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Monday 28/12/09

Thaalai's post mortem is still not over. While her SILs wait to collect
her, Vadai is making the funeral arrangements. Relatives are coming
in... Vadai's chithappa is in the car - on his way for the funeral. Vadai
calls him cries and says that Thalai's sadangu should be done in full
regalia "neenga thaan pakkathile irunthu ellam seyyanum" Chithappa
agrees. Vadai cries some more.

Aavudai and Beach - historical meeting in the Abacus School - both
meet in the corridor ( hmmm, ella important discussions um nanga
nadu theruvile thaan nadathuvOm , ipdi "in camera" meeting aa pOche -
Aavudai's dialog by Roja)
Beach wants to have a total update. Aavudai
tells him about Thalai calling Omni as 'malattu chirukki" and how he slapped
her ( we are shown the monumental watch falling !!! appO Aavudai kku watch
vizhutha thu theriyumaa?? Why did he not pick it up?? or atleast search for it?)
Aavudai is crying and talks about how much he loves his siter and how he
can not even dream of kiling her. Beach asks " does Vadai believe that you
murdered athai?" Aavudai says that it is Vadai who sent him to kambi
counting. Beach senses some foul play " ellam planned appa !!! First Sundu
frames Vadai sends you to keep me company.... avangalai summa
vida koodathu ppa" Goes on to ask "pray, what was Omni's reaction?" Aavudai
pities darling daughter " she is caught between pirantha and puguntha veedu,
what can she say?" Beach is all set to " see one hand" - the whole Vadai family.
Aavudai asks him to be patient - " I did some thing in anger and see where I am
now??? do no do the same mistake and come back here to nurse me ,ok??"
( hmm , avar veliye porathe thiri sangu sorgathile oosaladarathu... neenga ennavO -
Roja mutters )
Aavudai says that truth will prevail ( Mr.Roja happened to be around,
nursing his drink of pineapple juice - quickly quipped - oh yes, truth will prevail.
If u are lucky, in the penultimate episode - Roja gives him an appreciative look, not
bad, you are a fast learnerEmbarrassed)
And finally Aavudai says that he has to do one last seer
for his sister - "pirantha veetu kOdi thuni.... athai nee than seyyanum ( hmmm, marupadi
antha kudumbathu kitte maattanumaa?? - Roja for Beach )
Goes on to say that when
Beach goes with that seer , Vadai and Co might become violent and do an archanai
 " please be patient and finish that ritual, ok??" Beach has no option but to agree !!!

RK and saguni Thavasi gloating - RK instigates that it is Thavasi's tiruvilaiyaadal -
" 12 years of enmity and you did a grand finale??" Thavasi says that he did not
murder Thalai "she is my odan pirava sagodari, how can I kill her?" RK has a valid
Q " If u feel like this, how would Aavudai kill her?? Logic idikkuthe!!" Thavasi says
that there must be another enemy. RK says that the third enemy might soon join
them " appO unmai therinji pogum" Thavasi laughs and says " nalla kudumbam
aa project panni... how did they manage to create so many enemies?"

Amutha is crying - rest of the clan does not seem to care much. Court - Beach is
granted a bail - with some stipulations - advocate is happy. Beach leaves in his car.
Advocate calls Vadai and gladly relays the news " Vadai , though Sundu sang the
same song, Beach got bail !!! Must be his good time !" ( enna advocate sir, Thalai
news theriyaathaa?? jolly aa sirichu Vadai kitte pesaringa??" )
Vadai is very
unhappy. Thalai is home - RKO ( Round Katti Oppari)happens - relatives walking
in with garlands.  Amutha calls Bell to come with her " I was patiently waiting for
you for  so long... as my mom's SIL, you should be there, come with me" Bell says
that Beach is on the way home " avar vantha odane avar kitte kettu ttu mudivu
panren" Amutha gets angry "mudivu pannuviyaa??? By now we should be there !!"
Pearl says that such wishes can come only for people with good raasi "unakku intha
aasai ellam vara koodathu" - Vadai veet le oppari is on. Omni is crying ( Rojaaaaa,
unakku karu naakku di !!! entha nerathile Omni pathi apdi oru comment ezhuthiniyO?
Setha veet le cadavar kku close relative aa or the cadavar aa irukkanum nnu!!!
Apdiye nadakkuthu !!)
Amutha falls at Pearl's feet and asks her to order Bell "maama
vai en kooda vara sollunga" - onnum velaikki aagalai !!! Thavasi comes with a
garland - sheds crocodile tears - goes in to see Thalai - Art hugs him and cries.....
camera freezes on... uh huh enna yya doubt ungalukku?? Omni face le thaan
(Roja has a smug smile which says athaane paarthenEmbarrassed)


Tuesday Dec 29th brief updates
Oppari around Thalai's cadavre.. Asking her to see once... Amma amma.. Thavasi is looking sad and goes to crying Vadai.. CM is also crying..
Amutha begs MA and VA to ask Bell to come with her to that house.. VA tells that Amutha can better go before the corpse is taken but not expect them to come.. Bell ooks with a stern face.. She rushes outside when Beach and Solai reach there. Amudha cries leaning on Beach. Beach convinces her ask to be on the car so that everyone can go..
Beach convinces Solai and others who are opposing to go there.. MA ais really harsh on her words as if they have not otuch with them.. Beach's talks and acts was really superb.. He orders everyone to come with him in the car...
Back to the funeral house. Vadai's Chitappa come with a malai and Vadai cries to him.. Kattadurai and the ladies are make a oppari to him too..  Kattadurai informs abt the arrival of MA's relatives..  Vadai ignores them and Kirukku kalaivaani tells people from kolaikaara kudumbam has come with Maalai... CM as usual asks Kalaivaani to stop talking so.. A BGM song for Thalai with opari as Visual.. A visual treat for the viewers for New Year Bash...
AS expected Chitappa and others stress in taking the corpse as it is foul smelling and tell that the ladies will cry for week.. Thavasi asks to wait until her birht home ppl arrive with kodi thuni.. Kattadurai tells that they only killed and Vairam defends beach family.. the ppl there fight for Avudai whether they il come and whether they have done this.. They are divided into two rival groups once fighting for Avudai and one against.. Poonga (not sure what is his role in this serial), Thavasi and Vairam are the main leads to support Avudai family.. As argument continues the porandha veedu arrive in car.. CM runs to Beach to hug and cry whereas Amudha to her bro Vadai and then to her sisters who call her..
Vadai shouts and asks Beach to stop there calling him da... Sollai shouts but beach suts him up.. Again talk about who killed Thalai.. First solai take aruval and then followed by kattadurai handing it over to Vadai.. Solai and Vadai are pulled away by others in the respective groups.. beach begs them to allow to do their rights...  Kalai and Azhagammai shouts them that her mom's athma will not shanthi adanjufy if they put kodi selai... They both shout and ask them to get out..
Beach and co shocked and CM see them crying..
Oppari Thodarum...

Wednesday 30th,2009 Updates for Chellamey...............
Starts with converstaion (fight) btn beach and Vadamalai. Beach cannot control his anger. He tells that he will not go untill he does kadaisi rituals to his athai. Vadamalai barks that they have no authority since AV killed his mother. He warns AV clan to get out without doing further non-sense. CM pardons vadai to grant permit for AV clan to do the rituals. But,Vadai refuses and tells that AV clan has no Yogyata. Pearl replies that vadai is unfit for blaming her family since Sundaram is a cheater and now AV is in jail because of Vadai. She also says that inspite of all these mishaps we came to ur house. Ide periya vishayam.Vallimalai advises that For an woman porantha veedu is perusu. But, Vadamalai is not in a position to hear all these stories. He tells everybody to get out. Chellamma interferes and tells why he is barking at all of them. Vadai scolds chellamma and tells '' Unna adippe, Konniduven.....'' Seeing this Beach, Solai and Bell get furious. Beach warns vada that he will cut vadais hand if he beats chellamma.Beach tell that he knows to raise an aruval. But , because of CMs thaali he is not doing that. Vadai comes to beat beach. Again everybody comes and separates both of them. CM request AV clan to get out from their house. Solai tells Bell to bring Amudha since she is married to Bell.
Amutha is busy in Round Katta Oppari. Bell goes to Amutha and orders her to come to their house. She tells she wont. Bell tries to bring Amutha from there. Amuthas sisters warn Bell. But Bell catches Amuthas hand and tells her to come. CM tells bell to leave amutha. Vadais chittappa comes in and tells that Bell can take Amutha since she is his wife. Vadai also tells the same. But, Amuthas sisters request Vadai to let her sister be there for final rituals. Beach comes in and says that Athai is born in his house and his father loves her a lot. Beach tells that he will not go unless he does the final rituals to athai. Periya manushangal comes in advises Vadai to keep quiet till beach and co finishes final rituals. Vadai tells that they have to leave as soon as they complete the rituals. Beach and co completes RKO and leaves the place.
Athai is taken to graveyard. Police brings sundaram there. He cries and hugs vadamalai. CM and Amutha crying at the graveyard.(Far from Vadamalais oppari)
Happy NEW Year 2010

No episode today cause of New year eve!

No shows today aswell!

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Wednesday - Roja again???
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Thursday -Yeeyyyyy yipppeeeee, no serial today

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Friday - Jan 1st - free aa viduvingalaa???
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Thanks akk for the updates... Oppari episode comedy episode madhiri mathi present panadhuku romba danx....

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Hai Roja
I am prepared to write the update today. But,u have already written.
Wonderful updates. I will update the next two days. Thursday,it may not be possible.
RKO is simply superb.

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Kittykrish, u wanna take up tuesday too?? ok fine... Smile
but i will not be able to do it for thursday.. Coz i il not be available on Friday...
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thaks roja for the updates.
you had the pateince to watch this opari episode. u r really great

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