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Originally posted by eli0103197

beautiful and so romantic part Leena, simply love to read it......keep them going Smile

Originally posted by crystal30

Amazing parts Leena, jus wonderful.. Post the next soon..

@ crystal & eil

i m glad that u likes it..... Hug

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Originally posted by Shahara3

very cute and romantic leena, i also love Santu with the wet hair & DM admiring her and cannot take his eyes off her Embarrassed post soon x

@ shah

i m glad that u likes it..... Hug

wants to see something like this on this on show now yaar...... missing their eye lock so much....... Embarrassed Ouch

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Originally posted by luvrr

u r just outstanding leena....
that was soooooooooooooo awesum.....
nexxt one,,,post soon dear...

@ nidhi

i m glad that u likes it..... Hug

how exam's went......... LOL

where is ur next part waiting for it yaar....... Ouch

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hope u likes it........ Big smile

Part 33New member of House


Santu goes in kitchen no one was there expect Champu. She smiles & enters in too kitchen. Santu asked to Champu.

Santu: is kids & baa Bapuji had their breakfast.

Champu: Yes, malkin they had now tell me what I made for u & malik.

Santu: u don't worry I will do it myself u go & check is Suraj is been ready for his school or not.

Champu nods n leaves from there. Santu makes tea for Dm takes some snacks in plate & makes her way to her room. She reached at room she enters & sees that Dm was comes out from washroom after bath. He was standing near the cupboard while taking on phone.

She only can see his back to her. Her payal's music makes him realize that she came. He turns to see her both looks at each other & smiles. Santu sees Dm's kurta's buttons is still open as he was busy to talk on phone. She puts tray on table.

She comes near Dm n starts tie up his buttons one after one. He was still talking on phone but his eyes still staring at his payari Santudiii very lovingly. Now Dm says on his phone…

Dm: thik che Motiben chal have tujhe badme phone karta hun jai shri Krishna. (Ok now Motiben I call to u letter & he cuts the phone)

Santu: it was Benbaa's calls.

Dm: yes it was.

Santu: how is she & kanji kaka.

She finishes her work of tying his buttons.

Dm: Both r very gud & both are at Antwerp together for 15 days.

Santu: ohh!!! but why?

He sits on his chair she gives him his tea while drinking tea he says…

Dm: b'coz of some business work, U knows today while talking Motiben talked abt Maulik's marriage. She said she seen some girl for him but she don't like them much so she is in search for match able girl for Maulik.

Santu thinks this is right time to talk to malik abt Maulik & Sanjana.

Santu: can I say something on this malik.

Dm: yes, yes tell what u wants.

Santu: malik actually I was also thinking abt Maulik's marriage also I know one girl who is match able for him.

Dm: ohh really who is she?

Santu: u knows na Sanjana Modi?

Dm: who that my friend Ashok Modi's daughter who is Maulik's friend & comes in our functions some time.

Santu: yes she is I fills she is gud girl also very educated & from gud family also she mixed with our family very well & the big thing that they both knows each other very well & likes too so it will be gud if she comes in our family.

Dm: ok all thing r correct but how u knows that they both like each other.

Santu: woh… woh… malik woh…

Dm: samaji gayo Maulik tells this to u right.

Santu: yes. So u will talk to Ashok bhai na.

Dm: jab ladka ladki razi toh main kuan hota hun rokne wala (when girl n boy r ready then who is I to stop them) u don't worry I will talked to him but before that I have to talk to Motiben on this.

Santu: ok u talks to her I am going down stairs, as all will be waiting for me.

Dm nods with smile. Santu picks up the tray & comes down at living room.

At down stairs Maulik sits on sofa waiting eagerly for Santu. He sees Santu coming down he gets up from the sofa. Santu comes in living room & sees Maulik stands there. She was surprise to see at home on this time. He smiles to see Santu. She comes near to him.

Santu: Maulik what r u doing here, at this time u have to be in office.

Maulik: I know maa but I was waiting for u.

Santu: for me but why?

Maulik: Actually, I want to talk to u.

Santu: to talk what u need to wait here u can also come to my room.

Maulik: yes but papa also has be there na. & I want to talk to u (he sees their around & asks Santu in very low voice) abt Sanjana. (Being curious) did u talked to papa what he said.

Santu decide to tease him for that she makes fake sad face.

Santu: yes I talked to him.

Maulik: what happen maa why u r sad tell me. (Being very worried)

Santu: I think now u should not to meet not to Sanjana. (Still doing act to him)

Maulik: why, why should I not to meet her. (Being very upset)

Santu: b'coz now it's wrong that u meets her u just stop to meeting her. (Controlling her laugh to see his expression)

Maulik: why what is wrong in that I love her & we want to marry what is wrong in that. (Being little frustrated)

Santu: (trying to claim him & telling him truth) Maulik I know nothing is wrong in that… &

Maulik: & what I just want to know what papa said to u tell me maa.

Santu: he said that u could marry her. (Being so innocent)

Maulik: How papa can say, (he realized what Santu said) I could marry her. (Totally shocked)

Santu: Yes, not just u both will marry but malik by himself talk to Benbaa & Sanjana's father on this. (With broad smile)

Maulik: truly (Santu nods & he was being very happy on this.)

Both were smiling when Baa & Bapuji comes there. Both sit on the sofa.

Baa asks to Santu…

Baa: on which talk both mother & son are being so happy. Tell that us too so we also be little happy.

Dm: I tell u.

At a time, Dm also comes down from the stairs but looking very serious. All is staring him coming down all being serious.

Dm: Maulik come here. (He goes near him & stands beside him)

Bapuji: what is the matter Dharamraj?

Dm: I will tell but first call all members of house. Ae Hiten… ae Toral… (Shouting for their name to call them)

Toral comes out from kitchen & Hiten from study room in to living room.

Hiral: yes papa.

Hiral came looking at all member Dm starts to saying.

Dm: so all are here now so lesion this today I m going to give u all a very big gud news.

Baa: big gud news, what is big gud news? (Asking being impassioned)

Dm: gud news is that now very soon in our house there is new guest will come who also will become the house member soon. (Being very happy looking at Santu)

Baa & Toral are being happy to hear this. Toral comes to near Santu.

Toral: really papa I m so happy see Baa I told u naa that one day this day would also come. See it is here. (Both r very happy as someone gives them whole world)

Toral: congress maa (she hugs Santu) & now u don't have to do any work of house I will take care of everything. (Sanraj is confused)

Santu: but why u r saying like this?

Toral: maa u never understands anything easily Baa tells her naa.

Baa: yes beta Toral is saying correct now u just take rest don't bother abt anything.

Santu: (still confused) why should I take rest I m all right there is no need for it.

Baa: u shut up u don't know anything in ur this condition u should to take batter rest. It will be gud for ur health. (Calling Santu near & making her sit beside her on sofa)

Hiten: Baa what r u taking abt in maa's which condition? (Still he didn't get it)

Baa: ohh Hiten dikra go & sand sweets in the villagers b'coz very soon in this house u small brother or sister is abt to come. Ur maa is pregnant. (Moving her hand on Santu's head)

All r comes in joy to hear this all r very happy that Santu is pregnant but Sanraj r totally shock. Dm is thinking why Santu not tell him first. He was very confused.

Hiten: what is it true Baa? Wow I m going right now come on Maulik.

Maulik: yes, Hiten bhai come let's go.

Dm: one-second stop here both of u. (now looking at Baa) Baa who tells u Santu is pregnant.

Baa: u said just now.

Dm: I when?

Baa: u said na that very soon in our house there is new guest will come who also will become the house member soon. Now this kind of gust who became member after it is just can be new boning baby.

Dm: ohh Baa I m not talking abt new boning baby. I am talking abt marriage.

Bapuji: marriage, whose marriage Dharamraj?

Dm: Maulik's marriage.

Toral: ohh papa & we misunderstand this thing. (She turns to look at Santu keeping her ears with her fingers) sorry maa this all mess happen b'coz of me I really very sorry.

Santu: (standing from sofa goes near to Toral removing her hand from her ear) no need of it Toral u not did it purposely it's just happen it's ok & also with the talk of malik anyone was can misunderstood it.

Bapuji: ya Santu is right Vasu also thinks the same like u Toral. So don't worry.

Baa: that is ok but who is the bride.

Santu: Baa that Ashok Modi's daughter Sanjana.

Bapuji: ohh she is such a sweet girl.

Baa: ya but Dharamraj is u talk to Taru & Kanji on this?

Dm: yes Baa I talked to them & u know they r ready for this & I also talks to Ashok & he is also ready even he is coming in this evening to talk to us abt engagement & marriage date.

Hiten: it is great papa now Maulik will be also add in married men's list. (Teasing Maulik)

Bapuji: are Dharamraj gives so much gud news is anyone make our mouth sweet or not. (Giving funny look)

Baa: ya u just think abt sweet always. (Being angry on him)

Bapuji: & always be joules with my food as my food is ur suat. (Teasing her)

Baa: why should I to be joules u stay with ur food alone not with me.

Whole family just laughs to see this sweet couple sweet fight.

Until then Champa gets some sweets from kitchen & first all make sweet mouth of Maulik's. all r happy but Santu is lost in thought & Dm sees her.


Precap Dm makes plan to gives some surprises to Santu in the night.


To be continue…

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dear leena
dm and santu are happy then i am happy for themTongue
the last part was cuteLOL
waiting for the next partWink
all the bestStar

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sooooooo sweet i loved
what surprised conttttttt soooon

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Thanks n keep it up........

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What a sweet update dear, just loved itEmbarrassed

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