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Posted: 24 December 2009 at 11:32pm | IP Logged

edia Center

Guys we are launching our Media Center once again!!!!
And it's a MUCH better one this time!!!

Here you will find everything that is related to Pavitra Rishta, from songs played in the show to Written updates, to promos, Good Quality Videos, Fan Creations, Overview of each episode, Special Videos, SBS/SBB/ HA Links literally everything.

Ok, so let's get Started, with our new Multi-Media Center!!

This time, for each section I have included Links which are a maximum of 2 months old. So this way it's easier to find new and updated info quickly, without going through old stuff.
But if you do want to have a look at older stuff, I will be very soon adding an archive section, where you can find everything related to PR from Day 1.

Here's the list of what you will find in which post. Remember everything is in this thread, you just have to scroll down.

Every section with a has been Updated with altest videos/updates!

What You will Find                                                Scroll down to

                                                                                Post # 2
From the past 60 Days

Interviews                                                                         Post # 3
Video Links of SBS / SBB / HA covering
PR from the past 60 Days

Special Videos                                                                                Post # 4
Actors from PR in commercials,
others shows, special performances, parties etc.

Fan Creations                                                                     Post # 5
Links to all Editions of ArMan Times
Video Mixes made by fans

Fan Fictions

Audio Center                                                                                     Post # 6
Download + Online links to all songs played in the show
Title song

Written and Video Updates                                                           Post # 7
1] Links to Written Updates of Pavitra Rishta from the past 60 days
2] Direct Links to Hosting Cup for Videos of Pavitra Rishta Episodes, without adds, superb quality!
3] A Short Written Overview of what happened in each episode

Archive Section                                                                         Post # 8
Links to all the old interviews, promos and updates
*Coming Soon*

Please Have a look at each section, and give me your feedback. We want to make the Media Center, your one stop for everything. So in the near future we will be adding even more sections here, to include stuff like Articles, ArMan Scenes etc.
So please keep using this.

The Media Center will be Updated Regularly and Links to Video Updates will be added as soon as they are available.
Also, if you have other Videos which I have not added here, please post there links here, so I can add them.

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April Updates

  April 1st
Rasika further insults Damodar in the party by saying she purposely didn't arrange liquor for him as she knows he loses control after drinking.

Then Rasika takes an outrageous step. She acts felicitating Savita by presenting her with a pair of anklets. Rasika announces that Savita is a very good dancer. She urges Savita to perform Lavani (traditional dance of Maharashtra) in front of everyone. Damodar, Manav, Kaka and Archana are horrified and angry while Savita is speechless with humiliation.

Archana is unable to bear it further hence she gets angry at Rasika. She criticizes Rasika's character. Rasika tries to fight back but Archana shuts her. Archana reveals Rasika was removed as the president of the women welfare group after she and Manav took a step against her. She also points out that Rasika and Ajit are torturing Vandita. Archana leaves the party with Savita.

  April 2nd
Shravani gets furious at Archana for giving an earful to Rasika because now Rasika might torture Vandita more. Savita, however, feels Shravani should have scolded Rasika instead of Archana because Archana is not the daughter-in-law of the house.

Rasika is fuming with anger after facing humiliation from Archana. She vows to take revenge from Archana.

Savita starts respecting Archana after what she did for her. But Savita feels uneasy about this as she doesn't want to love Archana.

Manohar and Sulochana visit the Deshmukh residence. Archana and Damohar are surprised to know that Savita has called them.

Sulochana requests Savita to allow Manav to take part, along with Archana, in the preparations for Varsha's marriage. Sulochana says this is her last request for her. Savita just walks off.

  April 5th
Savita agrees to send Manav to perform his duties ahead of Varsha's marriage as the Karanjkars son-in-law. Savita's decision has been influenced by her desire to  pay back Archana for the favor that she did. Archana is left wondering by Savita's decision while Shravani is hurt.  

Manav explains to Shravani that he is just fulfilling his duty by helping Archana in the wedding preparations. Although Shravani resents Savita's decision, she agrees.

Having suffered defeat after defeat of her plans, a worried Rasika fears Vandita might create problems for them if Satish continues to torture her and she stops him from sleeping with her.

Savita points out to Damodar that she allowed Manav and Archana to help in Varsha's wedding as she wants to repay Archana for all the favors. Archana objects, asserting that she she hasn't done any favor as she considers Savita as her mother. Fighting hard against the growing fondness for Archana, Savita gets irritated at her daughter-in-law's declaration.

When Manav confronts Archana about her decision, Archana reveals she wants to look after Savita, who is depressed with the developments in Vandita's life. Will Archana succeed in winning Savita's love?

April 6th

Manav informs Savita that Archana doesn't want to go at the Karanjkar residence to help in Varsha's wedding preparations. Manav also informs that he is going to stay at the Karanjkars residence for five days in order to help in the preparations. Manav wants to carry out all the duties expected from the elder son-in-law. Savita is surprised while Shravani is heartbroken.

When Manav arrives at the Karanjkars place, Sulochana, Manohar and others are surprised not to see Archana with him. Manav informs that Archana won't be coming as she needs to take care of Savita. Although the Karanjkars are hurt by this, they don't show it and welcome Manav.

The story takes a surprise turn when Vandita arrives home. Savita, Archana and Damodar are surprised by her sudden visit. Vandita informs that Rasika has allowed her to visit them.

Suddenly, Vandita starts weeping profusely. All are stunned and confused. Vandita apologizes to Archana for slapping her the other day. Archana reveals that it was Rasika who forced Vandita to slap her. Archana consoles Vandita. She says she didn't mind the slap from Vandita. This touches Savita and her respect for Archana increases. Will Savita end her grudge against Archana?

April 7th
Satish doesn't want Bhavna to invite five hundred guests for his and Varsha's wedding as Varsha's family won't be able to bear the cost. Bhavna, however, doesn't want to compromise as Satish is her only son. As she can't reduce the guest list, she agrees to share the cost with Varsha's family.

Archana phones Manav and enquires whether Sulochana and Manohar are upset with her. Manav says he managed to convince them. Archana is sure Manav will make up for her absence.

Savita doesn't like Archana having meal alone. She asks Archana to sit with them and eat. Damodar and Kaka are surprised by Savita's respect towards Archana.

Later in the episode, Damodar asks Savita the reason for her change of behavior towards Archana. Savita explains that she cannot behave badly with someone who has done so much for Manav. She also states that she will behave with Archana just like the way she behaves with Vandita. Damodar is delighted.

April 8th
Archana feels bad for Vandita as she was being tortured by Ajit. However, Vandita consoles her saying, she was to be blamed for her suffering as she decided to marry Ajit against her will just for the sake of her family (Deshmukhs). Vandita expresses surprise at Archana going through all the trouble for Deshmukhs.

Sulochana is touched when Manav makes tea for her early morning.

On the other hand, Archana is moved when Savita offers tea to her. Savita realizes that Archana wasn't supposed to have tea before visiting the temple because of the occasion of Sankashti (festival). Archana says that even though she was aware of the special occasion, she decided to have tea as Savita had offered her tea for the first time. Savita's affection for Archana increases.

Archana and Manav bump into each other at the temple. They feel good after chatting for a while.

Later in the episode, Archana meets Satish and seeks financial help for Manav to reopen his garage. She asks Satish whether his company can help Manav financially to come out of the crisis. Although Satish's company can't help in this matter, he assures Archana to do everything for Manav as a friend. Satish praises Archana and Manav's characters as they always think about other's happiness.

April 9th
April 12th
Sulochana wants to invite the Deshmukh family for Varsha's pre-marriage function in the. However, she is hesitant as she fears Savita might refuse to come after what happened at Varsha's engagement. Varsha believes they should invite the Deshmukhs as it will give an opportunity for Archana to attend the ceremonies.

Ajit refuses to accompany Rasika to the function. Rasika wants Ajit to come with her, to witness and rejoice the breaking of Varsha and Satish's marriage.

When Varsha comes to invite the Deshmukhs, Savita refuses to attend because she was humiliated at the engagement. Varsha apologizes to Savita for that and urges her to attend. Moved by Varsha's words, Savita agrees.

Manav, Manjusha and Vaishali visit a jewelry shop to buy ornaments. Over there, a man steals a necklace but when he realizes he might get caught, he puts the necklace in Manjusha's bag. When Manjusha's bag is checked at the security, she is accused of stealing it. Manav gets angry at the salesman and asks him to check the CCTV cameras. After checking the cameras, the salesman realizes Manjusha didn't steal the necklace. He apologizes to Manjusha but that doesn't cool off Manav's anger. What will Rasika do at the function?

April 13th
Archana refuses to go to the functions ahead of Varsha's marriage as she wants to take care of Shravani. Savita believes it is important for Archana to attend the function; however, Archana manages to convince Savita.

At the function, Sulochana is surprised to see Savita, Damodar and Kaka arriving without Archana. Savita explains the reason for Archana's absence.

The story takes an interesting turn when Rasika and Ajit arrive at the function. Rasika taunts Savita by reminding her about her vow not to visit the Karanjkar residence ever again.

Manav is sure Ajit and Rasika are ill-treating Shravani. Shravani lies to him that it is not the case. Ajit overhears both of them and interrupts their conversation. He asks Shravani to go inside, to stop her from revealing anything about the harassment being faced by her.

Ajit tells Manav it would have been great if Savita had performed during Varsha and Satish's engagement. This infuriates Manav.

Sulochana apologizes to Savita for her insult during Varsha's engagement. Savita says she has forgotten all that. Savita also praises Archana. Sulochana is delighted and touched. When will Rasika and Ajit execute their plan against Varsha?

April 14th

April 15th
April 16th

April 19th

  April 20th

  April 21st

April 22nd

April 23rd
April 26th
April 27th

April 28th

April 29th
April 30th

March  Updates

What you will find here:

Written: This will have the link to a full and detailed written Update

Video:This will have the direct links(s) to very good quality Videos of PR, with no ads. It will take u directly to the Video Page. For some days the entire video is in one part and for the others it's split into different parts. But whichever way it is, it's the full episode. Videos are perfect for VM's etc.

This is from Zee TV's website, it gives an overview of what happened in the episode, so it's easier for you to find the episode which your are looking for.

March 1st
Satish and Varsha's engagement ceremony is completed. Varsha mentions to Satish that Bhavna shouldn't have called Ajit for the engagement. Varsha wants Satish to make Bhavna realize her mistake.

After the ceremony, Bhavna invites Sulochana and her family at her place for Holi celebrations. She also invites Rasika and asks her to get Ajit along. This doesn't go well with Sulochana and her family.

After Bhavna leaves, Varsha announces that she won't attend Bhavna's Holi celebration since Ajit would be present there. This angers Manjusha who asks Varsha what problem she has with Ajit. Varsha narrates that Ajit has ruined Archana's life. Both get into a heated argument, which Sulochana and Vinod are unable to stop.

Savita brainwashes Shravani into believing that Archana is playing games to snatch Manav away from her and urges her to do something to stop Archana. Shravani gives a serious thought to Savita's instructions.  

What will Shravani do? Will Ajit create another scene at the Holi celebrations?

March 2nd
Satish tells Bhavna that she shouldn't have invited Ajit to his engagement. He also criticizes Bhavna for inviting Ajit again for the Holi

Archana explains to Manav that she wasn't acting when she left Varsha's engagement abruptly with him. Manav says she doesn't need to explain as he understands her well. Savita secretly observes them. She calls Shravani to see how Archana is playing games to snatch away Manav from her (Shravani).

Shravani is infuriated to see Archana getting close to Manav in his room. She drags Archana away from Manav. An enraged Shravani tells Manav she is unable to see her fianc (Manav) getting close to Archana. Manav and Archana are speechless.

Next morning, the story takes a dramatic turn when Savita hands over the cassette, which contains Ajit's confession, to Manav and asks him to file a complaint against Ajit. However, Manav refuses to do so. Savita is hurt.

March 3rd
Manav tefuses to complain against Ajit.

Savita asks Shravani to accompany Manav for the Holi puja. Archana suggests Shravani shouldn't go for the puja since she is five months pregnant. Because of this, she won't be able to hide from others that she is pregnant. Despite this, Shravani wants to go to the puja as she doesn't care if people get to know about her pregnancy.

When Shravani and Manav are performing the puja, the neighbors notice Shravani is pregnant. Archana reveals to the neighbors that Shravani is pregnant with Sachin's child and Manav has decided to marry her. Archana requests the neighbors not to reveal this to anyone. The neighbors assure her of that.

Rasika and Ajit arrive at Satish's Holi puja. Over there, Varsha insults Ajit saying this is his last visit to this house as he won't be allowed here again. This angers Rasika. Varsha points out to Rasika that she has every right to say this as she is going to be the daughter-in-law of this house.

March 4th
The story takes a shocking turn, when police arrest Ajit. The inspector refuses to listen to Ajit and Rasika's pleadings.

Manav gets angry at Savita as he believes she complained against Ajit. However, Savita denies any hand in the incident. In fact, Savita says she felt Manav must have complained.

The inspector reveals that Vandita had complained against Ajit. The three of them are stunned. Manav admonishes Vandita for lodging the complaint. Vandita explains that Ajit deserves to be taught a lesson for causing insult to their family. Savita appreciates Vandita's decision.

Next day, during Holi celebrations, Manav and Archana apply color on each other as they are unable to control their emotions. At the same time, they also feel awkward.

March 5th
Everyone is immersed in Holi celebrations when the story takes a shocking twist and a bunch of goons kidnap Vandita. The men take Vandita to an abandoned warehouse where she sees that one of the men who kidnapped her is Ajit.

Ajit tries to rape Vandita to punish her for lodging a police complaint against him. However, Vandita uses her presence of mind and manages to flee.

Vandita reaches home and breaks down in front of her family. Manav get furious when he finds out that Ajit tried to molest his sister and rushes to the police station. But Manav is in for a shock when the police refuse to believe his story since Ajit is still behind bars.

It is later revealed that Ajit bribed a constable to let him out of the prison so that he could commit the foul act of raping Vandita.

Manav refuses to take things lying down and decides to do something about the situation. However, his father says that Ajit is just too powerful for them and even if they want they cannot harm him.

Meanwhile, another situation erupts at Archana's home, when Manjusha insists on going to her mothers home to support her in Ajit's absence. But Vinod puts his foot down and tells Manjusha that she will not leave the house.

March 8th
informs Manjusha that she has bailed out Ajit. Rasika also reveals that Vandita has accused Ajit of trying to rape her.

Satish phones Archana and informs that he has sent a photo of the incident when he had tried to rape Vandita. He asks Archana to warn Vandita to withdraw the police complaint else she will face dire consequences. Archana views the photo and is shocked.

The story takes a dramatic turn when Archana visits Ajit's place and slaps him. She scolds him for harming Vandita. Archana shows the photo to Rasika which Ajit had sent. Rasika is stunned. Archana points out that she can prove Ajit guilty as the birthmark on his wrist is clearly visible in the photo. She threatens to show the photo to the police if Ajit tries to harm Vandita again. Ajit and Rasika are speechless.

Archana shows the photo to Manav. Manav gets furious but Archana pacifies him. Archana says they can prove Ajit guilty since his birthmark is visible the photo.

March 9th
Varsha tells Bhavna, in front of others, that she doesn't want Ajit to be invited for her and Satish's marriage. Much to everyone's surprise, Bhavna accepts Varsha's demand. This infuriates Manjusha.

The story takes a dramatic turn when Ajit comes in front of Vandita near her college. He threatens to throw acid on her face. He says he will destroy her life to such an extent that she will hope for death. Ajit says he doesn't care even if Vandita complains about him to Manav. Lastly, Ajit tells Vandita he will meet her again soon.

A petrified and traumatized Vandita reveals to Archana about her incident with Ajit. Archana is shocked. She consoles Vandita.

Later in the episode, Archana prays to God as she is confused whether she should complain against Ajit or not. If she complains, Vandita will be humiliated and if she doesn't, then Ajit will continue to trouble her. She asks for an answer from God.

March 10th
Manjusha tells Vinod she is annoyed as Varsha doesn't want Ajit to attend her (Varsha) wedding. Manjusha gets angrier as Vinod supports Varsha and criticizes Ajit's character. Manjusha taunts about Varsha's past affair with her boss Ashwin. An enraged Vinod slaps Manjusha.

Manjusha informs Rasika and Ajit about the incident with Vinod. This infuriates Rasika and Ajit. Rasika decides to teach Vinod a lesson with the help of women activists.

Manav brings new clothes for everyone, including Archana, on Gudi Padwa (Marathi New Year). Savita doesn't like this but Damodar appreciates it.

The story takes a dramatic turn when Vinod gets to know that Manjusha has complained against him to women's activists. He is summoned by the group. Sulochana is heartbroken by the growing problems between Vinod and Manjusha.

March 11th
Ajit misbehaves with Savita after he bumps into her in the market. Savita gets into a verbal and physical fight with him. Varsha arrives and gives an earful to Ajit. She threatens to expose his character in front of everyone. Savita spits on Ajit. Although Ajit is furious, he is forced to leave.

Vinod is called to a women welfare organization after Manjusha complains against him. Over there, Vinod says he regrets slapping Manjusha. He apologizes to her for the act. Manjusha is moved by Vinod's gesture and she forgives him. This doesn't go well with Rasika.

Rasika wants Ajit to go to America next day as she is annoyed by his antics. She wants Ajit to go away before his true nature gets exposed in front of everyone. Although Ajit is surprised, he agrees. However, he refuses to leave on the next day as he wishes to spend time with Savita on the occasion of Gudi Padawa. Actually, Ajit is eager to spoil Archana and Manav's day on Gudi Padawa.

March 12th
Archana reveals to Manav how Ajit threatened to pour acid on Vandita. Manav gets furious at Archana for not revealing about it before. He vows to take revenge from Ajit for this.

Rasika is annoyed at Manjusha for forgiving Vinod so easily. Manjusha says she couldn't see Vinod pleading for forgiveness. Just then, Manav storms into the house and starts bashing up Ajit. Rasika and Manjusha are horrified. Manjusha begs Manav to stop. She apologizes to Manav on Ajit's behalf and assures that Ajit won't trouble Vandita ever again. Manav leaves him.

Savita scolds Manav for beating Ajit. She also gets angry at Archana for revealing to Manav about Ajit's act. Savita announces that Vandita won't go to college the next day for the Gudi Padawa function as Ajit might trouble her again. However, Manav states they all will go with Vandita to the college. He is sure Ajit won't be able to do anything.

March 13th
Things go from bad to worse for Vandita as Ajit distributes pictures of him molesting her during Holi. Archana rushes to Vandita's help, while Manav takes on Ajit.

Archana rushes to the women's organisation of which Rasika is the president and accuses Ajit of maligning Vandita. Rasika feels the heat when influential members of the organisation ask Rasika to take action against Ajit.

Unable to bear the insult, Vandita slips away from home at night. Archana observes Vandita and runs after her, asking her to stop. Manav hears the commotion and follows them. Vandita jumps into a pond to commit suicide. Archana jumps after Vandita to save her. Manav follows suit. Manav manages to save Archana and Vandita.

Satish and his parents arrive at the Karanjkar home to wish them on the occasion of Gudi Padwa. Ajit is also in a celebratory mood and calls Manjusha to wish her. However, her happiness vanishes when her effort to get Vinod to talk to Ajit fails.

Manav thanks Archana for taking care of Vandita when she faced problems because of Ajit. Manav regrets his actions but Archana assures him that even if they are set to separate in a month, their relation will continue. In view of the threat from Ajit, the Deshmukhs and Archana decide to accompany Vandita to the college function.

Shock is in store for everyone as Ajit comes to the college function and creates a scene. In front of the assembled public, he announces to have raped Vandita. Other than her family, no one realizes that it is a lie fabricated by Ajit to malign Vandita's name.

March 15th
Varsha, Sulochana and their family are shocked after reading a report in the newspaper about Vandita trying to commit suicide.

Varsha and Sulochana visit Savita's place to express their sympathies. However, Archana doesn't allow Varsha and Sulochana to enter the house. As Sulochana had ordered Savita and her family to leave Varsha's engagement, Archana feels it is not right for Sulochana to come here. Sulochana and Varsha leave.

Archana suggests to Manav that they should take the help of women's activists to punish Ajit for torturing Vandita. Manav is skeptical; however, he agrees at Archana's insistence.

When Manav and Archana visit the office of the women welfare group, Rasika refuses to accept that Ajit abetted Vandita's suicide attempt. However, other members take Archana's side and accuse Rasika of protecting her son. The members also decide that Rasika should step down from the president's post until the matter is solved.

March 16th
Manav asks Archana not to reveal to anyone at home about their visit to the women welfare group.

Shravani is angry to see Manav and Archana returning home together. She makes it clear to Manav that she feels pain on seeing him with Archana as she loves him a lot. Archana overhears Shravani and feels hurt.

Savita phones her friends Vasudha and Priyanka to ask whether they found a match for Vandita. Both of them inform Savita that it won't be possible to find match for Vandita because of her humiliation by Satish and also because of her suicide attempt. Savita is heartbroken.

Archana warns Rasika to take the right decision regarding the case of Ajit else she will make life hell for him with the help of the women welfare group. Rasika is infuriated.

March 17th

March 18th

March 19
Video: http://ttp://

March 22

March 23

March 24

March 25

March 26

March 29

March 30

March 31

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Video and Written Updates Archieve!!

What you will find here:

Written: This will have the link to a full and detailed written Update

Video:This will have the direct links(s) to very good quality Videos of PR, with no ads. It will take u directly to the Video Page. For some days the entire video is in one part and for the others it's split into different parts. But whichever way it is, it's the full episode. Videos are perfect for VM's etc.

Overview: This is from Zee TV's website, it gives an overview of what happened in the episode, so it's easier for you to find the episode which your are looking for.

February 1st

Manav applies sindoor on Shravani's forehead as part of his efforts to make Archana hate him. Manav takes the decision believing that his love should be sacrificed before his responsibility for Sachin's child and to his family. Savita is pleased by Manav's act while Archana is shocked.

Still hopeful of reuniting Manav and Archana, Damodar informs Savita about the consequences of people seeing her with the sindoor on her forehead. Savita falls for the trap and requests Shravani to wipe away the sindoor mark from her forehead before attending the feast on the occasion of Sachin's birthday.

Archana tries to help out in the kitchen. However, Savita gets furious and drags Archana out. Even though Damodar tries to intervene, Savita refuses to back off.

February 2nd

Sulochana arrives at Manav's place to meet Archana . Savita gets angry at Sulochana for coming to her home. However, Manav tells Savita that they should not interfere in Archana's matters as they don't have any relation with her now. Manav's words shock Sulochana.

Sulochana orders Archana to return home because of Manav and Savita's behavior. Archana points out that if she returns, Manjusha will complain against Manav's family for breaking court's orders. Archana assures Sulochana she will manage to stay there till three months, as ordered by the court.

Later in the episode, Damodar asks Archana to serve meal to Manav. This worries Archana as Savita has banned her from entering the kitchen. Damodar assures he will make sure there won't be a problem. However, when Archana serves meal to Manav, he refuses to eat. Archana is hurt.

February 3rd

Sulochana arrives at Rasika's home. When Manjusha reiterates her decision not to return because of Archana; Sulochana reveals she has come only to warn Manjusha and Rasika about her decision to lodge a complaint against Ajit for ruining Archana's life. Rasika and Manjusha are gripped with fear on hearing Sulochana.

Varsha informs Satish that she is finally ready to marry him. However, she points out that she has decided to marry him just because she doesn't want to disappoint Sulochana, Manohar and Archana. Therefore, this marriage is just a compromise for Varsha. Despite this, Satish is ready to marry Varsha as he is sure their marriage will be successful.

Rasika asks Manjusha to return to her in-laws so that she can get Vinod on her side. She also asks Manjusha to take advantage of her pregnancy to win over Vinod.

While hanging clothes to dry, Archana falls from the balcony after a child pushes her accidentally. A horrified Manav and Tarun rush to her aid on witnessing the incident.

February 4th

Manav panicks after Achana falls from the balcony . The doctor summoned by Manav assures that Archana's condition is not serious though she is wounded. Savita resents Manav's concern for Archana. Manav explains to Savita that he is doing this just out of humanity and not because Archana is his wife.

Sulochana and Manohar rush to see Archana after hearing about her accident. Sulochana wants Archana to return home; however, she realizes it is not possible considering her condition. Sulochana requests Damodar to allow Vaishali to stay with Archana to take care of her. Damodar agrees.

At night, Savita asks Vaishali to return home. Though Manav objects to Savita's decision, Vaishali decides to return home as she is scared of Savita.

Sulochana is annoyed at Vaishali's return as she is worried about Archana's safety.

February 5th

An injured Archana slips and falls done while attempting to reach the bathroom. Savita hears her groaning and helps her to get up and use the bathroom.

Archana complains of leg pain after which, Savita remembers Manav saying that it is their duty to help Archana. Manav is touched after seeing Savita changing Archana's bandage. Manav feels that if Savita had been concerned about Archana earlier, then circumstances would have been different.

The next day, the Karanjkar family visits Archana. Damodar informs Sulochana that there is no need to worry as Archana is recovering. Vinod asks for forgiveness from Archana for his behavior towards her.

February 8th

Sulochana thanks Savita for taking care of Archana.

Satish's father and Bhavna decide an early date for Satish and Varsha's marriage. Although Varsha is not willing to marry Satish, she agrees.

Acting on Rasika's plan, Manjusha returns home with Punni. Sulochana is delighted by it. She assures Manjusha that she will have no problems here.

Damodar sends Archana with Manav to the temple. At first, Manav refuses as she has not completely recovered from the accident. However, Manav agrees after Damodar insists. When they reach the temple, Archana starts feeling pain. Manav helps her. Manav and Archana feel awkward when they enter the temple holding hands.

February 9th

In the temple, the priest mistakes Archana and Manav to be a married couple. The priest scolds Archana for entering the temple without sindoor and mangalsutra. He asks Manav to apply sindoor on Archana's forehead. Manav is forced to obey.

When Archana and Manav return home, Savita gets angry on observing the sindoor on Archana's forehead. Savita pours water on Archana's forehead and forces her to wipe away the sindoor. Savita accuses Archana of playing games to reunite with Manav.

Manjusha feigns regret in front of Sulochana. She pleads with Sulochana not to lodge police complaint against Ajit. Manjusha assures Sulochana that Ajit will accept any punishment she awards. This melts Sulochana's heart and she agrees.

Later in the episode, Savita tries to instigate Shravani by informing her that Archana went to the temple with Manav and also forced him to apply sindoor on her head.

February 10th

Shravani elicits an assurance from Archana that she will divorce Manav after the court stipulated period of three months. Archana is hurt further when Shravani advises her to strengthen herself to stay away from Manav.

Further earth shattering news comes Archana's way. Girish informs Manav about an urgent trip to America and compels him to get engaged to Shravani. A stunned Manav agrees. Manav's decision leaves Damodar disappointed while Archana plunges into depression.

Unable to bear the sight of Manav getting engaged to Shravani, Archana expresses the desire to go to her parent's house for a day.

Archana's sudden arrival at the Karanjkar home leads Varsha and Vaishali to smell a rat. Varsha phones Manav and asks him the reason for Archana's return. Manav somehow manages to reveal that it is because he is getting engaged to Shravani in the evening. Varsha is speechless.

Will Manav get engaged to Shravani?

February 11th

Varsha and Vaishali are about to enter Manav's house to stop his engagement with Shravani. However, Archana, who followed Varsha and Vaishali, stops them from doing such a thing.

As Varsha doesn't budge, Archana gets angry at her. Archana also decides to stay at Manav's place until his engagement is over. Finally, Varsha and Vaishali have to return home.

Sulochana gets furious at Varsha and Vaishali for their act. Sulochana feels now they just can't stop Manav and Shravani's engagement. Sulochana is also angry because it is because of Varsha and Vaishali that Archana is forced to witness Manav's engagement.

Savita hasn't informed her neighbors about the engagement. However, looking at the hustle and bustle, the neighbors realize there's a function at Manav's place. They decide to find out.

When the ceremony starts, Archana is heartbroken to see Manav getting engaged to Shravani.

February 12th

Manav gets engaged to Shravani Savita's act of getting Manv engaged to Shravani within six months of Sachin's death and while Archana is in the house shocks her neighbors. They make their displeasure clear and question Savita about her decisions.

Savita ignores their questions and shuts the door. However, the neighbors refuse to relent and continue their questions while standing outside the door.

The story takes a surprise twist as Archana opens the door and tells the neighbors that they need not meddle in their family's matter and when she does not have a problem with Manav's marriage, they shouldn't either.

But instead of realizing that Archana helped her out, Savita ridicules her for trying to prove that she has a big heart and humiliates her. She even insults Archana when she gives Sharavani a gift for her engagement.

However, Manav refuses to remain silent anymore and tells Savita that she must realize that Archana is only trying to help her and she must stop making a mountain of a molehill everytime Archana does something.

February 15th

Deshmukh family is showered with happiness on the occasion of Damodar and Savita's marriage anniversary. Shravani nostalgically recalls Sachin's excitement each year while celebrating the marriage anniversary of his parents. Shravani decides to hold a function this year too.

Vandita apologizes to Archana for misunderstanding her. Archana consoles a distraught Vandita and says she never felt bad because of her.

Vandita tells Archana she is sure nobody is going to attend the function because of the ugly scene that took place during Manav and Shravani's engagement.

Archana doesn't lose hope and she invites their neighbors. However, the neighbors are apprehensive about attending as they are sure Savita will create another scene. Archana assures them that such a thing won't happen again. Hence, the neighbors agree to attend.

Will Savita behave properly with the neighbors?

February 16th

Manohar, Sulochana and Punni attend Damodar and Savita's marriage anniversary function However, Damodar isn't attending the function as he has gone to Kolhapur for a stage performance.

Festivities come to a sudden halt when Tarun learns about serial bomb blasts in Mumbai. When they see the news on TV, they get to know that one of the blasts took place in the train in which Damodar is travelling.

Savita, Vandita and others are devastated as they believe Damodar is dead. However, Manohar asks Manav to go to the hospital and ascertain the truth before jumping to any conclusion. Manav, Tarun and Kaka rush to the hospital but they don't find Damodar there. Manav decides to go to the station to find out in which compartment the blast took place.

Manav takes Vinod's help in finding the information. After going through the passenger list, a disappointed Vinod informs Manav that the blast took place in Damodar's compartment. Manav is speechless.

February 17th

Manav plunges into depression after his attempts to trace Damodar fail to make any headway. He vents his fury at a journalist for showing insensitivity towards a relative of the blast victim.

Archana and others watch the scene on TV. A worried Archana rushes to Thane station to be at the side of Manav.

The story takes a dramatic turn when Damodar comes out of his drunken stupor and finds himself at Thane station. Confused, Damodar recalls how he got drunk and lost consciousness and failed to board the train. Damodar returns home much to the relief and delight of everyone. Damodar reveals how he got drunk and missed the train. Savita thanks God.

Vandita informs Manav about Damodar's return. An ecstatic Manav hugs Archana. He disengages himself after realizing that he had hugged Archana, whom he is all set to divorce.

February 18th

Damodar is devastated on learning that most of the artists belonging to his troupe were killed in the bomb blasts.

Sulochana informs her family about the change in Manav: he has been behaving well with Archana nowadays. Manjusha doesn't like this but Varsha and Vaishali are glad to know that.

Satish's father requests Sulochana and Manohar to get Satish and Varsha engaged after two days. Sulochana and Manohar agree.

Grateful for Damodar's providential escape, Savita plans to hold a satyanarayan puja (ritual). Savita wants Manav and Shravani to sit for the puja. Although Manav doesn't like this, he agrees for it. However, Archana is hurt at the thought of Manav sitting in the puja with Shravani.

February 19th

Damodar prays to God to prevent Shravani and Manav from performing the satyanaraya puja.

The story takes an interesting turn as Damodar's prayers are answered. Savita receives a call from an insurance company. The company executive informs her that she will receive Rs 7.50 lakh because of Sachin's accidental death. Savita is amazed and excited. The executive asks Savita to send Shravani to collect the money as her name is mentioned in the policy.

Manohar and Sulochana invite Savita and her family for Varsha and Satish's engagement.

Damodar wants Archana to sit for the puja with Manav if Shravani is not able to return in time. Although Savita is angry to hear this, she doesn't mind because she is going to receive a large amount. Savita is also sure that Manav and Archana will not get reunited by just sitting in one puja.

Will Archana and Manav's relationship get a booster after sitting in the Satyanarayan Puja?

February 22nd

Shravani returns home when the satyanarayan puja is going on. She is disappointed to see Archana performing the puja with Manav.

Savita exploits the opportunity to widen the rift between Shravani and Archana. She lies to Shravani that Archana took advantage of her absence to sit for the puja with Manav. Shravani feels bad. Though unhappy about Archana sitting for the puja, Savita chooses to dismiss it as she is ecstatic after Shravani brings the cheque of Rs 7.50 lakh.

Archana tells Savita she wishes to go home to prepare for Varsha's engagement. Savita says she wishes the engagement ceremony continues for two months so that Archana doesn't have to return here.

When Archana returns home, she is surprised by Varsha's strange behavior. When she enquires, Vaishali reveals that Varsha is unhappy about marrying Satish. Vaishali says Varsha is going ahead only because she doesn't want to disappoint Sulochana and Manohar. Archana is worried.

Will Archana cancel Varsha and Satish's engagement?

February 23rd

 Archana convinces Varsha to marry Satish. Archana's words have the intended effect and the doubts and reservations harbored by Varsha about the marriage, vanish.

Sulochana visits Rasika's house to invite her for Varsha and Satish's engagement. Over there, Sulochana learns about Ajit's return to India. When Rasika says she will attend the ceremony with Ajit, Sulochana says she doesn't want Ajit to attend.

When Bhavna visits Rasika's house to invite for the engagement, Rasika and Ajit explain their inability to attend the function citing Sulochana's disapproval. However, Bhavna insists on Ajit attending the function and assures him of making sure that Sulochana doesn't behave badly with him.

Manav informs Shravani that he wishes to attend Varsha's engagement but only if she approves. Shravani readily agrees and holds his hand to show her consent. Archana is hurt on observing Shravani and Manav's intimacy.

February 24th

Rasika informs Manjusha that she and Ajit will attend Varsha's engagement. Rasika is sure Sulochana and her family will be forced to welcome her and Ajit since they have been invited by the groom's family.

Manav arrives at Archana's place to help her family prepare for Varsha and Satish's engagement. Although Archana's family is surprised by his visit, they welcome him.

Shravani tells Vandita that she feels hurt whenever Manav does something for Archana. The story takes a dramatic turn as Shravani confesses to Vandita that she has fallen in love with Manav. Vandita is stunned.

Later in the episode, Archana asks Manav whether she can put sindoor on her head during the engagement. This is because; the guests are unaware that Manav and Archana have separated. Manav agrees but reminds Archana that it would be another charade to hide the truth from others just like the satyanarayan puja. Archana is hurt.

February 25th

Manohar and Sulochana present new clothes to Manav. Manav refuses to accept it. Manohar tells him that although they don't know what is going to happen in the future, right now he is still their son-in-law. Sulochana wants Manav to accept it as their blessing. Now, Manav couldn't refuse. Manohar requests Manav to wear the new clothes at Varsha's engagement.

Varsha and Satish's engagement ceremony begins. Rasika arrives. She insults and taunts Archana for her marriage with Manav going kaput. This hurts Archana while it annoys Manav and Vaishali.

Savita and Damodar too arrive at the function. Savita is angry to see Manav present over there as Manav had told her he has a lot of work in the garage. She scolds Manav.

Just then, Ajit enters. All are stunned to see him. Rasika tells Sulochana that Ajit is here since Bhavna wanted him to attend.

February 26th

During Varsha and Satish's engagement, Ajit ridicules Savita by questioning her about her experience in jail. A livid Savita has a tiff with Ajit.

Bhavna scolds Savita for insulting her guest and then announces that, the engagement will take place only after Savita asks for forgiveness from Ajit. When Savita refuses to do so, Ajit insults her yet again. Manav gets angry seeing this after which Ajit and Manav have a physical fight.

Sulochana then orders Manav and his family to leave the house. Everyone is shocked after Archana also decides to leave by saying that she is hurt because her in-laws have been insulted.

Savita refuses to allow Archana to enter the Deshmukh house. She then says that she will let her enter only on one condition.

February 27th



February 28th



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Saas Bahu Saazish, Saas Bahu Betiyaan, House Arrest Videos
From the last 60 days

Latest Video on Youtube

SBB - Pavitra Rishta Team have fun ( 10 Feb) Funny SavitaLOLLOL

Kahani Serial Ki - Ankita ans Sushant talk about Valentines day (10 Feb)

House Arrest - Manav and Archana reherse for Zee Rishtey Awards (10 Feb)

SBS - Feb 9th

SBS - Pavitra Rishta Team plays Cricket (4 Feb)

SBB - Pavitra Rishta team shooting for Zee Rishtey Awards Special Episode + cricket match! (4th Feb)

SBS - Archana and Manav have fun (3 Feb) Good!!

SBS / SBB - Archana and Manav perform Choti Bahu (1 Feb) Good!!

SBS - Comedy segment with Manav (1 Feb)

SBB - Archana and Manav's home remedies (1 Feb)

SBS /SBB - Archana shoots for her stunt sequence (29 Jan) Funny

SBS / SBB Suhant's Birthday Party!! Both are awesome videos (25 Jan)

SBB - Aaai gives her ultimatum! (25 Jan)

SBS - Aayi gives 3 hours period to Archana to Report Manjusha (22 Jan) Funny!

SBB - Eclipse Special (15th 2010)

SBS - Archana and Manav Celebrate Makar Sankranti (14th Jan) Good!Thumbs Up

SBB -  Archana and her sisters have fun with Popcorn (11th Jan)

SBS - Savita Kicka Archana out of the house (11th Jan) FunnyLOL

SBB - Archana knows the truth ( 7th Jan )

SBS - Winter Special ( 4th Jan 2010 ) FunnyLOL

SBS - Best Serials of 2009 (31st Dec 2009)

SBB - Discussion of Future Tracks (28th Dec)

SBS -Pavitra Rishta get's awards from SBS Team (25th Dec)

SBS - Christmas Special with Pavitra Rishta Team (25 Dec) @ 2min

SBS - On the Sets of Pavitra Rishta (23rd Dec)

SBS - Shooting Sachin's death scenes - Funny (21 Dec) @ 7 min

SBB - Sachin dead, Manav blames Archana - 18 December

SBS - Sachin in Hospital - Funny  (16 Dec)

IBN - Manav and Archana Interview each other (13th Dec)

SBS - Manav's family out of Jail + Funny interviews of Savita, SulochanaLOL (9 Dec)

SBS - Maha Episode Preparation + Archana's parents Anniversary (3 Dec)

SBS/SBB - Manav and Archana's Dance rehearsal for ITA Awards (25 Nov)

SBS - Funny Interviews of Manav - Archana -Shravani (19th Nov)

SBS/SBB - Pavitra Rishta ki Ramayan in Agle Janam (20th Nov)
20th Nov-SBS&SBB-PavitraRishta Segment-HQVideo/Pic

HA - Interview and doing Pooja (18th Nov)

SBS - Ajab Manav ki Ghajab prem Kahani (9th Nov)

SBS - Manav ki pasand Gharwali ya Baharwali (9th Nov)
Manav ki pasand gharwali ya baharwali ?? - SBS
Youtube -

U Me aur Hum TV - Sushant and Ankita in Love? (7th Nov)

SBS - Sushant and Ankita funny act (3rd Nov)

SBS/SBB - Funny Segment (2 Nov)

SBB/SBS - Cute Manav and Archana Segment

SBS - Offscreen, Manav and Archana talk about their divorce (2nd Nov)

SBS - Archana's Interview - Favorite Snacks (27th Oct) @ 3min

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What's Here?
Videos of Pavitra Rishta Star Cast in other shows, dance performances, awards, commercials etc.

***Latest Featured Video***
Sushant and Ankita Perform in Laughter Ke Phatke (Dance Performance)

Sushant and Ankita Perform in Laughter ke Phatke (Jan 1)

Ankita Performs on the song Shut and Bounce! in Telly wards (31 Dec)

Sushant performs with Bidaai actor Sara Khan in Telly Awards (31 Dec)

Sushant and Ankita Perform at the Indian Television Academy  Awards (13th Dec)

Savita Performs as Ravan in Agle Janam (23rd Nov)

Archana and Manav Play Ram-Sita in Agle Janam (20th Nov)

Archana and Manav on the Ramp (16th Nov)

Archana's Performance in SRGMP Lil Champs on Raat ke Dhai Baje

Archana prepares to perform in SRGMP Lil Champs

Archana and Manav perform in Choti Bahu Janmashtami Special

Sushant and Abigail perform in the new Talent Awards (July 09)


If you have or find any other Video in which PR Actors have done some special Performance, then Please Post the Links here so we can add it.

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Video Mixes

Note to all VM makers
Youtube removes any content related to Zee TV due to copy right, but you can still have your VM added on there if you take these precautions:

1. On Youtube, add Zee Tv's channel as your friend, and also subscribe to their channel:

2. In your Video mix, you can put tags and description such as Pavitra Rishta, ArMan, but also in the description put something like this:no copy right infringement intended

I use the above two steps, and my Videos are never removed from youtube. So please do it. And please do load your VM's on Youtube as it's available to a much wider audience there.

Also Please Use the Videos that I have included below in the Updates Post for your VM's, as they have no logos, easy to download and superb quality.

Feature ArMan VM Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna : Aartifarty


Video Mixes Galleries
Leo's ArMan VM Centre

Please Post Links to your Video Mix, if it's not here. And whenever you make a new VM, please do post the link here so we can Update it.

ArMan Times

ArMan Times is a Newsletter which is Published by a very dedicated team of members here on I-F. In each edition, there are sections like Jokes, Reviews, Best Scenes, Dialogues and tons of other great Stuff!! It's a MUST Checkout!

ArMan Times - Edition 8

ArMan Times - Edition 7

ArMan Times - Edition 6

ArMan Times - Edition 5

ArMan Times - Edition 4

ArMan Times - Edition 3

ArMan Times - Edition 2

ArMan Times - Edition 1

Fan Fictions

FF - Judwaa Part 1-3
FF: Judwaa Part 4   By: Jamune

FF - Koshish  By: Addiction

FF - Pavitra Rishta  By: Thamizhan

FF - Tanha Safar  By: Dr. Smart

If you would like to have links to your FF's added here then please post it here.

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Title Song

Title Track Video (Download)

Title Track Audio (Download)

ArMan (Background Music)from the movie Love, Saathiya Yeh Tune Kya Kiya

If you would like to have links to songs that are played in the shows, then please let us know about it here. We will upload it.

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