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-bhootni- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 December 2009 at 9:25pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by ash08

Suma Hug how are you?

That was great. AA getting married and the whole gang - past and present there? Thats awesome.

Poor Yuvi is having a hard time, isnt it? I am already dreading the way Yuvi is gonna suffer in the show later. Whatever his need be - revenge, taking care of his brother, making Naina fall for him - he has been true to those emotions. And when he falls for Naina - he's gonna fall hard. And that will be one true and pure emotion for him. And that last line where u wrote "anything for you naina" - that was so heart wrenching.

I already told you that you write beautifully keeping the essence of the characters intact. This was the best of the lot. So many emotions that you brought out in all the characters. Please continue dear and if its not a trouble, could u please pm me when u write next.

aww Ash I always look forward to reading your comments!! and lol you're already on the PM list babes!!! Thank you soo much!!! *hug*...
btw I am hoping that they show Yuvi going out of his way in the show as well for well he already did by breaking into a shop for her :P

ilive2laugh IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 17 December 2009 at 10:09pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by princessuma

Hey a new one-shot dedicated to Sneha!!! but sorry babes it didn't turn out the way you wanted it...hope you forgive me!! but i'll try a better one again!! that means you will write one more for me? yay looking forward to reading your's though!!1

"You haven't lost your smile at all, it's right under your nose. You just forgot it was there."
Ever sicne she had come back home, he noticed that she seem really lost and upset. Whenever he tried to talk to her, she would make an excuse and avoid the topic. He was even more surprised that when his friend offered a proposal for his son, Naina accepted it immediately. Unlike the other times, she didn't make any excuse or try to drive the groom away.
He noticed Naina getting more quieter as the marriage preparations started. When he asked her to invite her collegues from Sanjeevani to the wedding, she made an excuse.
"If she isn't calling them, than why don't you? You know Dr. Shashank, call him! And ask him to bring along all of Naina's friends, she will feel very happy," Mrs Mehta handed her husband the phone.
Everyone came besides him, she told herself that it was for the better, but her eyes still searched for him. She was soon distracted from her thoughts when she was called down to meet her in-laws.
He saw her coming down the stairs looking like an angel descending from the sky. She was the beautiful woman on Earth, and beyond....pity he couldn't reach out and hug her. She approaced him with a smile very unlike of her's, which made his heart twist in an unbelievable way. Well, he had come back to get her Naina smile back and he would do that no matter what.
i can already imagine yuvi (thank god i can say this name finally) starting at her. he has done is so many times. i just hope those tv ppl take some clues from you
She had never seen a guy as hideous as the one sitting before her, it seem as if had taken extra effort to look that way. On top of it all, his eyes or rather what looked like his eyes, were shaped exactly Yuvi's. She shuddered at the thought, as much as she loved Yuvi, she did not want to be reminded of him....or his betrayal. After she was displayed like a china doll in front of in-laws, she was taken back to her room.
she is so yuvified lol you know somehow i am imagining yuvi as surji LOL helloji, kaisai hoji, myself yamesh ji from bombay ji, nice to meet you ji
"Did she recognize him?" JP looked at Mr. Mehta with a questioning look
"! She is my daughter! If I couldn't catch her lies, how can she catch mine?" Mr. Mehta patted JP on the back with a smile.
ah so now i know who the lie master was that made our pricness lie so easily...tsk jesa bap vasi beti (i wonder if that applies to naina's and yuvi's childeren Tongue)
"Well....she is gone now, can I please get out of this freaking sari. I am starting to doubt my gender now", Mac tried to take the sari off in front of everyone but was jumped on by the others.
aww mac is such a sweetheart! i am supriesed yuvi didnt pull his leg...its really hard to imagine mac in sari but dost ho to aisa - dosti ki hai nibhani to padagiLOL
"Guys, chill! It's just a matter of few days...I'll make Naina forgive me soon," Yuvi took the fake mustache off
see suriji - i bet he saw the movie or was fored to see it to get some flimi ideas for our flimi princess
"Well, punjabi idiot....I know my daughter, she will forgive you in no time....though she might get angry at you again for lying", Yuvi hit his forehead in frustration and fear
haha papa is so LOL  and yuvi actually taking all the abuse, papa rocks
Next Morning
"Aeh Naina, I was wondering....why don't you spend some time with Vamesh. He is such a nice boy", Mr. Mehta exclaimed with exageration while the others tried to surpress their giggles.
"Yeah Naina, uncle dude is right! That Yu....Yamesh seems really nice!" Sid tried really hard to sound genuine especially since Naina was making weird faces.
"Yea, yea flowerji! He is nice....very nice! Right Jiggy?" JP poked Jiggy in the ribs to get his attention
The rest of the gang, including Dr. Shashank started to praise the groom to no end until....
"STOP!!" Naina jumped out of her chair and glared at everyone on the table. "What's with you all? Fine he is a nice boy, I agree! You don't all have to spell it out for me", Naina sat down but couldn't help wondering what was with her friends and family these days.
"Aye, punjabi dikra! I just called to tell you Naina has agreed to go out with you. Make sure you don't mess up this time. Over and out, your guju sasur", Mr. Mehta held the phone as a walkie talkie while talking and failed to heart that the person on the other side was Mac and not Yuvi.
papa doesnt care as long as he gets to abuse someone he is happy
After getting off the phone, Mac burst into an uncontrollable laughter....
"Have you lost it or something? Why are you laughing as a lunatic? And who was on the phone? Wait...why did you pick my phone up?" Yuvi looked at Mac as if he had just grown two heads
" sausur...", Mac failed to complete his sentence, which frustrated Yuvi to no end
"My mean Naina's dad was on the phone. Why didn't you call me? And what did he say", Yuvi jumped on a laughing Mac to stop him from laughing.
"Yuvi...Yuvi...I swear...if I was a lady and 40 years older...I would have seriously eloped with this man! But....but that would have made me your saas...imgaine that Yuvi", Mac started to laugh even more at the thought of being Yuvi's saas.
 tsk tsk mac ki halat bigad gai just cause he cross -dressed he doesnt even know who he is anymore. nice oneWink
" did become my mother yesterday! Enjoy being Naina's saas, why don't you?" Yuvi got off Mac and smirked at him
uh-oh here come the old uvi back - papaaa where are you, your damad is turing into old yuvi helpppBig smile
Mac stopped laughing immediately and gave Yuvi a dirty look before telling him what Mr. Mehta said...though, since Mr. Mehta forgot to tell the time and day for the date...Yuvi had to call him back..
"Hello, who is it?", Mr. Mehta yelled into the phone
"'s Yuvi! You didn't tell the time and the date actually....when is she meeting me", Yuvi rubbed his ear
"Why didn't you ask me before when I called you? Don't you know how dangerous it is to talk right now? Stupid Punjabi dikra! I am sure you will mess up again!", Mr. Mehta yelled...though he shushed as soon as he saw his wife glaring at him
i love his abusive love for his damad Tongue hmm maybe yuvi should start calling him papa
"Sir...time?", Yuvi tried to sound as polite as possible...even if he was feeling a bit frustrated
"Oh...time...well...oh 6 meet her in the Lalawanti part...I hope you know where it is and if you don't...make sure you know", Mr. Mehta cut the call, leaving Yuvi seething in anger
"Yuvi...control dude!" Mac put his hand on Yuvi's shoulder
"Sorry, I'm fine! I just can't believe this!" Yuvi smiled broadly. "I hated these kind of people...who told me what to do and what not to do! Sir is exactly like that and I do get frustrated with him...but than I don't mind it that much...or at least I calm down more quickly. Love is such a beautiful feeling", Yuvi starts to day-dream about Naina with a goofy smile on his face...leaving Mac to stare at his almost unrecognizable friend.
aww when do we get to see this side of his on time. yuvi get of IF and take some notes from our fabulous writer sumaiya
At 6 in the park
Yuvi waited for Naina in his Yamesh get-up for at least an hour before she showed up...looking as mesmerizing as ever. She noticed him checking her out carefully...for some reason she got the same goosebumps as when Yuvi used to check her out. She mentally kicked herself for thinking about him again and instead plastered a fake smile on her face as she approached Yamesh.
"Hi, how are you?", Naina tried to sound as if she was really glad to see him but failed miserably
Yuvi answered really casually as if he was really Yamesh and not fooling Naina into believing that he was. They both walked up to the nearest bench and Naina sat as far apart from him as possible. They talked about random things...and Yuvi made up Yamesh's life as they went along...
"Um...Nainaji...don't mind me asking but have you ever had a boyfriend...or I mean someone that you liked or loved?" Yuvi asked the question as it was the most casual thing to ask
Naina grew quieter and didn't respond to the question immediately...
"No! There was never a guy in my life", Naina lied through her teeth
"Why do you lie when you can't", Yuvi shut his eyes in frustration as he realized what he just said
Naina looked at him in surprise...she really felt as if Yuvi was right there with her...commenting on her lying ability as he always did. Her eyes started to tear up, she immediately got up and sad a quick bye before leaving the place as fast as her feet could take her.
"I knew you would mess it up, stupid Punjabi dikra!" Yuvi looked at his side as Mr. Mehta came out of his hiding
  here comes the love of abusive sasurji...i wonder what papa will do if he see yuvi in is AYMM (mode)
"I am sorry...I just wanted to know if she remembers me", Mr. Mehta noticed unshed tears in Yuvi's eyes
"She is very stubborn...but...but she remembers you!", Mr. Mehta patted Yuvi's back
"But she doesn't want to talk to me....or have anything to do with me", Yuvi looked down at his hands to avoid meeting the eyes of the older gentleman
"Of course she doesn't want anything to do with you! What you did to her is unforgettable is not unforgivable! You had your reasons...and if I, your friends...and Dr. Shashank can understand them...than so will she", Mr. Mehta took his hand off Yuvi's shoulder and looked at the kids playing in front of them
Yuvi looked up to watch the same kids play...they sat there silently for half an hour before they got up to leave
"'ve broken my daughter's trust once...please don't do it again! You're a nice least I am sure you are...please it's a father's plead", Mr. Mehta folded his hands in front of Yuvi...who immediately broke it apart
"Sir...please...don't! I like you better when you yell at me and call me stupid! Don't worry this time I'll make sure that the smile stays on her face...the Naina smile", Yuvi tried to smile with the same unshed tears in his eyes.
really nice bonding part of them. Smile i can actually imagine him calling himself stupid, i think this ismy most favorite part
As they both left together...a figure emerged from behind the tree with floating tears
"Papa, how could YOU break my trust like that?" Naina yelled as soon as she got home and confronted her father.
"Naina...what are you talking about?" Mr. Mehta got up from his chair
"What am I talking about? all of you broke my trust! There is no Yamesh right? That's Yuvi isn't he?" Naina wiped the dried tears from her cheeks
"Naina...I...we...", Mr. Mehta tried to explain but failed to come with an explanation
"Forget it, Papa! It doesn't matter anymore! I am so used to betrayals that one more will not hurt me anymore", Naina started to walk up to her room when she heard the door open
"He didn't break your trust! It was all my idea...I am the one who has betrayed you again!" Yuvi looked at others as they shook their head to stop him
"You're right is all your fault! Ever since you've come into my life...all I've been suffering from is betrayal...before you made me lose trust in love and now in my family and friends", Naina's words were filled with venom which Yuvi could taste in his mouth surprisingly
"I agree it is my fault...but everybody get's one I not allowed to have one chance either? I told you Naina that I can't even stop myself from betraying even if I want to...I really wanted to Naina. You don't know how much I hurt myself physically and emotionally for all I did to you", Yuvi's voice sounded more weak than Naina had ever heard
 anthoer nice emotial part of them, but srsly naina should punch him for hurting her so much uhh prince where are you, your sibling is crying her eyes out, go punch your future-brother-in-lawLOL
"How do you expect me to trust you again, Yuvi? How?" Naina turned back to face Yuvi with a tear in her eyes
"Don't trust me! At least not right away...but give me a chance to prove myself...just once chance and I promise this is the last chance", Yuvi looked straight into Naina's eyes...hoping she could see honesty in his eyes.
"I want to Yuvi...but...", Naina couldn't decide if she should listen to her heart or her brain
"Naina...I heard in a movie that when there is a battle between heart and brain...the heart always win...please listen to your heart", Naina looked at Yuvi in surprised. "Well..I've been watching way too many movies these else do you think I got the idea to dress Mac like a girl? And convince Sid that though I sabatoged his plan to get his love with lying...he should support me with this lie" Yuvi tried to lighten up the atmosphere
yep definitely got the idea from watching RNBDJ, he should watch some more movies, like DDLJ. yep definitely turing into her. man naina trust him and take him back or else he will have movie marathon and mite watch dostana and get some wierd idea. take him before he does something stupid.
Instead of answering, Naina looked around the room and saw everyone beaming at both of well as finally noticing Mac...who was standing there beside her mom dressed as a woman. She looked back at Yuvi and finally gave him a Naina smile...she may not trust him but she was definately willing to give him a chance...especially after he went through all this effort for her.
aww nice story of punjabi damad and gujju sasurji and best friend dressed up as motherLOLLOLLOL
totally love it sumaiya. thank you for decidating to meEmbarrassed i stayed up to read it, yea i went to bed and then i started thinking abt him and there was no way i was going get any sleep so had to come and read. now i cant wait for the wedding part. hm i wonder if mac would still like to come as his mom tehehe. thanks for such a nice one shot. cant wait for the other one.

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Suma Hug

I caught it just now. Wow dear, u sure have a way with words. I totally loved it. Yuvi dressed up as another guy, listening to all the taana of his sasurji, getting his friend Mac to be his mom - this guy will do anything to get that smile on Naina's face - wont he? he is such a sweetheart (what, I am on team yuvi. with all you people ganged up against him, he needs someone to take care of him!! LOL)

I am expecting Mac to make a re-appearance in the show when Yuvi is finished with his revenge and into his lover-boy mode. That will be fun.

I loved how everybody does their part in getting these two together - incl dr.shashank. Thats so sweet.

And you know whats the best part of your writing - you always have only the positive in it. Nothing negative, nothing hurting. And thats such a relief.  And I love you for that.

Write more soon.


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I am smiling the whole time when I read this ! It is SO SWEET !!!

Write more !!!!!!!!!!


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Damn it Sumi! I was ROFLING and it's 3:44 a.m.! I swear to god I'm gonna get a visit from the police one of these days for being so loud at strange hours of the night.

MAC DRESSED AS A GIRL?!!!!! LMFAO!!!! Omg I loved that line. Can I take the sari off? I'm starting to doubt my own gender. ROFLMAO!!! Classic!

Mr. Mehta... dude is a riot! HEY! what's up with the whole "stupid Punjabi" thing?! Might I remind you that I'm a pakki Punjabi kudi! watch it. Don't hate Punjabis. We can love like no other and we can hate like no other too. rofl! future warning. lol.

Mac seriously stole the show for me today! elope with Mr. Mehta! oh wow... rofl!


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Clap   Thumbs Up   Dancing yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy kudddi patt gayi
mera YUVI sudhar gaya haiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii he's watchin moviess
bechara MAC gender pe dobut hai use but he's a sweeet heart
dosti ke liye kuch bhi....................................... CV's take idea 4rm my sumi seriouslyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy she's a gud writer TRP badegi!!!!!!!!!!!
n plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz u write moreeee gt gud sense of humor Hug
hara-bhara parivaarLOL 

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awesome,yuvi loves her so much,i hope the creatives do smthing like this in the show.

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will comment when I read it. lol

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