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                                                                                             22 Dec 2009
The Producers,
Raaz Pichle janam ka,
What is Atma? Does a Punarjanm really exist? 'Sharir is Nashwar and Atma is Amar' that what we are reading in Bhagwadgeeta from Childhood. Not only that, a question 'WHO AM I' remains unanswered all the time. Because every one has a name but that name is simply a label to that body but the "me" inside is still unknown. Before and after this birth where the "I" inside my body was and where it will go? I thought this program could give answer these fundamental questions.  
I am watching most of the Episodes of RPJK. Unfortunately I could not get answers to my question, infact I feel this program is a Hypnotism show with a label of Regression Theory. Would you please clarify in your Program, following doubts arising in my mind?
Q 1) Location of Human Memory is in brain. Brain Cells records all the events right from childhood till death. Brain continuously sorts the data, stores some and deletes (?) some data. That is why we remember few things or forget many and vice versa. If these cells get damaged we forget many things. That disorder is called Alzheimer's disease. If person's brain gets a physical or mental shock he goes in coma. Thus the master control of memory is in brain. After death human body is cremated or buried and brain no longer exists, then how this memory would be transferred to next birth? Can Soul carry memories? Soul is simply a chetana or Pran.If different gadgets are considered as animal bodies and Electricity as soul then it can be said that the soul is emotionless. It has no instincts or any thinking power.It is simply a pulse to keep alive a Living being.
Q2) Dr. Jain uses Hypnotism to take participants into the past life. I have full trust in hypnotism as I have completed a small course of self Hypnotism. I have seen person taken in deep trans can experience a situation which he/she has never experienced before. If boys are told that they are soldiers, now start firing, they will start firing with imaginary
rifles or they take part in body building competition, play a musical instrument etc. When instructed, girls start dancing, do make-up to take part in beauty contest, search for Krishna as if they are maid from Vrundavan. By hypnotic suggestions person can experience heat in winter season and chill in summer. Hypnotized person can eat bitter gourd (Karela) happily if told that it is a Carrort. Can experience fragrance of any flower not present nearby. If hypnotist tells them "your age is now 5 years" then they start behaving exactly like a 5 year child and that too identical to one when they were at age of 5. If
asked to write, their handwriting also comes out like when they were in 1st standard. Similarly I feel that if a person is taken to previous birth then he would talk in a language of that birth and not present one. I strongly feel that if he is really taken to previous birth then he would virtually get transformed to that personality. So I request you to ask the participant to write his signature on paper or write anything he wants to. Ask his Tel no,Home & office address, Vehicle number etc. Then once he comes out of trans back to present birth, compare his handwriting & signature with that of previous birth. You should notice vast difference. If previous birth is recent one then verify the data collected with that dead Person. e.g. in Celina Jetli's case that lady died in 1974, so her data is only of 35 years from now. Which can be easily cross-checked. If a person
has died in USA (or anywhere) then from death certificate is very easy to match the reason of actual death and described by the participant like Celina. Documented records in USA are very easy to find. If a Large Television Network like NDTV is unable to do so then viewers will certainly have doubts in their mind over the objective of this program that is only for TRP and not for any sincere research to reveal secret behind re-births.
Q 3) Many a times Dr. Jain gives order like suggestions like "Jeb check karo, dekho usmein wallete hai", "News Paper dikhta hai kya dekho"  I really don't understand that how can she tell what to do? Does she know what a participant has done in previous life? How can she guess what the person has seen in previous life? So this is nothing but an instruction by hypnotist  to a person fully under her control. As told in Q2 the person whose subconscious mind is now awake will be able to visualize photos or news prints from the instructions. Let the person tell him/herself what they are observing. Perhaps it is a need of  hypnotist to keep person's subconscious mind awake all the time else he will go to his natural sleep and the program will get spoiled.
Q 4) The visualisation being shown makes lot of impact on viewers. Are the visuals created, later shown to the participant that these are similar to what you saw in the last birth experience?
Q 5) The root of many disorders or metal problems lies deep some where in too early age, which our conscious mind is not aware of. A Psychiatrist finds the reason by many ways e.g. Hypnotism and cures such psychological problems. If at age of 3 any
animal has attacked a person then the fear of that animal can remain in his mind throughout the life or if crows are giving trouble to a person that reason can be some thing else. But naturally those fears are reflected in hypnotic state, person thinks it is
because of previous birth. In Dr. Gaikwad's case what is relation of present life crows with the cursed person turned crow of last birth? Nothing. The crow he saw in trans has a reference of this birth only. In twin brother episode he was seeing Salman only in previous birth as his brothrer. That means it was not previous birth but his brain only was
creating those visuals.
Q 6) Why these people tell memories of adult age only? Why they can't tell anything between death and next birth? In which state is their soul immediately after death? Do they enter womb of next birth's  mother's immediately after death? or is there some deciding time in between? Does the soul has any choice to decide where to take birth? Do they meet Yamraj or Chitragupta? On what criteria they get next birth?
Q 7) Are re-births limited to planet earth only? Is there extraterrestrial Life exists in the universe? Is so do People take re-birth on other planets too? Or life on Earth is unique in whole Universe? If people get re-birth again and again then are total number of souls limited? or they are infinite? Till 10th Century AD earth's total population was not even 10 Million. Now it is more than 6 Billion. Where these millions of souls came from?
If person's next birth depends on what he done in previous birth then what about animals? They act much with their instinct and not brains. What kind of 'Paap or Punya' will they gather to take next birth? A lion or tiger has to kill other animals to survive. On what basis their fate for next birth is decided?
I don't expect the program's Producers to enter into spirituality or philosophy. But Human life rather any other life form on earth is a mystery which a challenge to both science and spirituality. So Can I expect some answers? and also can expect to listen to some of requests like verification of some points mentioned in Q 2.
I am thankful to you to start such interesting program. But hope it does not tilt towards Superstition.
Thanking you
-         Mandar
(viewer – NDTV Imagine)

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Hope to get a replySmile
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woooooow ,
first of all i would like you to congratulate you as someone finally took the initiative to get answers from ndtv regarding this show. and next i wish you good luck in getting reply from them as i doubt it unless it hits the media like saas bahu aur sazish etc etc etc .
 sometimes i feel that they think that this show is only been watched inb rural india where are no resources to know the truth ...
but so far this show looks like scripted one , its like playing a fantasy which these contestents have read in school/college/university library .
good luck again .
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reI watched RPJK 's yesterday's (23rd December09) episode of Ms. Kulvinder Kaur.

I appreciate that RPJK team admitted that they did not find any records what she narrated in her past life experience as Simran Kaur. But I wonder why still the producers are claiming it to be a regression to past life? Many doubts arise after watching this episode and 22nd Dec episode. In that episode that man was killed on 17th Aug 1947 in Lahore. He was killed with a knife. It was like he was living that experience again. He was in great pain. But this girl as 'Simran'  was not at all experiencing burning sensation. She was simply narrating as if its not she herself but watching some one else burning. Why this difference? This girl has fear about marriage or may not want to marry early. It is very much possible that her fear has created this imaginary story in her mind and she experienced it in trance unknowingly. Visuals shown in TV serials can aid to generate such illusion.


This program is to bring out past life's actual lived experience through hypnotism. The participant has to tell what has really happened in their past life. But Dr. Trupti Jain some times forces her instructions on them to see what she wants them to check. How that is possible? I have full respect towards Dr. Trupti Jain. But some how I strongly feel that because of her suggestions the person is not telling the actual occurred scene but some thing Visualized by their own brain. When she asks to check "check pockets/ see Newspaper" etc then what is a guarantee that person has done that act in past life at the time of that incidence? It is obvious that by giving instructions in present birth no one can physically go back to past like time machine and do the act and come back to present life again. These are supposed to be only memory revivals.


In past life person could have lived for 20/30/50/80 years. The life span is so huge that in RPJK they are trying to view it like a movie being watched in Windows Media Player. Dr. Jain asks the person to go further and see an important incidence of past life.  How can she pinpoint to exactly that time when person was about to die? There could be many important events in their life. This is like dragging a cursor in Media Player or using fast forward button and watch directly the climax of a movie. Isn't it? Or do RPJK team edit and show only selected part of death's time.


The base of this program is Hypnotism and it is a fact that not everyone can be hypnotized. I would like to know that does each and every participant is successfully taken to a trance? If so does the experience he gets is really past life experience? Because participants taking part in normal hypnotism show also get many experiences that they have never gone through in their life. And those are not considered as previous birth experience. Person never held a rifle in life can imagine that he is a soldier, Person never danced before can dance, Person never seen snow can find himself in Antarctica if properly instructed by a hypnotist. Knowledge gathered using eyes & ears through daily interactions, TV, Cinemas, News etc plays a vital roll in creating virtual reality experience. But a subconscious mind will refuse any instructions which is against his/her own ethics i.e. if asked to remove cloths or do a theft act he will come out of deep trance and will be restored to his natural consciousness.


So I request RPJK not to label each and every attempt as Past Birth experience but try to explore other possible psychological reasons behind it.


Thanking you,

- Mandar

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You must be one of the only people that I've seen on the forum that's brought up some very valid and thought provoking points.
The point about the animals mirrored my ideas completely!....What opportunity do animals have to show good deeds?

My sentiments on the issue after a lot of net surfing is that these contestants are sent in to a dream. I would only believe that they are going in to a past life if they do a past life regression on the same candidate twice and both times they witness the same things.

Well done on your thoughts and do let us know of any replies!

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Thanks so much for appreciating my thought.
<You must be one of the only people that I've seen on the forum that's brought up some very valid and thought provoking points.>
Yes ..What u said is absolutely right. a Thinking animal ie Human has evolved only 1 Lac years ago.
Animals prior to that and even now are living their life completely under natural instincts. What Karmafal they may be getting ? However some Cats , dogs are very hostyle while some are very calm and quiet.

<The point about the animals mirrored my ideas completely!....What opportunity do animals have to show good deeds?>
I agree on this point too.. Instead of dream we can call it as Deep Trance state. In that their brain create images. IN most cases the participants see some thing similar to their existing birth. Like one person has house on banks of Narmada like in his present life. Or one Girl was Punjabi in prev birth like she is now. THat means back of mind the same things reflect in trance too..

My sentiments on the issue after a lot of net surfing is that these contestants are sent in to a dream.
Wow..this is a perfect solution. Let the candidates undergo more than 1 time. Let each time get the same result. Some candidates experience as if they are living that life again while others tell the story like a neautral viewer. This is also confusing. Most of candidates speak like normal condition. They dont look to be gone under subconscious mind control. Some people speak as as if they have mug up dialogues , forgets some time. It all seems to be like a thetre play.
<I would only believe that they are going in to a past life if they do a past life regression on the same candidate twice and both times they witness the same things.>

ll done on your thoughts and do let us know of any replies!

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