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New Year Special - SanRaj Moments

Guy's in this New Year I want give a special gift to my entire buddy's, Gopika's & Bandini's of SanRaj by making a SanRaj Moment.

I know it's very difficult. I try to make a SANRAJ MOMENT.

This moment is actually inspired by request of VIDYA'S imagination. I get good help from her points.

If I made some mistake so plz ignored it & now enjoy it.

New Year Special -  "Love is in the air"

Assume scene began at Champu come to Suraj's room with the glass of milk. She tell him

Champu - Suraj bhai come & drink this milk.

Suraj - where is maa? Why she was not come with milk?

Champu - she is busy that's why she sand me with this milk. Come let's quickly drink & finish it.

Suraj - no first u call maa then I will drink it.

Champu-she will come soon but first u has to drinks this milk.

Suraj - No.


He started running here to there in room & Champu also running behind him for stop him. In running he just massed with table. He falls down on the floor with Table & he starts crying. Jug of water is also falls down on floor which is on table & all water sprats on the floor.

At a time Santu enters in Suraj's room. She sees that Suraj is fall down on floor & crying. She come close to him sit on floor picks him & places on her lap. She wipes his tears form her pallu & placed him in her arms for hug. Suraj is not injured but he just scarred b'coz what was happen. Santu says Suraj don't cry nothing is happen wrong see everything is ok with humming on her back. Suraj stops crying just b'coz of her mother's touch. Champu says all things what was happen.

Santu picks him up in her arms goes to bad & sit on bad she places Suraj on her lap Santu smiles towards Suraj & again wipes his tears form her pallu. She gets the glass of milk form Champu & gives to Suraj. Suraj obediently drinks his milk.

Champu picks up table & jug put them on their place. Champu starts cleaning water of the floor. Santu tell her go & get another jug of water. Champu says yes & began walking towards kitchen.

Santu tells to Champu.

Santu - Champakali u go & get another jug of water for here.

Champu - ok, malkin.

Champu began walking towards kitchen.

At SANRAJ'S room.

DM is doing his office work at setting on his chair. He just looked at his watch. 'Where was Santu?' he wondered. It was very late and she hadn't come to bed yet.

He walked out into the corridor and looked around. There was no one around.  He just passes from suraj's room and he heard santu's voice of Lori. He stops there & moving to Suraj's room.

He sees Suraj is sleeping on bad & Santu is setting near to Suraj on bad her one hand on Suraj's hade & one on his chest for hum. Her face is also towards to door she is singing a Lori for suraj & suraj is going to sleep.

DM lends his hand on his chest & stand at a door.

DM stares SANTU very lovingly with his twinkled eyes. Suddenly Santu sees her hubby is stand on door & look at her very lovingly. She stops her singing & Give a little lovely smile to her hubby.

Dm tells her form his face action & eyes "come out".

Santu tells from her face action "NO & what about suraj?"

Dm tells his hand & eyes action "suraj is sleeping, u come out."

Santu from her face action Again said "NO".

Dm being disappoint & walks out angrily from there towards his room.

Santu looks little bit upset.

At same time Champu came there & see Dm is going in anger she confused & come in to room & slowly asking to Santu (b'coz Suraj is sleeping).

Champu - what happened malkin, I seen malik was went from here in anger is everything ok malkin?

Santu - ya everything is ok.

Champu (smiles) put jug of water on table & see Santu looking little bit upset that's why she think if everything is ok then why she is upset & malik also went from here in anger? She still thinking and she understands everything.

She smiling towards Santu & say

Champu - (with smile) malkin u r also tired from whole day's work. If u want u can go to sleep at Ur room. I will take care of here.

Santu - no, how can I go from here? If suraj will wake up & doesn't see me near him than he will cry again.

Champu - don't worry malkin, I will sleep here whole night & take care of him u just go & sleep.

Santu - (thinking) OK & places sweetly a kiss on suraj's forehead.

Santu came down from bed & come close to Champu.

Santu - u takes care of suraj. If he wake up & start cry then call me immediately, Ok.

Champu - ok.

Santu go to her room & Champu thinks no one can disturb u till tomorrow morning expects malik. She was smiling with some naughtiness in eyes.



Dm is setting on his chair which is front of mirror. Suddenly he heard voice of "Chan-Chan". He recognized Santu is coming in the room. He took up newspaper & start reading it. He is still angry.

Santu coming to the door of room she sees Dm is setting on his chair & read his newspaper. She understands he is still angry by seeing his face expression. She enters in room & closes the door. Dm not gives her any attention even he not looks at her.

She want to talk to DM but she think Dm is little angry so not now & she said nothing & move towards to mirror. She start to take off her necklace but she can't take off it b'coz its clip was close very tightly so she can't open it. She keeps trying but can't open it.

Suddenly Dm looks at Santu he sees Santu tries to take off her necklace but it can't do it.

Santu sees Dm towards mirror with her cute & innocent expression at a time Dm also look at Santu & his anger is start slowly melting

Santu is keep trying to open her necklace clip but she can't do it. She sees towards mirror Dm puts his peeper on table stand up coming to her & she get back her hands on neck.

DM gently swept the pallu from her hair & her pallu falling down. He touches her hair, pulled them little side & starts try to open her necklace clip without say any word to her.

In the process his fingers brushed Santu's bare flesh.  He looked up and saw their reflection in the mirror. Santu's cheeks colored, not only from her husbands touch but also from being under his gaze. She could barely bring herself to look up.

DM saw the blush in her cheeks & her expressions & Dm's anger is totally melted in pure love. His eyes twinkled with playful mischief. He has a little smile also on a face.

Having triad to open her necklace he traced its line across her back gently, tenderly. Santu flinched and closed her eyes. Her reaction was not lost on DM he lends little bit closer to her.

Dm takes off her necklace. He leant forward and placed a soft tender kiss at the base of her neck than starts take off her earring softly & placed one more kiss there she still close her eyes Dm forward to her another earring take off it & placed another kiss there. Santu felt the butterflies in her stomach swirl.

She opened her eyes and met his gaze in the mirror. Suddenly the power goes off and everything is dark' there is only moon light which is coming from window on SANRAJ.

Dm opens her long silky hair. DM placed his hands on her shoulders & start moving slowly them to her waist.  The feel of her soft skin overwhelmed his senses. Santu was as much lost in her emotions as her husband. He slowly turns her towards him.

Air which is coming from window places some hair on Santu's face Dm brushes away that hair from her face and he placed his both hand on her cheeks & pull her face little bit up.

Place a kiss on her lips then they have an eye lock Dm looks at Santu very lovingly. Santu sees Dm's eyes are twinkled with playful mischief & she became shy she goes away some steps from him. Dm stops her by hold her hand & pulling her to him self.

He picked her up in his arms very gently and began walking to their bad. Santu shyly & conveniently wrapped her arms around DM's neck and they have eyelock.

DM laid her down on the bed. DM leans over her and putting an arms around her back. He smiled to her and softly kissed her on down corner of lips. Santu laid her hand first on his corner of shoulder then moving it towards his cheek & began softly pampers him. They have an amazing eye lock. Dm smiles & kissed her on eyes & cheeks. Than he places bunch of kisses on her lips & neck ...and fades to the next scene!!!!

("That's I want when ever one of them r angry on other without saying any word they just look at each-other's eyes & their all anger is just melting in love.").

Always remember one thing

"Love never need words for explain itself, u can understand even if it is silent".

Before u leave I want tell u just 1 things.

Have a very very very "HAPPY NEW YEAR"

May this year gives u lots of "Successes, joy, pride & love in your life".

This is 4 u all

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wow Leena04..............thanks for this lovely have done Awesome job!!!!

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Originally posted by Ayushi_01

wow Leena04..............thanks for this lovely have done Awesome job!!!!

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leena dear ur a die hard romantic
it's very nice.

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hi Leena, thks for such a gift, thks a lot, am speechless
Happy New Year too DearClap

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Wow leena.. amazing and thanks alot for the GIFTEmbarrassed

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Wishing you a very prosperous and Happy New YearHug

Thanks for the wonderful romantic gift.EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed Its mind blowing and super duper cute.Embarrassed
Love Santu and Suraj scnes, and Sanraj scene was justEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

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No words to express the scences. Thx a lot for the gift

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