One thing is for sure. There are going to be explosions whether on the actual show or on the forum!! LOLLOL
Will be looking forward most to the YuNa explosion though Wink

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kelta Groupbie

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Posted: 01 January 2010 at 9:13am | IP Logged
I have a feeling that cvs are trying to create an interesting love story between two heartbroken individuals (sid and riddhima). I could be wrong, but its just a thought.
P.S. No offence intended to anyone. Peace :)
P.P.S Nice post Poco!

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zeenia IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 01 January 2010 at 9:21am | IP Logged

If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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jyothi_misri Senior Member

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Posted: 01 January 2010 at 9:24am | IP Logged

Well written.

But i kind of disagree with u in Sid n Ridz case. Its not about pairing, how good would they be looking on screen together n its not at all that how much i like AR as couple since they first met, for me its a senior n junior (eventhough if there is no age differnece) is not at all digestable. I personally dont entertain these kind of relationships. For me its like teacher n student kind of thing.
First lets see how the story moves from now n what actually r the cvs planning.
one thing for sure they r on their way to try out for different pairing, for which many including me r not goin to accept. These things will only lead to downfall for the show.
But still raaz has to come out n i'm impateintly waiting for it.

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LRC92 Groupbie

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Posted: 01 January 2010 at 9:30am | IP Logged
when riddhima slapped sid i was like ROFL

I watched that precap from 5 different sources, on TV, utube channel 1, channel 2, channel 1, channel 2, and actually stored that video to laugh all over again BUHAHAHHAHA

truthfully, Sid-Riddhima chemistry actually looked good. not very good, but good. Now, if its very good or not...time shall lemme noe and i shall let u noe   Wink LOL

before the precap, i was all NO! NO! for SR....but now, I am thinking....they could become one of the awesome TV couples...Smile

ahh....and now about SidNa... Broken Heart I was totally right about tamanna's dill mill gayye with aniket, and sid ka dill toot gayye Cry oh well, TaNiket doesnt look bad. Both look like a sensible couple and Tamanna will be happy yeah? Smile

And dude, i am ALL UP for yuvi chaata lagaana from naina *dances* [btw, i had to edit this part to show my enthusiasm for some yuvi-slapping bcoz my dance smiley doesnt work :( lol. i am so sad. *shakes head at her weirdness*]

i swear i love the chaata laga -ings of DMG
first Armaan getting slapped by Riddhima (i have that vid stored too LOL )
then tamanna slapping sid   ROFL ROFL (vid stored too LOL )
and now riddhima slapping sid (how much i enjoyed it, see the top of post :P)


...sorry couldnt stop myself there....it still IS too funny LOL

btw, poco, Thumbs Up for ur post!!

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dr_ash Senior Member

Joined: 25 September 2009
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Posted: 01 January 2010 at 9:48am | IP Logged

channta laga was the best it cud be given only by a hitler ridz aakhir expert hai chanta dene main well the trolly ride was awsome as per jenny and karan wahi are fantastic actors they did it very well the chemistry was gud and i will have no prob with sidhima

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PSharada IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 23 October 2007
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Posted: 01 January 2010 at 9:52am | IP Logged
Hey Poco, this maybe my last posts on DMG forum. I went on my vacation and suffered a great lossCryCryCry. I came back to DMG to see if that can cheer me up but sorry to say I am very hugely disappointed in this current track.CryCryCry

I was very okay with Sid Tammana going the HUM TUM way as Sid is still naive in love marriage matters and Tammana as well as her parents were looking for some stability in her lifeConfusedConfused. But what they showed today and yesterday were way over the topAngryAngry. First of all I can never admit that Sid didn't love Tammz. He was not sure of the future that much I agree but he did love her. First loves are always the strongest and this definitely was not the puppy love the creatives are trying to project.ConfusedConfused And for that matter Tammz too I felt loved Sid. Why would she imagine Sid wiping her tears on the day she says yes to the engagement with AniketConfusedConfused. It was really good to show that Aniket understood Sid's love for Tammz and explained the difference between love and  committment but then they should have allowed Sid to mature up and kind of understand where he went wrongOuchOuch. He could have been like Saif in Hum tum but then yesterday they tried to show that Sid never loved Tammz(when Tammana asks him if he saw her in his mind with his eyes closed and hand on his heart). That was so unrealisticSleepySleepy. First of all it was a rip off of Dil chahta hai and the second was Sid sees everything even Yuvi, Naina but not TammanaConfusedConfused. He just sees a blur of a girl. Come on that guy started seeing Tammz everywhere since he came back from Safala(Remember the squash court scene) and he goes into dreamland just by looking at her and now they show that he could not see her once. Baat kuch jaame nahiShockedShocked.

Even today I felt he did love Tammana in the way he was looking so chupke chupke at her in the airport.Ouch But then Tammz has to come and say that you will get your love someday. Okay what I don't understand is that Tammz needs to intern for 2 yrs to become doctor so how come she is going to Canada. Isn't it her biggest dream to be a doctor and how on earth did she get the visa to Canada when she is not even married to AniketConfusedConfused(maybe a visitor visa giving the benefit of doubt for the creatives).

I think today's episode the track is kinda of headed the Ridz-Sid wayOuchOuch. I am kind of aganist this track the reason being Ridz loved Armaan way too much and no matter what happened to Armaan, I don't think she is going to fall in love again. And somehow it feels wrong to me. I am sorry  but that's what I feel. It would have been good if they showed Riddz a senior doc who is serious about her work and who is waiting for her true love to return to her(Like Nikita was in the beginning of DMG2).OuchOuch And of all the interns Karan wahi was by far my favourite because guy is spot on in emotions. I kind of tolerated Tammz when she was so raw compared to Karan but right when she was improving the creatives killed their masoom love story. This love story was supposed to show what happened when an innocent and sweet hearted girl meets an equally innocent guy, kind of like when angels meet and fall in love.

And the whole Yuvi Shashank Raaz was again a "khoda pahad nikhala chooha" kind of thing.AngryAngry Yuvi is a doctor and as such he should know that even with the good intentions of the operating doctor there is a chance that the operation will go wrong and the patient may not recover. What was the point of having Yuvi build up the revenge for 16yrs and then what was the thing that he acheived. The promo showing that Yuvi is going to kill Shashank was quite misleading as nothing of that sort happened. Dead
*edited* I did seem to have missed some of the episode today. So will watch it and update this post.*

My guess is that the creatives are testing the audience patience here. They started out the new season and slowly the people started accepting the new interns and now to satisfy the demand of DMG1 lovers they brought back Jenny. But they don't want Jenny to be shown alone I don't know the reason whyConfusedConfused. Atul is shown alone and he is quite hit with the second season too. They know Karan wahi is a good actor and so they are trying to recreate the magic between Karan and Jenny. This is going to cost the CVS and I think is going to cost Karan Wahi and Jenny a lot as the first season ardent AR lovers are going to hate them to hell. I don't want to be on this forum when this is going to be minefield. I used to come here to chat with good friends and mainly due to Sid's potrayal(Karan W is my fav actor) and Naina's potrayal. Ab jab un dono ka baratha ban gaya I don't want to be here.OuchOuch

Nits I made good friends on this forum and mainly in your posts and I am going to miss themStar. Jen, Elo, Appy, MJ, Sumi and all others I am going to miss you guysHugHug. Hope you do enjoy the season but it is time for me to say Alvida guys.

Take Care  guys and hope the new year brings all the joys and happiness you all deserve. WOW seems like I wrote quite a bit in my last post.Shocked

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