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first of all thanks Big smile to u all guy's for ur love & support b'coz of that we crossed 250 pages of this tread now i hope like this we will also crossed 300 pages soon keep reading & giving ur comments in to this ur Sanraj moment land Day Dreaming i will try my best to make coming parts more & more loving for u all guy's god bless u all ... Big smile Heart Wink


Recap: SanRaj comes in their room as Santu unable to change her sari by own as her mehandi on hand still didn't dry yet. Therefore, Dm helps her to wear sari by making her wearer by his own while during this SanRaj passes beautiful, time being in each other arms.

Dm makes her wearer sari in his own style making her lost in him but Santu don't trap in his plan & deicide to tease him by saying she tired & needs rest. Dm smiles, as he understands rest is so needful for her at this time. He make Santu lay on bad & sits next to her.

For some time, both lost in each other & in some time fall in sleep. Next morning both gets up late as slept last night late. Baa comes in room & sees SanRaj messed look. She think something else & teas them indirectly. Santu sees Dm's look she starts making fun of him & laughing on him.

Dm got angry at this & pulls Santu first he kiss her on lips & then bites her lips as punishment of her. Her lips r now swelled due to his hard bite. Dm goes for bath levering Santu alone on Bad with anger & thinking how she will face the family now with this.


Part 63 - Their love were speaking everything.


2 hours passed SanRaj were just in their room, as they don't know how to face family b'coz Dm think until now Baa told everyone abt the lipstick marks on him & Santu were tensed with her swelled lips & also it was clearly showing its bite mark so she worried for it & angry on Dm too.

Dm already was ready sited on his chair reading his newspaper in his light cream color shervani with white dhoti. Santu after bath comes out wearing her green colored beautiful sari. Santu still angry at Dm for what he did in morning as Dm too with her for laughing on him after that both didn't talk to each other yet.

Santu stands in front of mirror trying to ties up her blouse dori of her back. She is wearing deep neck back blouse, which is having just 4 dori's on back side of blouse for tie up the blouse. She ties last two but not able to tie upper two b'coz it's on middle of her back & her neck were very deep from up too.

She was straggling to tie up them but she tiered due to her little big tummy so b'coz of that she not able to give much presser to her arms either it pains. Dm sees her with his eyes edged & smile. He gets up from his chair & makes his move to her. He goes & stands next to her from back putting his palms on his waist in his style.

Santu sees him but ignores Dm still staring her that she is trying but can't do that.

D: give it to me I will do. (With concerned for her)

S: no need thanks I will do by myself. (In anger making face)

Dm clearly find out she is still angry at her tone. He didn't force her much but still stand there seeing her trying. She tired while trying but can't tie up dori's. She had been frustrated which clearly showing on her face. Dm sees at her & says…

D: I said u before & saying now too gives me I will do if u can't why u pressuring. (With claim voice)

Santu took deep breath & leaved trying. She don't said anything just stand as giving silent approval. Dm smiles & moves his finger to her back to tie her dori's. Dm sees at her via mirror she is looking somewhere else for ignore Dm.

Dm's purposely touches his fingers to her bare skin while tying her dori. Santu's body shakes with his warmth touch which Dm can easily sense at staying near her. Santu want to talk to him but still she try to ignore him but she know she can't for long.

As his just one touch is enough for him to melt her, don't know why but after lots of  struggles with her own self still she can't let herself away from him may be b'coz of his true love who never ever let her to go away from him.

He smiles, as he knows his love making its magic on her. He moves more close to her from back with his naughty smile on his lips. He sifts her long silky hair from her back to her right shoulder for to tie up or we can say to make her drool properly.

He touches her back with fingers & Santu closes her eyes taking deep breath. Dm smiles he moves his fingers on her bare back more passionately & her body starts shivering. Dm ties up her dori's but still don't want to go away from her.

He band to her back then with contact of his lips & her back shoulder skin she feels there is some sparks runs in her body. He can easily feel what is running in her heart. He wraps her in between his both arms pulling her more to him.

His chest were cursing with her back then he bands little making his lips touching to her neck & shoulder more & more. In during this Santu never know when her anger melts & she again starts drooling on him. Sanraj's eyes closed both lost in their world.

Dm: ae Santudiii. (In his sensational voice)

Santu: ji malik… (Blushing)

Dm: I m sorry Dafford. (He is sad look on his face)

Santu: sorry but for what malik? (Drooling over him his arms)

Dm: for what I did with u in morning I m sorry I was in anger & … (he be sad for that)

Santu turns before he could complete & placed palm on his lips with her innocent smile.

Santu: no need of clarifications malik I know u more than anything in my life & most important I trust on u more than myself. (Santu smiling placed her palm down)

Dm: I feel like u knows me more than myself… (Both lost in each other eyes) but then tell me why u was angry with me from morning. (Teasing her)

Santu: b'coz u won't talking to me & also I was worried abt this swollen & cut on my lips see it's clearly visible ur mark just Baa seen but this mark now whole family will see & pulling my leg also what will now I will answers to guest. (Worried)

Dm: mmm ya that are worried thing ok I have an answer tell them yeh tere malik ka pyar hai tere liye (this is ur malik's love for u). (Giggling on her)

Santu: malik aaise main bhi aapko mazak sujahta hai its not so fuuny. (At this moment, still u cracking jokes) (She be sad)

Dm: ok let's go down will think abt it soon. (With sweet smile & giving, her side hugs)

Sanraj moves to down as completely family already reached at down & waiting for just SanRaj. Moti handled whole work of marriage as doc said Santu to rest. As Dm thought, Baa told everyone abt Dm's lipstick mark. Therefore, Meghna had decided to tease him as Kaddu & Toral scared to do that.

However, when SanRaj came down all were sees Santu & her lips mark Meghna, Toral & Kaddu giggles as they all standing together. Kaddu, Toral & Meghna now make plane to teas Santu instead of Dm, as it will be more fun. All comes to them.

Dm is taking Santu down from on stairs holding her hand for support. Santu be scared as she come to know they all r now going to attack on her seeing naughtiness on their face. She holds Dm hand tight seeing at him. Dm looks at her & say relax I m there don't worry with his eyes looking in her eyes.

Meghna: ohh Santu bahbhi why u took so long to come down we all were waiting for u were u was busy hummm. (Teasing her Santu was abt to say before it Kaddu speaks)

Kaddu: come on Meghna maa u know na when papa is around (Santu lowers her eyes & Dm looks away) I mean when papa is with maa, maa usually get late to ready u know na papa gets so much time to get ready. (Winking her eyes to see Meghna)

Meghna: ya ya I know Dm is very choosy u know in all things. (Winking eyes back to Kaddu as teasing SanRaj)

Toral: that all things is ok but maa what happen to ur lips how it got cut & it's so swelled how?

Act like she don't know but know its b'coz of Dm b'coz mark were clearly seeing like someone bite mark. Santu embarrassed & shy don't know what to give answer. She looking down, as she can't meet her eyes with ppl around. Dm understands her situation & makes an idea don't know how but try to save her from this kind of condition.

Dm: actually happen like this Toral beta ki kal rat ko tari maa ne chocolate kahate hue apne hi hotohn ki kaat liya is liye ye nishan ban gaya. (That last night ur mother cut her lips while eating chocolate that's why this mark happens) (He too confused abt his talk but still try to manage the situation somehow)

Kaddu: but papa it's little difficult to understand how can anyone cut their lips while eating chocolate. (Trying to tarp Dm on his own talk)

 Dm: are gandi sab thodi na katein hai who toh hua kya ki… kal raat Santuriii ka bada maan hua chocolate kahane ka ane tum sab to toh malum hai na ki aisi halat main maa banne wali stri ki koi bhi iccha aduri nahi rehni chahiye ane bas who jaldi jaldi ma is khate hue apne hoth ko bhi kat liye. (it's is like that last night ur mother really wants to eat chocolate & u all know in this condition any would be mother's wish need to be fulfilled & that only she eating it passionless in that cut her lips)

Meghna: but Dm… (trying to tease him more)

Dm: bol diya ne ek vaar bas pachi why is u doing so much inquiry on it what is the matter. (He got angry & said in being frustrated)

Meghna: aree we were just asking why u being so hyper on it just relax. (All sacred with see him being angry)

Dm: thik che par have is bare main koi vaat nahi hogi chaal Santu.

He took Santu with him away from all Santu just looking in to Dm's eyes with her smiley eyes silently admiring him.

Santu: thanks malik. (With her innocent smile)

Dm: (smiles) for what?

Santu: if u won't given answer to them then I don't know what will I tell to them u saved me. (Being in his arms)

Dm: For that, no need of thanks b'coz I am always there for u.                                     

Both looks in to each other eyes & lost in it Dm make her sit on chair taking so care. All girls were seeing them & wishing to pair with their spoons like SanRaj. Kaddu, Toral & Meghna were seeing them sating on their place while giggling on their talk.

Toral: omg did u seen Kaddu papa were so embarrass while talking on it. (Giggling)

Kaddu: ya but maa's innocent eyes were saying everything true nothing were hide in that. (Smiling sweetly)

Meghan: ya their love were speaking everything god bless this couple like this only & they stay together like this always happily not any evil eyes come on them. (Smiles)


Precap: He smile then he look around her that foreigner men with was she talking was just staring at Santu with some mischievous looks also he was praising abt her beauty very much. Dm didn't like that he goes to them & suddenly that men's behavior got little change which Dm feels while talking to him.



To be continue…

Big smile Big smile Big smile Big smile Big smile Big smile

guy i have i request plz note this plz post ur sign in that petition link i m posting here so we can bring our beloved Bandini again with Rosiya (Ronit bose roy & Aasiya kazi).

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lovely part Leena love how DM protects Santu they love each other so much. Please post next one soon

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wooow leena lovely...i just love next one sooon.

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awesome leenaEmbarrassed waiting eagerly for next

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great part leena as alwaysClap...waiting for next part for the jealous DM Wink

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gr8 part..
thanks for pm dear..

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Awesome update Leena ...Big smile Clap

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Wonderful part!U write really well!ClapContinue soonSmile

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