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Originally posted by shabz50

very nice part moti will never change good dm is standing up for santu

Originally posted by Shahara3

Jes you make me laugh, wouldnt we all LOL
Leena just caught up with both your latest epis, love the SANRAJ dance to Desi Girl Thumbs Up
your last ff was also brilliant, DM standing up to Moti AngryAngry for Santus education and he making sure she gets one only to protect her and her future....,Clap
Post your nxt ff soon xxxx

Originally posted by cuckoo_chand

WOW AWESOME Leena!!!!!!!!!!!!! I enjoyed every bit of it. At least in ur ff DM is against Moti's opinion for Santu. DIL khush kar dia dear. Post ur next 1 ASAP

@ shah, cuckoo & shabz

i m glad that u all likes it Hug

u all likes the Dm stands for santu in the coming parts u will see more.........Wink

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Originally posted by janu_2006

gr8 part,,

Originally posted by SAKSHIGOEL

beautiful leena di...ClapClap.
post next part soonn...WinkWink

@ janu & sakshi

i m glad that u all likes it Hug
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Originally posted by Fazy

Moti! Angry
Waiting eagerly for next part! Big smile

Originally posted by crystal30

Moti, is unbeatable....AngryAngry Anyways, way to go Leena..enjoyed it!!!ClapClap

@ fazy & crystal

i m glad that u all likes it Hug

ya moti is always unbeatable........ Tongue
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Originally posted by mula6484

lovely soon.mwah

Originally posted by ramonag

great leena post next part soon.. Clap

@ romadi & mula

i m glad that u all likes it Hug

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Lovely one LeenaEmbarrassed

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Originally posted by mula6484

lovely soon.mwah

Originally posted by d.sree

soooo romantic was awesome Blushing ...leena lovely epic Clap
waiting 4r the next Day Dreaming

Originally posted by Soni-Sanraj

Lovely one LeenaEmbarrassed

@ mula, divi & soni

i m glad that u likes it Hug
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Part 9 - I am the luckiest men.


Dm: ohh!!! What is this? Now what to do?

Santu: malik there is some candles in the drawer I m going & get it.

Dm: but can u find it in this darkness?

Santu: ya malik u do not worry.

Dm: okay go take it fast but be care full.

Santu starts walk to the table for candles but in darkness while walking Santu's right leg feet hurts with chair badly. Santu bands down to holding her right leg knee with her hand & she screamed…..

Santu: ohhhuch!!!

Dm: ohh!! What's up?

Santu: nothing malik I just messed up with chair.

Dm: (being worried) what? (At a time lights also comes back, Dm sees at Santu & starts walk to her)

Dm: How many times I tell u to take care but u… now tells me where u hurt? Let show me…

Santu: no malik it's ok.

Dm: okay then it means its hurt u badly right? Now I must have to show it.

Santu: no malik I m fine.

Dm: aree I told u to show me. Where it hurts….. Is on ur leg?

Dm bands down for little pulls up her sari to see her right leg. Dm sees that on her right leg's feet's thumb was badly hurt & the nail was little break & bleeding.

Dm: (Angrily) what is this it's bleeding & u say nothing.

Dm carries Santu in his arms & puts her on bad. Then Dm goes to table for takes out the medicine box from drawer. Then he comes back to Santu with that box & sits on bad in front of Santu. Then Dm softly & caringly carries her right leg's feet in his hand. Then cleaned her injured thumb with dettol & cotton very lovingly but still he was very angry b'coz of Santu's carelessness. Then he puts the cream on injured thumb & then starts to bandage it.

Santu: malik.

Dm: what r u doing? How many times I tell u takes care but u had decided that u r not going to lesion me right?

Santu: malik…

Dm: (he dons the bandaged) what malik? Now lesion me from tomorrow u r not going to do any work u will take rest until that time this injury is not heal. Okay? 

Santu: but malik it's not that much serious.

Dm: don't talks much just do what I said.

Santu: okay. (Then Santu tries to get up from bad)

Dm: now, were r u going?

Santu: malik, I am going to change my cloths.

Dm: clothes… why?

Santu: b'coz I can't sleep in this heavy & thick cloths malik.

Dm: okay then go change it but is u can walk properly? Come I help u.

Santu: no malik u don't worry I'll manage.

Then Santu slowly gets up from bad & slowly walks goes to wardrobe. She opens the door of it's & takes out one simple pink colored sari. Dm just sits on bad watches her. Then she slowly moves towards to go to washroom. Dm sees it & comes to her

Dm: aee Santudiii, now where r u going?

Santu: in the washroom malik.

Dm: but why?

Santu: for change the cloths malik.

Dm: ya but how u can change in washroom?

Santu: means?

Dm: aree Dafford I mean in washroom there is water so ur thumbs bandaged will became dirty b'coz of water & u knows na that if water catches the wounds then wounds not heal quickly. So that's why I ask u that how u can change in washroom?

Santu: ohh!!! U r right but now what I do malik?

Dm: what mean what u do? Change it here.

Santu: (being shock) what here in front of u….

Dm: what is in that to be shock? & what u want in this much late night I will go outside & BTW what u have problem to change in front of me?

Santu: I have no problem but I feel shy.

Dm: u feels shy, but why? I m ur husband not stranger.

Santu: (being little uncomfortable) ya malik I know but still I feel shy.

Dm: ohh!!! God, what I do with this Dafford. Okay see u feels shy so I stand to show my back to u then it's okay?

Santu: ya.

Dm: okay, then when u complete just tell me. (Dm turns & stands to show his back to Santu).

Santu quickly starts to change her cloths. Dm starts to babbling "ohh!!! God what time is comes now one wife is shying from his husband. Now just u knows that what is going to happening ales." Santu smiles to hear Dm's wordings.

Dm: aee Santudiii is u done it or not?

Santu: not yet malik.

Dm: then do it soon. Is u r going to stand me like this whole night?

Santu: no malik.

Dm: yes, so it's done it.

Santu: no malik 2 minutes.

Dm: what? Now more 2 minutes.

Santu: yes malik it's almost done.

Dm: okay, so now it's done?

Santu: ya u can turn now.

Dm smiles & turns to Santu. He sees Santu from up to down. Then he starts laughing to looking at her. Santu being confused that why he is laughing.

Santu: why r u laughing malik?

Dm: (control his laugh but still smiling) is u wears sari like this? See it u not wear it properly.

Then Santu see at her sari & ya she was actually not wearer it proper & after looking this, she became frustrated.

Santu: it's b'coz of u malik u r doing so hurry that's why I can't wear sari properly.

Dm: okay, okay don't be angry u think it's my mistake right? Then come here I make it perfect.

Then SanRaj both comes little close to each other. There is some fault in Santu's sari at waist & shoulder part So Dm starts first to correcting it from waist part with still smiling. When Dm was busy in correcting sari Santu was just looking at him very lovingly but Dm didn't look at Santu once he is just busy in his work. Dm completes his work.

Santu: malik u knows u r very straight. (Here is straight means innocent.)

Dm: straight… means?

Santu: (with little naughtiness) whenever u correcting my sari u r just interested in ur work & otherwise…

Dm: otherwise… what otherwise?

Santu: nothing… let it be… (She takes 2 steps to go away but Dm drags her hand & puts her on her place means front of him)

Dm: let finish it first, what is after otherwise? (Asks her by rising his eyebrow)

Santu: nothing… malik

Dm: but I tell u what is after otherwise.

Santu: (smiles) really what?

Now Dm's eyes r became twinkled with playful mischief. SanRaj both looks at each other very lovingly its eye lock moment. He slowly moves towards one-step to Santu & Santu moves to back. Before Santu move Dm holds her in his arms.

Dm: and other wise… a one thing I left to tell u.

Santu: and what's that?

Dm: today u r looking very very pretty in this open hair Just be always like this only.

Santu: really then think abt once again malik. If someone will likes me in this then.

Dm: mmmm…. Then I will feel myself luckiest men in this universe.

Santu: why that? (Confused)

Dm: Dafford didn't understand, I tell u. See did u see that moon it's very beautiful & every beauty lover love it & wants to make that moon their own. Nevertheless, no one can do that b'coz only sky having this right to say this moon his own. Like that only whatever if any one likes my moon (Santu) but the right to tell it own is just mine… just mine. Therefore, I became na the luckiest men.

Santu: okay from tomorrow I will be reedy like this only. (SanRaj having eye lock with their cute smile)

Dm: so now u was also became tired from whole days work so come let's sleep now.

SanRaj goes to bad both lays on bad together (Santu on right side Dm on left side). They both look at each other and then Santu leans over to Dm by one side. Dm moves and kisses her on the forehead. Dm hugs Santu making her head rest on his chest...both falls in sleep.

Then next morning both slept in same position of last night means in hugging position. Santu slowly opens her eyes as she waking up from her sleep. Now she is woks up from her sleep. She sees at Dm he was sleeping She slowly removes Dm's arm from her waist & reset it on the bad. The she looks at him & gives him his morning soft magical kiss on his lips. Dm still in sleep gives little smile………


To be continue…


Precap - Dm asks to himself that what is going on here. Why he is hearing the same voice again n again? What is happens with him? Is he is feeling her absence so much? Is he is missing something? Then his heart says to him yes he is missing something.

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relly cute part leena.........aww i wish if we could see a same  scene with actual sanraj!!!!!TongueTongue

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