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guy's lots of don't wants any disturbance in SanRaj romance so here is SanRaj romance without any disturbance i hope u enjoy it.

Part 4 -Some Soft & Sweet Memories.


At SanRaj room SanRaj r sits together on bad their eyes r locked on each other with cute smile. Then Dm asks to Santu that so now I wins the challenge right? Then Santu nodes her head with saint smile & asks to him that I know that u r talking abt ur price so now tell me what u want. Then Dm comes to close to her near face with his BR eyes & says to her that not now I will tell u abt it in night.

Santu fills little shy & her eyes falls down b' coz of Dm's BR eyes. At a time some one knocks the door. Santu sees at door & goes to open the door. At door Champu was standing with two plates of meals. Champu smile at her asks her that now how is malik? Santu says that now he is better.

Then Champu says Baa sands this meal (in plate there r roti, bhaji, dal, rice & for sweet dish there is kheer) for u & malik. Then Santu takes both plates from her hand to her own. Champu smiles & goes from there. Santu puts both plates on bad & closes the door again.

Santu sits on bad in front of Dm she puts plates on middle of them. She takes one plate in her hand & shows to Dm. then Dm cut one bite of roti deeps it in bhaji places it front of santu's mouth & tells her to eat from eye action.

Santu smiles & eats it. Then Dm says with his eyes action to her that now feeds me. Santu smiles cut one bite of roti deeps it in bhaji & feeds to Dm. then both enjoys their meal in same plate while feeds to each other. They complete their meal.

Now time for sweet dish Santu takes one bowl of kheer in her hand & with spoon she feeds kheer to Dm. then Dm takes same spoon from her hand & with it feeds kheer to Santu. Then they feed kheer to each other like same manner like this they finish their lunch.

Then SanRaj wash their hands in wash room. At a time Champu comes there for taking empty plates. She knocks the door & Santu gives the empty plates to her & Champu goes from there. Then Santu closes the door.   

Then SanRaj was sited on middle of bad by getting it's edged of it. Santu placed her head on Dm's shoulder & one hand on his chest. Dm wrapped his arm around Santu's back, his palm on her waist & his chin on her head.

Then Santu asks Dm that malik u dons play of fever right then how Baa fills fever when she touches ur hand? Is ur fever was not fake? Then Dm says aree Dufford it was fake. Then Santu says that how Baa fills it?

Then Dm says that I tell u how its happen, Is u know if u placed one onion in btw our arm & chest & grebe it tightly so our body temperature is became high & we fills like a fever it is not real fever but it seems like real. U knows I was used this trick in my childhood a lot. Then Santu says that really malik when? (Guy's plz note this I don't know this trick is true or false. My one friend was told me that's why I m using here.)

Then Dm says that when I was small & I don't want to go school I always do this traek & maa not sand me to school. Then Santu asks him that then no one can catch ur lie. Then Dm says no papa always catches it. Santu asks that then? Dm says that then what he accused me but after some time he forgot abt this things b'coz I m very dear to him so he doesn't takes it much seriously.

Just like this they both share their some old soft & sweet memories with each other. Santu tell Dm some memories of her childhood with her sisters. Dm also shares some memories of his childhood & with Subhi & kids. SanRaj r also laughs together some comic memories.  

They share their some old soft & sweet memories with each other till the evening. But they don't realize it's being evening. Suddenly Santu sees at the clock & the time is being almost so Santu asks to Dm that can I take some time leaves?

Then Dm asks that why? Santu says Santu says that see the time is being almost & I forgot to tell u something.

Dm asks that what? Then Santu says that in morning I got a call from Kaddu that she & Jamairaj r coming tonight. So I have to take leave for making dinner for them. Then Dm says that Toral & Champu is there they will arrange every thing. Then Santu says that ya, but Kaddu wants to eat food of my hand mended so… with sorry look.

Dm takes back his arms around her from her shoulder & tells her that to go with upset tone. Santu understands that Dm is not happy with that but he also not denies that b'coz its Santu's wish. Dm was sited on bad but not looking at Santu he looking at other side. Santu looks at Dm a very sweet smile appears on her lips.

She slowly comes near to Dm & places a very gentle kiss on his cheeks for little long. Before Dm catches her she stands up from bad & run towards the door. After reached at door she opens it & slowly turns towards Dm. she sees that Dm is lovingly stares her. Santu slowly asks him that now u happy? Dm with naughty smile nods his head in no & calls her back with his hand & face action. Santu became shy & says him that dhaaat…… & runs from there. Dm is just looking at door with cute dimples.


PrecapKaddu looks at Toral & tells her to see Santu by her eye action. Toral stands from her chair come to near Santu she asks Santu that sasu maa what r u doing?

To be continue......

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Nice leena...sanraj,

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so sweet love it

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wow leena amazing... i wonder what they saw santu doing with her eyes

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Wow leena that was soo good, Sanraj alone feeding eachother and talking about their memories, wonder what santu doing for Khaddu and Thoral to ask?

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plz note this:-

Guy's I get the msg from DT team that from after Sunday they will close every FF thread so I m going to post all reaming Parts together one after one so if u get some time plz read it & if u likes so post ur valuable comments.

& Now enjoys it.


Part  5 - My Dear Friend as My MIL


Santu comes down from down stairs. In living room Baa was sited with Bapuji & Toral. Baa sees that Santu comes down. Santu comes near to Baa then Baa asks to Santu that what r u doing here? I told u to stay with Dharamraj then why u came down? B'coz he is fills better now &… before Santu tells anything Kadank comes there. Santu looks at them & says Kaddu… every one surprised to see them.

Kaddu comes to near them she & Shanky takes blessings of Baa & Bapuji by touching their feet. Then she goes to Santu & hugs her & then Toral. Baa asks Kaddu with surprise look that u and Shashank come today suddenly.

Then Kaddu says not suddenly Baa I was call in morning & tells to maa that we r coming tonight. Then Santu says yes Baa Kaddu was tells me but I forgot to tell u all b'coz of malik's ill heath. Kaddu being surprised & asks to Santu that papa's health is ill what happens to papa?

At a time Dm also comes down from downs stairs & says that nothing is happened. Every one looks at Dm & smiles Kadank goes to near Dm touches his feet & takes the blessings. Then Shanky asks to Dm what was happen to u papa? Dm says to looking at Santu that nothing I had got just little fever (Santu also smiles at him saintly.) turn his face to Kaddu but now I m fine. Baa & Toral also smiles to looking at each other.

Every one goes & sits on sofa they all were talking to each other at a time Suraj & Birva also comes there from their classes. They see Kadank they hugs them & dons their well come. Then Champu takes Suraj in his room for changing his cloth & Birva goes to her room for studies. Kaddu, Santu & Toral goes to in kitchen for making dinner. Baa, Bapuji, Shanky & Dm sits in living room while talking.

On At 9 pm dinner is become reedy so Kaddu calls to everyone for taking dinner. Every one sits on dinning table Dm is sits in his single chair Kaddu & Shanky sits at right side next to Dm. Bapuji & Baa sits next to Kadank. Birva sits at single chair which is front of Dm. Hiral sits at right side next to Birva. Suraj sits next to Toral. & there one chair left empty btw Suraj & Dm.

Champu & Santu is starting to serve food to everyone. Kaddu looks at Toral & tells her to see Santu by her eye action. Toral stands from her chair come to near Santu she asks Santu that sasu maa what r u doing? Then Santu says that nothing I just serving food to everyone.

Then Toral says that sasu maa now ur not just bahu of this house now u r became MIL of a very lovely & caring DIL. So behave like MIL u doesn't know how the other MIL's r acts? Then Santu says with cute smile that no. then Toral says that don't worry I tell u. the other MIL's r always sits on chair & orders to their DIL's to serve rather than serves her own self. & turns to Dm & asks him right papa? Then Dm says that yes u r correct dikra, but what is in that I always tells her that but she never understand. So now u r here so teach her ok. After hearing this everyone smiles. Then Toral says to Dm that u don't worry papa now I will take care of this.

Toral grabs santu's shoulder stretches her to the empty chair of next to Dm makes her to sit there. Then Toral tells to her now gives the order to ur DIL. Then Santu says that I will give u order but u will have to fulfill it. Toral says ok, tell me. Then Santu says that now u also have to take ur sit for dinner with us. Toral nods her head in yes & takes her sit next to Hiten.

Then Kaddu says to Toral that wow Toral u r very lucky u get so dear MIL. Then Toral says with sweet smile that no Kaddu I m lucky b'coz I get my dear friend as my MIL to looking at Santu. Every one is having a big smile on their face after hearing this.  


To be continue......

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Part 6A Sweet Family.


Every one became emotional so Hiten says to every one that ok, can we start Dinner now? There is rats are running in my stomach. Every one laughs & Shanky says that tell me what is in the dinner. So Toral says that ya we can start but there is something special in dinner for every one today sasu maa makes every one's favorite dish.

Then she starts telling the menu & serving to every one. She says that there is "god papdi" for Bapuji, "dal hokhli" for Baa, "khaman dhokla" for Kaddu and then Kaddu says "undiyu" for Hiten bhai, "aate ka shhera" for Shashank, "methi ke theple" for Toral bhabhi. Then kids asks that what for us? Then Champu shows one bowl & says that here is for u. Birva & Suraj looks at it they smiled & screams "Raasgulla" & they jumps on it.

Then Bapuji says to Santu that wow beta u made special dish for every one. Then Baa says that ya but where is Dharamraj's special dish. Then Kaddu says that ya, ya there is papa but... then Toral says that but we r not going to reveled it. Sasu maa will tell it by own… right Kaddu? Then Kaddu says yes, surly.

Every one starts starring her. Then Santu saintly smiles & takes one bowl in her hand open its upper plate after looking it, Shanky screams wow "kesar barafi". Then Hiten says that ya, its papa's most favorite one right? Asks to looks at Dm.  Then Dm says that yes now let's start eating. So Champu starts serving.

Every one starts eating & gives gud compliment to Santu for food. After some time every one is being busy in their meal. After completing dinner every one comes to sits in the living room at sofa. Dm goes to his room & Santu is in the kitchen with Champu. At kitchen Champu is cuttings the strawberries & Santu opens the door of freeze she start searches in freeze some thing. Champu sees at her & asks that for what u are searching?

Santu sees at her says that I was puts some chocolates here!!! Now they are not here. Is r u seen them? Then Champu says that yes I was seen them. But Suraj & Birva was eats them in evening. Are u want now can I get for u?

Then Santu says no I was just asking like that only. U cuts this strawberries quickly we have to make its milk shake fro every one. Then they both became busy in to cutting the strawberries. At a time Toral comes there & tells that what is this sasu maa u starts making milk shake without me. Then Santu says that no Toral it's not like that I was telling to u but I saw u r sitting with every one so I fill didn't bother u. that's why I started making it.

So Toral says to her that so u think u will bothered me to tell to do this work. But it is not bother it's my duties just like yours. Now I will not let u alone to do this I will help u. Santu & Toral smiles to each other & Toral joins to cutting strawberries.

 Toral tells to Champu to that go & give glass of water to Baa b'coz she wants. Champu smiles & walks from there by taking glass of water in the tray. Now Champu comes in to living room & gives water to Baa. Dm was also sitting there on sofa. Baa asks Champu that where is Santu & Toral. Champu says that they r making strawberry milk shake for every one.

After hearing this Birva says to Bapuji that wow nanu Strawberry milk shake I loves it & maa r making it so it means really yammy. Bapuji says that yes, how gud my daughter she know that I love Strawberry milk shake that's why she made it. Then Baa says with sweet smile to Bapuji that she is not just madding for u, she is madding for every one & u don't be so happy b'coz u r not going to get it.

Then Bapuji asks shockingly that why, why I will not get it. Baa says that u eats so much sweet today & now this Strawberry milk shake is also too sweet so it's gud for ur health. Then Hiten says that today is every thing forgives for nanu, right nanu? Bapuji replies it yes.

Then Baa says that I told no means no. then Kaddu asks to her that nani why r u dining to nanu to drink it? Then Bapuji says that b'coz she is jalousie today so many things r made which is my favorite not her. Then Baa says why should I have to jalousie from u I m telling just for that b'coz if u eat more sweet then ur health became bad & u also bothered me too. Then Bapuji says that when husband health will be bad he will can only bothered his wife or whom he can? Then Shanky says that yes nanu u r telling so true.

Dm & every one smiles after hearing Baa & Bapuji's these sweets convey. Then Dm says to Baa that Baa now let it go now give him freedom to drink it for today if he wants. Then Baa says to Dm that if u r saying so I m allowing him to drink it but just or today (to looking at Bapuji). 

At a time Toral & Santu comes there with sweet smile & strawberry milk shake. Toral & Santu serves it to every one. Every one drinks it. Champu was telling to Suraj to drink milk shake but Suraj denies it. So Santu puts her glass on table comes near them she takes glass of milk shake from Champu's hand.

Then Toral gives one glass to Champu. Santu comes to near Suraj she looks at him very lovingly burses his head with her hand & tell him to drink milk shake by placing the glass front of his mouth & try to make him drink.

Suraj smiles to her & drinks it without saying any thing. Dm sees this entire thing he smiles to looking at Sansur's sweet mother-son moment. Then Santu sees at Dm & they have beautiful eyelock.

In heart Dm is feeling very proudly to having very sweet & lovely family & he thanks to good for make member of such wonderful family.

To be continue......

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