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Posted: 22 December 2009 at 8:28pm | IP Logged
I could not find one thread under which we could discuss any old episode; hence I have opened this one. But Admins please delete if such a thread already exists.
I would request members to give a specific date on which the re-run episode was aired rather than terms like "yesterday" with case name if possible.
In the story "THE CASE OF 50 THOUSAND ENEMIES" aired on 22 Dec 09, Daya Sir told ACP that Abhijit Sir has gone alone to deal with some country made gun dealer. He said the last time Abhijit went alone he was found after 3 days in a car dikki, so he was worried for him. Does anyone recollect any such instance in CID. At the end the closing credits of this episode I saw 2001 Copyright. So if at all such an incident was shown it must be before 2001.
The following files have been uploaded here
These files are password protected zip files and the password is prabhanarayan.
Synopsis: CID Title Music over the years.
CID - Classic Cases : 20 sec
CID - Title Music - 01 : 38 sec
CID - Title Music - 02 : 39 sec
CID - Title Music - 03 : 41 sec
CID - Title Music - 04 : 39 sec
CID - Title Music - 05 : 32 sec
Synopsis: One of Daya Sir's fantastic performances. His family is taken hostage by criminals who want him to commit a crime for them.
Case_Of_Injured_Witness-01 : 10:59 min
Case_Of_Injured_Witness-02 : 10.17 min
Case_Of_Injured_Witness-03 : 08:25 min
Case_Of_Injured_Witness-04 : 11:13 min
CASE OF STOLEN GUN Folder [1998]
Synopsis: This case is a gem from Pre-Abhijit Era. Adi Sir playing another character called Paresh who steals ACP's gun. This is a performance to remember. Adi sir at his very best, a power-packed performance.

Case_Of_Stolen_Gun-01 - 11:17 min
Case_Of_Stolen_Gun-02 - 09:47 min
Case_Of_Stolen_Gun-03 - 08:26 min
Case_Of_Stolen_Gun-04 - 09:23 min

Synopsis: This is the first Episode of Adi Sir as our very own Inspector Abhijit. His past of loosing his memory and how he joins the CID team.

Case_Of_Stolen_Dynamite-01 - 11:54 min
Case_Of_Stolen_Dynamite-02 - 08:11 min
Case_Of_Stolen_Dynamite-03 - 10:50 min
Case_Of_Stolen_Dynamite-04 - 09:54 min
Synopsis: One of Abhi Sir's fantastic performances.  He is accused of taking bribe.
Case_Of_Accused_Officer-01 : 08:42 min
Case_Of_Accused_Officer-02 : 10:47 min
Case_Of_Accused_Officer-03 : 08:23 min
Case_Of_Accused_Officer-04 : 11:48 min
Synopsis: One if my favorite cases. Abhi Sir is charged for murder.
Case_Of_Impossible_Murder-01 : 10:25 min
Case_Of_Impossible_Murder-02 : 12:05 min
Case_Of_Impossible_Murder-03 : 09:09 min
Case_Of_Impossible_Murder-04 : 07:46 min
Synopsis: A woman overhears a phone call between two men planning a murder due to cross connection. What follows makes an interesting case. This is Inspector Jayan't first case, second-last case from the pre-Abhijit Era.
Case_Of_Cross_Connection-01 : 08:18
Case_Of_Cross_Connection-02 : 10:48
Case_Of_Cross_Connection-03 : 09:21
Case_Of_Cross_Connection-04 : 08:36

CASE OF DEEP WOUND Folder [1998]
Synopsis: This is from Pre-Abhijit Era. An interesting case of a man found dead. If you want to see a little serious Freddie, here is a glimpse. Here he does a little more than just clicking pics.

Case_Of_Deep_Wound-01 - 09:46 min
Case_Of_Deep_Wound-02 - 11:12 min
Case_Of_Deep_Wound-03 - 09:09 min
Case_Of_Deep_Wound-04 - 09:48 min
Synopsis: Interesting case. A woman is found hanging in a closed room, what happens after that makes an interesting investigation
Case_Of_Bolted_Door-01 : 10:12 min
Case_Of_Bolted_Door-02 : 08:42 min
Case_Of_Bolted_Door-03 : 07:07 min
Case_Of_Bolted_Door-04 : 12:12 min
CASE OF STOLEN CAR Folder [2000]
Synopsis: A lawyer's car goes missing for a short duration, what happens after that makes an interesting case.
Case_Of_Stolen_Car-01 : 09:50 min
Case_Of_Stolen_Car-02 : 12:44 min
Case_Of_Stolen_Car-03 : 08:11 min
Case_Of_Stolen_Car-04 : 08:02 min

Synopsis: This is the case before which ACP goes blind for sometime. How he still manages to solve the case makes it interesting. The bond between ACP and Daya Sir was very beautifully shown.
Case_Of_Blind_Witness-01 - 11:07 min
Case_Of_Blind_Witness-02 - 09:45 min
Case_Of_Blind_Witness-03 - 11:08 min
Case_Of_Blind_Witness-04 - 07:16 min

CASE OF CRY FOR HELP Folder [2000]
Synopsis: A housewife fed up with everyday beatings and quarrels decides to shoot her husband, daughter and herself. CID has to find this lady and stop her from taking such a drastic step but they know nothing about her except her name.

Case_Of_Cry_For_Help-01 - 11:34 min
Case_Of_Cry_For_Help-02 - 08:36 min
Case_Of_Cry_For_Help-03 - 11:14 min
Case_Of_Cry_For_Help-04 - 09:31 min

Synopsis: This is Abhi Sir's Second case after his memory loss.

Case_Of_Reluctant_Killer-01 - 10:03 min
Case_Of_Reluctant_Killer-02 - 10:53 min
Case_Of_Reluctant_Killer-03 - 09:30 min
Case_Of_Reluctant_Killer-04 - 09:11 min

Synopsis: This episode features the classic moments where our Trio sings together and Abhi Sir gets slapped by ACP. I personally really enjoyed this episode, just loved Abhi Sir's style. Originally aired on 31st March, 2006 and was called THE CASE OF KILLER DREAM.

Yeh_Phool_Chaman_Main_Kaisa_Khila-01 - 10:38 min
Yeh_Phool_Chaman_Main_Kaisa_Khila-02 - 10:39 min
Yeh_Phool_Chaman_Main_Kaisa_Khila-03 - 09:55 min
Yeh_Phool_Chaman_Main_Kaisa_Khila-04 - 10:16 min

CASE OF 500 Rs NOTE Folder [1998]
Synopsis: Pre-Abhijit Era case, features Inspector Viren.

Case_Of_500_Rs_Note-01 - 10:03 min
Case_Of_500_Rs_Note-02 - 10:53 min
Case_Of_500_Rs_Note-03 - 09:30 min
Case_Of_500_Rs_Note-04 - 09:11 min
Synopsis: A man dies while CID interrogating a suspect. The CID team is charged for murder. Forensic (Anjalika the witch Angry) evidence is against the team, they have orders from higher authorities to either solve the issue or resign. .
Case_Of_Murder_In_Interrogation_Room-01 - 19:45 min
Case_Of_Murder_In_Interrogation_Room-02 - 19:45 min
Synopsis: A theater group is rehearsing for their play during which the lead actor is murdered. Apart from this a background story is running since the previous case - Daya Sir is accused of killing a person during interrogation. All clips relevant to this background story have been included from the previous case.
Case_Of_The_Staged_Murder-01 - 17:00 min
Case_Of_The_Staged_Murder-02 - 17:00 min
Case_Of_The_Staged_Murder-03 - 16:59 min
Synopsis: ACP's informer tell him that one CID Officer is going to kill another CID Officer but he does know the name of either officers.Clips relevant to this case have been taken from the previous case.
Code_Name_Banjara-01 - 13:10 min
Code_Name_Banjara-02 - 13:10 min
Code_Name_Banjara-03 - 13:10 min
Code_Name_Banjara-04 - 13:08 min
Synopsis: Case starts with Abhi Sir suffering from memory loss and does not recognize even Daya Sir. The Main case is about a girl who meets Abhi Sir for a few seconds asking for help and then suddenly disappears, later the CID team finds that she was dead 5 years ago. Did Abhi Sir actually see that girl or she was his imagination?
Case_Of_Unknown_Girl-01 - 9:33min
Case_Of_Unknown_Girl-02 - 9:33min
Case_Of_Unknown_Girl-03 - 9:33min
Case_Of_Unknown_Girl-04 - 9:31min

TRAITORS IN CID Folder [2006]
Synopsis: Muskaan is kidnapped by terrorists and ACP seems in no mood of compromising with them to get her back. Daya-Abhi decide to get her back even if that means that they need to go against ACP.
Traitors_In_CID-01 - 12:14min
Traitors_In_CID-02 - 12:14min
Traitors_In_CID-03 - 12:14min
Traitors_In_CID-04 - 12:14min

KISSA ZAHAR KA Folder [1998]
Synopsis: First ever CID case, shot in 1994. This one is a true CID fan's treasure. A lawyer is found dead in a closed room. What follows is an interesting case.
Kissa_Zahar_Ka-01 - 10:36min
Kissa_Zahar_Ka-02 - 10:36min
Kissa_Zahar_Ka-03 - 10:36min
Kissa_Zahar_Ka-04 - 10:36min

Synopsis: Original Case name is not known. A couple is found dead in a hotel room with a suicide note. Is this a Suicide or Murder? This case has a classic scene, a very rare when ACP gives the CID Special Magic Slap.
Case_5-Hotel_Room_Suicide-01 - 10:40min
Case_5-Hotel_Room_Suicide-02 - 10:40min
Case_5-Hotel_Room_Suicide-03 - 10:40min
Case_5-Hotel_Room_Suicide-04 - 10:40min
Synopsis: Some of my personal favorite clips from various CID Episodes.
Clip_01_Daya Power (Terrorist) : 00:37 min
Clip_02_Abhijit Memory Loss (Recap) : 00:37 min
Clip_03_Abhi-Daya (Uncle) : 02:12 min

Synopsis: Abhijit-Shruti side story aired in May 2008 during the THE TWISTED FAMILY, WEDDING JITTER, MYSTERIOUS MASK and BAD BLOOD cases.
Clip_04_Abhijit-Shruti Story-01 : 16:41 min
Clip_04_Abhijit-Shruti Story-02 : 13:47 min

Synopsis: Videos not from CID Episodes..
12_Yrs_Spl-Cast_Promos : 01:18 min

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Posted: 22 December 2009 at 9:34pm | IP Logged
Yeah, this is the first episode of Abhijeet...sometime in 1999 I think. I just have vague memories of it.
See this video from 5:09 onwards till the end
They show bits and pieces of it.
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Thanks a lot for the link. Aditya is such a fantastic performer, just look at him in that flashback scene, his entire body performs. I want to see this so bad episode. Currently they are running reruns of Episodes filmed between 2000 and 2002. I hope they will show the one from late 90s as well.

In re-runs aired today (23 Dec 09) they showed "CASE OF HEALTHY PATIENTS", that kidney episode where Daya Sir was the victim. They even cut him. Seeing Daya Sir so weak was not easy. May God bless Mr Shetty with a long healthy life.

Did you see Dr Anjalika in today's "CASE OF DOCTOR'S WIFE", she played one of the suspects. From what I have seen apart from ACP, Abhijit, Daya, Salunke and Asha (not sure about Sudhakar), all other CID Members who have come and gone have at some point played either the victim, suspect or criminal in some or the other episode. The other day I saw Anup Soni aka Ajatshtru as one of the suspects.

At the end of today's last episode, they showed the preview of the sotry I have been waiting to be repeated. I hope they will show it tomorrow. They are not going in telecast order though so we never know if they will show it. The title mentioned was - KISSA NAMUMKIN KHOON KA. It was about how wife (played by Kunika) of a Criminal sentenced to death tries to take revenge from Abhijit. She traps him real bad. I clearly remember when the fame freezes to show closer of one of the parts, it had Abhijit pointing a gun at ACP and seeing his reaction Daya pointing a gun at Abhijit. I remember the whole story, I really want to see it. Sony please show it tomorrow.

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Posted: 23 December 2009 at 11:38pm | IP Logged
oh so thats the epi. cant miss it. sm1 record it yaar mere yahaan bohot power cuts hote hain Unhappy n remember in Miley jab hum tum, the lady playin Nupur's Bui? she ws in CID i think as a forensic Doc. she even once playe dthe vivtim's wife. n Kaveri n Tasha also played suspects. Anup soni did. he ws a drunkard in that episode LOL Rajeev khandelwal aka ACP Prithviraj did. n even Daya n ACP sir played suspects "in behroopiya n face off Tongue "
i hope they show this namumkin khoon ka kissa wen the power is onn! Unhappy
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Posted: 23 December 2009 at 11:46pm | IP Logged
If KISSA NAMUMKIN KHOON KA is aired and I am able to record it, I will try to upload. That is one Episode I would like to store. My connection is not great may take 2-3 days to upload. If thats ok, I will see what I can do.
AlexithyMia IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 23 December 2009 at 11:58pm | IP Logged
no prob. take ur time. but pls try to record it Big smile
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Posted: 24 December 2009 at 12:13am | IP Logged

Does anyone remember "ABHIJIT IN DANGER" story. He wakes up to see that he has lost his gun and id card. His cloths are stained with blood and he could not recollect where he was the previous night.  He only sees flashes. Then they have a case about a woman killed in her house. When he reaches the house, he feels he has been there before and then he finds his gun and picks it up without telling anyone. The story ended with the culprit comitting suicide. But CID still wants to know who the other guy in the house was. This investigation becomes the side story for some upcoming episodes. During the next case they show Aditi entering CID team and ACP gives her the task to find the second person. She investigated and finds that it was Abhijit, she reveals this presence of CID team. ACP asks Abhijit Sir what he was doing there and he says he does not know, he does not remember anything.

After this the re-runs moved to older episode and I never got to see the end of this side story. Does anyone recollect why Abhijit Sir was there in that house?

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same here. i remember till Abhijeet wants to tell Daya about it wen ACP sir comes n he cudnt say anythin else. wat had happened?

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