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gr8 part..
thanks for pm dear..

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Originally posted by ramonag

aww leena its too good as usualEmbarrassed continue soon please...Thumbs Up

@ ramo di

i m glad that u like it Big smile

next will ups soon keep in touch Tongue
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Originally posted by hina91

awesome part leena...continue sooon Big smile

@ hina

i m glad that u like it Big smile

next will ups soon keep in touch Tongue
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Originally posted by janu_2006

gr8 part..
thanks for pm dear..

@ janu

i m glad that u like it Big smile

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sweetfari,  hinal60,  shabz50,  hina91,  mimi10,  ipodmackid,  cuterosy,  lipshaa,  ramonag

@ all

i m glad that u like it Big smile

next will up soon wait n watch Wink Tongue

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here is the new part of Sanraj hope u all like it plz leave ur comment... Wink if u feel something u didn't like feel free to comment Big smile

Part 72My care for my love…


All boys were in leaving room preparing sitting agreements. When Baa Bapuji, Taruji comes down there & been shock to see all the arrangements. As kids were makes the arrangements in Gujarati traditional style like this they put two parallel lines of smaller tables one for sit & for to put the meal plate in two rows front of each other on floor, also they put like this tow rows of smaller tables facing each other in 4 pair of set in one line.

All were surprised also happy to seeing all the arrangement is looking so beautiful. Taruji were standing together & Kanji smile seeing it as he recalls his memories of Taru's first day in his house. When she made launch with her hand for both of them then he prepared for to have lunch but there was in his house nothing was like dining table.

Seeing that Taru said, "How I would sit for meal on floor I can't see there is so much dust on floor if I got ill then?"  Then Kanji smiles & bring just like this 4 small tables for their to seat & just after that she agreed to seat on floor. He is smiling thinking abt that how was Taru at that time & how she turned now when Taru sees him.

Taru: what happen why u smiling like that? (Asking him softly)
Kanji: nothing just I got remembered ur first day in our house how u took whole house on head as there was no dining table & then I bring... (
Making face to her)
Taru: (
interrupts him) ya I remembered that no need to remind me again also I didn't took whole house on my head I were just said to u… also mistake was urs when was knowing that, I m Dharamraj Mahiyavanshi's sister still u didn't arrange proper way to sit for me in ur house. What u has wanted I should sit in dust & get ill? (Making face showing her ego)
Kanji: ya I didn't arrange the things as what I knew that its u was came there in my house as Kanji Whagela's wife not as malik's sister. So u have to learn how Kanji Whagela's wife living her life in his house also  why u forgetting that first thing I gifted u it was nothing then a dining table so u want have to sit in dust & get ill. (
Teasing her)
Taru: ya & I told u thanks for that time only also till then I was cleaned ur dirty house nicely as of my wish so it was really not needed but still thanks once again. (
Getting angry)
Kanji: ya but there was no need of that b'coz I buy that just for my wife's happiness. (
With smile)

These words touch Moti's heart both were staring at each other lost in thinking when both come out from their eye lock with Baa's voice.

Baa: this all r really gud arrangements Hiten but form where u from get the idea. (While smiling)
Hiten: from our child hood nani. (
Bapuji: from childhood? Didn't get u Hiten beta. (
Being confused)
Hiten: ya nanu did u remember when Kaddu & me was younger we were always used to come ur place. (
Baa smiles thinking abt those days)
Kaddu: And Baa that time u everyday making us seat on this kind of small table in house & with so mach loves u was feeding us with ur hands. (
She goes back to Baa & hugs her from back)
Bapuji: ya & u both were eating it being so happy. (
Kaddu rest her chin on her shoulder touching their cheek & baa placed one palm on her cheek lovingly)
Shanky: Yes, even I was also when I was with my dadi & that's why we arrange this just to recreate all of us kid's old memories b'coz in this our busy life we lost them somewhere. (
Birwa: yes we all will have food like this even dii, jiju & bhai enjoyed those days not me so I will do it today by eating with Baa's hand (
she sees at Baa & Baa nods for it) but where is maa & papa.
Maulik: papa went to room to bring maa down for lunch & see they r here. (
Looking at stairs)

He smiles to seeing at SanRaj who were coming down via stairs holding each other hands. All turn & see them with smiley face. SanRaj reached at down. Baa sees just both of them to coming down & wonders abt Suraj as he was with Santu but he didn't came down reached at living room. SanRaj sees all arrangement done by kids & smile.

Dm: so u all done with work well done really nice work done by u all. (Smiling looking at kids)
Bapuji: so that means u knew that before they have planned something like that. (
Being puzzled)
Dm: Yes, they told me first before doing it even I told to Santu too that what they had planned & what they going to do. (
Looking at Santu with sweet smile)
Bapuji: so can we go for lunch as I m tribally hungry. (
Holding his tummy)
Baa: ur Bapuji always been hungry (
showing angry look to him) u tell me Santu where is Suraj he didn't came down with u both. (With smile)
Santu: Baa actually he was in deep sleep may be get tired with marriage functions & u know na his head also starts paining due to half sleep even how he took all house on head if someone interrupt him in sleep so we let him sleep there. (
Bapuji: this Suraj is also being ziddi day by day… (
Shaking his head & smiles)
Moti: why will he have not Bapuji after all whose son is he (
smiles) nanka's. (Looking at Dm)
Baa: yes but Taru he have sanskar (values) of Santu... (
Proudly seeing at Santu) he is brought up by her & u will see when he will grown up he will have both of this (pointing at SanRaj) qualities strong from out like Dharamraj & soft from heart like Santu. (With smile)

All smiles then even Moti too then Toral come there with meal in hand along with Sanjana & Champa from kitchen. Maulik sees them his eyes just on Sanjana while blushing.

Birwa: wow Sanjana & Toral bhabhi also came here with lunch. (With broad smile)

Everyone smiles seeing them coming they put food down.

Taru: Sanjana beta how was ur 1st day in kitchen didn't u faced any problem na Everything was comfortable na? (She asks her with love)
Sanjana: ya maa all was comfortable even Toral bhabhi, Kaddu di & Champa helped me a lot I was feeling like I m cooking at my own house. (
Everyone smiles seeing Sanjana smiling & happy)
Hiten: ok so now we will seat for lunch but all sit in couple as if Baa & Bapuji will sit next to each other like as per that but don't ask why we will tell u after all sit

Every one smiles & sits as Hiten said Baa Bapuji sits next to each other on small tables just like that SanRaj, Taruji, Hiral & Kaddank also sits & Birwa sits alone next to Baa.

Toral: so is now all set ok then I want to tell u that there is one more surprise for u all. (With over joeys)
Kanji: ohh is there is something more in store. How many surprise u all have? (
Being in shock)
Birwa: ya off course fua what u think we let u go easily haan. (
In way of teasing him)
Taru: now what is there more? (
Getting puzzled)
Kaddu: don't be scare Taru fui she is just teasing u but there is nothing like that. (
Shanky: ya there is very special thing to do which is specially recommended by Sanjana. (
All sees at Sanjana with smile)
Baa: ohh then tell us soon what is there. (
Being curious)
Shanky: nothing much Baa it's just that now all couple will feed each with their own hands means no one can have food with their own hand. (
With smile)

Bapuji: ohh god but now I will have to feed my self by my own as ur nani will feed Birwa with her hands. (Making face)

Maulik: in that case we can't do anything nanu as it's totally Baa's choice. (All laughs)
Toral: Sanjana now starts serving food we all r so hungry.

Dm smiles & all r very happy Sanjana get busy with Champa & other servants to bring all meal out she sand them in kitchen to bring the food out. Here Dm taking care of Santu & asking her is she feeling well na as he still worried for her due to her pain in room.

He is just busy to talking with her in low voice. Santu is also so happy to talking with him & seeing him taking so much care of her. Both were just looking in each other eyes while being lost in each other. All other were admiring them silently as no one wants to disturbed these lovebirds while smiling but SanRaj have no clue of it that all were admiring them as they busy in while talking & looking at each other.


Precap: Maulik: ya Baa but I thought all must be very hungry so don't bothered them I will help her na. (Sanjana were getting more red in shy & Maulik too)
Baa: ohh god if u also want to give excuses give it but give it strong as ur papa gives to be with ur maa (
she looks at SanRaj) learn something from him at least.

Dm: Baa what r u saying do u know na? (Being irritated)

Baa: ya I know what I m saying ask Hiten as he also learns ur tactics now. (Santu smiles being shy & Dm go be red with anger)

Dm: Baa its isn't it like that at all. (Getting frustrated)


Big smile Big smile Big smile Big smile Big smile Big smile

guys i have i request plz note this plz post ur sign in that petition link with liking it. I m posting here so we can bring BACK our beloved Bandini again with Rosiya (Ronit bose roy & Aasiya kazi).


To be continuing…


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Hi Leena... I am following the forum after a long time bcaz was very busy during this time... Hav read ur ffs no 67 to 72 at one go.. Brilliant... We are missing our beloved SanRaj a lot but still we are getting their company through the new"novel" written by u ... Very good job.. Eagerly waiting 4 the next part. Post it ASAP.

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beautifully written leena...Hug
missing SanRaj    Unhappy  post next part soon Embarrassed

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