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Monday 21/12/09

Vadai along with the lawyer comes to meet Beach - soga BG - Vadai tells
arumai macchaan that this kambi counting is temporary -" we will get you
out soon, bail is on the way " Beach says that his only worry now is that
the family members might blow up things and create a permanent rift
in the relationship. Vadai says that Omni would never let that happen.
Beach does chayyng chak "she is my only hope" . Then Beach is told
about the visit to Sundu -" he has agreed to sing the truth in the court.
RK threatened him to do this." Lawyer says "once Sundu sings like a cuckoo,
Beach is out of the whole case. Beach nods and says "umm" - looks like
he is not convinced ( ennathai Sundu cuckoo maari... ennathai lawyer argue
panni, ennathai naan veliye vanthu...hmmm - Beach dialog by Roja)

Wood and Art - Wood says that he is a military man with out uniform - ella
velaiyum time pisagame seyyaravar aam - ippO enna duty??? lunch thaan !!

He has smelt the menu and tells Art that food is ready and time to eat. BR
gets the food to the table. Art says that Wood is a "mOppa specialist" -
" namba Jimmy kku smelling sense poraathu !!" Azaghu's hubby comes saying
"Saamiyeyy Saranam Iyappa" - Wood wants to know the reason and Mr.Beauty
says that he needs a change in life. Wood calls him a fool and says that he should
hold on to Vadai and change his life. Then a house broker comes with a prospective
place for renting. Mr.Azaghu wants a house far away from the present place.
Azaghu wants to know " pray , who is moving out of this house?" Hubby says that
it is high time they moved out. Azaghu says that it is her mother who has to decide -
now starts " Operation Net Spread Search Thaalai" (ONSST)- she is missing , not to be
seen anywhere , even the cupboards are searched - the clan is worried.

Aavudai is pensive - has visions of Thalaai's ammanO saamiyO at the josiyar's
place. The grandkids are playing - running around him - Aavudai shouts at them
and asks them to go out and play. His irritation is obvious and Valli is surprised
that he shouts at grandkids. The phone rings and Avudai shouts at Pearl to pick it up.
Pearl says that it is from the telecom dept "checking" Aavudai asks her to put the
receiver down " eppO paarthaalum nai nai nnu" Pearl does what she is told and Valli
tells Pearl that some thing is not right ( aama, Thalai murder case le Aavudai ulle pOna,
neenga ellarum satchi sollanume, athukku thaan intha over acting !!)

Well, at Vadai's place ONSST is still on ) Omni missing??!!! surprising , ipdi oru
important time le antha amma moonjiyai kaattame irukka maattangale !!!
calls maama's place to ask about Thalai - but the phone is engaged ( yeah sure)
Beauty keeps trying. Amutha brings some water and gives it to Aavudai - Aavudai
shouts at her "unnai kettenaa?? kondu vanthu en thalai le kottu" Amutha is upset.
Vadai comes home for some thing and he is told that Thalai is missing.
He asks his
sisters about calling Aavudai household. He is told that the phone is continuously
engaged - " they are angry with us and so it is possible that they kept the receiver
down??" Vadai says "che che, phone ai yaaranum sariya vaichirukka maattanga,
 let me go and check personally" Vadai goes there and asks Aavudai " amma inge
vanthaangalaa?" Aavudai shouts at Vadai " unga amma kkum enakkum sambhandam
illai, ava moonjile muzhikka maatten, ava yen inge varaa??? Yen pillai jail kku pOi
3 days aachu, neenga yaaranum inge vanthu enna  nnu kettingalaa??" Vadai is
confused "na ordinary aa thaane ketten, why are u shouting?" Amutha says that
maama is upset "thappa eduthukkathe anne, ulle vaa" Vadai leaves. Aavudai has
more visions of Thalai telling him " un kooda piranthava sethu pOitta"  Pearl tells
Valli " hmmm , yethO puthu villangam varum pole irukku" Valli agrees and asks
Pearl to come along with her "Durgai kku vilakku pOttu ttu varalaam" Pearl says
"let my hubby come back home, then I will come to the temple."....


Tuesday - 22nd December update

CM questions the ladies whether they have seen Thaalai? What did they do whole day without even noticing their mother was gone? Both of Vadais sisters looks down unable to reply CM. Cm says they only knows to sleep whole day or back mouth people…she ask Palliarai to check the pooja room and see whether Thaalai have done the pooja. Pallaiarai checks on, no pooja has been done. CM calculate Thaalai must have been went missing from 7am to 10 am as she haven't done the pooja which is very un- normal. Vadai arrives, he too doesn't have any good news. His mother didn't go to her brothers house either, now everyone is really worried. One of the son in law calls up the close relatives while other one goes to search after her at the nearby temples. After a while both returns back with no results. One of them suggest they should involve the cop while the other says its not good as she haven't been missing for a whole day and it will affect their family reputation too when everyone comes to know about it. Anyway CM thinks its best to go to the police before something bad happens.

CM and Vadai fill in a compliant. Inspector ask about any family problems which may have lead her to leave the house? CM replies they had problems just like in other families but nothing big to make her leave the house. Vadai mentions about the wedding, his brother and brother in law getting arrested etc. Inspector decide to questions her dad, CM is not happy but goes along with the compliant.
Amudha is crying badly at her room. Mani is annoyed but at the same time shows concern. Tell her to use her cell to call her sisters to enquiry about her mother which she does. Both of her sister are worried and want her to join them, she happily says she will take Mani and come over. She tells Mani about it, who just leave the room without even replying her. Outside, he sees the inspector and ask why he is there? Inspector want to talk with Adai about his sister being missing, Solai and Muthu misunderstand thinking CM sent the police and accuse CM for trying to humiliate them. Adai comes and replies he doesn't have any sister and leaves. Muthu beg the cop to leave her family alone, her FIL is a sick and a weak man so its best not to disturb him.
Groom comes to see Kavi, when everything goes smoothly Thavasi calls up the grooms father and tell him about Kavi loving Mani, and running away back..he basically questing about her character. Grooms dad is stunned and hang up. Everyone sense something is wrong. He ask if kavi loved a guy name Mani and run away with her? Kavi is thiru thiru muzhuchfies..FREEZE

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Wednesday 23rdDecember update

The grooms parents ask about Kavi running away with Mani? Kavi's dad tries to explain but the grooms dad want a straight answers. They says yes, grooms parents gets up and talk bad about Kavis character and leaves. Both of her brothers comes to the conclusion it was that phone call which made things worse and it has to be someone from Kadakarais house. They plan to seek revenge, elder brother tells his younger one to take revenge on his way while he will on his own.

Vadai is searching for his mother, he calls up the cop and ask about any news? Cop says nothing new, he went to his uncles house but his uncle said he doesn't have any sister. Vadai says he is angry cause of Sundaram.

On his way, vadai sees Kavi's elder brother. Vadai is not happy to see him and wonder why he is thee? To blackmail them to get more money? He wont leave them alone for what they did do to his brother and BIL. Elder bro does the saguni velai and says he saw Adai slapping Thaalai at the josiyars house. Vadai rarefies to believe and goes straight to the josiyar who refuse to talk but later on accept he saw Adai slapping Thaalai. Vadai is stunned and call up the cop to inform.

Cop too is there and enquires josiyar who tells them what he saw. They start to search around the area.

A worried Vadai and CM waits at home..FREEZE


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Thursday 24th December

Police search after Thaalai on the thoppu with dogs. Searching goes on and on while Vadai is sitting at home. CM ask what happened, why is he so silent? Any late news about Thaalai? Vadai doesn't respond to her but his sisters indirectly taunt her family. Her dad lied to them, tried to hide the truth, he saw their mother and has argue, so he slapped her. that's why their mother left the house. CM is surprised.

Police dogs find something, police start to dig out the soil, they sees a lady body. Inspector calls up Vadai and inform him. Vadai screams on the phone saying it cant be his mother'his family too is worried. He hangs up and tell them police found a body and want him to come down to identify. His sisters makes opari while him, CM and his two BILs rush out.

They arrives there, Vadai refuse to look on that body, he says it cant be his mother, while CM says it wont be athai. He opens the sheet and falls back in shock. Its Thaalai, he cries his heart out and do does the rest. They ask who did that? Who killed his mother and buried her there. Inspector says they don't know, but they found a watch so it can belong to the killer. They show the watch, Vadai replies its his uncles, and ask CM to confirm it. She too is stunned, Vadai is angry and blames Adai, he want the cop to arrest the murder of his mother. CM cries and says her dad cant have done that. Vadai refuse and leaves with the cop while the rest is there to get the body out. FREEZE

Wish Everyone A Very Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year as its my last update for this year....have a lot of fun and see you all in 2010!
December 25th update

Amudha gets phone from her sisters who tell her the bad news about Thaalai. Amudha cries in shock, everyone rush to her and wonder what happened? She cries and says her mother has left them all'Adai is stunned. Soon after Vadai arrives there and shout at Adai. He accuse him for having killed his mother and a big fight starts between him and Mani/Solai. Cops arrives and breaks up the fight. Inspector warn Vadai to let them do their job, they arrest Adai. Family argues he didn't commit that but in vain. Vadai cuts his relation with them and leaves'Amudha cries bitterly inside'Muthu goes to her and says it hasn't been 3 days she arrived there but already got 2 of the men arrested..she doesn't know what more is awaiting them. Amudha denies and breaks down.

RK is happy Adai is arrested and share the good news with his elder brother. Elder brother admit it was him who kind of turned Vadai against Adai n co. He went to see the josiyar and saw Adai and Thaalai argue, he saw him slapping her and the watch falling down. So he used that to create fight. RK thinks its his brother who killed her and want him to be honest so he doesn't land up in trouble. His bro refuse saying he doesn't go to that extreme, RK thinks if his brother too didn't do that, who would have done it as Adai is a nice man so no chance. He decide to find the real killer.

Vadai meets Sundaram at the jail and inform their mother is dead. He says from now on, they doesn't have any relation with Adai and his family. They are their enemy now, so they have to finish the job Adai started - taking revenge. Right one, Kadakarais pidhi is on their hand, he tell his brother not to tell the truth at the court, want him to lie. FREEZE

I think Thavasi killed her and now all the heck will break down for CM!

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thanks roja
thallai kathai mudinchipocha.
i think she was killed by that man who took Aavudai watch. soon Aavudai also will goto jail.

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Thanks Roja for the Super review
I enjoyed a lot
How do u get the words? Keep Rooooooooocccccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkiiing!!!!!!!! (not Coootch cooing)

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Thanks for the excellent updates Roja..

So looks like Thalai mandai potachu.. Fri is holiday so thursday due for RKO???

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Thanks for the update Roja akka...was supposed to do it now but voila..its already upHug  
I think Thaalai is killed and soon Adai too will join his son to count the jail irons..looks like RKs words become by one of Kadakarais family will enter the jailUnhappy Now Sundaram thinking Adai killed his mum wont help put poor Beach..ellam intha veena pona CM'ala vanduchuDead

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Thanks for the updates Roja
I hope "Operation Net Spread Search Thaalai" does not become a long and painfully drawn out process.

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Imp kutty, thanks da - I have a feeling that Thalai is alive - must
have been kidnapped by Kavi's bro - But Aavudai's kambi counting
days are round the corner!!!

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Meli thank for the updates..
Roja ka, i too thought that Thalai would have been kidnapped...
Ellarum azhunga... Koodi senthu azhunga.. sikirama nasama poneengana, Thavasi will tell u nan win paniten... apo ellarkum theriyum oh.. ivaru dhan karanama... Apuram ninga ellam thirumba serndhu uzhaichu munerunga...  serial over...
So CM ad Beach unga family neraya probs vandhu ella verum thani thaniya poradhula dhna iruku.. sikiram adha neengale seyunga....

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