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ArMan Times Edition 8

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ArMan Times Edition 8

Brief Written updates of the Fortnight

By: --__Shireen__--
Dec 7

o    Manav tells bad thing to the inspector about Manav and his family and leaves

o    Satish comes to Archu's house, and is looking for Varsha, and staring at her

o    The police beat Savita and Sachin

o    Savita lost consciousness while being beaten

o    Archu, Vaishu, and Varsha are performing and having fun, and Satish is looking at Varsha

o    Vandu is shocked at how Archu could do this to them

o    Manav tries to call Archu, but Sulochana says that she doesn't want to and hangs up

o    Cell woman beats Vandu, and Manav is crying

Dec 8

o    Vinod and Manju are dancing, and Archu remembers Manav

o    The cell woman stops beating Vandu, and the male inspector beats Manav

o    Sulochana announces Satish and Archu's marriage proposal

o    Archu run in her bedroom and cries

o    Manju is making Archu feel guilty for wanting to say no to the proposal

Dec 9

o    Manju is trying to make Archu say yes to marriage Satish, and making her feel guilty for wanting to say no

o    Satish is angry at his mom for thinking about him and Archu

o    Satish's mom tries to explain to him why he should marry Archu and emotionally blackmails him to say yes

o    Satish says yes to marry Archu, but he's not happy at all

o    Archu comes out, and everyone starts congratulating her and Satish

o    Archu Satish say they're happy when Sulochana asks

o    Archu walks to Satish and says that she's ready to marry him IF she had broken her relationship with Manav

Dec 10

o    Archu says that she can't marry Satish because she still loves Manav a lot

o    Manav says that he never wanted to break his relationship with Archu, but now he wants to break this relationship from his side

o    Archu says that eventhough she signed the divorce papers, she can never let go of Manav

o    Manav says that he will break all the vows he made to Archu during their wedding

o    Archu says sorry to Satish for saying no to marry him

o    Satish says he's not angry at her, but that he's happy, and respects her even more today

o    Manav says that all his hopes are broken after this incident

o    Satish says that it's good all this happened, because Archu finally expressed her true feelings towards Manav

o    Manav meets Savita and Vandu in their cell, and say that Archu should never have come into their lives

o    Sulochana is telling Archu that Satish is a good guy, and that she's sad they're not getting married

Dec 11

o    Sulochana says that she thought Archu would say no to her

o    Archu says that no matter where her life takes her, she will always be connected to Manav

o    Both Archu and Manav are remembering what happened the past few days

o    In the morning, Archu reads about Manav's family in the paper

o    Varsha goes with Archu to jail to see Manav and his family

o    Archu reaches jail, and sees Manav and his family there, and is shocked/sad

o    Savita sees Archu and starts cursing at her

o    Archu tries to talk to Manav, but he doesn't listen, and says that I break our relationship now

Dec 14

o    Archu finds out that Manju wrote the complaint against Manav and his family

o    Archu says to Manju that she did wrong by sending Manav and his family to jail

o    Shrauvni persuades Girish to get the Manav's family bailed

o    Manju explains why she wrote the complaint,

o    Archu disagrees, and leaves, while Vinod says he supports Manju's decision

o    Archu goes to Satish for help in getting Manav's family bailed

o    Manav's family

o    Manav sees Archu and Satish outside the jail and tells Archu her game is finished before it started

Dec 15

o    Manav and his family is home, and everyone is looking at them

o    Archu comes home, and is angry at Manju, but Vinod supports Manju

o    Manav's family is worried about how they'll face the world since they've been in jail

o    Savita goes outside, and everyone is taunting and gossiping about Manav and his family

o    Manav comes out and supports Savita

o    Manav goes to Archu's house with Savita and tells asks them why they did this, and what his family and him went through in jail cause of Archu's family

o    Manav holds Archu's hand, and twists it

o    Vinod goes to Manav and tells him to stop, and Manav tell Viond to stop

Dec 16

o    Manav tells Vinod that if he's hurt watching Archu getting her arm twisted, then think of what he went through watching his family get beat in jail

o    Sulochana tries to talk to Manav, but Manav says that she didn't give him a chance to speak, so neither will he

o    Archu goes to Manav's garage, and he behaves coldly towards her, and she cries

o    Manav's dad runs into Archu's dad, and tell him he still thinks of Archu as his DIL

o    Varsha gets angry at Satish's mom for the whole anniversary incident

o    Manav asks his family if they should decide on a date for the wedding

o    Savita says don't you dare invite Archu, or anyone from there

Dec 17

o    Manju convinces Vinod to go see a flat

o    Satish tells Archu he likes Varsha, and wants to marry her

o    Sachin goes to the visa office

o    Manju tells Sulochana and Manohar about the flat

o    Sulochana is shocked that they didn't discuss with them first

o    Manohar says they have grown up now and they can make their own decisions

Dec 18

o    Sachin is drinking and saying everything is ruined

o    Girish leaves with Shravni

o    Girish calls Sachin, and tells him that the wedding won't happen, and Sachin is heart broken

o    Sachin is walking on the road remembering Shravni, and a truck hits him

o    Manav gets a call, and everyone goes to the hospital

o    Sachin is critical

o    Vaishu sees Manav and Taurn, and Tarun tells her that Sachin is in the hospital

o    Vaishu calls Archu to tell her what's going on

o    The doctor says Sachin lost a lot of blood, and isn't responding to any treatment

Links to Written and Video updates of the Fortnight
By: nityatarlapally

 7th Dec:

 Written + Vid + Pix update:

 8th Dec:

 Written + Vid + Pix update:

 9th Dec:

 Written + Vid + Pix update:

 10th Dec:

 Written + Vid + Pix update:

 11th Dec:

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 14th Dec:

 Written + Vid + Pix update:

15th Dec:

 Written + Vid + Pix update:

16th Dec

 Written + Vid + Pix update:

 17th Dec:

 Written + Vid + Pix update:

 18th Dec:

 Written + Vid + Pix update:

Dialogue Male and Female of the Fortnight
By: loveabletwinz

Oh boy! When I say I had a TOUGH time choosing the dialogues for this fortnight, I really mean it! I mean, HAILA!!! We had FABULOUS dialogues this week! We had a fabulous set of dialogues from Archana, but oii, I am so jumping the gun here. So before I get too excited and completely forget about putting the male dialogue up, let's get to it! *blush*

Male Dialogue

Ham shareer se bhale alag rahe ho, lekin aaj tak usse apne dil se laga ke rakha -Manav

This dialogue had me winded! It was sort of sweet and sour for me. While I loved and adored Manav for saying that dialogue, I also knew what was coming next. The moment he said he had finished this relationship from his side, I gasped! I know we were ALL expecting him to be more understanding and smart about the whole situation, so to hear the lines that came after this was very disappointing! But in the mean time, this dialogue goes to show how much Manav really loves Archana. And he can say it and make himself believe it as much as he wants, but he will NEVER stop loving her this way!

Main khush hoon, bohut khush hoon, aur khushi is baat ki hain, ki maine tumhe pehchanane mein kabhi koi galti nahi ki, tum vaisi hi ho, jaise maine socha tha - Satish

Yes, I know' a lot of us are annoyed with Satish sometimes'but I have always liked the guy! And like we all knew, he is clear cut! What you see is what you get. I love this dialogue from Satish because it shows the confidence he has had in Archana. He trusts her to make the right choice and he also knows the kind of relations she has with Manav. He knew it the night he said "kitna pavitra rishta tumne bana kar rakha hain manav ke saathek' aisa rishta jis par koi bandish nahi hain, koi bhi usse define bhi nahi kar sakta, ha mehsoos zaroor kar sakta hain, jaise maine kiya" He has felt Archana's love for Manav, and I am SO glad that Satish made the right choice!

Female Dialogue
Ahh!This one had me in a fix --- I can't decided how much of that dialogue to put in here! *blush* Guys, if this gets too long, blame the dialogue writers! They just made it too good not be put up here! *giggle* 
"Main apke saat rishta jodne ke liye taiyar hoon, agar koi, mera manav ke saath rishta thod kar dede tho... Mana ki sarkari kagazon ne rishte ke thodne par mohar laga di, lekin meri yaadon mein, mere sapno mein, abhi bhi voh rishta panap raha hain....Koi mere dil se alag karke dede, tho main taiyar hoon is naye rishte ke liye...mujhe koi aitraaz nahi hain apke saath ghar basane mein, lekin us ghar ka kya jo pehle se hi mere dil mein basa hain....usse apko mitana hoga, manav ke saath bitaye ek ek pal ki chavi basi hain mere man mein, us chavi ko apko thodna hoga...main bhavishya mein age bad jaongi, lekin mere ateet mein se manav ko nikal sakenge na aap? main sab kuch bhool jaongi, lekin main yeh kaise bhool jaoon, ki maine unke saat, saath phero ke saat, saath vachan liye the, meri ayi, rote rote nachi thi meri shaadi mein, uski ankhon se giri khushi ke ansoon, kaise bhool sakti hoon main...rishte ke toot jane ke bawajood bhi jab Varsha takleef mein thi, tab bhi manav ne akar ek ache jeeja hone ka farz nibhaya, yeh kaise bhool jaoon main satish ji?...ayi, yeh sach hain ki itna sab kuch hone ke baad bhi, aaj bhi main manav se judi hui hoon, ayi, unke khayalon se meri subah hoti hain, unki yadon se mera suraj dhalta hain, mere har saans mein, meri har dhadhkan mein, sirf aur sirf manav base hain ayi... - Archana

Okay fine. I admit! This is a problem! I just love this dialogue way too much. The whole thing really just had to be here! *going red in the face* The reason I love this so much is because Archana addresses everything she had never dealt with before. The first being that she finally acknowledged that Manav did help Varsha out. All this while, Archana had been looking at the bad side of Manav but this time, she goes beyond that and actually recognizes his good side. Second, she admits she loves Manav! *PHEW* I was beginning to think she had a problem! I mean, this women loves his family'thinks of them as her own, but she just wouldn't admit that she loved him! GAH! It was about time or what?! This is just a beautiful set of dialogues! I almost, almost balled my eyes out after Archana was done *blushing*

Star Male and Female of the Fortnight

By: loveabletwinz

Star Male - This spot, without a ray of doubt, goes to SATISH! Were we all glad or WHAT that he turned down the idea of marrying Archana?! Oh boy, I know I was jumping with joy! And I also liked that he had a conversation with his mom, and told her to ask him the next time she thinks of something crazy like that! HECK YES! Now that the kind of maturity I'm asking for! Thank-goodness Satish said no to his mother' I was half afraid that he would consider marrying Archana even after she said no, just for his mother.

 Star Female- Archana gets this spot for exactly the same reason Satish got the spot. For rejecting the proposal! That is exactly how we roll Archana! She also gets this for showing Manjusha exactly where she stands. It was about time Archana had to give a talking-to to that monster! I was glad Archana told Manjusha that she had NO right to interfere in her life! PHEW *wipes forehead* It was about time SOMEONE told Manjusha to stay out of people's lives! Man, what education can do huh? Gives you a back-bone for one! This is precisely the strength of character we have been asking from Archana! Way to go!


Star Actor and Actress of the Fortnight
By: loveabletwinz

 Star Actor - This one was a little bit of a rough ride, but after much thought, I decided this spot should go to Ajay Whadvakar ji for his role as Damodar. Agree, he looks a little shabby on screen, but his portrayal of the faithful father-in-law is impressive. He always makes my heart melt for him, especially his act when he was with the men and women laughing and exercising. In between of his laughter, there were sobs of sadness, and Whadvakar ji did that sequence quite nicely! BRAVO!!! *applaud*

 Star Actress  - This spot goes to Ankita Lokhande for a heart-wrenching portrayal of Archana. I agree, she doesn't always hit all the emotions right on, but she deserves this spot for that one moment of weakness that she portrayed on screen. The scene where Archana was required to fall down on her knees was painfully real to watch. I was holding up really well till that moment, but the minute I saw Ankita drop to the ground as if she was a discouraged child, tears welled up in my eyes. Maybe I'm a little weak at heart (blush), but Ankita was really quite good in that scene.

ArMan Sequence of the Fortnight

By: loveabletwinz

 Sadly, we did not have any dreamy, tender, starry-eyed scenes between ArMan, but we did have a scene that stood out. Although it wasn't happy, and was actually quite sad, it was a good scene, and it definitely pulled a few strings of my heart. The sequence I'm talking about is the one when Archana goes to Manav's garage to talk to him. It starts with Manav getting hurt and Archana rushing to caress the wound. The look on Archana's face was so beautiful ' the worry, concern and fear was clearly visibly on her face. And add to that the look Manav had on his face ' one of confusion and uncertainty, as if he wasn't sure what Archana was doing there especially after "reporting" his family to the police. The best part of the sequence was when Archana fell to the ground, defeated and crushed when Manav removed and gave her back her piece of saree she used to wrap around his wounded hand. When Manav came back and lifter her up, we almost hoped he would listen to her but *SIGH* we had no such luck. I thought that Archana falling to her knees was a brilliant idea ' it shows how overwhelmingly beat she is!

Best Family Scene of the Fortnight

By: loveabletwinz

 This was kind of tough to choose since we had so much sadness in both families, but one scene that was quite sweet was the scene right before Sachin left for his interview. The Deshmukh family had been having such tough times, but it was good to see them laughing and being a little jovial. There was too much sadness in that house, so to just see everyone happy for Sachin was kind of great to watch!


Mr. and Mrs.  Head Turner  [Style Icon] of the Fortnight
By: loveabletwinz

Male Style Icon - This was a tough one to choose too because the Deshmukh family was in jail for majority of the fortnight, in the same clothes. But Sachin did look smart and well-groomed in his white shirt and black pant. I could easily see someone dressing as simple as that to go to an interview. The rest of the guys did look good, but I think Sachin looked charming and innocent in those clothes :)

Female Style Icon - I think Vaishali always goes unnoticed because she doesn't get much of a role to play, but she does have some good outfits. Her hairstyle works perfectly for her and she looks good in every imaginable color. Her suits are always fun and different, so she definitely deserves a spot here. The other ladies, just like the men, looked perfectly good, but Vaishali gets special mention :)

World of Archana and Manav

By: nityatarlapally and loveabletwinz


 "Oh god! Yeh sab bhi aaj hi hona tha!" Archana muttered as she ran out of the house. It was an important day because she had a job interview that day. First she had woken up late and later found out that she didn't have any ironed clothes. Quickly putting on her formals, she grabbed her file and ran out of the house ignoring her mom's scolding. Grabbing her keys out of her bag, she turned the car on and geared into full speed.

 All she could think of was the interview and her job. Being a daughter of a rich business man, all Archana ever dreamt of was to make her own identity. She had learned a lot from her father, whom she considered her idol. Archana had just completed her studies in an abroad program, and instead of joining the business with her father, she requested that he let her work as an employee in his office. This meant that she was going to go through all of the process that it took a normal person to acquire the job.

 'I hope no one recognizes me there' so lost in her own thoughts, she didn't notice when the green light was called until the person behind her honked. She pressed the gas pedal but Archana hadn't moved an inch when she crashed the backlight of the car in front of her. 'Archana was shocked' would have been an understatement. All she could do was stare at the car in front of her with the big dent in the back. 'Way to be the most unlucky morning ever! Haye rabba! Why did this have to happen with me?!' Quickly getting out of the car, she walked up to the black Civic that she had run in to.

 The owner climbed out of the car and just one look at his face made Archana's breath quicken. His big brown eyes full of innocence and a tad bit of annoyance; his face was that of a Greek god. The perfect jaw line, his messy black hair and not to leave out the five 'o' clock shadow that made him look all the more better; Archana didn't realize she was staring.  "Umm'hello! Lady back to earth?!" Archana dazed out of her dream world when he tapped her on the shoulder.

 "What were you, drunk and driving? Could you not see I was in front of you?" the man asked, frustrated

 Archana was getting super annoyed at his irritated tone. If only the guy behind her had not scared her to death with that pesky honk, she wouldn't have bumped into this guy.

 "Well, if you hadnt noticed, the light had turned green. You should have long been gone. It was your fault for still being at the signal," Archana replied angrily. The day was just getting worse. Here she was, rushing to get to an interview she was already late too, and now she had an accident on her hands! "Great, things couldn't be going better," she thought to herself.

 The man raised his eye-brows, frustration and annoyance clearly showing in his eyes. "Well, excuse me; you're supposed to leave enough space between you and the vehicle ahead of you. Clearly, you did not and you were rushing. Kaunsi train chootne vaali thi tumhari? You are undoubtedly at fault, and you're paying for the damage."

 "Yeah right I am! Meri galthi thi hi nahi, tho main kyu karcha utaon?" Archana said. She was beginning to realize that there was no easy way to get out of this, and if she got any later for her interview, she was sure she was going to lose the job.

 After a ton of "tu-tu-main-main," both parties settled that it was Archana's fault. Archana decided there was no use trying to fight it out. She just needed to get to the interview, and she had no time for squabbling with a monkey! So she decided to be the "better person" and pay for the damage.

 *1/2 Hour later*

 Archana walked in to her dad's office, still furious that she had to pay for that moron's car. She still saw no fault of her own! She cursed the man all the way as she walked to the room her interview would be held at.

 "That dimwit, imbecile, ahh that blockhead! Poora din kharab kar diya! Kitna acha din tha aaj, and because of that fool i'm late for my interview." Archana continued to bicker.

 Archana knocked on the door, and when she received an acknowledgment, walked in and braced herself for the interview. She had geared herself for every possible question she could be asked, for every challenge this manager would throw at her, but she was NOT prepared for what came next.

 "TUM?!" came a loud outburst. Neither of them had known who the first one to shout it out was, but both of them were just as taken aback.

 Sweat beads began forming on Archana's fore-head! "Beta Archana, thu tho gayi aaj! Tera kuch nahi hone vala," she thought to herself.

 The man with the big brown eyes, the perfect jaw line, messy hair, a five o clock shadow and a face of a Greek God rose from his seat and extended his hand out to Archana. A mischievous twinkle played in his eyes as he said, "Hi, I'm Manav Deshmukh. Is office ka manager, and tumhara interviewee. And you?"

 Archana gasped! "Meri phooti kismat!" She thought to herself! "Bas isko hi mera interview lena tha? And why does he have the dumb glint in his eye?"

 Archana extended her hand, acknowledged the hand-shake and introduced herself! Manav asked her to take a seat and the interview went on from there. After about 30 minutes, Manav stood up and signaled Archana to the door. Despite starting off on the wrong foot, the interview went quite well.

 As Archana was about to leave, Manav called out to her which made her stop in her track. "Of-oh! Peeche se nahi tokthe! Itna bhi nahi ata is bandar ko?" Archana thought to herself. She quickly turned around to face Manav.

 Manav was sitting on top of the desk that stood in the middle of the room. For one split second, Archana lost herself. His skin was so tan, and his hair ' it just swept across his face and gasp, his eyes! Her first impression of him was right, he WAS a Greek God.

 As soon as she realized what she was doing, Archana caught herself. "ARCHANA, you're doing it again! STOP STARING," she gave herself a mental scolding.

 "You know, tum itni bhi nakchadi  nahi ho jitna maine socha tha. You're not all that bad," Manav said as he smiled slightly.

 "What do you mean, itni bhi buri nahi hoon? Ofcourse I'm not buri, I'm perfect," Archana proudly exclaimed.

 When she saw his raised eyebrows and realized what she said, she stopped talking. Manav watched her as her expressions changed, and after about 5 seconds, they laughed, at the same time.

 *Two years Later*

 "Tho yeh thi hamari kahani ki shuruat," A gleeful Archana exclaimed. She looked down at her lap as she watched Arman, her son, sleep. He looked as if he had fallen asleep listening to the prettiest fairytale. He had the calmest, most angelic look on his face. A hint of a smile played at the little boys lips, who had just fallen asleep after listening to his parents' love story. Archana shifted a little into a man's arm. As she turned her attention to meet eyes with Manav, she realized she had the perfect life. Manav tucked Archana tighter under his arm, and then turned his attention to their son. He watched as Arman slept and was baffled at how much he looked like his mother. Manav put a hand on Arman's head, caressing his hair then turned to Archana, and with a slight kiss on her cheek said, "I Love you."

SBS/House arrest Links of the Fortnight
By: nityatarlapally

9th December
 16th December
18th December

Creation of the Fortnight

Chosen by loveabletwinz

Alright, since there are some amazinggg creations in our gallery, I thought I'd put up two this time, and it will be the same until I run out of siggies! Im making sure all the siggies that were made gets their spot on here :D Heheh! So congratulations to the siggies that were selected for this edition! Great job guys :D

 By: devashree_h
By : Mugda

Video mix of the Fortnight
By FunLuvingGirl

JOKES of the Fortnight

By: nityatarlapally  and Damodar Deshmukh :D

There were three guys talking in the pub. Two of them are talking about the amount of control they have over their wives, while the third remains quiet.
After a while one of the first two turns to the third and says,
"Well, what about you, what sort of control do you have over your wife?"
The third fellow says "I'll tell you. Just the other night my wife came to me on her hands and knees."
The first two guys were amazed. "What happened then?" they asked.
"She said, 'Get out from under the bed and fight like a man'."

LOL...I only chose this joke because like all the other ones, this one reminded me of Savita and her poor husband! Tell me you cannot imagine him hiding under the bed from that dracula! <------that's Savita the dracula!  She would probably be holding a broom on the outside just waiting to run after and hit him with it!! 

This is how a husband describes his wife:
Roses are red, violets are blue, sugar is sweet, and so are you.
But the roses are wilting, the violets are dead, the sugar bowl's empty and so is your head

I bet if Savita touches a would die within the next second!!They should make her do that in the show!!  and her head is pretty empty too (considering she doesn't think that much!) I bet her husband thinks of her this way!! he just doesn't say it because..well you know what would happen he told her this! We won't see him in the show again!!

Savita : Mera Sachin, America ja raha hain...uske baad, uski ayi bhi America jayegi...
Damodar : Lo karlo baat...tu kaise jayegi vaha?
Savita : Kyun nahi jaa sakti..
Damodar : Nahi...atankvadiyon ko America mein, pao rakhne nahi dete!

Hahahahah! SAU ANE SACH!! How many of us laughed out loud when we heard Damodar say these lines? I know I did! Hahaha! And how spot on was he! Savita is nothing less than an atankvaadi! *giggle* Damodar stole the words right out of our mouths, hain na? lolz, a week later, and this dialogue still has me giggling! 

Review for Fortnight
By: rdfan

This fortnite was again a roller coaster ride with some positive moves and whole lot of negatives ...leaving me totally pissed ...and again what cums to my mind is why is this show called pavitra rishta when there is hardly a rishta between the two leads ...they dont communicate ,they dont trust each other and are so gullible where does it leave any chance for a holy bond.

 And with the future story being disclosed ...i am disappointed with the creatives as they have ruined the show completely ..and for me there is no way they can redeem themselves ....all i wonder is where does it get those high trp's from despite showing such aweful crap....uggghhhh why are people watching this show ...what for ???? This show is not abt pavitra rishta but its a manual abt how to ruin yr relationships !!!!

 Rating for the fortnite: 2/5 ( for sumthing happening i guess thats it )  

Expectations for next Fortnight

By: nishr and loveabletwinz

We always wanted Archu  to confront her feeling towards Manav and she finally did it and that to infront of every one, but on another hand our sweet boy Manav has turned into an angry young man which we don't like.  Creatives, he may look cute when he is angry but we can't see him angry towards Archu, so please don't show that. We want the tape recorded by Manav and his father to reach Archu's hand so that Archu and family will come to know that Manav is innocent and Manjusha and her brother Ajith are the main culprits.  As per the articles, Manav is supposed to have a relationship with Shravini, and that's fine, just make sure to speed up the process creative's. Sushant mentioned in an article that this track may take months' aaahhh that's the LAST we want'speed it up and get to it! Besides that, the track doesn't seem like it would go down well with all us Pavitr-ians, so please give us something that we actually WANT to watch!


Editor's Note

Hey guys!! We hope you have all had a fantastic fortnight, and we hope you have a fabulous one ahead of you. We had a few additions made to this edition --- On request of nishr, we have added a new section, Star Actor and Actress of the fortnight. We hope you guys like it!

 YIPPEE YA YA YO!!! 4 more days, and its CHRISTMAS!! YAHOOO!! We absolutely love this time of the year, and we know everyone is equally busy! So here's wishing you all a lovely and MERRY CHRISTMAS! We hope this time of the year fills your heart with lots of joy! Have safe, fun-filled, illness-free and snow-filled (for all those in winter-land *wink*) holidays!!!


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Posted: 22 December 2009 at 1:06am | IP Logged Sig got chosen this time PartyThank you Guys!!LOL
Another amazing edition.I love the butterflies LB LOL.
What we all wanted for so many days came true this fortnight.Archana finally expressed herself in front of everyone. Even I loved all her dialogues in that scene.Didnt we just heave a sigh of relief that she did not give into Manju and Sul's pressure this time.
And the scene of the fortnight was so good. Archana pulling Manav closer like she has right over him.
And Nitya, I always love reading your OS.Archana and Manav name their kid Arman. how cute is that!!

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oh wow really nice edition...congrats to the winners...keep up this good job....Thumbs Up
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Gr8 work yet again Shiv-Sam!!!!Clap
I really look forward for this postWink...
PR is rocking ,n so is Arman!
take care
isomers IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 15 January 2008
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Posted: 22 December 2009 at 8:40am | IP Logged
Daevashree di: the Arman ws AnnJan's idea.
OMG!!! You know when I was doing the character of the week..That's what I wrote too! I chose Satish and Archana for the same exact reason!!
ohh and I like the joke you added...saw that n the show! LOL
Will be back to edit this..I didn't even read the whole thing yet.
LotusPetals IF-Sizzlerz

BollyCurry Buzzer
Joined: 28 September 2008
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Posted: 22 December 2009 at 8:43am | IP Logged
Great job AnnJan !

And Nitya, awesome OS !! It was so cute !

ps : in the brief written update, it's Manju who tells bad things to the inspector abt Manav and his family; not Manav !! LOL

Edited by tasnime - 28 December 2009 at 8:57am
*Resham* IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 22 December 2009 at 9:32am | IP Logged
Fab work guys...ClapClapClap..u keep on rockingBig smileBig smile
--__Shireen__-- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 22 December 2009 at 11:41am | IP Logged
Originally posted by tasnime

My spot !

ps : in the brief written update, it's Manju who tells bad things to the inspector abt Manav and his family; not Manav !! LOL

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