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The Law-chapter 5 page 8 (Page 5)

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wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww what a part
armaan will be armaan lets see wht he does to be with riddhima
plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz its a request update regularaly

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great partClapClapClap.does armaan love her??i don't think he really does.armaan is seriously dangerous for ridhima poor girl cant stay away from him.and karan's reaction was just awesome."hands in the air"too gud.but i dont think it will effect our armaan.i like the children bonding with each other.and Ar is a great kid.cant wait to read what will happen now continue soon.............

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heyyy u write soooo welll im stunned and ur concept is very good !! update soon and pm me plz x
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om my my....liked karans reaction...

and armaan ohh he so gone make her life.........

plz do conti soon

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realllly coool conceptt... nd its original too....
i reallly like ur ff
hope u conitnue it soon =))))))
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i would like to thank every one for the wonderful comments and although i was not able to reply to the comments individually this time, please to note that i really love comments Big smile

Chapter three

"No its out of the question!" Karan said in anger. He had been yelling at Armaan constantly after he had found his brother in Ridhima's room.

"But why not?" Armaan asked with a frown on his face. He really wanted Ridhima to live with him and if Karan was on his side he would not have to worry about Ridhima's agreement to live with him, he could just force her.

"Armaan have you gone insane! This girl has grown up with a culture so different that there is no bridge between her culture and ours. You might not see anything wrong with keeping a girl like Ridhima as your mistress but Anjali will have a problem if you do not marry her the second she finds out that you are sleeping around with her little sister!" Karan said in anger. He could not believe Armaan stupidity. Armaan knew that Americans in general did not just go living with anyone. They usually wanted a guarantee that the man or woman whom they are sharing intimacy with are in love with them.

"I want her and only her" Armaan said stubbornly.

"Well she's off limits. You have always had a bad habit of desiring anything you couldn't get and once you got it you lost interest in it." Karan said trying to get Armaan to see his way of logic.

"What's so bad about that?" Armaan asked. From a young age he has had a bad habit of losing interest in everything he received but it had never come back to haunt him before, he didn't think that it would happen now.

"God Armaan! She will eat you alive if you sleep with her and don't marry her! She is an independent self made girl. If you compromised her she will die. I don't have a drought in my mind that you won't be able to sleep with her, but she will be heart broken when she find another girl coming out of your bedroom"

"Ugh, why does she have to be a girl born with moral and ethics?" Armaan said as he slammed himself down on the big leather chair in the study room.

"I do not have authority to stop you, but for my sake promise me that you will not compromise Ridhima unless you end up loving her with the intent to marry her" Karan asked hoping that Armaan agreed to his terms.

"Fine I won't touch her unless I fall in love with the wrench" he said grumpily. If he didn't love his brother so much he would have never agreed.


Lorelei laied on Ar's bed as he sat at his desk in his room. Ar had been reading a book he had found in the palace library that most would find quite boring but he was so engrossed into the book.

"I'm bored" Lorelei stated as she looked up at the ceiling.

"what am I supposed to do about that?" he asked still keeping his concentration in his book.

Lorelei turned to her stomach to look at Ar. "do think this is too good to be true" she asked Ar. Ar was starting to get irritates of the disruption of his reading so he just folded the page he was on and looked at Lorelei.

"What do you mean?" Ar asked

"that we are royalty, that we are living in his big palace and'" Lorelei did not continue as she saw Ar's eyes darken.

"we are not royalty, dad is a prince, he is royalty. We don't even get a title to our name. its Uncle Armaan's children who would be royalty because he is going to be king, so his children are going to be prince and princesses." Ar said about to turn back around to read his book when Loelei started to talk again.

"but shouldn't daddy be king because he is older?" Lorelei asked

Ar just gave a sigh as how nave his little sister was "Dad gave up the crown so Uncle Armaan could be king. It's a good thing that dad gave up the thrown. Having to live a life of royalty isn't always what it is cut out to be. It's a lot of hard work with a lot of responsibility."

"well I think you should be king one day, your wise for your age and a bit of a stiff to, just like uncle Armaan" When Lorelei said that Ar just laughed.

"The only way that would happen is if Uncle Armaan had no sons or decided never to get married or have children. Personally I want cousins to play with. I don't really care to be royalty any way" Ar said turning back around to read his book. Lorelei just looked at him. He talked as if he was thirty instead if thirteen. She never understood where his compassion and understanding came from. 


Armaan woke up in the morning next to Piya. He liked her quite fairly, she never expected out of him other than a good time. Usually he took her to his palace, but ever since his brother and his family had come to live with him he did not dare to bring Piya there. Besides he still wanted to keep a good impression with Ridhima even if she is off limits to him.

For the past few days he had called Piya to his room in the office instead of the palace. "good morning beautiful" Armaan said kissing Piya's cheek. His affection got Piya to open her eyes lazily with a smile.

"good morning to you too" she said giving a soft kiss to Armaan's lip as she started to his out of the bed. The office room that Armaan had was rather small. His father had it built many years before Armaan had been born for the days he had to spend all nighters at the office.

In the end it turned out toward Armaan's favor when needing time with his women.

"what time is it?" Piya asked as she started to get dress. Armaan just had a soft smile to his lips watching her pull her beautiful skimpy dress over her head. "five A.M." he said as he too slowly got out of bed to dress. He put of his dress pants and white shirt before he could start buttoning up his shirt Piya walked over to button in for him. She gave him another lazy kiss to his lips after she had completed the task. For some reason he was in no mood to be romantic with the girl. He did not know why he wasn't in the mood. Armaan and thought that if he spent the time with other women he would be able to keep his want for Ridhima out of his mind, but it just did not happen. Piya's hair was dark like Ridhima. Her eyes were the same color as Ridhima. her body frame was very similar to Ridhima also, but in the end he just wanted Ridhima.

Armaan did not know what was wrong with him. He had never been such a stubborn man before when it came to women, but he just couldn't keep his thoughts away from not being able to have his hands on Ridhima.

Gosh if Anjali had not run in on him, he might have gotten the opportunity to have gotten what he wanted.

"What's wrong Armaan?" Piya said when she realized that Armaan was not responding back to her gentle kisses.

He gave a sigh "I'm just not in the mood" he said as he turned and picked up his tie from the floor and put it around his neck with it dangling loose around him.

"do you want to'" before Piya could say anything more, Armaan just cut in without waiting to hear what she had to say "maybe some other time" he said grabbing his suit jacket that was on the floor leaving the beautiful woman. Before leaving he gave a soft kiss to Piya's lips and then headed out to his office desk to grab his things. All his mind was thinking was to go home, have breakfast with his family, and just maybe run into Ridhima.


Armaan had arrived at the palace around seven, just the time when breakfast was served he saw Alexander and Andrew fighting at the table, Lorelei writing something in her journal, Ar reading a book beside her, Anjali trying to calm down the twins and saw Karan and Ridhima missing.

It just wasn't Armaans lucky morning. "where's Karan" Armaan asked. He would have asked about Ridhima but he did not want Anjali to think that he was after her sister after the very awkward moment that she had walked in on him and Ridhima.

"he went out to the market to buy some new clothes for the kids for the party tonight." Anjali said as she tried to get Alexander to eat his breakfast which he flat out refused to eat.

Armaan knew about the party tonight. It was like a pre party for him becoming king. Leaders from all over the world were going to be there along with a few people from the towns and villages. The party was to be a formal one where women were to wear lovely gowns and the men would wear suits.

"And what about Ridhima" Armaan asked, his curiosity got the better of him. to his luck Anjali did not think much of his question and simily replied "she went down to the stable" Anjali said as she was not trying to get Andrew to eat his food. Armaan was too eager to see Ridhima to even sit to have breakfast. He did not plan to touch her, he just want to see her that was all.

Armaan went out to the back of the palace doors and started to walk towards the horse stables. He was always fond of horses, loved them with a true passion. Horses and horse racing was one of the rare animals and sport in which he had never lost interest in.

It was quite a long walk to reach the stables but when reaching there he saw Ridhima holding sugar cubes for Crassus one of his best race horses. He saw Crassus licking the sugar cubes out of Ridhima's hand as she caressed the front of Crassus's head. She looked enchanting with the black horse and her long black hair. Her eyes seemed to be glowing with extra beauty.

"He seems to like you a lot" when Armaan said that Ridhima looked up at him in surprise. She had not noticed anyone in the stable until she heard Armaan's voice. 

"He's the beauty of them all" Ridhima said referring to Crassus's strength.

"you know, because of you I couldn't pay an bit of attention of my work" Armaan said as he walked up beside Ridhima, standing close to her. He kept telling himself not to touch her. He knew if he touched her it would just lead to bad circumstances.

Ridhima's body stiffened seeing Armaan so close but she did not move from her spot.

"How's that my fault?" Ridhima asked with bitterness in her voice as she whispered the question.

"You're absolutely enchanting, there is something about your looks, they way you are that is mind boggling" He said bring a blush to Ridhima's face. Never had men in general ever complimented her in such a way. She could not deny that she loved the complements even if they were coming from a rake like Armaan.

"I do not know if I should consider it a complement or be repulsed."

"You can consider it any way it suits you best" Armaan said moving away from Ridhima to move his hand over Crassus. Crassus was his absolute favorite horse.

"You know I'm not such a bad guy if you got to know me" He said looking at the horse but referring to Ridhima.

"Maybe I would if you weren't always so demanding of my body" Ridhima said also looking at Crassus. The comment was meant to embarrass Armaan but it did no such thing. He had been with too many women to have any bit of innocence left in him. There really wasn't much that could cause him to be embarrassed or intimidated by something that someone else would be embarrassed to hear.

"What if I promise to not touch you in any demeaning way?" Armaan questioned.

 "Then I will be grateful of your consideration." Ridhima said with an honest smile.

"I will make the promise only if you agree to be my friend." Armaan demanded with authority.

"You can't just demand for people to be your friends you have to earn their friendship" Ridhima said trying to prove that just because she said she would be his friend doesn't really make her his friend.

Armaan took a deep breath, he never liked admitting the truth, but it was a sad truth of royalty that only royalty could know "I don't have many friends to know how friendship is to be earned" saying truthfully. His truthful statement got Ridhima to look away from Crassus to Armaan in surprise.

"You must be joking, your royalty, you must have millions of friends"

"They are just diplomatic friends, not true friends. I can not exactly talk to the prime minster of France about my personal affairs. Although he does make a good poker buddy." It was true. Being royalty didn't bring much time to actually go out with friend in just hang out. When Armaan had been younger his parents had allowed him to study at a very prestige private school for a year. While the other students would go out to eat and hang out he would be studying at it was demanded of him to be the best in his study to have enough knowledge of all the challenges that would approach his as a king in the future.  

"wow, royalty really isn't the greatest life to live with is it?" Ridhima stated finding sympathy for the man. she had always thought that the royal families had troubles but in the end had the good life. This wasn't the cause. In the week or so that Ridhima had been in Alvendor she noticed that Armaan was always working tirelessly. And when he wasn't working he looking over the palace affairs such as making sure his family was well equated with, if everything was well in place, if his stables were well running, if his palace workers needed anything. He always was working for others, no wonder he never had time to have an actually friend.

"Every bit of luxury comes with a price, to being royalty one must pay the price of a deprived social life" Armaan said in amusement. Although he did not have that many friends to pick from he never regretted the lonesomeness. He was always buried I work for too long to really remember of how empty his life really was. The days when he really did loath for companionship he could always call on any of his many mistresses to satisfy him for the time. No, being royalty was not all that bad, but it would be nice to have true companionship to actually talk to about fears, hope, heartaches, work. Ridhima could make a good friend for him if not a lover.

"Good god, do not take this the work way but I would hate to be royalty" When Ridhima said this with suppressing truth Armaan through back his head and laughed, he really laughed at the girl stupidity. Did she not know that royalty had its now good will of benefits with the lonesomeness?

"It's not so bad; I always have woman to my disposal just because I am royalty. But then again the traditions of this country does allow be to pick any woman off the streets that is unmarried." Ridhima was disgusted with Armaan's statement. She still hated that men of Alvendor had the right to just pick girl off to their without once having to take in to consideration if the girl wanted to be swept of her feet or not.

"That's just sick" Ridhima said stomping away back to the place when Armaan grabbed her wrist to pull her back in front of him. he did not pull her towards him although he desperately wanted to.

"Why is it that you find my counties traditions so bad? The women here never complain for being stolen by a man then why do you take it upon yourself to change those whom do not want to change?" Armaan asked.

"it is because you have brain washed your people to believing what they do is completely acceptable" Ridhima said fuming in anger.

"Well couldn't I say the same for your people? Couldn't I say that your country had brain washed to to believing that it is acceptable to date many different men before settling to marry and even then it is okay to divorce later?" Armaan asked.

"doesn't your country allow man and women to date before make a choice of whom to marry?" Ridhima asked fuming as she now realized Armaan has still been holding her wrist and she jerked in out of him as she waited for his reply.

"Neih'" he first started to say in his countries language but then remembered that Ridhima had not yet learn Alvendorien and started to talk in English again "'No, when a man desires a woman they tell them to their face. If the woman agrees then she is giving consent to a man to take her away any moment he wishes, once he compromises a woman they are soon married and that is the end of it. Divorces are rarely granted and that to only in situations of abuse.  

"what if a man doesn't get the womans permission and still compromises her?" she asked

"they are put in jail for life of course" Armaan said with an evilish looking grin to prove that no man dares do such a thing unless they wished to rot in prison for the rest of their life.   

"And who is in charge to granting a divorce?" Ridhima asked no longer angry but curious. She had always thought that the women were never allowed to have a say if forced by a man but it sounded much different then that when Armaan explained it to her.

"me of course" Armaan said again.

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Awesome part
but is this country a real place?
I hope not
continue soon!
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wow that was a quick update n very interesting too...neva wud i have thort armaan wud agree to his broz really surprised.....bless him where eva he goes he seez her oly...loved the convo between AR in stables.... i get the feeling from ur update that a party is cuming up...cant wait to see was armaan getz up to gain ridhima.....great update n continue very soon .....thanx for pm

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