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28th Dec 2009
scene 1
Mum asked lav to help her in kitchen..she refused and goes to see tamil. asked tamil about SIL..tamil explain she is not sil..and asked her to other things...lav told tamil that she got interview card...15,000 salary per month...Tamil asked lav to stay at home until get married and tear off the interview cards...and asked lav be happy by staying in home..explain how difficult  be working girl..lav asked tamil to search that girl and bring as SIL soon...tamil refused and say he dont like her yet...and leave...
lav goes in and search for photo, and found it in Tamil's shirt. Lav took the photo and keep that shirt in cupboard and asked her mum how is this girl. mum asked to return her photo and bring lav photo..mum is not intersted at see that picture or about that girl
tamil search for  that photo in room..lav teased him and asked searching what? tamil say he looking for ash colour shirt.lav say she sends to laundry...tamil scolded her and say dont wasted washing powder...he will waer that shirt again before sends for laundry. lav smiles and say he spend much for friends and now worried abt 2 spoon of washing powder..Lav asked tamil to tell the truth...that he looking for that photo . at last tamil say he kept that photo in his pocket. and he worried that his mum will saw that photo then his image will damage. lav say forget abt image damage. then only loves blossom. lav say she will find out abt that girl soon.
Scene 2
deepa and Kalyani discuss abt thulasi. ..deepa wants to stop the marriage at any reason. Kalyani asked deepa to handle this matter smart as Velayutham is capable doing anything. some more deepa's father need license from him.Kalyani asked deepa to meet thulosi and discuss  abt the marriage. deepa say thulasi parents  wont let her to meet her. say this friday is enagement  fot thulasi and vel. Kalyani said  she will arrange their meeting..and leave from there.
Scene 3
lav at bus stop.Stops Kalyani's auto., Kalyani  offer lav lift as they going same direction .Thulasi's photo fall down in auto. deepa took it but as usual Deepa  didnt see her face...
at photo studio..lav asked abt detail abt thulasi...the photo shop staff at first refused to give details..lav  found out that he want be movie star..(smart girl ), lav say she working with Maniratham....the guy becomes like jelly, Lav add more  by saying she working in ravana project..the staf f now willing to looks for the info
say her name thulasi..and say he dont know her address but meet her few times in  temple in saidapettai...he say his name is kamalakannan..and want to act in ravana movie...asked lav phone mumber..she say she will call him..then asked her photo ...Lav got her photo FOC
while deepa and kalyani..goes to thulasi house...kalyani calls thulasi from std..pretend as vel sister...

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Tuesday Dec. 29th Update By Hiya

Kalyani calls Thulasi's house through the phone booth in front of her house.  Thulasi picks up the phone and Kalyani changes her voice to sound like Thilaga's voice, and Thulasi falls for itSmile.  Kalyani tells thulasi to give it to MM.  Thulasi calls her dad, who coems in all manly and asks who is it, very boldly, but as soon as Thulasi tells him it is Thilaga he bends down takes the phone and kai kati says "yenna ma?" ROFL(ayyo phonelaiyei ivalavu payam ennda nerrula evalavu irrukum, athum kettavan kittaD'oh) Deepa and Kalayani are all smilesBig smile and tell him that Velayudham wants him and his wife to come to their house to discuss a very important matter.  MM says "ok ma" hangs up the phone calls his wife and the duo run out the door and are off on their bike in an instant.Tongue

Deepa and Kalyani after hanging up the phone hid in the auto and waited till they saw MM and his wife out the door, before they took of to the house. (by the way while waiting for them to leave Deepa asks Kalyani how she had known sooo much about Vel's family and she tells her that the housekeeper is her neighbor and tod her al about the rotten family and the happenings in their house, Kalyani is definetly very smartThumbs Up).

As the coast was clear Deepa and kalyani entered the house and met with patti and Thulasi.  Thulasi as soon as she saw Deepa apologized for bad behavior last time she came and that she didn't mean a word she had saidCry.  Patti further tells her that even though Thulasi had scolded her she later cried her eyeballs out after she had left.  Deepa says she doesn't care for it and she only cares for Thulasi's life and that is why Kalyani and her are here, and tells Thulasi to come with her and that this is the only chance they have to save her. But Thulasi being the innocent helpless girl  refuses to do so and once again tells the three where she is coming from and how she cannot escape from this and how it would badly effectCry.  She admits that she hasn't agreed for this kalyanam with full manasuCry but it is what she has to do for the good of this family (The same family who treat her worse then a piece of old furnitureDead).  Deepa, Kalyani and Patti listen to her sad heart wrenching monologue and cry along with herCryCryCry.  Deepa tries to persuade her again but thulasi refuses and says that she is not in the position to Kanavu kanal about a prince form some country to come and save her (unknown to her of course there is someone with a sister who has a photo of her in hand searching for her!!Dancing) and she further tells them that if it isn't this velayudham there will be another velayudham (ayyo more velayuthums,  D'oh), and she sends Kalyani and Deepa out, and continues to cry helplessly.Cry

At velayudham's house Thilaga and her husband are in the living room with a man who has brought samples of wedding cards to show them, and Thilaga picks one out that plays wedding music (melam) when you open it, and tells her husband to call Vel.  He goes to Vel's room and finds him trying to get rid of his whitw moustache hair and act all youngishPinch, and he tells himself "wow for his age does he really need all this attam?" (once again loving  the subtle humorROFL)  Vel then goes downstairs and looks at the wedding card his anbulla akka had chosen and agrees that it is great.  Vel then goes many steps ahead and says that he wants to book a huge hall for the wedding and the conversation continues as MM and his wife walk in and greet them. Velayudham has a shocked faceShocked on the moment he sees them'..


Predictions for the episodes to come'.

1.       Velayudham is obviously gonna suspect Thulasi's so called kala kadhalan (our very own Tamilarasu aka Thulasi's knight in shinning armorROFL)  for the scheme of bringing MM and his wife to his house'gonna set his santhaiya puthi to work twice as hardLOL

2.       Tamilarasu may once again have to deal with Velayudham's hench men

3.       I personally want Lavanya to bump into deepa and kalyani very very very soon hopefully and somehow all three exchanges all the info they know about Thulasi, photo matter and Tamil and they set out to save Thualsi.Approve

4.       Want Tamil and Thulasi to meet again (eagerly waiting for this to happen as well)Embarrassed

5.       I also hope there is not gonna be any fighting (physical)

6.       Want a little bit more humorEmbarrassed

I am really like Kalyani and Deepa's characters as well as Lavanya's which is why I want the three to meet and devise up a funny slick way to rescue thulasi and get Tamil and Thulasi to meet. (Wonder when that will happen)Wink

Can't wait till tomorrow's episode hopefully less dragging...  

DATED 30.12.2009

Velayudham's house. Selection of wedding invitation card was going on. Vel. With vaayellam teeth selects the one which plays Nadhaswaram tune when opened. Starts discussing marriage preparation with sister &BIL. Wants to have a grand wedding as many VIP's would be attending[ Mmm  nadathu nadathu...karuppu paNathirku veLLai saayam poosu ].Enters his Mamanar/Mamiyar.....were shown the selected card.....after all customary greetings Vel's family gets to know the reason for their sudden visit.MM maintains he recd. a call on his cell from  Thilaka telling Vel. Wants to see them while Thilaka denies having made any call to them. Lo ever imaginative Vel.'s mind starts working overtime.......Vel. convinced that the anonymous caller to be Thulasi's kalla kadhalan......tension mounts.....his imagination runs wild....Thulasi being abducted by TA.....his usual shouting follows.....urges everyone to rush to Thulasi's house. Goes towards his car... changes mind & prefers  to ride on his henchman's bike to glide thru the traffic faster.

Lavanya in a photocopy center....takes 5 colour copies of Thulasi's photo [ wants to give to her friends to help them find Thulasi's address]. Calls [from a public booth] TA who is in a meeting with regional manager  discussing about debt recoveries. His cell rings...TA cuts the call....again rings....again cuts it... rings for the third time....[Aiyakku important meeting podhu cell switch off or silent modela vaikira vazhakkam kidayadhu pola]...excuses himself & goes out to take the call. Lavanya the thuppariyum Sambi[ feminine of Sambu] boasts of her detective expedition ....having found out TA's foto kanni's name....sends our hero to La La land[Nannana BGM]. Lav. Refuses to part with the info. Gets an assurance from brother to get her  a cell phone...needles him more ....tests his patience...raises his BP by prolonging the suspense....finally after much build up tells him the name. Follows it with a Thathuvam....Coffee & Kadhal has to be hot to be tasty, hence prods him take off from the work & join her in Operation Address Finding.

 TA's manager comes out& chides him for his irresponsible act of leaving during middle of an imp. meeting....warns of serious repercussions when the new manager takes over... informs him to be ready for continuation of the meeting session after lunch break. TA already in dream land wants to bid  tata/birla to the meeting...pleads with the manager to  give him half day off as he has a more imp. Mission than debt recovery  meetings.

Velayudham, the pillion rider ,on his henchman's bike does backseat driving urging the rider to speed up....guiding him left, right & centre to glide thru the traffic. His sis/bil & MM/ wife follow him in the car. Freeze on the irritated Vel.'s face as he gapes at the Red traffic signal [Vel.'s Villain] which impedes his movements.



Double delight for Sun TV prime time updaters...Thursday/ Friday chutti...ENJOY

NO episodes on Thursday and Friday cause of New Year!"!

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Post moved to where it belongs. Thanks Hiya

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Thank you everyone for updating this serial. Finally I found a serial which I like. The dialogues are nice, so far there are equal numbers of goodies v baddies and I really like the roles of the young girls.Clap
Hopefully, Thulasi's backbone will straighten.
Do anyone have the email of the director? I want to write and tell him to keeep up the good job and do not go the way Kalasam did!! Smile

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thanks for the nice updates.. Nice episode too.. Like Raghavi and Geeta's characters... Hope this serial goes in the same pace.. Not into another oppari serial...

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hope thulasi's fate will changed soon..i really want deepa, kalyani and lav meet soon. i liked kalyani and deepa very much...Lav, deepa and Kalyani really smart...hope they will save thulasi from this old wolf...

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Thanks for the lovely updates daisy & hiya. I like the gals too.
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thanks for the update guys. keep up the gd work. I hope the girls do meet up nd cum up wid a plan to save thulasi like u guys said. How long do we have to wait more until TA and Thulasi meet each other.

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Thanks Srima, more trouble for thulasi?

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