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Originally posted by Jes75

superb part ..Leena ...pls continue

@ jes

i m glad that u like it Big smile

next will ups soon Tongue

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Originally posted by love2211

awsome leee awsome

@ sara

i m glad that u like it Big smile

when is ur going to up waiting... Tongue
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Originally posted by shabz50

Awesome writing Leena can't wait till next part please post soon

@ shabz

i m glad that u like it Big smile

next will ups soon keep in touch Tongue
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Leena awesome read all your FFs but wasn't able to comment on them but as always left me wanting moreSmileEmbarrassed SanRaj rockEmbarrassed Missing Bandini and SanRaj ...RR and AasiyaCry

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Originally posted by cuterosy

Leena awesome read all your FFs but wasn't able to comment on them but as always left me wanting moreSmileEmbarrassed SanRaj rockEmbarrassed Missing Bandini and SanRaj ...RR and AasiyaCry

@ cute

i m glad that u like it Big smile

hey i always missed ur comment Wink me too missing them badly Cry

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here is the new part of Sanraj hope u all like it plz leave ur comment ... Wink

Smile Smile Smile Smile Smile

Part 71Just for ur happiness.


Suraj were playing there with his toys Santu while playing with him in middle some times reading books. Suraj is playing when he sees at Santu's womb. He smiles then see at Santu who were yet lost in her reading. He makes face as he still getting bored.

Suraj: maa I am still getting so bored, tired also sleepy too. (Making face)
Santu: then sleep na baby why u awake haan? (
Pampering his cheek)
Suraj: hmmm maa sing lori for me na its been so long u never sing a lori for me. (
With a sweet smile)
Santu: ya off course baby why not come here.

She calls Suraj opening her arms to her make him laid on her lap & while humming Suraj head she starts singing lori in her sweet voice. Moti is still there & were watching them after a while still Suraj didn't sleep as he was thinking something.

Suraj: maa, can I ask u something? (Still laid on her lap)
Santu: Yes, my beta asks. (
She stops singing)
Suraj: who ever going to come in this house will be my younger bro or sis na. (
Santu: yes baby he or she will be younger then u. (
With smile)

Suraj: then u will also sing lori for them & be with them like u be with me. (Lowering his eyes)

Santu: ya they will be so small na so they needs me but why u r asking all this. (Being puzzled)

Suraj: maa nani always says whoever is younger in family among all kids they always get lots of love of family & especially from their parents that's why u loves me the most In the house right? (Santu nods her head & Suraj seeing at her) So after this baby will come in the house he or she will be younger one then me will u still love me the way u do now? (With innocence in his eyes)

Santu be quite for while then while smiling she sees at Suraj with so love & care. She rubs her palm on his head lovingly. She sees some kind of scare in Suraj's eyes as always kids have when their younger bro or sis comes in their life & now she have to comfort him.

She make him getup & make him sit next to her. Suraj is seeing at her blinking his small & innocent eyes. Santu just staring at him lost in thoughts. Moti is watching them staying at outside of door also curious to know Santu answers to Suraj.

Suraj: maa why u quite tell me na after this baby will come in this house will u still love me the way u do now? (Santu carries his cheek)

Santu: see baby always remember for all parents specially for all mothers their every kids is like their part of body wither its younger or older... It's always been special for them so u never thought that after ur this younger bro or sis came in our life. I will love u less or will forgot u b'coz my all kids r is equal for me then wither its Hiten bhai or Kaddu bena or Maulik bhai or Birwa bena or its u my most naughtiest son. (Pinching his nose with love & he smiles lovingly) or ur coming bro or sis got it (He nods). yes may be its possible b'coz ur younger bro or sis is new in house & will be very small so he or she will needs my more care but doesn't mean I stop loving u the way I do never thought like that. In addition, u will be always for me my chotu bal gopal (younger lord Krishna) who give me first respect to be mother in my life.  (She cups his face & he smiles sweetly)
Suraj: I know maa but maa after my younger bro or sis in this house u will need help na to take care of them. (
Rising his eyes like Dm)
Santu: yes, I will. (
Suraj: ok then I will help u in that after all being an elder brother I have also responsibility towards him or her na. (
Making naughty face)

Santu: that's like my son. (Santu hugs him n kisses his forehead with being proud)

Suraj: I love u maa.
Santu: I love u to baby.

He hugs Santu tight from side. Suraj become so happy as of Santu too. Santu were humming him holding him in her arms. He rests his head on chest for sleep sitting next to her. Moti is still there seeing everything from out. She is happy to seeing Suraj happy with Santu. Then Moti moves towards her room with sweet smile but still Santu didn't know Moti was standing there seeing them.

 Due to Santu humming Suraj, he also falls in sleep. When Santu sees, he were slept she smiles & holds him caringly not disturbing him in sleep make him lay on bad correctly. She moves her hand on his head. Then she put blanket on him & abt to move when she feels something is holding her pallu of sari. She turns her face to look at Suraj while in sleep he holding her pallu of sari. She smiles how innocently he holding it as he don't want to let her go away. Santu smile & sit there only next to him while reading book.

Here Moti move towards her room thinking abt Suraj. She feels that among all kids Suraj is the only one who never got his mother's love from childhood. Who was always alone when he was needed his mother's love the most. Who whenever seen just seen Santu as his mother. Santu also gives him the mother's love what always he wanted.

He have no image of Subhadra bhabhi as a mother b'coz he never seen neither her face nor he feels her love ever. He was not having her any memories b'coz he was very small when she died. However, in these 5 years Santu bright up his life with love & care. She also teaches him gud & valuable things in life which will make him nice person in future & for that, she is thankful to Santu. She already reached in her room sitting on her chair while lost in thought when Toral comes there to call her for lunch as its becomes ready. Moti comes out from her thoughts then sees at her & smiles then nods her head. Toral goes from there to call other members of house. Moti smile & tells her to goes she will be there in sometime then she gets up & moves to go down.

Here Dm comes in their room where he sees Santu were sitting on bad while reading book & Suraj were sleeping next to her. He smiles & go sits next to her on bad. Santu looks at him & smile. He sometime staring at her then to Suraj he sees lovingly he feels so happy to see happiness on their son's as being peaceful smile on his lips also he sees he is sleeping holding her pallu in his palm. Santu looks at him & smiles.

Santu: u r smiling to see happiness of our son's na malik. (Seeing in his eyes with smile)

They talking slowly so Suraj won't disturbed in his sleep

Dm: (he nods while smiling) u knows Santu when he was very small, when ever he sees any kid with their he always asks me that papa, where is my maa? Where she went? When she will back? Why she don't come to me? Is she is angry to me? Did I ever did anything wrong that she not come to me? (His eyes wit with tears) and I wasn't have any answers of his questions b'coz what was I told to him I wasn't know even he wasn't know that his mother has died. At that time seeing Suraj's that condition my heart were cries a lot for him b'coz my each & ever kid got mother's love but Suraj won't ever. He was small & innocent but then u came in our lives… (Seeing in Santu's eyes) u gives Suraj his mother's love & which bring back happiness in his life. (He looks away in pain & He can't able to say anything)

Santu: and now this happiness won't vanish ever from his life. (Santu goes near him & wipes his tears)

Dm: I know that b'coz u ever won't allows it go away also I m glad to god that u came in our life & changed our life & blessed our kids by giving mother like u. (He sees at her with proud)

Santu: but I m glad for that u came in my life & my life got change when u married to me & gives me pride to be mother of all this lovable kids. (Seeing at Suraj with so much love)

Then SanRaj smiles to seeing at each other Santu goes in his arms. He also holds her in arms tight hugging her wrapping her in his arms. Both stayed like that for sometime. Then both be apart & Dm sees at wall clock its been 1 pm.

Dm: see in all this I forgot to tell u that all r went to down for lunch & I came here to called u both but Suraj is sleeping now. (Making face)

Santu: but malik I think we should let Suraj sleep here u know na if he will wake up in half sleep his head will starts to pain also he had breakfast so when he will weak up I will feed him. (Smiles)

Dm: ok then let's go we go down. (He gets up & asks her to get up holding her hand)

SanRaj smiles seeing in each other's eyes so sweetly but in hurry Santu suddenly gets up from bad which creates unbearable pain in her womb all of sudden. She sits again on bad holding Dm's hand with one hand & other on her womb while shouting "aaahhh…. Malik" Dm sees at her with scary eyes. He holds her arms & sits again next to her on bad. He has been so sacred seeing Santu closed her eyes & her body shaking in pain.

Dm: Santu is r u all right… What happen? (He so sacred looks in her eyes)

Santu: nothing malik I just get up suddenly na so now its paining. (Her eyes still closed due to pain berthing little also she swept fast holding Dm's arm)

Dm: how many times Baa told u, don't get up so sudden it will cause u in to pain or can be harmful for u & baby but no u won't listen now see what happen? Thank god that I m here if I won't then… (Her pain is little less now but Dm is still so angry on her) can't u take care of ur self. Now listen to me we r not going down I will called up our lunch here u take rest. (Dm wiping her swept from her forehead with his handkerchief) (He is so angry seeing Santu's careless behavior towards her even his care for Santu was also showing in his this anger)

Santu: no malik we should go down. (Seeing at him)

Dm: but Santu… (He gets angrier)

Santu: no malik we stooped Benbaa & Kanji kaka so that we can have lunch with them now it won't gud we will have food here also I won't able to food here plz let's go down. (She comes in her normal state still looking at Dm)

Dm: but ur pain… (Taking deep breath)

Santu: its ok now trust me I m all right plz let's go down. (With puppy face)

Dm: Ok as if u say… but remember one thing after having food, I won't u to see in room taking rest got it. (Not angry but still annoyed)

Santu's nods & Dm make her gets up holding her hand she gets up slowly. He really don't want to take her down but he know if he forced she will stay up but she won't be with her heart b'coz she will be up but her heart will be down with everyone also she will be sad. Which he really don't wanted so he agreed for her happiness.


Precap: Bapuji: so can we go for lunch as I m tribally hungry. (Holding his tummy)
Baa: ur Bapuji always been hungry (
showing angry look to him) u tell me Santu where is Suraj he didn't came down with u both. (With smile)
Santu: Baa actually he was in deep sleep may be get tired with marriage functions & u know na his head also starts paining due to half sleep even how he took all house on head if someone interrupt him in sleep so we let him sleep there. (
Bapuji: this Suraj is also being ziddi day by day… (
Shaking his head & smiles)
Moti: why will he have not Bapuji after all whose son is he (
smiles) nanka's. (Looking at Dm)

To be continuing…

Big smile Big smile Big smile Big smile Big smile Big smile

guy i have i request plz note this plz post ur sign in that petition link i m posting here so we can bring BACK our beloved Bandini again with Rosiya (Ronit bose roy & Aasiya kazi).

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aww leena its too good as usualEmbarrassed continue soon please...Thumbs Up

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awesome part leena...continue sooon Big smile

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