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Originally posted by janu_2006

gr8 part..

Originally posted by shabz50

Beautiful writing Leena please post next one soon

Originally posted by chemistrysucks

good job Clap

@ janu  shbz50 & chemistrysucks

i m really glad of ur for liking it Big smile

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Originally posted by cuckoo_chand

Superb part Leena..... Amazing surprises of DM to his Dufford...... Dyeing to read the next part when DM will tease her...... Post ASAP....... Our beloved SanRaj is Alive through the writings of my friends like you all....... Hope we can be able to watch Bandini season 2 soon.

@ cuckoo

i m really glad of ur for liking it Big smile

we all r wishing same dear Big smile Big smile Big smile

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Originally posted by ritu1001

this is your beautiful writing..keep up the good work :)
Originally posted by Soni-Sanraj

Nice part LeenaEmbarrassed, lovely i think the night will be full of romanceEmbarrassedDay Dreaming

Originally posted by mimi10

Leena awsome workClap...wonderfull part,very romanticHeart
and of course post next soon Wink
Originally posted by ramonag

it was awesome leena  Heartpost next part soon

@ ritu, mimi, ramo di & soni sanraj

i m really glad of ur for liking it Big smile

we all r wishing same dear Big smile Big smile Big smile

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RecapSanRaj dance together & spend really quality time with each other. While returning to back home Santu sleep in car Dm took her back in their room picking her up in his arms. Dm is surprised to see his kid's arrangement in their room decorate room with flowers & candles. Santu were still sleeping. Dm make her lay on bad & he also sleep next to her on bad.


Part 52 - Will u like to spend time with me?


Next morning Dm is laying on bad on his back resting his head, on pillow. Santu is laying on him resting her half body hugging him. Dm's one arm is around her waist & Santu's one arm is on his chest. Dm's lips were kissing Santu's forehead both were still sleeping & lost in their love world.

Santu open her eyes she move her up face to Dm to see him. Dm is still sleeping very peacefully holding her tight. She smile to see him then she feels Dm's hand around her waist she slowly removes it & gets up sits on bad. She sees around she become surprised to see all arrangements.

She turns her face & looks at Dm he was still sleeping she turn her face once again looks all around in room when she find Kaddu's note on table. She took it & reads. She remembers that how last night she fall in sleep. Then when Dm comes to know she slept he was took her here.

She feels so bad as when Dm needs her… her love she fall in sleep without caring abt him… his need she feels she is so bad she never cares for him his needs. He always thinks abt her so much… cares for her so much but she always neglecting him. She became sad & moves back to Dm.

She laid her half body on him caressing his face in between her palms. Then she pulls herself up looking at him then she locks Dm's lips with her in sleep tightly. She starts to press her lips on his. Dm feels her lips on his in sleep he hold her waist in his palms.

She closed her eyes & kissing him madly with that Dm's grip become much stronger around her waist. Dm also starts testing her lips back making her crazy for him. Dm is awake now but still his eyes close as they enjoying their love being in each other arms.

Santu's palm moves on his cheek to his shoulder. Dm's palms moves on her waist to her deep blouse's bare back. Both hold each other really tights. Santu slowly releases his lips then she back off to see Dm's face. She sees very sweet smile on Dm's face.

Santu: I am sorry malik. (Seeing in his eyes with sad look)

Dm: sorry but for what Dafford? (Looking at her with questioned eyes)

Santu: for last night… (Lowering her eyes) when u needs me but…

Dm placed his finger on her lips stopping her from talking still both hugging each other. He slowly pulls her face up making her see in his eyes.

Dm: no need of it I can understand u were tired & rest is most needed not just for u but for our baby too so having no complains for it.

He caresses her face in between his both palms with showing his fluted dimples.

Santu: but malik…

Dm: I said no complain means no complain. Santu in true manner I want to spend time with u, I want to let u with me just me & I get that what I was want. I am happy with that.

Santu: so u r not angry na?

Dm: no not at all & why should I, whenever I want u, u always surrender ur self front of me without any objections then I also needs to understand u right.

Both smiles to each other & Santu hug him tightly. Dm also makes his grip of his arms around her. He resists his chin on her head squeezing her in his arms. Santu also snuggles closer to him hiding in his strong arms. Santu lost in her thoughts.

Santu were so happy to having soul mate like Dm who not just loves her but understands her so very well know abt her… know abt her all small to small things also caring abt it so lovingly. She back from her thought when their table clock bells 7 o clock's alarm.

 Sanraj looks at alarm & Dm become sad, as he knows now Santu will leave him now in whole day, Santu will be busy in her housework & he will in his work. Now he will be again away from her but he tells to himself that he needs to understand her as it is also her responsibility & she needs to fulfill it too.

Dm: So now, it's time to go back to our work. (Looking at clock)

Santu looks up at his face she can easily see his sadness threw his eyes. She don't want to see him like that she smile & again resist her head on his chest.

Santu: If I say, I want some time off from my work then. (Being shy & smiling)

Dm becomes surprised & looks at her.

Dm: what… what did u say? (Shock)

Santu looks up in his eyes.

Santu: I said if I will take some time off from my work would u like to spend ur time with me.

Dm: true. (His eyes were dancing)

Santu nods her head while shying. Sanraj giggles & he holds her very tight making her closer to himself. Sanraj stay like that for some time holding & lost in each other. When Santu come in naughty mood, they were talking abt family & other stuff when Dm notices Santu starts to unbuttoning his kurta button.

Dm understands what she wants but he deicide to teas her. He knows all this but still neglecting her. He stops talking now he acts, as he feeling like sleep. Santu is now moving her hand on his bare skin inside his kurta talking to him. She is playing with his chest hair continues her babbling.

When she feels he is not replaying her talk she took her head up to see Dm. His eyes were looking sleepy. Actually, he is teasing her act like sleep.           

Santu: what happen malik? Why u are not replaying me?

Dm: nothing I was just feeling like sleepy. (Yawns)

Santu: what…? Is u feeling like sleep? (Making face)

Dm: yeah very much. (Teasing her)

Santu: Ok than sleep now, I will not disturb u. I will go.

She is becomes sad & irritate. She was abt to get up from bad when Dm again pulls her to him & make her lay on him on her place where she was first.

Santu: now what u wants malik? (Become little irritate)

Dm: something that for what I am waiting for so long. (Rise his BR eyes eyebrow with naughty smile)

Before Santu could ask or say anything else, Dm twists her on bad make her back lay on bad then he leans over her and putting an arm around her back. Santu's both palms on his shoulder & her eyes were having shock look. Santu understand he was teasing her.

Santu: what is this malik u were feeling sleep na? (With little anger)

Dm: yes I m still but I want company would u like to join it with me? (Moving his palm on her one side of body making her moan)

Santu: but I am not feeling sleep. (She is become exited with his touch but still controlling her sleep pretending, as she is angry)

Dm: u knows what I feel u become so delicious while being angry I feels like I will eat u before u be tasteless.

He bands down & starts kissing her lips madly making her moan & groan. Santu pushing him back but he is not ready to leave her now even he kisses her lips more cursing his body with her trying to make her lost in his love. Santu now can't be aware with his love.

Santu makes her lips a parted for testing his lips. She moves her one palm on his neck & hair & other on his back holding it tight. Both were kissing each other's lips in same excitement. Dm hand now was moving on her waist removing her sari from there.

He removes it & makes a part from her body. Santu's body starts shivering & she berthing heavily. She holds his side neck tight pressing her nail over there making marks, which is making Dm crazier for her.

He releases her lips she moving her palm on his neck & hair feeling his warmth. Then he moves his lips while kissing & leaking her skin on neck he bites her over there some time hardly some time soft…making marks. She breathes heavily b'coz of this.

Santu: malik don't… plz don't bite... plz. (Her eyes still closed holding his head)

Dm: I can do whatever I want u can't stop me b'coz u & ur everything is mine… just mine & I can do whatever I want. (He bites her more passionately)

Santu didn't say anything he let him do what he want. Sanraj's cloth now on floor & both wrapped under white sheet. Sanraj were kissing… baiting… leaking each other skin passionately. Sanraj's hand & leg r mingled & scenes fades off…

After 2 hours, Santu is laying on bad on her back & Dm on his chest laying on bad next to her. Dm's eyes closed facing to Santu wrapping his arm around her waist & one on bad. Santu's both arms on her tummy she is admiring Dm while he is sleeping.

SanRaj are wrapping with white sheet. Sanraj's faces much closed while lying bad. Sanraj's hairs fully massed up. Both were having each other love marks on their skin. Sanraj were looking very much fresh after having each other… feeling each other warmth & closeness…

Then Santu removes Dm's arm from her waist & put it on bad. She took her sari from floor wrapped around her & gets up from bad. She took her cloth from cupboard & goes for bath still Dm were sleeping. She comes out quickly after having bath.

She becomes ready until then Dm also weak up. She turns her face to him & Dm smiles sitting on bad she also smile replaying him back. She took Dm's cloth out from cupboard put it on bad ending edged. Dm is still staring at her with BR naughty eyes.

Santu: so u woke up malik gud. Now u get ready soon as we r already late.     

Dm: without get my proper morning gud luck no way.

Santu: malik stop act like child even Suraj also not act like this & btw u get more than u always getting so plz get up & come soon down. I am going to make tea for u bye. (She laughing)

Dm: are pan sun toh… (At least listen)       

She runs out from room giggling & goes to down stairs. Dm smiles then he get up from his bad. He took his cloths from bad & he makes his way for shower.


PrecapSantu smiles to Baa & then without looking at Dm. she gets up from bad she starts took out Dm's cloths from cupboard. Dm understands she is angry as he talks to her so rudely but he smiles, as he knows his Dafford can't be stay angry with him for more time.

To be continuing….

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guy i have i request plz note this plz post ur sign in that petition link i m posting here so we can bring our beloved Bandini again with Rosiya (Ronit bose roy & Aasiya kazi).

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LeenaStar awsomeClap part SanRaj are so sweetSmile 
pleace continue soon... Wink

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gr8 part..

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luvly part leena.........cont soon!!!Big smile

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Beautiful part LeenaHug, am just memerized by ur partEmbarrassed, update soon dearDay Dreaming

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