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devashree_h Moderator

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Posted: 23 December 2009 at 11:55pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by nikitagmc

Hey, lovely answers.. wow.. Sulochana dumbest... cool, even I think she gets very irritating at times... thanx for the quick replies....
Sul knows Manju is the evil here but still she saves her everytime.That is why she is dumb.
okay next set of questions..
some questions related to a common favourite- Rajeev KhandelwalBig smile
He's not doing tv actively, so what is in him that makes him special/unforgettable?
The way he had portrayed Sujal, nobody else would have.Even after he left, his honesty, his belief in that role just made him so much more admiring. He had no other role in his hand but still he left it because he could not see Sujal get ruined by the creatives. And what a film he chose for his debut!! That is the kind of dedication which makes me like him forever.
What do you think about his choice of tv projects?
He has been good with his choice. Although Time Bomb did not work, it was good concept which did not work well. Left Right Left was another intelligent project he chose.
What do you think abt his choice of films?
It is different and those characters seem to suit him well. He knows typical masala roles wont suit him at this point of time.
his worst project till date?
Time Bomb in terms of TRP success.
one advice you would like to give him?
professional:always follow your heart
personal:do what you feel is right(I so wish he was still with Aamna Day Dreaming...)
frivolous:Join some Dance classesLOL
how did you feel when you came to know that he is now committed?
Little sad but more happy because he finally found someone he could share his life with.Little sad because it was not Aamna
What do you think of his choice? (she's a maharashtrian too)
I know she is Maharashtrian Big smileBig smile....cant say because i just know her name.But since he has chosen her, she should be good.
do you think he shud get married?
Yes...when he feels ready.
are you excited for chenab gandhi?
Yes...finally something big for him.And I know he will live upto the expectations
How many times did you watch aamir? Did you like it?
I watched it only once because it was a difficult movie to watch.Yes, I liked it.His acting was superb
how many episodes of Sach ka saamna did you see? what do you think of the show?
I used to watch it in was a good show. People had their secrets and it was their decision to tell on tv.
Like many other crazy Rajeevians, did you boycott ekta Kapoor's shows when Rajeev had to quit KTH?
Yes ofcourse. I had stopped watching Ekta shows and had found alternatives for them.LOLI started again with Kasam Se..
If yes, what made you return bak to her shows???
I liked Kasam was a good show made by her.
Do you think I'm a Rajeev manic?
Yes....just like me LOL
Cos you are right... but Sushant is catching up with him.
I know...same hereWink
On that note, do you think Sushant has the potential to be the next Rajeev Khandelwal (hungama in television, next product to bollywood)
Yes..he has that charisma.Just cannot forget his dance on Blue.Whenever I hear that song I think of Sushant.Big smile
Enjoy answering..!!
Did..Thank You for Rajeev Questions Hug

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devashree_h Moderator

Joined: 23 December 2005
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Posted: 24 December 2009 at 12:13am | IP Logged
Originally posted by toothbrush13

I have some nice questions for you, I'm sorry if some have been posted before though, I haven't read through all of the previous ones.
Its ok sweetheart..I will asnwer them for you all over againWink
Are you married?NOWinkLOL
If yes then,
a) For how long?
b) Was it an arranged or looooove marriage?
Do you have any siblings?NO Big smile
What are your favorite dance and song-based shows?
Dance Show-DID...did you see Terrence this seasonDay Dreaming..HOT!!

What is your favorite comedy movie or tv show?
Movie-Hera Pheri
Show-FriendsBig smile

What is your favorite old song?
Ajeeb Daastan Hain Yeh...
What color is found mostly in your wardrobe?
Rigth now....Red!!
What kind of accessories do you like wearing?
I love Earrings
Do you drive a car?No
What is your dream car?A MercBig smile
Which countries/cities have you visited?
I have not been out of India yet but I want to visit USA Embarrassed
Which (above) place was your favorite?
Tea or coffee?

Do you like milk?
What is your favourite sweet dish?
Rasgulla Wink
Have you won any awards?
If yes then what were they for?

What is your occupation?
Computer Engineer
What is your favorite area of study?
What is your favorite emoticon (on I-F)?
Which countries/holiday destinations/monuments would you like to visit?
USA,France/Kerala,Manali,Malaysia/Taj Mahal,Great Wall Of China
Do you like wearing make-up?
Whether you do or not, what kind of make-up do you wear on a daily basis?
Eyeliner, kajal,lipstick
If you could take back one decision of your past what would it be?
I would like to change nothing
Which song/picturization would you like to happen to you in real life? (ex:  Dancing in Egypt to Teri Ore from Singh is Kinng, whilst wearing a hot pink and black chiffon sari.)
Suraj Hua Madhdham...superb locations
Who do you think is the most beautiful woman in the world?
My mother Big smile
What is the color of your walls?
What is the background on your computer screen?
A breath-taking scenery
Which other I-F forums are you active on?
Agle Janam,CB
How big is your family?
Its actually small....we are 5 in totalSmile
If it were possible, would you rather visit the moon, the bottom of the ocean, the core of the Earth, or Antarctica?
bottom of the ocean...more interesting then all the others
That's all I can think of right now.  Have fun answering!!!  Smile
Thank you...really good questionsBig smile

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devashree_h Moderator

Joined: 23 December 2005
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Posted: 24 December 2009 at 12:28am | IP Logged
Originally posted by tasnime

OMG you all have asked all the possible questions .. nothing's left for me now Cry anyways I hope u r enjoying ur hot seat Devu, best of luck as the questions r very innovative Wink
I know the questions are really good...good work PavitriansClap

ok, here are my questions :

what do u like the most in Ankita ? Sushant ?
Ankita-She is very cute and a good actress.She plays Archana perfectly
Sushant-yeh bhi koi poochne baat hain Day DreamingHe is a total rockstar!!

how would u react to Sachin's death if u were Archu ?
Exactly the same way she has..I would be devastated

What wd u do if u met Manjusha ? or sm1 like her in real life ?
I will ask her to get a life and stop ruining people lives.

do u think the title Pavitra Rishta is apt to this soap ? what abt the song ?
The name is perfect because this is how Archana and Manav view their relationship as.The song is more than perfect. The picturisation is superb

Is Manav's current behaviour to Archu is justified enough ?
Yes...there is a limit to your patience and the wall breaks over time.

what wd u do if u were Manav ?
Even I would be angry at Archana

What will u choose between love and responsability ?

what will u do if u were Manav to this particular situation where he has to choose between Archu and Shravni ?
I wont marry Shravani...because if Manav is in love with Archana then he cannot be a good husband to Shravani.So I will adopt teh child and ask Shravani to start her life afresh.

what wd u do if u were Vinod when the truth of Manjusha'll b out ?
I will throw her out for ruining my sister's lives

what wd u do to Savita if u were Manav ?
I will tell her to control her big mouth LOL..ofcourse since she is the mother I will tell it more politelyLOL

y phone is ringing, will cm with another set of question shortly .. when is the deadline btw ?

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devashree_h Moderator

Joined: 23 December 2005
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Posted: 24 December 2009 at 12:46am | IP Logged
Originally posted by tasnime

thks Nittu for the clarification !

ok so here is my last set of question ..

What do u wear the most : western or traditional ?

Do you have a particular choice of brand when you buy clothes ?

Do you wear make up ?

DO you also have a particular choice of brand ?

Do you wear loads of make up or light make up when at home ? at a function ?
light....i dont like heavy makeup

Do you wear loads of jewells ?

What's ur fav's jewell ?

Do you prefer silver, gold, diamond or ruby ( or any others ) ?
Diamonds and Gold

Are you fashion or "normal" ?

Are you talkative or quiet ?
Depends...i am quite moody

Do you spend a lot of time on the computer ? on IF ?

As a viewbie, pick the 10 most active members in this section.

Do you have a tough time handling the members ? the threads ?
No...PR members are good.You guys are a DT's dream LOLWink

Do you think this forum is active ?
Now it has become more active.It was very active in the beginning, then it was mildly active.

If not, what are you planning to do to make it more active ?
Its pretty active now thanks to the new track.

Your fav's DEV team member ?
Cant name any one..all of them are good

Any message to the members ?
Dont leave this forum...and keep it active and aliveLOL

Do you believe in eternal love ?

Arranged or love marriage ?

Are your parents strict or cool ? how wd u be ?
They are both...a balance is necessary for kids.I will try to be the same.

Describe urself in 5 words.

Describe me in 5 words.
Sushant crazy,cute,adorable,friendly,informativeLOL

I think I'll stop here as you already have many questions to answer and the deadline is tomorrow .. LOL
So I hope yuh enjoyed ur hot seat as well as answering all the questions.
see you soon as the ROTW !! LOL

tc, luv ya ..

Yes..I enjoyed the hot seat...and happy that its over now LOL

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devashree_h Moderator

Joined: 23 December 2005
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Posted: 24 December 2009 at 12:50am | IP Logged
Originally posted by

Ok some questions for u

1. Your most favorite show ever?
Kahiin Toh Hoga...

2. The most difficult task of being, a Dev Team Member?
Warning the members...i dont like it Ouch

3. What would you like to do in future, career wise?
I want to improve my knowledge and work accordingly

4. Your worst moment on IF?
There has never been one...i love this site a lot.

5. How did you react when you first became a Viewbie?
It was the best Diwali gift.I was sooo happy.....i could not believe what I read

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devashree_h Moderator

Joined: 23 December 2005
Posts: 15069

Posted: 24 December 2009 at 1:04am | IP Logged
Originally posted by guptill

Gosh, so many questions. I thought i wud also put some, but i had pity on Devo........But there are 3 simple ones from my side.
Awww...thank you. I had to really rack my brains to answer themLOL

What are your favorite dance and song-based shows?
What is the background on your computer screen?
Do you have joint or nuclear family?

Thanks for your short and simple questions Wink

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pooja_l IF-Rockerz

Joined: 10 September 2007
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Posted: 24 December 2009 at 1:29am | IP Logged
Originally posted by devashree_h

Originally posted by sweetytweetypoo

Hi Devashree, hope u r enjoying your grilling:

here r few from my side:

Pick any 10 members from PR forums and give each a cartoon character name and tell why?
I will write this later...this is really hard LOL..but you have to do it asap LOL

Pick any 10 members from PR forums and give each a character name  from PR serial and tell why?

nikitagmc-Varsha..Manav's supporter
koolsadhu1000-Satish..the smart oneLOL
bollywoodcrazed-Vaishali..another Manav's suporter
tasnime-Archana..crazy about Manav aka Sushant
Resham-Sulochana..mataji of this forum (she is going to beat me upLOL)
Manav's sister LOL
Gur-Sachin..the young dashing boyLOL
toothbrush13-Punni..the youngest member I know hereLOL
Me-Kaka...LOLLOLthe quiet support of ArmanLOLLOL

-angel- - Tarun...Arman supporterLOL well done...perfect casting Clap LOL

which PR member comes to your mind when said the following:
crazy-tasnime for Sushant LOL
loveable-our AT editor lovabletwinzLOL

If ArMan invited you for dinner at their house then how would you want it to take place

Well maybe I will forget eating when Manav is in front of me LOLBut you know they have invited me so I will have to eat. May be Manav has actually shaved this timeLOLAnd Savita has spared some jewellery for Archana in my honour.ROFLSince all 3 of us are very shy and talk less, I will make an effort to talk.May be Manav will talk to me in his tuti futi marathi.LOLI am hoping Savita wont be there, khana gale utrega nahi varnaLOL.... OMG, so cute scene, yes sav aai needs to be sent for shopping at that time...tell manav to send her to night market, she will be shouting there for discountLOL

If PR would be a movie and you were to cast the PR characters then which actors would you choose from Bollywood not from telefilms?

Manav-Shahid Kapoor


Varsha-Sonam Kapoor

Satish-Abhishek Bachchan

Vinod-Arjun Rampal

Manju-Bipasha Basu


Manohar-Anupam Kher

Savita-Beena Anand

Damodar-Paresh Rawal

Rasika-Aruna Irani

Vaishali-Minnisha Lamba

Sachin-Kunal Khemu

Its gonna be a big film....LOL

What career advice would you give to Sushant and Ankita?

Both are doing great, Ankita needs to improve her offscreen fashion image.Sushant is just perfect. well said...hope they will follow ur advice Big smile

list of changes you want to see in PR serial.
More romantic Armaan scenes
Manju thrown out
Less of Savs bakbak

Pick any 10 members from PR forums and describe them in one line

Resham-Funny girl and good friend

Preeti-Mature and again a very good friend

Gur-Good sense of humour and a good friend

Tasnime-Absolutely crazy about Sushant

toothbrush13-Even at this young age she is very mature.First I thought she is boyLOL

nikitagmc-Love reading her posts and topics

bollywoodcrazed-She puts across her points really well.

Nitya-Writes really good oneshots

Mugdha-Makes really good Sigs

-Yas--Again, makes some superb sigs.

-angel- - Has been here since the beginning and is a big fan of Arman.

and finally, how r u feeling when my questions are over??
Tired girl...very hard made me think a lot LOL

and the final question, are you proud of my questions ??

Yes. Big smileabsolutely...kidhar se dhundeLOL these r some random questions i ask when ever i grill someone u can say its self made LOL

well done Devashree..... loved all the question is still remained, complete that okay... Wink

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sensodyne IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 24 December 2009 at 11:27am | IP Logged
Thank you so much devashree_h for recognizing me i lot no one recognizes me in this forum:)
U do wonderful job Clap Clap Clap
And if u could answer my question then that would be
How is that u are very sweet and u seem very warm and kind person???

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