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Originally posted by aparakshitij

Awesome ff,Leena!ClapRead 2 updates 2gedr,both wer equally good!

Sorry,cudnt comment earlier.

Keep up da gr8 work n cum back soon wid another wonderful update.Smile

@ apara

i m really glad of ur for liking it 
Big smile

no need to say sorry its ok.. happy that u read next will up son ... Big smile

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Recapit's now Santu's 6th month of pregnancy Maulik's marriage day come its abt his pitthi rasam event. She is waiting for Tarunji who didn't yet come for this event. Here SanRaj love is on is its full passion.

Dm tut her new relaxing exercise of love in which Meghna comes in middle & starts to teas them. After that, SanRaj comes down & in mean time, Tarunji also reached in event. All welcomes them & SanRaj r now very happy. Event completes with lots of fun.

Part 60The most beautiful feeling in my entire life.


Dm sees Santu & comes near her. He placed his arms on her shoulder. Santu smiles to looks at him.

Santu: see malik our trust win Benbaa comes here. She joined in our happiness. I am so happy today.

Dm: not our trust Santu just ur trust I know u full faith she will come & see its been true just b'coz of u.

Santu: no malik its just b'coz of us.

Santu smiles & he hugs her by side tight both were looking in each other eyes & been lost. Both were so much happy b'coz of this. When Meghna comes there & take Santu with her by saying Dm "at least leave Santu in public place" Santu moves from there while shying with Meghna & Dm just standing their seeing Santu with naughty smile.

Its whole night pass been with the enjoyment & in fun. Most of all member of family awake until late Santu had her medicine & sleep early, as she needs to weak up early next morning for mehandi preparation. All time Moti is trying to stay away from all this.

Santu is sad for that but neglected next morning all get up little late but Santu gets up then be busy in work. It's now abt noon time all were busy in preparations but Santu was not feeling well due to having no much rest & doing lot of work but still she is working from long time without taking care of it.

Santu now was coming down while down stairs with plate of flower petals all were around there while busy in working at livening room. She feels weak & had collapse too. She still trying to walk she is on last two-three stairs. She feels darkness in front of eye.

When she loosen control on her body. She kept her one hand on her head & was abt to fall all r there but no one know abt it when just Moti sees it & runs to her & catches her to fall on floor. She shouts "Santu…" all sees at noise & runs to there to hold Santu.

Santu still in conscious but can't hold her body b'coz weakness. Dm also comes out from his room & sees Santu in Moti's arms. He be worried & runs to her. Moti & Toral hold her & make her stand then both move & took her in to her room as she can walk at least.

Dm calls doctor all family members r there Moti goes out as she not feel gud staying there in her ego. In some time Dr. Veena comes there & starts checking her, she laid on bad but now she is in conscious. Her right side Baa sits on bad next to her Dm standing.

All family member r in room expect Moti However Moti hates Santu but she is also a human she also have sympathy with her she want to know as she is all right or not so she stay at out of room no one knows abt it. Dr. Veena is worried to see her like this.

(In this Santu's pregnancy time, Dr. Veena & Santu became very gud friends they both used to call each other with their names. Veena knows everything abt Santu that Santu was younger when she got married Dm & now SanRaj loves each other so much.

Veena is around 2 years elder then Santu & still unmarried but still she respect Santu a lot b'coz of her goodness nature. Now in family all treats Veena like family friend.)

Dr. Veena: I m today very upset with u Santu what was I told u & what u r doing? (She be angry)

Dm: Veena ji Santu barobar toh hai ne? koi chinta ki vaat toh nahi ne? (Miss Veena is everything is ok? nothing is abt to worry na?) (He being worried)

Dr. Veena: Mr. Mahiyavanshi ji what was I told u it's her 6th month don't let her to do any work it's critical month anything can be happen. So don't let her to take any kind of stress but seems u didn't listen me now see she became so week. (She is so much angry)

Baa: what to do Veena beta she decide she will not listen us. (She makes angry face)

Toral: Yes, Veena ji from so much time we all r saying maa to take rest but she is so much devoted in son's marriage preparations that she forgot abt world & everything. (She also worried while for Santu's health)

Kaddu: ya as she wants to do all work by her own without thinking what it will effect on her & baby. (All were getting angry one after one on Santu)

Dr. Veena: Santu what is this now I was never expect this from u. (Now she became more angry)

Santu: Veena how can I am being away from son's wedding still there is so much work remain to do in evening there is mehandi party & so many preparations r still undid.

(Moti hears all the convey & be upset to see all family loves Santu so much & she also loves them too. Even for their she don't care abt her kids & her own self. May

. May be she is wrong abt her she is not like that what was she thinking she move on to her room while thinking that.)

Birwa: see still she is worrying abt weeding but not abt her own self. (Getting frustrated)

Maulik: maa what is this if u would don't do still I will get married & there is whole family to do preparation why u r taking so much stress just chill. (He comes near her & holds her hand sitting on bad)

Hiten: yes, Maulik u r right u just take rest maa we all r here we will take care everything u just take care of ur self & our little cupid. (With brood smile)

Santu: but how u all will do alone? (With worry)

Shanky: Santu we r not alone u having 3 son, 2 daughters, 1 son in law & 1 daughter in law still u feels they r alone don't worry we will take care of everything. (All laugh loudly hearing this)

Dr. Veena: see Santu u having so much loving & caring family still u worrying abt things. Now u take rest & let them do work what say guys? (With very sweet smile)

All say in one: yes.

Dr. Veena: ok now all move away from here let her take rest.

She took all of them with her out. Dm also moves with them to go for giving Santu some rest out but when Bapuji sees him, he stops him & says…

Bapuji: Dm where is u going u stays here & takes care of her ok. (Bapuji winks eye to Dm)

Dm: Ok as u, say Bapuji. (With brood smile)

Dm smiling as he gets what he wanted to spend time with Santu alone. All went out from room he closes the door.

Santu: malik what is u doing haan? (With innocent look now sitting on bad)

Dm: I am closing the door. (With naughtiness in eyes)

He turns to her & moves to Santu close the door behind him with naughty smile.

Santu: why what is need of that? (Still as she don't no his plane)

Dm: So now, no one will disturb us in our private time Dafford.

Dm sits next to her on bad. He placed his arm around her shoulder.

Dm: so how are u feeling now Santudiii. (With shying eyes)

Santu smiles & rest her head on his side chest taking its support for rest.

Santu: out of this world as it is the most beautiful feeling in entire life.

Dm holds her in his arms tight snuggles her more in his arms. Santu hold Dm's one hand in her hand & drags it tight. Both were talking for more than hour. Santu share everything with Dm whatever was in her mind… in her heart. She feels now so relax.

They were enjoying their that private time which they didn't enjoyed yet from last long time due to so much responsibilities. In that time, they both were missing each other's warmth so much. They were feeling like they r living without their soul.

Now but Santu is very happy while being with Dm. she is feeling very much relaxed that much she never felt until yet. They were talking on & on & on… forgetting abt world just being each other in each other's arms. Santu is playing with his palm.

Which Dm enjoying with her both don't know while talking when the time passes. They were just lost in each other. When Dm's thoughts be little naughty he smiles & make him to faces Santu's gaze he were admiring her very lovingly. Santu were talking with him but he wasn't responding her talks so she looks up & sees in his eyes.

Santu could easily find out what his BR eyes saying. There share their romantic eye lock. Dm slowly moving to her close seeing it Santu lowers her eyes in shy. Dm touches her soft lips with his fingers were making him crazier to have it… to testes it once again.

With his touch on her lips, she also closes her eyes as allowing him to love her as the way he wants. Santu were now breathing heavy & Dm smiles whispers in her ear with his husky voice making her more lost in him.

Dm: Santuriii this is the left relaxing exercises which u had left in middle on morning now we have to complete its as it needed. (Little bit closing his eyes for enjoying the moment)

Santu blushes with smile also her cheeks turn in deep red b'coz of shy. She placed her palms on his shoulder & neck moving over there. Then their relaxing exercise continues with their lips lock for long time being lo0st in each other. But at other side Moti was lost in thinking in her room abt what she saw… what she hears.

PrecapAll girls were saying me first… me first but Santu were quite also little upset as she knows either she will ask Moti will never do that. Moti sees Santu's upset face.

Moti: ok now all will quite now I will do but as per my wish now, no one will shout.

All become quite Moti took mehandi con all girls were waiting for her but she sees Santu sitting there lowering her face & eyes. Santu wants that Moti to do mehandi on her hand but she don't want to spoilt her mood while asking.



To be continuing…


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awww its soo romanticWinkWink...
continue asap daffordLOLTongueTongue

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great part leena as alwaysSmile
continue soon Wink

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luvly part dearTongue

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awesome writing...

cont asap...

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Alaaa lovelyyyHug


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lovely part glad santu is ok so moti does care a bit. please post soon

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