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Rightly said Ika, Aunty and Visrom.

It becomes difficult to see him in negative shades! May be because, he does it to such perfection that you have to hate the character at the end of the day(even if you dont want)! Why does he havw to playsuch characters all the time?!

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Hmmm, I have only watched the beginning of Dansh...never completed it.

I couldn't stand how Aditya Sir was tied to that one place and beaten up...too much for me. I love him too much to stand all that. Besides that, the content itself is very dark, so beware, you might be a depressed after watching the movie.

I gave my review of Kaalo on the page where Mitali and Fahmi Dis gave their treat...Adi Sir was awesome in that movie...looking superb, and his 'chemistry' with Swini was was nice to see how Sameer has many parallels to Abhijit, he is dedicated, determined, courageous and like the old Abhijit, has a short temper, which you get to see on the movie Wink Liked how he got overprotective with was almost like a father-daughter relationship.
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I somehow made 1 hour for myself to see Alwar which i downloaded several days back.
So, posting my views as I watch's a typical NK-style CID epiosde start - 3 laashes found in a lorry full of sand and our Aditya sir is a uniformed cop with the SAME expressions as Abhijeet. Big smile
I am using the actor's real names, as I couldn't make out Aditya's screen name.LOL
He is saying 'koi mamooli khooni hota toh laashon ko samundar mein phek deta, lekin is khooni ne aisa nahin kiya, usne laashon ko Police headquarters ke saamne laakar chod diya, yeh kya chakkar hai'. I could hear Abhijeet saying it. LOL
And here's his face as he says it.
Next : There's a man in a hospital (Ajit) opening a big bound book. Inside the book there's a hidden gun. He closes the book and walks out of the hospital.
(Then some timepass scenes)
A van full of school children is hijacked by criminals. They drive rashly....a truck coming in the opposite direction hits the van. The driver jumps to safety but the 25 kids die. Cry Ajit sees the parents crying and gets angry. He dresses up as Lord Krishna and burns the guys responsible for this.
The cops arrive and discuss - 'zinda jala diya is aadmi ko'....Some ladies arrive at the murder spot. The cops ask them 'aapne khooni ko dekha'? And the ladies reply 'haan, uske haath mein bansuri thi'. The cops ask her 'woh dikhne mein kaisa tha'. And the lady says 'woh bhagwaan Krishna ke jaisa tha'. The cops go Confused
And here's Aditya sir's reaction.
The cops at the receiving end....Big smileEmbarrassedDay Dreaming
That pink string on the wrist is still there.....LOL
After this some lovey-dovey scenes between Ajit and Asin...Fast Forward.
A guy tries to molest a lady doctor in the hospital. Ajit arrives and saves her and beats the guy up. The doctor thanks him.
Aditya sir tries to find out from all drama companies about people who dress up as mythological characters. One guy says 'humare actors mein se koi khooni nahin hai saab'. And Aditya sir says 'aaj ke baad jab bhi koi bhagwaan ka role karega, poora details humein de dena, nahin toh sabko andar kar doonga. Kisi par shaq hua toh humein phone karna'
Next(some real action):
Ajit is in the hospital. He sees some guys coming in and recognises one of them as a 'bad guy' who has done a crime before. He takes his gun out of the bound book and follows him. The guy has got into his car and the car is at a signal. Ajit shoots. Exactly at that moment, the signal turns green and the car moves away. Instead of hitting the bad guy, the bullet hits a Ford Endeavour behind it, which Aditya sir is driving. Aditya sir escapes unhurt, looks out of the hole in the glass made by the bullet and sees the back of Ajit who is running away. A BIG chase follows. Ajit running away, Aditya sir chasing him through heavy traffic on the roads of Chennai.
Aditya sir is about to catch him when a toy vendor crosses Ajit. He pulls off a toy mask from the vendor and wears it. He suddenly turns round and looks at Aditya sir.
Aditya sir's reaction."Yeh kaisa chehra hai, hain???'
A big fight between the two of them. Ajit beats upAditya and pushes his head into a dustbin.Angry Aditya sir gets injured. An id card from Ajit's pocket falls into the dustbin, but some acid falls on it and the name and photo get erased. Ajit escapes, the other cops arrive at the spot.
Then Aditya suddenly remembers the id card that fell out of the masked guy's pocket. He searches the dustbin(without gloves...LOL)and finds it. The name and photo are missing, but the name of the hospital is visible. He goes to the hospital to find out who is the guy who has lost his id card. 
At that time the girl whom Ajit had saved comes towards Aditya and calls him 'anna' (elder brother) and asks him how he got hurt. Aditya says that he's on duty and has not come to get his face bandaged. "Us aadmi ne mujhpar goli chalayi, mujhe maara, main use zinda nahin chodoonga'.
Aditya sir sits on a bench and his sister starts applying medicine his face. The other cops search the hospital for employees  whose id card is missing. At that time, a group of ward boys walk in. Aditya's sister finds Ajit in that group and introduces him to Aditya as a 'friend'. Aditya looks at him from top to bottom, finds some similarity in the height and physique between him and the masked guy. Asks him for id card and Ajit miraculously takes out a (duplicate) id card and shows it to Aditya . He gives him a stare and Aditya asks him 'ghur ghur ke kya dekh rahe ho?' Jisne bhi meri yeh haalath ki hai, main use zinda nahin chodoonga'. And lets him go.(Abhijeet wouldn't have done that, would he??? LOL)
Some gundas find out that a guy working in the hospital is killing all the 'bad' guys. They come to the hospital searching for him and a fight breaks out. Ajit beats the gundas up and gets injured in the process. Aditya's sister bandages him. While leaving, she picks up her books and by mistake Ajit's 'big bound book' containing the gun also goes with her.  
Aditya finds his sister walking into the house with a new book. He asks her and she says it's her friend Ajit's. He takes the book and starts leafing through it.
Ajit meanwhile finds that his book is missing and remembers Madhu (Aditya's sister) having taken it.He panics and calls Madhu. He tells her that the book belongs to his friend and he immediately needs it. She says that her brother is reading it and that she would get it the next day and cuts the phone. Ajit panics. He calls Aditya on landline. A servant answers the call...Aditya almost reaches the page where the gun is. At that time, the servant says that IG saab is calling him immediately. Aditya shuts the book and leaves. Confused (Our Abhijeet would never have missed this, would he)
Madhu goes to Ajit's house and returns the book and leaves. Ajit opens the book and finds this!!!
Gun GONE!!! He panics and thinks that Aditya has finally got him. He rushes to Madhu who is at the hospital. He tries to get the information from her without asking her directly. She is a chatterbox who tells him about how she was coming to the hospital in the morning in her brother's vehicle when the driver applied a sudden brake and the book slipped out of her hand fell under the seat. Ajit suddenly leaves and starts hunting for Aditya's vehicle, assuming that the gun would have gone under the seat..
Ajit finds it, he peeps inside and finds the gun under the back seat. Aditya has not seen it yet.  (Abhijeet would have noticed an unknown gun in his vehicle any dayWink)  
He finds many cops standing around the area. He also finds a mosquito insecticide spraying auto at a distance. He tells the auto driver that the CM is arriving, so he needs to spray the medicine. He takes the auto to the parking area and fogs the entire area around Aditya sir's vehicle.
Aditya sir is seen at a distance walking towards his vehicle, but he doesn't see Ajit in the fog (Uffff!!! This is definitely not Abhijeet. LOL) Ajit sneaks in, takes his gun from Aditya's vehicle right under his nose and walks out of the police headquarters parking lot.
Then we have a song - Ajit and Asin in Switzerland LOL
Fast Forward.....
Aditya sir goes to a forensic expert and shows him the id card he'd got from the dust bin. He asks the forensic guy to somehow re-create  the photograph on the id card.
(' Salunkhe saab, kisi tarah is jale hue id card se is aadmi ka chehra banayiye'.
'Abhijeet, main koi jaadoogar nahin hoon, phir bhi koshish karta hoon'.Wink)
Next: A building - 4-5 gundas come down a staircase and leave. One guy walks into a flat where another guy is sitting and having a drink. He asks 'tum ab bhi zinda ho'. Ajit says 'haan, tumhe maarne se pehle main kaise mar sakta hoon'. And they show flashes of Ajit's family being brutally tortured and murdered by the guy. And Ajit kills him.
Next: Aditya sir and other cops near the laash. Dog sniffing around. Aditya looking around for the usual stuff. He receives a call from Madhu and gets irritated. He says 'Madhu, main ek khoon ki tehkikaat kar raha hoon, is waqt mujhe disturb mat karo'. Madhu says 'Bhaiyya  main us khoon ke baare mein hi aapko kuch bataana chahti hoon'. Aditya says 'achcha? Isi waqt yahan aa jaao'.
Madhu comes and explains to Aditya that she was returning home the previous night when she heard a gunshot and a guy screaming. She had also seen a guy leaving the building after that. As it was dark, she didn't see his face clearly. Aditya asks his junior to bring all the noted criminals in the city and asks Madhu to identify the guy.
Next scene : Now, Madhu has a crush on Ajit. She asks Ajit to  come out with her in her car as 'she has to talk something personal to him'. While driving Aditya calls Madhu to the police station as he has got all the noted khoonis for her to identify. She goes to the police station with a hesitant Ajit. She looks at all the criminals and computer images, but is unable to identify any of them. Aditya scolds Madhu that she is the sister of a cop  and shouldn't be scared. After a lot of coaxing, she finally says that the killer looked like Ajit in terms of height and physique. (It rings a bell in Aditya's mind about the masked guy) The other cops catch Ajit. Madhu pleads with Aditya saying that the killer only 'looked' like Ajit, but was not Ajit himself.
Some lovey dovey scenes with Madhu-Ajit-Asin..some heartbreaks, 'we are just friends' etc etc.  FFWD.
Aditya sir is having a nap....the face behind the mask, Madhu pointing at Ajit and Ajit walking into the hospital a few days back, repeatedly flash in his mind. He comes to the conclusion that it cannot be a coincidence. The phone rings, he wakes up's the forensic guy. Aditya goes to the forensic office. A few sketches have been made and one of them turns out to be Ajit's. Aditya has got his serial killer!
Flashback: Ajit it a pandit in a temple. Some guys wanting to avoid income tax hide their money in the temple. They try to break the temple's lock, when Ajit hits one of them. Suddenly he receives a call from home saying that his mother and sister have been captured by gundas. In a weak moment he allows the guys to hide the money in the temple.
(Some drama).
Ajit decides to side with the law.The guys kill Ajit's mother and sister. They  hit him on the head and throw him down a hill, but he escapes alive and with a burning desire to have revenge. He explains all this to Asin and tells her why he was committing serial murders.
Suddenly the door opens,Aditya sir and his cops enter and arrest Ajit.
Next : Aditya sir not on duty. A cop-on-duty receives a call from a gunda saying that Ajit has to die in the police station before being produced in court. The cop sends the rest of them away and enters the lock up to kill Ajit. Instead Ajit kills him and escapes.
Aditya's bosses and the media criticise Aditya. Angry
Ajit is far away from the police station and continues his mission of killing the 'bad guys'. Aditya sir still on his trail......................
How can they make an ending like that....!!!???????
We are all used to serial killers receiving phaansi in the end.OuchConfused 

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I have to give warnings to all who would like to watch this film.
If you cant bear to see Adi sir in pain or cant see him getting really tortured then it would be better if you dont watch it and its not just about physical torture but mentally too. As a suspected tormentor he gave out standing job!! [thumbs up] It is also not good for weak heart people and for young children [Teenagers].

Ika Heart

thanks for review. i have heard about this movie before but haven't courage to see it just because of the reason u have mentioned above. cant' be able to see my adisir suffer like this. but after reading your post, i am trying to geather courage to see this movie. love u adisir. u r my dream man. simply love your acting and all the things u do.....Hug

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Pls read Aalwar review above....still updating.
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 No Visrom. I find a subtle difference in this face and that of Abhijeet. Somehow in CID , even in a ruthless moment there is a hint of something else, an inteliigence, a humane feeling, a vow to fight evil. Here, though fighling for the law, this face has a sort of irresponsible ruthlessness that we find in our politics ridden polices' face. Well I can't explain

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I understand....LOL

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is the song from Kaalo? Is the song and the film Kaalo available on dvd? My speakers have breathed their last thanks to being handled by Pupu.

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