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Originally posted by Jes75

Wowee Leena .Big smile..such a lovely update ...u rock girl ...and Sanraj fab as always ....keep going girl ....

@ jes

i m glad that u likes it....

true sanraj is always feb........
Big smile

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Originally posted by shabz50

lovely part Leena sanraj are so happy hope moti does not ruin it please post soon

@ shbz

i m glad that u likes it....

mmm lets see in next dear what she will do.... Smile

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Originally posted by eli0103197

Hug Leena, I will be here 
and great part, the news is out to the now what is coming, waiting....

@ eli

i m glad that u likes it....

wait n watch dear i hope u will liked it too..... Big smile

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Originally posted by cuckoo_chand

OMG Leena....I am sooooooo excited reading ur ff...It is sooo nicely written.... U r fulfilling a long waited dream of mine.... Hope Santu will deliver twins..... Plzzzzzzzz post the next part ASAP.

@ cuckoo

i m glad that u likes it....

LOL all wants twins mmm let's see .... Embarrassed

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guy i have i request plz note this plz post ur sign in that petition link i m posting here so we can bring our beloved Bandini again with Rosiya (Ronit bose roy & Aasiya kazi).

Big smile Big smile Big smile Big smile Big smile Big smile 

Recap – SanRaj laves doctor's place go to khodiyaar maa's well SanRaj wish there throwing coin in well then they have sweet convey in car. Sanraj reached at home all r happy to hear Santu's preggy news…

Then all get ready for party in evening expect SanRaj they r still in room. Tarunji reached at party & gets the news of Santu's pregnancy, Kanji is very happy but Taru became angry on this.


Part 45Everything is urs malik…


Sanraj in their room Santu got ready she wearer maroon colored sari with light embroidery her strait, long & shiny hair is open, which was making her more beautiful. She was stand in front of mirror wearing her jewelry.

Dm just came out from washroom tidings his button of his black shiny kurta's sleeves his kurta's button were still open when her bangle's kahan kahan catches Dm's eyes while she wears her jewelry. Dm smiles & watches her from head to toe. She is looking just awesome.

Dm was just loosing himself in her innocent glow of her face. However, Santu is busy in her doing stuff she didn't sees Dm. Dm just comes close to her from back & wraps his arms around her making his grip little tight so she can't go away from him.

Dm rests his chin on her shoulder touching her cheeks to his cheek. Now he bands his head down & starts rubbing his lips on her shoulder. Santu just blushed to see Dm's this craziness for her. She also wrapped her arms on his arms.

Santu: malik leave me is u forgot we having party at down. (Blushing)

Dm: No, not now. (Still he is kissing her neck)

Santu: malik plz leave me na all r waiting for us. (With worried face)

Dm: Yes, I know but let them wait as I also wait for long whole day. (He kissing her madly)

Santu: what for u wait for long whole day malik? (She also enjoying his love equally)

Dm: wait for to do celebrate with u. (Santu got confused)

Santu: celebrate… but for what malik.

Dm: Dafford for our coming happiness of our life… our loves sign. See na form the morning I m finding time to spend with u but I couldn't b'coz of family & function & if now I got I don't want to waste it. (Moving &rubbing his nose on her skin)

Santu: I know even I also want the same but right now all r waiting for us at down so can we go down right now. Latter whatever u want u can do I will not stop u. (making puppy face to him)

Both are now facing each other but still dm hugging Santu from back.

Dm: thinks once again Santuriii latter u will have to pay off more than this. (Raising his BR naughty eyes)

Santu: why when everything is ur then why should I thinks once again. (Giving naughty smile)

Dm smiles & leaves her from his grip. Now Santu turns & stand facing him

Dm: ok then let's go.

Dm moves to go out when Santu stops him holding his hand.

Dm: now what happen? (Showing his cute dimples)

Santu: malik u will go like this.

Santu point out at his open kurta's buttons. Dm rolls his eyes in sign of he is just became so crazy in her love that he can't think anything else then her. Santu smiles, as she knows this usually happens with him whenever he is with her. Then Santu tie his buttons by going closer to him. Both were smiling Dm was just admiring his angle lovingly with his eyes. Here Santu complete her work tying his button.

Santu: Here it's done malik.

Dm smiles to see that & bands to kiss Santu on her cheeks. Santu just sees him questioned eyes for this.

Dm: this is small installment of reward for u for always taking mine so much cares my Santuriii.

Santu: it is ok malik but tell me where my full reward is.

Dm: I will give u latter as u say u will pay of to me later & trust me I will give u that way u never thought it.(With naughty expressions)

Santu just smile being little shy & both moved to go at down stair for party as it's got really late. It's almost being engagement time all were waiting for them at down. When SanRaj reached at down Meghna & Rasik (Megsik), come forward to meet them.

Meghna hugs Santu & Rasik to Dm they both congratulate to SanRaj for being parents once again.

Meghna: where u both was party started long time back.

Rasik: come on Meghna u knows very well how much Dm get time to be ready & especially when he is with Santu. It's so rude u r majoring time for them. (Teasing Sanraj)

Meghna is giggling there with naughty expressions & Sanraj cheeks are completely being deep red b'coz of shy.

Santu: what is this Rasik bhai u also now behaving like Meghna ben. (Being shy)

Meghna: what he said wrong Santu bhabhi right Dm? (Megsik still teasing Sanraj)

At a time Baa comes there.

Baa: this both naughty will be like that only. See Dharamraj who came.

All r standing there looks at Tarunji. Kanji is having broad smile on face seeing SanRaj but Moti looks little bit upset to see Santu. Sanraj being so happy to see them both come there to Tarunji for take their blessings. Dm is on Moti's side Santu on Kanji's side.

Both get band down to take their blessings but Moti gives her blessing to just Dm not to Santu. Dm feels bad n wants to tell this to Moti but Santu stops him by holding his hand but there Kanji gives his blessing to SanRaj for the coming happiness of their life.

Kanji: today I m very happy malik that Santu is now going to getting her deserving happiness god will protect u both with ever evil eye. (Seeing to Moti)

Moti gives him angry look back & wants to say him something but before that, Hiten comes there.

Birwa: papa it's being muahrat time can we starts the function?

Dm: yes let's start.

All moves from there were Sanlik were standing. Moti gives shagun & does tika of Sanlik. Then Sanlik changes their ring & they all take all elders blessing. First, they take Baa & Bapuji's blessing them Tarunji's but when they turns to take SanRaj blessing Taru didn't likes it but still she keep mum as the thought she will see this Santu latter.

Now function they had lots of fun… they all dance together & spend wonderful Eva together but now party comes to it end. Almost all guest leaved with happy face also Sanjana & her father r leaved from party. Now just family & close friends left there.

Hiral, Baa, Kaddank & SanRaj is sitting on sofa together while talking when Santu feels little bit uneasy b'coz of tiredness. Dm could easily feel that.

Dm: Baa now u makes understand this Dafford Santuriii. She listening me not at all… (Being really frustrated)

Hiten: what happen papa now what maa did? (Get worried)

Dm: what she did ask me what she not did? (Now being angry)

Kaddu: ok papa tells us what she not did.

Dm: it will batter u ask her she will tell u. (looking at Santu)

Santu: what I will tell malik when I don't know anything what I did. (Being confused & scary)

Dm: see Baa doctor gives her strict instruction that not to take much stress & have batter rest but she is not following her still she is here when she is tired with whole day work without taking proper rest. (Being so irritated)

All r smiles to seeing Dm take so much care for Santu.

Santu: malik then tells me that in straight way I will do. Why u telling makes it round & round? (Making face)

Dm: u r saying like that, if I will tell u will do. (Looks at her)

Santu: ohh really then till now ur which thing u said I dined to do?

Baa Hiral & Kaddank smiling they loved to see this sweet fight between them but Sanraj forgot abt this that all r there in their fight of love.

Baa: ok now stop both of u. Santu go in ur room & take rest I m sanding Champa with medicine in ur room.

Santu gets up Dm is still looking at her with his drooling eyes she move to go to room Moti seen her going in room she also follows her. Dm gets some call on his phone he gets up & go away to attend call.

Toral: did u see Kaddu how much papa loves maa & cares for her. (Having broad smile on face)

Kaddu: Yes, bahbhi I seen even in their fight there was so much love for each other.

& here it's we r who sacking for one love drop. (Looking at Shanky)

Hiten: what r u saying Kaddu Shasahank loves u a lot.

Kaddu: when I said he don't love me but he don't show me like papa.

Toral: ya she is right Hiten There is no meaning to kept love in heart but it must be expose to ur loved one on right time.

Shanky: but Toral it's not necessary to expose ur love to ur loved one some ppl loves silently too.

Hiten: & also to love someone silently is having some different enjoyment in its own.

Baa: yes Hiten & Shasahank u both r right there is nothing wrong to love silently but sometime ur love need to be come out in front of ur loved one when it needed.

Baa & all r smiling when Baa sees Champa calls near her.

Baa: Champakali u go take medicine from Hiten's room & gives it to Santu she is in her room.

She nods & moves from there towards Hiten's room.


Precap – 

Santu: sorry Benbaa I thought Champa is there, so I tell all that to u.

Taru: no worry what can we do now u have the habit to give order after nanka gives u the right of being the malkin of house. (Moti makes faces Santu make her face down, as she feels bad.) However, I came here to talk to u something else.


To be continuing…

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wow leena wonderfull...........Hug

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awesome leena

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Great update Leena, past Moti will never change.

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