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                             EPISODE  11  21.12.2009     Update By Srima

Puvi , Sudha , pooja at  a  construction site having pooja for their new under construction house.  Sudha's father is also present but her MIL SIL & BIL are missing.  Sudha's father asks reason  for their absence ...,  Sudha replies  that she has not invited them as her MIL is a jealousy type .Once  she passed some comments when Sudha purchased a jewellery piece for pooja. Sudha's father tries to drill some sense in to her saying no mother would ever nurture any ill feeling towards her son& his family....she would be the happiest person to see her son well settled in life. Scolds Sudha for her actions......Explains that just brick & cement wouldn't contribute to a good house. It has to be built on the love , affection & blessings of the elders & family members.... then only it becomes  a true Home  .Even all Iyer's mandirams will also have no effect without her MIL's blessings.

Tamizharasu [TA] on his bike....reaches the photo studio , person at the counter hands him the envelope containing Lav's photo....TA receives a call on his cell....goes out to take the call leaving the envelope on the counter. TA comes back takes the wrong envelope [  one containing Thulasi's photos ] & leaves. Now arrives  Velayudham's jalra. Finds Thulasi's photo missing...frets & fumes....shudders at the thought of V's temper.....Curses his luck that ever since Thulasi came in to the picture it has been  problemo problem   for him.....first an altercation with a vayaadi biker.... then the four legged beast & now the missing photo. Drags the photographer along with him to V's house to safeguard his position. As expected palaar palaar for the poor photographer...bro & sis threaten him with dire consequences if the photo is not delivered in an hour's time.  Tilaka's husband has a doubt.... ask her whether her name is Tilakavathi or Kalahavathi.....says she is willing to shoot people for her bro's sake  but unwilling to shoot dosai for the hungry hubby.

MM's home....Padma cooking in the kitchen....sonny boy enters & asks for money to buy application forms...Mother asks a/c for Rs. 2000 given earlier for the same....son has ready reply...has spent it on some forms & travels etc etc...wants more money to buy forms from some more Engg. Colleges. Mother directs him to the father. MM again asks a/c for earlier money . Mommy darling comes for son's rescue this time. MM reluctantly agrees to part with the money though he would like to lay his hand on it after Thulasi's wedding.

An auto stops at  MM's door. Thulasi's school principal  comes in. After customary introductions ask for Thulasi .....unfortunately [fortunately for MM family] thulasi is not at home. Princi praises Thulasi to the hilt.....very proud to have a student in her whose achievements has brought in great honour to the school...she  got  promotion bec. of that. Says MM & Padma are blessed to have  such an intelligent daughter.  Princi further states that Thulasi will receive full financial aid from the Govt. for her further studies....hands over a letter to be given to Thulasi with which she should meet the Mayor who will do the needful ... also gives her visiting card requesting them to tell Thulasi to call her. Finally  the principal invites them to attend the felicitation function arranged for the meritorious students. Says they were the only missing parents on the day of the result. Padma mazhupufies that they were at kuladeivam temple praying for Thulasi's success.Before leaving princi once again reminds them that Thulasi should call her as she would be leaving the town the next day to take up her new assignment.

After principal's departure  MM comments, if only Mohan had done well in exams like Thulasi he could have also got the Govt. aid.  Angry Padma retorts...Thulasi might get the aid  which is of no use....she can never pursue her studies ,but her son's marks have fetched him 5 lakhs donation from vel. Thulasi will never come to know about this matter... it is their good luck that princi does not have their Tel. No.  , also leaving the  town ... so no chance of meeting Thulasi. Saying this she tears letter & visiting card & throws in to the dust bin.[Brahma Raakshasi] Camera freezes on the faces of a beaming Mohan & shocked MM.

Srima wants to take Daisy's whip & whack both Mommy & sonny boy

Tuesday December 22, 2009 Update By Hiya

Scene 1 (street)

                Tamil's police friend is sitting on his bike with another friend discussing about how he ended up becoming a police officer (light comedy here), and Tamil comes on his bike and greets them, and another friend named Joseph comes as well. (Joseph is actually the guy who Poovi and his wife (sudha) hired to get wood off of) as soon as Joseph comes he asks Tamil why he hadn't told them about the house, and Tamil is confused and then realizes what happened and tries to cover up in front of his friends that he knew about the house.  Tamil leaves after this.

Scene 2 (car)

                Sudha is driving and Poovi asks if they can tell his mom about the house at least now and she refuses, again bringing up the whole jealousy thing, and she says that we have done what we have for Lavanya by depositing 50 thousand in a bank account for her wedding (Sudha actually did this on her own) Poor Poovi is stuck between wife and his family.

Scene 3

                Poovi and sudha get out of the car as they have arrived home and try to wake up pooja from the back seat since she had fallen asleep , at this time Tamil also arrives and takes pooja in (he seemed to have looked a little ticked off though at his anni, don't blame him).  Poovi and wife go into their room.  Tamil then comes and hands his mom the photos and goes into his room (its so sad he didn't even look at it yet) As Lavanya was about to take it from her mom to look at it, Their neighbor lady comes in (the one who knows the poona mappilai) and so tamil's mom hand her the photos, this lady opened the envelope (finally) and asks why they are giving these photos and asks if the are looking for a ponnu for Tamil.  Lavanya then takes the photo and looks at it and says that Thulasi is really pretty and her mom says that doesn't matter, look what your anna did by switching the photos.

Couldn't watch the rest sry, my speaker isn't working properly' can someone finish the update please' 

I'll try and make out what may have happened.

Velayudham looks to be at the photo store and looks really pissed off and yells at some of his adiyals, Tamil is now riding his bike and comes to a stop at the store, and then talks on the phone with his friend and sister and then leaves, but doesn't give back the photo (want to know whyConfused)  Velayudham sees him and sends his henchmen after him, and i don't think he noticed, cause he doesn't seem too worried.

Velayudham looks really stressed out and calls Muthu and he seems to be yelling at him for some reason, and then he speaks to Thulasi. (his face changed so much from when he was talking to Muthu and thulasiLOL) After Thulasi leaves he talks to Muthu and says something and episode ends with Muthu's shocked face thodarum...

Please someone fill in what actually happened in those scenes. Really want to know what happened at the end and tamil's part, where he left without giving the photoEmbarrassed

Sorry for the inconvenienceEmbarrassed by the way doesn't this serial seem very filmi like.... The thing is i think that is why i like this serial in the first place

The missing part

Tamizh goes to exchange the photo but his friend whose mom is in the hospital calls him to say that his mom is alone and the doctor will come any minute and decide about the operation. He wants Tamizh to come -"dr varum pothu nee iruntha, I will feel better" Tamizh says that he will ask Lav to come to the hospital and he will be there too. Looka at the studio and decides to do the exchange later. Velayudam is threatening the studio guy about some foul play and the guy says that it was just a mistake. The studio guy sees Tamizh leaving and shouts " sir, ivan thaan sir, photo vai eduthuttu ponavan" Now the driver Jeyaraj says that this is the same guy who hit the car on the day they were taking Thulasi to Vel's house. Vel sends his men to follow Tamizh. Tamizh is oblivious to this. His boss calls Tamizh in the mobile and Tamizh says that he will be at work soon. Vel's henchmen think that he is calling for help - " namba thoratharathu therinji, he is calling for his people !!" Vel's sister manages to convince Vel and takes him home. Vel tells his sister that Tamizh and Thulasi are in love with each other " athaan annikki  namba car le idichi irukkan, ippO photo vai mathi vaichu irukkan. Let me talk to Muthu" Vel calls Muthu and asks if Thulasi is home. Muthu says yes but Vel wants to confirm by talking to Thulasi . Thulasi talks to him, Vel drips honey and milk and finally tells Muthu - " Thulasi kku oru kadhal irukku, ippovum irukku" Muthu is shocked.

 EPISODE  13   WEDNESDAY  23.12.2009

Vel. on the cell ...asduvazhinjufying to Thulasi. Ask her to give the cell back to MM.

Vel:   Has Thulsi left the place?

MM:  Hm

Vel"   [Angry tone]  Do you know that T has a boy friend & is still in touch with him ? [kadavule kirukku  kizhavanukku sandheha pei pidichachu]

MM   [En chan udambai oru chanakkindu]Aiyo mappilai ,appadiyellam onnum kidayadhu , T is not that type.

Vel:    Yov...this is the common oppari of all parents.T is not a kid to keep peacock feather in her books. She is major now.Be strict with her like an army major. Don't let her out. After marriage i will take care.

MM   [Like Tanjore Bommai] head attufying.

Kidaicha gapla Padma sings her tune....all men are same doubting jacks....even MM was like that during initial years of their marriage...always under fear that Padma might also runaway like his first wife.

Tamilarasu reaches the hospital followed by Vel.'s henchmen....  some scuffle between them....Lavanya also arrives...tries to stop the fight....finally the goondas grab the photo envelope from TA's hand & leave. In the melee one snap falls down. Lav. Picks it up starts teasing the bro. for being secretive about the girl ... wants to know where , when & how he met her... praises her looks & so on. TA's denial about knowing any girl falls in to deaf ears.

Velayudham is restless...back & forth in to the house like kutty potta poonai... angry with the jalras for taking a long time. Delighted [at their great achievement ]return with the photos. Reward expected henchmen get a resounding slap for bringing only the snaps & not the person who took it... sandheha pisasu inside Vel. Is in full form ....wants to pottu thallufy TA ....Thilaka othu oodhufy......Thailaka's husband warns her ... says Vel's suspicion was the cause of his first wife's death...again he is having the same problem with thulasi even before the marriage...Vel. is doing all wrong things...may not be lucky always...if get caught even Thilaka will get the Kappu for being party to the offence.

Thulasi's friend[ think her name is Deepa] admiring & cleaning her beauty scooty. Her father drives in .... after customary conversation about licence & bribe gives her the application forms... one for Deepa & another for Thulasi. Tells Deepa's mother that her entire education might cost around 3 lacs....hence intends to pledge their suv & get some money. Deepa feels sad...says doesn't want to burden her father so much... would rather take up some job & of some use to the family... mother too agrees to her idea... but father is firm that since she has secured good marks she must pursue her studies .. feels that is the greatest sothu he can ever give  to her.

Deepa goes to Thulasi's house to give the admission form....Padma stops her at the door.....worried that she might change Thulasi's mind....tells her Thulasi has gone out....Deepa then gives the form to Padma & as she was about to leave the house she notices Thulasi's slippers outside...gets suspicious...Padma replies Thulasi might have used her second pair...Deepa's suspicion is confirmed....Freeze.

Have done this update in great hurry. If i have missed something , someone please fill it up.

24th December Update

The scene starts with yesterday's ending where thools friend deepa comes to her house and step mom padma says she isnt home and friend hands over app form to mom and then sees the slippers, when she asks about it, padma says maybe she wore a different one. Deepa is all suspicious, she says okay I will meet patti, its been long since I met her. padma says ohh patti has just had her bp medicine and gone to sleep. deepa is all Ouch padma asks her to come tomorrow and meet both pati and thools. deepa is about to leave allConfused and patti enters the house and says "Vaa ma deepa". padma is all Shocked deepa looks at her angrily. padma tries to save her face and asks patti ohh u did not sleep yet? patti says in the night with great difficulty I get sleep, from when did I start sleeping in the morning?LOLLOL patti asks deepa when did u come? she tells she came to see thools and padma told her she isnt home. padma says when I left she was not at home, now maybe she came back. deepa snatches the formClapClap an tells her okay I will meet her and give the form.

here thools is washing clothes and patti and deepa come there and deepa hands her the form. thools refuses to take it and says no I am not studying anymore. deepa tells her why? coz ur parents are not paying? dont worry we will get some help from outside. thools does not answer, then patti tells that they have decided to marry her off. deepa is angry she shouts at thools for not telling her, she keeps shouting that how can she agree? she has such a big mission in life. she asks okay who is the mappalai? patti says mappallai aa? mamnaar age oru mappllai , do u call him mappaallai ??ROFLROFL ( this patti has me cracking always!!!! too good) deepa is all D'ohconfused. she asks whats wrong with u patti? patti says look at this, everything is happening wrong to thools and she is asking whats wrong with me? deepa asks okay patti tell me who is the guy? patti says vel. deepa is who vel? patti says brake insp and that too second time. deepa is all Shocked. she says him???? she tells she knows that he is a bad guy, his wife killed herself unable to bear his torture, he takes a lot of bribe and his life will surely be hell. she asks what about age difference? patti says u know all this but her father has turned blind. he can see only money. deepa says how can she get married like this? patti says nothing can be done, this friday it has been fixed ( so soon?D'ohi thought they will drag it for 2 months) deepa tells I will talk to her dad, he cannot do like that. thools has been quiet till now, she tells deepa to leave and not to talk to anyone.

Here muthu is entering the house, deepa comes to him and asks him is this marriage thing true?he says that none of ur business. she tells it is she is my friend. deepa asks him he is elderly and yet does not know whats right and wrong. muthu gets angry and tells her who are u to ask me this, I have fed her for so many years and I know what to do better than u. just coz ur friend I am allowing u inside the house. just get out. deepa tries to make hm understand but padma butts in and shouts at her and asks her to leave. deepa says she will not agree to this wedding, padma says who asked for ur agreement? patti comes in and says yeah right when they did not ask if thools agreed, why will they ask ur agreement. muthu asks his mom if this her doing calling this gal and creating a scene. patti says why should I do, deepa likes tholls very much and is concerned about her and so she asks. padma asks patti to shut up, and tells deepa not to interfere in their family affairs. deepa says now I know why u prevented me from meeting thools. she goes to thools and says dont agree to this wedding, if u do ur entire life will be destroyed, everything depends on the decision u make. ur future will depend on it. she tells somehow u were supressed in this house, but if u marry then u will be suppressed all ur life, its high time u made a decision. dont be like a coward now. muthu padma are all worried. deepa tells if ur scared tell me I will file a complaint that ur parents are forcing u to marry a man double ur age and that too to a criminal and according to laws for women protection right they will arrest ur parents and put them in jail. both muthu and padma are shocked. muthu tries to emotionally blackmail and says okay go and file a complaint we will be behind bars and my kids will be on the street. deepa tells see he is still worried about his kids, not about u. thools asks her to be calm. deepa asks patti whats wrong with her? did they cast a spell? thools gets angry and says its b/w me and my father, no one has a right to interfere. deepa is shocked and hurt.
thools says no one forced me, this wedding is happening with my wishes, no one forced me now u dont worry about this and go on with ur life. muthu and padma are happy. deepa is very shocked, she asks its wrong to think good for u? thools says we have been friend only from 9th std but i have been with my father for 20 years. how can u do something bad for them? deepa says I dont want to ruin anyone's life, all I want to do is save ur life. u wanted to study, so I bought one form for u. my father is no tata birla, he is just a daily wage worker and yet he is ready to spend for my studies. unlike ur father he does not want to make money by selling me. muthu is very angry and thools Confused. padma asks deepa to get out and deepa asks her to come with her, thools says just like u feel ur dad is the greatest even I feel that my dad is the best and I am ready to give up anything for him. muthu is happy now. deepa tries to make her understand but thools folds her hand and asks her to leave her alone. deepa leaves all sad. thools cries in her room and patti comforts her and she says that everytime I am sad deepa used to comfort me and today I hurt her.

tamil reaches home and his mom says I will cook for u, his sis teases him with the photo gal. he goes to have bath and when he sits down and puts on the fan the photo flies and falls on his feet and then he remembers thools and is all happy and thinks about her. her sis comes and teases him more and tells u have to find out where she stays, who she is? he says I have seen her once before. sis tells u have to thank me for keeping this photo safe. she tells maybe u had some last birth connection thats why she looks familiar.LOL he says no just two days back I saw her and he remembers that guy who beat him at the hospital, he says  was the driver. sis says okay we will find this guy and then find the gal. tamil says this love and all will not work out for me and leaves. sis decides to find the gal herself.

***** DancingWish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New YearParty*****

Friday 25/12/09 Update By Lux

Deepa's dad is asking the setu for giving a good offer for his van and if he can be the driver for it himself. The setu agrees to this. Deepa's mum hears this and argues with her husband. She says that there is one month left for deepa's admission, you have time left so why are you rushing? He says that we have decided that she is going to study further so why wait? And anyways the setu has given a good offer and we should take it before he changes his mind. The mum says that the van is what has been giving us money, without it how are we going to live? The dad replies back saying that so you rely on the van and not me. Do you think that I am unable to work or that I will pass away quickly? Deepa has gotten good grades in her exam and if I don't let her study what will be the difference between Thulasi's dad and me? During that time deepa comes in her bike and hits on her dad's van. Shocked, the father asks who hit it and goes out to see that it is deepa. He parks the bike for her and she asks her dad to come to the police station with her. Everyone asks why? She tells them about thulasi's sad story and they are shocked to hear it. The father says it should be thulasi who should go to the police station and not us. Deepa replies that her parents forced her to get married and that she won't do anything against them. The father says that you asked me to get application for her, and I did, but that's all we can do. We can't do anything else. He says that if we interfere with V's life, I cannot make a living as a driver. Deepa angrily says that you're being selfish to her father. Her mum shouts at her saying that he is being selfish by thinking and caring for our family and not about himself. She leaves with anger

TA is in his office while the phone rings. It is his sister on the other side. She asks him where her sister-in-laws picture is. She says that she looked for it everywhere but cannot find it and if TA has taken it. He takes out thulasi's picture from the table side and admiring the picture says that he hasn't taken it with him and that he has left it home. His sister tells him not to lie because she searched for it everywhere in his room. TA kind of blushes. She carries on saying that arrange and love marriages don't have a kick in them. It would be interesting if you search for her and marry her. You would be the first person to have done this. At this time TA's manager comes into the office and TA doesn't notice until a while. The manager asks whose picture you are staring at that you didn't even realise that I came in. Is it the picture of you figure? TA says that it a picture of another figure. They then go on talking about how TA should be collecting all the debts and how there will be a meeting and how there will be a new manager soon. TA says that even without this job he will do fine. The manager says that no one will respect you without a job. TA replies by saying that he has his friends who will give their lives for him.  The manager just says to sort his debt customers out before any inspection.

Deepa gets dropped by her auto friend outside V's office.  The auto friend wants to go in and have a word with V about how a 45 year old man can marry a 20 year old girl, but deepa says that if V sees her and puts his eye on her then you won't be able to carry on driving.But she says that if not auto then she will sell vegetables and make a living. But deepa forces her to go. She then enters the office. The guy who asked her for 500 money sees her and makes sarcastic comments saying that she hasn't got her license yet. Deepa says that she wants to see V. He says that don't call him by his name. Nobody in this office does.  He says that V is not in and that she won't be able to see him.  The cleaning lady talks to deepa and mentions something about V's first wife. Deepa gives her money and asks for more information. The lady says that he married the girl in a grand manner and after a while she burned herself. She said that some people say that V has burned her. She carries on saying that the girl's family lives around here. They are poor. Deepa asks for V's first wife's name? The lady says it is kavitha. Deppa leaves the place with a suspicious look....

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Thanks Srima for the update. Yeah agree Padma is Rakshasi. But I will blame MM for all this, useless father. The son will soon give them a big aapu.

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Thanks Roja for moving the update to its place. Updated Mon episode as daisy requested me via PM , but didn,t know how to post it  at the reserved space. Thanks once again.
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Thanks for the updates Srima..

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Thanks for the wonderful update Srima maaClap
Thulasi step mother is such a evil, but her father is not any less.Angry I just hope Thulais stop her mahatma act and run away from the house.

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thanks for the update srima. Clap

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Update moved to the first page - thanks Lux

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Post moved to its place. Thanks Hiya . The missing part is done.

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