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Originally posted by leena04


Anger for Love Part 3


Till on evening Santu comes in living room. At a time Toral comes back from her friend's house. Suraj & Birva also comes back from their school & tuitions. And Maulik & Hiten also comes soon from factory b'coz no more work over there. Santu was looking very week but still she welcomes all with sweet smile.

Every one come & sits on sofa of living room. Till now Santu was gated very high fever. But still she doesn't say abt this to any one. Then after some time Santu gets up form her place for going in to kitchen for preparing dinner.

When she was walking towards kitchen she feels like collapse. She places her one hand on her side forehead. Now she is abt to faint. At a time two hands comes around her for catches her. Santu is being unconscious. Those two hands were Dm's who catches Santu to fainted on the floor. Every one comes around SanRaj. Every one starts calling Santu as maa for make her awake.

Dm: ae Santudiii... ae Santudiii... ae Santudiii... , (Dm touches her cheeks then her forehead & he became shocked) what is this her body is heating like heated fried pan. Ae Hiten call the doctor.

Hiten: yes papa.

Hiten makes call to the doctor. Dm picks Santu in his arms & takes her in their room. When doctor came Santu was laid down on the bad still unconsciousness. Dm & every one was stand there around bad. Doctor checked Santu he puts thermometer in her mouth. Doctor finds the fever almost 102'. Then he gives injection to Santu.

Dm: what happened doctor? Is every thing is okay na?

Doc: don't worry Mr. Mahiyavanshi. I give her injection she will be all right & awake very soon. Actually she was having 102' high fever. Is she (Santu) was eaten some food from morning?

Dm: I don't know I was not here (then looks at Champu) ae Champakali, Is she (Santu) was eaten some food from morning?

Champu: (scarring) yes malik, malkin was eaten but didn't take her lunch properly or nor break fast.

Dm: but why?

Champu: (still scarring) I don't know malik.

Doc: okay then Mr. Mahiyavanshi. I give u some medicine first u feed her some food & after that gives this medicine to her. (Doctor gives some medicine to Dm & he takes it.)

Dm: and anything alas doctor?

Doc: no, nothing. She just need some rest & she will be all right very soon u don't worry.

At a time Santu comes in her conscious. Doctor sees at Santu.

Doc: ohh!!! Mrs. Mahiyavanshi Now how r u feels?

Santu: much better then before. (Still having little unconsciousness)

Doc: okay then Mr. Mahiyavanshi I m taking leave u just take care of her.

Dm: sure & thank u.

 Maulik takes the bag & goes with Doctor for living her at out side. Dm is in his full of anger & Santu looks at Dm she became scare even every one was scare. Dm puts his both hand on his waist.

Dm: aee Champakali, go takes the kids (Birva & suraj) in their room. U go in kitchen & prepares the dinner (in his angry voice).

Champu: yes malik.

Champu takes leaves from there immediately with kids. Dm looks angrily at Hiral. But Dm doesn't say anything.

Hiten: papa' (Before he complete Dm stops him.)

Dm: (angrily) shut ur mouth I don't want to heir any thing from u.

Santu: malik' (Before she complete Dm also stops her.)

Dm: u don't try to take their side. (Then looking at Hiral) What u was said to me "u don't worry papa we will take care of maa. We will not give any chance to u for complain" now I seen how u takes care of ur maa. (Hiral looks at down) she is ill so much but here there is no one who one knows abt it. I think I had made mistake to give u this responsibility.

Toral: papa I know we done a very big mistake maa was r responsibility but we didn't succeed to fulfill r responsibility we r very sorry plz forgives us.

Hiten: yes papa Toral says right we r very sorry.

Santu: Hiten, Toral why u r asking for sorry. It was not ur mistake it was my fault I was feeling like fever from morning but my flute is I didn't tells this to anyone & didn't takes the medicine that's why I became ill this much. (Then looking at Dm) malik, plz forgives them it's not their mistake.

Dm: now let it go' (To looking at Hiral) u both go from here.

Hiral takes leaves from there without saying anything b'coz Dm was still in anger.

Dm: (looking at Santu asking in full of anger) and u, u r Dafford & u will be Dafford for life time. U tells me that u will take care of ur self then why u didn't takes care. Why u didn't say to anyone or didn't take the medicine when u feels like fever and more on that u didn't takes ur launch properly right. God know when u will change.

After hearing this Santu became upset she fall her eyes down. Dm leaves the room in his anger. Santu eyes filled with tears.


To be continue'..

. Dm slowly wipes her tears with his thumps. Santu hugs Dm tightly & Dm wrapped her in his arms more tightly SanRaj closes their eyes.

Feels ur self free to comment on this & plz press the like button if u likes it. Big smile

Leena sorry for the late reply just sat down to read everyones ffs which I have really missed and all I can say is I loved your ff.  How sweet Dm is in his gussa that no one taking care of his priya santudi.  Hiral should be ashamed not looking after their maa and glad DM roared at them.  DM wiping his Santudi tears Day Dreaming

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@ divya
i m glad divya that u like it  Hug...............

@ shah
no need to say sorry i m
glad shah that u like it  Hug...............

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Love just Love Part 4

Dm goes in to his study room sits on his chair. After some time when Dm's anger is comes down. He feels him self very guilty for shouting at Santu. He thinks "Santu was ill & this time she needs me but what I done nothing then shouting on her. I hurts Santu so much b'coz of my unnecessary anger.

He thinks "why I can't control on my anger b'coz of this she always hurts. Now I should have to apologize her." After this he leaves study room for going in to his room. He sees Toral with plate of meal. He stops her.

Dm: Toral dikra this is for whom? (Indicates to the plate)

Toral: papa, this is for maa.

Dm: okay, is u all had Ur dinner?

Toral: no papa not yet.

Dm: okay then u call every one for dinner & give this plate to me I feed this to Santu.

Toral nods her head & gives the plate to Dm. then she goes from there with smile & thinks tank god papa's anger being cold now no worries he will take cares of maa nicely. Dm starts walking towards his room with food's plate. Dm reached at his room. He sees that Santu was laid on bad by showing her back to door.

She was looks like sleep but she was not sleep. Santu realized Dm presence in room she wipes her tears. But she didn't move she is still act like sleep. Dm comes in & closes the door. He sits on the bad by getting egged & puts plate on table which is near the bad.

Dm: Santu (he calls her in very smooth voice).

Santu didn't replay. Still she acts like sleep.

Dm: ae Santu I know u didn't sleep yet. I just want to talk to u.

After hearing him Santu gets up on bad & sits by getting egged of the bad next to Dm. but she didn't see at Dm she was looking at down only.

Dm: I know u was hurt when I was shouted on u. it's one husband's duties when his wife is ill he have to take care of her, gives her lots of love, he have to stay with her but what I done… (He looks down b'coz fells him self very guilty & now Santu looks at him). What ever I done I am sorry for it.

Santu: no malik, (taking his one hand in her both hand & grip it tightly) u really didn't need to say this. I know I understand u when u r in ur anger u don't know what r u saying, u just say what r in ur heart by this u just takes out ur anger & then nothing is remaining in ur heart besides love. And also I know this that u became angry on me just b'coz u can't see me in pain.& I know this also very well that when u see me in pain then u have double pain then me(ya I m copied from show). And u shouts me b'coz of my mistake. U have right to shout on me, u have right to punish me on my mistakes malik & for that u never needs to say me sorry at all.

Dm smiles saliently.

Dm: what will I do if I m not smile u know every time I fells u know me u more then my self How can u do this? How cans u understands my feelings without my saying. How?

Santu: like that only that u can feel my pain & this is called love right and also says that love connects not just two live but tow souls & when one soul feels something then how it can be possible that her connected soul can't understands it.

Santu says this entire thing with salient smile of her face. Dm is being little sad.

Dm: can't u fell any pain?

Santu: yes I feel pain when u doesn't talk to me. I feel pain when u doesn't share ur sadness with me. I feel pain when I see tears in ur eyes. I feel pain when u goes away form me. & I feel much pain when I see these entire things to happen but I can't do anything.

Now SanRaj's eyes filled with tears.

Dm: don't love me this much. What happen when I will go away from u for forever?

Santu puts her palm on Dm's mouth for make him stop. Dm very lovingly removes her palm from his mouth with his hand.

 Dm: aree Dafford this is the biggest truth of life one day we all have to go u, me & all. Our lives our togetherness is just infatuation just a dream.

Santu: if our lives our togetherness is just infatuation or dream then let me live in this infatuation in this dream malik. Don't break it till to my last breathe of my life malik b'coz this is my life & I want to live my life. And I m praying to khodiyar maa that when ever this infatuation this dream will break make that moment as my life's last moment.

Dm scares after hearing Santu's last words. He puts his both palms on Santu's cheeks. They are having painful eyelock here. Dm slowly wipes her tears with his thumps. Santu hugs Dm tightly & Dm wrapped her in his arms more tightly SanRaj closes their eyes. (at back ground)

Zindagi do pal ki, zindagi do pal ki
Intezaar kab tak hum karenge balah
Tumhe pyaar kab tak na karenge balah
Zindagi do pal ki… Zindagi do pal ki…


After sometime Dm is wipes his tears with his hand. Dm leaves Santu from his arms. Now they are facing each other.

Dm: aee Santudiii (wiping her tears) now let's stop crying. Doctor said after taking dinner & medicine u have to take rest. It's for ur health. (Taking plate of meal in his hand from table placed in front of Santu So now u eats this.)

Dm cut one bite of roti deeps it in bhaji places it front of santu's mouth & Santu smiles she also cut one bite of roti deeps it in bhaji places it front of Dm's mouth. Dm smiles

Dm: okay then let's eat together.

Both eat their bites together. SanRaj completes their dinner. Then Dm gives medicine & glass of water to Santu. Santu takes her medicine. Then Dm opens the door & shouts for Champu.

Dm: aee Champakali.

Champu goes to SanRaj room. She reached at SanRaj room.

Champu: malik…

Dm: yes come in.

Champu comes in & sees SanRaj is sited on bad.

Champu: yes malik u calls me.

Dm: yes takes this empty plate.

Champu: malik can I get meal for u.

Dm: no, I had my dinner.

Santu: Champa is every one had their dinner?

Champu: yes malkin. How is Ur health now?

Santu: I m okay now. Lesion don't allow to Suraj & Birva to watch more TV at late night. Make them sleep on right time other wise both will became late tomorrow for go to school.

Champu: yes malkin.

Santu: and yes by remembering put one-one glass of hot milk in Hiten & Maulik's room b'coz without drinks it they can't sleep.

Champu: yes. (With smile)

Santu: and yes don't forget to give morning ginger tea to Toral otherwise her head will pain for whole day.

Champu: yes sure.

Santu: and…(before completing Dm entraps).

Dm: and this she will do all things & u takes rest. (In little frustrated look.) She is not new she is living in this house from past so many years. U don't worry she will take care of every thing.

Santu shuts didn't say any thing.

Champu: okay malik, I m going.

Dm: yes go.

Champu takes the plate & goes out from the room. Dm wakes up from bad & goes to close the door. After closing door he comes to back to sit on bad. He sits…

Dm: (looking at Santu) how many times I told u take to rest don't take tensions but u didn't lesion me.

Santu smiles to looking at Dm. Dm see this…

Dm: now what is in this to smile?

Santu: b'coz I feel gud.

Dm: what u fells gud in this?

Santu: (with cute smile) to see this that u r taking so much care of me.

To see Santu's cute smile Dm also smiles saintly.

Dm: yes okay, come let's sleep.

Santu comes little down & laid on bad. Dm leans the blank quite on her. He also sleeps on one side as putting facing next to her. Then Dm kisses Santu's forehead very lovingly. Santu takes his one hand in her hand. Dm is still looking at her very lovingly. After some time both falls in sleep while looking at each other.

!!!the end!!!

Feels ur self free to comment on this & plz press the like button if u likes it. Big smile

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Niceeeeeeeeeeeee.but why the end?

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gr8 part..

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very nice part but why the end please post more sanraj moments pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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Leena..aww Dm caring for Santu...Embarrassed  Nice epi. dear, do update the next part soon..

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hey nice why so short??? Plzz continue soon..

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