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Manav : Way out of Line

koolsadhu1000 IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 03 July 2007
Posts: 20976

Posted: 15 December 2009 at 12:26pm | IP Logged
 Manav was way out of line today . Even if his full family was put in jail and according to him Archu is dicey ..............still he cannot go and twist her arm like this . This is exactly the torture that the police were talking about .
1]   If Manav finds out about the liason between Manju and his sainted mom ............if he stumbles on to it that Manjus family was the one who wrecked his satyanarayan pooja and also put his family in jail ............will Manav have the guts to twist Manju's arm like this ? No .Coz Manju won't stand for it inspite of being wrong . Similiarly will Manav twist savita's arm like this when he finds about her liason with Manju.......a fact he is blissfully unaware of till now ? No . Why ? Coz Savita is his mother . Then why this right over Archu ? Coz he believes that a husband can get away doing this to a wife as she ' belongs ' to him in a property kind of way ?
Will This serial correct this display of stupid manliness or concept of a spouse please ?
2] Manav did a lot of emotional talk about Savita . Savita may do lot of things but she never hit was his biggggg argument . So that makes his mom's behaviour okay ? Exactly what did that idiotic statement mean ? He even asked the chawl people for support ...........the same chawl people whom sAvita had insulted repeatedly , picked up fights with , and even got physical with . Was Manav seriously expecting those people with whom Savita never bothered to maintain good relations ever to be on Savitas side ?
3] Going to the girls family and twisting the girls arm after spending two days in a police lock up is pretty stupid isnt it ? Till now , Manav was everything but not stupid . This is not a sensible move . This time he can really go for a week in jail and even Girishji cannot bail him . Did it strike Manav that Sulochna actually took him in the house , she cud have told him to get out from the door step itself ? Did it strike him that twice Archana had come to jail to set him free ? This clearly shows that Manav was acting brainlessly ...............a fact that his die hard fans will justify by saying what else do u expect the poor man had spent two days in jail .
4] He showed Savitas bruises to the Karanjkars ...........but he was unaware till the end of all the emotional bruises his sainted mom had inflicted on Archana with her dowry demands which is a legal crime . What exactly wud the Karanjkars feel upon seeing those bruises ? Savita had stood outside their door and informed their neighbours that their daughter was a prostitute . Inspite of seeing the bruises if the Karanjkars remained unmoved wud they be so wrong ? Why wud anyone be this moved about Savita except Manav of course ?
5] Tomorrow if Savita filled Manavs ears about Archu he wud twist her arm in the house if Savita showed him fake bruises ? Coz his nautanki mom is surely capable of that . The fact remains that Manav chose to resort to violence without proof that Archna actually did that complaint . So this is his tendency ?
6] Of course he is not practical enough to realize that his mother is not exactly dudh ki dhuli..........not bathed in milk herself , that her public tamashas went against her . Manju made use of all the public tamashas that Savita did ............but Manav never asked his mother even once why u did this with Archna ...........yet he asked the Karanjkars that question .
7] Is Manav going to be a hero because he is going to bleed that same hand that twisted Archanas arm as a punishment to his great lover heart ? And this shud make it ok ? How corny and stupid can this serial get ? Will someone please apprise Manav that irrespective of the fact whether the lover in him still lives or not .........its his choice to cut his hand or do whatever he wishes , IT IS NOT HIS CHOICE OR RIGHT TO TWIST HIS WIFE"S ARM HOWMUCHEVER ANGRY HE MAY BE ? DIVORCED OR NOT > MARRIED Or UNMARRIED HE CANNOT DO IT TO ANY FIANCEE OR WIFE ?
The worst part is him dragging Savita and telling her to boldly enter the Karanjkar home . For the first time Savita was scared of going there .............and it was high time . Hundred times she had gone there stood on their doorstep and blasted them . Just when she was learning her lesson , Manav spoilt it all by emboldening her once more this way when will Savita ever learn in this serial ? That day he shielded her from his father's wrath , today , he defied police orders for her and told her not to be scared of the Karanjkars . This is in a way encouraging his already spoilt mom . She will bounce back in full form thanks to him .
I am fed up of seeing the horror story called Savita being paraded by Manav as if she was some Madonna sent from heaven . "POOR ' Savita indeed !  She single handedly wrecked two lives by joining hands with Manju the snake and when the snake bit her she is doing a hoo haa and her son is echoing it !
Please stop this crude display of manliness immediately . It is as crass as Savita .
PS : I wud love to hear your answers to my question : Will Manav dare to twist Manju's arm when she is found out to prove a point to Vinod .


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Tanyaz IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 03 December 2009
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Posted: 15 December 2009 at 2:06pm | IP Logged
I know what you are trying to say .It was disturbing to see a husband hurting his wife in front of her entire family .
But this is Manav , and we know that he would never do something like this . This is totally  unlike Manav behaviour . The way his family was treated has made him very angry and frustrated with the Karanjkar family . he has done his best for them but what he got was treated like dirt .
It was more for Vinod to show him what happens when your sister is hurting in front of you . I guess he would not do it to Varsha or to Vaishali . The one who he will do this to is his own wife .......unfortunately yes that is how it is happening .
Where I do not agree with Manav is when he says that Archana was never treated badly in his house . I don't agree . Archana went through the worst kind of mental torture when she was in his house . His mum is a monster and he has to realize that .So what if she didn't hit Archana . She always calls Archana , nalaiyak, manhoos , charitraheen etc etc . In fact she pulled Archana by the arms , dragged her down from her house saying abuses and even called her a whore in froont of the entire chawl . This is definitely abuse of the worst kind .
Poor Archana , Ok she was confused and should have listened to Manav but God  , all those abuses she took from Savita and now this whole thing with Manav . 

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khoobsoorat Goldie

Joined: 16 January 2009
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Posted: 15 December 2009 at 2:21pm | IP Logged

Manav was correct to some extent , I agree his mother did give mental torture to Archana but same kind of torture was given to manav by Archana's Aayi too, he too was given names.

 Savita did not physically hurt her bahu but her entire family were physically & mentally tortured by the police , what did manav's sister do to get that kind of punishment? they were put in jail for the crime they had not committed,  put yourself in Manav's shoes then you will realise the behaviour of Manav was justified coz he thinks that Archana had done all that. When one's family is treated like this for no reason then this kind of outburst is natural.
Twisting his wife's hand was incorrect but he wanted to show how it hurts when your own loved one is given pain.

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schewle Newbie

Joined: 25 November 2009
Posts: 17

Posted: 15 December 2009 at 3:51pm | IP Logged

@ koolsadhu1000:

Why is it alright for a guy to get beaten up (mind you he hasn't done anything wrong)? Why is it alright for his mother(yes totally greedy bitch and deserved the beating) and sister(again done nothing wrong) to get beaten up? But it becomes a big deal when a wife's arm is twisted. I am not saying a guy has all the right to beat his wife.. Did you see the expression on Karnjkar faces they looked like "Why are you here and blaming us" but again that could just be bad acting. No one even seemed sorry that Savita was beaten up badly. Savita is a bad person and deserved all that she got, but none of the other family members deserved it (maybe Sachin did) Sulochana is no saint she started the whole insulting Deshmukhs. Aren't you stupid enough to get your daughter married to someone w/o making sure of the family background? How come the parents did not visit Deshmukh's residence before marriage? How? Can someone please explain? How can someone not know what Manav does for a living b4 marriage he lives in India in close proximity not in some foreign land? Sulochana had inflicted a lot of pain on Deshmukhs too and she deserves a lot of pain too.


Yes I agree Manav's behavior towards his mother is abnormal, he is fueling the fire. Every character in this serial is an idiot and the storyline is seriously flawed. The TRP ratings although prove people in India like this kinda idiocracy. So don't blame Ektaa, although I hate her too. She is merely supplying what's in demand. People should stop watching crap instead of watching it so much that it gets highest viewership, or stop complaining.


I don't think Savita is single handedly responsible for breaking Archana and Manav up. Everyone is a part for not telling entire stories and not questioning and get reasons. So no point blaming one person, yes she started it but can't be blamed solely.


Archana doesn't deserve to be treated badly, god but is she lame. Everyone in the Karnjakar family should be punished for believing Manju, How can a lady not recognize her own mangalsutra? They are seriously stupid. Sulochana cant stop singing her sanskar drama.. OMG she is full of it.


Well stupid Karanjkar's believed Manju's bro against Manav. Manju's bro who once b4 had tried to screw up with Archana name. everyone in this serial conveniently keeps imp info to themselves.


I think I said too much.

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.Mandy. Channel Moderator

Joined: 24 January 2005
Posts: 55866

Posted: 15 December 2009 at 4:52pm | IP Logged
Manav tried to prove a point by twisting Archu's arm, her family rushed to stop Manav but Manav couldn't do that for his family. Manav was helpless while his mom and sister were beaten for nothing. The pain and the anger that Manav is feeling right now is understandable.

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koolsadhu1000 IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 03 July 2007
Posts: 20976

Posted: 15 December 2009 at 5:24pm | IP Logged

To all those who defend Manav

Guys , it is neither understandable , nor ' correct to a certain extent ' nor  correct on any level to twist a persons arm .

If the reasoning is given that Manav's family was beaten up in jail by some crude and corrupt police officers , Manav shud have the guts to report this third degree treatment to higher authorities and get the policewoman who did it to his mother punished . Instead he barges in at his saural and twists a womans can this be justifiable on any level ? ' If he is doing this to make a point to Vinod about Vandu .........that hey , how does it feel to see ur sister beaten up , he is not treating Archana as an individual but as a pawn in a man's game . And he has no right to do this . Archana is an individual in her own right . ' Archana did not report him to the police . Archana was indeed treated very badly in his home without his knowledge . And now Archanas arm was twisted in front of her family by him ..........he shud be sent to jail for this action by sulochana . Where is her fire now when it is most needed ? '
I ask all whho defend Manav only this question...........when he finds out that Manju did it , will he dare to twist Manju's arm like this ? Manju wont stand for it inspite of being wrong . She will scream , call police or slap him right back . Manju may be villain but she takes no crap from anyone . . If Savitas role in the whole thing is found out by Manav .......will he twist his mothers arm ? No Na ? ; Then why Archana ?Coz she is yet his undivorced wife ? This crude display of man power over wife is lapped up as the angry young man persona by so many on this forum........I am simply stunned ! . . Twisting a womans arm is cruel and he has NO RIGHT TO DO IT........ANGRY OR NOT ............. FEELING JUSTIFIED OR NOT !  If his mom was beaten up in police lock up man enough to get that fat policewoman suspended .  He has no earthly right to do this to Archana even to prove a point is legally wrong ! . Justifying his awful mother by saying "BUT SHE NEVER LIFTED A HAND ON ARCHU " is laughable ! ......She demanded dowry and she threatened the girls family over and over again , clearly telling Sulochana that if jewels were not given , she wud make the girls life miserable as she was in power ! ' I am angry with Archana more for taking it like a sheep instead of warning him to behave himself and talk about it instead of this crude display !
JUst when I thought that TV serials r seeing better days when they showed a mother like Sulochana who intead of telling her daughter to rot in sasural till her Arthi goes from there , actually gives her support and educates her , we see this rubbish and nonsense ! . I seriously hope Manav gets pulled up for this one ...........I know it will not happen as this phase is the one where he is being justified for his misplaced anger ..........But guys if u think logically u will know that this is wrong and way out of line ! His love for his awful mom beats his respect for a woman ........and it is unpardonable .

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pooh1612 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 20 October 2007
Posts: 3706

Posted: 15 December 2009 at 5:36pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by bollywoodcrazed

Manav tried to prove a point by twisting Archu's arm, her family rushed to stop Manav but Manav couldn't do that for his family. Manav was helpless while his mom and sister were beaten for nothing. The pain and the anger that Manav is feeling right now is understandable.
Well said
i totally/strongly/100% agree with u
he is nt at fault at all after what had happened in jail
seeing his love ones getting beaten!
koolsadhu1000 IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 03 July 2007
Posts: 20976

Posted: 15 December 2009 at 6:14pm | IP Logged
no one is answering my question if Manav will dare to twist Manjus arm when she is found out .

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