Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil


Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil
Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil

FF: Rab Ne Banadi Jodi/Premeer(chapter 37 Pg 119)

Ilovepie. Goldie

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Hey guys I have been reading all of ur ffs for a while now and all of u have inspired me to write my own ff so here goes.

This FF is set in india and London and is about the eternal lovestory of prem and heer.

 Character Sketch

Heer Maan: Heer is a hot and sexy girl that the entire boys die over in college she is only 18 and believes that none of the boys in the college are her type. She believes in love and has a strong feeling that one day the guy she loves will come and take her away to be his princess. She isn't a typical desi girl and likes to dress in short revealing clothes. She is Brought up in London but is coming to India for her sisters wedding. She hates to go to india but has to since its her sisters wedding. She can speak abit of Hindi but not much. She goes to the gym everyday and takes very good care of her shape and health.

Raj Maan: Heers older brother. He is the oldest of all the maan siblings. He loves heer very much and it makes him very angry when boys check heer out. Heer is his favourite sister and he is very protective over her. He wants her to get arranged marriage and believes she is too young to have a boyfriend. Heer loves him very much aswell and they are both very close. He can do anything for heer and can kill anybody who tries to hurt her.

Meher Maan: Heers younger sister she is 16 and loves her sisters very much especially heer. They get along very well and do  loads of masti with siya who is always bossing them around. She also likes to western clothes but not as revealing as heer because she doesn't have a perfect sexy figure like heer.

Siya Maan: Siya is Heer older sister who is 22. She is getting married to Kunal the oldest of the juneja brothers. They both went to college together and after being in a relationship for two years in London both of them decide to get married. They convinced their parents after long discussions and now both sides of the family and decided to meet eachother and get siya and kunal married. Siya is a very religious girl and is a typically desi girl who hates to dress in English clothes. She always wear shalwaar suit.

Mr and Mrs Maan: They love their children very much and try their best to make them religious however since their children are brought up in London theirs not much they can do. They have never met the junejas but have spoke over the phone to them and now are going to India to visit them and get their daughter married to preet. Mr and Mrs maan want to shift back to india for ever because they want heer to be more religious and she is starting to act English and not Indian. However they said they would decide after moving to India because they didn't want to make any move that would ruin their childrens life. They have their own business in London. They are in no hurry to get their children married as they are all very young.

Sanjana: Heers best friend who recently moved to India with her family for her engangement. Heer was unable to go to some problems and now has promised to meet sanjana when she goes to india. Sanjana is a very sweet and polite girl who loves heer very much like a sister. She is a typical desi girl and Is very religious however she is still best friends with heer and the two of them get along very well.

Prem Juneja: is a 22 year old hot hunk that many girls crush over. He graduated a year ago and now is working in his fathers business team. He Is very hot and sexy and has a very hot and sexy look. He is not the type of person who is always dressed in suits and ties infact even when he goes to office he just goes in a casual tee shirt and jeans. He hates to looks smart and always wants to look hot. He spikes up his wear and wears the hottest outfits ever. He also loves going to the gym and always takes care of his body and health. He loves his parents very much and will never go against them he can do anything for them.

Kunal Juneja: is prems older brother and is the guy getting married to siya the wedding will take place at the junejas house. He loves siya a lot and will always keep her happy. He is a very smart person and is always dressed in suits and ties.

Preet Juneja: The Youngest of the juneja brothers and he is 17. He loves his brothers a lot but gets along very well and the most with his PB. They are like the best of brothers. He is a very big flirt and changes his girlfriend every week. He Loves to make fun of his parents especially his dad and is always in trouble from school.

Veera Juneja: she is a very sweet and pretty girl she is youngest and only sister of prem, preet and Kunaal and she loves her brothers very much especially her PB.

Lalit and Gayatri: They are the parents of preet prem and veera they love their children very much especially prem he is their favourite. They want prem to get married to a pretty desi girl who has good sanskaar. However at the moment prem is too young to get married since he is only 22.

Please Tell Me If You Think I Should Continue!!! Big smileBig smile

Pm List






























annwesha kayal






luv angel
















sweet scorpio








Chapter 1: Page 1               
Chapter 2: Page 2
Chapter 3: Page 3
Chapter 4: Page 4
Chapter 5: Page 5
Chapter 6: Page 7
Chapter 7: Page 9
Chapter 8: Page 10
Chapter 9: page 12
Chapter 10: Page 15
Chapter 11: Page 18
Chapter 12: Page 20
Chapter 13: Page 23
Chapter 14:Page 27
Chapter 15: Page 31
Chapter 16: page 35
Chapter 17:Page 39
Chapter 18:Page 39
Chapter 19:Page 42
Chapter 20:Page 45
Chapter 21:Page 49
Chapter 22:Page 53
Chapter 23:Page 59
Chapter 24:Page 62
Chapter 25:Page 67
Chapter 26:
Page 72
Chapter 27: Page 78
Chapter 28: Page 83
Chapter 29: Page 89
Chapter 30: page 93
Chapter 31: Page 98
Chapter 32: Page 101
Chapter 33: Page 106
Chapter 34: page 109
Chapter 35: page 112
Chapter 36: Page 115
Chapter 37: Page 119

plz let me know if ur not on the PM list!! :)

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-Fatima- IF-Stunnerz

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hey dear
it seems continue
if u make any pm list add me in

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Pumpkinn IF-Rockerz

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hey it really sounds great !
do  Continue !
add me also in your pm list !

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Ilovepie. Goldie

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Posted: 22 December 2009 at 10:22am | IP Logged
Thanks guyz soo much im surely gonna make a pm and ill pm u wen i update. Im jut gonna update it now once i finsh writing a bit more.

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KaShxoxo Senior Member

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It seems really good!
Please do continue!
Can u please pm whn u update?

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Ilovepie. Goldie

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Posted: 22 December 2009 at 11:19am | IP Logged

Hey Guys here is the next part!! Hope u like it!! Thanks for commenting and Pressing the like button.

Part 1:

All the Maans were in Heers bedroom packing their clothes to go to India tomorrow. It was all planned emergently as they were meant to be going next week but the junejas were desperate to meet them so they have to leave immediately tomorrow morning. Heer: ughhhhhh I don't want to go to India it's messed up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She dumped all of her clothes messily into the suitcase not giving a dam about what clothes she was taking with her. Ofcourse all of the clothes were English though since she hated wearing Indian outfits. Mrs. Maan: Heer Beta it's your sister's wedding how could you say such a thing and put those clothes in properly now!! Wait a minute why are taking all those English clothes with you? Take them out now and put in some nice Indian clothes!!! We are going to India not to Hollywood okay what will everyone think!?!?!?! Heer: I don't really care what everyone thinks I'm not going to change myself whether we are going to Hollywood or whether we are going to some poo dump!! She quickly shut her suitcase putting nearly every single piece of clothes in she owned. Meher: Heer Didi why are you so tensed cum on big deal maa is right I mean cum on we can do this much for Siya di right then she'll be gone forever and we'll have the whole house to ourselves without her bossing us about!! THINK ABOUT IT!! Meher said smiling mischievously. Heer: wow good thinking meher I like it!!!! NO MORE SIYA YES!!!! Heer laughed her head off and then put her suitcase next to the door after it was fully packed. "Yes I'm finished packing now can the rest of you please hurry up and leave my room I have some things to do. Siya was sitting on heers bed and had piled all of her clothes around her bed taking her time to choose which clothes she wanted to take with her. All of her clothes were Indian outfits since she was the most religious of the three sisters. "Shut up heer okay and let me pack my clothes properly I'm getting married it's a once in a life time chance!! She said smiling. "Oh whatever" said heer and left to go to the kitchen to find something to eat. "Mrs. Maan sighed to herself and said, "I don't know when this girl will change I didn't expect my children to grow up like this all English heer is the most spoilt!!"  Meher: Oh come on what's the big deal heer didi will understand soon. Siya: NO she won't she won't ever change living in London like this, let her go to India and then you'll see how she changes automatically." Mrs. Maan got up and walked towards the door after packing her and her husband's suitcase "I think I'm going to have to speak to balraaj about moving to India forever otherwise heer will just get more and more English every day." Mrs. Maan walked out of the room and meher screamed "WHAT!!! MOVING TO INDIA FOREVER NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! What about my friends what about about about everything!!! Heer and raj came running in the room "What happened meher!?!?!?!?!" they both screamed together. Siya: "Nothing shes just being a loser" Meher: No im not heer didi maa sed we might move to india forever becoz of u!!" Heers smirked and said "because of me!!! Anyways whatever as if that's gonna happen maa is just trying to scare you!" She said goodnight to Raj and then after helping meher and siya pack up she got into bed and slowly drifted off to sleep not looking forward to tomorrow one bit. But did she know that something or someone was waiting for her in India? Someone that would change her whole life?!??

Next Day At The Airport

Heer and meher went to sit down while raj and teji maan heers father went to board the luggage on the plane. Siya and Mrs maan Were hanging around a food shop collecting some snacks for the flight. Heer was wearing a very short hot pink mini skirt with a dark blue designer top and some cool boots she bought a day ago. Even though her outfit was very revealing she looked stunning. Her hair was opened in loose curls and her face looked gorgeous. Every guy at the airport had their eyes fixed on heer. Meher was wearing some skinny jeans with a red short sleeved top. "Heer Didi what will everyone think in India especially the Junejas when they see you like this in such revealing clothes and such a short skirt? Heer: do I look like I care?? NO.   Both of them started laughing and talked about India and how much they don't want to go there. They had no idea how they were going to survive 3 whole months there. Mrs. Maan and Siya came and sat down. Both of them were very disappointed in Heer. Siya "heer if you do anything in India with the junejas or any think that looks like rude behavior to me or their family I swear to god I will never speak to you again. Heer "Like I care if u speak to me again but don't worry I won't do anything rude to those junglees! Mrs. Maan: "Heer can you stop being so rude to your sister I am getting really worried about you these days" She turned around facing her back to heer. Heer realized her mistake and got up "Maa u know I was only joking come on Siya di I'm really sorry if I hurt your feelings I really didn't mean it that way." Maa and Siya hugged her and meher got up to join the hug. "See I know my little sister and I want u stay like this don't turn into rude heer ever again." All of them laughed and then balraaj and raj came to tell them that it was time to board the flight. Raj noticed some guys pointing at heer and smirking and while heer was walking one of the guys purposely came and bashed into heer and then slided his hand against her stomach as he walked away. Raj saw all of this and went to beat the guys up "If u ever touch my sister again I will crush your jaw." The guys got scared and ran away. Heer who didn't realize what was going on went on with her family to board the flight.

10 hours later in India

Prem and Kunaal were on their way to the airport to pick up the maans. Prem: What time will their flight get here? Kunaal it already landed they are probably going cum out of the airport in a few minutes. Prem: Shit where late Baujis gonna kill us. Kunaal: Don't worry they won't Mind." They drove to the airport as fast as they could and when they got there they looked around for the maans in very big crowd. Prem: Kunaal Bhai'you stay here and check'ill go and check down there'they might be still looking for their luggage. Kunaal gave prem a picture of the maans and told him to look out for this family. Prem didn't really pay much attention to the picture and put it in his pocket. He ran off to find the maans.

Meanwhile on the other side the maans finished collecting their luggage and were trying to find their way out. Heer who was getting impatient because she needed the toilet badly said "ufffgghgh I need the toilet so please give me some time I'll be back in a few minutes wait here for me. The maans agree with her as no one ever disagrees with heer because they no her mood will get ruined.

Heer who is desperate rushed towards the toilet while prem who was running trying to find the maans bashed into heer. Heer dropped her bag and bent down to pick it up "cant u see wear your walking she said getting up . Prem "oh umm sorr he stopped their when he saw her face. It was the most beautiful face he had ever seen. Her hair was blowing around her face with the fan and her eyes were so beautiful. Heer was also shocked to see prems face. He was the hottest guy she has ever seen. Both of them stared at each other for a minute and then prem looked at heer from top to bottom and said "oh I'm sorry I was looking for someone. Heer got angry and said "So doesn't mean you shouldn't be looking where you were going. Prem also got angry with her attitude and said "Ummmm excuse me you weren't looking where you were going either so don't blame me. Both of them got angry at each other and started to fight.

Kunal and siya were worried about their brother and sister so they went to find them and coincidentally both of them bashed into each other and saw prem and heer fighting. "Prem what are you doing" said Kunal. Heer looked at kunaal in a weird way and said "Kunaal bhai you know this guy. Kunaal: yah he is my younger brother. Siya was embarrassed and said "heer say sorry to prem now." Heer "but didi I didn't do anything It was him." Siya: I don't care. Heer: neither do I!! Kunaal: No Siya it is okay leave her she didn't know anyway how are you Siya" both of them broke into a hug and started telling each other how much they missed each other. Prem and heer gave each other evil looks and waited for Siya and Kunaal to finish saying their so called hi. After a while they left to go and get the rest of the maans and started walking out of the airport towards the car.

Heer was walking with meher on the left side of her and prem on her right. She was going on and on and laughing with meher really loudly about something funny. Prem Thought to himself "does this girl ever shutup" when all of a sudden heer tripped on something and slipped. Prem caught her and both of them had an eye locked moment. They stood still looking into each other's eyes not even moving an inch. It was like the whole world was turning round and round really fast. They couldn't see anything that was going on around them all they could see was each other's beautiful faces and they were lost in their own world. All of sudden prem came out of dream world and quickly brought heer up who was still staring at him. Meher burst out laughing and heer quickly came back to the real world and slapped meher on the arm. They continued to laugh while raj was getting angry at the way prem was looking at heer and they all went to go and sit in the car. Siya, Teji, balraaj and raj sat in one car with Kunaal and since there was no space left heer and meher went to sit in the other car with prem. Heer sat at the front with prem while meher sat at the back. The ride home seemed ages and nobody spoke for a long time when prem broke the silence and said "So then how are you guys? Heer who was mad at him said "Uhhh NO and why do you even care anyway? Prem: "did I say I cared" Heer "Ughh just shut up. Prem laughed and said to meher "is she always like this so moody and grumpy or is today some special occasion. Meher started laughing and said "it depends on her mood!!!" Prem laughed and said "I see...god I was just trying to be nice." Heer ignored both of them and turned her back to face the window. After what it seemed like ages they finally reached the Juneja mansion.


Please feel free to critisize and comment!! :) Hope u like it!! :) Please press the like button and comment!!


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awesome please update soon

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