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Khwabon Ki Manzil?new mini AR ff-epilogue

crazy4KASH_AR IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 22 December 2009 at 11:56pm | IP Logged
KHWABON KI MANZIL??????????????
Well as for as the introduction of characters u'll come to know as the story proceeds.Guys I wud really appreciate ur comments.Plz do read this ff as it will really touch ur hearts.This ff really needs ur interest n support.I hope u'll like it!!I apologise for the spelling mistakes in advance as I'm an instant writer n I really don't get time to re-read n edit my post!I hope u people will understand.
Part 1,2- Page1
Part 2,3-Page 2
Part 4,5-Page3
Part6 -Page 4
Part 7- Page 7
PART 8- Page 9
Epilogue-Page 11

MY other ffs:
Khamoshi: a mini AR ff

Teri Aarzoo Hai Sanam: one shot AR ff

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crazy4KASH_AR IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 25 October 2008
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Posted: 22 December 2009 at 11:58pm | IP Logged

Dear diary,
aaj mainay itnay saalon kay baad tumhain yaad kiya.I'm sorry par kya
karoon main apni har feelings tumsay share karti thi lekin class 10th
kay baad meri duniya hi badal gayi.jab hum alag huey fir meri himmat
hi nahin hui ki main tumsay dobara baat kar sakoon lekin kal kal meri
shaadi hai.Aaj itni nervousness ho rahi thi ki tumhain yaad kiye bina
mujhey chain nahin milta.kitna kuch bataya hai na mainey tumhain.tum
hi toh mere dil ki saari baatein janti thi.awe I missed u sooooooo dekhoon toh mainey kya kya likha hai ek baar.
She turned around the pages from the beginning.

It was a lovely diary .It had her photo at the cover page wid a border
of flowers .HEr name was written at the right corner in the
bottomline-Riddhima Gupta where she added Doctor in the beginning a
little later .

Inside on the first page was written :
"And in the end its not the years in ur life that matters but its only
the life in ur years which matters."
" To meet and depart is the way of life but to depart and meet is
the hope of life."

These two lines were written in the middle of the page in block letters
while the rest of the page was lined by a beautiful border.

She traced the words she had written long time ago.She had started
writing diary from class 5th but the front three pages she had left
blank n had completed them after class 10th.She had decorated her
diary in a very attractive n unique manner.
On the second page there was a group photograph on class 10th.
She didn't know wen tears filled up her eyes .She touched dat
photograph wid so much luv dat it seemed dat she was actually
meeting all her classmates.Then she saw him.She tuk the diary n kept
it close 2 her heart.Many salty streams were flowing thru her
cheeks. Wiping her tears she again lukd at her diary n turned the pages
memorising her childhood n then her entry in adolescence in class 8th.
She remembered her best frind Nidhi Sinha n the wonderful time they
had spent together.
Then she finaly reached the pages where the turning point of her life
began.It was class 10th.She had a habit of writing on a plane page the class in which she is n then in the forthcoming pages she wud describe the events in year.
Now she was looking at the well decorated page pf class 10th.Next
pages had all her sweet n better memories.She had not written a single
thing.just every day she had put the date n made a smiley of smile
or sad or embarass or frown.Those pages had the essence of her tears still after 9 years.Those pages had her soaked tears......................

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crazy4KASH_AR IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 23 December 2009 at 12:02am | IP Logged

Her mind drifted to the events of class 10th.At an instant she started
writing watever she cud recollect for the first time for her experiences in class 10th.

Class 10th.
It was the first day of school 2nd April 2000.

All the students were soooooooooooo excited as it was the first day of school .main bhi kitni khush thi after all 2 yrs kay seperation kay baad main aur Nidhi fir se ek hi section main jo hongay.
Nidhi hurriedly came n hugged me.Diary tumhain toh pata hi hoga a.chalokhair fir assembly kay baad attendance hui aur attendance kay waqt Roll No. 9 Peter Jones.
Diary tumhain paa hai naki hamari individual seats hua karti theen sirf 10th aur 12th main.main aur Nidhi fir bhi aagay peechay mud mud kar beetein kar rahay they.main aagay baithi thi aur woh peechey.lekin fir achanak roll no. 9 ki awaaz sun kar main chaunk uthi.pata nahin kya tha us awaaz main ki mainay pehli baar apni life mein kisi ladkay ko gaur se dekhnay ki koshish ki .o wow!! he was soooooooooo handsum n the decency in his voice appealed me even more. Wait a minute can u believe I was thinking like the other girl who usually flirt wid the boys. tum toh janti ho na main aur Nidhi hum sab kay hi achey dost they lekin issey zyada kabhi kuch nahin .har ladkay say hum baat kar letey they lekin na unlogon nay aur na hi humnay koi aur cheez hamaray friendship kay beech aanay di .isliye hi toh hum best studnts they.Nidhi scored first n I second positions.But its surprising na I was never jealous of her.We always had a healthy competition.
anyways main kahan thi haan woh Peter I just cud not keep my thoughts away from him the whole day.I noticed the way he talked ,his gestures,his expressions n everything.
Nidhi found me lost n asked wat happened.
I just said nothing.
Later I asked her if he was a new cumour but Nidhi said dat like me he joined in class 4th unlike us who were here in St. Basil's school
since kgs. I told her dat I never noticed him .She told me dat he was aways
in opposite section of us dats why.This is the first time we share the same section 2geher.I asked her chuckling slightly dat" yaar
tujey bada pata hai sab ladkon kay baaray mein."
She shaked her head n said" haan main boys se bhi baat kar leti hoon kehnay ko tu sabsay baat toh kar leti hai lekin limited ladkon aur
ladkiyon ko janti hai.kitnon kay toh tujhey abhi bhi naam yaad nahin hongay."
I said: "fir mainay kaha haan yaar yeh toh hai arey yaar jitnay logon secontacts rakho utni hi baatein kam log kam tension."
She replied bak "really lekin jab bhi koi problem mein hota hai na toh woh tumharay paas zaroor aata hai infact mujhsay bhi pehlay."
I told her" han woh toh hai yeh baat mujhey bhi smajh mein nahin aati shayad woh hamein social worker samajhtay hongay" Saying this v both began 2 laugh.
Then I again got bak 2 the main topic n learned from her dat he has come 2 Lucknow n is a very gud student also. In 3-4 days for the
first time I got 2 interact wid him in the interval time.
Shobhit my classmate came to me n Nidhi n asked abt our holidays.He had brought Peter wid him too.
We talked to Shobhit n then I said hi to him.
U know diary his smile lit hundreds of bulbs i my heart.I felt like I was in luv wid him.yes It was luv at first ight.Then we talked n he told me that i n the last 2 yrs he had shared the same section wid Nidhi n dats why Nidhi knew abt him.He asked me .I still remember his words expressions everything:
"kya tum school choir mein ho"
I replied proudly "hmm I can sing well n am in the lead."
PETER "wow dats gr8 kabhi hamein bhi gana sunana"
I said" anytime u wish"
Just them the stupid bell rung n the interval was over v returned bak to our class.Luckily our seats were arranged by now n he was sitting in the next row of mine .Adjacent to me was Rahul.Behind him was Shobhit n next was the man whom I luv.
pata hai diary main kuch din tak yahi sochti rahi ki yeh infauation toh nahin hai lekin fir mujhey yaqeen ho gaya ki yeh pyaaar hi hai.CAn u imagine woh ladki jo pyaar mein believe hi nahin karti thi usey pyaar ho gaya aur woh bhi pehli nazar main.
pata hai man kitni khush thi bewajah muskurati rehti thi.Kal Ho Na Ho ka woh gana mera fav ba gaya jo Priety par picturise hua tha :
kuch toh hua hai
kuch ho gaya hai
I used to hummm this song many times a day!!
Days passed by n I discovered him more.

so tell me guys how was it..............................
Plzz do reply ur views abt this effort of mine.

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Norz IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 23 December 2009 at 12:02am | IP Logged
nice intro
do add pm
'will be eagerly waiting 4 the part

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crazy4KASH_AR IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 23 December 2009 at 12:11am | IP Logged
Originally posted by naureen_aly

nice intro
do add pm
'will be eagerly waiting 4 the part

thanx a lot dear for ur appreciation.....
sasya Senior Member

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Posted: 23 December 2009 at 1:03am | IP Logged
hey nice partClapClap.waiting for armaan's continue soon..........

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swamii92 Goldie

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Posted: 23 December 2009 at 2:52am | IP Logged
hey asma good that u hav posted this ff here........anyways add me to ur pm list.....n cont soon.........

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crazy4KASH_AR IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 25 October 2008
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Posted: 04 January 2010 at 12:34am | IP Logged

Diary pata hai woh thoda naughty bhi tha.aksar homework karkay nahin laata tha aur class main karta din bilogy kay perirod mein humnay seats change kar li thin aur woh mere paas wali row mein baitha tha.He was grumbling making diagrams.Awe he was looking sooooooo cute .mera dil kar raha tha ki uskay gal pyaar se kheenchoon.par nahin aisa nahin kar sakti main.I slowly asked him if he wanted any help.
P: arey yaar yeh diagrams kitna time letay hain bananay mein I just hate them.
I said:" lao main bana doon.
I still remember his lightened face
P: tum bahut achi ho thanx.
I hurried up so dat by the time our sir reached his desk his task is accomplished n I just loved his face wen I handed him his notebook.
P: "I'm really thankful 2 u"
I said" cum'on v r friends .friendship mein no sorry no thank u.
HE said: u r so cute.
We heard sir ssaying to all children : plz don't talk.
Many more times either I helped him directly or indirectly by a friend in completing his projects wen he cud not finsh up wid a part.HE was a brilliant student n his IQ was much better dan me but u know na diary these boys they r just to lazy 2 do their works.
Finally one month passed n our class teacher announced for giving the names for monitorship.
arey main toh batana hi bhool gayi insab mein meri ek aur museebat ho gayi.ek ladkay nay mujhey propose kiya uska naam tha Vivek aur mainey bahut he rudely reject kar diya.He used 2 comment upon me everytime he saw me.He was the most indecent guy I've ever met.Not only me but he sumtimes made tonts on other girls.He was tooooooo much.His style of dressing,his words ,his gestures I just hated them.
The whole class knew abt his attraction my rejection.
cuming bak 2 monitorship.
mainey dekha ki Peter monitorship kay liye khud ko nominate kar raha hai isliye mainey bhi kar diya.par fir Nancy aur Vivek bhi nominate huey.main bahut dar gayi thi.janti ho na mujhey ussey kitni irritation hoti thi.Vivek jis jagah khaa hota tha us jagah se main guzarna pasand nahin karti thi kyunki woh kuch na kuch zaroor kahega.aur ab nomination in way
Wen sir asked me since whole class voted for me first I denied coz I had the fear dat class may sympathise wid Vivek n make him the monitor.Then sir decided 2 select boys first n as I expected instead of Peter that morom was made the monitor.Sir asked me again but I denied.Then class opted for Nidhi but she said that she was the secretary of school last year so this time Asma shud be given the opportunity.
I just lukd at her wid fierce eyes n then I cud not decline anymore.
WE had 5 rows of seats.Being the fiurst monitor I was in the middle row n unfortumately Vivek was next 2 me.
I talked 2 Nidhi later scolding her a lot but she cooled down me saying that I shud never give the opportunities on my way for my benefit for a stupid like him.usnay aakhir kar mujhey mana hi liya na.
Wat worse cud happen ? I had to stand him all the eight periods of the day .
Peter ek kaam nahin karna chahta tha.interval mein agar ussey kaho notebooks collect karnay kay liye toh woh kehta" pehlay pet pooja fir kaam dooja"
Diary tumhain toh pata hai na jab tak main kaam na karloon kuch nahin kha sakti.I used 2 curse dat jerk hundred times a day.thanx 2 Peter n Shobhit who collected the notebooks of boys for me.
time beetta gaya aur mujhey Vivek hi harkatein bardasht karni padeen.Peter se milnay ka time kam mil pata.Class kay bacchay bhi kabhi kabhi mujhey chidha letey they vivek kay naam say jo sabsay zyada irritating tha.

Peter ka kya karti.I was in luv wid him sooooooooooo much.
Lekin har subah jaldi aakar corridor mein khadi rehti thi.Actually hamara class toh first floor par tha aur buildings L shape mein bani theen.neechey bada sa ground aur fir stairs say utar kar ek field.upar walay ground ko 10th se pehlay hi open auditorium bana diya gaya tha jahan stage tha aur chairs function mein lag jaya karti theen.L shape kay peechey gate tha aur wahin se bacchey aatey they.Main gate toh staright line kay neechey tha na.
[I hope I didn't confuse u people]bas peter ki entry ka intezaar karti aur jab tak woh upar chad kar class mein apni seat par nahin abith jata usey chor nazrom se dekhti .laah chupanay ki koshish karo lekin pata toh chal hi jata hai
Shobhit aur Rahul ne meri nazron ko padh liya tha aur woh indirectly kabhi kabhi mujhey tease bhi kartay they.Vivek ko jab ehsaas hua toh ek din interval mein usnay mujhsay kaha ki jo main kar rahi hoon theek nahin kar rahi.uski baat us waqt toh samajh nahin aayi par ghar laut kar main samajh gayi ki woh kya kehna chahta tha.main bahut ghabra gai thi.main apni feelings ka mazak bantay nahin dekh sakti thi.mainey decide kar liya ki I'll control myself.
Aisa nahin hai ki mainay uska intezaar karna band kar diya bas itna kiya ki ab tanha khaday rehnay kay bajay kisi na kisi ladki sebaat karti rehti thi subah aur dheerey dheery dekhti thi.dil lko toh pata nahin kya hojata tha usey dekh kar.usey bhi meri feelings ka shayad ehsaas ho gaya tha ya fir Vivek ne usey kuch kaha tha pata nahin lekin woh pehlay jaisay mujhsay interact nahin karta tha.mujhey bahut bura lagta tha lekin yeh uski life hai woh jisey chahay baat karay.
ek din lunch -break mein Nidhi aur maion khaday they tabhi shobhit Peter ko bhi ssaath le aaya.fir hum apnay future ki baat karnay kagay.hamaara school 12th tak tha lekin mera irada bahar janay ka tha.I decided 2 go to Delhi for coaching n qualify Sanjeevani entrance examination.mainey 12th bhi toh Delhi se hi kiya hai na.
Papa toh Mumbai Sanjeevani kay dean they lekin mujhey uskay entrance ko qualify karnay kay liye best college aur best coaching chahiye thi isliye main Delhi chali gayi.
usnay kaha ki woh Bansal's jayega-Kota n will try 4 Engineering.Nidhi wud stay 2gether n shobhit didn't know wat he'll do next.Soonb the bell ended my heart didn't stop jumping as he talked in a good mood so freely after such a long time.
Some more time passed .Vivek wud get scolding by every teaher everyday for his carefree iresponsible nature n I just luvd to see him at that times.
Once v had 2 collect money from the class for purchasing a book.He lost sum money n onthe last day gave the whole ant to me widout telling me.I was just goin mad by this ambigouous data.I did calculations many many times in vain.He didn't reveal dat he did this but papa n ma saw me much upset.They talked to the principal n according to my wish they gave the badge of monitor to my class teacher.Before giving the beadge we raised sum funds 4m the class itself n bought the books.woh ek bahut hi bura expereine tha meri life ka par thank god 2-3 din kay baad wapas main jab us seat par gayi jahan main Nidhi se pehlay baithti thi meri khuhiyaan laut aayin.
main bhool bhi gayi ki mainey kabhi monitorship ki thi.pooray time Vivek mujhey dekhta rehta tha kabhi gaanay gata tha kabhi irritate kartaa tha aur saath mein kaam karnay se uska dinmag aur bhi kharab ho gaya tha kyunki main ussey kabhi baat hi nahin karti thi lekin monitor bannay kay baad I had 2 do it.
BAck to the pavillion Peter was again near me.We began talking more n more .I discovered that he loved calligraphy.Once he bought a book of calligraphy.amazing I also luvd it but didn't have any book for it.V talked on that topic for sumtime.
I saw him flirting wid girls many times but wat I didn't know was dat he had made Nancy his girlfriend.Unbelievable.She was such a low category girl who changed bfs like clothes n he chose her.Yuck it sucked me but I never told him 2 stay away from her .I was happy in my own imaginative world where I dreamt of us 2gether.

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