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Originally posted by _xCIOT_

luvd it!!!!!! continue soonTongueTongue


i m glad that u like it Big smile

it wil come up soon Smile

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Originally posted by mimi10

lovely part leenaClap ...
hope swati doesn't come between Sanraj in next part Smile
continue soon Wink


i m glad that u like it Big smile

until now she won't but hope for best & next wil come up soon Smile

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Originally posted by cuckoo_chand

Hi Leena... Just read parts 64,65 and 66 together...Lovely writing...was visualizing them... It was much more interesting than the actual serial...Keep up ur good work.

@ cuckoo

i m glad that u like it Big smile

 hope u loves the other one too with same love.. Smile

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Originally posted by shabz50

lovely update glad santu was not angry for long please post soon

@  shbz

i m glad that u like it Big smile

if she want still she can't after all its her malik... & her love..  Wink Embarrassed Tongue next will up soon Smile 
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Originally posted by d.sree

superb leena ...loved it
conti soon !!Big smile

@ divi

i m glad that u like it Big smile

 it will up soon dear keep in touch...  Smile

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Originally posted by janu_2006

gr8 part..
thanks for pm dear,,

@ janu

i m glad that u like it Big smile

no need to thanks its my pleasure Smile
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Originally posted by ramonag

its awesome leena post next soon Embarrassed

@ ramo di

i m glad that u like it Big smile

next will up soon wait & watch...  Smile
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sorry for late update will try to put next soon till then enjoy this Big smile & plz leave ur precious comment...

Part 67Patience in love…


Here party was over all gusts happily gone to their home. Here all family members to move to their rooms as all were tired with this long day movements but to teas Sanlik all just sited in their room for while long all were happy. Megsik also stayed tonight in m-mansion as Sanraj insist them.

 Santu back to her room removed her jewelry goes in washroom to be fresh when Dm enters in room & see Santu in washroom he comes in & closes the door. Dm is happy that all work has done so beautifully even Moti too finally back to home not just that even she accepted Santu too. Santu comes out wiping her face with towel wearing simple sari.

Dm sees at her & she sees at him both smile. Santu comes closer to him. Santu came out after changing her cloths but still was looking as beautiful as she was looking in party. Santu call him "malik" but Dm just lost to staring at her. Then again, Santu shake his shoulder & call him "malik" Dm come in senses.

Santu: malik where were u lost? & what is this u didn't change ur cloth yet? Wait I will took out cloths for u.

She turns to go to cupboard but before she could walk to move away from Dm. Dm hold her in his arms hugging her from backside touching her back to his chest wrapping his arms around her waist & resting his chin on her shoulder. She feels his hot breath is hitting her on her shoulder & neck skin making her lost in him.

Santu: malik what r doing? Leave me. (Shying)

Dm: naah aaje kitne dino k baad muka mila hai tujhe yun bahhon me leneka ab bas aaj nahi chodunga tujhe. (No today after so many days I got a chance to hold u in my arms now that's it I won't leave u today) (Pulling her more to him in his arms)

Santu blushes & making his eyes closed as she feels Dm rubbing his lips on her soft skin of shoulder & neck while placing loving tender kisses too in middle way. Santu closes her eyes tight with his lips contact with her skin so tenderly Santu too loving his touch.

He make her turn from her waist & starts kissing her neck then moves to her collar bones then passing from there he come to her chin moving up to her rosy plum lips. He making her moan & groan she holds his shoulder kurta so tight trying to take deep breath.

Dm arms hold her tighter pulling her to him both eyes r closed. Dm's thirsty lips were make their way to reach hers but he want make her little impatience so he moves his lips before to meet her lips on her cheeks rubbing her cheeks with his love.

Her both hands is now moving on his shoulder to his neck & hair as calling him to make her dissolves in his love. Dm loved her, this reaction & now moves his lips on her cheek to her lips. Finally, both lips meet & the spark become in the air of their love.

Dm is kissing her lips madly pulling her close to him from her back. Santu is too lost in his love totally. While kissing Santu feels Dm's hand were moving on her waist on her sari's outline moving his fingers on outline of her waist making her breathless.

Dm want to make her his once again but he remembers what Dr. Veena said to him in their last visit to her that now until to her delivery he need to make physical differences with her either it could be harmful for their baby. Dm opens his eyes still he don't want to but he breaks their lip lock both were berating little fast looking at each other. He sees Santu she were looking happy with it.

 Still they both very closed that much their nose & forehead touching each other. Dm smiles to looking at her he hold her both cheek in his both palms. Santu hold his both palms on her cheeks with hers. In some time, both come in normal state. Dm smile to her.

Dm: Santuriii… (Little naughtily)

Santu: hummm (she is blushing)

Dm: why u r that much gud that if I want still I can't make myself away from u. (Teasing her sweetly)

Santu: (smiles & very innocently) if u don't know how I don't know malik. (Giggles)

Dm: that is also correct how can be my Dafford know more than me come let's go back to bad. (Both be apart while smiling)

Santu: ya now let's go b'coz in morning we have to wake up early as there is some rituals of Maulik's marriage we have to do but before that u go & fresh n up malik.

Dm smile he give her, her medicine after Santu had it with water he makes Santu sit on bad & take his cloths from cupboard goes in washroom after being fresh when he came back he sees Santu sleeping so peacefully. He smiles to see her then he goes to bad.

He goes to near her taking their face closed he stars at her sweetly then he kisses her forehead switch off the lights & lay next to her for sleep. He rests his arm around her waist softly carrying not disturbing her in sleep with broad smile on lips.

Then Santu feels his warmth she smiles & turns to Dm. She goes in his arms sleeping & hugging him comfortably more than before. Dm smile & hold her in his arms more comfortably so Santu can sleep more peacefully. Then in some time, both fall in sleep.

At next morning, Santu wakes up early. She sees at Dm with opening her eyes & very sweet smile appears on her lips. She moves to Dm & palaces loving kiss on Dm's cheek.  Dm is still sleeping then she sees at clock & become shock as it has already become 7 & she became late for morning Sanlik's marriage ritual's preparation.

She gets up hurry on bad & goes to washroom. After had showered she had she come out & be ready in hurry. She wants to get up Dm but she know if she go to him to weak up he will make her more late with his naughtiness.

Then she will get more late for to get down & it will not look gud front of family so she thought now she will go down first help in preparation & then weak up Dm little late after doing pooja's preparation as its Sanjana's first pooja in house.

 Santu goes out of room still keep Dm sleeping. She comes down were Moti sees Santu alone coming down & wonder where is Dm. she goes to Santu all women of family were busy to make a preparation for pooja. All men were in there room getting ready.

Moti: Santu… (Santu looks at her)

Santu: ji Benbaa. (Moti stand with her)

Moti: aaj bahut aachi lag rahi ho par tum akely nanka kaha hai tyar ho raha hai kya kamre main. (U r looking beautiful but where is Dm? is he getting ready in room.)

Santu: no Benbaa actually who… (She is sacred how to say her he is still sleeping)

Moti: who kya abhi tak so raha hai kya? (What is that is he still sleeping yet?)

Santu didn't say anything just be quite as she don't know what to say on this.

Moti: ohh god this boy will never changed (seeing at Santu) Ok now do one thing u go & rest I will go & weak him up.

Santu do as Moti said she go to Baa & sit with her taking care of every preparation. Here Moti go up to weak up Dm but Dm had already weak up & his eyes searching his Dafford as usually but he could not found her in room he understand she went down as she was saying last night that she have to go down early next morning.

But still Dm laying on bad only as he know as once her work will done she will back here to awake him as now days he won't get up without her. Here he feels the noise that someone is coming to his room. He thinks its Santu. Therefore, he again closes his eyes & act like sleep facing to door so she will come to her to awake him.

However, Dm don't know she is not Santu but she is Moti his sis who was coming to awake him. Moti open the door & enters in the room she sees Dm still sleeping. She smiles to looking at his innocent face & goes to awake him. Dm feels someone in room by its presence but wasn't heard noise of Santu's payal.

Dm's eyes still close he was waiting to her come near to him. Moti goes near to him & sit on bad. She placed her hand on his hair very lovingly caressing it. Dm feels her touch little different but still ignored. He was waiting her to come closer to him.

Now Moti was abt to say his name coming little closer to him but before it, Dm gets up in hurry hold her in his arms & was abt to kiss her cheek when Moti screams "nanka" as she scared with Dm's this act with her noise he opens his eyes & see Moti.

Dm: Motiben tuuu (he is scared confused fully)

Moti: haan main par tu yeh kya kar raha tha? (Yes it's me but what u was doing?)

Dm: woh… main woh… main samjha ke who… (He don't know what to say)

Moti: woh main woh  samjha ke Santu hai hai na? (Making face)

Dm: nahi Motiben woh main… (Being so embarrassed)

Moti: ab jaldi se naha kar tyaar hokar neeche aaja pooja karni hai ja. (Being little angry)

Dm nods & gets up from bad then was abt to go for bath

Moti: & ya Santu are at down will not come up soon get ur cloth by ur own.

Moti leave being little angry Dm says to himself "this Santu… what was needs to sand Motiben is she can't come by her own." Dm makes face & be upset then goes to take his cloth from cupboard then goes for bath in washroom. He was so embarrassed with what happen & hoping Motiben will don't say anything to anyone at down.


Precap: Santu sees Dm coming to downstairs & think to tease him. Santu were passing from there with act as if she is so embarrassed & shy due to something. Dm sees her & thinks what happens to her. When Dm calls her near no one were around them at that time.

To be continue…

Big smile Big smile Big smile Big smile Big smile Big smile

guy i have i request plz note this plz post ur sign in that petition link i m posting here so we can bring BACK our beloved Bandini again with Rosiya (Ronit bose roy & Aasiya kazi).

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